Urantia Book
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Ba and the ka significance of the, 1215

Baal cult, of, two major doctrines of the, 1064
Elijah’s fight against, 1064
followers of, socioeconomic clash between Yahweh believers and, 1064
the god of fertility, 1064
Judah’s return to the worship of, under Manasseh, 1074
meaning of the word, 1064
Perazim, Old Testament reference to, significance, 1073
priests of, Elijah’s exposure of the, 1363
worship, an analysis of, 1074
Yahweh and, 1064-1065, 1075

Baalim politicians control of Judah’s courts and priesthood by the, 1074

Baalites the aristocratic landlords, 1065
attitude of, toward ownership of the land, 1064
eighty per cent of David’s soldiers, 1073
Elijah’s campaign against the, 1065, 1074
owners of houses, lands, and slaves, 1065

Babe(s) Avonals on magisterial missions not born as, 225
of Bethlehem, Jesus’ second coming not as a, 1919
a Michael Son born of woman as the, 239
reaction to the Salvington broadcast telling of the birth of the, 1316
visit of the priests of Ur to the, 1352
helpless, Jesus to appear as a, 1346
Michael’s Urantia bestowal as a, 1325
prophecy of Jesus’ appearance as a, 1352
of the realm, Jesus as a, 1405

Babel vs. Bablot, 858
and the national name of the Mesopotamian invaders, 876
tower of, 858-859

Bablod vs. Bablot, 858

Bablot breakup of the project of, 859
conflict, and establishment of Nodite centers, 859
identity of, 858
interruption of work on, reasons for, 858
plan of, for Nodite memorial, 858

Baboon ancestry of, 706

Baby(ies) deformed or premature, early superstitions relating to, 932
and early differentiation of male and female activities, 765
girl, killed before times of wife purchase, 791
human, lack of education of, at birth, 909
Jesus, secretion of, with Joseph’s relatives, 1354
men’s and women’s attitude toward, 774

Babylon Jesus’ visit to, 1483
Old Testament Jewish religion’s real origin in, during the captivity, 1075
one of the kingdoms of Daniel’s great image, 1498
origin of astrology in, 1337
people of Jerusalem taken captive to, 1075
Peter’s visit to the churches in, 1551
significance of baptism in, 947

Babylonia contact of, with Palestine, 1333

Babylonian(s) Abner’s philosophy less Hellenic than, 1831
captivity, compilation of Hebrew narratives during the, 1023
effect of, upon the Jews, 1023
Jew’s explanation of the, 1500
of the Jews, repercussions of, 1612
cavalrymen, penetration of, into Mesopotamia, 879
early triad gods of the, 1143
embellishment of story of man’s creation by the, 837
vs. Hellenistic schools of Jewish thought, 1414
ideas, incorporation of, into Christianity, 1637
Ishtar, worship of, in Arabia, 1050
the Jews’ inherited ideas from the, 1044
a part of the Semitic race, 1333
superstitions of, the source of magicians’ practices, 1681
teachers, saving of Jewish theology by, 1339
teachings, in beliefs of Rimmonites, 1637
theologic thought, influence of, on the Hebrew religion, 1052
traditions, influence of, on the Jews, 1068
triad, identity of, 1042

Bachelor tax and state police forces in the continental nation, 815

Backboned animals fishes the first, 732

Backthrust of continental drift, effect of, 690

Backward and lazy peoples slavery’s influence on, 779
peoples, and the Roman state, 801
tribes, ancient, slavery not practiced by, 779

Bacteria in plant kingdom, compared to ameba in animal kingdom, 732
destruction of small plants in vegetative land-life era by, 679
disease-causing, renegade parasitic fungi, 732
parasitic, effect of, on human species, 736
and plant life, common ancestry of, 732
position of, in plant evolution, 732
regression behavior of, 732

Bad luck about, 950-951
definition, 950
the ghost cult and, 958
man’s dread of, consequence, 950, 975
primitive man’s explanation of, 961
savages’ fear of, 950
spirits, comparative numbers of, 961

Badge of distinction clothing an early, 776

Badonan children of, belief of in two souls, 955
cultural center of, location, 878
identity of, 720
tribes, cultural status of, 719
Indian cultural center of, 720
racial struggle of, 722
war against inferior neighbors, 720

Badonites homeland of, location, 720
living quarters of the, 720
work of, 759

Bag of Judas David’s turning over to Matthew, 2030

Baganda tribes of Africa present status of prayer of the, 994

Balance wheel(s) dark islands of space as astronomical, 173
for Peter, James a, 1553
universe, unclassified power centers as, 322

Balances secoraphic, 316

Balkans Andonite invasion of Europe via the, 898

Ballots vs. bullets, in cultural growth, 802

Baluchistan Andite infiltration through, 878
influx of superior peoples into India through, 880

Bandages linen, women’s provision of, for Jesus’ embalming, 2025

Bank of human experience solvency of the, 2076
moral, of the ages, unthinking run on the, 2076
spiritual, of the kingdom of heaven, disbursement of, 2076

Banker the early, 775

Banking conduct of, by money-changers, 1889
in temple, origin of, 1889

Banner of Michael description, 606
display of, by Gabriel, 606

Banquet(s) access of the public to Pharisee, 1651
Jesus’ admonition regarding one’s guests at a, 1834
public, Jewish custom regarding women at a, 1878
at Simon’s Bethany home, purpose, 1878

Baptism(s) of Abraham the Sanhedrist by Abner, 1665-1666
of all believers on the Perean mission by the seventy, 1817
apostles’ Gilboa decision in regard to, 1625
of believers, 1668, 1820
Christ Michael’s living under evolutionary religion up to time of his, 1112
a common practice in Mithraism and Christianity, 1083
conversation of Jesus with John at his, 1504
day of Jesus’, universe announcement of his sovereignty achievement at, 1494
of the divine Spirit, water baptism as the emblem of, 1625
early and later, rituals of, 2067
of Flavius, 1600
with the Holy Spirit, John’s assertion regarding, 1505
the Immanuel conference as recalled by Jesus on the day of his, 1424
of Jesus, 1510-1512
apostles’ recollection of John’s pronouncement at the, 1604
date, 1504
and end of second stage of his human life, 1749
and the making of his two minds one, 1425
presence of certain apostles at the, 1751
by Jesus’ apostles in case of John’s death, 1625
Jesus’ arrangement to advise his brothers as to their, 1504
comment on, at Amathus, 1593
of Jesus’ converts by John’s apostles, 1625
Jesus’ doubts as to his divine nature prior to his, 1408
Jesus’, and the forty days, 1509-1523
and his first knowledge of Gabriel’s visit to Mary, 1388
historical record of date of, 1512
manifestations attendant upon, 2091
significance of, 1512
Jesus’ nonopposition to his apostles’ practice of, 1865
Jesus’ presentation of himself to John for, 1495, 1504, 1511
Jesus’ request for, reasons, 1504
Jesus’ use of no supernatural power prior to his, 1407-1408
Jewish practice of, for gentile proselytes, 1502
John’s, Jesus’ query as to source of authority for, 1892
temple rulers’ confession of ignorance concerning, 1892
the Master’s completion of his seventh bestowal at the time of his, 2002
number of John the Baptist’s, 1502
a onetime religious ceremonial in Babylon, 947
the only prerequisite to membership in the fellowship of believers, 2067
at Pentecost not indicative of disconnection with Jewish faith, 2060
Pentecost the great Jewish festival of, 2060
of the Pharisee lawyer, 1901
the price of compromise by Jesus’ followers, 1626
of repentance, Jews’ introduction to, 1502
significance of, 964, 1865
assigned to, by Gilboa conference, 1625
of the spirit, a definition, 1660, 2061
and entrance into the kingdom, 1660
Sychar dwellers’ request for, 1615
of three spies, 1067
with water, John’s assertion as to his, 1505
worship of Jesus by followers subsequent to his, 1409

Baptismal candidates John’s surprise at Jesus’ appearance in the line of, 1504
ceremonies, interruption of, by John, 1504

Baptize the six apostles instructed not to, 1538

Barabbas the crowd’s cheer at Pilate’s order to release, 1996
a former hero of the penitent brigand, 2009
Jesus’ substitution for, 2004
urging of the crowd to call for the release of, 1994

Barbarian(s) belief of, concerning the nature of God, 2019
Christianity’s conquest of the, 2086
horsemen, from the north, influence of, on the Mesopotamian religion, 1042
influence of, on the ruin of Mesopotamia, 877
morasses, a source of the stream of modern Christianity, 2083
northern, conquest of Mesopotamia by the, 874
twentieth-century, revealed religion and absurd beliefs of, 953

Barbarism Chinese history an account of the ascent of a superior people from, 888
planetary, sex tyranny an indication of, 564

Barbers the original matchmakers, 923

Bargaining with God philosophic, man’s evolution to the point of, 983

Barnabas a convert of Rodan, 2068

Barnacles first appearance of, time of, 678

Barometers living, frandalanks as, 328

Barren wives redemption of, by their parents, 917

Barrenness the most frequent cause for separation in primitive marriages, 928
supposed causes of, 924

Barrier Kingdom’s ability to break down every, 1569

Barter the first, technique of, 775
group, and commerce, 774
silent, period of, 775

Bartholomew Nathaniel’s father, death of, 1559

Bartimeus the blind beggar of Jericho, 1873
reaction of, to the restoration of his sight, 1873

Basalt molten, the undercushion of the earth’s crust, 668

Basic energies reactivity of high spirits to certain, 498

Basic human institutions about, 772-773

Basket incident of Jesus and John Mark with the, 1920
weaving, origin of the art of, 902

Basques and Berbers representatives of the survival of the blue man, 898

Bat family ancestry of the, 733
mammalian air navigators, 562

Batanea Jesus’ and his associates’ journey through, 1723-1724
plans for apostolic tour through, 1725

Bathing in the past and present, 964
a religious ceremony before Caligastia, 748

Bathsheba ancestor of Jesus’ mother, 1345
David’s marriage to, 1072
Solomon the son of, 1073

Battalion of seraphim number in, 421

Batteries soul’s spiritual, prayer the recharging of the, 1621

Battle contention, and slaughter, Jesus’ repugnance for, 1522
cry, of the Father’s kingdom, a definition, 1569
of the Lucifer rebellion, 604
for existence, and physical environment, 68
of a new day, the struggle with spiritual darkness, 2039

Bautan identity and influence of, 1035

Beam and mote casting out of, 1571

Bearing one another’s burdens men’s sometime delight in, 804

Beast of burden man at one time a, 902

Beasts secondary midwayers’ power over, 865

Beating of girls after their monthly periods, 936

Beautification biologic, possibilities of, on architectural worlds, 492

Beautiful adoration of the, not the worship of God, 68
the art of the, besmirched by the presence of evil, 1224
finite antithesis of the, 646
love of the, and aesthetic appreciation, 646
love of the essence of the, 2047
the supernal achievement of the supremely, 646

Beauty of the Adjuster, the mortal’s possible consciousness of the, 1199
an aid to worship, 1840
appreciation of, 52
and mortals’ recognition of a God of love, 641
of Nodites and Adamites, relation to sex interest, 913
a result of, 646
association of truth, fact, and relationship with philosophic concepts of, 507
attractiveness of, 43
a comprehensible element of Deity, 646
concealment of Paradise values of, 2078
creation of, Father and Son equal in, 75
a definition, 625, 647
divine, Havoners’ exultation in, 157
morontia synthesizers’ portrayal of, 507
moral depiction of human recognition of, 507
relation of, to goodness, righteousness, and justice, 507
seen in the physical universe, 40
a true spirit value, 1950
a divine reality, 43
divinity of God’s, 1448
a factor in love, 1583
a function of, 647
Greek religion based on, 67
the Greek’s exaltation of, 2043
the Greek’s reverence for, 2071
Hellenic concepts of, 1011
the highest, nature of, 646
human, enhancement of ideas of, in Dalamatia, 748
ideal of, the God of the artist, 68
and idolatry, Jesus’ discussion of, with Flavius, 1600
man’s attainment of, through truth, 1142
and man’s intellectual approach to universe realities, 647
material, of Paradise, 118
one admires but does not worship, 1114
percent of workers’ income devoted to, on a world in light and life, 625
primitive man’s fear of human, 963
pursuit of, man’s limitation in, 646
relative, relation of, to idealism, 51
rhythm, and harmony, intellectual spiritual relations of, 507
search for, as a part of religion, 1115
spirituality’s influence regarding ability to discover, 1096
the supreme, a definition, 646
discernment of, definition, 43
thirst for, relation of, to curiosity, 646
and triumph over ugliness, 1739
and truth, 42-43
truth, and goodness, 646-648, 1458
appreciation of, inherent in perfection of divine universe, 52
concept of, not inherent in physics and chemistry, 2077
concern with, on worlds settled in light and life, 646
creature’s capacity to grasp, and the manifestations of God’s love, 27
divinity comprehensible to creatures as, 3
experiential blending of, and Godlikeness, 507
one’s pursuit of, leads to God, 2078
relation of, to health, sanity, and happiness, 43
relation of, to love, 67
the revelation of divinity reality to finite man, 648
training of children in, on worlds in light and life, 625
unification of, in experience, 507
ultimate, relation of goodness to, 43
the unification of contrasts, 646
universal, some factors of, 647
value of, to the urge to worship, 1840

Bed of ease life, even on most ideal evolutionary worlds, not a, 578

Bedchamber wedding guests filing through, as legal witnesses of marriage, 925

Bedouin(s) belief of, regarding sand whirls, 947
captives, an evaluation of the, at time of Moses, 1055
meager religion of, at time of Moses, 1055
Melchizedek’s difficulty in teaching the, the identity of the Trinity, 1143
Semites, exodus of, to Egypt during a famine, 1054-1055
Semites, influence of, on the Mesopotamian religion, 1042
slaves, noncomprehension of advanced Egyptian religious philosophy by the, 1056
tribes, post-Moses return of the, to the worship of olden gods, 1059

Beelzebub identification of, 602, 863
Jesus’ work by the supposed power of, 1714, 1850
the prince of devils, alleged source of Jesus’ power, 1714, 1850

Beeroth Jesus’ visit to, 1492

Beersheba Jesus’ visit to, 1492
resurrection message carried to, 2031

Beggar(s) access to Pharisee banquet rooms by, 1651
born blind, Jesus’ plan for use of the, 1811
of Naples, Jesus’ refusal to “waste words” upon the, 1440

Beginning the last supper about, 1937-1938
the public work, 1587-1595

Beginning(s) and absonite realities, 2
of capital, 775-777
of the Christian church, 2066-2068
and endings, 364
of the Eternal Son, impossibility of, 73
and finite realities, 2
of government, 788-789 need for concept of, 157
of trade, 775

Behavior gulf, a constant, between the sexes, 938
mortal, inability of dead theory to control, 380
personal, rules of, apostles’ translation of Jesus’ teachings into, 1584

Beheading of John the Baptist, 1508

Being born of the flesh, vs. being born of the spirit, 1592-1593
of the flesh, vs. doing, Jesus’ instruction about, 1584

Being(s) the divine, characteristics of, 1448
mortal’s inseparable companion, 1448
of infinite attributes, Jesus’ making known to man a, 1857
intelligent, beneficent Father of, God the, 51

Beirut Jesus’ visit to, 1737

Beit Adis identification of, 1515

Beit Jenn Jesus’ Mount Hermon headquarters, 1493

Bel for the Babylonians, Jeremiah’s proclamation as to, 1067
a Mesopotamian deity, 1042
-Marduk, Mesopotamians’ reduction of many gods to the one, 1052
-Marduk, temple of, 1043

Belief(s) a determiner of conduct, 1090
diversity of, Thomas’s query as to reasons for, 1728
erroneous, Jesus’ correction of, 1543
a factor in effective prayer, 1620
vs. faith, in power of growth, 1114
in the Father, and status in heavenly citizenship, 1601
in fetishes, 967-968
fixates, faith liberates, 1114
in God, unswerving, spiritual faith’s persistence in the, 1108
human, characteristics of, 1459
possible conflict between knowledge and, 1459
intellectual, change from, to a living faith, 1731
religion never a mere matter of, 1780
interpretative, religion a pursuit of values and a system of, 1130
in Jesus, the apostles’, 1544
men’s difficulty of agreement on, 1130
of philosophy, the spirit experiencer’s right to challenge the “unproved”, 1127
proof of attainment of level of faith by, 1114
and rejoicing, of the new creature, 1609
with rather than in Jesus, 2089
traditional, the basis of “other” religions, 1782

Believe without seeing an agondonter’s ability to, 579

Believer(s) accompanying Jesus through Perea, 1868
all, the sons of God, 1958
apostolic, Jesus’ prayer for the salvation of, 1965
in the brotherhood of the Father’s kingdom, followers of Jesus to be, 1932
calling of, at the Zebedee home, 2050
centers, the messengers’ departure to all, 2031
conference of, in Magadan Park, 1744
constant request of, for instruction in prayer, 1618
at the cross when Jesus died, 2010-2011
desire of, to follow the apostles to Jerusalem, 1587
early, in Jesus, a sect within Judaism, 2060
evidence by, of belief in immortality, 1120
faint-hearted, Jesus’ admonition regarding, 1946
by faith, present kingdom-entrance of the, 1861
falling away of, after the king-making episode, 1705
-fellowship with the risen Christ, the doctrine of Christianity, 2059
flight from Jerusalem by, on appearance of Roman troops, 1913
gathering of, at Bethany for apostolic instruction, 1798
genuine, nonanxiety of, about future punishment of sin, 2017
in God, reply of the, to the doubter, 1125
individual, God known through the personal experience of, 1857
mission of Jesus to the, 1629
instructions for teachers and, by Jesus, 1765-1767
in Jesus’ gospel, Claudia a, 1990
Jesus’ nineteen morontia appearances to his, 2031
quandary as to what name should be given him by his, 1390
large groups of, contention for preferment to be avoided by, 1942
new, number of, baptized at Pentecost, 2060
number of, at Jesus’ tenth morontia appearance, 2041
one battle of the, doubt the, 1766
one-time, in Galilee, number of, 1705
prayer of, 1619-1620
preaching of the gospel in power at Philadelphia by, 2041
professed, fruits of the spirit a requisite for, 2054
sincere, bestowal of the Spirit of Truth on all, 2063
some characteristics of, 1932
spiritual cohesiveness among, 82
time of testing of Jesus’, 1534
true, purpose of the existence of, 1946
Son of Man’s spiritual incarnation in the souls of, 1953
universal pouring out of the Spirit on, 2065
truth-seeking, the Spirit’s forever unfolding of truth to the, 2064
truth-taught, technique of the Master’s living in the experience of every, 2062

Believing brotherhood, apostles to perform greater acts of love in the kingdom of the, 1944
dog, Norana’s claim to be a, 1735
generations, hope of, as to Jesus’ second coming, 1863-1864
in him sent by the Father, and eternal life, 1963
in men, as did Jesus, the aim of kingdom believers, 2091
only a part of Jesus’ religion, 1769
salvation obtained by, 1584
vs. thinking, in Greece, 1079
in Palestine, 1079

Bell Chinese custom of human sacrifice when casting a, 981

Bellicosity of dawn mammals, benefits of, 704

Benares the location of Gautama’s school, 1035

Bend of the ages and Paradise gravity, 125

Benediction of the Divine Counselor, “God the Father loves men..,”, 53
of Gabriel, upon Mary, 1346

Benefactor(s) apostles’ unawareness of Matthew as their, 1560
the Lord an all-powerful, 1450
would-be, Josiah’s belief concerning Jesus, his, 1812

Beneficence earth child’s love due to this father’s, 1675
extent of God’s, 1450
of God, and man’s service, 1675

Benevolence Heaven’s choicest gift to men, according to Confucianism, 1453
vanquishment of hate by, 1449

Bengal current worship of a meteor at, 945

Berbers and Basques representatives of the survival of the blue men, 898

Bering isthmus, red races’ escape from Asia over the, 883-884
land bridge, American lemurs’ migration over the, 703, 733
land isthmus, sinking of, time of, 723
Strait, closing of, result, 689
land bridge, elevation of, 686, 696
submergences and emergences of, during Cenozoic age, 693

Bernice identification of, 1735

Bestowal(s) activities of Magisterial Sons on Jerusem, 524
of Adam, Urantia races as affected by, 382
of the Adamic blood, 585-586
attendance on incarnated Paradise Sons, 442
attendants, achievement of, 427
of Avonal bestowals, 427
function of, 427
training of, 427
attitude of Eternal Son, 81
of Avonal(s), 225
and Michael(s), dispatch of joint spirit of, to bestowal world, 596
reason for, 227
nonincarnation of, on subsequent missions to his bestowal world, 596
career of Michael, incompletion of, at time of Lucifer rebellion, 605
requirement of almost one billion years to complete the, 1318
changes in Creator Sons caused by, 240
charge, Jesus’ post-baptismal recall of the, 1513
of Christ Michael, 1308-1319
final, on Urantia, 367
commission, seventh, Immanuel’s presentation of, 1325
counsel, Immanuel’s impartation of, to Michael, 1324
of the Creator Son(s), benefits from, to other than the Sons themselves, 1308
differences and similarity of, 239
period of Urantia’s most favorable condition for, 1332
relations between man and his Maker not dependent on, 2002
seven groups of, 239
unnecessary for rehabilitation of a planet, 228
see also Creator Son(s), 5. Bestowals
director of Satania, name and number of, 512
effect on Jesus of the transfiguration, during final days of his, 1872
emergencies, bestowal attendants’ training for, 427
Eternal Son’s, on Havona, unique character of, 86
results of, 87
on evolutionary world, Creator Son unaccompanied on, 386
experience of the Son of Man, apostles’ participation in, 1603
terminal, and Creator Son’s arrival on Urantia, 1323
of the Father, degree of, 46
effect of, on his personality, 49
final, Jesus’ choice of Urantia for his, 1407
God’s, universe, 36, 49
Havona, of first-born Creator Son, 87
his last, Jesus’ interest in returning to the planet of, 1918
incarnations, of Magisterial Sons, archangels as personal aids on, 409
possibility of disaster to Paradise Sons engaged in, 228
an inherent attribute of the Paradise Sons, 1308
Jesus’, apostles’ inability to comprehend the significance of, 1617
the Father’s ordaining of the unfolding of, 1413
illumination of the way of salvation by, 2017
man’s possible inability to appreciate, 2019
spiritual, Jewish rejection of, 1913
unexpected in the spiritual life of the world, 1863
Jesus’ declaration of his imminent finish of his earth, 1963
growing self-consciousness of the nature of his, 1387
visit to Mount Hermon on matters connected with his, 1752
life on earth, the basis of Jesus’ religion, 1593
Jesus’, memory of, and the new Passover, 1943
limitations, of Michael, on Urantia, 1327-1329
Lucifer’s attempt to turn back Michael from completing his, 611
of Machiventa Melchizedek on Urantia races, 514
the Master’s, beginning of the more divine phase of, 1492
Melchizedek’s, Urantia length of, 1015
of Michael, drawing power of the whole, 2019
a feature of, foreign to the Jewish concept, 1510
and partial termination of Lucifer rebellion, 609
Paul’s preaching of the historic fact of the, 1338
terminal, changes in Nebadon upon the, 1113
on Urantia, 239-240, 1323-1331
effect of, on Jerusem, 519
and termination of freedom of Lucifer and Satan, 609
Michael’s choice of Urantia for his final, reaction of Andon and Fonta to, 717
double purpose in his seven, 1324
payment of the full price of, 1325
seventh, and reason for name Christ Michael, 366
subjection to the wills of the associations of the persons of the Paradise Trinity, 1324
Urantian, voluntary character of, 1326
mission(s), of Avonals, 225
of Avonals, and incarnation, 226
bestowal Son’s reception of assurance of acceptance of his, 596
Jesus’ adoption of designation “Son of Man” for his, 1390
Jesus’ apparent interest, when on trial, only in his, 1983
Michael’s progressive recognition of the nature of his, 1329
preceded by magisterial missions, 226
universal success of, 228
mortal, careers of Paradise Sons, 228-230
mortal, of Paradise Son, prerequisite to sending the Spirit of Truth, 227-228
mortal, a prerequisite to sending the Spirit of Truth, 227-228
mystery of Paradise Sons, and Eternal Son’s bestowals, 87
original Michael’s, results, 87
of Paradise Son(s), and man’s knowledge of Father, Son, and Spirit, 109
Melchizedek’s preparation for the, 1018
purpose of, erroneous idea of, on Urantia, 227
on Urantia, reason for, 60
of personality, a definition, 70
an exclusive function of the Universal Father, 70
God’s, 62
plan, emergency provisions of, 85
explanation of the, 85
sin and rebellion not concerned with the, 2003
planetary, of Avonal Sons, effectiveness of, 384
Midwayers deprived of benefits of, 444
a planetary and universe necessity, 229
projects of Eternal Son, and the Father’s command, “Be you perfect..”, 86
relation of Magisterial Missions to, 225
school, on Edentia, as related to final bestowal of Michael, 486
service, of Paradise Sons, importance of, to material beings, 80
of Sons of God, purpose of, 224
seven creature, of the Creator Son, type of sovereignty during, 238
sevenfold, the supreme goal of Creator Sons, 227
seventh Creator Son, changed standing of Divine Minister at termination of, 368
seventh, sovereignty of Michael on completion of his, 238
Son of Man’s entry on last year of his, 1759
of his Son, revelation of the Father of spirits through the, 1796
of Sons of God, purpose, 85
effect of, on interassociation of spiritual and material agencies, 855
Son(s), enhancement of mission of, by loyal Planetary Prince and Material Son, 584
enhancement of Paradise plan for mortal survival by life of the, 454
experience of, on yielding up his incarnated life, 596
incarnated, possible aftermath of Adjuster’s indwelling of an, 445
liberation of Spirit of Truth by a, result of, 379
Magisterial Sons as, 595
planetary development on the advent of the, 596
purpose of life and death of the, 596
re-establishment of lines of communication with isolated planets by a, 394
relation of Magisterial missions to appearances of, 226-228, 595
revelation by the, of new ways for man to find God, 1273
signal for the planetary arrival of the, 595
Spirit of Truth a gift from the, 1108
steps in mortal experience of, 229
treatment of, on planets, the usual, 229
“Word is made flesh” in the, 227
spheres, Michael’s technique of appearance on the first six, 1325
spirit of, 86-87
spirit of the Creator Son, 377
of the Father, certain return of, to level of origin, 1676
possibility of communion with, 63
of the Spirit of Truth, 2059-2068
terminal, worlds of, Master Sons’ control of plans for, 241
undertakings, relation of mercy ministry enterprise to, 85
Universal Father’s, and his possible suffering, 53
universal, of mind, 638
universe, completion of Jesus’ last, 2002
Urantia, Michael’s formulation of plans for his, 1324
Michael’s subjection to will of the Paradise Father on his, 1327
Michael’s voluntary divestment of all extraplanetary support during his, 1325
the Son’s, culmination of, 1376
two-fold purpose of Michael’s, 1407
of the Word of God in the likeness of mortal flesh, 1712
work of Jesus, completion of, 1513
worlds, communication of Master Sons with, 241
mortals’ contacts with Gabriel on the, 370
of Paradise Sons, God referred to as “our Father” on, 23
of a system, the four and twenty counselors assembled from, 573

Bethabara Bethany ford of the Jordan, 1869

Bethany apostolic corps’ arrival at, after ill treatment in Samaria, 1788
apostolic headquarters at, during Passover, 1648
belief of people of, in Jesus, 1880
believers’ conferences with Jesus at, 1789
believers’ gathering at, for apostolic instruction, 1798
family (Lazarus’) , the boy Jesus’ sojourn with the, 1379-1383
Jesus’ deep affection for the, 1404
love of Jesus by the, 1380
garden, Jesus’ meditation in the, as to a plan for his lifework, 1383
Jesus’ and the apostles’ arrival at, subsequent to Lazarus’ resurrection, 1878
and the apostles’ many visits at, 1596
and his brother James’ Passover supper at, 1399
and his brother Joseph’s Passover visit at, 1409
departure for, after the feast of tabernacles, 1798
and John Zebedee’s sojourn in, 1494
return to, after Passover week, 1381
Lazarus’ sojourn in, until crucifixion of Jesus, 1849
Passover pilgrims’ stop at, 1375
resting at, by Jesus and apostles, 1603
resurrection message carried to, 2031
secret meeting place near, Jesus’ escape to, 1797
urgent message to Jesus from, regarding Lazarus’ illness, 1836
welcoming of Jesus by common people of, 1878

Bethany beyond Jordan (in Perea), Jesus’ and the apostles’ four-week sojourn in, 1593-1595
John the Baptist’s former work at, 1593
John’s disciples remain at, teaching and baptizing, 1595

Bethany ford duration of John the Baptist’s preaching at, 1502
John’s return to, after a year’s preaching, 1506

Bethel the apostolic group’s sojourn at, 1607
Jesus’ and James’ discussion of Jewish history at, 1399

Bethesda pool at the, 1649-1650
healing of the man at the, 1650
reaction of Jesus’ words by the afflicted at the, 1649
superstitions concerning the, 1649

Bethlehem Abner’s removal of headquarters from Hebron to, 1771
David’s messengers’ Judean headquarters, 1771
Jesus with Abner at, 1798-1799
Jesus’ and the apostles’ work in, 1605
visit to, during his thirty-first year, 1492
Joseph’s and Mary’s departure for, for enrollment, date of, 1350
and Mary’s return to, from Alexandria, 1356
of Judea, birthplace of Jesus, 1349
Mary’s insistence on accompanying Joseph to, previous to Jesus’ birth, 1350
reason for Joseph’s and Mary’s remaining in, with the baby Jesus, 1352
star of, legend concerning, 1352

Beth-Marion a Phoenician woman, fate of, 1666

Beth-Meon the seventy’s labors in, 1817

Beth-Nimrah the seventy’s labors in, 1817

Bethpage and Bethany, hiding-places of certain apostles, 1976
and Bethany, welcoming of Jesus by common people of, 1878
Jesus’ sojourn in, subsequent to Lazarus’ resurrection, 1847
location of, 1881
obtaining a colt from, for Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, 1881

Beth-Peor the seventy’s labors in, 1817

Bethsaida apostle’s departure for, subsequent to episode of feeding of the five thousand, 1706
apostles’ return to, with Jesus, subsequent to Jesus’ last synagogue appearance, 1714
sojourn at, for Peter’s first public post-resurrection sermon, 2050
two-week sojourn at, after first preaching tour, 1647
apostolic assembling at, after the Nazareth rejection, 1687
apostolic five-month encampment at, 1657
assembly of truth seekers and curious spectators at, following the ordination of the twelve, 1578
camp, capacity of the, 1657
cosmopolitan character of visitors at the, 1657
teaching program of the, 1657
near Zebedee residence, 1657
time of disbanding of, 1659
conference of Jesus and four apostles, 1677
David’s relay messenger service between Jerusalem and, 1771
encampment, a model, 1657
encampment, a self-sustaining enterprise, 1657
good-bye, absence of Joseph’s family from, 1587
hospital, 1658-1659
-Julias, apostolic corps’ encampment at, 1744-1745
apostolic overnight sojourn near, 1725
retirement to a park near, 1700
visit to, on second preaching tour, 1668
assembling of five thousand at, 1700
light-rejecting inhabitants of, 1807
Mary’s return to, after the Passover, 2010
news of Jesus’ impending crucifixion carried to, 2000
training the evangelists at, 1657-1667
visitors, Andrew’s management of the teaching of the, 1578

Beth-shean identity of, 1370

Beth-zur home of Ezda, 1498

Betrayal apostles’ unawareness of the time of the, 1967
and arrest of Jesus, 1971-1977
of his divine Master, causes of Judas, 2057
of Jesus, the cowardly act of a selfish deserter, 1926
Judas’ entry into the plot for the, 1567
money not a factor in the, 1925
not required of an apostle, 1940
Peter’s fear of being guilty of the, 2039
Jesus’ forewarning his apostles about his, 1941
Judas’ fear of his brethren’s learning of his, 1941
last attempt of Jesus to prevent Judas’ actual, 1974
last hour before the, 1966-1968
possibilities of, relation of, to loyalty, 51
time of, David Zebedee’s and John Mark’s knowledge of, 1967

Betrayer attempt of the, to return his “reward” money, 1998
body of the, dashing to pieces of the, 1998
desire of the, to identify Jesus and retire, 1974
fear of the, of encountering Jesus’ devoted disciples, 1972
of Jesus, a close associate, 1969
Jesus’ last words to the, 1940-1941
pity for Judas the, 1567
John’s query as to the identity of the, 1941
Peter’s eagerness to learn the identity of the, 1941
vacant seat of the, Jesus’ sad countenance as he stood by the, 1956

Betrothal of Adamic children, average age of, 835
onetime equivalent to marriage, 923

Better life, apostles tasting the glories of a, 1570
ways of living, Jesus setting men free to choose, 2018

Bewilderment of Annas over Jesus’ kindly manner of speaking, 1979

Bewitching Jesus’ denunciation of belief in, 1681

Bias freedom from, necessary in problem solving, 1773

Bibles Jewish and Christian, the real beginning of the, 1074

Bigheartedness of Jesus, 1583

Bigotry effect of, on revelation of truth, 1768
faith’s nonfostering of, 1115
human, Jesus’ life offered up as the price of, 1872
James’ and John’s tendency toward, 1555
a possible result of a doctrinal fetish, 969

Bildad advice of, to Job, 1663

Bilingualism of ascenders to Havona, 537
of local universe residents, 503

Bilinguists ministering spirits of time as, 422

Billion spheres of Havona, 152
worlds of Havona, arrangement of, 152
and physical gravity, 91

Binary stars energy action in marginal gases of the, 667

Biologic adversity, a result of, 683
betterment, a function of the Adamic progeny, 585
deterioration, a peril of industry, 786
development, and appearance of man, 697
evolutionary growth subsequent to height of, 747
differentiation, sex domains determined by, 938
disfellowship of Urantia’s unfit stocks, need for, 585
elasticity, presence of, in nature, 480
embellishment of architectural worlds by spornagia, 492
evolution, achievement of human levels of will dignity, 710
vs. cultural evolution, 906
directionalization of, by Life Carriers, 400
nonnecessity of correlation between cultural civilization and, 905
principle of, not conducive to self-restraint, 1302
vs. social civilization, 927
on Urantia, historic approach to, 215
Urantian, effect of sin on, 761
father, the father in the flesh, 587
leaven, Amadonites as, 759
limitations, of the Dravidians, 882
and morontia art on Edentia, 486
peak of racial progress, time of attainment of, on normal worlds, 567
problems, system governments particularly concerned with, 371
renovation of racial stocks, a means of class obliteration, 793
safety brake, inertia the, 767
segregation, of Adam and Eve from evolutionary mortals, 583
status of evolutionary races, upstepping of, by Adamic progeny, 586
strains, situation of, under receiver administration, 760
tribulation, age of, 682-684
uplifters, human evolutionary development prior to arrival of the, 734
influence of, in planetary progress, 566, 593
Material Son and Daughter as, 567
Planetary Adams as, 436
planetary names for, 580
second order of sonship, 580
signal for dispatch to an evolutionary world, 580
source of the name of the, 580
successful, destiny of, 444
for Urantia, petition of Life Carriers for, 821
upliftment, the role of progeny of Planetary Adams, 581

Biological deficiencies correction of, on first mansion world, 535

Biology revelation’s co-ordination of, 1123

Bipeds mortals of will dignity always, 564

Bird(s) age of, 688-691
evolution of, in Miocene period, 698
family, partially progressive descendants of frog family, 732
Reptilia the ancestors of, 732
life, appearance of, time of, 688
development of, in Oligocene period, 696
of the heaven have nests, “, 1750
many, values of, vs. that of the apostles, 1823
modern, early ancestors of, 732
existence of, in Oligocene period, 696
nest of a, and fire making by Andon, 712
onetime fetishes, 967
passenger, characteristics of, 590
early Urantia races’ utilization of, 590
extinction of, time of, 746
fandors, the name for, 746, 831
use of, by Adam and Eve, 831-832
sudden appearance of, time of, 691
transport, of Jerusem, speed of, 521
true, ancestors of the, 691
flying pterosaurs not ancestors to, 688

Birth(s) from above, and the kingdom of God, 1602
Avonals’ nonexperience of, when on incarnation missions, 594
a child’s existence before experiencing, 1130
and infancy of Jesus, 1344-1354
of Jesus, 1351-1352
apostles’ knowledge of the place of, 1605
date of, 1352
like that of other children, 1407
Jesus’ questions concerning, 1358
John’s, news of, brought to Nazareth, 1346
multiple, the exception on all types of planets, 564
natural, and initiation of human life on inhabited worlds, 568
physical, of Avonals, 225
purpose of Jesus’, 1991
of religion, vs. so-called conversion experiences, 1131
a gradual emergence, 1130
single, usual on all types of planets, 564
of the spirit, definition, 381
of Sons of God, 1601

Birthday Herod’s feast in celebration of his, 1508
text, Jesus’ choice of a, 1363
Jewish pupils’ golden rule, 1363

Birthplace of Jesus ignorance in southern Judea as to the, 1605

Bisexuality control by marriage of human relations arising out of, 922
marriage an outgrowth of, 913, 962
of spornagia, 528

Bishop of the Asia churches, John Zebedee the, 1555

Bithynia Matthew’s journeys through, 1560

Bitter herbs as used in the Passover feast, 1379

Biunification of spiritual phases of creature trinitizers, 250

Black art, types of practitioners of, 987
art, vs. white art, 987
artist, danger of execution as a, 972
cats, the magic of, 971
Forest, beginning of, time of, 681
Friday, identification of, in the Phrygian cult, 1081
man(men), one of the surviving original colored races, 919
other Sangik races as compared with the, 725
profit to, of early social teachings, 763
vs. red man, 584
peoples, isolation of, 871
southern trek of, 871
Sea extension of the Mediterranean, 721
smiths, and “black magic”, 774
stone fetish, at Mecca, Arabians’ respect for the, 1051
tribes, infiltration into Egypt of, 894

Blackfoot Indians Onamonalonton’s descendants among the, 723

Blasphemer Pharisees’ accusation against Jesus as a, 1850

Blasphemy(ies) against God, deliberate, consequences of, 1714, 1820
definition, 1820
high priest’s accusing Jesus of, 1983
Jesus accused of, 1815-1816
Jesus’ proposed apprehension on a charge of, 1713
testimony the basis for his conviction of, 1999
the only consistent charge against Jesus, 1985
Pharisee spies accuse Jesus of, 1667
Pharisees’ charge of, against Jesus, 1911
Sanhedrin officers’ plan for Jesus to be tried for, 1723
Sanhedrin’s many decrees against Jesus on charges of, 1847
unimportance to Pilate of charge of, 1985

Blending of the races first work of an Adam and Eve on a normal planet, 839

Blessed one who hears and obeys God, 1722

Blessedness of children Jesus’ message on the, 1839
of the man who trusts God, 1444

Blessing the apostles, in ordination ceremony, 1569
the little children, 1839-1840
the wedding bed, by the priest, 925

Blessing(s) changing calamity into, technique of, 1452
comparison of earth parents and heavenly Father as to bestowal of, 1454
heavenly, subject to personal appropriations, 1621
of Jesus, on their marriage, Simon’s and Jude’s desire for, 1484
man’s paramount, necessity for labor, 773

Blind beggar, healing the, 1811-1813
beggar, of Jericho, restoration of sight to, 1873
Jesus’ decision to use the, 1811-1812
guides, many Jewish leaders as, 1713, 1907
leading the blind, 1571, 1713, 1771, 1907
men, chant of the, 1811
pleading for healing by two, 1699
spiritually, Jesus’ charge against Jewish leaders, 1908
opening the eyes of the, 2035

Blindness cause of Josiah’s, Jesus’ discussion of, 1812
congenital, rabbis’ teaching concerning sin and, 1811
spiritual, Jesus’ death the result of, 1872

Blizzards architectural worlds’ freedom from, 520

Blood of Adam, influence of, on civilization of India, 881
alien, early man’s attitude toward shedding, 784
bond, decline of the, and the embryonic state, 801
origin of the concept of the, 932
bonds, the first peace treaties, 788
cells, red, and evolutionary techniques of oxygenation of living tissues, 737
circulating, absence of, in morontia bodies, 2029
circulation of Adamic offspring, 851
drinking, an adoption ceremony of primitives, 787
ancient token of group loyalty, 748
onetime practice of, 980, 984
of the everlasting covenant, “Paul’s attempt to build the Christian cult on the, 984
feuds, assumption of, as tribal affairs, 796
of Jesus, man’s inability to drink the, 1712
not the water of life, 1712
loss of, at childbirth, and belief as to creator of the child, 932
material, circulation of, in Material Sons’ bodies, 580-581
money, vs. blood vengeance, 796
onetime belief in the ghost’s location in the, 955
and pagan idea of appeasement of the Gods, 60
and sacrifice, Christianity’s encumbrance with teachings about, 984
sacrifices, Adam’s unsuccessful effort to substitute the fruit of the land for, 836
for salvation, present-day dependence on, 984
smearing on the doorposts, purpose, 982
stream, and chemical reactions between hormone output of ductless glands, 737
stream, of Urantia animals, a “briny deep”, 664
and urine, two early “medicines”, 991

Bloodless Passover Jesus’ contemplation of a, 1379

Bloodletting vs. modern methods of treating disease, 786
practice of, in early medicine, 991

Blotting-out mandate of Ancients of Days, 409

Blue race(s), Adamites’ union with the, 890
blood of, in the Nordics, 897
characteristics of, 869
European, infiltration of, by Adamites, 871
a highly blended people, 891
influence of Sansa on the, 847
lack of an advanced culture by, 871
Sargan’s position in the, 847
a superior people, 584
-yellow-Andite peoples of Arabia, factor in the modern Mediterranean race, 898
and yellow races, absorption of northern green tribes by, 724

Blue man(men) about, 725
absorption of, by the Andites in Europe, 893
and alphabet writing, 746
amalgamation of mixed stock of, and Eskimos, 728
and Andite blend, 873
and Andonite mixture, broad-headedness of, 904
central Europe’s onetime control of by the, 894
contribution of physical vigor to European races by the, 894
the Cro-Magnoid, 891-892
culture centers of, along European rivers, 891
in Dalamatia schools, 751
driving of the Andonites from Europe by the, 869
early accomplishments of the, 891
effect of, on early races in India, 880
elephant training by the, 746
enslavement of indigo men by the, 585
in Europe, contrast of, with blue man in Asia, 891
retardation of the, 883
European, biologic contribution of, 889
a factor in the southern white race, 898
as hunters, trappers, and fishers, 768
internecine fighting propensity of, 725
Joseph’s line of inheritance to the, 1344
misfortune in Urantia’s loss of the, 584
Orlandof a prince of the, 513
persisting strongholds of, in southern France, 893
profit to, of early social teachings of Dalamatia, 763
racial admixture of, in the Mediterranean basin, 869
Saharans’, Nodites’, and Adamites’ meeting with, in maritime commerce, 889
in Van’s outposts, 760
western migration of, 727

Board of Animal domestication and utilization purpose and activities of, 746
status of, after Lucifer rebellion, 757

Board of Planetary Supervisors about, 1251-1252

Boarding schools coeducational, early, 791

Boatbuilder of Capernaum, one of Jesus’ names, 1492
of Capernaum, on the Mediterranean trip Jesus still the, 1424
Jesus as an expert, 1420
Zebedee a, 1419

Boatbuilding enterprise of Jesus and Zebedee, 1420

Boats trustworthiness of Jesus-made, 1544

Boatshop Jesus’ return to work at the, 1533
of Zebedee, Jesus’ and James’ work in the, 1495

Body(ies) and breath, primitive man’s concept of himself as, 953
cells of evolutionary races, and disease-producing organisms, 851
of Material Sons, disease resistance of, 851
definition, 8
early fetishes relating to parts of the, 971
elimination, secrecy regarding, 971
of Jesus, arrival of Joseph and Nicodemus at Golgotha to take possession of the, 2011
bribed guards’ stories about the disposal of the, 2045
Jewish rulers’ wish as to the disposal of the, 2012
Mary’s reaction to the absence from the tomb of the, 2026
Nicodemus’s request for, 1603
Peter’s and John’s ideas regarding the possible theft of the, 2027
protection of, by Roman soldiers, 2012
truth about the disposition of the, 2023
women’s perplexity over absence of, from the tomb, 2026
Jesus’ mortal, presence of, in the tomb, during universe activity of the Sovereign, 2020
material, ultimate destiny of the, 404
and mind, of man, the dwelling place of the gift of the Gods, 1779
new, a morontia form, 431
nonsurvival of, in physical death, 141
physical, enlivenment of, by energy spark, 399
preservation, Egyptians’ efforts at, 953
a spirit’s possession of a, 483

Bon office of, 746

Bondage of darkness, liberation of men from the, 1461
of fear, Jesus’ delivery of mortals from the, 1836
religious growth from the, to the liberty of divine worship, 1099
Jesus’ promise to deliver the Jews from, 1384
of Jewish ritualism, vs. that of Roman political rule, 1340
the Jews’ long experience in, despite the promises of the prophets, 1071
material, deliverance of mortals from, 381
political, Mary’s planning for Jesus to lead the battle against, 1385
proof of man’s release from, 1609
slavish, vs. loving service, 1675
theological, Jesus’ desire to free the Jews from, 1383
woman’s method of alleviating her, 935

Bonds of the flesh, death the means of emancipation of mortals from the, 568
of time, affliction of men by the, 1649

Bond-servant(s) an early form of property, 776
human’s need to cease being, 1438
of sin, a definition, 1796

Bondslaves of the flesh, mortals’ release from being, 1609
of self, vs. masters of self, 1610

Bones of the dead, magic in, 971
of heroes and saints, the Latins’ preservation of the, 1080
of heroes, man’s tendency to revere, 968

Book(s) of the Dead, Egyptian, identity of the, 1044
of Enoch, concept of the Messiah in the, 1510
influence of, on Jesus, 1390
Gonod’s suggestion that Jesus write a, 1466
of Hebrews, quotation from, regarding Melchizedek, 1024
of Job, so-called, Egyptian and Mesopotamian concepts recorded in the, 1060
sources of the variegated picture of Deity in the, 1060
wrong ideas about God in the, 1664
of the law, period of Jesus’ study of the, 1362
study of, in the synagogue school, 1362
of Leviticus, study of, in the synagogue school, 1362
of life, custodians of knowledge the, 301
none left on Urantia by Jesus, 1593
the “opened”, the living records of the tertiary seconaphim, 314
of Proverbs, the philosophy of Amenemope, 1046
portions of, originating in Amenemope’s Book of Wisdom, 1046-1047
of Psalms, cover the period from Amenemope to Isaiah, 1060
unique wealth of inspirational ideas about God, 1060
of Revelation, fragments of a great revelation, 1555
John’s writing of the, 1555
use of, in schools of the continental nation, 812
of Wisdom, Amenemope’s, some contents of, 1046-1047

Bookkeeper God not a, 1590

Born again definition, 1438, 1731
necessity of being, to enter the kingdom of heaven, 1130

Born of the spirit definition, 2052
discernment of the word of God by those, 1732
evidence of man’s being, 1601
the experience of faith sons of God, 380
importance of man’s being, 1130, 1438, 1602, 1627
Jesus’ call to believers to be, 1731
necessity for prayer’s being, 1849
a prerequisite to yielding the fruits of the spirit, 1738

Bosora the seventy’s labors in, 1817

Botanic decoration of architectural worlds by spornagia, 492

Boulders distinctive, a result of ice action, 700

Bounty Heaven’s, constancy of (Confucianism), 1453

Bow and arrow red men the inventors of, 723

Boy babies, Bethlehem, execution of, by order of Herod, 1354
of Nazareth, reaction of, to temple sacrifices, 1378
Roman, emancipation of, at twenty-one, 801

Boyhood Jesus’ comparison of his, with John Mark’s, 1921

Brachiopod(s) age, 676-678
arthropods the successors of, 678
modern, vs. very early, 674
number of surviving varieties of, at close of trilobite age, 674

Brahma the deity-father principle, 1028
identity of, 1031
Siva, and Vishnu, a later Indian trinitarian concept, 1144

Brahman(s) the Absolute, the Infinite One, the IT IS, 1031
efforts of, to combat the Salem teachers, 1028
influence of, on India, 1028
lack of personality attributes, 1030
-Narayana, identity of, 1030
priest caste, influence of, on the Salem teachers, 1028
pagan influence on the, 882
refusal of, to accept salvation through faith, 1028
vs. the Salem teachers, 1028
unique attempt of self-exaltation by, 1028
the “Sethite priests” of the Hindu faith, 1009
and the Sethites, 882

Brahmanas a compilation of the later scriptures of the Hindu faith, 1029

Brahmanic philosophy about, 1030-1031
failure of, to differentiate between the several levels of reality, 1031

Brahmanism about, 1028-1030
philosophy of, nearness of, to the doctrine of indwelling Adjusters, 1030
a philosophy rather than a religion, 1030

Brain(s) capacity, basis of, 670
capacity, innate, and adjutant mind-spirit’s bestowal of mind, 670
classification, not a factor in Adjuster fusion, 446
evolution of, time of beginning of, 688
hemorrhage, Elijah Mark’s death from, 2051
material, Adjusters not dwellers in, 1203
many mortal memories and experiences perish with the, 1235
mechanism, three basic organizations of the, 566
and nervous system, the one physical uniformity of mortals, 566
patterns, physical, destruction of the, at death, 1234
physical, capacity of, for response to mind ministry, 738
perishing of material mental associations with the, 535
power, development of, in the Primates, 707
of the races, Adam’s influence of Adamic bestowal on, 905
quality and size of, of mid-mammal twins, 705
size, comparative, of dawn mammals, 704
of early Cenozoic mammals, 694
type(s), mortal, comparison of the three, 447
series, of mortals, 566

Branches the apostles the
Jesus the vine, 1945
the Father’s requirement of the, the bearing of fruit, 1945
the vine and the, 1945-1946

Bravery of armies, vs. that of Jesus’ followers, 1608
of the flesh, vs. mind bravery, 1608
of Havona creatures, vs. human courage, 52
of Jesus, 1786

Bread of earth, manna the, 1710
of ease, multitude’s desire for the, 1710
of heaven, a definition, 1711
Jesus’ life in the flesh a bestowal of, 1712
manna not the, 1710
Jesus’ blessing the, in the Emmaus home, 2035
refusal to deal out, 1523
of life, the eternal word of God the, 1712
the Father’s readiness to give the, 1711
for hungry souls, Jesus’ offer of, 1711, 1766
Jesus the, 1710-1711, 1942
Jesus’ designation of the Passover bread as the, 1404
Jesus’ message the, 1337
the Messiah’s purported power to supply the, 1702
Multitude’s lack of hunger for the, 1704
Pharisee’s question regarding Jesus’ being the, 1712
prerequisite to one’s being a recipient of the, 2054
and the rich young man, 1822
the morontia Jesus’ breaking of, for the apostles, 2047
of remembrance, a definition, 1942
and wine, vs. flesh and blood, in the Melchizedek colony, 1018

Breadfruit trees spread of, 689

Breakfast of the apostles with the morontia Jesus, 2046
Nathaniel’s, for Jesus and certain Pharisees, 1825
with the Pharisees, in Philadelphia, 1833-1834

Breast plate symbol on Machiventa’s, 1015, 1143

Breath and body, primitive man’s concept of himself as, 953
connection of, with beginnings of life, 932
dream, derivation of the ghost concept from the, 953
early association of soul with, 955
early man’s concern about, 953
father’s last, the eldest son’s effort to catch the, 955
Giver, to men and animals, “Onagar’s leadership in worship of, 513, 716
of life, impartation of, 404
significance of, to early man, 953
Universe Spirits’ contribution to mortal evolution, 376
of the soul, prayer the, 1619

Breathing type of man suitability of Urantia atmosphere for the, 561

Breeding of defectives and criminals prevention of, in the continental nation, 818

Brenner Pass commercial use of, by the Nordics and Danubians, 897

Brethren all men are, 1443, 1487, 2034, 2057
in the heavenly estate, Jesus and mortals as, 1676
Jesus calling his apostles, 1945
of Jesus, men the, 2093
of the life in the flesh, Jesus and mortals as, 1676
love of, a frequent prerequisite to love of God, 1727

Bretons present-day, and charms of the New Stone Age, 899

Bribed guards Jewish rulers’ dependence upon the stories of the, 2045

Bribes common offering of, for possession of bodies of the crucified, 2012
the Jewish leaders’ resort to, 2023

Brick some early homes made of, 902
use of, in early construction in Egypt, 894

Bridal veil origin of the use of, 925

Bride(s) carrying of, over the threshold, origin of the custom, 923
fee, ancient, 918
rejected, the original professional prostitutes, 918
shows, original, purpose of, 791, 924

Bridegroom comparison of Jesus to a, 1507
parable of the, 1824
Peter’s query as to whom applicable, 1824

Bridge comparison of this world to a, 1735
living, from one world to another, Jesus the, 1965

Brigand(s) inscription over the condemned thieves, 2005
the penitent, cause of the life of wrongdoing of, 2009
preparation for crucifixion of the two, 2004
railing against Jesus by one of the, 2008
reaction of, to Jesus’ character, 2009
the two, behavior of, on their crosses, 2007

Bright and Morning Star(s) attributes of, 359
the cocreator of Spironga, 416
collaboration of Creator Son and Mother Spirit in production of, 273, 376
companion of Michael on sixth bestowal, 1315
creation of the, 359, 369
creative prerogatives not possessed by, 369
delegation of authority of, to Mechizedeks, 386
Father Melchizedek’s relation to, 385
function of, 359, 370
of archangels by authority of, 408
of Father Melchizedek during absence from Salvington of, 371
Gabriel the, 406, 429, 1513
high council of the, 634
identification of, 306-307
Melchizedeks the chief aids to the, 386
Michael Sons the personality pattern for the, 28
office of, 237, 427
one in each local universe, 369, 406
one of the universe administrators, 633
a personal aid, 384
representative of Creator Son and Creative Spirit, 369
sealing of Jerusem’s vacant temple by, 527
Son-Spirit ministers’ affiliation with, 427

Brilliant Evening Star(s) about, 407-408
angelic armies commanded by, 421
ascendant, sources of, 407
supervision of their satellites by, 408
assistance of, in establishing final planetary age, 621
as assistants of Magisterial Sons on bestowal missions, 225
of Avalon, on Urantia advisory council, 760
collaboration of, with superuniverse seconaphim, 628
collaboration of archangels with, 408
contact of Daynals with, 232
co-ordinates of, in second circle of the Sons, 524
created, influence of, in Jerusem, 526
manifestation of spirit force of, 407
supervision of their primary worlds by, 408
deliberations of, on Evening Star seventh-world satellites, 408
determination of degree of spirit insight by, 518
direction of activities of, from Jerusem, 408
elevation of seraphim to, 407, 440
functions of, 407
as Gabriel’s representatives, 407
Galantia, associate head of, 407, 525-526
Gavalia a, the author of Paper 119, 1308
Gavalia, head of, in Nebadon, 407, 1308
headquarters and training schools of, 536
Jerusem activities of, 491
liaison between Gravity Messengers and, 408
location of system headquarters of, 525
loyalty of, to Michael during Lucifer rebellion, 607
makeup of pairs of, 407
of Nebadon, author of Paper 37, 417
on Gabriel’s personal staff, 406
Paper 85 presented by a, 949
Paper 86 presented by a, 957
Paper 87 presented by a, 966
Paper 88 presented by a, 973
Paper 89 presented by a, 985
place of origin of, 225, 407
portrayal of finaliter teachings by the, 628
Satania home of, 510
schools of, 408
seventh primary world of, future activities of, 408
sponsor of Paper, 47, 540
Trinity Teacher Sons, and finaliters, relations of, 628
two orders of, 407
as universe teachers, 517
visibility of, to certain beings, 407
worlds of the, 408

Bringing God down to man and carrying man up to God, 867

Briny waters circulation of, through animal bodies of marine life, 669

British Columbia, fifteen-mile rock overthrust in, 690
Isles, emergence from the sea, 674
Salem missionaries’ onetime penetration to the, 1021
submergence of, during mid-Devonian period, 679
thickness of lava flow of brachiopod age over the, 677
traveler, Jesus’ talk in Corinth with the, 1475

Brittany Andonite identity in, 893
present-day superstitions of sun-worship in, 899

Broad way to destruction, 1828

Broadcast(s) all information not obtainable by, 259
amphitheater, Jerusem, automatic display of broadcasts in, 522
ascenders’ increased appreciation of, on fourth mansonia, 536
circuits, universe, and melodies of the spheres, 499
constellation, by chief of Constellation Fathers, 372
consultation of, by Havona arrivals, 343
directors, function of, 504
flashing, and deprivation of Lucifer traitors of personality existence, 611
of Havona, 295
interest of post-Teacher Son people in, 599
Jerusem, 522
messages, synchronization of, with reflective vision, 309
Nebadon, as to Life Carriers’ sixtieth experiment, 661
in operation prior to Havona arrival of Grandfanda, 270
of Paradise, a superuniverse circuit, 177
receivers, energy transmitters’ services to, 327
function of primary seconaphim as, 309
receiving amphitheater of Jerusem, 522
stations of Jerusem, activities of, during quiet hour, 520
Salvington, range of, 371
regarding the unbelievable steadfastness of Amadon, 762
sending station of Jerusem, location of, 522
seraphic recorders’ utilization of, 431
service(s), periodic functioning of, 201
suspension of, during Lucifer rebellion, 607
of universe of universes, time of establishment of, 270
use of, sometimes inexpedient, 260
Solitary Messengers’ ability to “listen in” on, 257
stations of Nebadon, Satania-rebellion bulletins of the, 608
superuniverse, at Michael’s birth, 422
universal, of Creator Son conclave, 234
universe, tuning in the soul on, as worship, 1621
value of, in conduct of the universes, 308
waves, Urantian, prevention of escape of, 520

Broadcasters promulgation of constellation legislative enactments by, 488
superior seraphim, function of, 431
tertiary supernaphim, function of, 288

Broadcasting disturbance of, by ionosphere storms, 666

Brokenhearted the Lord’s healing of the, 1444-1445, 1662, 2035

Bronze discovery of, 904
Age, in Scandinavia, 898
simultaneous existence of, with Stone and Iron Ages, 903
culture, in Turkestan, 903

Brooder Judas a, 1567

Brooding melancholic, Thomas’ inclination toward, 1561
in sorrow, a weakness of character, 1740

Brothel keeper reformed, at Simon’s banquet, 1651

Brother(s) affection of a, vs. a father’s affection, 1573
a believer’s natural attitude toward his, 2054
discovery of the reality of all men as, 1431, 1656
erring, reconciliation of an, 1762
Eternal Son’s attitude of a, 75
in the flesh, Michael to minister to the material comforts of his, 1328
-friend, Jesus as a, 1615
God our, according to Hinduism, 1448
God’s intention that all men be, 1454
Jesus’ designation of his, 1722
Jesus’ establishment of, in their lifework, 1418
Jesus our understanding, 1405
Jesus’ qualifications as a, in his family, 1373-1374
Jesus teaching the apostles to treat all men as, 1585
possible compatibility of, 1549
the relation of poor men and rich men as, 1443
and “sister” greetings of early believers, 2067
and sister marriages, early prevalence of, 918
as influenced by plural-wife mores, 919
a phase in marriage evolution, 925
and sisters, Jesus’ youthful relation with his, 1371
three apostolic groups of, Jesus’ praise of the, 1959
-trustee, Immanuel’s authority as, 1326
walks with two, Jesus’ seventh morontia appearance, 2034-2036

Brotherhood(s) of all men, in Jesus’ religion, 2092
ancient, and rite of blood drinking, 984
attainment of recognition of, 196
believers’ effort to enlarge the, 1862
of culture, science’s attempt to create the, 1122
discipline of the, man’s part in, 1763
essentials to the realization of, 597
establishment of, by wise moral beings, 577
exploitation of the weak, vs. ideals of the, 1803
a fact of relationship, of the whole, 138
of fellow believers in Paul’s religion, 2092
function of, in protecting the weak, 805
genuine, significance of, 804
of God-knowing individuals, the kingdom of heaven a, 1088, 1863
highest concept of, 2017
human, the basis for a superior civilization, 883
evolutionary races’ attitude toward, 437
hope of, means of realization of, 1732
of intelligence, Lucifer’s advocacy of, 604
intriguing, the urge of, as a nonprofit motive, 805
invisible spiritual, vs. the visible church, 2085
of Jesus, no place for sectarian rivalry in the, 2085
of Jew and gentile, Matthew’s difficulty in visualizing a, 1957
kingdom of divine, certain emergence of, 1866
of the kingdom, and building a new society, 2084
of the kingdom of heaven, Jesus’ declaration as to the foundation for building the, 1747
of the kingdom, need that man shall enter the, 1775
of the kingdom, spirit-led, vs. the institutional church, 1864
of love, a definition, 1568
of loving service, possible liberty and freedom in the, 2035
a basic reality of salvation, 2017
a consequence of the Fatherhood of God, 598, 1486, 1769, 2053, 2093
Cynics’ belief in the, 1443
and denial of the Fatherhood of God, an impossibility, 2082
dependence of, on religion, 1087, 1490, 1572
difficulties of attainment of, 597
divine, placing of, under the direction of human minds, 1570
and entrance into the kingdom of heaven, 1781
and the equitable distribution of wealth, 1464
factors in the world-wide realization of, 598
and Fatherhood of God, the gospel of the, 2042
paradox of the part and the whole, on personality level, 138
first attempt at socialization of the, 2031
fullness of Jesus’ discussion of, 1485
Ganid’s attitude toward the, 1454
global government the sovereignty of, 1489
and the goal of human progress, 1608
the goal of post-Adamic society, 594
importance of the church’s validating the, 1135
interpretation of the Golden Rule as affected by, 1651
Jesus’ kingdom the, 1991
Jesus’ life’s influence on the doctrine of the, 2002
Jesus a profound demonstration of the, 2091
Jesus’ substitute for “kingdom,”, 1861
joys of activities in the, 1437
man’s realization of the, 1134
a phase of the kingdom concept, 1859
quickest way of realization of, on Urantia, 598
religion of Jesus, and the, 2083
revelatory religion’s enlarged consciousness of the, 1101
Sadducees’ fear of Jesus’ doctrine of, 1911
the secret of a better civilization in Jesus’ teachings of the, 2064
servants of, the apostles to be, 1853
social achievement of, a goal of mortal endeavor, 804
social service the basis of the, 1131
spiritual, effect of, 1491
Jews’ inability to accept the, 1340
the “kingdom of heaven”, 1808, 1855
similar status of all in the, in the presence of God, 1468
state of, in post-Magisterial Son ages, 594
on Urantia, nonrealization of, reason for, 763
Urantia unprepared for, on Adam’s arrival, 839
of mankind, religious work of the kingdom as related to, 1708
and matters of discipline and justice, 1764
means of attaining, 1487, 1732
post-Pentecostal, standing of women in the, 2065
religious, an outgrowth of the mysteries, 1337
schools of Edentia, and Ethical Sensitizers’ guidance of mortals, 433
and service, the cornerstones of the gospel, 1930
service, unselfish love, 194
of the sons of God, Jesus’ promise as to the, 1819
of the spirit, religion’s bringing into being the, 1122
spirits of, a seraphic order, 437
spiritual, identification of beginnings of, 1302
Jesus’ purpose to establish the, 1710
of the kingdom, vs. the institutional church, 1864
of man, membership in, 1865
in promotion of civilization, 805
technique of acquiring greatness in the, 1758
supermortal, of invisible spiritual beings, a phase of the kingdom, 1863
an ultimate result from economic interdependence and social fraternity, 1093
of United Midwayers, acknowledgement of indebtedness of, 1343
universal, a function of, 138
a God-knowing person’s devotion to the service of, 1175
source of, 138
of all universe creatures, morontian awareness of the, 1112
of wisdom, philosophy’s striving for the, 1122
world-wide, composition of forthcoming, 1764

Brotherly and fatherly love, 1573-1575
love, a definition, 1573
Jesus’ urging Andrew to promote, among his brethren, 1959
level of the Golden Rule, 1573, 1651
manifestation of, among early believers, 2067
parable of, Jesus’ preparation to enact the, 1938
promotion of, by the good-Samaritan parable, 1810
thoughtless, disastrous results of early believers’, 2067
service, a requisite of spiritual character, 1287

Brown man(men) times prior to the civilization of, on the Pacific islands, 871
present day, origin of, 727

Brunet Mediterranean white race composition of, 898

Brutality of half-civilized man, evidence of, 1984

Buddha(s) Absolute, concept of the, vs. the Salem gospel, 1040
Absolute, identity of the, 1040
Amida, a concept of God, 1040
belief as to the possibility of anyone’s becoming a, 1040
comparison of, with the Jews, philosophically, 1467
concept, comparison of the Yahweh concept the, 1054
deficiency of, as a spiritual teacher, 1467
a devotee of leisure, 773
Eternal, identity of the concept of the, 1040
expected return of, 1008
vs. Gautama, to an enlightened Buddhist, 1040
Gautama as the revered, to many believers, 1009
Jesus’ comparison of Buddhism and, 1466
many, belief regarding the existence of, 1040
one of the seven outstanding world religious teachers, 1339
an orphan prophet, 1466

Buddhism About, 1446-1447
adaptation of, by the yellow race, 1038
amalgamation of, with Taoism in China, Korea, and Japan, 1039
appearance of, in India, 1029
degeneration of, 1038
doctrines of, as to suffering and peace, 67
an evaluation of, 1038, 1141
Gautama the real originator of, 1035
the God concept of, 1040-1041
the great strength of freedom to choose truth from all religions, 1041
vs. Hinduism in India, 1029-1030
influence of, on the Hindu religion, 1031
on many believers, 1038
influence of other religions on, 1038
Jesus’ talk with Ganid and Gonod about, 1466
and the Melchizedek truths, 1037
modern, vs. the teachings of Gautama, 1036
the onetime dominant religion of one-half the world, 1037
origin of, in a historic person, 1036
present growth of, 1038
reason for the spread of, 1037
a religion without God, 1446 ,1466-1467
spread of, from India over all Asia, 1037-1038
status of, on Urantia today, 1011
superiority of, to religions it supplanted, 1037
teaching of, relating to “indwelling Adjusters,”, 1039
twentieth-century renaissance in, 1041
weaknesses of, 1037, 1040

Buddhist(s) devotees of the doctrine of physical humiliation, 976
faith, 1036-1037
two trinitarian doctrines developed by the, 1144
missionaries, Asoka’s seventeen thousand, 1037
peoples, danger in the philosophic error of the, 1467
philosophy, 1038-1040
teachers, great missionary zeal of the, 1084
technique of becoming a, 1036

Buddhistic brotherhood originally a community of student teachers, 1037

Buffalo dance of the red men, purpose of, 972

Builders the divine, celestial artisans as, 501-502

Building custodians, ascending mortals’ contact with, 534
custodians, functions of, 546-547
propensity of the orange man, 723

Buildings in Eden, number of, 824
on Jerusem, types of, 523

Bullets vs. ballots, in cultural growth, 802

Bully Jesus’ experience with a, at Tarentum, 1469

Burden bearer woman the, 934

Burdens on the apostles’ minds, Jesus’ wish to avoid laying, 1569
grievous, imposition of, by Jewish lawyers, 1826
heavy, Jesus’ unwillingness to increase man’s, 1537
increasing of, by taking oneself too seriously, 555
of life, pessimistic religions seeking release from the, 2063
a means of increasing one’s, 555
noninvolvement of, in the new commandment, 1944

Burial of Andon and Fonta, 713
ceremonies, olden shamans’ presiding over, 988
of Elizabeth, friends’ arrangement for, 1499
of Jesus, 2012-2013
of John the Baptist, 1508
of noted persons under places of worship, 852
pits, criminal, Jews’ desire that the bodies of Jesus and the two thieves, be cast into, before sundown, 2011
procession, of Jesus, time and place of, 2013
of the Son of Man, midwayers’ ability to narrate the, 2012

Burma effect on, of Andite invasion of India, 880
mixing of the cultures of India and China in, 884

Burned-out suns dark islands of space as, 171

Burning alive, a common ancient punishment, 796
of all bridges behind him, evidence of Jesus’ devotion to the kingdom, 2093
bush, experience of Moses at the, 1900

Burnt offerings and sacrifices vs. the first and great commandment, 1901

Burying alive of a wife on her husband’s death, 960
the dead body under stones, a means of frightening the ghost, 964
his father, a prospective apostle’s query about, 1801
a man’s belongings with him, purpose of, 780

Bushmen primitive social conditions of, 764

Business(es) groups, of the first century Mediterranean world, 1335
helpfulness of God in the greatest of all, 1450
judgment, Jesus’ keen, 1389
of the kingdom of heaven, Jesus’ identification of, 1565
man(men), Judas a good, 1566
Matthew a good, 1559
Matthew’s influence on, 1560
methods, quality of Nod’s, 747
of religion, identification of the, 1089

Butterfly from caterpillar, 480
comparison of the emergence of the spiritual kingdom to a, 1866
human personalities’ emergence on the mansion worlds compared to, 1235


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