Urantia Book
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Dabaritta apostolic visit to, on second preaching tour, 1668

Dagon for the Philistines, Jeremiah’s proclamation about, 1067

Daily living function of religion in, 1727
    toil, elevation of drudgery of, to a fine art, 1475

Dairy products as human food, 746
    use of, by Adamic offspring, 851

Dairymen priests of India nonreligious rituals of, 994

Dakota Black Hills Pacific Ocean’s eastward penetration to the, 687

Dalamatia basis for the “golden-age” legend, 764
    Chinese traditions as influenced by Andite traditions of, 886
    city of the Prince, description, 743
    codes of, the basis of Garden Laws, 836
    confusion in, following instigation of rebellion, 758
    cultural remnants of, in Mesopotamia, 868
    culture, as affected by rebellion, 758-759, 856
    defense of, against attack by semisavages, 758-759
    destruction of, and migration of disloyal staff, 758-759
    the home as an institution in, 940
    human evolution complicated by regime of, 903
    the law of, period of function, 751
    library, size of, 746
    line in, 750-752
    location of vestiges of, 875
    loss of the alphabet of, 860
    origin of the oath in, 797
    original taboo on man-eating in, 980
    population of, at outbreak of rebellion, 750, 752
    and primary midwayers’ appearance, 855
    proposed function of the tower in, 859
    salvage of the ideas and ideals of, 869
    school graduates, activities of, 751
    schools, conjoint teaching of, by men and women, 751
    settlement of territory surrounding, 751
    the seven commandments of, as taboos, 975
    stretching Sumerian dynasties back to, 857
    submergence of, and moves of the Nodites, 858
    Sumerians’ devotion to traditions of, 875
    teachers, and initiation of social evolution, 763
    influence of, on coeducation, 791
    traditions of, among the Nodites and Amadonites, 821
    and woman’s activities, 831

Dalamatian(s) civilizations of, in southwest Asia, 878
    moral code, 969
    religious services of, 747
    teachings, and reduction of suicide, 795
       Urantia’s first religious revelation, 1007
    week introduced by the, 837

Daligastia Amadon unmoved by the sophistries of, 757
    angels’ perplexity over traitorous sin of, 758
    Dalamatia named in honor of, 743
    disaffection of, results of, 821
    efforts of, to hinder Van’s work, 822
    failure of, to influence Adam’s children, 840
    identification of, 742
    limitation of power of, over humans, 753
    Michael’s offer of mercy to, 610
    post-Pentecost attitude of, 610
    relation of, to councils of the one hundred, 745
    resistance of, to Adam’s world-government, 833
    sexual reproduction by rebellious staffers and Andonite associates ordered by, 757-758
    Van’s indictment of, 755

Damascus advancement of the kingdom in, 1833
    businessmen, recognition of Jesus as a teacher by, 1412
    episode, Jesus and the, 1412-1413
    gate, on the way to Golgotha, 2005
    groups to see Jesus from, 1578
    Jesus’ caravan trip from Babylon to, 1483
       language achievement at, 1427
       recollections of his experience in, 1520
    merchant, business proposition of, to Jesus, 1411
    news of Jesus’ impending crucifixion carried to, 2000-2001
    proposed religious school at, 1412
    the resurrection message carried to, 2031
    road, Paul’s experience on the, 1099, 2091
    scribe, Jesus’ title during his Roman Tour, 1423
       Paul’s ignorance as to the identity of the, 1492

Dan Jesus’ visit to, 1492
    parting of Jesus and Tiglath at, 1494
    of the staff of the Planetary Prince, 746

Dance military origin of the, 785

Dancers professional, female shamans often, 987

Dancing human, and being placement, 500
    human, origin of, in worship festivals, 1006

Danger(s) brave adults and, 1575
    Jesus’ greatest, source of, 1647
    Pentecost’s influence on man’s ability to face, 2064
    personal, Jesus’ decision concerning, 1519
    of self-gratification, 942-943
    of the visit to Jerusalem, 1788-1790
    young people and, 1575

Daniel Concept of, of the Messiah as the Son of Man, 1510
    influence of, 1075
    Jesus as Son of Man not that depicted by, 1390
    John the Baptist’s acquaintance with the records of, 1498-1499
    mention of the resurrection of the dead by, 1534
    Most Highs understood by, 488
    predictions of, apocalyptists’ dependence on, 1500
    presentation by, of the coming of the Messianic kingdom, 1071
    prophecy of, influence of, on John the Baptist, 1498

Danubian(s) Andonites, 896-897
    Andonites, mingling of the cultures of the Nordic-Danish and the, 897
    identity and achievements of, 897
    slaves, influence of, on Aegean culture, 895

Dark Neanderthaler fear of the, 722

Dark ages European Christianity during the, 2074-2075
    ignorance and superstition of, 2082

Dark giant(s) of space, the center of the Angona system a, 655
    of space, as energy way stations, 458
       factors in energy control, 457

Dark gravity bodies balancing effect of, 156
    comparative dimensions of, 153-154
    drawing power of, 126
    Paradise gravity complemented by, 125
    space motions of, 152-153
    surrounding Havona, function of, 153-154

Dark hour and Spirit of Truth, 383

Dark islands Andronover’s sun’s acquirement of, 654
    astronomic center of Satania, 456-457
    burned out suns, 171
    and celestial star observers, 176
    classification of, 172
    composition of, 171, 173, 458
       as compared with Urantia, 171
    density of, 173
    as dynamos, 456
    functions of, 170, 173, 456
    origin of, 171, 455

Dark worlds effect of, on electronic and ultimatonic activity, 473

Data related, artistry in assembly and co-ordination of, 554

Daughter(s) of Aaron, Elizabeth a descendant of, 1496
    of the Conjoint Actor, Divine Ministers, 45
    of early families, salability of, 940
    of God, children of the Spirit called, 419
       definition of, 368
       means of becoming a, 1614, 1682
    of Herodias, impression on Herod of the, 1508
    of the Infinite Spirit, 384
       working union of Universe Son with, need for, 236
    Jairus’, Jesus’ healing of, 1699
    of Jerusalem, weep not for me …”, 2005
    of the local universe, creation of, 359
    material, creation of, 415
    of men, intermarriage of Sons of God with, 859, 1660
    of the Most High, Nalda to become a, 1614
    Spirits, essence of Infinite Spirit, 374
    of Zebedee, affection for Jesus of, 1421

David Zebedee activities of, after the crucifixion, 1869, 2031
    assistance of Jesus by, 1628
    attempt of, to dissuade Jesus from going into the hills alone, 1920
    awareness of, of progress of plan to kill Jesus, 1932-1933
    belief of, as to Jesus’ death, 1923
    closing of the Pella camp by, 1868
    the dependable, 2000-2001
    desire of, to establish encampment at Capernaum, 1700
    direction of Peter to Andrew’s hiding place by, 1981
    emergency council call by, 1720
    employment at fishing of, 1668
    farewell of, to Jesus, 1967
    at the home of Nicodemus, 2014, 2025
    host of the Pella camp, 1822
    inclination of, to believe the story of Jesus’ resurrection, 2030
    interest of, in Jesus as a mechanic, 1421
    Jesus’ fishing trips with, 1718
       praise of the service and devotion of, 1967
       promise to, of service in the eternal kingdom, 1967
       request of, for a messenger to go to Abner, 1966
    last address of, to the messenger corps, 2030
    and leadership provision for the messenger corps, 1720
    maintenance of headquarters for work of the kingdom by, 1668
    marriage of, to Ruth, 2031
    messengers of, arrival of, at Zebedee home, 1723
       communication between evangelist groups provided by, 1683
       detail of six, to maintain contact with Jesus, 1723
       report of, to believers’ conference, 1771
    messengers’ confidence in, 2031
    one of the few to believe in Jesus’ resurrection, 2001, 2013
    opening of home of, to Zebedee and Salome, 1542
    plan of, for reunion of Jesus’ family, 1743
    presence of, at the Bethany appearance of the Morontia Jesus, 2032
    presence of, in Jerusalem during the last tragic week, 1869
    reaction of, to Jesus’ query about his family, 1927
    rebukes the apostles’ skepticism, 2030
    relinquishment of Pella-equipment funds to Judas by, 1880
    report to Jesus by, of Judas’ betrayal plan, 1966
    return of, to Bethsaida, 1806
    sale of the camp equipment by, 1869
    secret camp of, after Jesus’ crucifixion, 2000
    sending out messengers by, with news of Jesus’ death, 2011
    sending out messengers by, with news of the resurrection, 2030-2031
    a son of Zebedee, 1420
    summoning of Jesus’ family to Jerusalem, 1923
    supervisor of the Bethsaida camp, 1657
    taking over of apostolic funds from Judas by, 1933
    Treatment of Kirmeth by, 1666
    welcoming of Jesus and the twelve to the new camp by, 1915

David, the king army of, 1072
    building of a “divine” kingdom of Judah by, 1073
    compatriots’ making of, king of Judah, 1072
    concept of Jesus as the successor to, 1352
    daughter Michal’s dowry demanded of, 785
    defeat of the Philistines by, 1073
    and Goliath, as tribal duelists, 785
    greatest distortion of Jewish history related to, 1072
    house of, differing views of Joseph and Mary as to Jesus being of the, 1390
    Jesus’ disbelief in his sitting on the throne of, 1390
       quotation of the Psalm accredited to, 1902
       reference to breaking of the Jewish law by, 1655
    kingdom of, Messiah’s purported purpose to restore the, 1791
    many opportune marriages of, 1072
    not an ancestor of Joseph, 1344, 1347
    and the numbering of Israel, 1599
    throne of, apostles’ belief in the kingdom of heaven as the restoration of, 1579
       Jesus’ purpose as to, 1521
       mistaken belief in Son of Man’s sitting on the, 1914
    two different Old Testament accounts of the kingmaking of, 1072

Davidic king question as to the Messiah’s being a, 1505

Dawn of civilization, 763-771
    of the human species, 138
    mammals, 703-704
        birth of superior twins to a pair of, 704
        extinction of, 705
        flesh eaters, 704
        mid-mammals as compared with, 705
        origin of, 700, 703, 707
        species, hairbreadth escapes of lemurlike mother of the, 706
        time span between human beings and, 707
        twins, ancestors of mid-mammals 704-705
           characteristics of, 704-705
    races, of early man, 703-710
       of man, the two pursuits of, 576
       species ancestor of, only living, 732

Day(s) absence of, on Jerusem, 519
    after day is alike–just life or the alternative of death, 555
    of atonement, ceremonies of, misrepresentation of the attributes of the Father by the, 1494
       fifth feast of commemoration, 1360
       Jesus’ and John Zebedee’s presence at the services of, 1494
       Jesus’ reaction to ceremonies of the, 1494-1495
    of consecration, for the twelve, 1583-1584
    Jesus’ baptism and the forty, 1509-1523
    of judgment,” Zoroaster’s teachings regarding the, 1050
    and month, analogousness of, possible future, 657
    and night, knowledge of God shown by, 1444
    of Pentecost, “brightness” and joy of the, 2063
       planetary adjudication of Urantia on the, 863
    of salvation for Jew and gentile, scriptural prediction of, 2035
    Salvington, in terms of Urantia time, 372
    Satania, in terms of Urantia time, 372, 519
    standard, of Nebadon, 372
       on Orvonton, length of, 174
       Paradise-Havona, length of, 153
    is as a thousand years…”, 153
    time of the beginning of the Jewish, 1936
    of tragedy, for a whole universe, 2011
    the, which a young man spent with God in the hills, 1921

Daynals activities of, in second circle of the Sons, 524
    advancement of, in local universe service, 231
    functions of the, 230, 384
    Havona name for Trinity Teacher Sons, 230
    local universe ministry of, 231
    Orvonton name for, 230
    Paradise Sons, third order of, 384
    planetary service of, 231-232
    relation of, to local and superuniverse administrations, 230
    Salvington name for, 230
    spiritual influence utilized by, 230
    the Trinity Teacher Sons, 223

Deaconesses designation of women teachers of Christian church, 1679

Dead adjudication of the, time of first planetary, 567
    of an age, beginning ascension of the, 2053
    ancients’ belief in necessity for marriage of the, 916
    bodies, man’s fear of, 959
    calling to record of the, archangels’ part in, 409
    the Father not the God of the, 1900
    fear of the, by primitive man, 766-767, 958
    Jews’ immediate burial of their, 1837
    men’s bones, and whited sepulchres, 1826
    the, not judged by Teacher Sons, 231
    raising of the, Jesus’ reputed, at Nain, 1645
    refrainment from touching the, a Nazarite requirement, 1496
    repersonalization of, on the third day, 569
    resurrection of the, and Life Carriers, 533
    Sea, 1374-1375
    spirits of the, noncommunication with humans by, 1646
    supposed spirits of, rebellious midwayers’ impersonation of, 1646
    theory, powerlessness of, 380
    truth, holding of, only as a theory, 1949
    vaults of space, 91
    words of another generation, not the authority of truth, 1768

Deadening drug Jesus’ refusal to drink the, 2063

Dean of the apostolic corps, Andrew the, 1549

Death announcement to Jairus of his daughter’s, 1699
    Avonals’ nonexperience of, when on incarnation missions, 594
    of believers at the hands of religious dictators, 1930
    cords of, technique of cutting the, 1449
    -dealing rays of the sun, 666
    of a grain of wheat, to live again, 1903
    incompatibility of life and, 1905
    intellectual (mind), a definition, 1230
    Lao-tse’s definition of, 1033-1034
    and life eternal, supremacy of Ancients of Days in matters of, 180
    life in Havona not subject to, 157
    man’s only method of avoiding the experience of, 1208
    midsoniters not subject to, 401
    of one’s fondest hopes, necessity for, 555
    overthrow of, 1952
    penalty, cannibalism a means of group execution of the, 979
       crimes receiving the, in the continental nation, 818
       limitation of Jews’ infliction of the, 1793
    physical (body and mind), a definition, 1230
    in physical battle, vs. death for the love of truth, 1608
    property as related to, three stages of, 781
    scene of a nation,” Jesus’ view of, 1999
    of sectors of time, 365
    sentence, Jewish law regarding the, 1984
    slow, threat of, to Christianity, 2083
    spiritual (soul), a definition, 1229
    spiritual, equivalent of, 1120
    spiritual, nondependence of, on continuation of physical mechanisms, 1230
    three kinds of, 1229-1230
    two difficulties involved in a human’s understanding of, 1233-1234
    Urantian’s general recognition of but one kind of, 1229

Death, 1. Natural Death
    the adjuster’s departure from the mortal host at, 1231
    a definition, 159, 541
    deliverance, Adjuster’s necessary wait for, 1213
    a desirable attitude for mortals to take toward, 624
    the destiny of all creatures, 1453
    diminishment of, during post-Teacher Son era, 598-599
       in era of light and life, 623-624, 571
    and emancipation of mortals from bonds of the flesh, 568
    as a form of sleep, Jews’ reference to, 1837
    and “giving up the ghost”, 954
    God-serving mortals’ passage through the portals of, 1474
    of human beings, reason for, 365
    inability of, to transform material mind into perfected spirit, 541
    inescapable, the sole possibility of, 142
    inevitability of, a constant mystery to man, 952
    the inexplicable, 952
    influence of, on families, 1604
    and interruption of strivings for spiritual attainment, 517
    the last act in the mortal drama, 2016
    to life, passage from, 1731
    man’s fate in the material realm, 1116
    mind and spirit, survival of, in, 141
    and morontia consciousness of survival, 557
    mortal, vs. attainment rest, 297
       a definition, 540
       preparation for, 1917
    natural, experience of personal-guardian mortals with, 341
       mortal’s carrying on lifework in view of inevitable, 1916
       significance of, to humans, 1919
    no system entirely free from, 624
    a part of life, 2016
    phenomenon of, 1229-1230
    physical body’s non-survival in, 141
    physical, and conventional idea of angels, 438
       a definition, 1230
       Jesus’ freedom from fear of, 1938
    shock of, fostering of religion by, 952
    significance of, to the materialist, 1118
    sleep of, nonexistence of time during, 1846, 2015
    and translation, in the era of light and life, 623-624
    of a will creature, time of registration of, by census Directors, 267

Death, 2. Fears and superstitions
    ancients’ efforts to prevent, 958
    ceremonies, civilized man’s consumption of wealth on, 960
    chambers, civilized man’s customs as to, 959
    disease and, the shamanic theory of, 989-990
    and dog howling at night, 778
    early Andonites’ vague ideas of survival after, 713
    early fear of, reason, 958
    fear, an antidote for, 953
    and ghost fear and placation, 958-960
    natural, ancient custom to compensate for, 971
       belief as to spirit influence in, 952
       primitive man’s “logical” explanation of, 975
       the savage’s inability to comprehend, 971
    nonviolent, a mystery to primitive peoples, 952
    presents to priests, purpose of, 776
    primitive man’s beliefs concerning, 989
    the supreme shock to evolving man, 952
    survival after, promise of, by mystery cults, 1337
    from three to seven times, ancient man’s belief in, 953
    through fear on the violation of a taboo, 974
    violent, civilization as man’s insurance against, 763

Death, 3. Death of individuals of Abel, how his parents learned of the, 849
    of Adam, cause of, 852
       effect of, on his people, 849
       and Eve, 851-853
    of Amos, Jesus’ baby brother, 1400
    of Andrew, 1550
    of Elizabeth, 1499
    experience of, by Material Sons, occasion of, 349
    fate of Caligastia’s disloyal staff, 758
    of James Zebedee, 865, 1553
    of John the Baptist, 1508, 1627
       Herodias’ plan for, 1508
       Jesus gets news of, 1508, 1627
       John’s disciples’ puzzlement over Jesus’ nonprevention of, 1588
    of John Zebedee, natural, 1556
    of Joseph, Jesus’ father, 1348, 1388-1389
       an occurrence of the natural order, 1388
    of Judas, 1567, 2057
    of Lazarus, 1842, 1849
    of Mary, the mother of Jesus, 2010
    material, termination of planetary life of unwise Material Sons by, 581
    of Matthew, 1560
    of Nathaniel, 1559
    natural, of corporeal staff rebels, 758
       nonimmunity to, of evolutionary planetary children of an Adam and Eve, 581
    of Philip, 1557
    of Philip’s wife, 1557-1558
    of Simon Peter, 1552, 1808
    of Simon Peter’s wife, 1808
    of Simon Zelotes, 1565
    of Thomas Didymus, 1563
    of Zacharias, 1497

Death, 4. Death of Jesus
    accomplishments of Jesus’, vs. those of his life, 1872
    the angel’s message to Jesus regarding his, 1969
    and ascension, Mary’s evidence of faith in Jesus’ statement about his, 1879
    of the bestowal Son, purpose of, 229, 596, 1972
    of bestowal Sons, not always tragic, 229
    of Christ, the fact of the, vs. the truth of his life, 1614
    of Christ Michael on Urantia, significance of, 240
    Christ’s tragic and sorrowful, vs. his happy and God-revealing life, 1614
    of the creature, the Creator dying the, 2008
    on the cross, dangers in trying to escape the errors associated with the, 2016
       Jesus’, an examplification of love, 2018
          a factor in the gospel, 2061
       Jesus’ willing submission to, 2004, 2011
       meaning of the, 2016-2017
       not atonement for man’s racial guilt, 2016
       the triumph of, 2018
    desire of Jesus to meet the full human experience of, 2007
    his followers’ belief in Jesus as triumphant over, 1871
    ignoble, women’s reaction to Jesus’ subjection to an, 2005
    of Jesus, God did not will, 1972, 2002
       a man-managed affair, 2002
       nondependence of salvation for mortals on the, 2003
       presence of Simon of Cyrene during the, 2006
       reason for Jewish leaders’ determination to accomplish the, 1791
       relation of, to the Passover, 2002-2003
    for Jesus, Sanhedrin’s previous decrees of, 1982
    of Jesus, the triumph of, effect, 2019
    Jesus’ experience of, 1425
       human desire to escape from the suffering and sorrow of, 1969
       ignominious, necessity of portraying, 1909
       mastery of life in, 2063
       refusal to extricate himself from conspiracy leading to his, 1972
       talk about his, 1786
       undaunted faith in face of ignominious, 2088
       understanding of the type of his imminent, 1999
    the manner of Jesus’, his personal ministry to mortals, 2002
    the Master’s, David’s messengers sent with news of, 2001
       the gospel’s illumination of, 2002
       importance of perceiving the significance of, 2016
       those present at the, 2008, 2010
    and resurrection, Jesus’ prediction of his, 1754, 1759, 1879, 1966, 2026
       John’s recalling of Jesus’ prediction of his, 2037
       strained relations between Jesus and his family until after his, 1538
    sentence, Pilate’s attempt to avoid pronouncing on Jesus the, 1993
       Sanhedrin’s inability to pronounce and execute the, 1990
    significance of the manner in which Jesus met, 2017
    of the Son of Man, prediction of, 1952, 1967
    without trial, Jesus’, Sanhedrin’s proposal of, 1847
    violent, not necessary that bestowal Sons undergo a, 229

Death, 5. Survival of Death
    ascenders’ fraternization after, 340
    ascending pilgrim’s first transition, 297
    assurance of survival after, 2054
    Christianity’s offer of salvation from, 1337
    conditions requisite for immediate survival after, 1231-1232
    vs. enseraphiming, 430
    guardian angels after, 1246-1248
    a man’s spirit journey, 1452
    material, and mansion world resurrection, 826
    material mind cannot survive, 26
    mortal, provision for probationary survival of nonstatus children in, 531
    mortals’ immediate careers subsequent to, 565
    of nonsurviving mortals, and Adjusters’ future, 444
    passage of believers to light and life, 1649
    penalty, soul’s chance for heavenly mercy not prejudiced by the, 1476
    of primitive men, and election of, for Spirit fusion, 590
    promise to believers of immunity from, 1797
    racial differences after, 553, 567
    redemption from, God’s promise of, 1446
    and resurrection, the pilgrim’s only gain between time of, 533
    second, no resurrection from the, 532
    seraphim’s importance to mortal creatures’ survival of, 299
    soul survives, 9
    -survival concept, 952-953
    survival of, by mortals as morontia creatures, 70
       in relation to the indwelling spark of divinity, 1459
    survival of spiritual values of experience of nonsurviving mortal at, 195
    termination of probationary children’s careers by, 532
    there shall be no more”, 299
    transcendence of, by the selfhood of survival value, 1229

Deathless state blessedness of those having insight into the, 1447

Deathwatch soldiers’ preparation for the, at Golgotha, 2008

Debate of apostles and associates, over interpretation of parable of the sower, 1690
    cleverness of Jesus in, 1674

Debater Simon Zelotes a great, 1565

Debating society inefficiency of, in peace and war, 789

Deborah and Barak, Jesus’ recall of the defeat of Sisera by, 1387
    Joanna’s reference in Sabbath service to, 1680
    military cruelty of, 784

Debt(s) collectors, secret clubs as, 792
    to God, the Master’s death not to pay mankind’s supposed, 2016
    public, in the continental nation, 815
    sacrifice, identification of, 977
    slavery to, modern man’s, 780

Decadence spiritual, Christianity’s experience with, 2075

Decapolis cities of, Amos’ spread of news of his healing to all the, 1697
    cities of, as seen by Jesus from the Nazareth hill, 1363
       work of Jesus and the twenty-four in, 1626
    coming of throngs from, to hear John the Baptist, 1503
    Jesus’ and the apostles’ retirement to the, reason, 1606
    tour, 1762-1771
    tour, absence of miracles on, 1833

Decay life in Havona not subject to, 157
    mortal, of Jesus’ body, avoidance of, 2024

Deccan the Aryan influence on, 882
    Dravidian culture centers along the rivers of the, 881
    early population pressure into the, 880
    influx of Andites into the, 880
    modern survival of Dravidian civilization in the, 882

Deceit one of man’s greatest passions (Jainism), 1451

Deception(s) of evil, vs. the power of truth, 1941
    need for avoidance of, with children, 1574
    shamans and the practice of, 987

Decimal constitution of energy, universal manifestation of, 479
    construction of local universes, 477
    planet(s), Caligastia’s interest in serving on a, 741
       every tenth world a, 447, 664
       Life Carriers’ experimentation in life designs for, 398
          work on, 565
       life experiment planets, 398, 424
       midway creatures’ universal appearance on, 424
       modification of life designs for, 398
       Urantia a, 398, 424, 661
    system, in build-up of the Jerusem weight “gradant”, 519
       inherent in physical universes, 397
       relation of, to energy, matter, and the material creation, 479

Decision(s) -actions, mortal, the Supreme Being’s dependence on, 1233
    of Andon and Fonta, and their Thought Adjuster indwelling, 736
    Andrew’s ability to make prompt, 1549
    circle-making influence of, 1210
    -conduct, relation of will to, 1431
    courageous, man’s lack of, 1207
    creature, experiential Deity presence as influenced by, 150
    decisions, and more decisions,” spiritual advancement by, 435
    and eternal life, 37
    final, limitations in the soul’s ability to make, 1219
       reservation of, by Universal Father, 52
    First and Third Source personalities’ endowment with power of, 106
    God-seeking, humans’ steadfast making of, 1229
    human, changing man’s will and, 1863
       effect of, on Adjuster function, 1209-1210
       survival dependence upon, 1205
    idea, vs., 1113
    impartial, moral, parables, and the making of, 1692
    importance of, to the molding of a spiritual character, 1287
    of Jesus, as to use of the celestial hosts, 1516-1517
    Jesus’ making of, all through his human life, 2090
       organization of his intellect by, 1398
       six great, during his forty days’ isolation, 1516-1523
    man’s growth as a result of his, 1210, 1282
    moral, Adjuster’s inability to invade the mind prior to its making a, 1187
       a characteristic power of a being with will, 400
       Jesus’ first, 1357
       necessity of, for eternal survival, 1431
    a positive, a validated plan of action, 1113
    prompt, and spirit of understanding, 402
    and psychic circle attainment, 1209-1210
    quick, Peter’s habit of, 1550
    the relation between man’s experiences and, 1287
    seraphim’s promotion of, in the human mind, 1245
    and spirit advancement, 435
    stimulus, potential evil as a, 1458
    twenty-four apostles’ united, Jesus’ acceptance of, 1625
    of Universal Censors, unpredictability of, 218
    vital, of evolutionary moral creatures, factors in, 756-757
    willful, of God’s creatures, 64

Declaration of Liberty Caligastia’s introduction to Lucifer’s, 754
    Lucifer’s infamous, 607

Declarations of war significance of, 785

Decree-disseminating mechanism of all creation about, 201

Dedication to doing the will of the Father, and Van’s loyalty, 756
    to duty, Jesus’ adjustment of, to family and social obligations, 1385
    to the Father’s will, as a prerequisite to effective prayer, 1002
       Jesus’, 1424, 1539
    feast of, established after Moses’ time, 1379
       Jesus’ attendance at the, 1809-1816
    wholehearted, to a special cause, a qualification for a reservist, 1257

Deeds evil, God’s ability to see (Zoroastrianism), 1450
    of the flesh, self-righteous, not a means of salvation, 1610
    good, Ganid’s promise regarding his, 1454
    man’s judgment of another by his, 1576

Deer first appearance of, in North America, 696

Default(s) of Adam and Eve, 839-846
    of Adam and Eve, not the fall of man, 845
       realization of, 842-843
       repercussions of, 843-844
    Adamic, increasingly apparent consequences of the, 849
    Cain a symbol of the, 849
    of divine trust, Father’s action in, 50
    of Eve, Adam’s reaction to, 843
    intellectual, of Adam and Eve, 845
    of Material Sons, results, 349
    of Trinity-origin beings, no danger of, 207

Defeat ability to withstand, an essential of temporal life, 1778
    apparent, enthusiasm over, of ascendant children of time, 291
       Jesus’ faith in the face of, 2088
    of both victor and vanquished in battle for right, 1778
    human’s need to cease being the bond-servant of, 1438
    influence of religion in adjusting to, 1780
    Jesus’ explanation of the apostles’ healing, 1758
    Jesus’ wresting of victory from the jaws of, 1405
    Judas’ aversion to, 1925
    a mirror in which to view the real self, 1740
    painfulness of, when borne alone, 1776
    of his purposes, Jesus’ reaction to, 1405
    serious, the sole possibility of, 142

Defect-interruptions of perfection-continuity advantage of, 57

Defective(s) Adam’s problem of eliminating, 839
    mental, onetime involuntary labor by, 585
    in present-day Urantia races, 592
    stocks, dangers of reproduction of, 803
    strains, Urantia’s perpetuation of, 592
    survival of, cause of, 794

Defender(s) God a blessed (Hinduism), 1448
    of individuals and planets, Mighty Messengers as, 245
    merciful, God as man’s, 1676

Defense argumentative, in relation to truth, 557
    of children of time and evolutionary planets in Uversa courts, 180
    enhanced, against all evil, an essential factor in the art of living, 1776
    of Jesus, unnecessary, 1934, 1966
    lack of witnesses for the, in Jesus’ trial, 1985
    mechanisms, peacetime employment of, by the continental nation, 819
    of the Son of Man, Jesus’ warning the apostles against attempting the, 1934
    wall, north of second garden, length of, 847

Defenseless Jesus not, during his trial, 1984-1985

Deference Jesus’ nonemployment of, toward Nicodemus, 1602

Deficiency(ies) biological, correction of, on first mansion world, 535
    evolutionary, inevitability of, 353
    ministry, of mansion world number one, 533

Defilement man’s, source of, 1713
    three causes of, the Greek’s former belief regarding, 936

Definitions precise, Jesus’ avoidance of, 1942

Deflector left hand, the sanobim, 422
    right hand, the cherubim, 422

Degeneracy absence of, on advanced worlds in light and life, 629
    elimination of, during postbestowal Son era, 596
    obliteration of, prior to post-teacher Son era, 599
    a Urantia handicap in attaining the destiny of light and life, 626

Degenerate(s) Adam’s problem of elimination of, from human strains, 839
    classes, reduction of, in the continental nation, 813
    Jesus’ experience with the drunken, 1436
    in present-day Urantia races, 592
    survival of, cause of, 794

Degradation of Adam and Eve, 845

Deified reality multiple differentiation of undeified reality and, cause, 1154
    personality a level of, 7-8
    the sixth triunity’s reach toward realities outside the domain of, 1150

Deindividuation ultimatons’ inability to attain escape velocity of, 476

Deitization of future beings by Supreme and Ultimate, possibilities of, 200
    of new meanings, values, powers, and capacities, a result of the Trinity association, 113

Deity(ies) about, 1, 2, 3
    conditioned, Unqualified Absolute is, 14
    correlation of the spiritual realities and material repercussions of, 638
    -in the cosmos, the sixth triunity the association of, 1150
    destiny, Paradise Deity origin a guarantee of, 468
    domination of the absolute by, 15
    equivalent of mind indigenous to, 78
    fragmented entities of, 333
    functional-revelation, extent of expansion of, 642
    impersonal, 78
    Jesus’ superhuman consciousness of the presence of, 1786
    Jesus’ two names for, 1856
    kinship to, and dependability of universe personalities, 361
    liberation of the I AM, 6
    manifestation, light without heat a, 47
    Melchizedek’s concept of, 1052
    mind’s origin in, 1116
    and nature, 81, 137
    no duplication of universe ministry by, 76
    presence, absolute only on Paradise, 645
    primary supernaphim as messengers of the, 298
    and reality, 1152-1161
    relation of Divine Counselors to, 216
    relation of, to the Unqualified Absolute, 4
    response in creation of Majeston, 200
    the source of energy and life, 468
    Supreme, see Supreme, Deity
    total, unknown relationship of the Absolute to the function of, 1172
    -trinitized Sons, unrevealed on Urantia, 243
    truths regarding, increasing clarification of, 32

Deity(ies), 1. Deity Absolute
    Absolute, action of, in realms of spiritual potentials, 83
       actualization of, almost impossible realization of the, 1169
       as an all-encompassing spirit, 1149
       and complex universe transactions, 55
       and culmination of experiential Trinities, 645
       and deity action, 5
       divine potential of, 46
       Eternal Son’s relation to, 77, 83
       and eternalizing of the Universal Absolute, 15
       an existential reality of eternity status, 1172
       experiential and existential, 10
          spirit of the, 100
       finaliters’ possible attainment of, 116, 1296
       the first Source and Center personality potentialized in the, 1147
       functions of, 14, 48, 637
          with Unqualified Absolute, 14
       God the Absolute now existential as the, 4
       identity of the, 7, 14, 116, 1156
       involvement of the, in the deitization of Majeston, 199-200, 1172
          in finality destiny, 1169
       liaison of Universal Censors with, 218
       a member of the third triunity, 1149
          of the triodity of potentiality, 1151
       nonfunctioning on nether Paradise, 122
       one of the Seven Absolutes of Infinity, 1146-1147, 1155-1156
       the personalization of the, 1168
       a phase of total reality, 4-5
       power and personality potential of, 13
       and presence of Eternal Son in post-Havona universes, 83
       the Qualified Absolute, 14
       reactions of, 14
       reality and eternity of the, 92
          of, unexplainable to finite minds, 13
       relation of, to infinity potentials, 13
          to Transcendentalers, 350-351
          to the Trinity, 644
       self-qualifying phase of the I AM, 1155
       and spirit emergence, 83
       three infinite persons required to activate the, 116
       the totality of all Deity potential, 1156
       unification of the Unqualified Absolute and the, 644-645
       universally present, but hardly space present, 137
       Universal Censor’s attitude toward, 116
       the unlimited spirit potentials of the, 1149
       and Unqualified Absolute, the primal differentials of reality, 7

Deity(ies), 2. Personalized Deity
    comparison of the term “Father” with, 1153
    -creating act, the first, of the Infinite Spirit, 105-106
    of the Eternal son, personalization of Father’s spirit nature in the, 75
    expansion, conditioned by the Father’s freewill act, 7
    the Father’s life and action in the, 363-364
    First Person of, God the Father the, 4
    God a word symbol designating all personalizations of, 3
    inactive, Universal Father not an, 55
    limitless, the Universal Father, 1129
    Paradise, see Paradise, Deity(ies)
    partnership, Universal Father’s relation to the, 362
    personal, 2, 6, 31, 78, 640, 1126
    personal contact of, with the seven basic groupings of universe beings, 208
    personality of, and corporeality, 29
    personality, in time and space, 4
    personalization(s), 109-110, 112, 640, 644
       functional manifestations of, 640
       sevenfold, results of, 11
    personalization of, in spirit, to creature understanding, 641
       threefold, sevenfold possibilities of, 185
    potential power and wisdom of, not lessened by successive bestowals, 49
    realities, and personalization, 16
    repository, Conjoint Actor the, 99
    Second Person of, God the Son the, 4, 73
    Third Person of, God the Spirit the, 4
    the three persons of, 110-112, 1154
       association of Seven Master Spirits with activities of, 185
       associative possibilities of, 184
       equality of, 115
       Seventh Master Spirit’s embodiment of characters of, 376
    total, reality, mind-spirit unified by personality, 140
       seven functional levels of, 2
    triune, exhaustion of primary associable possibilities of, 205
       representation of, by Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy, 208
    undivided, Conjoint Creator’s relation to triune personalization of, 185
    unqualified, absolute, and infinite, the Universal Father as, 111

Deity(ies), 3. The Trinity
    attitude of Paradise Trinity, disclosure of, by Seventh master Spirit, 188
    collective attitude of, in domains of justice, 114
    eternal, unification of, 112
    indivisibility of, in the Paradise Trinity, 32, 640
    judgment of, and Universal Censors, 217-218
    oneness of, in the Trinity, 112, 644, 1331
    reality, infinite, Paradise Trinity the only, 15
    three eternal persons of, achievement of perfect unity in the Trinity by, 641
    total, and Absolute attitude of Paradise Trinity, 113
       constituent personalities of, 116
       dynamic infinity of, 6
       Father not discernibly absolute as, except in the Trinity, 111
       transcendence of finite and absonite by, 116
    Trinity union of, 112-113
    undivided in the Paradise Trinity, 112, 641, 1147
    unity, a fact of existence, on Paradise, 641
       the Paradise Trinity, 108, 110, 112, 1282

Deity(ies), 4. Nature and characteristics of Deity
    all things known by the, 267
    changeless, and nature, 56
    communication ability of, 78
    co-operation of the, in the creature ascension plan, 86
    creation of perfect beings by the, 258
    and Divinity, 2-3
    eternal in essence, 10
    eternal nature of, and Paradise Trinity, 108
    infinite, nonexperiential knowledge not imparted to subordinates by, 280
    the immanence and transcendence of, 1150
    more than spirit, 1123
    omnipotence, recognition of, 1300
    omnipresence of, 1296-1297
    omniscient, civilized man’s attempt to deceive an, 958
    -realization, of infinity, 645
    relation of Divinity to, 3
    revelation, quality values embraced in, 646
    the several natures of, 1294
    space no barrier to, 45
    trinitization engaged in by the, 249
    ubiquity of, 1296-1297
    unification of characteristics of Universal Father in, 48
    universal co-ordination of, 637

Deity(ies), 5. Existential Deity
    absolute personality of, on Paradise, 5, 118, 160
    existential, 3, 10, 90
    of Paradise, past-eternal, 13
    Paradise not, 127
    plural, the functioning of, 640
       in Urantian writings, 110
    potential, how filled, 2, 6, 15, 45, 116
    relation of Paradise to, 7, 118, 127
    relation of, to pattern, 10
    static, 2, 15
    three existential persons of, 1154

Deity(ies), 6. Experiential Deity
    absonite approach to, and outer-space universes, 12
    actualizing, 4, 10
    association of supremacy, ultimacy, and infinity, 645
    derived, 15-16
    evolutionary, 13, 115, 1296
       unification of, 641
    evolving, 1268-1269, 1303
    experiential, 3, 10, 14, 16, 100, 1151, 1170-1171, 1269
       co-ordination of God the Sevenfold on the first level of, 641
       culmination of the long evolutionary struggle by, 1165
       frontiers of, and the Unqualified Absolute, 643
       levels of actualization of, 6-7, 642
       new domains of attained evolution as revelations of, 642
       and repercussions of creature trinitization, 250
       spirit expression of, in God the Supreme, 1163-1164
       the Supreme Being the evolutionary unification of, 161
       Supreme, Ultimate, and Absolute the, 1151
       triodities involved in the cosmic appearance of, 1151
       and unpredictable universal phenomena, 136
    expression, of the Supreme, in relation to self-expression of the human, 1284
    finite, the Supreme the, 1265, 1283
    of growth, the Supreme a, 1264, 1268
    levels of the Sevenfold, the Supreme, and the Ultimate, 1169
    nature, in the Supreme, evolution of the, 1271
    Paradise, the Almighty and the, 1270-1271
    personal, functioning of, on absonite level, 12
    presence of the Ultimate, a reality of the transcendental level, 1160
    presence, universe, the Supreme’s final emergence as an almighty, 1291
    reality, final creative levels of, and God the Ultimate, 4
       Supreme Being the unification of three phases of, 251
    response, to the actualization of the finite, 1159
    subabsolute and derived, the Supreme and the Ultimate as, 1294
    Supremacy of, 2
    of Supremacy, expressive of the sum total of the entire finite, 1279
       undivided, comprehension of, factors in, 188
    Supreme Being the maximum of, comprehensible by finite creatures, 643
    of the Supreme, the Father-I AM’s relatively complete liberation from the limitations of infinity in the, 1266
       first unification of energy-spirit in the, 1139
       means of actualization of, by experiential service, 242
       a nonsurvivor’s personality’s becoming a part of the, 1283
       time-space unification of spirit, mind, and energy within the, 1090
    the three experiential, theories regarding the unifying of, 1172-1173
    Ultimacy of, 2, 1298, 1304
    the Ultimate, a supersupreme eventuation of, 12
    the Ultimate, see also Ultimate(s), Deity
    unifying, first level of, God the Sevenfold, 4, 641
       second level of, God the Ultimate, 4, 12
       third level of, God the Absolute, 4
    unity, an achievement in the universes of time, 640-641
       Supreme Being’s achieving, 4

Deity(ies), 7. Man’s concepts of Deity
    abstract, of Greek philosophy, average man’s lack of interest in the, 1079
    ancient atrocities not instigated by, 784
    Aryan concepts of, brought to India, 882
    Brahman concepts of, 1028-1032
    Christian teachings’ concept of, 1337
    concept of, evolution of, among the Jews, 1057, 1598
    concept(s), among the Semites, 1052-1054
       Ikhnaton’s an evaluation of, 1048
       of mystery cults, 1433
    confusion regarding meaning of, 1
    dual concepts of, nature gods and ghost gods, 948
    early religion’s failure to recognize, 958
    evolving concept of, with primitive man, 67
    -father principle, Brahma, 1028
    Ganid’s study of the world religions’ teachings concerning the, 1442
    higher idea of, Moses’ difficulty in presenting, 1056
    holy, Samuel’s reference to God’s being a, 1063
    man-made, casualties of, 1124
    man’s anthropomorphic concept of a, 983
       understanding of, only relatively true, 1260
    new concepts of, Amos a discoverer of, 1065
    not a party to marriage unions, 929
    one, Onagar’s doctrine of, 716
    onetime belief in temporal rulers’ descent from, 948
    pantheistic, the Universal Absolute not a, 15
    portrayal of, by Isaiah, the second, 1069
    Sethite religion’s concepts of, 850
    solar, importance of, to Amenemope, 1046
    a supreme, Moses’ attempt to uplift Yahweh to the dignity of, 1057
    triad, natural origin of, 1143
    a true man’s search for the concept of, 958
    universal and beneficent, Moses’ fleeting presentations of a, 1058
    vengeful, implication of, in Jewish and Christian beliefs, 838
    winning favor of, through shedding blood, an unworthy philosophy, 60

Deity(ies), 8. Man’s relation to Deity
    absolute unity of, relation of religion to its grasp of the, 28
    Adam’s transgression of his covenant with, 846
    the adjutant of worship the primordial human instinct for, 1003
    awe for, revelation’s inspiration of, 766
    comprehensible elements of, truth, beauty and goodness the, 646
    concern of, with creature’s rejection of light, 760
    -consciousness of creature experience, the Father’s, 29
    deliberate disloyalty to, a sin, 984
    differential spiritual attitude of creatures, and presence of, 150
    eternal, Paradise Sons the gift of, to ascension creatures, 232
    eternal relations of the, impossibility of explaining to human mind the, 73
    as a fact to science, 1122
    faith grasp of fellowship worship of, a basic mind reality, 195
    influence on man by his concept of, 1013
    intellectual reality of, ease of contact of Paradise ascenders with, 293
    man’s need to be independent of all intermediaries, in his communion with, 1013
       only possible approach to, 1123
    modern man’s bargaining with, 965
    oneness of, in human experience, 380
    parents, the influence of the, on the human personality, 1288
    personal, certainty of, affirmed only by religious experience, 1140
    personality, of a mortal’s fellowship with, 1228
    probationary children’s attainment of the, 532
    reality, comprehensible by finite creatures, 5
    religions of revelation characterized by a belief in, 1007
    requirement of every Urmian teacher to represent a religion recognizing a supreme, 1486
    sevenfold, man’s relation to the, 1164
    to be served, morality’s disclosing of a, 1124
    study of the second age of light and life, 626
    Supreme, man’s duty to, 1284
    worship of, taught by all religions, 67
    worship, vs. ancestor worship, 998
       fullness of, finaliters’ experience of, 348

Deity(ies), 9. The Deity adventure
    Adjusters the unqualified parts of, 1177
    adventure, ascendant pilgrims’ need for help in the, 293
       disappointed pilgrims’ renewed attempt at the, 294-295
       eternal, candidates for, 451
       Paradise Companions’ assignment to mortals in case of failure in the, 284
       preparation for, 159
       the second, universal success of the, 294
    approach to, on ultimate levels by outer universe inhabitants, 643
    ascending pilgrims’ early contact with, techniques of, 318
    attainment, failures in first attempts at, superuniverse origin of pilgrims experiencing, 294
       Seraphington the angelic threshold to, 440
       spiritual status the measure of, 1096
    attainment of, by pilgrims of time, 156
    the infinite goal of eternal attainment, 647
    levels of personal relationships with creatures, 641
    an open book to attainers of perfection, 208
    of Paradise Father, Thought Adjusters a part of the, 62
    of Paradise, ascending pilgrims’ needs in order to achieve the, 292
    as personal beings, ascending mortals’ experiential personal recognition of, 642
    pure, Adjuster a fragment of, 35
    sevenfold approach to, 11

Delays of time inevitability of, 739

Deliberative assembly(ies) about, 179-180
    superuniverse, as related to Universal Father, 180

Delimited universe circular movement of the, 365

Delinquency of childeren contribution of parents to the, 1653
    rarity of, on advanced worlds in light and life, 629
    solution of problems of, during postbestowal Son era, 596

Delinquents social, onetime involuntary labor by, 585

Deliverance from Egypt, the onetime reason for Sabbath keeping, 1599
    from the past, Jesus’ portrayal of a, 2018

Deliverer(s) apostles’ intermittent belief in Jesus as the, 1527, 1746, 1754
    clinging of the Jews to material mission of the, 1913
    of Israel, Judas’ denial of Jesus’ being the, 1924
       Mary’s encouragement of belief in Jesus as the, 1527
    Jesus declared by Simon and Judas to be the, 1756
    Jesus’ acceptance of the apostles’ confession of him as the, 1756
       proposed attack on the Jewish concept of the, 1708
       questioning the Pharisees concerning the, 1901
       study of the Scripture statements concerning the, 1390
       warning against coming so-called, 1912-1913
    Jewish concepts of the expected, 1334, 1347, 1509, 1522-1523, 1702, 1754, 1837, 2035
    of the Jews, result of Mary’s belief in Jesus as the, 1396
    Jews’ prayers for a, 1345
    John the Baptist’s pronouncement that Jesus was the, 1504, 1526
    Josiah’s ignorance of Jesus’ being the so-called, 1813
    Martha’s confession of belief in Jesus as the, 1843
    Nalda’s reference to the coming of the, 1614
    national, all Palestine parties’ and sects’ anticipation of a, 1535
    Peter’s declaring Jesus to be the, 1746
    Philip’s assurance of having found the, 1526-1527
    remaining on earth forever, a concept of some believers, 1904
    temporal, Jesus not to function as a, 1347, 1918
    of the worlds, a title of Jesus, 1409

Delusion a factor in choosing between good and evil, 193

Demands of earthly existence Jesus’ adjustment to, 1405

Dematerialization of Adams and Eves on system capital, 582
    of Adams and Eves on system capital, effect of, on midsoniters, 400
    headquarters on Jerusem, 829
    technique, emergency installation of, 582

Dematerializing sector on Jerusem, activities of the, 526
    worlds, ascenders’ enjoyment of progress through the, 539

Demeanor the Master’s cheerful, at the Last Supper, 1940

Demented lad, Jesus’ healing of the, 1713-1714
    man, of Kheresa, 1765

Demigods of Hinduism, 1031

Democracy dangers of, 801
    of evolution meeting autocracy of perfection, 179
    genuine, national groups’ sometime enjoyment of, under global government, 1491
    not a substitute for spiritual progress, 2077
    prerequisites to survival of, 802
    a product of civilization, 801
    sometime fetish of, 970

Democratic government a blessing of the modern secular revolt, 2081

Demon(s) identity of, 863
    Norana’s belief in her child’s possession by a, 1734
    people’s belief in Jesus’ having cast out a, 1631
    -possession, of James of Safed’s son, 1755
       nonoccurence of, after Pentecost, 864, 1631
    weak and dissolute mortals not influenced by, 610
    Zoroaster’s belief regarding, 1049

Demoniacal possession a genuine case of, 1714
    and insanity, Jesus’ differentiation between, 863
    reality of, in former ages, 864

Denarius Jesus’ query as to the image on the, 1899
    the wage in the parable of the householder, 1804

Denial(s) of Jesus by Peter, 1551, 1981-1982, 2039
    of the Master, Jesus’ prediction of Peter’s, 1962

Denmark appearance of, from the sea, 890
    military headquarters of northern Andites, 893

Density of dark islands of space, 173
    of a neighboring sun, 460
    a relationship of space and mass, 459
    sun, 459-460

Denunciation Jesus’ final, Pharisees’ anger at, 1911
    negative, avoidance of, by Jesus, 1655

Denunciator fiery, John the Baptist a, 1499

Departed spirits abode of, Jewish belief regarding, 1845

Departure from Pella encampment, apostolic, 1868-1869
    of Judas from the Last Supper, 1941

Dependability John Zebedee’s characteristic of, 1554-1555
    of mind-gravity circuit, 104

Dependence eternal, of Michael on Creative Mother Spirit, 369
    upon God the Son, Third Person of Deity’s acknowledgement of, 90

Depleted energies helpful attitudes in recuperation of, 548

Deposits of Atlantic and Pacific coastal region, during Carboniferous period, 682
    of continental land stage, 693
    of early reptilian age, thickness of, 685
    North American, of Pliocene period, 698

Depravity of man total, doctrine of the, influence of the, 1091

Depression(s) of fear, healing the woman with the, 1836
    humans” need to cease being the bond-servant of, 1438
    of mind, Jesus’ delivery of victims of fear from, 1836
    Simon Zelotes’, 1886, 1957
    spiritual, of Adam in the second garden, 848
    Thomas’ antidote for, 1562

Deprivation a ritual of religious sacrifice, 977

Derangement mental, onetime popular belief as to the possible cause of, 1659

Derelicts wandering, pervasion of space by, 461

Derision and ridicule, of Jesus on the cross, 2007

Derived Deities definition of, 15-16

Descendant beings and the facts of origin, 314

Descenders and ascenders an achievement of mutuality of understanding by, in the evolution of the Supreme, 1278-1279

Descending orders of dual-origin beings, twelve classes, 331
    Paradise personalities, grand universe experiences of, 1281
    pilgrims, achievement of, on fourth Havona circuit, 293
       ascenders’ relation to, on circuits of Havona, 288
       comprehension of the supreme, by Havona natives, through contact with, 1289
       fraternization of, with ascending pilgrims, 296
    Sons of God, function of, 223
       Life Carriers as, 384
       seven orders of, 223, 335
       Sonarington the Paradise headquarters of, 145
    Sons, Mercy and service attributes, 87
       planetary Adams as, 415

Descent ancient reckoning of, in the female line, 932
    and inheritance, as affected by marital infidelity, 917
    marriage as a regulator of, 922

Desert Sahara’s change into a, 890

Deserter Judas at heart a, 1887, 1926

Desertion possibilities of, relation of, to loyalty, 51

Designers and embellishers a division of celestial artisans, 498
    seven major heads of, 506-507

Desire(s) of all ages”, 1500, 1569, 1965
    of all nations, Jesus to be, 2035
    consuming, of God-knowing creatures, 21
    to find God and attain perfection, necessary to survival, 447
    for liberty and leisure, early communism’s conflict with, 780
    man’s long cherished, satisfaction of, in morontia career, 508
    for preference, among the apostles, 1936-1937
    supreme, definition of man’s, 1449
    surrender to the gratification of, and social maturity, 1773
    to do the will of God, faith in the effectiveness of, 1586

Desolation national, Jews’ inability to explain their, 1500

Despair human, a consequence of the pursuit of mere knowledge, 2076
    of Judas, 1998, 2056
    nameless, man’s reward for living, according to the materialist, 1118
    threatening, Jesus’ faith in the presence of, 2088

Desperation Judas’, effect of, 1925

Destination man’s eternal, 67

Destiny(ies) acceptance, a person’s privilege of choice of, 1232
    an analysis of the meaning of, 1169
    ascendant, 452-454
    attainers, in present universe age, 453-454
    attainment, of personalities, 46
       the Supreme Being’s synthesizing of, 1164
       of Trinity-embraced finaliters, 454
    of Creator Sons, attempt at mastery of concept of, 626
    of creatures of Universe Mother Spirits and Creator Sons, 162
    of despair, man’s, faith’s dispelling of, 1118
    dignity of, awaiting Adjuster-fused mortals, 449
    divine, of children of time, 162
       Jews’ inability to fulfill their, 1340
       of spirit-indwelt man, 1676
       three phases of, 483
    eternal, doom and despair not man’s, 1118
       effort to realize compatible with joyous earth life, 1206
       man the architect of his, 1135
    of eternity, determination of, 557
    experiential, creatures’ possible partial understanding of, 1169
    finality of, 1168-1170
    God the determiner of, 67
    guardians, 1242-1244
    guardians, see also Seraphic, guardian(s), of destiny
    highest seraphic experiential, how achieved, 427
    Jesus’ beginning self-consciousness of his, 1386
    long-distance view of, lightening burdens of soul by acquiring a, 1739
    man’s eternal, assured at Adjuster fusion, 64
       eternal, vs. his origin, 2076
       religion the revelation of, 2075
       true, 141
    of Master Michaels, 241-242
    men and women of, midway creature safeguarding of, 1361
    mortal, variations in, 452
    need for study of, in attainment of true perspective of reality problems, 215
    noble, man’s recognition of, 1860
    Paradise, identical, of the three brain types, 447
    of Personalized Adjusters, 1201-1202
    planetary, new and unrevealed, mankind’s march toward a, 1086
    probable consummation of, by the Consummator of Universe Destiny, 1169
    progressive knowledge of, in the morontia state, 1111
    rejection, a person’s endowment with choice of destiny acceptance or of, 1232
    reservists, present number of, on Urantia, 1257
    seraphic, 440-441
    seraphim assigned in accordance with, 1241
    of the soul, character of, 1738
    spiritual, conditioners of man’s, 1739
       dependence of, on faith, love, and devotion to truth, 1739
    supreme definition, 536
    unrevealed by history, 215
    worship’s illumination of, 1123

Destitution the lot of primitive man, 773

Destroying the soul vs. killing the body, 1682

Destruction the broad way to, 1828
    of Jerusalem, Jesus’ prediction of, 1912-1914, 1934
    man’s, Greek’s teaching as to, 1660

Detention planets for training of unfused mortals, 517
    spheres, problems of surviving mortals on, 553
       of Satania, as prison worlds for interned groups of Lucifer rebellion, 510

Determination a prerequisite to leadership, 1739

Determiners not the exclusive law of the cosmos, 2077-2078

Determinism mechanistic, man not a victim of a, 1134-1135

Deuteronomy scribe of, teaching of the, regarding good and evil, 1071

Development of modern civilization, 900-912
    of the state, 800-807

Devil(s) assignment of undue credit for evil to the, 610
    Beelzebub, the “prince” of, 1850
    Capernaum opinion that Jesus was in league with, 1720
    charge that Jesus had a, 1790
    doings of, danger in ascribing works of God to, 1714
    identification of the, 602
    Jesus’ discussion of the casting out of, 1714
       unwillingness to ascribe natural phenomena to the, 1359
    John the Baptist accused of having a, 1627
    legend of entry of, into the swine, 1696
    man not a child of the, 1632
    man’s association of the witch with the, 987
    personal, fictitious teachings regarding power of, 753
    Pharisees’ accusation against Jesus as being in league with, 1714, 1850
    supposed casting out of, since Pentecost, explanation, 864
    weak and dissolute mortals not influenced by, 610

Devitalization and perversion of prayer, 995

Devonian flood, thickness of deposits of the first, 678
    floods, last of the, 679
    period, length of, 680
    rocks, thickness of, in parts of Europe, 679

Devotion(s) affectionate, mainspring of Jesus’ life, result, 2007
    to the cause, Matthew’s demonstration of, 1559
    to duty, a requisite for, 51
    and the early mating instinct, 913
    heroic, of the apostles, 1608
    the Hindus’ preaching of, 2043
    importance of, in marriage, 928
    to Jesus, Mary Magdalene’s fullness of, 2029
    Jesus’ faith in Simon Zelotes’, 1956
       praise of David Zebedee’s, 1967
       unselfish, 2093
    loyal, to commonplace social obligations, 1101
    material, limitations of, 1803
       vs. spiritual worship, 1803
    moral, Jesus’ correlation of, with human loyalties, 2088
    mutual, a prerequisite to ideal marriage, 1777
    of the Pharisee, vs. that of the publican, 1838
    religious, three forms of, 1728
    supreme, to highest ideals of reality, 1780
    of true religion, reciprocal influence of the love life of a home and, 1923
    wholehearted, to supreme values, a characteristic of all true religions, 1100

Devotional sentiments Psalms the most valuable assortment of, 1060

Devouress in Egyptian theology, 1045

Dew point on two- and three-gas worlds, 520

Dialect(s) Andonic, in the Aryan Tongue, 872
    a common, a reason for existence of the clan, 788
    conquest of, a level of statehood, 807
       and the spread of culture, 908
    increasing, effect of, on the Chinese, 887
    origin of, “baby talk,” an illustration of the, 908

Dictatorialness freedom of Jesus from, 1672

Dictators prevention of control by would-be, a factor in maintaining freedom, 798

Dictatorship vs. modernized co-ordination about, 910

Diet of Adam and Eve and family, 834, 850-851
    of Andonites, 715
    of Caligastia one hundred, 744
    of John the Baptist, 1498
    primitive man’s belief in pregnancy’s being caused by, 931

Dieting an early remedial measure, 991

Differential(s) of creature experience, provision of, 579
    demand for the Father, in his master universe, 34
    of reality, the primal, 7
    of spiritual presence, inherent in freewill reactions of personal beings, 150

Difficulty(ies) and afflictions, man’s, the Father’s and Son’s method of dealing with, 1718-1719
    extraordinary, Jesus’ surmounting of, 2090
    facing of, without fear, 555
    of life, changing the, 1649
    and mota meanings, 556
    reaction of ascendant children to, 291
    of time, transformation of, into triumphs of eternity by Jesus, 1405
    universe, purpose of man’s meeting, 1719
    whets the ardor of the truth lover, 1740

Dignity of a Creator God, Moses’ teaching of the, 2016
    divine, of faith candidates for the eternal ascent, 1676
       of the God-knowing disciples, 1958
       the gospel’s endowment of human life with, 1860
    Jesus’, in the face of insult, 1999
    man’s, Jesus’ attempt to restore, 1091
    moral, man’s final acquirement of, 983
    of self-respect, man’s debasement of, 1729
    service the expression of the divinest, 316

Dilmat Sumerian records of, 860

Dilmun of the Adamized Sumerians, 860
    culture, the tower in commemoration of, 858
    and the early concept of sin, 975
    Nodite racial headquarters, 858

Dinosaur(s) burial places of, 687
    evolution and decline of, 687
    family, decline of, 695
    fate of, reason for, 688
    father of placental mammals a, 693
    flying, early extinction of, 691
    herbivorous, evolution of, 686
    monarchs of early reptilian age, 686
    peculiarities of, 686
    place of origin of, largest of, 687
    reptilian, placental mammals from the, 733
    sizes of, 687
    supremacy, 688, 691
    types of, 691

Diogenes of Athens a source of Cynic philosophy, 1336

Dion the seventy’s labors in, 1817

Dionysus nature worship, in Greece, 1079

Diplomacy Jesus’ understanding of man’s use of, in politics and commerce, 1520

Direction absolute, establishment of, in the master universe, 119
    cells, functioning of, 378-379

Directional control creatures, living compasses on Salvington, 378
    movements of the galaxies, 134

Director(s) of assignment, a group of supreme seraphim, 429
    of conduct, functions of, 293, 301
       an order of primary supernaphim, 298
    -general of the apostolic corps, Andrew the, 1547, 1746-1747
    of physical energies in the grand universe, 470
    of Satania seraphic hosts, 512
    of system Morontia Power Supervisors, 512

Disappointment(s) apostles’ time of deepest, 1715
    bitter, of Judas, effect, 1926
    crushing, Jesus warning his followers of, 1870
    effect of, on love, 1927
    fattening on, by ascendant children of time, 291
    God-knowing individuals’ reaction to, 1739
    the hardest to bear, 557
    human, a part of the divine plan, 258
    Jesus’ courage in facing, 2090
       faith in the throes of, 2088
       reaction to, 1102, 1405
       warning to apostles of, and reason for, 1754
    of John the Baptist, 1507
    Judas’ lack of a philosophy for meeting, 2056
    a ladder from chaos to glory, 295
    lasting, the sole possibility of, 142
    most disappointing, as greatest blessings, 555
    painfulness of, when borne alone, 1776
    Paradise attitude toward, 294
    proof, ascending pilgrims’ final achievement of becoming, 290
    reacting to, in the development of courage, 51
    repeated, Jesus’ subjection of his apostles to, 1708
    supreme, of unsuccessful trinitization candidates, 249-250
    technique of lessening one’s suffering because of, 555
    transition angels father to many, 555
    value of being fearless in, 1779

Disarmament and world-wide peace, 1490

Disaster(s) the ghost cult an insurance against, 958
    horrific, relation of, to functioning of the Supreme Being, 115
    the reserve corps of destiny the guarantees against, 1256

Discerners of Spirits attachment of, to Universal Censors, 313
    function of, 311, 313
    a type of secondary seconaphim, 310

Disciple(s) amazement of, at Jesus’ claim of authority, 1819
    consultation with Jesus by two of John’s, 1524
    contrast of the terms “apostle” and, 1525
    faithful, vs. gospel messenger, 1801
    fate of, during destruction of Jerusalem, 1913
    financial obligations of, 1823
    God-knowing and Son-believing, characteristics of the, 1958
    halfhearted, kingdom’s divestment of, 1715
    is hardly above his master…”, 1681
    Jesus’, identifying characteristic of, 1944, 2042
       necessity for willingness of, to sacrifice, 1869
       need of, to be an inspiration to all men, 2084
       prerequisites to being, 1796
       teaching of, about God, 1597
    Jesus’ prayers primarily for his, 1620
    of John the Baptist, preaching of, after Jesus’ baptism, 1505
       baptism of Flavius by, 1600
       scattering of, after John’s arrest, 1506
    period of soul discipline and mind training of, 1708
    reaction of, to Jesus’ sermon on the kingdom, 1537
       to Jesus’ supposed miracle at Cana, 1531
    report of Jesus’ work brought to John by his, 1507
    requirement of, as to parting with their worldly goods, 1802
    selection of, as members of the seventy, 1801
    true and tried, at Magadan, 1800
    whom Jesus loved,” cause of John’s designation as the, 1554

Discipleship vs. apostleship, 1577, 1579
    Jesus’ assurance to Matadormus of his life, 1802
    need for determining one’s motive for, 1870
    a prerequisite to, 1903

Discipline(s) a child’s sometime lack of understanding of, 1608
    of divine love, 1608
    early child, results of, in Jesus’ family, 1401
    family, among primitive peoples, 941
    in family of God, 48
    family, onetime biologic nature of, 941
    fathers’ provision for their children’s, 1604
    the Father’s, purpose in, 1946
    home, Jesus’ reaction to, 1360
    Jesus’ employment of, 1875
    maintenance of, in the brotherhood, 1764
    moral, vs. self-gratification, and education, 2086
    purifying, as a prerequisite to the new Jewish kingdom, 1500
    and restraint, one foundation fact of a true family, 1604
    social groups of believers’ right to administer, 1929
    war’s imposition of, 785

Disciplined character and Van’s loyalty, 756

Discontent mortal, prevention of, 381

Discouragement effect of, on survival, 1206
    an evidence of moral immaturity, 1773

Discourse(s) Jesus’ public, questions during, 1546
    of Jesus, see Sermons of Jesus
    short, Jesus’ use of, in public teaching, 1546

Discoverer freedom of the, to make a discovery, 2078

Discovery(ies) of the empty tomb, 2025-2027
    an eternal voyage of, death the beginning of, 159
    fire the basic human, 777
    geographic, Andite, 872
    obligation of one who enjoys wealth through, 1463
    a phase of personal religious experience, 2095
    prayer, to Jesus, a proclamation of, 2089
    as rest, in higher beings, 299

Discretion a component of true wisdom, 1958
    defers anger”, 1673
    exaggerated, possible consequences of, 1673
    fountains of, Perfectors of Wisdom the, 216
    Jesus’ courage linked with, 1103
    a precept taught by the early Egyptians, 1045
    a prerequisite to leadership, 1739
    relationship of, to sincerity, 1961

Discrimination cosmic, three forms of, 192
    the parable’s challenge of, 1692
    selective, a factor in moral acts, 193
    unjust, against women in the Jewish temple, 1377
    wellsprings of, Perfectors of Wisdom the, 216
    wise, need of, in bequeathing riches, 1463

Discussion(s) at the Gilboa camp, Jesus’ refusal to participate in, 1624
    Jesus’, about wealth, 1803-1804
    at the olive press, 1975-1976
    philosophical, James and Judas Alpheus “lack of understanding of the apostles”, 1563

Disdain of the high priest for the traitor about, 1925-1926

Disease(s) conquest of, a level in the evolution of statehood, 807
    crude ideas of, of the people of Jesus’ time, 1341
    cure of, supposed, by touch of kings, 790
    and death, belief as to ghosts being the cause of, 989
       the shamanic theory of, 989-990
    of the flesh, Jesus’ identification of, 1591
    freedom of corporeal staff from, 574
    healing of, on the Sabbath, a charge against Jesus, 1850
       shamans’ attempt at, 987
    human, early belief as to spirit influence in, 952
       Urantia’s tardy awakening to prevention of, 825
    imperfect control of, on worlds in light and life, 625
    Jesus’ healing of, 1785
    the part played by material means in curing, 1813
    prayer not a technique of curing organic, 999
    prevention of, a factor in an expanding civilization, 804
    prevention, primitive religion largely a technique for, 990
    -producing organisms, and the body cells of evolutionary races, 851
    shamans’ consent to treat, 991
       method of diagnosing, 991
    supposed curing of, by porous rocks, 945
    a Urantia handicap in attaining the destiny of light and life, 626

Disembodied spirits belief in the existence of, 953

Disenfranchisement reasons for, in the continental nation, 817-818

Disgrace ancient peoples’ regard of nonmarriage as a, 916

Disgust mid-mammals’ display of, 705
    social, on the continental nation, 814

Disharmony apparent universe, 637
    eradication of, in Satania, 519
    inherence of, in evolutionary growth, 1159
    reason for possibility of, among ministers of the Infinite Spirit, 361
    reason for possibility of, among Sons of God, 361

Dishonest achievement vs. honest endeavor, 1779
    riches, need to cleanse one’s fortune of, 1465

Dishonesty necessity for avoidance of, in preaching truth, 1740
    seeming prevalence of, 2063

Disillusion of the multitudes as to character of Jesus’ kingdom about, 1883

Disillusionment of boy Jesus, as to omniscience of his parents, 1359
    of boy Jesus, over the temple services, 1377
    of Judas, after Jesus’ betrayal, 1998
    Lucifer’s pride and, 603
    ultimate cause of, 1779

Disloyalty Christ Michael’s present power in dealing with outbreaks of, 605
    creature, management of problems pertaining to, 491
    to Deity, degrees of, 984
    destructive of personality status, 754
    Lucifer’s first outspoken, 602
    of superiors, Mighty Messengers’ reaction to, 245

Disobedience consequences of, among children of ancient savages, 941

Disorganization of that which cannot be spiritualized, 241

Dispatching fields on peripheral Paradise, 121

Dispensation(s) Adamic, 592-595, 2024
    of bestowal Son, 597-598
    the current planetary, sleeping survivors’ repersonalization at end of, 1233
    divine, circumstances of life a, 1579
    end of one and beginning of another, as perceived by Jesus, 1903
    inauguration of new, by bestowal Sons, 229
       by planetary advent of divine Sons, 568
    of Magisterial Sons, 594-595
    new, a definition, 1942
       Jesus the inaugurator of a, 1510
       judgment day of a, surviving souls’ unconscious sleep until the, 341
       the remembrance supper a symbol of the, 1942
    planetary, and decrees of cessation of existence, 37
    of Planetary Prince, 580, 591-592
    relation of Avonals to, 225-226
    roll call of a, archangel promulgation of, 409
    of Spirit of Truth, Immanuel’s instruction to Michael concerning the, 1328
    successive, in era of light and life, 577, 621
    termination of, 225-226, 231
    of Trinity Teacher Sons, 598-600

Dispensational at Adam’s Urantia arrival, 853
    adjudications of evolutionary worlds, function of Universal Censors in, 218
       many, on an inhabited planet, 228
    adjudicators, invisibility of Avonals as, 226
       Magisterial Sons as, 226, 594, 634
    age, advancing spirits’ return to earth and the completion of a, 1646
    enlargement of truth and ethics, 591
    judgment, Immanuel’s instructions to Michael concerning, 1328
    order of survival, mortals of the, 568-569
    resurrections, 533, 852, 2024-2025
    roll calls, guardians’ response to, for nonsurviving personalities, 1247
       repersonalization of sleeping survivors in, 569

Dispersion(s) of the Andonites, 715
    of the colored races, 726-729
    impending, Jesus’ preparation of his followers for the, 1717
    the last Andite, 873-874

Displeasure God’s, Jews’ belief adversity to be proof of, 1830

Disposition quarrelsome, results of Thomas’, 1561

Disputes Andonic, methods of settling, 783

Disruption of the smaller of two space bodies, occasion for, 658

Dissolution decree of, execution of, 38
    immediate, archangels’ desire to arrange for Jesus’ body’s, 2022
    of wedlock, 928-929

Distance in energy and matter transmutation, 473
    measurement on Edentia, 485
    and relative locations on Paradise, 120

Distrust of woman onetime universal, 935

Dium labors of Jesus’ followers in, 1762

Diversion angels of, 1256
    favorite, of Jerusalem, 522
    leadership of, by reversion directors, 548
    and relaxation of the apostles, 1610-1611
       Simon Zelotes’ supervision of the apostolic, 1564
    wholesome, soundness of, 942

Diversity infinity as both unity and, 1262

Dives and Lazarus Jesus’ refusal to comment on the parable of, 1855

Divided personality heavenly Father not a, 41

Dividing the inheritance Jesus’ talk on, 1821-1823

Divination interpretation of spirit messages by, 963
    a superstition, 963, 1681

Divine beauty, 27, 40, 42-43, 157, 507, 1950
    beauty, see also Beauty, divine
    destiny, of spirit-indwelt man, 1676
       three levels of, 483
    dignity, of God-knowing disciples, 1958
       the gospel’s endowment of human life with, 1860
    family, kingdom of heaven a, 1676
       of individuals, the universal brotherhood, 138
    favor, Jews’ belief as to relation of material prosperity to, 1662, 1830
    fellowship, finite intellect’s assurance of, 283
       a prerequisite to progress in, 1659
    forgiveness, 1682, 1714, 1898
    gifts,” Solitary Messengers’ term for Adjusters, 1184
    goodness, 27, 31, 42-43, 58, 75, 317, 647, 1111
       see also Goodness, divine
    guidance, importance of prayer for, 1640
       spiritual faith’s steadfast belief in, 1108
    inspiration,” of the mystic, the sometime true identity of the, 1000
    invasion of the soul, and a moral choice, 2095
    judgment, the soul of fairness, 115
       man’s miseries not the personal visitation of, 1664
    justice, facts of, day of atonement ceremonies a travesty on, 1494
       mercy in, 37, 428, 1898
       the realization of, among the Hebrews, 1069-1070
    law, the Father’s will, 1660
       man’s experiential unifying of divine love and, 1222
    leading, the human’s choosing to respond to, 1206
    love, 40, 63, 71, 648, 1113, 1608, 1739-1740, 1965, 2018, 2043
       see also Love, divine
    mercy, the, 38, 1066, 1070
    ministry, spirit of, 94-95
    nature, faith, and man’s partaking of the, 1682
       potential evil not a part of the, 36
       satisfaction of the, Havona creation as a, 54
    panorama, of Eternal Ages, 90
    perfection, 22, 447, 647, 1096
    perfection plans, 85-86
    plans, of the Universal Father, 34, 36, 85-86
    power, never a cross-working of, 363
    purpose, 102, 364-365, 467, 1860
    reach, extent of the, 55
    rest, association of, with spiritual-energy intake, 505-506
       essential to enjoyment of Paradise, 299
       terminal rest of time, 293
    right,” fetish kings’ ruling by, 970
    Son(s), see Son(s), divine
    sonship, see Sonship, divine
    spirits, see Spirit(s), 2. Deity spirits, divine
    things must be loved in order to be known”, 1118
    truth, 27, 42-43, 1112, 1430, 1768, 1949
       see also Truth, 1. Truth defined, divine
    truth and beauty, 42-43
    voice, indwelling, possibility of a mortal’s hearing the, 1199
    will, exchange of the human will for the, 1621
       man’s conformity to, 31, 1118
    wisdom, 216, 614, 1002, 1632, 1640
       see also Wisdom, divine
    wrath, death of bestowal Sons not to satisfy, 229
       present day belief that disease is a consequence of, 990

Divine, 1. The divine – Deity
    approaching concept of the, a requisite for, 51
    the certitude of the, 1126-1127
    Deity, the source of all that which is, 3
    human Father’s love a reflection of the, 1378
       mind’s grasp of the, 52
    some characteristics of the, 3

Divine, 2. Personalities
    Action, a title of the Third Source and Center, 92
    builders, a major division of celestial artisans, 497, 501-502
    Counselor(s), affection of, for Creator Sons, 39-40
       associates of, 217, 307
       author of Foreword and Papers 1-9, 17-19, 23-24, 31
       classification of, as Co-ordinate Trinity-origin Beings, 214
       courts sometimes presided over by a, 180
       in the executive branch of the superuniverse government, 178
       functions of, 178, 216-218, 310-312
       Hearts of Counsel, Joys of Existence, and Satisfactions of Service under supervision of, 312
       limited perception of material structures by a, 489
       Jerusem residence of, 524
       as Most High Assistants, 409
       number of, 178, 216
       and One Without Name and Number, joint sponsors of Paper 31, 354
       relation of Perfectors of Wisdom to, 215-219, 311
          of Universal Censors to, 215-219, 311
       service of High Son Assistants to, 253
       Stationary Sons of the Trinity, 114, 218
       technique of, for reaching decisions, 312
       time required by, for transit from Uversa to Urantia, 222
       of Trinity origin, 214
       as truth revealers, 216
       Uversa school for Celestial Recorders conducted by Perfectors of Wisdom and, 281
    executioners, functions of, 277
       a group of Universal Conciliators, 275-276
       subjection of physical controllers to orders of, 325
    Executive, a title of the Third Source and Center, 92
    Minister(s), accompaniment of Creator sons by, on possible outer universe missions, 635
       adjutant mind-spirits created by, 378
       blending of ministry of, with that of other Spirits, 634
       correlation of, with Paradise gravity circuit of the Eternal Son, 639
       the creative source of local universe intellect, 1236
       and Creator Sons, future relations of, 643
       Daughters of the Conjoint Actor, 45
       Dependence of the Creator Son on the, 368
       a divine individual, 375
       embrace of cherubim and sanobim, 423
       evolutionary work of, on inhabited worlds, 379
       focalization of Truth Spirit of the Creator Son in the, 378, 452
       functions of the, 236, 368, 375, 377, 379, 402, 450
          in attainments of the infinite, 12
          subsequent to her personality metamorphosis, 375
       Infinite Spirit the creator of, 572
       nature of the, 375-376
       personal presence of, Holy Spirit the, 403
       personality of, prior and subsequently to, the final Michael bestowal, 375
       and registration of quantitative activity of worship and wisdom, 402
       of Salvington, and the Christian concept of the Trinity, 1145
          Mandate of, concerning the Lucifer rebellion, 617-618
       and the seven adjutant mind-spirits, 379, 402, 1287
       spirit circuits of, 177, 377, 379
       spirit infusion of Spirit-fused mortals by, 450
       subordination of, to the Creator Sons, 367
       Unification of spirit ministry of, to the evolving worlds, 639
       the universe mothers, 370
       see also Creative, Daughter(s); Creative, Mother Spirit; Creative, Spirit(s); Local, universe(s), Creative Spirits
    Local, universes, Mother Spirit
    Mother(s), Spirit(s)
    Universe(s), 4. Universe Mother Spirits, Mother Spirit(s)
    personalities, see Personalities, 1. Personality defined
    presence, contact with, and spirit-consciousness, 2097
       a demonstration of God’s existence, 24
       gift of the, 139, 195
       and God’s experience with immaturity and imperfection, 36
       limitation of one’s enjoyment of, 27
       man’s assurance of the, 139, 445, 1766
       the Shekinah, a reputed symbol of the, 1510
       soul’s attempt to identify itself with the spirit ideals of the, 1460
       the spirit-indwelt mind’s realization of the, 2094
       spirits of the, function of, 17
       at the supper of remembrance, 1942
       surest way of discovering the, 64
       Thought Adjusters the, 1183, 1193

Divine, 3. Jesus – Michael
    being, perfectly endowed, Jesus a, 2088
    endowments, Jesus’ possession of, 1594
    glory, Jesus’ promise to return to Urantia in, 1603
    human, the adolescent Jesus an increasingly self-conscious, 1376
    -human life, Jesus’, two potential concepts in, 2093
    and human Jesus, 1376, 1408, 1516, 1522, 1528, 1604, 1614, 1748, 1785-1787, 1844, 1968, 2065, 2091-2093
    and human natures of Michael, unknown to Jews, 1510
    or human role, Jesus’ facility in the enactment of the, 1528
    -human will, the Adjuster’s promise to Jesus regarding matters pertaining to his, 1516
    Jesus’ technique of ascent from the human to the, 2091
    mind, Jesus’ human mind’s submission to his, 1522
       Jesus’, possible foreknowledge of, as to resurrection of Lazarus, 1844
       of Michael, vs. the human heart of Jesus, 1969
    mission, of Jesus, 1327, 1347, 1349, 1507
       of Jesus, Joseph’s and Mary’s difference of opinion about, 1349
       John the Baptist’s temptation to doubt Jesus and his, 1507
       of Jesus, skepticism of Mary’s family concerning the, 1347
       Michael’s progressive self-consciousness of his, 1327
    nature and human nature, Jesus’, union of, 1748
       of Jesus, 1614, 1785-1787, 1968
       Jesus’ full self-consciousness of his, 1787, 2092
       Jesus’ prebaptismal doubts as to his, 1408
    personality, human concepts of, and Michael’s Urantia bestowal, 30
    power of Jesus, 1844-1845, 1871, 1923
    Son, Jesus a, 1604, 2065

Divining rod origin of the present superstition regarding the, 946

Divinington Adjuster’s procedure to, after the mortal’s death, 1230
    Adjuster’s uniformity in experiential nature upon leaving, 1178
    apparent futility for a Solitary Messenger’s visit to, 1179-1180
    the “bosom of the Father”, 148
    centering of certain universe activities of the Mystery Monitors in, 1179
    College of Personalized Adjusters on, 186
    deserted Monitors return to, 444
    divine Monitors’ headquarters, 450, 1179-1180
    function of, and activities on, 144
    Gravity Messengers’ headquarters, 347
    the home of Personalized Adjusters, 1180, 1201
    Jesus’ Adjuster’s return from, at the time of Jesus’ baptism, 1511
    nonaccessibility of, to ascendant mortals, 148
    possible only inhabitants of, 1179
    secrets of, possible reasons for maintaining, 145
    service of waiting Adjusters on, 569
    supposition that Adjusters return to, upon death of their subjects, 1189
    warning against landing on, a divine injunction, 1179

Divinity about, 2-3
    and absonity, Paradise arrivals’ study of, 343
    acknowledgement of, by Jesus, 1749
    activities, field of, 14
    apostles’ belief in Jesus’, 1787
    attainment, and elimination of prejudice, 1774
       a goal of mortals and midwayers, 365, 867
       the measure of, 647
       mortals’, the Adjuster’s desire for, 1182
       religion an experience of, 66
       in time and space, analysis of, 1165
       value of mind, matter, and spirit in, 141
    attunement, technique whereby a human mind attains, 1205
    bestowal, mind a, 403
    character of, Universal Father’s, possessed by Eternal Son, 75
    characteristics of, 3, 31
    completion of, Deity encountering of, 4
    confusion regarding meaning of, 1
    of Conjoint Actor and Seven Master Spirits, 186
    consciousness of, a progressive spiritual experience, 141
    co-ordinate of the Eternal Son, Creator Son as the, 367
    Creators’ sharing of, with their universe children, 109
    Creator Sons’ sharing the Father’s, 59
    degree of, of Third Source and Center, 100
    the divine presence a foretaste of, 2094
    divine technique of approach to, 301
    essence, of Trinity-origin beings, 207
    eventuated children of, Transcendentalers as, 332
    evolving, of the Supreme Creators, 362
    expanding frontiers of, 453
    experiencing of, religion the, 1104
    expression, unifying, second level of, 2
    Father’s sublime traits of, 93
    finitely manifestable in the Master Sons, 367
    fruits of, 648
    of Gabriel’s nature, 369
    of God, visible manifestation of, rare, 25
    and greatness, synonymous, 317
    how correlated in personality, 3
    to humanity, God’s passage from, 58
    and humanity, Jesus a combination of, 1785
    identity of Father and Eternal Son in, 88
    impersonal presences of, on the sacred worlds of the Father, 144
    Infinite Spirit a revelation of, 92
    infinity of, enrichment of, 16
    of Jesus, Peter the first human to believe in and confess the, 1939
    of Jesus’ life, a revelation of God, 1856
    Jesus’ admission of his, 1749, 1753, 1756, 1785
       beginning self-consciousness of his, 1386
       claim of, 1786
       official announcement of his, 1790
       power of limiting his human consciousness of his, 1787
       refusal of his enemies’ challenge to prove his, 1520
    John’s assurance of Jesus’, reason, 1507
    a living connection between humanity and, 1946
    of the local universe Mother Spirit, 406
    man cannot grasp perfection of, 36
    manifestations, invasions of space by, 642
    man’s ability to discover, only through religious experience, 1116
    no scientific or logical proofs of, 1116
    Paradise energy’s kinship to, 471
    plural manifestations of, 380
    Personalized Adjuster as proof of humanity in partnership with, 1520
    prebaptismal, of Jesus, 1408
    pursuit, the long Paradise trail of, 127
    qualities of, universe creatures’ technique of appropriating, 1174-1175
    of quality, vs. degree of reality of will creatures, 37
    reality values of, blending of, as divine love, 648
       coordination of, as divine mercy, 648
       manifestation of, as divine ministry, 648
    realization, attainment of higher levels of, 158
    relationships, and personality reality, 613
    response, to finite reality, 1159
    of the risen Christ, New Testament writers’ belief in the, 2092
    schools of, on universe headquarters, 551
    shared by Father with many higher Paradise beings, 35
    of Sons of Universal Father and Eternal Son, 369
    soul-bound powers of, need for release of man’s, 1777
    stability’s relation to, 135
    of status, an ascending personality’s achievement of, 1301
    superuniverse functioning of, 640
    synthesis, evolution of the Almighty power of Supremacy by, 641
    -tension, and Universal Absolute, 6-7
    three types of function of, in mortal personality, 1107
    time-space, relation of Supreme Being to, 11
    tools of, ascending pilgrims’ early access to, 318
    truths of, most comprehensible by man, 2062
    unifying quality of Deity, 2
    union with, consciousness of, and solitary communion, 1774
    Unqualified Absolute devoid of, 14
    of values, embrace of, by the gospel, 1781

Divinization Jesus’ faith consciousness of seven stages of, 2091

Division commanders of armies of heaven, subject to Jesus’ orders, 1969

Division of labor influence of, on civilization, 910
    sex, effects of, 932
    in the supermortal world, man’s concept of a, 944

Divorce convenient, of modern times, vs. ancient trial marriage, 917
    easy, and reversion to crude societal stages, 929
       a supposed special dispensation granted Pharisees, 1839
    husband’s loss of the wife’s purchase price in case of, 923
    increasing, a cause of, 929
    by Jewish men of Jerusalem, possible trifling causes for, 1838-1839
    laws, uniformity of, in the continental nation, 812
    and marriage, Jesus’ refusal to lay down laws of, 1576, 1581, 1838
    practices, of the Jerusalem Jews, Jesus’ disapproval of, 1838
    present, the explanation of, 1220
    rate of, in the continental nation, 812
    as a social safety valve, 929
    women’s increasing freedom, and, 929

Divorcement attitudes of Adam and Moses regarding, 1576-1577
    of politics and religion, prerequisite to, 1930

Doctors and surgeons shamans’ functioning as, 989

Doctrine(s) and dogmas, stereotyped religious, man’s sometime retreat to, 1120
    fetish, enslaving possibilities of a, 969
    of God, the Scriptures and the, 1598

Dog(s) ancient man’s contact with the, 746, 778, 902
    attack of, on swine at Kheresa, 1696
    detection of ghosts by, primitive man’s belief in, 778, 964
    domestication of, and guarding of villages, 778, 934
    family, representatives of the, 697
    -fetish cults, origin of, 778
    fawning of, on man, 977
    gentiles referred to as, 1735
    Jesus’ contrast of a mortal and a, as to mind and spirit, 1431
    origin of, 695
    primitive man’s regard for the, 980
    the sacred animal of the Parsees, 967

Dogma(s) and creeds, rigid, in present-day Tibetan religion, 1038
    Jesus’ attempt to prevent his teachings’ becoming, 1942
       destroying of, 1091
    unchallengeable, of the faith-born son of the Universal Father, 1127

Dogmatic doctrines true religion not a mere intellectual assent to, 1107

Dogmatism of the believer, vs. that of the scientist, 1127
    bondage of, Jesus’ influence on the, 1141
    an enslavement of the spiritual nature, 1092
    of religion and philosophy, 479

Doing vs. being, Jesus’ instruction about, 1584
    the Father’s will, 1579-1580, 1951, 2093
       see also Father(s), 4. the Father’s will
    good, Jesus went about, 1590
    schools of, on the mansion worlds, 551
    the will of God, the kingdom of heaven, 1860

Doll early use of the, 972

Domestic affairs, Herod’s resentment of John’s public criticism of his, 1506
    animals, an essential to modern national life, 800
       of the Nazareth family, 1394

Domesticated animals introduction of, into the Nile delta, 889

Domestication of animals, result of, 746, 768, 778, 901-902
    animal, board of, of the Planetary Prince, 746
    of animals, the second great advance in civilization, 901

Dominance of mediocrity spells the downfall of any nation about, 818

Donkey Jesus’ willingness to enter Jerusalem on a, 1881

Doom of darkness faith’s dispelling of man’s, 1118
    final, sealing of man’s, vs. choosing the Father’s will, 64

Door(s) to the Father’s sheepfold, Jesus the, 1819
    Jesus the, to the kingdom, 1829
    of the kingdom of heaven, opening of, 1652, 1826
    of mercy, hungry souls’ free entrance to the, 1541
    to the straight and narrow way, 1828
    to the way of life, adequate width of, 1828

Dothan hills of, Jesus’ youthful view of, 1387

Double personality Christ Michael not a, 1331

Double star(s) explosion, in Orvonton, most recent, 458
    formation, one type of, 171, 458
    light fluctuations of, 459
    and nebulae, 170

Doubt(s) absence of, in the presence of cosmic poise, 1101
    the believer’s only battle against, 1766
    delivery from the darkness of, 1705, 1745
    and guilt, Peter’s feeling of, 2039
    honest, not sin, 1118
    John the Baptist’s periods of temptation to, 1503, 1507
    Mary’s, regarding Jesus and his mission, 1721
    source of power to overcome, 1601
    and Unbelief,” one of Jesus’ evening discussions, 1683

Doubter(s) the believer’s reply to the, 1125
    honest, proof of Jesus’ love for, 1561
       Thomas’ apostolic membership a comfort to, 1561

Doubting Jesus’ admonition to Thomas to cease, 2048
    Thomas,” a misnomer, 1561

Dove(s) believers to be as harmless as, 1930
    pair of sacrificial, onetime price of a, 1889
    sale of, by Jesus’ family, for a charity fund, 1361
    the symbol of peace and love, 946

Downfall of Judas, causes, 2055-2057
    of nations, influence of, on a gospel believer, 1916

Downhearted find the, Jesus’ exhortation to his apostles, 1543

Downtrodden socially, Jesus’ purpose to proclaim joy to the, 1541

Dowry bride’s onetime method of earning her, 916
    bride’s, significance of a, 924
    purchase and, among the ancients, 923-924

Dragon Chinese worship of the, 946
    flies, size of early, 680
    great red, John’s comments on the, 608
    personalities embraced in the term, 602, 606

Drama origin of, in acting for spirit guidance, 1006

Draught of fishes about, 1628-1629

Dravidian(s) absorption of the Aryans by the, 882
    centers of culture, 881
    civilization, modern survival of, 882
    conquerors of India, 873
    Deccan, Salem missionaries’ penetration into the, 1028
    identification of, 881-882
    India, 881-882

Drawing and modeling Joseph’s decision as to Jesus’, 1367

Drawing power of Jesus’ life and death, 2019
    Jesus’, over men, 1672
    on minds, Conjoint Actors, 103-104
    of primal Son of Paradise, 76
    of the Supreme (Taoism), 1452

Drawings prohibition of making of, in present day backward tribes, 955
    substitution of, for real objects or persons in death sacrifices, 960

Dread and anxiety man’s domination by, 1243
    vs. Confidence, and Jesus’ mission, 1675
    and fear of the Lord, 1675

Dream(s) ancients’ attitude toward, 952-954, 963
    Claudia’s, regarding Jesus, 1994
    double, early man’s, the soul as, 953-954
    experiences, man’s significance of, 1208
    extraordinary, not divine communications, 1099
    and fetishes, 967
    -ghost-future life” concept, influence of the, 953
    grotesque, sometime cause of, 1208
    interpretation, a superstitious speculation, 1681
       widespread practice of, 988
    Joseph’s, message of, 1347
    life, danger in postulating the Adjuster content of, 1208
    ordinary, not used by God to communicate with man, 954
    Peter’s, 1703, 1713
    primitive man’s explanation of, 954
    and Visions,” one of Jesus’ evening discussions, 1683
    of Zacharias, 1346, 1496
    of Zoroaster, 1049

Dreamer man a natural, 1093

Drifts glacial, types of, 701

Drink the cup apostles’ willingness to, 1577
    James’ and John’s willingness to, 1553
    Jesus’ final willingness to, 1969

Drinking throughout mansion worlds, 535
    water, Edenic, purification of, 824

Dropsical man Jesus’ healing the, 1834

Drought effect of, on Andite migration, 879
    significance of, to early man, 988

Drudgery of daily living, religion’s ennobling of the, 1094
    influence of, vs. that of labor, 786
    slavish, Jesus’ freeing women from, 1671

Drugs Shamans’ sometime employment of, 987

Drumlins surface undulations caused by ice, 701

Drunkenness among primitives, 968
    a characteristic of the material-comfort era, 577

Dual associations, of universe creatures, benefits from, 938
    circulatory system, the Edenic pair’s, 845
    expression, of the primal thought of the Universal Father, identity of, 638
    nature, Jesus’ early difficulty in comprehending his, 1371
       Jesus’ realization of his, 1407
       of mortals, 381
    nutrition, of Adam and Eve, 851
    -origin beings, Paradise classification of, 330-331
       definition, 331
       possible future of, in outer space, 262
       similar and differing attributes of, 236-237
       Trinity Teacher Sons as liaisons between Trinity-origin and, 214
    origin of Creator son, confirmation of, 415
       of universes, Paradise Spiritual Sons’ relation to conduct of, 231
    spiritism, a great religio-philosophic advance, 961, 964
       price paid by religion for concept of, 961
       and white and black magic, 972
       world-wide appearance of a belief in, 961

Duality relationships, existence of, between the Seven Absolutes of Infinity, 1157
    duality, unity, and triunity, 1157-1158

Ductless glands and chemical reactions in human beings, 737

Dueling as a method of settling disputes, 785, 795-796

Duration awareness of, a factor in the time sense of personality, 135

Duty(ies) attitude of Jesus toward, 1786
    vs. danger of default, 51
    devotion to, by man, vs. loyalty of Havona creatures, 52
    a factor in marriage stability, 922
    a feeling of, a product of emotional fear, 1133
    first, of the creature creation, 22
    the foundation for the acceptance of, 1284
    vs. friendship, 1945
    to God and to man, 1930
    highest human, family life the, 1581
    human, primitive religion’s concern with, 1110
    a level of reality of cosmic-mind response, 192
    man’s consciousness of, a value level, 3, 192
    to men, and loyalty to God, 1462
    periodic releases from functional, common to all worlds, 548
    personal, evolutionary religion’s emphasis on the idea of, 1111
    recognition of, and morality, 2096
    relation of, to love, 1124
    and rights, of man, primitive concept of, 962
    the sacred, of a magistrate, 1462
    temporal, devotion to, as related to spirit sonship, 1930
       and spiritual service, recognition of, 1957
    the whole, of man, 1445, 1600

Dwellings early European white man’s, 897
    human, improvement of, under Dan, 746

Dyaks present religious practices of the, 1010

Dyaus pitar identity of, 1027

Dyaus-Zeus identity of, 1078

Dye Tyrian purple, that made Tyre and Sidon famous, 1737

Dying apostles’ vague comprehension of Jesus, 1760
    Peter’s shuddering at the thought of the Master’s, 1754

Dynamic believers brotherhood of, the modern Christian church not a, 2083

Dynamism of all change an appellation of the First Source and Center, 1155

Dynamos dark islands as, 456
    solar, function of, 172


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