Urantia Book
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Labor activities of able-bodied citizens in the continental nation, 814
    common, the God-knowing individual’s attitude toward, 910, 1960
    a definition, 773
    division of, results, 773, 910
       on transition worlds, 502
    incapacity for, causes of, on a world in light and life, 625
    influence of, vs. that of drudgery, 786
    specialization of, 773-774
    in the spirit,” rewards of those who, 1957

Laboratory sector of Jerusem, extent of, 521

Laborer(s) as capitalists in the continental nation, 813
    progressive races’ employment of backward humans as, 585
    together with God, the apostles’ experience as, 1934
    vacations of, in the continental nation, 813
    is worthy of his hire,”, 1464, 1584

Laborsaving machinery, too rapid invention of, dangers of, 909

Lad of Nazareth consciousness of, of his universe responsibilities, 1376
    family responsibilities of the, 1388
    passing from boyhood to young manhood of the, 1373

Ladder of life, ascent of, by evolutionary will creatures, 361
    of spiritual ascent, 428

Lagash fall of, date, 876

Lake(s) on Edentia, 485
    on Havona spheres, 156
    ice action a cause of, 700
    inland, drying up of, during climatic transition stage, 683
    of Jerusem, 520
    Superior region, ease of interpretation of ancient fossil-bearing rocks in, 670
    Urmia, identification of, 1485
    Van, location of the Vanites, 860
       mingling of Nodites and Amadonites near, 822

Lamb Jesus’ contemplation of a Passover without the, 1379

Lamech reference to the Scriptural, 1764

Lamentations of certain tribes over each new sunrise, 951

Lanaforge approval by, of Melchizedeks’ selection of biologic uplifters for Urantia, 828
    cabinet of, nomination of the commission of twenty-four by the, 1251, 1252
    distinguished service of, 511
    first message of, to constellation Father of Norlatiadek, 608
    Lucifer’s successor, 511
    orders of, for resurrection of Adam and Eve, 853
    relations of, with Urantia, 1016
    the System Sovereign, 512, 1016

Land -and-air mortal types, percentage of in Satania, 562
    -animal life, disappearance of, 687
    animals, continuity of life of, only in parts of Africa, 685
       development of, at close of Oligocene period, 696
       sudden appearance of, 680
    the Baal cult’s concern with, 1064
    of Babel, region of, 859
    bridge(s), between Africa and South America, 698
       between England and France, 719
       between Mediterranean and Indian Ocean, 728
       connection of Europe and North America by, 679, 698
    cultivation, early use of man power in, 909
    elevation, circumpacific, length of, 690
       a factor in climate fluctuations, 662
    emergence, of early invertebrate-animal age, extent of, 675
       in early reptilian age, 686
    epoch, Urantia’s first great, 662
    -life era, early, period covered by, 672
       periods, beginning of, 686
       premammalian era of, 692
    -man population ratio for agriculture, effect of China’s subnormal, 887
       ratio, agriculture’s influence on, 768-769
    masses, density of, vs. that of the sea bottoms, 668
       worldwide emergence of, 675
    negotiability of, 782
    of Nod, Cain’s departure for the, 837, 849
       definition, 758-759
    ownership, Judah’s Hebrews’ and non-Hebrews’ devotion to the idea of land, 1064, 1072
    path, England to Java, time of, 719
    plants, changes in, during climatic transition stage, 683
       early burial of, beneath the ice of Greenland, 679
       southern migration of, 698
    rising and sinking of, slow progress of, 674
    and the Roman state, 801
    scarcity, war caused by, 784
    sinking of, during trilobite age, factors in, 673
    situation, necessity for man’s adjustment to the, 768
    submergences of, depth of, in life-dawn era, 671
    techniques, 768-769
    vegetation, distribution of, in the vegetative land-life period, 679

Landing fields on peripheral Paradise, 121

Landowners a check on kings, 790

Landscape changes of vegetative land-life period, 678
    gardeners of Jerusem, spornagia the, 527

Language(s) acquirements of early passenger birds, 590
    advances in, in early ages, 908
    alphabet and words in, 2080
    of Andonic clans, 714
    ascending mortals’ acquirement of new, technique of, 546
    a barrier to the complete blending of the Occidentals, 899
    of Caligastia one hundred, 744
    common, a prerequisite to universal peace, 594, 597, 908
    development of, and trade relations, 787
    differing, influence of, on racial segregation, 591
    early, relation of appearance of, to ethical judgment, 590
    evolution of, from gestures to alphabets, 708, 908
    human, inadequacy of, 499
    Jesus’ knowledge of, 1358, 1362
    little need for, in central universe, 503
    of the local universes, 503, 546
    number of, on worlds in light and life, 624
    one, a prerequisite to planetary progress beyond first stage of light and life, 626
    prevalent in Palestine at times of Jesus, 1338
    racial development of separate, 591
    reason for animals’ inability to develop, 1431
    of the spirit, vs. language of the flesh, 1605
    of the superuniverses, 503
    of time, a handicap in presenting the relationships of absolutes in eternity, 1157
    universal, benefits of a, 908
    written, vs. concept patterns, 503

Lanonandek(s) administrative teachers, identity of, 394
    bestowal, Michael’s revelation of the will of the Father and the Son on his, 1318
    Caligastia a, 741
    classification of, 392
    functions of, 392, 524
    Jerusem abode of the, 524
    nonreproductive, 392
    number of, in Nebadon, 392
    origin of, 223, 384, 392
    primary, number in Nebadon, 392
    rebellion, the Lucifer insurrection a, 393, 607
    rulers, 393-394, 434
    salvaged, functions of, 394
    secondary, number of, in Nebadon, 392
    Son(s), arrival of, on average world, significance, 572-573, 741
       local universe sons, 223
       Michael’s second bestowal as a, 1313
       primary, as System Sovereigns, 434, 511
       Satan a, 754
    tertiary, number in Nebadon, 392
    three groups of, 524
    training of, on Melchizedek worlds, 392

Lao-tse deification of, by his followers, 1034
    a great teacher in China, 1009, 1033-1034
    one of the seven outstanding world religious teachers, 1339

Laotta Adam’s affair with, 843
    death of, 847
    identity of, 843

Lapps a blend of Andonite and Sangik-blue races, 893, 905

Larval stage of the thwarted spiritual kingdom, Christian church the, 1866

Last days at Capernaum, 1717-1724
    hour before the betrayal, 1966
       on the cross, 2010-2011
    shall often be the first, 1804
    social hour, of Jesus with his apostles, 1927-1928
    Supper, the, 1929, 1936-1943
       story, in the Mithraic cult, 1082
    temple discourse, the, 1905-1911
    words of comfort tthe apostles, 1953-1955

Later adult life of Jesus, 1419-1426
    childhood of Jesus, 1366-1376

Latins religion of, comparison of, with that of other peoples, 1080

Laughter hearty, Andonites’ lack of, 714
    morontial and spiritual equivalent of, 547
    mortal, basis of, 550
    spiritual, of ascending creatures, 550

Lausanne Pilate’s retirement to, cause, 1989

Lava flows, of circumpacific land elevation, 690
    flows, and the continental drift, 689
       deposition layers of, location, 690
       of life-dawn era, effects of, 670
       number of, in St. Croix Valley, 671
       on Pacific Ocean bed, effect of, 660
    mobile layer of, underneath earth’s outer shell, and stabilization of the latter, 668

Law(s) application of, a function of the Paradise Trinity, 114
    basic, of Nebadon, purpose, 432
    -bound power, God not a, 138
    Christianity and, 2069
    of the conservation and dominance of goodness, 552
    and courts, 796-797
    a definition, 114, 137, 555, 797
    evolution of, from negative to positive, 796
    forecasters, function of, 432
    of the Garden, basis of, 836
    of God, character of, 42, 137
       and limitation of his power, 48
       Romans’ recognition of, in the laws of nature, 2073
       writing of, in his children’s hearts, 137, 1630
    God’s universal, and nature, 57
    of gravity, Jesus’ question as to defiance of the, 1519, 1523
    of the ideal state, number and character of, 803
    impersonal and inexorable, in time and space, 137
    of the Infinite, no conflict among, 137
    Jewish, spoken, vs. written, 1340
    of the kingdom of heaven, definition, 1596, 1603
    liberty, and sovereignty, 1490-1492
    libraries, living, experiential evolution of, 280, 414
    of living, two fundamental, Jesus’ restatement of, 1603
    of love, positive, identification of, 1600
    of the material universe, faith’s lack of influence on the, 1145
    of Moses, nonexistence of, before Abraham, 1767
    natural, Jesus’ settlement of policy pertaining to his relations to, 1518, 1521
    and order, conduct of the universes by, 60, 115, 560, 952, 1070
    and the prophets, Jesus’ purpose regarding the, 1576
    for protection of private property, reason for, 781
    reliable, in spirit world, 505
    revelation of, a function of the Third Source and Center, 114
    of the spirit, a definition, 114, 1689
    of supply and demand, and value of men and land, 769
    unchanging, the everywhere-changing universe’s regulation by, 1126, 1736
    of the universe, 1838
    world, future enforcement of, by world government, 1491

Lawbreaker Pharisees’ accusation against Jesus as a, 1850

Lawgiver one only, 46

Lawmaker supreme, relation of Providence to the, 54

Lawyer dishonest, Jesus’ confounding of the, 1810
    Jesus’ reprimanding of the, 1826
    the Pharisee, profession of faith in the gospel by, 1901
    query of a, as to inheritance of eternal life, 1809

Layman(men) the apostles as, 1548
    a definition, 1548
    unpretentious, Jesus an, 2091

Lazarus, the beggar in the Nazarite allegory, 1855

Lazarus, of Bethany about, 1375, 1595
    apostles’ awareness of hasty flight of, 1932
       sojourn at home of, 1706
    attention of, to Jesus’ teaching, 1798
    come forth!” Jesus’ command, 1846
    death of, at 67, cause, 1849
    death of mother of, 1404
    flight of, purpose, 1869, 1927, 1934
    Jesus at the tomb of, 1843-1845
    Jesus’ and his apostles’ visit to home of, 1606
       decision to “awaken”, 1837
       farewell to, 1897
    plan for Passover celebration in home of, 1415
    perplexity of, at his resurrection, 1846
    post-resurrection experience of, 1849, 2041
    resurrection of, 1842-1849, 1871-1872
    and sisters before the Sanhedrin, 1847
       social status of, 1842
    Thought Adjuster of, detention on planet of the, 1844
    the twelve-second resurrection of, 1846

Lead deposit of, during brachiopod age, 677
    two atomic weights of, significance of, 474

Leader(s) dead and defeated, the resurrected Jesus not a, 2066
    in Israel, Nazareth prediction that Jesus was to be a, 1386
    Jerusalem religious, growing antagonism toward Jesus of, 1643
    of many races, alleged miraculous episodes connected with, 1008
    of men, Peter a, 1550
    modern, source of, 786
    new, religion’s need of, 2082
    of rebellion, 601
    Urantia intellectual and spiritual, influence of experienced Adjusters on, 1198

Leadership civil and military, Abraham’s assumption of the, of the Salem colony, 1021
    dependence of, on certain qualities, 1739
    intelligent, the importance of, to religious groups, 1090
    necessity of, to progress, 911
    provision for, in believers’ group relationships, 1959
    wise, percent of the population so classified, 911

Leading of all men into all truth by the Spirit of Truth, 1948

Leagues of Nations, inability of, to bring permanent peace, 1489

Leah Philip’s daughter, evangelistic work of, 1558

Learning absence of, religion’s persistence in the, 1107
    higher, age of the flowering of, 595

Leaven parable of the, 1694, 1931
    of the Pharisees,” Jesus’ warning against, 1745, 1820

Lebonah Jesus’ visit to, 1492

Legal ceremony, marriage a, 924
    compensation, three divisions of, in the continental nation, 813
    procedures, tendency to cling to old forms in, 1004
    wives, of polygon, 926

Legalism Jewish bondage to, 1340

Legatus of Syria, Pilate under the, 1987, 1989

Legends Jesus’ admonition against creating, 1543
    mythical, origin of, 758

Legion of seraphim, number in, 421

Legislation impossibility of securing social growth by, 1097
    Salvington not concerned with, 373
    true, not enacted on universe headquarters, 373

Legislative assemblies, constellation, function of, 373, 432, 517
    assemblies in Havona, 155
    function, cessation of, on a constellation in light and life, 633

Leisure and ambition, cultural civilization’s development from the combination of, 577, 803, 902, 907
    dependence of development of language on, 908
    of Havona arrivals, utilization of, 343

Lemurs of human ancestry, nonrelation of, to gibbons and apes, 703
    true, establishment of ancestral line of, 696
    types, North American, dawn mammals the offspring of, 700, 706, 733

Leper(s) cleansing of the, at Iron, Jesus’ first deliberate miracle, 1643-1644
    Jesus’ request for silence regarding the ten, 1828

Leprosy true, of only four of the ten “lepers”, 1828

Lesson(s) from the cross, 2017-2019
    on the family, by Jesus, 1603-1605

Levant adoption of Western Jewish viewpoint by the, 1338
    the home of Occidental faiths, 1042
    influence of, on the Hebrew religion, 1052
    intermingling of the Caucasoid and Negroid in the, 905
    Rome’s policy in the, 1334
    settlement of Nodite groups in the, 868

Levantine race, make-up of the, 1332

Level(s) of consciousness of Divine Minister, seven Adjutant mind-spirits a, 402
    of intelligence, contribution of, to cultural progress, 764
    of meaning of the “Golden Rule, 1650-1651

Levites officiating of, at feast of tabernacles, 1794

Liaison between material and spiritual, Infinite Spirit’s relation to, 136
    directors, functions of, 546
    reflectivators of Majeston, unnamed, 179
    stabilizers, function of, 544

Liberality of Jesus, 1583

Liberated faith sons of the living God, prerequisite to the fellowship of, 1942
    sons of God, vs. bondslaves of self, 1589, 1609-1610, 1904
       Jesus’ substitute for “kingdom”, 1861

Liberation of all nations, an eventual result of gospel preaching, 1904, 1930
    Universal Father’s disclosure of, 98, 108
    woman’s first, cause, 934

Liberty(ies) enduring, basis of, 613, 1949
    false, the assumption of self-assertion, 613-614
    finality of, ultimate self-realization of, 435, 2035
    in Jesus’ gospel, 1792, 1902
    of living, vs. licenses of sinning, 1655
    minus self-conquest, a definition, 613, 1222
    personal, limitations to exercise of, 395, 614
       of woman as compared with man’s, 937
    possession of, without license, a mark of high civilization, 556
    preservation of individual, a factor in an expanding civilization, 804
    with regulation, the goal of social evolution, 906, 977
    a right of Urantia mortals, 798
    and self-assertion, Satan’s advocacy of, 602, 613
    self-motivated, characterization of, 613
    of the soul, vs. outward subjection to another’s rule, 1796
    spiritual, proclamation of, 1541, 1570, 1710
    theft of, 613-615
    true, a definition, 613, 614, 615
    of the truth of sonship with God, entrance into, 1903

Library(ies) Alexandrian, Jesus’ and Ganid’s visits to, 1432
    living, 281, 302

Licenses of sinning, vs. liberty of living, 1655

Liege the most northerly Danubian settlement, 897

Life accomplishments of Jesus, vs. those of his death, 1872
    activation, electrochemical order of, of Nebadon type of organism, 195
    or the alternative of death, 555
    animal, on architectural worlds, three types of, 492
       and plant, energy evolution of, 404, 731
    -assembly chambers, identification of the, 1234
    basic evolutionary material, definition, 404, 730
    bestowals, of the Paradise Sons, significance, 1165
    of the bestowal Son, purpose of, 44, 596
    the bestowers of, 468
    Carrier(s), 396-405
       ability of, to function on many universe levels, 1014
       on Adam’s reception committee, 830
       advisers, indefinite service of, on planets, 400
       assistants, the second grand division of, 396, 710
       catalyzation of physical patterns by, 399
       competence of, as advisers in race purification, 627
       continued residence on Urantia of certain, 710
       corps, time of return of, to Urantia for life implantation, 667
       decimal-planet experiments of, 565
       evolutionary processes as controlled by the, 730
       function(s), 396, 399, 404, 468, 567, 582, 589, 708, 730-731
          of, on planets settled in light and life, 396
             in reincarnation of spornagia, 528
       government of, 396
       headquarters’ world, location of central lodgments of adjutant spirits on the, 401
       and humanization of midway creatures in the morontia, 627
       Jerusem time of arrival of, on Urantia, 664
       latitude of, in life initiation, 560, 733
       length of service of, on Urantia, 710
       life implantation efforts of, limitations on, 400, 731
       to midsonite worlds, designation of, 385
       midway creatures’ relation to plans of the, 424
       and modification of life designs, 398, 560, 563
       in Nebadon, number of, 396
       official acceptance of work of, on Urantia, 710
       organic evolution as conditioned by, 730, 1301
       origin of, 223, 384, 396
       Orvonton Master Spirit’s influence in work of, 190
       Papers 57 through 65 presented by, 663, 671, 684, 692, 702, 710, 718, 729, 740
       permission to institute new life patterns for Urantia given the, 661
       personal natures of, not transmitted in life bestowal, 399
       physical evolution the domain of the, 404, 738
       plan of, for new order of mortals, 742, 856
       planetary departure of, occasion of, 400
       and planetary variations in life types, 560
       possible fourth stage of being of, 731
       in premind-life formulation, 730
       primary spheres, classification of, 397
       reaction of, to functioning of human mind on Urantia, 709
       registry of, time of placing worlds on the, 589
       report of, on functioning of will, and dispatch of Planetary Prince, 590
       resident on Urantia, instructions of Most Highs to, 710
          Paper 64 presented by a, 729
       and resurrection of the dead, 533
       termination of work of, 400, 710
       worlds, 397-399
    -carrying bundle, pattern units of, on Urantia, 398
    in central universe, characteristics of, 158
    conservation of, study of, 398
    constantly poured forth by the Father, 55
    -creation era of Creative Sprit’s career, 204
    a Creator Son’s power to lay down his, 2020
    creature, inevitabilities of, 51
    -dawn era, 667-668, 672
    and death, eternal, local universe courts not competent in, 180, 372
       Jesus’ desire to manifest his power over, 1837, 2063
       subjugation of all Urantians to natural course of, 826, 952
    a definition, 404, 1227, 1229
    design, number of types of, 397-398, 664, 736
    -determining trio, function of, 396
    development, limitation of, by planetary physical progress, 664, 671
    domain of, numbers characterizing, 397
    during post-Teacher Son era, character of, 599
    earth, interpretation of Jesus’ teachings by his, 1670
       Jesus’ forty-day isolation in preparation for the new phase of his, 1512
          human conflict as to his course of conduct during his, 1515
          subjection to the will of his Father in his, 1424
       Michael’s ideal, and practical help to his fellowmen, 1329
          Immanuel’s counsel a guide for, 1327-1330
       way to the eternal estate from the, 1642
    Eastern and Western Hemispheric types of, time of development of, 698
    Edentia, classification of the ten types of, 492
    effect of bestowal of, on material-energy systems, 467, 1301
    endless, in God’s plan for his creatures, 365
    energy manifestations not, 327, 403
    environment, manipulation of, by Life Carriers, 400
    establishment on Urantia, 664-671
    eternal, man’s achievement in the spiritual realm, 299, 1116, 1903
    evolution, early, period covered by, 589
       some facts about, 560
       vicissitudes, 736
    evolutionary techniques of, 737-738
    -experiment planets, adjutant spirits’ isolation on, 738
        midway creatures’ universal appearance on, 424
    -experiment registry, Urantia’s placement on the, 661, 710
    of the Father, presence of, in his Sons, 2097
    the Father, the source of all, 119, 1820
    in the flesh, death the technique of escape from, 540
       indwelling of certain mortals by Adjusters during, 410
       of Jesus, a bestowal of the bread of heaven, 1712
       Jesus’ living a normal, full, and average, 1425, 1964, 1965, 2053
       vs. life in the spirit, 1766
       survival of, reason for, 501, 1642
    forms, peculiar to Urantia, 565
    in the Garden, 835-836
    future, Adjusters’ concern with the, 1191
       Egyptians’ belief regarding a, 1045
       Job’s refuge in consolation of a, 1664
       the savage’s view of the, 953
    the gift of the Son, 1916
    giver, God our, 1448
    God-conscious mortal’s attitude toward, 1740
    groups, basic, in Havona, 156, 158-160
    human, reason for survival of, 1459
       the seven epochs of, 589
    -impartation ministry of the Seven Master Spirits, 730
    implantation, central, and man’s evolution, 733
       corps of Life Carriers, makeup of, 399
       eastern, failure of, to attain intelligent prehuman status, result of, 733
       western, man’s origin in the, 733
    initial spark of, spirit the source of, 404
    initiation, Life Carriers’ latitude in, 560, 664
    intellectual, foundation of, 398
    of Jesus on earth, characteristics of, 2084
    Jesus’ declaration of intention to lay down his, 1868
       desire to learn his fellowmen’s reaction to, 1460
       learning the mastery of the lowest intelligent form of, 1407
       present unifying of, 1103
       teaching from, 1672
    Jesus’, a purpose of, 1518, 1582
    length of, variation in, 564, 599
    lesser matters of, vs. greater things of the kingdom, 1798
    for a life, 795, 981
    Life Carrier-implanted, resistance of, to short space rays, 667
    of loving service, Jesus’ requirement of a, 2043
    man’s, a definition, 403, 1434, 2079
    material, the biological unit of, 560
       Life Carriers’ function in production of, 468
       ten forms of, on architectural worlds, 492
    in Mesopotamia, 849-850
    Michael’s mortal, purpose of, 1328, 1368, 2019
    mission, of Jesus, Hebrew scriptures’ misapplication to the, 1348
    mobilization and transmutation of universal energy by, 457
    -modification planets in Satania, 565, 664, 667, 710, 857
       world, 741
    more abundantly,” Jesus’ purpose to bring to man, 1558, 1749, 1819, 1902
    nature of phenomena of, 1476
    nongravity responsiveness of, 404
    organized, phenomena of, uninfluenced by activities of space, 667
    origin of, 396, 399, 1434
    parental, restatement of, in offspring, 555
    passage of believers from death to, 1649, 1731
    patterns, formulation of, a preliminary to life existence, 710, 731
       operating, Life Carriers’ inability to manipulate, 399, 733
       Satania type of Nebadon, sixtieth attempt at improvement of, 661
       Urantian, organization of, 667, 736
    perfect, of man, Michael’s technique of living the, 1330
    personality’s influence on, 1227
    physical, intellectual life based on, 398
    planetary, fostering of, by life Carriers, 396, 567
       type of, reason for differences in, 398
    -planning laboratories, location of, 398
    plasm, Adam’s gift of, to Urantia, result, 586, 851
       conveyance of, to a new world, 399
       Eve’s experiment with the Material Sons’, 846
       formulation of, by Life Carriers, 399
       original, of evolutionary world, potential of, 398
       result to mortal races of gift of Adamic, 593
    powerlessness of scientists to create, 468
    problems, prerequisites to solution of, 1773, 1778
    purpose, of the adolescent Jesus, integration of, with family and society obligations, 1376
       supreme, new gospel’s presentation of a, 1778
    realization, inherent in the Spirit, 405
    records of Urantia, preservation of, in stone pages, 663
    river of, source of the, 468
    secrets of, impossibility of discovery of the, 737, 1139
    of service, true religion a, 1100, 1592
    simplicity of, on worlds in light and life, 630
    source of, 35, 403
    span of first humans, 708
       of mid-mammals, 705
       of the Primates, 707
    spiritual, advancement of, prerequisites to the, 1462
    and teachings of Jesus, his Emmaus summary of, 2035
       foundations for Christianity, 1583, 1864-1865, 2083
    transmission, vehicles of, 398
    transplantation, 399, 400, 408
    the two types of, 403
    unique, Jesus’ purpose to live a, 1603
    universe, source of the streams of, 53, 397
    Unqualified Absolute’s overcontrol conditioned by, 14
    Urantia, formulation of, on the planet, 666, 667
       uniqueness of, 667
    Urantia’s oceanic nursery of, 664, 684
    useless form of, on evolutionary planets, reason for, 398
    value of, 1434
    variations of nature in each, reason for, 56, 57, 173
    vegetable, on architectural worlds, three types of, 492
       transformation of light energy into vegetable kingdom manifestations by, 457
    vehicle, morontia type of, definition, 481

Lifework Jesus’ refusal to consent to dictation of his plan of, 1384
    need for helping children select their, 1574

Light ancient use of fire for, 777
    availability of energy as, 172
    conditions promoting explosion of, 460
    constantly poured forth by the Father, 55
    differentiation, evolutionary steps in early, 732
    divine, function of the, 1448
    energy rating of, 456
    energy(ies), escaping, and density of the suns, 460
       making life-process exchanges directly by, 563
    escape of, from suns, means of, 465
    a factor in Adam’s nutrition, 851
    falling on North America, value of, 665
    of Jerusem, comparison of, with sunlight, 520
    and life, achievement of the status of, by Jesus of Nazareth, 636
       career of, time for worship and achievement in, 282
       culture of era of, on normal planets, vs. that of fifth mansion world, 537
       era of, time of inauguration of, 600
          vs. Urantians’ concepts of heaven, 600
          ushering in of, by Trinity Teacher Sons, 600
       fifth stage of, activities of, 628
       first stage of, rulers of a world in the, 627
       fourth planetary stage of, and translation of living mortals, 624, 628, 631
       imperfections of the age of, 625
       infrequency of death of planets settled in, 571
       Life Carrier functions on planets settled in, 396
       planetary Adams’ function on worlds settled in, 584
          era of, and function of primary modified order of translation to universe morontia worlds, 570
       preparation of a planet for the settled status of, 621, 626
       probable tasks of Paradise finaliters after the settlement of the seven superuniverses in, 1239
       relation of Daynal missions to worlds settled in, 232
       settlement of local universe components in, and God the Sevenfold, 642
          of the seven superuniverses in, significance, 1163, 1268, 1274, 1278
          of a system in, and finaliter population increase, 530, 547
       settling of local universes in, requisites for, 360
          a local universe in, and universal action of reflectivity service, 202
       seven superuniverses’ settlement in, the possible activity of the Corps of the Finality at the time of the, 1166
       seventh stage of, and coming of absonite ministers, 627
       spheres of, 621-636
       third stage of, developments of, 628
    of life, of the central Isle, 118
       Jesus the, 1352, 1671, 1795
       prerequisite to having the, 1458, 1664, 1795
    modification of, by energy and matter in space, 461, 475
    pressure, internal sun, effect of, on distant planets, 460
    reaction of dark gravity bodies to, 153
    reality of, 173, 460
    recession, of Jerusem, temperature during, 519-520
    of salvation, a definition, 1592
    space direction of, 461
    spirit luminosity, 10
    three kinds of, in universe, 9
    threefold, of Paradise and Havona, source of, 149
    of truth, present day grasp for the, 973
    without heat, a Deity manifestation, nonspiritual, 47, 143, 172, 174, 323
    of the world, Jesus the, 1795, 1903
       sermon on the, 1794-1795

Lighthouse of Pharos, location and significance of, 1432

Lighting of architectural worlds, 174, 519
    of Havona spheres, 156

Lightning fear of, early linking of worship of fire and, 947

Lignite in sedimentations of Cretaceous stage, 690

Lily lesson of Jesus’ story of the, 1737

Limestone age, time of the, 675-676, 681, 694
    conversion of, into marble, cause, 674
    source of, in the age of frogs, 681

Linear gravity antigravity effect of pervaded space upon, 125
    atomic systems’ subjection to, 473
    a drawing power of Havona dark gravity bodies, 126
    emergent energy unresponsive to, 9, 136, 190
    field of operations of, 125-126, 140, 461, 465, 470
    Paradise gravity’s relation to computation of, 132, 482
    response, definition, 321, 357, 476, 482

Linen coat, John Mark’s garbing himself in a, 1963
    sheet, Jesus’ body wrapped in a, for burial, 2013

Linguist(s) Jesus’ ability as a, 1484
    of the realms, identity of, 546

Linguistic development, need of, at present time, 908

Lions African, time of arrival of, in Europe, 721

Listener Jesus a sympathetic and understanding, 1460, 1874

Literal interpretation of Jesus’ teachings, the apostles’ insistence on, 1577, 1585

Literature Christianity and, 2069
    the first, 775
    modern, foundations of, laid in second garden, 850
    Western world’s appreciation of, 2069
    on worlds in light and life, 630

Little one, result of receiving a, 1761-1762
    things, faithfulness in, significance, 1876
    while, Jesus’ promise to return for a, 1954, 1962

Littleness Jesus’ attitude toward, 1564

Livelihood instruction of Jesus in diverse means of gaining a, 1369
    vocation, vs. cultural familiarity with life, 1674

Livias Jesus’ and his followers’ encampment at, 1871

Living beings, two basic classifications of, 330
    Buddhas,” perpetuation of the myth about, 1039
    cells and organisms, craving of, for perfection, 737
    creatures of the realm, paramount question in cosmic advancement of, 314
       semimaterial, the most mysterious of, 327
    efficient, attainment of, 43
    epistles,” custodians of knowledge the, 301
    faith, attempting to contact the Thought Adjuster with, 1099
       Jesus’ purpose to foster, 1710
    forces, 403-405
    the human life religiously and by faith, Jesus’ purpose, 1429, 2090
    ladder, from chaos to glory, 107
    libraries, 288, 302, 310
    matter, technique of creating, 399
    mechanism of grand universe, 329
    mirrors, advantages of, in economy of superuniverses, 307, 308, 311, 318
    newspapers” of Havona, source and extent of information of, 289
    organisms, impossibility of production of, by man, 403
    presence, God a, vs. God a doctrine, 2066, 2087
    rule of, 1650-1651
    supreme experience of, definition, 1431
    truth, clear light of, apostles and the, 1571, 1949, 2075
    the two fundamental laws of, 1603
    water, I am the, 1613, 1614, 1965
       Jesus the giver of, 1795, 1796
    way, of attainment of the Father, 89, 1653, 2092

Lobsters of early marine life, 674

Local creations, affairs of, Thought Adjusters not concerned with, 363
    creations, Paradise Creator Sons only personal manifestation of God in the, 28
    governments, handling of local affairs by, 1491
    gravity, emergent energy unresponsive to, 9, 476
    system(s), administration, 509-518
       administration of, by local universe personalities, 371, 434, 487
       Assigned Sentinels’ field of operations, 413
       associate power director inspectors on headquarters of the, 325
       capital and headquarters worlds of, ascenders’ review of experiences on, 388
       capitals, home worlds of Material Sons, 444, 580
       citizens of, 444
       a definition, 359, 559
       function of Assigned Sentinels in, 269
       functions of material sonship in, 151
       headquarters, 519-529
          awakening of less perfected secondary modified orders on the, 570
          planets, time involved in construction of, 654
          worlds of, number of, 358
       inhabited planets in, 341
          worlds in a, 559
       Lanonandek Son, primary, chief executive of a, 511
       Lucifer’s contention for autonomy of, 603
       midsonite worlds in the, 400
       Morontia Companions’ headquarters in the, 545
       physical kinship of the worlds of a, 560
       rulers of, 359, 392
       a Supreme Power Center permanently assigned to each, 322
       threefold records of, 436
       transport seraphim of the, 436
    universe(s), activities, Urantians benefited by, 100
       administration of the, 323, 363, 366-373, 394
       angelic corps of, makeup of, 418, 427
       ascension scheme, 826
       ascent, former men and women aiding each other throughout the, 939
       Associate Inspectors’ field of operations, 413
       association of Creator Sons and Creative Spirits in administration of, 374
       beginning of a settled administration in a, 241
       beings, mind endowment of, source of, 103, 378
       bestowal of Holy Spirit on mankind, 100
       birthplace of ascendant finaliters, 643
       a Bright and Morning Star in each, 369, 406
       capital(s), broadcasts from, Jerusem receiving stations for, 522
          astronomer colonies on, 339
          reflection to superuniverse headquarters from, 201
       celestial artisans’ activities on headquarters worlds of the, 497
       character of rule of Creator Sons in the, 37, 109
       chief executive of, 407
       circuits, 177, 377-379
       citizens, permanent, and ripening of authoritative wisdom, 453
       confinement of the Holy Spirit to each, 95
       constitution and government of a, 166
       Corps of Perfection, destiny of Spirit-fused mortals, 411
       Creative Spirits, 197, 203-205
       Creator Sons’ organization plans for, variation in, 360
       creature mind originates in, 25
       decimal construction of, 477
       differences in, 277, 357
       differences in the material order of sonship in the, 580
       Divine Minister’s function in the, character of, 375
       Edentia school’s education in working of the, 493
       energy charge of each, 169
       evolution of, 57, 88, 357-365
       factors in the administration of, 55
       fathers, Paradise Creator Sons as, 4
       a field of Trinity Teacher Sons, 214
       function of Associate Inspectors to, 268
          of the Infinite Spirit in the, 368
          of primary Paradise Sons in, 235
       functional domain of the Supreme Spirit groups, 197, 205
       Gabriel’s relation to superuniverse mandates related to, 370
       God’s relation to a, 56, 362-364
       government, destiny of Melchizedeks in, 635
          during absence of Michael Son, 237
          Immanuel not subject to, 371
       headquarters, creator and creative personalities residing on, 321, 360, 639
          location of Associate Inspectors on, 268
          personalization of Infinite Spirit on, 257
          return of bestowal Son to the, 596
          tree of life native to, 825
          world, Universe Mother Spirit never leaves the, 378
       independence of time and space of Creator Son and Divine Minister when in administrative union in their, 377
       individual languages of the, 503
       intelligence corps’ intercommunication with, 429
       joint rulership of, 164
       judicial system of, beginnings of, 573
       the laboratories of the Supreme’s deity evolution, 1272
       language, mastery of, by seventh-stage world mortals before translation, 631
       law, place of origin of, 432
       Master Architect’s approval of space-site for, 352
       Master Spirits’ connection with shaping and organization of, 189
       material organization of, association of Father-united Creator Son and Creative Spirit in, 204
       mercy ministers of the, 430
       Michael Son as God in a, 66
       ministering spirits of, 286, 418-425
       Morontia Companions’ headquarters in, 545
       and morontia phases of ascension, 158
       Mother Spirit, 204, 374-383, 446
          bestowal of adjutant mind-spirits by a, 205
          creation of Morontia Companions by, 545
          function of the, 94
          relation of, to Master Son, 406
       of Nebadon, 1, 78, 174
          relation of, to Sagittarius, 168
          supervisory administration of, by Master Spirit of Orvonton, 197
       number of, in major sector, 181
       number of Vorondadeks in, 389
       origin of, 357
       Paradise advisers to rulers of, 179
       Paradise Sons’ revelation of the Universal Father in the, 89
       participation of Finaliters in conduct of, 347
       pattern of a, dependence of the, upon the power centers and the Creative Spirit, 1274
       permanent assignment of spirit beings to, 413
          citizens of the, 414-416, 451
       personalities of the, 406-417
       pervasion of, by Master Spirits, through function of Creative Mother Spirits, 275
       physical aspects of the, 455-466
       power centers, functions of, 322-323, 357, 456
       prayers belong to the, 65
       primary divisions of a, 485
       provision in the, for experience for descending personalities, 1273
       reflectivity operative within, 105
       relation of Associate Inspectors to, 268
          components of, to settledness in light and life, 635
          a Creative Spirit to, 106
       requisites for admission of, to superuniverse confederation, 177
       rulers, Gabriel chief executive of, 370
       Salvington the headquarters of our, 74
       self-government, first attempt at, in the, 385
       service of Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit in the, 107
          Most High Assistants in a, 410
       settlement of, in light and life, and administrative readjustments, 634
       settling of, in light and life, requisites for, 360
       Sons of God, 223, 372, 384-395, 488
       Sons, origin of, 384
       sovereigns of the, 28, 180
       sovereignty, 237-239
       Spirit-fused mortals’ confinement to, 451, 452
       spiritual gravity circuits, adverse influences effecting, 82
       stabilization and unification of, 162
       stage of light and life, 634-635
       tongues, mastery of by interpreters and translators, 546
       training regime, Melchizedeks’ relation to, 389
          worlds, provision for skipping, 288
       twofold creation of, 154
       Unions of Days as Trinity ambassadors to, 235
       Universal Father’s presence in, technique of, 363
          rule in the, 44
       unlimited function of Solitary Messengers in, 259

Locusts world-wide distribution of, 680

Logic of adulthood, man’s need to use the, 1125
    the attempted technique of philosophy, 1106
    clever, nondependence of religion on, 1107
    a definition, 1138, 1139
    of despair, vs. conviction-faith, 1104
    vs. experience with God, 30
    functioning of, dependent on one’s desire for following truth, 1138
    the incontrovertible, of religious living, 1142
    lucid, of Jesus, 1589
    man’s obscuring of, for self-interest, 951
    men’s, vs. women’s, 938
    of philosophy, assurance of religion’s transcendency over the, 1104
    the proof of philosophy, 1106
    and reality of God, 24
    and reason, response of the mind to, 1722
    ultimate universe reality not grasped by, 31

Loneliness of Adam and Eve, 830, 839
    of John the Baptist, 1506
    private, Jesus’ experience of, 1969

Longevity gravitation of Adamic offspring toward human norm of, 851

Longings inner, Father’s judgment of man by his, 1571
    noble, human, provision for the satisfaction of, 508

Longs Peak mountain activity as illustrated by, 692

Long-suffering a fruit of the spirit, 381

Lord of creation, a name for God, 1448
    of Glory, a title for Jesus, 1409
    God of all creation, a title of Jesus, 1409
       of Hosts, 421, 1073
       of Israel, identity of the, 1052-1053, 1057, 1076, 1432, 1598
    of heaven, God the primal, 1448, 1450
    of Hosts,” identity of the, 2064
       a Semite appellation for Deity, 1053
    of life, God the, 1448
    of Lights, a title for God, 1450
    the, nearness of, to all sincere truth seekers, 1444, 1445
    our God, 36, 1443

Lord’s prayer,” the, 1620
    Supper, early believers’ celebration of the, 1133, 2067

Loser good, Thomas a, 1562
    poor, Judas a, 1566

Lost coin, Jesus retelling the story of the, 1850-1851
    search of the Father and Son for the, 1851
    sheep, Jesus retelling the story of the, 1762, 1770, 1850-1851

Lot identity of, 1019

Love ability of, to grow, 1097
    abounding, a post-Pentecostal weapon of gospel teachers, 2064
    the Adjusters’ self-bestowing, 1177, 1182
    all men as I have loved you”, 2041, 2053
    all-powerful, religion’s final realization of, 986
    all true, God the source of, 1289
    of angels for humans, 419
    of the apostles for Jesus, 1760, 1962, 1964
    applied to the creature creation, 94
    attitudes of, 41
    an attribute of the Infinite Spirit, 100
    brotherly, the apostles and the practice of, 1573
    charms, the ancients’ belief in, 971
    contagion of, 2018
    correlation of divinity as, 3, 94, 648
    creative character of, 2018
    a definition, 41, 141, 648, 1583, 1898, 1922, 1944, 2047
    divine, and advancement of worthy intelligences, 63, 648
       functioning of, 40, 2018
       and human, the true believer’s attitude toward, 40, 1739, 1740
       revelation of the nature of God by, 1965, 2043
    dominance of, necessity of submitting to the, 618, 1097, 1673
    is dynamic”, 1289
    and the early mating instinct, 913
    of earthly fathers, comparison of, with that of the heavenly Father, 40, 1597
    ennobling of spirit-led lives by, 1732
    the essence of religion, 1124
    eternal, Father’s love for all his children, 1545
    of Eternal Son, comprehension of the, 75-76
    even your enemies, 1897
    a factor in Jesus’ teachings, 1112
    and faith, power of, 1145, 1573
    for the father, the first fundamental law of living, 1603, 2053
    of a father for his son, a central truth in universe relations, 2018
    of the Father, bestowal of, character of, 454, 1289, 2062
       characteristics of, 62
       for men, Jesus’ proclamation of, result, 1737, 1905, 1964
       and parable of the prodigal son, 1853
       a personal thing, 40, 1305
       some functions of, 138, 1597
       and the Son’s mercy, 75
    a father’s, vs. a child’s, 1676
    Father’s, greatest revelation of, 40, 1938
       ministered by the Spirit, 98
       personification of, 75, 94
       supreme justice dominated by, 617
    fatherly, Jesus’ revelation of a new concept of, 1573
    vs. fear, and Jesus’ mission, 1013, 1675
    for fellowmen, the result of guidance by the divine spirit, 1458, 1642
    fellowship with man a manifestation of, 195, 1089
    foundation of the kingdom in, 1725
    and free-willness, divine, 42
    a fruit of the spirit, 381
    genuine and unselfish, the contagion of, 1098
    for God, religion the, 1122
    God of, revealed by Jesus, 67, 1664
    God is, 50, 75, 94, 1486, 1782
    of God, character of the, 38-40, 76
       Jesus’ view of the, 1378, 2089
       and man’s worship, 1675
       one of Jesus’ evening discussions, 1683
       perfection in the, 1610
       which casts out all fear”, 552
       wisdom restrains, 41
       wrong concept of the, 39
    the greatest relationship in the universe, 648, 1608, 2047, 2096
    vs. hate, 1098
    of a heavenly Father, Jesus’ portrayal of the, 1460, 2016
    of home, importance of, to a human, 1775-1776
       vs. pursuit of pleasure, 942
    how experienced by God, 41, 59
    human, reciprocity in, 1739
    importance of wisdom and intelligence in, 1922
    the impossibility of creating, 1097
       of weighing, 2095
    inadequate term for portraying affection of heavenly Father, 40
    is infectious”, 1098
    infinite, Father’s love of man an, 50, 1537
    intelligent, requisite of a spiritual character, 1287
    is not God, 40
    for Jesus, apostles’ growth in, 1925
    Jesus’, the contagion of, 1785, 2018
       the greatest known on earth, 2018, 2019
       for mortals, proof of, 1943, 2000
       power of, over sin and evil, 2018
    Judas’ lack of, for Jesus, 1926, 2056
    and law, in time-space creations, the Trinity concept and, 1145
    living, and will of God, 52
    the Lord your God…,” vs. Pharisees’ 613 rules, 1805
    for man, the measure of spiritual capacity, 1098, 1740
    man’s, evidence of the presence of the Adjuster, 2094
       nearest approach to God, 50
    vs. mercy, 2068
    and mercy, Father’s, the reality of the, 1585, 1610
       vs. fear and sacrifice, in Jesus’ teachings, 1102
    mercy, and ministry, the union of, in the First Triunity, 1148
    mercy springs from, 38
    of mortals for one another, as Jesus has loved us, 1946
    motive, vs. property motive, in marriage, 928
    mutual, of God and man, significance, 644, 1285, 1603
    need for redefinement of, on successive levels of progression, 1739, 2096
    nonself-seeking character of, 1739
    of offspring, an almost universal trait, 940
    for one another, the badge of discipleship, 1944
    one another even as I have loved you”, 1945, 1951, 1955, 1962, 2055
    of one’s fellows, a characteristic of genuine religion, 1141, 1950
    Orvonton a universe demonstration of, 182
    over hate, the cross the symbol of the triumph of, 2018
    of his parents, for Jesus, 1386
    of people, a result of, 1452
    personality essential to, 31, 1139
    primitive humans’ consciousness of, 708, 1675
    a quality of righteousness necessary for entry into the kingdom, 1576
    real connotation of the word, 1228
    relation of, to duty, 1124, 1419
       to truth, beauty, and goodness, 67
    a result of understanding, 1098
    of riches, possible consequence of, 1821-1822
    the rule of living within the kingdom, 1596
    -saturated soul, and graciousness, 1874
    and serve, Jesus’ plea to his apostles to, 1008, 2017, 2041, 2043, 2057
    and service, the social fruits of religion, 1126
    socializing of knowledge by, 557
    the soil for religious growth, 1094
    of the Spirit, reality of, 96
    story of Adamson and Ratta, 861
       of Rebecca, 1402
    the sum total of beauty, truth, and goodness, 648
    true, destruction of hate by, 2018
    the true guide to real insight, 2076
    of truth, a requisite for, 51
    turning of, into hate, 1927
    for Universal Father must be voluntary, 22
    Universal Father’s, relation of, to justice of the Trinity, 115
    universal, God of, 26
    unselfish, of man, good fruits of, 536, 1860, 1950
    of wealth, Jesus’ desire to free Matadormus from the, 1802-1803
    the wellspring of superior civiliation, 1124
    wife,” Africans’ disdain of a, 923
       vs. status wife, 926
    without truth, beauty, and goodness, a definition, 2096
    your enemies,” 1571, 1580
       neighbor as yourself,” 1445, 1745, 1770, 1862, 1950

Loving and being loved not a psychic illusion, 2095
    effect of the sex urge on man’s, 922
    God and desiring to be like him, significance of, 39, 1206
    -kindness, a definition, 1575
       the Father’s, Jesus’ mission to reveal, 1725, 1902
    man and desiring to serve him, significance of, 1111, 1206
    service, vs. fearful apprehension, 1206
       for fellowmen, the fruits of the spirit, 1916, 1945, 2053-2054
       Jesus’ life of, 1485, 1962

Lowly paths of earthly existence, 95

Loyalatia and worship of seraphim, 419

Loyalty(ies) of Adam and Eve, 439
    of adults, impression on children of, 1094
    of the apostles, measure of, 1544, 1548, 1747
    attainment of, a step in the personality scale, 435
    definition, 435
    to duty, family life the ancestor of, 942
    of Havona creatures, vs. man’s devotion to duty, 52
    to Jesus, apostles’ personal, 1608, 1617, 1945
    Judas’ defective sense of, 1566
    marital, and the early mating instinct, 704, 913
    of Morontia Companions, 545
    perfection of, and self-realization of finality of liberty, 435
    pledge of creatures of Michael and Mother Spirit, 369
       of Third Person of Deity to God the Father, 90
    of religion, the dramatization of, by group activities, 1092
    religion’s quality indicated by one’s, 1013, 1142, 1803
    religious, an evaluation of, 1096
    Simon Zelotes’ pledge of, to Jesus, 1564, 1956
    worlds of the Father a test of, 208

Lucifer angels’ onetime sin, involvement with, 1841
    and associates, effects of adjudication of, 529
    attitude of subordinate intelligences toward, 601
    and Caligastia, Jewish traditions of heaven and hell founded on the traditions of, 1050
    character of the charge of, 603
    and confederates, wisdom of delay in adjudication of, 617
    confinement of, to Satania prison worlds, 510
    corruption of infant-training schools by, 608
    the crime of, 614, 618
       an analysis of the, 614-615
    Declaration of Liberty, 602-603
    downfall of, and spiritual pride, 1808
    emblem of, description, 606
    experience of, 601
    first announcement of rebellion plans of, 602
    function of, 710
    insurrection, Satan’s devotion to, 602
    length of prerebellion reign of, 602
    manifesto, 603-604, 615
    Michael the Creator-father of, 617
    onetime sovereign of Satania, 490, 601
    origin of, 601
    personality classification of, 601
    present status of, 601
    purpose of, 490
    rebellion, 529, 601-612, 618, 758
       causes of the, 602-603
       effect of, on Jerusem, 519
       end of, on the fallen worlds, 611
       human hero of, 757, 761-762
       idea of probable origin in the mind of, 602
       influence of, on Urantia planetary government, 58, 413, 596, 1250-1251
       Jesus’ termination of the, 1417, 1494, 1513
       the last in Nebadon, 511
       leaders, many reasons for delay in destruction of, 616
       loss of personalities during the, 545, 581
       a major problem of, 613, 617
       Melchizedeks’ teaching regarding benefits accruing from the, 619
       Michael’s prebestowal attitude toward, 1327
       necessity for full development of, 617
       outbreak of the, 604
       partial termination of, in Satania, 609, 1513
       place of origin of, 603
       possible adjudication of, effect, 1252
       problems of the, 613-620
       real end of the, 609
       a shocking episode of, 576
       threat of the, 615
       time of the, 604
       Urantia’s unsettled relationship with the local universe at time of the, 489, 1251
       a valuable repercussion of, 619
    rebels, internment of, 611
       Michael’s noninterference with, 605
    relation of, to the dragon, 606
    reputation of, 601
    Satan, the associate of, 490, 604
    the sin of, 1519
    Van’s indictment of, 755

Luck a definition, 951
    good and bad, 950-951, 955
    modern man and his control of, 956

Luke attitude of, toward Peter’s night vision, result, 1703
    date of death of, 1342
    the human Jesus portrayed by, 2092
    identity of, 1342
    knowledge of, of conversion of the dying thief, source, 2009
    the physician, belief of, in social equality, result, 1581
    and the “raising” of the widow’s son, 1646
    record of date of Jesus’ baptism according to, 1512

Luminosity God the source of, 1450

Luminous Persons, embrace of servitals by, results of, 271

Lunar month of Dalamatia, 751

Lunatic(s) crowd’s reaction to Jesus healing the, 1696
    early beliefs about, 948, 968

Lungs evolution of swim bladders into, 680

Lures necessity for, to stimulate man’s spiritual forces, 1777

Lust for selfish power, Jesus’ portrayal of deliverance from, 1590

Lut office of, 747

Lutentia deposed, probable identity of the successor to the, 1311
    identity of, 1311-1312

Luxor temple at, depiction on the walls of a, significance, 1215

Luxury early man’s attitude toward, 776
    vs. necessity in material-comfort era, 577

Lydda on the way to Nazareth, 1356

Lynch law, basis of, 796

Lysimachia Matthew’s death at, 1560


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