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Xenophanes pantheistic deity concept of, 1079

Xray(s) activities, effect of, on atoms, 472
    bombardment, atom shattering by, 463
    effect of, on preatomic matter, 476
    escape of light from suns by aid of, 465
    generator, Urantia sun an, 460
    germ-plasm modification, vs. that of Nodite germ-plasm, 857
    leveler of atomic existence, 463
    position of, in Orvonton scale, 474
    solar and artificial, production of, 475

Yahweh angry and jealous, gradual disappearance of the Hebrew concept of an, 1069
    Arabian nomads’ belief in, during times of the captivity, 1055
    and Baal, 1064-1065, 1075
    Bedouin slaves’ remembrance of, 1056
    vs. Buddha Absolute, 1040
    captive Jews’ decision to become chosen servants of, 1075
    characteristics of, 1060, 1597
    comparison of, with the Kaaba stone, 1051
    concepts of, growth of, from Samuel to Isaiah, 1057, 1768
    the creator, 838
    David’s making the worship of, official in his kingdom, 1073
    a definition, 1432, 1598, 1856
    identity of, 1053
    development of the concept of, under Jeremiah’s teaching, 1067
    establishment of, as “The Lord God of Hosts”, 1073
    final triumph of, over Baal, 1065
    Ganid’s hope to trade his proposed new religion to the Jews for, 1467
    God concept changed from, to Elohim under Elijah’s teaching, 1065
    God of the Hebrews, 1052-1061
       of salvation, 1445
    growth of the Israelitish idea of, 1598
    Hebrews’ belief in all gods being subordinate to, 1054
    the Hebrews’ monotheistic zeal for, consequences, 1144
    is a holy God
    he is a jealous God,” Joshua’s proclamation, 1059
    the Israelites’ awe and fear of, 1054
    and Jewish independence, 1334
    Jewish view of history as the providence of, 1340
    the Jews’ tribal god and also their concept of the Creator Father, 1054
       unwillingness to share, 1340
    of Mosaic times, Samuel’s attempts to turn Israel back to the worship of the, 1062
    vs. Moses’ higher concept of Deity, 1056
    Samaritans’ worship of, 1612
    vs. the spirit demon of Horeb, to an enlightened Christian, 1040
    the supreme, vs. other concepts of Deity, 1069, 1076, 1598
    from a tribal deity to a merciful Father, portrayal in the Psalms of, 1060
    varied concepts of, among the Hebrews, 1051, 1062

Yak a beast of burden, 902

Yang significance of the Chinese, 1215

Yangtze River culture, vs. that of the Yellow River, 885, 886

Yardstick of the soul, worship as the, 1616

Yawn early fear of a, reason, 960

Year on Havona, 153
    on the neighboring planet, 812
    system, Jerusem days in the, 519

Yellow man(men), 724
    man(men), ancient belief of, in one God, 513
       attitude of the Adamites toward the, 890
       blue man as compared with, 725
       children of, tractability of, 941
       fraternization of red and, 585
       one of the surviving original colored races, 919
       red men’s trouble with the, 723
    race, ancient, four factors responsible for the superiority of the, 885
       crucial struggle in Asia between the red and, 883
       the first to emerge into orderly civilization, 1033
       migration to China of the, 883
       peaceful character of the, 724
       persistent monotheistic tendency of the, 1032
       religious decadence of the, 1035
       social development of, 763
       survival of, in large numbers, reason for, 724, 727
       symbol writing of, 746
       tendency to broad-headedness of, 904

Yin significance of the Chinese, 1215

Yoga Gautama’s futile practice of, 1035

Yoke maker, Jesus’ proficiency as a, 1387
    the Master’s, need for free-will acceptance of, by every individual, 1590

Young men’s club, of Nazareth, Jesus’ participation in the, 1400

Youth Jesus living the life of, 1395, 1405, 1425

Zacharias death of, 1497
    doubt of, as to Gabriel’s visit to Elizabeth, 1496
    dream of, effect, 1496
    education of, 1496
    identity of, 1345, 1496
    Joseph’s conference with, concerning Jesus, 1351

Zaccheus the Jericho tax collector, desire of, to see Jesus, 1873-1875

Zadoc identity of, 1347

Zaphon the seventy’s labors in, 1817

Zealots identification of the, 1415, 1535
    Jesus’ refusal to join the, results of, 1397, 1522
    Jude’s activities in the cause of the, 1415
    rise of the, 1396
    Simon Zelotes’ connection with the, 1540, 1564

Zebedee acquaintance of, with Jesus’ craftsmanship, 1419
    apostles’ stay at home of, 1628
    boatbuilding success of, 1420
    family, attitude of, toward Jesus, 1420-1421
    home, apostolic headquarters, 1527, 1531, 1542, 1657, 1668, 1723
       Jesus’ boat-building experience in the, 1419
          residence in the, 1485
    identification of, 1405, 1419
    knowledge of, of Jesus’ Mediterranean journey, 1423, 1483
    six apostles’ post-teaching-tour conference at home of, 1539

Zebedee’s employees, relation of, to Jesus, 1421
    family, Jesus’ visit with, on return from Mediterranean tour, 1483

Zebulun apostolic work in, 1637, 1643
    Jesus’ instruction at, 1642

Zechariah Jesus’ quotation from, regarding prayer, 1638
    Matthew’s recollection of statement of, about the king’s riding on an ass, 1885

Zeus identity of, 1078, 1080

Zone(s) of Infinity, location of, 122
    of Paradise Holy Area, 120-121

Zophar advice of, to Job, 1663-1664

Zoroaster contact of, with descendants of Melchizedek missionaries, 1449
    an evaluation of the influence of, 1050
    fate of, 1050
    identity of, 1009-1010, 1049
    militant religious philosophy of, 1049
    one of the seven outstanding world religious teachers, 1339
    teachings of, vs. beliefs of present-day followers, 1050
       influence of, on Judaism, Christianity, and Mohammedanism, 1050
       regarding fire as a symbol of the wise Spirit, 1049

Zoroastrianism about, 1449-1450
    influence of, on Mithraism, in Persia, 1050
    one source of Christianity, 1084
    on Urantia today, 1011

Zulus present-day religious beliefs of the, 1010


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