Urantia Book
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Aaron and the Golden Calf, Peter’s sermon on, 1637

Abaddon identification of, 602
relation of, to Lucifer Rebellion, 602

Abandonters evolutionary complements of, 452
origin of, 416
permanent citizens of Uversa, 416
teaching the superuniverse tongue by, 631
univitatia’s comparison with, 493

Abel and Cain, 848-849
career chosen by, 848
crying out of the blood of, 955
influence of unfavorable surroundings on, 848
offerings to the priesthood by, 848
taunting of Cain by, regarding sacrifices, 848
taunting of Cain by, regarding his parentage, 848

Abila Nathaniel’s and his associates’ labors at, 1767
twenty-four apostles’ labor in, 1626

Ability(ies) administrative, of Those High in Authority, 246
to comprehend, the mortal passport to Paradise, 290
a definition, 1876
executive, of Those High in Authority, 246
God-given, folly of prostitution of, for personal gain, 1519
governing, of those High in Authority, 246
human, the three sources of, 507-508
an inheritance, 1779
to know and be known, indigenous to Deity, 78
to learn, an endowment of mind, 738
lowly origin no handicap to recognition of, 508
natural, a prerequisite to leadership, 1739
nonaccountability for what is beyond one’s, 1876
vs. skill, 1779
and skill, an essential of temporal life, 1778
special, not an arbitrary gift, 507

Abimelech identity of, 1022
people of, Abraham’s contact with, 1023

Ablutions of water, three, ghosts’ placation by, 1143

Abner activities of, following Passover, 1653
and Andrew, alternating presiding officers of joint meetings, 1624
Andrew’s association with, 1642
and associates, influence of, in consolidating sentiment, 1789
Jesus’ labors with, in Bethlehem, 1798
joining of, with Jesus and the twelve, 1798
opening of synagogues to, 1741
associates of, wholehearted acceptance of the kingdom by, 1798
baptism of Abraham the Sanhedrist by, 1665
baptism of believers by, 1836
celebration of Passover by apostles of John with, 1648
chief of John the Baptist’s supporters, 1624
death of, 1832
a devout believer in Jesus, 1626
and disciples, arrival of, at Magadan, 1800
disagreements of, with early church leaders, 1831
familiarity of, with Perean district, 1818
head of the Philadelphia church, 1831
head of the seventy, 1800
identity of, 1497, 1817
inevitable isolation of, 1832
influence of, on Eastern version of Jesus’ message, 2072
on Urmia faculty, 1491
Jerusalem believers brought to Jesus at Bethany by, 1706
Jesus’ farewell to, 1870
last message to, 1966
last request of, and promise to, 1933
pleas to Andrew to manifest devotion to, 1959
knowledge of, of plot to kill Jesus, 1933
and Lazarus, Nathaniel’s joining, in Philadelphia, 2058
Lazarus a strong supporter of, 1849
a lifelong believer in, and teacher of, the gospel, 1832
no New Testament account of, reason, 1831
partial observance by, of ceremonial hand washing, 1834
presence of, at Jesus’ tenth morontia appearance, 2041
relation of John the Baptist with, 1497
removal by, of headquarters from Hebron to Bethlehem, 1771
and selection of the seventy, 1801
sending out of the seventy by, 1801
teaching of, in Philadelphia synagogue, 1831
visit of, to the Nazarite colony, 1605
work of, on the third preaching tour, 1678

Abnerian emissaries of teachings of Jesus, overwhelming of, by Islam, 1869
kingdom of heaven, Philadelphia the center of, 1869

Abode(s) eternal, of God, 118
existence of many, in Father’s and Son’s universes, 1934
in the Father’s universe, mortals’ future traversal of, 1951
in the future life, Jesus’ spirit as a guide through the, 1953
of individuals and working groups, constructors of, 502
morontia or spirit, individual expression in construction of, 502
morontia or spirit, sharing of inhabitants of, in planning their, 502
settled, Jesus’ lack of a, 1723
supreme, God’s habitation in the, 1448

Abomination prayer’s being an, occasion of, 1638

Aborigines belief of, regarding caves and mountains, 945
of India, the so-called, identification of, 880
Urantia, Eskimos the sole survivors of, 700

Abortion early practice of, 700
and infanticide, extermination of primitive clans by, 770

Abraham an ancestor of Joseph, 1344
appearance of the three celestial beings to, 1021
attitude of, toward the birth of Isaac, 1021
and the beginning of Jewish national history, 1509
Biblical genealogy of, 857
bosom of, in the Nazarite allegory, 1855
change in personality of, after Melchizedek’s departure, 1022
“freedom” of, 1796
the heavenly Father’s love for, 1597
not to be looked on with disdain, 1732
possible loss of the Father’s kingdom by the, 1735
repudiation of, as light-bearers of truth, 1910
a “chosen” individual, 1018
concern of, about his lack of a son, 1020
a convert to the Salem teachings, 1018
conversations of, in Old Testament, with Melchizedek rather than with God, 1023
covenant of, results, 1432
death of, reference to, 1797
decision of, to substitute the kingdom of heaven in place of temporal rule, 1020
a descendant of the Hittites, 896
devout children of, longing of, for the “consolation of Israel”, 1502
establishment of a military capital at Hebron by, 1020
halfhearted belief of, in the Melchizedek covenant, 1017
influence of, on the improvement of the Salem colony, 1021
interpretation by, of the three concentric circles, 1016
introduction of the tithing system by, 1016
justification of, by faith, 1682
Machiventa Melchizedek’s arrival in the times of, 853
sojourn at Salem in the days of, 514
visit to Urantia in days of, 584
marriage of, to his half sister, 918
Melchizedek receivers’ interest in the ancestors of, 1018
covenant with, 1020-1021
incarnation during time of, reason for, 389
and the Most High God, 1598
not the racial Father of all the Hebrews, 1055
reaction of, to Melchizedek’s departure, 1022
reconciliation between Melchizedek and, 1021
rejoicing of, to see Jesus’ day by faith, 1797
relation of the Jews to, 1432
decision of, to substitute the kingdom of heaven in place of temporal rule, 1020
sacrificial offering of, 1018
and Sarah, facts regarding the ages of, 1023
selection of, by Melchizedek, 1018-1020
a shrewd business man, 1021
Siddim military victory of, 1020
sojourn of, in Egypt, 1019
as a spiritual leader after Melchizedek’s departure, 1023
status of, among the Egyptians, 1046
as the successor of Melchizedek, 1023
temporary severance of relationship between Melchizedek and, 1020
three-time display of cowardice by, 1023
and times of Machiventa Melchizedek, 753
tracing of, back to Noah, 874
treatment of truth by, 1796
true children of, 1796
unbelieving Jews’ reaction to Jesus’ statement about having seen, 1797
willingness of, to sacrifice Isaac, 981

Abraham, the Pharisee conversion of, effect, 1672
espousal of Jesus’ teachings by, 1665
financial contribution of, result, 1666

Abram changing of name of to Abraham, 1021

Absalom identity of, 1073

Absent landlord parable of the, 1893-1894

Absoluta Uversa name for space potency, 469

Absolute(s) changelessness of the, 1434
characterization of the, 644
a definition, 644
how limited and dominated, 15
identity of the, 1163
inevitability, a definition, 185
monarch, origin of the power of, 798
number of, on subinfinite levels, 644
perfection, 36
phenomena of, unpredictable, characteristic of the, 176
unpredictable, due to actions and reactions of the, 136
a probable activity of the, 56
reflectivity service not due to presence-performances of the, 201
relation of the, to master universe activities, 136
to post-Havona universes’ appearance, 136
to preuniverses in the making, 136
time relation to the Trinity of the, 644
time-space modification of, in God the Sevenfold, 644

Absolute(s), 1. Absolute(s) and personalities
beings, absolute independence of time and space of, 377
of concepts which constitute his origin, each Creator Son the, 235
co-ordinate, limitation of Creator Sons by the, 88
domains of, and Seven Master Spirits, 185
pattern for all personalities, the Second Source and Center the, 1156
personality, fragmentation impossible to, 78
Second Source and Center the, 74
potential, maturing of the, the Architects of the master universes’ function in the, 1264
response of, to primordial self-will, 1160
Volitional, First Source and Center the, 74

Absolute(s), 2. Absolute(s) and Deity
of Absolutes, the Universal Father the, 1148
attitude of Paradise Trinity, 113
Center, of all creation, Universal Father the, 92, 1147
Deity(ies), descending personalities executing the will of the, 1229
eternal, in nature, 1295
the experientialization of, 16
finaliters’ probable inability to attain superultimate levels of, 116
the Paradise Trinity an exclusive association of, 1166
relation of, to physical matter, 648
Eternal Son not the personalization of the, 644
Father, final sons of the, identity, 1173
man’s inability to really understand the, 1287
function, of the Paradise Trinity, 1171
God the, 4, 13
oneness of the three, 645
oneness, of the Father-Son, and of the Father-Son-Spirit, 1154
Person, Eternal Son the, 644
personality, the Eternal Son the, 8, 1151
of Eternal Son, impossibility of portrayal to human mind, 79
of Eternal Son and spirit qualities of father personality, 89
of God, 30
of Paradise Son, relation of, to all other personality, 79
the Son is, 79
self-qualified, the Paradise Trinity’s functioning as a, 1166
Son, responsiveness of impersonal realities to the, 81
of spirit and thing, convergence of, in person of Universal Father, 140
the three, 13-14
the Universal Father the personal cause of the, 1148
and unqualified personality, the Father’s function as the, 109

Absolute(s), 3. Absolutes(s), the Supreme, and the Ultimate
Actual and Potential, relation of the, to the Supreme, 1266
basis for supremacy, 1261
conditioning of, in the Supreme, 644
co-ordination of, in the Ultimate, 644
a finite universe’s dependence on the, 1126
God the Ultimate’s capacity for functional association with the, 1167
involvement of the, in the growth of the Supreme, 1266
quest of the, the logical sequence to the attainment of the Ultimate, 1296
relation of absonites and finites to the, 1260
the Supreme’s growth dependent upon the actualities of Deity and Paradise, and the, 1265

Absolute(s), 4. Absolute(s) and Infinity
administration, and priority of existence and eternity of presence, 88
concept of the, unqualified only in infinity, 645
in eternity, relationships of, 1157
in infinity, 644
of Infinity, the Seven, 1155-1157
co-ordinate eternals, 1155
the eternity co-existence of the, 1156-1157
lack of beginnings of, 1155
origin of, 1172-1173
transcendence of experiences by the, 1173
unification of, by the First Source and Center, 640
levels of infinity, 25
manipulation of the, by the Infinite, 56
ONE in infinity, 15
potentialities of infinity, uncharted space activities’ dependence on the, 1265
timeless and spaceless concepts of the, 1439

Absolute(s), 5. Absolute(s) and philosophy
all-encompassing, vs. the Paradise Father, in Brahman philosophy, 1029
all-pervading, the Brahman’s concept of, 1030
analysis of the concept difficulty regarding the, 1172
as ancestor of all things, 644
attempts at grasping techniques of, by ascendant personalities on Paradise, 303
contrast between the concept of God and the, in Buddhism, 1040
Deity, Lao-tse’s concept of, 1034
man’s inability to wholly grasp the concept of an, 1261
origins, a philosophic concept of the I AM, and understanding of, 1152
Paradise Father, the personal concept of the, 644
performances of, and masters of philosophy, 303
personality, focalization and power mobilization of the, 13
philosophy’s presentation of the idea of an, 1122
possibility of consistent dogmatism from an, 1127
relation of, to unfathomable unpredictables, 136
theories regarding the character of the, 1172
Universal I AM the cause and source of the, 644

Absolute(s), 6. Absolute(s) and reality
attainment of the value of the, 352
of infinite reality, 4
of Infinity, the beginnings of reality, 1156
the premise of reality, 1155
reality’s predication on the existence and relationships of the, 1157
level of reality, characteristics of, 2
existentially attained by Paradise Deities, 2
level, reality on the finite level, vs. reality on the, 1031
spirit dominance on the, 484
meanings, unification of, 13
meaning-values, impossibility of revealing, in a subabsolute cosmos, 1168
the only eternal and existential reality, 1260
personality realities of the I AM, the Second Source and Center the, 1155
reality, definition, 7
enlarged appreciation of, 158
of God, 48
identification, 1153-1154
scientific suggestion of the, 1106
without beginning, 1153
of universe reality, Paradise includes, 7
values, uncertainty regarding, 13

Absolute(s), 7. Absolutes and Paradise – gravity
gravity, 126
gravity, definition, 125, 465
a drawing power of Havona dark gravity bodies, 126
ultimatons’ subjection to, 465
-gravity center, Isle of Paradise the, 24
circuits, Universal Father’s action over all, 131
grasp of Paradise, 470
grasp of Paradise, over material organization, 237
influences from nether Paradise, 470
of material-gravity control, 7
materialization, the pattern of Paradise, 1148
of Paradise, and direct action of Universal Father, 24
of pattern, 10
pattern, the Paradise Isle, 1151
zero, gravity’s prevention of appearance of, 473

Absolute(s), 8. Absolute(s), the seven levels
level, concepts of, by children of ultimate destiny, 1440
level, indistinguishability of the three energies on the, 47
no time nor space on the, 1173
a postulate of three phases involved in a concept of the, 1262
ultimacy of space potential on the, 1439
relationships, diversity of, and co-ordinate existences, 1146
the seven, certain relationships between, 1146
the externalization of the seven prime relationships of the I AM, 1154-1155
existential realities of the, not perceivable by experience, 1165
the infinity of, 1155
total reality in the, 1146
the six co-ordinate, the Father’s relation to, 1147

Absolute(s), 9. Absolute(s) and mind – Potentials and Existentials
both existential and experiential possibilities of an, 1174
divinity, experiential realization of, 13
existential-experiential self, 1294
of existentials, the First Great Source and Center’s self-realization from the, 1171
Intelligence, a title of the Third Source and Center, 92
mind, 102
Conjoint Actor co-ordinated with, 98
of Conjoint Actor, and mind presence of God, 45
cosmic mind’s co-ordination with existential levels of, 481
cosmic mind’s subordination to the, 639
evolution of relationship between finite cosmic mind and the, 105
function of the, 99
Infinite Spirit endowed with, 96
relation to God the Spirit, 102
the Third Person’s, 102
of Third Source and Center, 78
mind-gravity circuit, focalization of, in Third Source and Center, 103
grasp of all mind activities in the, 103
of potentiality, apparent activities of the, 55
identity, 1167
the Trinity Absolute’s influence on the, 1167
Spirit Personality, accessibility of, to human consciousness, 84
of spirit and energy, pure mind’s relation to, 104
the three potential, the ever unexplored possibilities in, 1169
the three, of potentiality, functioning of, only on the eternal level, 1262

Absolute(s), 10. The three Absolutes and the Absolute Trinity
the three, 13-15
the three, absolute finality of all reality realization in the, 1172
the three, full unification of, prerequisite to the, 1172
the three, a function of the Ultimate in connection with, 137
the three, the infinity of, 1169
the three, limitless possibilities of, difficulty of conceiving of the, 1168
the three, not all deity, consequences, 1167
the three, not trinity, 1167
the three, some characteristics of, 1169
the three, union of, significance, 1170
three eternal phase of the Seven Master Spirits not associated with functioning presences of, 185
Trinity, assumed developments of the, in the cosmos-infinite, 1168
Trinity, description of, 16
Trinity, identity of the, 1171
Trinity, levels of the function of, 16
Trinity, unification of, doubtful, 16
Trinity, unification of, result of, 13
Trinity, unifying of the divinity and other-than-divinity phases of the, 1171
triunities the basic association of, 1157
Unqualified and Deity, functional unification of, in the Universal Absolute, 637
see also Deity(ies), 1. Deity Absolute; Universal Absolute; Unqualified Absolute

Absoluteness absonity not, 332
actualization of Deity on level of, 6
an attribute of God, 40
of Conjoint Creator, limitations of, 102
Creator Sons share Father’s, 59
of Deity, and expression of God’s personal will, 108
of eternal Isle, dependence of power agencies on the, 101
experiential-Deity expansion on level of, 14
Father’s divesture of direct manifestations of, 111
the Father’s escape from limitations inherent in, 108
God’s, extent of, 59
limitation of, 59
Infinite Spirit’s, sensing the, 92
Inherent in Deity unity, 108
limitation of the three persons of Deity in, 111
of Master Michaels, to the part of infinity concerned in their origin, 242
of monota and space potency, 480
of the oneness of Paradise Deity, 640
of the Original Personality, 1434
of Paradise, relation of, to attributes of Third Source and Center, 99
of the Paradise Trinity, 644
personal, of the Father, 111
of personality, bestowal of, on Eternal Son, 111
reason for God’s ability to modify manifestations of his, 58
relation of, to primordial-force reaction to transcendental causation, 469
of the Son, and transcendence of time and space by spirit energies, 82
of sovereignty, inherence of, in the Paradise Trinity, 1269
Trinity, ascending mortals’ remotely possible contact with, 113
volitional, the Father’s, 59

Absolutism personality, Universal Father’s escape from, 111

Absolutum of the Isle of Paradise, 1149
Paradise substance, 120

Absonite(s) administrators, function of, in a settled superuniverse, 636
administrators of Havona level of architects, function of, 351
approach to Deity, and outer-space universes, 12
architects, attitude of, toward the master universe, 1169
the eventuation of the plan of evolution by the, 1165
attributes of Transcendentalers, 350
beings, comprehension of Paradise Trinity by, 12
Havona’s capacity as a training universe for, 163
as substitutes for finaliters in seventh-epoch planetary service, 628
Universal Father’s superpersonal function in, 3
Unqualified Supervisors of the Supreme not, 636
differential of personal experience, adjustment to, by Paradise residents, 508
and finite(s), mustering forces of, 353
relation of, to the absolute, 1260
function, of the Deities, 2
of Supreme being, 12
grandeur, tasting of, by wisdom, 631
Havona-life group, 156
Havona mind’s relationship to the, 481
level(s), function of senior Master Architect on the, 351
how attained, 12
personal Deity on the, 12
of reality, characteristics of, 2
of service, possible attainment of, 242
of supercreature attainment, 11
Master Architects’ existence on seven levels of the, 351
mind, man’s avenue of approach to, 643
ministers, planetary arrival of, 627
planetary function of, 627
overcontrol of Paradise Trinity, probable relation of master universe unification to, 116
Paradise Trinity’s attitude toward the, 113
peoples, and operation of transcendental energy, 471
personality focalization and power mobilization of the, 13
primary supernaphim not, 298
qualities, a reality of transcendental level, 1160
quest, for the attainment of the Universal Father, 1293
realities, Paradise, actualization of, 12
reality mobilization of, 353
relative realities, 7
significance of Havona functioning in future universe ages, 163
spirit, and ultimate reality, 25
supernal, of Architects of the Master Universe, 351
superconsciousness of the Paradise Father, 69
-superpersonal values, and God the Ultimate, 4
techniques, approach to Deity by outer-universe inhabitants by, 643
transcendence of, by Deity, 116
transcendentalers’ functioning on seven levels of the, 333
unification of first experiential Trinity, how signalized, 12

Absoniters origin of, 2
revelation of presence of finaliters in the morontia temple by the, 631

Absonitized beings, mortals’ inability to comprehend, 334
messenger-recorders of various finaliter corps, 347

Absonity definition, 332
equivalation of, to level of the Universal, 352
of experience, effect of, on infinity of divinity, 16
Paradise arrivals’ study of, 343
possibility of Master Architects’ attainment of, 352
spirit of, possible future endowment of midsoniters with, 401

Abstraction the bondage of, fight of science for deliverance from, 141
definition of, 42
one’s inability to serve an, 1126

Academy(ies) Jerusalem, Jesus’ indifference to arrangements for his education at the, 1375, 1380
rabbinic, prophets’ lack of instruction in, 1891

Acceptance of one’s lot some results of, 555

Accident(s) appalling, relation of, to functioning of the Supreme Being, 115
of the cosmos, explanation of the, 56
Jesus’, in his seventh year, 1361
of living, limitation of the remedies for, 957
material, interference with, by celestial personalities, 1361
mechanical, liability of corporeal staff to, 574
of nature, man’s susceptibility to, 1830
significance of the word, 951
spirit beings’ nonprevention of, 1830
teaching about, 1830-1831
of time, believers’ nonimmunity to the, 1767
a cause of man’s sufferings, 1664
innocent victims of, 1830
Jesus’ teaching concerning, 1671
possible interference of, with attainment of the cosmic circles, 1233
unforeseen, freedom of the cosmos from (Mota), 556

Acclaim popular, fickleness of, 1705
for Jesus, Pharisees’ reaction to, 1882

Acclamation of the multitude for Jesus, reason for permitting, 1883

Acclimatization to morontia levels, ascenders’ need for, 554

Accusations against Jesus, advantages of parables in lessening, 1693
false, Jesus’ indifference to, 1982
of Jesus, as to his enemies’ desire to kill him, 1790

Accusers fifty, Jesus accompanied by about, when brought before Pilate, 1987
Hildana’s would-be, effect of Jesus’ writing in the sand on, 1793
love of Jesus for his, 1984

Achievement artistic, human, as effected by personal efforts, 508
child of imaginative adventure, 316
gratification, supreme, of God the Father, 160
on Havona circles, importance of, 291
importance of, to God the Supreme, 1260
moral, shining of Jesus’ face with, 1523
past, dangers of trying to preserve the traditions of, 2085
personal and group, provisions for, on worlds in light and life, 630
personality, assurance of the possibilities of, 846
rugged, of eternity, the Paradise ascent the, 1608
spiritual, transcendence of, over physical appetites, 1519

Acid test of Jesus’ genuineness, Thomas’ apostleship, 1562

Acidity of Urantia’s primitive ocean, 660

Acknowledgement of the apostles before the Father, Jesus’ promise of, 1760
of the Secondary Midwayer, 1343

Acme of human virtues, 927
of material development, 629-630
of religious living, 1101-1103

Acropolis significance of Paul’s speech near the, 2071

Act(s) of the Apostles,” Luke the author of, 1342
of Conjoint Executive, 13
divine, apparent cruelty of, 48
of God,” children of the Spirit the, 111
disturbing, basis of, 48
inexplicable things of life still termed, 944
volitional, 137
of mercy, Jesus’ and Ganid’s, on Crete, 1436
of today, the destiny of tomorrow, 557
of Universal Father, infallibility of the, 36

Acting director of Satania Life Carriers, member of Jerusem executive council, 512
director of system midway creatures, member of Jerusem executive council, 513
governors, of mansion worlds, 530
head, of the apostles, Andrew the, 1959
of corps of ascending mortals, member of Jerusem executive council, 513
Most High of Edentia, and resurrection of Adam and Eve, 853

Action an attribute of the Conjoint Creator, 101
divine capacity for, origin of advancement in, 316
the God of, 90-92
God’s, modification of patterns of, 56
physical energy denotes, 9
prayer not a substitute for, 997
a prerequisite to the consciousness of kinship with the Supreme Being, 1211
stimulation of, by cold and hunger, 718
sudden, Peter’s habit of, 1550
versatility of, of Third Source and Center, 100
Zoroaster’s religion one of, 1049

Actium battle of, and Augustus’ “city of victory,” 1471

Activating living spark the sole source of, 404

Activator of Paradise pattern, God of Action the, 101
of universes upon universes, Deity Absolute the, 14

Active affection of God the Father vs. passive love of Hebrew God, 68

Activities of Havona classification, 160

Actual(s) a definition, 1262
perception of potentials as, on the absolute level, 1173
vs. the Potential on the time-space level, 1262
and potentials, the co-ordinate unification of, 1150
reality, 7

Actuality(ies) conversion of potentialities into, in universal evolution, 1261
cosmic significance of the transfer of reality from potentiality to, 1263
of Deity, man’s search for, in his Paradise ascent, 1263
experiential, reality mobilization of, how signified, 353
and potentiality, existence of, on different levels of reality, 1262
potentiality, and originality to the creature mind, 1262
as substance, to the creature, 1262

Actualization of all reality, volitional beings’ free will choice in becoming a part of the, 1300
of the Supreme Being, the completed evolutionary, identity, 1291

Actualized reality the triodity of actuality’s eventuation of the co-ordination of, 1151

Actualizing Deity About, 10
God, God the Supreme the, 4

Acumen material, an attribute of cosmic-mind endowment, 193

Adam(s) activities along the Mesopotamian of the progeny of, 869
activities of, in second garden, 849
and Adamson, descendants of, mingling of, in Mesopotamia, 901
administration of, 833-834
age of, evolution of civilization since the, 912
arrival of, results of spreading the news of the, 829
association of stories of, with those of creation, 837
attitude of, toward his erring mate, 843
ben Adam, identity of, 849
bestowal of, Urantia races as effected by the, 382
blood of, most human races sharing, 890
contribution of, to biologic status of Urantia races, 868
death of, 852
effect of, on cultural level of the Adamites, 870
on his people, 849
default of, date, 868
on Urantia, 349
descendants of, nondesire of, to admix with the darker colored peoples, 880
as descending Sons, non-Adjuster indwelt, 593
discouragement of, emphasis on, by Serapatatia, 841
dispersion of the pure-line posterity of, 906
errors of judgment of, result, 838
expected return of, 1009
the Father’s bestowal of, 1914
a gardener, 773
Jews’ assumption that the first man was, 838
length of the life of, 852
limitations of culture of, 870
miscarriage of plans in the mission of, 900
vs. Moses, on divorcement, 1577
of Nebadon systems, origin of original, 415
not the cause of a curse, 846
not in Joseph’s direct lineage, 1344
original Material Son of Satania, 580
perfect, erroneous belief of man’s origin from, 1660
planetary, 580-588
and posterity, subjection of, to local universe ascension scheme, 826
presence of, a basic factor in the civilization of the violet race, 870
profitable results of the mission of, 580
pure-line descendants of, and the red men of the Americas, 884
return of, to Eden home, Eve’s reaction to, 844
revival of pottery making during the times of, 903
and the second dispensational roll call, 2024
and secondary midwayers’ appearance, 855
second-garden burdens of, 848
sin of, Jewish teaching concerning the curse of, 1510
a Son of God, 1732
sons and daughters of, choice of planetary natives to be parents of the blended race by the, 585
spiritual depression of, 848
status of the races on arrival of, 868
the task of, vs. those of other Nebadon Sons, 840
teachings of, about the mansion worlds, 953
thirty-day wanderings of, 843
traditions of, and ideas of original sin, 978
and the Trinity concept, 1598
on Urantia advisory council, 514
of Urantia, difficult mission of, 584
violet race after days of, 868-877, 900

Adam(s) and Eve(s) about, 828-838
attitude of, toward Serapatatia, 841
character of the progeny of, 869
complemental character of, 581
conjectured possible return of, 1025
conscious of being indwelt by Adjusters, 852
contribution of, to racial progress, 868
corporeal staff’s removal from planet on arrival of, 574
death of, 851-853
default of, 839-846
degradation of, 845
dependence of, on the tree of life, 825
diet of, in Eden and the second garden, 850
differences in, 581
effect of, on human progress, 905
execution of race upstepping plans by, 583
fifth day of, on Urantia, 831
first day of, on Urantia, 830
fourth day of, on Urantia, 831
function(s) of, during fourth dispensation, on Jerusem, 588, 828
in rule of a first stage light-and-life world, 627
functioning of twelve Melchizedek receivers after the default of, 1014
future presence of, with mortals on the Paradise adventure, 1025
Garden sojourn, length of, 838
as gardeners, 769
influence of, on the co-operation of man and woman, 940
joint functioning of, in finaliter companies, 349
as joint prime ministers of their world, 588
knowledge of, of the acceptance of their repentance, 851
learn about the planet, 830-831
leave the Garden, 844
local system origin of, 821
Michael’s personal message to, 852
mission of, to Urantia, 580
nutrition of, 851
opinion of, of the Garden, 825
original, immortality of, 581
pair assignments of, 581
physical representatives of the universe government, 853
planetary arrival of, and procreation by corporeal staff, 744
planetary, Material Sons, 349
planetary mission of, 437
planetary names of Material Son and Daughter, 580
planetary progeny of, as directors of subordinate centers of light-and-life planets, 626
preparation of, for the planetary adventure, vs. conditions on Urantia, 833
problems of, 833
reactions of, to loss of Adamson, 861
relation of early Greek settlers to, 895
release of, from planetary duties, 629
repersonalization of, 853
a reproducing order, 415
reproof of, by the “voice in the Garden,” 842
rulers of planets in light and life, 626
second day of, on Urantia, 830
second of the divine Sons to visit Urantia, 584
second presentation of the Trinity made by, 1143
and secondary midwayers’ origin, 424
semimaterial, not transportable by seraphim, 582
serial numbers of, 828
service of the tree of life to, 826
seventh day of, 832
sixth day of, on Urantia, 831
Solonia’s conference with, 843
source of traditions about installation of, 742-743
special senses of, 851
survival of, 853-854
Teacher Sons as advisers to, after second stage of light and life, 627
third day of, on Urantia, 831
time of arrival of, on Urantia, 821
trinitization potentials of, 349
Urantia, examination of, for the Adamic adventure, 828
a son and daughter of, as associates of Machiventa Melchizedek, 632
Urantian progress as influenced by failure of, 752
verdict on the work of, 580
violet race founded by, 850

Adamic associates, number of, repersonalized with Adam and Eve, 853
bestowal, effect of, on Urantia’s biologic condition, 846
blood in Andites, vs. that in modern races, 871
in western India, 880
South American settlers’ reception of, 727
caravan, time consumed in journey to the Euphrates by the, 847
children, nonflesh eating of first generation of, 850
citizens, planetary helpers’ association with, 436
release from permanent-citizenship status, 349
culture, chief center of, 868
default, compensation for consequences of, 382
effect of, on Urantia, 1327
handicapping of Urantia life-modification plans by the, 736
influence of, on human disease, 736
on Urantia brotherhood, 437
on Urantia planetary government, 1250
partial, and the blending of the higher racial types, 898
roll call of the survivors of, 853
Urantia races as affected by, 382
descendants, blue man’s standing with the, 725
dispensation, beginning of, 702
resurrection of the, 2024
failure, reaction of Andon and Fonta to, 717
families, contribution of, to racial culture and improvement, 586
family grounds, area of, 834
gift, the goal of evolutionary growth, 747
infusion, effect of, on Nodite culture, 859
inheritance, sin’s effect on, 761
factors in Urantia’s superior stocks, 846
of humor, art, and music, 549
lieutenants, Serapatatia’s rating among the, 841
-life infusion, evolutionary creatures’ modification by the, 448
life plasm, hope for counteraction of vegetable-disease organisms by, 736
migrations, date of conclusion of, 871
status of 25,000 years ago, 870
attachment of fifth order of angels to the, 583
Caligastia’s opposition to, 583
complexity of the, 839
conditions confronting the, 846
relation of secondary midwayers to, 583
the second garden, 869
offspring, circulation and blood sustenance of, 851
diminution of acuteness of special senses of, 851
influence of, on civilization, 868
peoples, blending of surviving evolutionary races with the, 589
planetary offspring, and Mystery Monitors, 593
progeny, biologic betterment a function of the, 585
confinement to the garden of mating activities of, with evolutionary races, 585
evolutionary race improvement the task of the, 593
nonmating of, with inferior evolutionary strains, 593
pure-line offspring, provision for housing the, 834
race, of evolutionary worlds, founders of, 415
humor a legacy of the, 714
need for upstepping of evolutionary races by the, 584
racial uplifters, advantage to Urantia of the labors of the, 764
regime, collapse of, and removal of planetary helpers, 437
garden headquarters of, 575
on normal worlds, secondary midwayers co-operation with, 425
prime purpose of, 593
stock, black men’s lack of infusion of, 725
hereditary legacy of, in race chosen for mortal bestowal of Creator Son, 239
infusion of, into human races, 904
purpose of importation of, 239
red man not upstepped by, 723
upstepping of blue man by admixture of, 725
vestiges of, in modern white peoples, 889
yellow race’s legacy of, 724
strains, resistant qualities of, and mastery of disease, 596-597
training of ascenders, 515-517
uplift plan, Caligastia’s contribution to miscarriage of, 753
uplifters, and exaltation of the evolutionary races, 585
the violet race, 585
world center, amalgamation of, with the Prince’s, time of, 587

Adamites absorption of Vanites and Andonites by the, 870
activities of, in Turkestan, 891
advantages of, over surrounding tribes, reason for, 850
and Andites, largest reserve corps membership on Urantia at time of the, 1258
attitude of, toward women, 937
blue men’s effect upon the, 891
civil rulers of, heredity of, 849
civilization, society, and cultural status of, 870
civilization of, in southwest Asia, 878
commerce of, on lakes of the Mediterranean trough, 889
contribution of, to the Sumerians, 860
difficulties of, in their northern migration, 891
distribution of, 15,000 B.C., 871
early expansions of, 870-871
early western migration of, 889
Eden not intended to be the permanent home of the, 827
effect of Mediterranean flood on the, 891
enter Europe, 889-890
family life of, 940
imagination and beauty appreciation of, 913
Jerusem, self-government of, 515
later, belligerence of, 783
migrations of, 870
mission of, 827
mixed races of India and dark Africans not attractive to, 890
mixture of, with eastern Nodites, 859
monogamy natural to the, 927
and Nodites, as blended in Andites, 871
a blending of, with other races, result, 905
Cain’s promotion of peace between the, 849
long-headedness of, 904
warfare between, 844
number of, 19,000 B.C., 870
an original skeletal type of a Urantia race, 904
originally not cannibals, 979
pacific nature of the, 892
peace between Elamites and, 849
racial admixture of, in the Mediterranean basin, 869
as a racial component of the Andites, 868
racial connection of, 868
in the second garden, 869-870
second-garden, religious influence of, in India, 881
second-garden, race mixtures of, and legends of the gods, 856
termination of early migrations of, 900

Adamson and Adam, mingling of the descendants of, in Mesopotamia, 901
death of, and later course of disloyal midwayers, 863
descendants of, and the halo, 834
penetration of, into Europe, 898
willingness of, to listen to teachers of the Salem cult, 1021
first born of violet race, 834
first son of Adam and Eve, 895
foundation of secondary center of violet race by, 849
identity of, 849, 861
length of life of, 862
location of the center of civilization of, 860
pure-line children of, number, 861
and Ratta, 861-862
Sato, a descendant of, 895
superhuman character of, 861
reaction of, to loss of first mate and children, 861
stock, carried by Mesopotamian invaders, 876
tall descendants of, migration of, to Greece, 895
teachings of, in regard to disease and death, 990
time of the founding of his center of civilization, 860
work of, never fully eclipsed, 862

Adamsonite(s) civilization of, vs. that of the Adamites, 870
civilization of, in Greece, characteristics of, 895
source of the culture of, 895
culture, period of maintenance of, 862
descendants, geographic distribution of, 862
headquarters, location of, 868
location of vestiges of, 862
language, the Aryan tongue, 872
racial connection of, 868
selected group of, settlement in Greece, 895

Adaptability of animals, to air, water, and land, a superphysical adjustment, 737
the meaning of life, 1434
social, of univitatia, 493

Adaptation organismal, craving of living cells for, 737
original endowment of, in living things and beings, 737

Aden work for the gospel of, 1765

Adirondack Mountains and outcropping of ancient fossil-bearing rocks, 670

Adjudication dispensational, on Planetary Prince’s arrival, 590
highest function of government, 247
of living and dead, time of first planetary, 567
of Lucifer and associates, delay in, reason for, 616
of Lucifer and confederates, wisdom of delay in, 617
problems of, the concern of the Judges of survival values, 1247
purpose of, 428
of a realm, cessation of existence decreed at the, 37
scope of, 428
second planetary, and removal of corporeal staff from the planet, 574
time of, 574
seraphic advisers in, 428
universe headquarters worlds concerned with, 373
of Urantia, events associated with the last, 864

Adjudicational services of Magisterial sons, center of, on Jerusem, 524
tribunals, midsoniters as advisers to the system, 632

Adjuster(s) actions of, and the sovereignty of universe rulers, 1190
of the apostle (John), projection of, to third mansion world, 553
attunement, identity of, 1096
coming of, during ages of light and life, 630
communication, with God, methods, 65
concurrence of, in survival of certain nonfusible subjects, 449
co-operation with, a definition, 290
of corporeal staff, status of, 574, 758
a definition, 100, 363, 381, 550, 1176, 1193, 2078
-expression, importance of, 2078
identity of the great days in the individual careers of, 1212
indwelling of Cain by, effect of, 849
indwelling, of Adamic children, 851
of offspring of semimaterial assistants of Planetary Prince, 574
-indwelt creature, facilitation of registry of homage of an, 65
intercommunications of, lack of knowledge as to the, 1181
Lazarus’, return of, to former abode, 1846
-mortal ascender, dependence of, upon the Supreme, 1284
nonreturn of, to earth, as former human subject, 1230
not subject to examination as to success of their missions, 1192
the only means of an isolated world’s universe communication, 1191
personality circuit of, God’s action over the, 45
and plural Deity, 110
of Prince’s staff, on system capital, 575
qualification of, as to universality, 1180
reflectibility of presence of, 313
relation of, to evolving man, as compared to relation of Trinity to God the Supreme, 1282
vs. seraphim in method of human influence, 1245
space traversal of, over the universal gravity circuits of the Paradise Isle, 1182
Tabamantia’s acknowledgement to chief of, 1189
time of Adam’s and Eve’s indwelling by, 852
times and places for reception of, by Adams and Eves, 629
and transit sleep induction, 431
Van’s reunion with his, 760
see also Thought Adjuster(s); Thought, Changers; Thought, Controllers;
Mystery(ies), Monitors; Divine, 2. Personalities, presence

Adjuster(s), 1. Origin and nature of Adjusters
absence of any disloyalty to the Paradise Father in, 1180
as absolutes, 1180
actual source of the, undoubted infinity of the, 1180
are God, 1177
are the will of God, 1190
changelessness of the, 1226
coherence of, in the Paradise Deity, 43
Father characteristic of the, 1232
a fragment of God, 43
fragments, God’s finite experience made actual through the, 1185
immortal spirits, 448
imperviousness of, to evil, 1217
known as “divine gifts” to Solitary Messengers, 1184
lack of any known default by, 1191
a mystery of God the Father, 145
nature and presence of, 1180-1182
-nature, divine, the co-ordination of the ascendant man-nature with the, 1288
never fail, 1200, 1206
pre-fusion reality of the, undoubted near absoluteness of the, 1180
prepersonal, function of, 70
prepersonal quality of, 1130
pronouncement of divinity of, by Censors, 313
as pure spirits, 1182-1183
relation of, to the Paradise Father, 1512
as undiluted divinity, 1177
and Universal Father’s trustfulness, 437

Adjuster(s), 2. Classification of Adjusters
acquirement of skill and ability by, 1196
of spiritual power by, 1196
of valuable training from primitive minds by, consequences, 1197
advanced, identity of, 1178
classifications of, in relation to experience, 1178-1179, 1196
development of, 1195-1196
difference of, in experiential qualities, 1185
eternal plans of, as related to experience, 1458
evidence of the thorough organization of, 1189
experienced, greater ability of, to translate their subjects, 1212
experiential differentiation among, 1178
experiential, length of sojourn of, in primitive humans, 446
growth in experience of, along with the mortal, 1195
methods of gaining experience by, 1212
more experienced, usual habitat of, 1185
no previous experience on Urantia of any presently serving, 1199
numerous series of, 1188
question as to the numerical magnitude of, 1177
of special and previous experience, result of possession of, by mortal artists, 507
superior, many intellectual and spiritual Urantia leaders influenced by, 1198
training of, after indwelling a nonsurviving mortal, 1195
vanished, identity of, 1178
virgin, elaborate training plan for, before leaving Divinington, 1195
identity of, 1178
indwelling of, in second-series mortals, 446
method of gaining experience by, 1195
valuable preliminary experience of, in contacting evolutionary mind, 1198
working organization of, 1188

Adjuster(s), 3. Bestowal of Adjusters
arrival of, conditions associated with, prior to the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth, 1187
the constitution of identity, 569
to probationary world children, time, 532
assignment, basis of, unknown, 1185
and human inheritance, 1185
average transit time of, from Divinington to Urantia, 1186
bestowal of, Father acts alone in, 95
bestowal(s), physical-brain endowment not a factor in, 447
significance to the Universal Father of, 1271
Universal Father’s, 1165
activity in, 362
complete number of, known only on Divinington, 1188
from Divinington, identical existential divinity of all, 1185
first planetary arrival of, and advent of guardian seraphim, 568
human subjects known by the numbers belonging to their, 1188
indwelling, during post-Magisterial Son ages, 595
possible preliminary training of, in Divinington schools, 1186
temporary assignments of, while awaiting his mortal associate, 1231
preparedness by, for future assignment in other worlds, 1198
prerequisites to the coming of, 1193
to the reception of, by the mortal mind, 1187
presence of, in all normal post-Michael Urantia beings, 1511
reason for God’s sending the, 39
reception of, by all normal-minded creatures, 596
relation of, to other spiritual influences, 1190-1191
return of, to Divinington for confirmation by Personalized Monitors, 449-450
technique of bestowal of, on Urantia, since Pentecost, 1187
three qualifications of the human candidate of interest to, 1186
training schools of Divinington, possible identity of the personnel of the, 1180
usual time of appearance of, to their human subjects, 1186-1187

Adjuster(s), 4. Mission and ministry of Adjusters
ability of, to plan, work, and love, 1181
to receive, but limited ability of, to transmit, the stream of cosmic intelligence, 1207
attempt of, to transmute God-fear into God love, 957
chief concern of, with the future rather than present life, 1191
contributions of, to joyous expressions of ascenders, 550
fraternity with, proof of, 65
a function of the, 40, 363, 1203
during temporary mortal sojourn, 410
of the indwelling, 1195
regarding the relationship of the mortal son to the Father, 1176
general uniformity in the labors of, 1197
guidance, enhancement of, 1574
erroneous concepts of, 1207-1208
indwelling, significance of man’s following the leading of his, 1225
influence of, on advancing civilization, 1198
in enlargement of human concept of God, 33
on man, 1176
man’s eternity possibility, 1182
infallible cosmic compass, 1177
ministry of, to series-two mortals, 446
mission and ministry of, 1185-1194
participation of, in numerous activities of the realm, 1196
patience a requirement for, 1213
purpose of, in relation to man, 1182
relation of, to individual mortals, 1203-1214
-spirit, Holy Spirit, and Spirit of Truth, significance of presence of, in an evolutionary mortal, 380
spiritualization by the, an essential to survival, 565
transient ministry of, results, 446
and spirit fusion of mortal subjects, 446
willing ministry of the, in connection with the destiny of the immortal soul, 1199
willingness to co-operate with, an essential to survival, 447

Adjuster(s), 5. Divine Presence – God in man
bestowal of, the Holy Spirit’s influence on man before the, 1129
relation of evolutionary religion to, 68
relation of human evolution to, 68
communion, factors in, 65
proofs of, 65
contribution of, to all religious experience, 1111
co-operation with, and God’s effective presence, 46
the divine presence, 2087
essence of an infinite being within a finite creature, 1176
Father presence of the, 1190
greatest evidence of God’s goodness, 39
man’s indwelling by, a mystery, 448
nature and presence of, 1180-1181
presence, consciousness of, synonymous with God’s presence, 1176
the indestructibility of the, 1283
man’s custody of the, 1285
the presence of the Universal Father in will creatures, 363
realization of the inner presence of, and morality, 2096
significance of man’s being indwelt by, 1176
three proofs of indwelling of the, 24

Adjuster(s), 6. Relation of Adjusters to mind and spirit
activity, real, despite its being conscious or unconscious to the human partner, 1192
consciousness of human beings of the, 100
co-operation with, not a conscious process, 1206
creation by the, of man’s hunger and thirst for righteousness, 1107
dedication of, regarding human thought, 1205
delight of, at being able to flash messages straight to their subjects, 1193
divine, partnership of the material mind with the, 1159
expression, vs. a purely human experience, 1028
function of, in worship, 66
harmony, some conscious methods of augmenting, 1206
identification of mortal mind with, 41
indwelling of creature mind by the, and conception of the soul, 551
influence of, upon the mortal mind, 1105
and lack of consciousness of contact with the, 65
man’s concept of the, as a divine alter ego, 997
in man’s mind, three evidences of the presence of the, 2094
mind of, human’s way of receiving, 1205
mindedness, 1181-1182
ministry, humans’ unconsciousness of, 1207
partnership of, with the human mind, 1196
presence, in the human mind, significance of, to science and philosophy, 1215
revelation of, to the evolutionary mind, 2096
and the soul, 1215-1224
spirit-mind trust of the, 533
and spirit realities, 2078
Spirit of Truth’s co-operation with the, 382
preparation of men’s minds for bestowal of the, 2061
unique activity of, in the human mind, 1190
voice of, vs. the emanation of the mortal intellect, 1208
rare hearing of, by humans, 1213
work of, effect of a mortal’s shifting mental attitudes on the, 1199
in the mind, 1207

Adjuster(s), 7. Relation of Adjusters to will and personality
betrothed, and the human worship experience, 66
communion, self-realization of, 65
a direct communication between the Universal Father and his material creatures, 1184
dependence of, for eternal personality, on mortal will, 1233
the desired attitude of mortals toward, 1203
essence of the existential God, union of man’s experiential personality with the, 1111
eternal identity a possession of the, 71
faith’s elevation only through man’s experience with the, 1137
gift of the Father, a Divinity function in mortal personality, 1107
and the human, possible achievement of the combined efforts of the, 1238
and human personality, 1198-1199
and human will, 1204-1205
the human’s pilot, 1217
identification with the indwelling, 1458
identification of the mortal on mansonia by the, 1247
the identity of immortal man, 1247
indispensability of, to the Paradise ascension, 443, 1191, 1232
leading of the, in race for perfection, 365
man’s co-operation with the, results, 449
willingness to permit the help of the, 1223
need for man to choose to follow the, 1217
not an organic part of mortal life, 1197
nucleus of human personality, source of, 70
and personality, 1183-1184
personality possibility, man the, 1182
respect of, for humans’ sovereignty of personality, 1204
status of, as to personality, 1198
subservience of, to human will, 1204
success of, dependent on mortals’ co-operation, 1205-1206

Adjuster(s), 8. Relation of Adjusters to universe creatures
Celestial Guardians never indwelt by, 252
correlation of ministry of, with the guardian seraphim, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, 1245
guardian seraphim’s unification and co-ordination of the Spirit of Truth and the, 1244
High Son Assistants never indwelt by, 252
indwellment, Material Sons’ acquirement of experiential capacity for, 581
-indwelt children, on probationary world, family arrangements for, 532
children, resurrection of, on the finaliter world, 569
leading, man’s reciprocal amenability to, and seraphic guidance, 1245
material children’s indwelling by, on nursery world, 532
Material Son’s reception of, 349
mere loaning of, to mortal beings on worlds of series two group, 1197
midsoniters not indwelt by, 401
no apparent communication between guarding seraphim and, 1245
number of, Solitary Messengers’ ignorance of, 1177
In outer space, Solitary Messengers’ inability to detect the presence of, 1183
planetary Adams’ nonpossession of, 593
possession of, by nursery world children, 532
probable type of, on two-brain worlds, 1198
relation of, to mortal types, 1197-1198
to universe creatures, 1195-1202
slight variation in work of, in different universes, 1197
Solitary Messengers’ conjecture as to the activity of, 1191
methods of securing information about, 1180
queries as to a human’s refusal to accept the help of the, 1223
spornagia not indwelt by, 528
work of, with nonfusion mortals, 450

Adjuster(s), 9. Self-acting and Personalized Adjusters
of the human being through whom this communication is being made, activity of the, 1208
of incarnated Sons of God, personalization of, 227
Jesus’ Personalized, relation of, to the Paradise Father, 1516
liberated, identity of, 1178
many possible functions of the, in connection with the reserve corps, 1258
personalization of Jesus’, and relation of the forty-day retirement to, 1512
personalized, functions of, 227
identity of, 1179
and modified, as Gravity Messengers, 347
original status of, 445
see also Personalized Adjusters
nonpersonalized, visibility of, only to Personalized Adjusters, 1180
rare departure from their mortal tabernacles by, 1197
self-acting, 1196-1197
ability of, to leave the human body at will, 1197
identification of, 1196
rarer numbers of, in each succeeding generation, 1207
self-conscious, all reservists’ possession of, 1257
sometime ability of the, during mortal sleep, 1199
supreme, ability of, to leave the human body at will, 1197
identity of, 1178

Adjuster(s), 10. Adjuster problems
the admixture of the human races a problem to the, 1223
difficulty of the, to communicate with the material mind, 1104
effectiveness of the, after arrival of the seraphic guardian of destiny, 1210
effects of human unrighteousness on, 1193
indwelling, material handicaps to, 1199
introduction of a recent message on Urantia from, to his subject, 1213-1214
limitations of the, regarding man, 1223
the “loneliness” of the, 1182
permanent union with, impossibility of, in certain environments, 447
possible direct communication between the human and the, 1210
problem of the, 1223-1224
responsibility of, for failure of survival of their subjects, 444

Adjuster(s), 11. Adjusters and mortal survival
action of, on mortal dissolution of nonfusion candidates, 450
collaboration with the guardian seraphim in creating the morontia form, 1247
counterparting of the survival values in the mental life by the, 535
custodian of transcript of mind of sleeping survivor, 341
after death, 1231-1232
departure of, at death of mortal, 1230
effect on, of subject’s cosmic dissolution, 37
evolution of spirit soul by the, 333
full consciousness of, of the presence of the evolving soul, 1219
the mortal survivor’s need of, to make realizable the continuing memory, 1237
possible influence of, on the material mind in relation to the morontial soul, 1191
preservation by, of everything of survival value in nonsurviving creature, 1200
rehearsal by, of only mortal memories essential to the universe career, 1235
relation of, to the soul, 66
return of, to its subject, 569
a necessary part of the process of personality reassembly, 1234
returned, function of, with seraphim of assignment at repersonalization of sleeping mortals, 569
morontia-life vehicle for the, 341
reunion of, and the soul, after death, 1230
service of, during sleep of their subjects, 569
and soul, 1215-1224
surviving, conservation of spirit values by the, 2097
transit, of translated souls to resurrection halls, 624

Adjuster(s), 12. Adjuster fusion
ascending mortal’s eventual eternal embrace with his, 1237
eternal fusion of the, with man’s evolutionary soul, 1176
final inseparability of man and his, 1238
fused, identity of, 1179
-fused ascenders, career of, 452
finaliters, opportunities open and closed to the, 453
mortals, certain, transit of, to resurrection halls of higher morontia spheres, 570
in a company of the primary Corps of the Finality, 347
destination of, 345
the exclusive career of, 449
universe of universes open to, 452
-fusers, memory-recall technique of, 451
fusing of human mind with the, usual time of, 538
fusion, 1237-1240
ascenders’ passage from mortal to immortal status at, 539
candidacy for, of Urantia mortals, 410
delays in, 449
during mortal life of primary modified order of ascension, 570
events following confirmation of, 538
with the immortal soul, 147, 1511
not synonymous with the achievement of the seven circles, 1212
number of opportunities for, 449
point of usual, 449
a preliminary to, 1209
significance of, 64
Urantia races subject to, 340
-fusion candidates, number provided for in the morontia temple, 623
, candidates, type of experiences remembered by, 451
ceremonies, on a world in light and life, 623
potential, mortals of, 447
series, of mortals, 568
morontia-temple fusion of mortals with, phenomena of, 622
mortal subjects become one with, on fusion, 1212
union with, result, 448

Adjuster(s), 13. Manifold Adjuster influences
essence of man’s eternal nature, 1245
eternal revelation to man of the wonder of God by the, 1181
function of, in finaliters’ finding of the Universal Father, 643
in mortal survival, 69
-fused ascending mortals, sharing of mansion worlds with Spirit-fused survivors by, 534
mortals, the source of Those High in Authority, 246
vs. Spirit-fused mortals, 333
and worlds of Spirit-fused mortals, 411
and Son-fused mortals, comparison, 450
vs. Spirit-fused mortals, as to memory of material-world experience, 450
as to mind and spirit, 450
fusion, brain type not a factor in, 446
and decreasing natural death, during post-Teacher Son era, 598-599
failure of attainment of, by primitive men, 446
failure to achieve, result, 365
failure of some mortals to attain, 449
High Commissioners not subject to, 410
mortal, not universal, 410
partial bestowal of, in post-Adamic age, 593
post-Adamic men’s increasing capacity for, 593
of primitive mortals, impossibility of, 569
of secondary midwayers, 349
survival as Spirit-fused ascenders by many who fail, 1197
-fusion destiny, mortals of, and temporary guardians, 441
failures not indicative of flaws in ascension scheme, 452
level of morontia values and cosmic meanings, determination of spiritual development by, 631
mortals, brain types of, 447
worlds, percentage of, in a nearby universe, 568
worlds, percentage of, in Nebadon, 568
inability of series-two mortals to fuse with their, 446
indwelling, man’s opportunity of being eternally united with his, 1225
of non-Adjuster-fusion candidates, 450
memory, intactness of, during ascension of morontia life, 535
nonfusion of Prince’s corporeal staff with, 574
procedure of, in the event of the human’s immediate survival, 1232
seraphic guardians’ influence on mortals’ eternal union with, 1248

Adjuster(s), 14. Jesus’ Adjuster
ability of, to recall to Jesus his Paradise experience, 1424
different, for each Paradise Son’s mortal incarnation, 227
fifteen-year-old Jesus’ limited communication with his, 1386
function of, in Jesus’ achievement of the divine, 2091
guardianship of Jesus by the, 1357
and human reconciliation, Jesus’ experience of, 1425
indwelling, of incarnated Bestowal Son, possible aftermath of, 445
Jesus’ faith and his, 2087
Jesus’ indwelling, completion of the assigned services by, 1493
indwelling, function of, in his ascent from humanity to divinity, 2092
leave-taking of, 1511
preparation of, for mission with Jesus, 1511
sole companion on Mt. Hermon, 1493
Michael’s, previous service of, with Machiventa Melchizedek, 1200, 1511
commitment to the leading of his, 1330
perfection of attunement with, by a bestowal Son, 229
progressive spiritual conquest of Jesus’ human intellect by his, 1424
provision of, for incarnated Paradise Sons, 227
of the Son of Man, activity of, 1484
harmony effected between human mind and the, 1484
triumph of, in Jesus’ mind, 1200

Adjusterized and eternalized mortals probable destiny of, 1239

Adjusterless children attachment of, to parents in survival calculations, 570

Adjustment(s) biologic, continuation of, 737
to changing life situations, 1774
chemical, in living organisms, 737
of difficulties, prayer, to Jesus, a technique for, 2089
environmental, craving of living cells for, 737
of personal convictions and family duty, Jesus’ achievement of, 1373
to planetary environment, 565
sleep, of mansonia career, number of times experienced, 540
superphysical, of animals to air, water, and land, 737
supreme, possible relation of the Absolutes to, 56

Adjutant(s) circuit, the human’s divorcement from the, upon death, 1286
first five, augmenting service of, from dawn mammals through Primates, 709
of local universe, and ministry to human and subhuman intellect, 103
influence, diminishing of the, from the third circle onward, 1211
mind, function dependence of the, on the material-energy pattern, 1236
mind levels, 102
mind-spirits, activities of, Orvonton Master Spirit’s influence in, 190
Adjuster’s relation to, 1190
administration headquarters of, 738
central emplacement of, 397
conjoint ministry of, 1211
creators of, 197
effect of the ministry of, on the human intellect, 1286
effect of operations on evolutionary mind, 737
and evolution of physical bodies, 483
the experience of the, a part of the universe experience of the Divine Minister, 1287
experiential growth of, 403
function of, 401
a phase of local universe intelligence circuit, 177
functional domain of, 197, 730
identification of, 205
increased unified action of the, from the seventh to third circles, 1211
individual manifestation of, 401
influence of the ministry of the, on the material mind, 1216
mammalian mother love an endowment of, 932
mind the bestowal of the, 670
ministry of the, local universe source of, 639
the mortal mind’s use of the, 1237
Mother Spirit’s ministry through, 481
nonrelation of, to Holy Spirit, 403
origin of, 190, 378, 401
vs. physical controllers, 457
presence of, a prerequisite to the coming of the Adjusters, 1187
mind an endowment of, 399
spornagias’ reaction to first five, 528
subordination of, to action and presence of their creative mother, 402
uniqueness of the, 1236
united function of, in the seventh circle, 1210
ministry, limitation of, to the local planet, 1237
spirit(s), the beginning of the functioning of, 739
spirits, field of function of, 739
influence of, on science, 1141
and kinship feeling of early Andonites, 713
mind ministry of, 730
minds, definition, 481
a phase of the cosmic mind, 638
the sixth, operation of, in the primitive, 948
types of mind, where bestowed, 378
transmission of certain impersonal repercussions by the, 1286
of wisdom, influence of, 1949
on evolutionary religion, 1003
on man’s religion, 1129
of worship, influence of, on evolutionary religion, 1003
on man’s religion, 1129
of worship and wisdom, 948-949
significance of mortal mind’s developing capacity for, 379

Administration channels, adaptation of, to current needs of Urantia government, 799
divine, and advancement of worthy intelligences, 63
of Eternal Son, 83
of Havona, character of, 155
hill, in fifth circle on Jerusem, 524
the Infinite Spirit the conjoint executive in, 85
of the local system, 509-518
of the local universe, 366-373
of a local universe, beings responsible for, 366
mechanisms of, of higher spirit orders, difficult to discover the, 1189
Michael’s, power and authority of, 1324
planetary, 573-574, 587-588
scheme of superuniverse, 164
schools of, in the constellations, 551
seraphim, reserves of, 436
settled, in a local universe, 241
superuniverse, intelligences employed in, 179
of systems, constellations, and universes, no direct co-ordination of Adjusters with the, 363
training in, of mortals of Paradise Corps of Finality, 348
universe, characteristics of, 55
of universes, association of Father, Son, and Spirit in, 96

Administrative -advisory chain, place of Faithfuls of Days in, 213
agencies, fortuitous conspiracies of, 55
areas, Jerusem, location of, 522
assistants, function of, 434
of Gabriel, 370
number now on Urantia, 434
buildings of Edentia, separation of, from residential units, 489
cabinet of Lucifer, defection of, 604
centers, minor, number of, on Jerusem, 519
chief of Melchizedeks, term of service of, 385
departments of Jerusem, the ten, 527
direction, only, required in Havona, 155
functions of Jerusem, scope of, 522
headquarters, Edenic, location, 824
leaders, selection of, a factor in perfecting Urantia government, 799
levels, descending, relation of Supreme Spirits to, 205
mount of Jerusem, 601
end of archrebel’s work on, 609
organization of the grand universe, 455
overcontrol, new, preparation for, 642
posts, on a world in light and life, 625
readjustments during ages of light and life, 626-629
status, of advanced worlds in light and life, 629
system, planetary, transformation of, during post-Teacher Son era, 598
units, Jerusem, subdivisions of, 527

Administrator(s) Andrew a good, 1549
dangers of religious leaders becoming, 1092
divine, Paradise order of Days, 224
of the universe of universes, 74
Gabriel and staff as, 370
Jesus as an, 1389
Lanonandek System Sovereigns as, 390
local universe, Lanonandeks’ superiority as, 393
local universe, under Gabriel’s direction, 370
Michael educated an, 1318
Pilate as an, 1987
and seraphic supervision of Urantia, 437
seraphim, 434-436
desertion of Manotia by, 606
loss of, in Lucifer rebellion, 434
number of, joining Daligastia, 756
rebellion of leader of, 756
Satania, reason for revolt of large numbers of, 606
system headquarters of, 525
universe, evolutionary processes controlled by, 46
Vorondadeks as, 390

Admiration experience of, by first humans, 708
modification of fear by, 1004

Admonition(s) of an Adjuster to his subject, a member of the reserve corps of destiny, 1213-1214
Jesus’ final, to his apostles as a group, 1955
Jesus’ last words of, 2010
and warnings, Jesus’ final, 1953-1962

Adolescence Jesus’ brothers’ and sisters’ problems of, 1409
Jesus’, comparison of, with that of other youths, 1386

Adolescent conflicts, of Jesus, 1393
Jesus, contemplation of his world career by the, 1376
integration of the life purpose of the, with family and society obligations, 1376
personality of the, 1395
males, primitive, men’s clubs’ control of, 791
solar time, ultimatonic adventures during, 465
years, Jesus’, 1395-1406
youths and maidens, sixth stage of Galilean Jewish child life, 1358

Adolescents Jesus’ understanding of all distressed, 1395

Adonia location and activities of, 879

Adopted seraphim possible future of, 348

Adoption the ceremony of, 787

Adoration of God vs. fear of God, 1675
man’s, reasons for, 1675
supreme, types of, on Paradise, 304

Adriatic the Greek empire’s extension from the Indus to the, 2071

Adulation a true believer’s rightful attitude toward, 1740

Adult associates, the youthful Jesus’ preference for, 1369
happiness, vs. child happiness, 1573

Adultery(ies) a definition, 1576
evolving mores regarding, 917
recognition of, as a form of stealing, 917
source of, 1713
woman taken in, 1793-1794

Adulthood Jesus living the life of, 1425

Advanced life ripening of post-Teacher Son planet for, 599
worlds, length of life on, 564
worlds, prevalence of sex equality on, 564

Advancement of Havona inhabitants, extent of, 52
personality, assurance of the possibilities of, 846

Advancing mortals of temporary sojourn on Salvington, work of, 416

Advent of Adam and Eve time of Van’s proposal regarding, 822

Adventure Adamic stock’s stimulation of the spirit of, 904
Andites’ interest in, 872
contribution of, to extension of mating bounds, 919
curiosity-mother of, 402
of divinity attainment lies before you, 365
an endless career of, death the beginning of, 159
the eternal, Adjuster’s preparation of the mortal for, 1192
Adjuster’s presence with man throughout the, 449
of finding God, 1733
of God and man, 64
mortal survivors’ journey on the, 522
no creature can be coerced into the, 71
and supreme, of will creatures, 21-22
of finding God the Father, 53, 442
in the flesh, man’s greatest, 2097
imaginative, achievement the child of, 316
individual, present marriage an, 923
latent, impossible of satisfaction in a simple lifetime, 2076
mortal-ascension, glories awaiting pilgrims on worlds of, 493
mortal’s love of, reason for, 159
personality, confidence in the possibilities of, 846
of post-Andite races, danger in, 942
reasonable, the necessity of the enjoyment of, for religious growth, 1094
of space, the supreme, 357
a supreme, of Havona races, 346
human, a definition, 1729
of mortals of time and space, 22
of time, the Paradise ascent the, 1608
testing, following Jesus a, 1727
thrilling, trying to do the will of God a, 1732
time-space, of the Infinite, 56
tonic of, disappearance of, from pilgrims’ careers, 159
the ultimate, 352-354
the universal, the drama of creation, 90
the Urantia, 734-736
urge for, youthful robbery and the, 2009

Adversaries fear of Jesus by his, reason, 1892
Jesus’ technique of dealing with his, 1892

Adversity and disappointment Jesus’ discourse on, 1688
evangelists’, baptism of, 1726
insurance against, 1803
Jesus’ prediction of coming, 1927
Jews’ belief as to God’s displeasure and, 1830
meaning of, as explained in story of Job, 1662-1664
a prerequisite to feeling many truths, 557

Advice to James and John by Jesus, 1525
Jesus’ abstinence from asking man’s, 1594
not proffered by Unions or Faithfuls of Days, 371
unsolicited, Jesus’ attitude toward offering, 1420
when to give (Mota), 556
advisers regarding the conquest of predatory animals, of the Planetary Prince, 746, 757

Advisers Counselors and, of the second Havona circle, function of, 295-296
Technical, 279-281

Advisory cabinet, secondary, of each Supreme Executive, selection of members of, 199
Commission of Interuniverse Ethics and Self-government, 213
control body of Urantia, membership, 854
council, Adam’s conference with the, 830
of superuniverse government, 179
for Urantia administration, 760
Uversa, ascending pilgrims’ term of service on, 180

Aegean islands one Andite invasion of Europe by way of the, 892
region, decline of culture in the, cause, 895

Aesthetic appreciation, relation of, to attainment of cosmologic levels of thought, 646
qualities, the Jewish religion’s deficiency in, 1076

Aesthetics the artist’s God of, 68

Affectation a definition (Mota), 557
Jesus’ freedom from, 1101

Affection(s) of Adam for Eve, 843
of the Adjusters, mortal’s discerning of, on the mansion worlds, 1213
of Andonic females for their children, 714
the apostles’, for Matthew, 1958
character of man’s, for God, 40
corrective, earthly children’s inability to perceive fathers, 1597
devotion of, the cross’s portrayal of, 2019
divided, gospel messengers’ restrictions as to, 1801
of the divine parents, demonstration of, 94
of a dog, a spornagia characteristic, 528
dual, Jesus’ manifestation of, 1573
enemies’ derision for Jesus’, for Lazarus, 1844
father, of God, 58
fatherly, a definition, 1573
exercise of, by spirit-discerning mortals, 1573
man’s showing forth the beginnings of, 1573
Father’s infinite, unfolding of the, 75
Ruler of universe of universes manifests a, 53
of Havona Servitals and Graduate Guides, vs. human love, 274
Jesus’ , James’ admiration for, 1553
of John Mark’s parents, for one another, 1921
Judas’ gradual loss of, for Jesus, reason, 1927
man’s, for Jesus, 1672
merciful, of the Original Son, 100
of Morontia Companions for one another, 545
mutual, insurance against evil, 1776
personal, influence of, 1775
in present choosing of life partners, 923
relation of goodness to, 1874
sorrowful, Jesus’ expression of, for his accusers, 1990
true, supreme measure of, example, 1944
of Urantia aborigines, 714

Afflicted humanity assembling of, at Zebedee’s home, 1632
of Jericho, apostolic ministry to, 1595
mortals, effect of, on Jesus, 1632

Affliction(s) of children, not for punishment of parents, 1664
common, of the ten lepers, 1827
the greatest (Mota), 556
human, Nathaniel’s perplexity over the reason for, 1661
not a deliberate act of God, 1661
the three forms of, 1591
man’s unjustified blaming of God for his, 1661
not the frown of God, 1831
not God’s arbitrary punishment for wrongdoing, 1661
purpose of, 1661-1662
the righteous man’s many, 1445
of soul, not a requisite to security in the kingdom, 1656

Affront to God and shedding of innocent blood, 60

Afghanistan Badonan’s cultural center in, 878

Africa Andonites’ nonentry into, 715
central, dispersion of indigo Saharans to, 890
connection of Europe with, by Sicilian land bridge, 718
of South America with Europe via, 681
Devonian red sandstone in, 679
effective gospel work of Alexander and Rufus, Simon’s sons, in, 2006
first step of evolution of the frog into the reptile in, 683
glacial deposits of early trilobite era in, 674
gravitation of inferior Sangiks to, 728
high elevation of, in the past, 680
indigo man’s occupation of, 725
inundation of, in the past, 678
natives of, and their fetish stones, 945
north, coal formation during Carboniferous period in, 682
northern, eventual occupation of, by descendants of the Andites, 904
Nodite penetration of, 889
Salem missionaries’ spread of Trinity teachings throughout, 1144
submergence of, by Mediterranean, 698
orange man’s trek toward, 724
present-day, practice of “a life for a life” in, 990
and the rainbow, 947
rise of, out of Pacific Ocean, 662
secondary Sangik peoples’ migration to, 726
separation of, from Europe, 663
Simon Zelotes’ evangelistic work in, 1565
Simon’s death and burial in, 1565
sinking of, in the past ages, 674
southerly movement of, 668
southern green tribes’ entry into, 724
southern trek of indigo race in, 871

African life implantation, influence of, in human ancestry, 703
Pygmies, prereligious praying of, 994
tribes, backward, recent practice of human sacrifice by the, 980
certain modern, cannibalism among, 979
many, belief of, regarding the soul and the spirit, 1215
present custom of, of killing innocent tribesmen, 971
present-day religious beliefs of many, 1010
supposed descendance of, from the hyena, 837

African Bushmen ability of, to recognize the difference between self-interest and group interest, 1132
culture of, 768
no individual names among the, 972
primitive state of, 787

Africans the great slave race, reason for, 779
present purchase of wives by, 923

Agaman a member of the women’s corps, 1679

Age(s) of Adam, third planetary epoch, 830
of advanced mammals, 694-696
of biological tribulation, 682-684
of birds, 688-691
of choice, of Adam’s children, 844
to come, apostles’ following of Jesus in the, 1947
apostles to see Jesus in the, 1944
revelation of the glory of the better way in the, 1829
of early mammals, 693-694
early reptilian, 685-687
of earthquakes, 660-663
of the elephant and horse, 696-698
eternal, and chain of mortal life, 435
and experience, 1956
of ferns, time of, 680
of fishes, 678-680
of frogs, 680-682
the ice, 699-702
the invertebrate-animal, 674-676
Jesus the terminator of an, 1510
the kingdom the concept of an, 1865
the later reptilian, 687-688
of light and life, 425, 1863
advancing achievements of, 626
certificate of a planet’s admission to the, 622
definition, 621
epoch of Teacher Sons the vestibule to the, 567
of evolutionary worlds, and release of Adamic citizens, 349
the golden ages, 624-626
and midwayers’ planetary sojourn, 866
vs. pre-Planetary Prince age, 625
pursuits of seraphim of the future, and, 440
the sixth phase of a Creative Spirit’s career, 204
of miracles, vs. age of machines, 2077
of moral responsibility, and reception of Adjusters, 596
a reason for class distinctions, 793
of spiritual striving, preliminaries to an, 820
termination of, by bestowal Sons, 229
an, at conclusion of Michael’s bestowal, 1328
the volcanic, 658-660
work modification based on, 774

Aged among primitive men, choice of death by the, reason, 953

Agencies of the Conjoint Actor, a function of the, 98

Aggrandizement personal, folly of prostitution of divine talents for, 1519
self, Jesus’ refusal to use his universe endowments for, 1522

Aggression external, China’s lack of, results, 887
positive, the apostle’s display of, 1609

Aggressive race absence of any, to the north of China, 885
type of Morontia Companions, 545-546

Aggressiveness sagacity a valuable adjunct of, 1958

Agility increased, a mammalian survival advantage, 693
replacement of animal size by, 695

Agitator(s) dangerous, a Capernaum opinion of Jesus, 1719
machinations of, prevention of, a prerequisite of freedom, 798
Simon Zelotes a fiery, 1564

Agni a god of the Aryans, 1031
identity of, 1027, 1143
significance of, in monotheism in India, 1027

Agondonters characteristics of, 579
functional grouping of, 579
identity of, 579

Agrarian reformer Elijah’s start as an, 1065

Agricultural ages, sun worship in the, 947
base, dependence of social developments on an, 769
stage of civilization, basis of, 769
toil, not a penalty for sin, 751

Agriculture appearance of, time of, 592
Cain’s choice of a career in, 848
Caligastia and Adam as teachers of, 769
Chinese developments in, 887
and commerce, the chief activities of the Andite tribes, 903
of Dalamatia school graduates, 751
development of, a motive of Dalamatia teachers, 750
domestication of animals and development of, 902
early attention of the Chinese to, 887
effect of, on women, 934
an essential to modern national life, 800
exaltation of, in Eden, 823
the genesis of private ownership of land, 782
improvement in methods of, 934
influence of, on man’s material comfort, 905
introduction of, into the Nile delta, 889
land-man ratio as affected by, 769
and the Roman state, 801
slavery and private ownership as related to, 902
and sun worship in southern Europe, 898
teaching of, in the continental nation, 812
universality of, on atmospheric worlds, 564
weakness of, 769
in the west Garden schools, 835
yellow man’s home life based on, 724

Agriculturist(s) attitude of, toward chance and luck, 951
enslavement of male captives as, consequences, 934
and horticulturist stage, transit from hunter and herder stage to, 593
the peace-loving type, 769
teachers and students in Prince’s schools as, 575

Ahab Elijah’s reproof of, 1363

Ahab of Ephraim battle of, with Shalmaneser III, 1074
Jesus’ parents’ story of, 1374
murdering of the Naboths by, 1065

Ahura-Mazda a concept of Zoroastrianism, 1082
identity of, 1049

Ai ambush of, a typical picture of ancient practice, 779

Air angels of, in Hebrew theology, 947
belt, primitive planetary, penetration of, by meteors, 660
breather(s), carbon dioxide inimical to existence of, 676
the prereptilian frog an, 683
true scorpion, 678
-breathing amphibians, arthropods, 680
on gas-contraction and solid-accretion worlds, 466
of Jerusem, vs. that of Urantia, 520
mankind’s onetime worship of the, 946
mechanisms, of Material Sons, speed of, 521
navigators, ancestry of, 733
evolution of, into land dwellers, 561
intervention of, between water and land types, 561
relation of an elemental mortal type to, 561
resistance, mechanical developments used in seraphic transport for overcoming, 521
and treetops, early civilization’s beginnings in the, 562
types, mortal, percentage of, in Satania, 562

Akkad onetime chief of the city-states, 876

Alabama coal layers in, number of, 681

Alaska activity of volcanoes in, during late Carboniferous period, 682
to Mexico, outcroppings of ancient fossil-bearing rocks from, 670

Alchemists of space, secondary dissociators the, 328

Alchemy vs. chemistry, 901

Alexander, of Alexandria identity of, 1433

Alexander the Great and antagonisms between Jews and Samaritans, 1612
carrying of Greek civilization to the East by, 2072
march of, Christian missionaries’ use of path of, 2068
spread of Hellenistic civilization by, 2071

Alexander, son of Simon of Cyrene a gospel teacher in Africa, 2006

Alexander’s mole apostles’ daily entrance to Tyre by way of, 1737

Alexandria advancement of the kingdom in, 1833
the anticipated coming headquarters of Jewish culture, 1414
bestowal of Spirit of Truth at Pentecost in, 2065
chief attractions of, 1432
commercial importance of, 1432
comparison of, educationally, with Galilee, 1366
conditions in, in second century after Christ, 2074
faith of the gospel teachers of, in the resurrection of Jesus, 2029
Jesus’ recollections of his associations in, 1520
visit to, 1432-1433
Joseph’s and Mary’s departure for, 1354
museum, character and importance of, 1433
Nazareth family’s mistaken belief as to Jesus’ residence in, 1423
as possible effective headquarters for Jesus, 1355
results of translation of Hebrew scriptures into Greek at, 1338
the resurrection message carried to, 2031
Rodan at, 1772-1787
vs. Rome as a field for Jesus’ study of mankind, 1461
Simon’s journey to, 1565
size of, 1433
sojourn of the child Jesus in, 1355
workers sent from Abner’s center at Bethlehem to, 1798

Alexandrian appearance, of the morontia Jesus, 2044
believers, gift of, to Jesus, 1355
reaction of, to morontia appearance of Jesus, 2044
empire, extent of, 1476
Jews, fear of, concerning the fate of Palestine, 1414
Jesus’ meeting with a group of, 1413
proposition of, to Jesus regarding school of philosophy, 1666
library, onetime greatest in the world, 1432

Algae fossils of, in the Proterozoic rock, 670
lime-secreting, distributions of, during late invertebrate-animal age, 676
lime-secreting, of the limestone age, 675

All -knowingness, God’s free will directed by his, 38
-merciful Father, vs. the Almighty King, 1676
-night conference, of Adam and loyal Edenites, 844
meditation of Jesus, over launching his mission, 1532
-pervading spirit, and universal and divine mind, 95
-powerful One, 23
-souls’ feast, annual, former custom of holding an, 960
truth, purpose of the Spirit of Truth to lead all believers into, 2061
-wise Judges, adjudication of destinies of rebellion-distressed personalities by the, 618

Allah Hinduism’s concept of, 1030
identity of, 1030
the one and only Deity in Islam, 1051

Allegiance Jesus’ admonition to the Alpheus twins about their, 2049
outward only, a result of miracle working, 1520
Satan’s proclamation as to, 604

Allegory(ies) danger of turning a parable into an, 1691
Jesus’ advice against use of, in teaching, 1692
vs. parables, 1672

Alliances social, economic, and political, religion’s need to be free from, 1089

Alligators nonprogressive descendants of frog family, 732

Almighty abiding under the shadow of the, 1445
achievement of the completion of Deity by the, 1275
anger of the, Jesus’ refusal to acknowledge the, 1378
dependence of the, on the Supreme, 1269
evolution of, physical control of, in relation to superuniverses’ equilibrium, 1274
God the, 1058, 1268, 1454
and God the Sevenfold, 1269-1270
the growth of the, dependence of, on the Absolutes, 1304
King, vs. All-merciful Father, 1676
overcontrol, of the grand universe, nature of the, 1269
and the Paradise Deity, 1270-1271
place of mortals’ achievement of power comprehension of the, 641
power, destiny of, 1165
origin of, 1165
prerogatives of the, dependent on God the Sevenfold, 1264
prerogatives of the, relation of the spirit-personal qualities of the Supreme to, 1167
of Supremacy, evolution of the, 641
a Semite appellation for Deity, 1053
and Sevenfold controllers, 1273-1275
the shadow of the, man’s abiding under, 1445
source of power of the, 12
sovereign, of the supercreatures, 354
the supremacy of the, dependence of, on the Father, Son, and Spirit, 1304
and the Supreme creators, 1271-1273
Supreme, 1268-1277
appearance of the, at the end of the present universe age, 1166
augmentation of time-space sovereignty of, 239
completed evolution of the, 1269
Conjoint Actor’s conjoining of the power of the, with spirit person of God the Supreme, 1264
co-operation of the personalities of time and space with the, 1275
creature experience a phase of that of the, 1268
a definition, 1268
evolution of, as the overcontroller of the physical power of the grand universe, 1274
factualization of the, through the Supreme Creator Personalities, 1270
“the form of the yet unformed…”, 1288
functions of the, relation of, to those of the Trinity, 1304
growing control of the, physical control in the superuniverses a part of the, 1268-1269
and Paradise Trinity, regard of, for the whole, not for the part, 1305
perfection the destiny of the, 1268
power prerogatives of, 641
present incomplete status of the, 1268
realities of, and trinitization efforts of finaliters, 251
relation of, to Supreme Being, 12
relation of triune Paradise Deity to, 11
significance of, 251
source of the power of the, 1270
transcendental, God the Ultimate’s possible future manifestation as the, 1296-1297
unification of power potentials of the, with spiritual nature of the Supreme, 161
universe power presence of the, appearance of, 1269

Alms to blind beggars, Jews’ attitude toward giving, 1811
dependence upon, Jesus’ disapproval of, 1822
disbursement of apostolic, Jesus’ interest in, 1803
giving of, unrighteousness and the, 1826
Jesus’ and Ganid’s distribution of, in Naples, 1440
Jesus’ instructions as to the use of apostolic funds for, 1580

Almsgiving instructions to the apostles regarding, 1577
Pharisees’ devotion to, 1651
seeking the Father’s favor by, 1576

Alms-seekers professional, apostles’ attitude toward, 1580

Aloofness not a characteristic of the Father, 62

Alphabet(s) Dravidian import from Sumeria of an, 881
in the evolution of language, 908, 2080
the first, by Fad, 746
function of, in language, 2080
Nebadon, number of basic symbols in, 503
source of the Hebrews’, 838
the third, Adamites’ production of, 850
Uversa, number of basic symbols in, 503
writing and the blue man, 746

Alpheus twins attempt of, to protect the Master’s rest, 1734
cheerfulness of, 1707
faith of, in Jesus’ resurrection, 2038
influence of, on millions of simple souls, 1564
Jesus’ final admonition to the, 1959-1960
personal salutation to, 1897
praise of the, 1959
promise to, regarding their eternal future, 1960
welcome of, to his staff, 1564
the morontia Jesus’ talk with the, 2049
noncommittal attitude of, toward making Jesus king, 1701
rating of the minds of, 1563
reactions of, to Jesus’ triumphal entry, 1886
return of the donkey by the, 1883
service of, for Jesus on way to Jerusalem, 1882
serving of the Last Supper by the, 1940
shock of, at talk of Jesus’ coming death, 1759
and Thomas’ depressions, 1562
work of, at the Bethsaida camp, 1657

Alpine characteristic nature of the central European races, 898
forests, extensive spreading of the, cause and effect, 892
Nordic, or Mediterranean, impossibility of classifying white people as, 899

Alps effect of climate on ice and snow of, 721
presence of dislocated ice-age plants and animals on the, 702
southern, dolomite limestone of the, origin of, 685

Altar fires origin of use, 925

Alter ego a definition, 996
concept, evolution of the, 997-998
divine, man’s attempt in prayer to conceive of the Adjuster as a, 997
prayer and the, 996-997

Altruism Andonites’ lack of, 714
continued survival of, spiritual faith’s contribution to the, 1108
vs. egoism, 1131
false, in sympathizing with unsalvable abnormals, 592
fire’s encouragement of, 777
human, vs. kindness of Havona creatures, 52
racial conditions essential to development of, 726
idealism of, source of the, 1133
of the individual, on worlds in light and life, 630
opportunities for exercise of, on even normal worlds, 592
parents’ and children’s learning lessons of, 941
requisites for, 51

Altruistic drive, personality unification and the, 1132
impulse(s), every human being’s conflict between his self-seeking and his, 1131
importance of man’s knowing the true source of his, 1134
man’s, the Thought Adjuster’s attitude toward, 1131
origin of man’s urge to be, 1131
prayers, 998

Alvoring Nebadon a neighbor of, 360

Amadon association of, with Van in garden project, 822
vs. Caligastia in loyalty, 757
chairman of Adam and Eve reception committee, 829
chief of Adam’s guard of honor, 832
and his comrades, effect of the performance of, 762
departure of, for Jerusem with Melchizedek receivers, 833
identity of, 757
inspectors of, work of, 825
a leader of the Amadonites, 759
length of Urantian life of, 759, 826
loyalty of, to Van, 757
rating of, in Salvington records, 761
reason for devotion of, to the will of the Father in Paradise, 757
translation of, to Jerusem, time of, 760
tree of life’s service to, length of, 759, 826
Vanite tradition of translation of, 860
welcome of Adam and Eve by, 829

Amadonite(s) ancestry of, 821
culture of, 822
of immortality status, translation of, 759
of mortal status, careers of, 759
Nodites and the, 821-822
and northern Nodites, 860
number, source, and composition of the, 759
racial origin of, 822
significance of the term, 822
on Van’s council, reason for, 759

Amalgamation of Adamic and Planetary Prince centers, time of, 587
racial, and bestowal of Adamic blood, 585-586

Amatha illness of, 1631

Amathus apostles’ last week at, 1592-1593
apostles’ three-day sojourn at, 1654
apostolic group’s three-week sojourn at, 1589
Jesus’ healing of the ten lepers at, 1827
the seventy’s labors in, 1817

Amaziah identity and fate of, 1074

Ambassador(s) ad interim, Solitary Messengers as, 260
chosen, Jesus’ designation of the twelve as his, 1747
and emissaries of special assignment, Solitary Messengers as, 260
of the Father’s kingdom, apostles the, 1571
a distinct class of men, 1570
of Jesus, the apostles as, 1964
Jesus’ prediction of Simon Zelotes’ eventual labor as his, 1957
of the kingdom, apostles the, 1593, 1823
apostles’ growing realization of their task as, 1706
chosen, Jesus’ last mortal rendezvous with his, 1935
David’s rebuke to the, 2030
disillusionment of, 1705
Jesus’ choosing of twelve men as, 1715
Jesus’ disciple-apostles’ ordination as, 1547
Jesus’ presentation of his apostles to the Father as, 1568
Peter’s realization of his failure as an, 1981
Peter’s realization that he was still an, 2039
worldly honors should not be sought by, 1940
local universe, appointment and function of, 371
Melchizedeks as, 385
of Paradise to Nebadon, local universe jurisdiction of, 371
of Paradise Trinity in Nebadon, 370-371
of Seven Master Spirits, creature-trinitized sons as, 252
spiritual, Daynals as, 231
of a spiritual government, Jesus’ and the apostles’ business to be, 1565
of a spiritual kingdom, the apostles’ calling as, 1544
tribal, initial exchange of, 834
the Trinitized, 248-249
Unions of Days as, 235
Vorondadeks as, 390

Ambassadorial representation between superuniverses, lack of, 179

Ambassadorship apostles’ morontia rededication to former pledges of, 2050

Amber Nordic and Danubian commerce in, 897

Ambition(s) vs. animal indolence, 1223
disappointment of, cause of much sorrow, 1674
egoistic, ascending morontians’ socialization of, 508
forceful, an essential of material success, 1739
a function of, 765
highest, of the creature creation, 22
influence of self-seeking and vengeance on, 1926
and initiative, personal, vs. charms, 972
nonaltruistic, in apostles’ attempted healing, 1758
personal, of Simon Zelotes, in the kingdom, 1886
possible effect of, on the maternal instinct, 932
socialization of, importance of (Mota), 557
supreme, of God-knowing creatures, 21

Amdon identification of, 1015

Ameba vs. bacteria, in animal and plant kingdoms, 732
position of, in animal evolution, 732
typical survivors of trilobite age, 673

Amenemope identity of, 1009
influence of, on Hebrew literature and liturgy, 1043
on the Hebrews and the Greeks, 1046
the most influential religious teacher of his age, 1046
some quotations from, 1046
status of, among the Egyptians, 1046
teachings of, the onetime sacred book of the Hebrews, 1046

Amenhotep III depiction of birth of, on Luxor temple walls, 1215

America(s) coal deposition in the, 682
connection of, with Europe in late Carboniferous period, 682
North and South, westward drift of, time of beginning of, 668
racial admixture of the red man in the, 919
red man’s occupation of, 869
self-destruction of the red man in the, 880
stone strata of early trilobite ages in, 673

American Congress, comparison of Senate representation of Rhode Island, New York, and Texas in, 1489
continents, emergence of, during second period of invertebrate-animal age, 675
invasion of, by Pacific Ocean, 673
Federal Union, states of, abandonment of sovereignty and self-determination by, 1489
creation of the superstate sovereignty of, purpose, 1490
an illustration of mankind government, 1489
long state of peace of the, reason, 1489
regulation of their internal affairs by the states of, 1489
free states, peaceful condition of the, 1490
and Greenland life implantation, 667
industrialism, debt of, to the secular revolt, 2081
life, modern, secularism in, 2081
life plasm, the source of dominant factors of man’s ancestral lemurs, 703
red man, practice of, as to war captives, 779
and private land ownership, 781

Amerindian culture, oldest, center of, 884

Amerinds comparison of, with the Egyptians, in religious practices, 1044
members of the Mongoloid class, 905
overrunning of North American hunting area by the, 907
religious concepts of the, 1010

Amida all-merciful, Amidists’ faith in an, 1041
Buddha, final belief in, 1040
identity of, 1041
influence of, in regard to human salvation, 1041

Amidists belief of, in an Infinite Reality, 1041

Amity displacement of enmity by, 785

Ammonites David’s heavy taxing of the, 1073
the Jewish priests’ story of Saul’s defeat of the, 1072

Ammonites (marine life) decline of, during late Cretaceous age, 692
domination of invertebrate life of the oceans by, 687
fossil remains of, 686
of later reptilian age, 687
number of species of, 686

Amorite confederation Abraham and the, 1020

Amos, brother of Jesus birth of, 1373
death of, 1400
relation of the youthful Jesus with, 1372

Amos, friend of John Mark reasons for failure of, to become a follower, 1922
Jesus’ comparison of John Mark and, 1922

Amos, of Kheresa belief of, in his domination by evil spirits, 1696
the lunatic, Jesus’ healing of, 1696
one-time lunatic, desire of, to go with Jesus, 1697
spreading the news of the cure of, 1697-1698

Amos, the prophet attack on immorality of the northern tribes by, 1065
beginning of secret writing by, 1074
change in concept of God’s nature after days of, 1597
comparison of John the Baptist with, 1502
concept of God proclaimed by, 1065
a discoverer of new concepts of Deity, 1065
an evaluation of the spiritual contribution of, 1066
fate of, 1066
the Father’s use of, 1731
and Hosea, 1065-1066
Israel’s progressive revelation of God from Moses to, 1732
influence of, on Hebrew spiritual life, 1066
quotations from, relating to Yahweh’s attitude toward all evildoers, 1065
teaching of, regarding the fate of Israel, 1071

Amosad identity of, 1009
leadership of, in second garden, 872

Amphitheater on an Urmia island, dedication of, to the “spirit of religion”, 1485

Amulets impotence of, 1681

Amusement madness a Roman weakness, 2074
in reviewing early experiences, 548

Analogy(ies) between the natural and spiritual in teaching truth, 1692
spiritual, difficulties in attempting to make a natural parable yield, 1691

Anarchy misery a product of, 783

Anatomic blends time required for racial manifestation of, 593
structure of new orders of life, physical law’s relation to, 670
vestiges, of blended human stocks, 593

Anatomists rating of Adam and Eve as Satania, 831

Anaxagoras a mechanist, 1079

Anaxand contact of, with Jesus in Caesarea, 1430
death of, 1430
identity of, 1430
membership of, in the Christian church at Caesarea, 1430
subsequent steward of Cornelius, the Roman centurion, 1430

Ancestor(s) of all things, God the honored, 1451
common, of monkey and gorilla, 697
a common, a reason for the clan, 788
Jesus’ teaching concerning attitude toward, 1581
of mankind, acceptance of Material Sons and Daughters as, 587
man’s primitive, picture of the tiger and, 1098
service to our divine, a prerequisite to prayer, 1453
supernal, the divine Creator the, 34
of universes, Father of spirits, 467
Urantian primitive, salty ocean the habitat of, 664
veneration, in Europe, 887
the great strength of, 888
the great weakness of, 888
origin of, 887
worship, 960-961
ancient, 791
China influenced by, 1033
China’s confusion with, 1033
contribution of, to ghost fear, 960
vs. Deity worship, 998
early inevitability of, 960
effect of, on Chinese peacefulness, 887
and family loyalty, 888
and monogamy, 927
present-day persistence of, 1012
use of, in Buddhism, 1038

Ancestral conduct, Confucius’ establishment of a respect for, 1034
forces, Paradise the origin of, 169
foundation for outstanding talent, 507-508

Ancestry ancient human, makeup of, 703
of Eve’s seducer, 846

Ancient tongue priests’ use of, in religious ritual, 992

Ancient(s) of Days
about, 209-210
decree of, as to safety of Nebadon throughout Urantia bestowal, 1325
establishment by Gabriel of direct contact with the, occasion for, 634
future status of, disagreement as to, 643
mandate of, against spiritual jeopardy in Nebadon, 1326
midway position of, between Paradise and the evolving worlds, 1272
number of, 209
and number of inhabited worlds in local systems, 559
personal abodes of each trio of, 209
and prevention of rebellion during Urantia bestowal, 1326
report of associate force organizer to, 651
a Semite appellation for Deity, 1053
significance of the name, 209
Supreme Being’s eventual supersedence of, as supreme rulers, 210
translation of broadcasts of, into local universe tongues, 504
unrevealed agents of, cocreators of abandonters, 416
of Uversa, 32
communication of, with Michael while in the tomb, 2016
Gabriel’s message to Jesus on authority of the, 1513
mandate for Urantia Revelation issued by, 354

Ancient(s) of Days, 1. Origin and nature
attributes of, 259
characteristics of, 209-210
function of, 259
Havona apprenticeships not served by, 211
origin of, 209, 259
permanent function of, 12
relation of Supreme Power Directors and associates to, 322-323
representation of, at supreme councils on Paradise, 212
rulings of, characteristics, 210
Stationary Sons of the Trinity, 114
the super-Fathers, 587
as Supreme Creators, 640
Supreme Trinity Personalities, 207
Uversa records of happenings since arrival of, 282
wisdom of the ages present with the, 311

Ancient(s) of Days, 2. Superuniverse rulers
acceptance of Michael as sovereign ruler of Nebadon by the, 1317
ascenders as wards of the, 342
authority of the three, when functioning together, 217
authority of, to transfer Technical Advisers to other activities, 280
councils of, requisites for local universe admission to, 177
decisions of, in nontrial matters, 180
delegation of authority to Gabriel by, 370
field of operations of the, 115
function of High Son Assistants in government of, 253
inhabited worlds’ new appreciation of, 628
Jesus’ request of, for certification as to his mortal transit, 2022
joint, dual and individual action of, 209
and life inauguration on a new planet, 404
limitation of Michael’s personal power by reservations of the, 367
mortals’ recognition of, requisites for, 209
need for united action of the three, 309
a participant in Life Carrier creation, 396
Perfections of Days vicegerents of, 210
power of, 210
proclamation of the supreme council of unlimited authority by the, 634
in production of Life Carriers, 223-224
relation of Eternals of Days to, 208
relation of, to archangel commission of Life Carrier transmutation, 731
reports of Unions of Days to, 212
required certification by the, of a Creator Son’s seven bestowals, 1308
requirements by the, prior to granting a Creator Son sovereignty, 1309
sovereignty of the, in Orvonton, 1190
superadministration of, on Uversa, 485
a superuniverse ruled by three, 166
the triune rulers of the superuniverses, 1272

Ancient(s) of Days, 3. Personality associates
assignment of primary seconaphim to ascending creatures by the, 317
of seraphim and midway creatures to service of, 248
of tertiary circuit supervisors to local universes by the, 265
of Trinitized Sons of Selection to courts of, 244
attachment of primary seconaphim to service of, 307
Celestial Guardians as officers of courts of, 252
commission of Trinitized Sons of Perfection to courts of, 244
conciliators under supervision of, 278
direction of Solitary Messengers in local universe service by, 259
immediate assistants of, 178
Mighty Messengers’ assignment to administration of, 245
the official observers of, 246
participation in government of, by Divine Counselors, Universal Censors, and Perfectors of Wisdom, 217
Perfectors of Wisdom assigned to, 216
and Personalized Adjusters, 1179
Personalized Adjusters’ sometime consultations with the, 1201
relation of Associate Inspectors and Assigned Sentinels to, 269
service of Trinitized Sons of Perfection under the, 251
tertiaphim in liaison service of, 286
Those High in Authority, the executives of the, 246
Trinitized Ambassadors of, 248
Trinitized Sons of Attainment assigned to service of, 244
utilization of knowledge of custodians of knowledge by, 302

Ancient(s) of Days, 4. Courts of Ancients of Days
apprehending agents of, 252
attitude of, toward annihilation of evildoers, 615
authority of, over eternal life, 180
in intelligent life extinction, 396
blotting out mandate of, 409
courts of, function of Brilliant Evening Stars before, 407
possible handicap of, 452
relation of Reflective Image Aids to, 201
and reports from Recents, Unions, and Faithfuls of Days, 181
training of Technical Advisers in, 280
courts presided over by an, 180
and execution of decrees of dissolution, 38
influence of, in the surviving mortal’s resurrection, 1332
judgment authority of, 601
tribunals of, and decrees of cessation of existence, 37
jurisdiction of, over Census Directors, 267
and Master Spirit concerned, concurrence of, in superuniverse decisions, 180
and Most Highs’ seizure of authority over wayward worlds, 489
a particular Adjuster’s willingness to submit all to the tribunals of the, 1214
sanction of court of survival referees by, 449
Seraphic Corps of Completion’s function in courts of, 428
Spirit-fusers’ presentation at courts of, 453
time an element of evidence in judgment of, 315
transmission of findings of survival referee courts to, 449
tribunals of, Trinitized Custodians, officers of, 211
unanimity of decisions of, 180
Universal Censors’ relation to judgments of, 217

Ancient(s) of Days, 5. Deity relations and reflectivity
advantages to, of reflectivity, 309
and God the Sevenfold, 11
God the Supreme Actualizing in the, 12, 1269
hearing, seeing, knowing ability of, 308
influence of Eternal Son in domains of the, 83
interpretation of the mind of the Infinite Spirit to the, 308
liaison ministry of tertiaphim between Creator Sons and, 307
living mirrors in service of, 307
Master Spirits’ action on superuniverse headquarters through the, 197
Michael’s counsels with, 367
participation of, in the ministry of the Sevenfold, 1164
the personification of Trinity justice-judgment in time and space, 1272
and realization of God, 12
second phase of God the Sevenfold, 628
sole utilizers of reflectivity service in superuniverses, 308
synchronization of governments of, with Majeston, by Master Spirits, 206
of reflective vision of, with broadcast messages, 309
technique of personal intercourse between Reflective Spirits and, 202
technique of, in ascertaining attitude of Michael of Nebadon, 308-309

Ancient(s) of Days, 6. The Lucifer rebellion
adjudication of Lucifer rebellion unfinished by the, 529
of Satania rebellion by, 758
approval of, of Constellation Fathers’ seizure of Satania government, 609
delay of, in handing down decisions as to disposition of the archrebels, 609
eventual adjudication of sin of Lucifer by the, 510
Lucifer’s attack on rights of, in local systems, 603
contention as to debarment of executioners of, 603
contention regarding interference of, 604
open defiance of the, 605
Michael’s petition to the, for internment authority over Lucifer rebels, 611

Andes Andite intermarriage with natives of the, 873
mountains, rising of, during coal-deposition epoch, 682

Andite(s) about, 871-872
abandonment of highlands of central Asia by, 878
Adamic blood in the, vs. that in modern races, 871
-Adamsonite entry into Europe, 862
age, later, confusion of triads and trinities in the, 1144
quality of the arts of, not always indicative of its civilization, 903
along the Nile, 894
artisans, exodus of, from the Euphrates valley to Egypt, 894
attempt of, to rebuild the Tower of Babel, 859
belief of, regarding ghosts, 953
blood, in the Nordic race, 897
traces of, in Peru, 884
-blue union, the origin of present-day European civilization, 894
brother and sister marriages among the, 918
cavalrymen, revival of Turkestan civilization by, 872
central Asian, dilution of, 879
civilization, disruption of, by Mesopotamian floods, 875
predominance of, in Eurasia, period of, 878
of, in southwest Asia, 878
comparison of, with pure-line violet peoples, 872
contact of, with Andonites of eastern Asia, 884
contribution of, to races they penetrated, 873
to the races, premarital love and romance an, 923
conquest of India, 879-880
of northern Europe, 893-894
culture, territory of the dominance of, 872
true, easternmost outpost of, 878
date of submergence of, in India, 880
dispersions, the last, 873-874
Dravidian, contact of, with Mesopotamia and China, 881
early work of, in metals, 903
effect of aridity upon the civilization of, 907
-Egyptian African coastal trek, 873
emigrants, functions of, 873
enter China, 886
era of Urantia civilization, factors in setting the stage for, 871
of the Euphrates valley, migration of, to Europe, 889
evacuation of Mesopotamia, 874
expansion in the Occident, 889-899
in the Orient, 878-888
a factor in the southern white race, 898
family-council, characteristics of the, 941
final dispersion of, 873
formation of, 868
horsemen, appearance of, in Europe, 893
In India, attempts of, to preserve racial identity, 880
infiltration of India, 878
influence of, on Indian masses, 880
mountains and forests on the, 900
on outmating among the Sangiks, 919
on women’s place in society, 937
inhabitants of India, 874
inheritance, influence of, in the Caucasoid races, 905
influence of, on tractability, 941
sex regulation and, 914
in the so-called white race, 872
invaders of India, fate of, 880
invasion of India, influx of Sethite priests during the, 881
of Europe, 892-893
language in the Aryan tongue, 872
last of the, 875-877
later migrations of, influence on China, 886
migrations of, retention of Edenic culture by, 871
of the Mediterranean isles, 895-896
migration of, into China, 886
to northern Europe and the Mediterranean regions, 896
migrations, 872-873
migrants, to Crete, 895
military skill of, 872
nonabsorption of Indian aborigines by the, 880
northern extension of, through Turkestan, 872
originally not cannibals, 979
origin of, 871
population in Europe at close of final invasion, 893
race, birthplace of, 871
early beginnings of the, 851
as a, in Mesopotamia, 872
racial blends making up the, 859, 868, 871-872
strain, amalgamation of, with the Chinese, 886
and Sangiks, influence of blending, on early man’s sex gratification, 942
scattering of biologic and cultural residue of, 896
seven major invasions of, into Europe, 892
of southwest Asia, familiarity of, with agricultural techniques, 901
spiritual heritage of, decline in, 895
stock, influence of, on marriage, 922
percentage of, in Europe, 872
strains, carried by Mesopotamian invaders, 876
submergence of, by peoples of south India, 881
superior, refusal of, to leave the homeland, 874
terminal exodus of, from Turkestan, 882
of Turkestan, 878-879
first to domesticate the horse, 902
vs. white stock, in northern European invaders, 893
-yellow and Mesopotamian racial blend, 874

Andon -blue stock, artistic abilities of, 748
and his descendants, monogamous, 940
descendants of, in mountains of central and southeastern Europe, 896
discovery of fire making by, 712, 777, 901
the family of, 713
hunting club fashioned by, 711
invention of stone ax by, 715
Neanderthalers’ relation to, 727
Nebadon meaning of, 711
not a worshiper of fires, 777
philosophy of, 716
reception of a Thought Adjuster by, 717
settlement of disputes by, 783
tribes, blue man’s migration along trails of the, 727
intelligence of, comparison of, with that of descendants, 715
union of stock of, with that of the corporeal staff, 856

Andon and Fonta Adjuster fusion of several children of, 717
Amadon a descendant of, 757
attitude of tribal relatives toward, 712
birthplace of, 878
children and grandchildren of, 713
comparison of, with ancestors and descendants, 711
death of, 713
delay of northward flight of, reason for, 712
denial of request of, to send greetings to Urantia, 717
disappearing of arts of, 719
dispersion of family of, 713
fatal earthquake’s injury to family of, 713
fusion with their Adjusters by, 717
Jesus’ contemplation of Urantia life from days of, 1514
Joseph’s line of inheritance to, 1344
life plasm of stock of, transplantation of, to bodies of corporeal staff, 742
migrations of descendants of, 719
occasion of final decision of, to flee from tribal home, 712
parents of, comparison of tribal relatives with, 711
present assignment of, 717
secret hiding place of, on first day of flight, 712
story, Life Carriers’ appraisal of, 717
superiority of red men over, 723
survival of, 717
Thought Adjuster indwelling of, 736
Urantia names of, 711

Andonic aborigines, 718-719
clan(s), 713-715
breakup of, 714
increasing numbers of, and growing friction, 714
leadership of, 714
the two absorbing pursuits of, 714
culture, retention of remnants of, by Foxhall peoples, 719
dialect, in the Aryan tongue, 872
germ plasm, carried by corporeal members of the Prince’s staff, 744, 857
changes in, 857
migrations, extent of, 719
race, superior children of, in Dalamatia homes, 750
uniqueness of time of appearance, 735
tribes, development of, in northern climes, vs. nondevelopment of backward cousins in southern forests, 718
Onagar’s assumption of leadership of, 715
Urantia aborigines, an original skeletal type of a Urantia race, 904

Andonite(s) absorption of, by northward-moving Adamites, 870
Adamsonites’ later admixture with the, 862
Amadonites as related to, 822
appearance of, on Urantia, unusual in Satania, 723
associates of corporeal staff, 756
blood, absorption of, by European blue race, 891
in the Nordic race, 897
broad-headedness of, 904
central Europe’s one-time control of, by the, 894
complexion of, 713
the Danubian, 896-897
dispersion of, 715
early, clannish spirit of, 713
entrance of, into Europe from Siberia, 892
a factor in the southern white race, 898
glacial perils undergone by westernmost, 728
and the golden rule, 783
hairiness of early, 713
homelands of, at conclusion of Sangik migrations, 728
of Iceland, Salem missionaries’ penetration to the, 1021
inheritance factors in Urantia’s superior stocks, 846
in Lapland and Brittany, 893
limited play instinct and humor among the, 942
location of settlements of, 869
modified, value of tree of life to, 826
mores on twins, 770
occupancy of Asia Minor and central-eastern Europe by, 871
the one hundred, function of, at Prince’s headquarters, 745
one-time control of the northern Pacific islands by the, 884
originally not cannibals, 979
predominance in the central white race, 897
on Prince’s staff, long life of, 745
racial deterioration of, 719
and red and yellow race mixtures in India, 879
rediscovery of the hammer by an, 768
relation of settlement of, to those of Vanite culture, 870
sailors, from Asia Minor, amalgamation of, with Danubians, 897
and Sangik racial mixture in southern Europe, 871
separation of the two European branches of the white race by the, 896
settlement of disputes by, 783
settlements, location and number of, in western Europe, 715
Siberians, assimilation of red stock by the, 884
skins used as protection by, 713
stock, stabilizing influence of, when admixed with Andite, 872
in all white peoples, 889
territorial distribution of, 871
type, obscurity of, by the dominance of the Sangiks, 904
union of western Nodites with the, 859
in Van’s advanced outposts, 760
of western India in Dalamatia schools, 751

Andovontia function of, 413
greetings to Urantia from, 413
identity of, 413

Andrew ablest of twelve apostles, 1549
and Abner, alternating presiding officers of meetings, 1624
Abner’s association with, 1642
the acting head of Jesus’ ambassadors, 1958
age of, when chosen as an apostle, 1548
aid of, in Peter’s restoration, 1551
apostolic position of, 1554
arrangement of apostles’ work schedule by, 1589
assumption of chairmanship of the apostolic group by, 1539
belief of, concerning the kingdom, 1618
chairman and director-general of the twelve, 1547-1548, 1746-1747
characteristics of, 1550
choice of Jesus’ three personal aides by, 1554
comparison of James Zebedee with, 1552
conference of, with all apostles but Judas, 1750-1751
with Jesus, concerning Judas, 1751
conversation of, with the Master on way to Magadan Park, 1761
death of, 1550
decision of, to follow Jesus, 1524
disturbed state of, at Archelais, 1610
and Ezra, John the Baptist’s pronouncement to, 1526
facial expression of, a clue to Judas Alpheus, 1949
the first chosen, 1548-1550
futile attempt of, to heal the epileptic boy, 1756
great service of, to the kingdom, 1549
greeting of James of Safed by, 1756
identification of, 1548
impression on, of Jesus, 1524, 1534
individualistic tendency of, 2056
influence of, on Peter, during time of waiting, 1534
instruction by, regarding John’s followers, 1588
intimation by, of Judas’s desertion, 1963
Jesus’ final personal admonition to, 1958-1959
final personal salutation to, 1897
final plea to, to strengthen his brethren, 1967
final request of, to pray for his brother Peter, 1703
Judas’ consultation with, regarding apostolic funds, 1803
lack of jealousy of Peter by, 1549
left to proclaim the gospel in Jerusalem, 2058
lesson on “The New Way” by, 1629
management of the Bethsaida teaching program by, 1578
Matthew, and Judas, the managerial committee at Amathus, 1589
missionary journeys of, 1550
the morontia Jesus’ talk with, 2048
opposition of, to proclaiming Jesus king, 1701
organization of preaching program at Pella camp by, 1588
participation of, in the Pentecost preaching, 2060
and Peter, compatibility of, 1549
first tour of, to Capernaum, 1538
preaching partners, 1681
Peter’s discussion of his plans with, 1550
Philip’s appeal to, for help with the Greeks, 1902
placating duties of, at Amathus, 1589
possible suspicion of, as to Judas’ guilt, 1956
presentation of Teherma to Simon by, 1592
prevailing counsel of, as to the choosing of six other apostles, 1539
query of, concerning Jesus’ talk on wealth, 1823
concerning the time for leaving Jerusalem, 1913
regarding Jesus’ prediction of his death, 1759
regarding self-control, 1609
about the morality of Jesus’ teaching, 1585
reaction of, to Jesus’ attempt to clarify himself and his mission, 1531
to Jesus’ silence at Capernaum, 1707
to Jesus’ triumphal entry, 1884
to Jesus’ weeping, 1587
to John the Baptist’s pronouncement concerning Jesus, 1526
to news of Jesus’ resurrection, 2038
release of, as administrative head of the apostles, 1959
relinquishment of his sword by, 1966
selection of Matthew Levi by, 1539
and selection of the seventy, 1801
silence of, in apostolic discussion after Jesus’ arrest, 1975
sponsor of Matthew, 1559
suggestion of, that Simon join Jesus, 1524
supervisor of apostolic activities at the Bethsaida camp, 1657
supervisory position of, 1544
suspicion and individualism of, 2056
termination of the second preaching tour by, 1677
and Thomas, reaction of, to declaration of Simon and Judas in attempted healing episode, 1756
tribute of, to Peter, on day of Pentecost, 1549
warnings of, regarding Peter’s unreliability, 2040
writing by, of record concerning his Master, 1549

Andromeda distance of, from Urantia, 170
superuniverse location of, 170
nebula, collapse of Nova of, 464

Andronover activities in, 654
assumption of spiral form by, 653
breakup, cause of, 653
central cluster, developments in, 654
completion of tertiary cycle of, 654
creation, establishment of, as a primary nebula, 652
effect on, of near collision with neighboring nebula, 168
final nuclear remnant of, 655
Nebadon’s origin in, 455
nebula, beginning of recaptive period of, 653
initiation of, 652
number of, 652
origin of, 651
relation of, to Urantia solar system, 168
shape of, at height of its energy mobilization, 652
solar system sun the offspring of the, 651
nucleus, escape of outer gaseous regions from the, 653
present status of, 655
quartan cycle of, 655
remnant planetary family of, 655
solar circuits, establishment of, 654
terminal breakup of, 655

Ang function of, 745
and three associates, loyalty of, 757

Angamon identity of, 1456
introduction of a rich man to Jesus by, 1462
Jesus’ talk with, in Rome, 1456-1457

Angel(s) acceptance of Michael’s offer of mercy by, 610
arousal of devotion of, by Jesus’ death on the cross, 2019
assignment of, to the service of humans, 1841
to worlds settled in light and life, 441
assistance of, to the mortal in progress through the transition worlds, 1248
assisted by midwayers, as ministers for the resident governor general, 1250
awareness of, of their Creator’s having been “tried and tested” like them, 1314
characteristics of, 285
of the churches,” purpose of the, 1255
circles of the, activities of the first of the, 525
conventional idea of, 438
of death, Jews’ superstition about the, 1845
definition, 418
delight of, in service, 555
discernment of both spirit and material beings by, 498
of diversion, now serving on Urantia, functions of the, 1256
effect on, of attainment of presence of the Powers of Paradise, 304
of enlightenment, now serving on Urantia, 1256
epochal, now serving on Urantia, 1255
Essenes’ specialized teachings about, 1535
eternal future of, uncertainty as to, 441
evil, apostate seraphim as, 863
as evolutionary ascenders, 866
fourth primary seconaphim’s responsiveness to sentiments of, 309
and function of secondary midwayers in literal phenomena ascribed to, 865
functions of, 95, 285
of the future, now in service on Urantia, 1255-1256
of the Garden, of Adam and Eve, identity of, 583
guardian, 1241-1242, 1246-1248
humans’ possible affection for their, 1243
possible future of, 348
of health, now serving on Urantia, 1256
of heaven, Jesus’ promise to acknowledge the faithful before the, 1820
traditional, seraphim the, 1241
his mighty, 422
and humans, personal status of, 419
humans’ similarity to, 1243
Ignorance of, as to time of Son of Man’s reappearing, 1915
industry, now serving on Urantia, 1256
Infinite Spirit’s limit of expression, 445
insulation of, for transport, 438
intermingling of Material Sons and ascending pilgrims with, 436
Jesus’ absorption in the temple discussion about, 1381
Jesus’ talk about, 1840-1841
level of origin of, 441
of the little ones, and faces of the heavenly hosts, 1761
local universe, highest order of, 427
revealed orders of, 427
of the Lord, “Brilliant Evening Stars as the, 407
opening of prison doors by, 865
a Semite appellation for Deity, 1053
lower orders of, origin, 314
lowest order of, 422
man personally guarded and guided by the, 445
mankind not judged by, 419
man’s appeals and prayers no direct concern of, 1246
relation to, 445
many ministries of, 1247
messages from, improperly accredited, 60
mighty, message of, to Jesus, regarding his death, 1969
ministry of, to Jesus in the garden, 1968
ministry of, increasing effectiveness of, as ages of light and life pass, 631
Jesus’ and Nathaniel’s discussion of, 1840
ushering in of the advent of Trinity Teacher by the, 600
all orders of, on morontia worlds, 551
mortal man’s inability to become an, 1841
and mortal-survival plans, 420
mortal’s attitude toward, vs. that of spornagia for finaliters, 530
and mortals, comparative time of Paradise achievement by, 440
music the universal language of, 500
of nation life, the “angels of the trumpets”, 1255
natural immortality of, 1841
nature of, 419
need of, for refreshment of reversion, 549
no direct contact by, with Adjusters, 1245
nonexistence of, in outer space, 131
nonmanipulation by, of the mortal will, 1245
nonreproductivity of, 1841
number of, now present on Urantia, 1250
of Paradise, 297
reaction of, to accumulated emotions of Paradise attainers, 304
perplexity of, over traitorous sin of Caligastia, 758
philosophy of, 555
planetary helper reserves’ service to, 439
possession of wings by, origin of idea of, 438
potential of unlimited self-expression of an, 507
vs. primary midwayers, 424
of progress, now serving on Urantia, 1255
planetary, celestial artisans’ supervision by, 507
of the races, now in service on Urantia, 1255
reactions of, to mortals, 1246
relation of, to Melchizedeks, 385
resemblance of resurrected righteous to, 1900
responsiveness of, to Joys of Existence, 312
secondary midwayers’ relation to, 864
Seraphington the destiny sphere for, 441
service-limitation of, 426
sometime embracing of evil by, 1191
study by, in the extension schools on the mansion worlds, 1248
subjection of, to Michael’s sovereignty, 422
of superhuman ministry, now serving on Urantia, 1256
superhuman powers of, 419
supervising, disciplining of ease-drifting souls by, purpose, 1931
system headquarters of, on Jerusem, 514
time-and-space handicap of, 260
transport abilities of, limitation of, 431
of the trumpets,” through which” the Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men,”, 1255
unrevealed, six orders of, 420
Urantia knowledge of, 319
visibility of, to mortals, 574
volunteer service of, 555

Angelic archetypes, time of creation of, 418
beings, Infinite Spirit’s approach to men by the, 572
companions, a resurrected mortal’s ability to finally see his, 1248
corps, native to each universe, 414
council, highest planetary, 429
helpers, work of, after default of Adam, 853
hosts, attitude of, toward the resident governor general, 1252
children of the Infinite Spirit, 285
instructions to, in the Lucifer rebellion, 618
of Jerusem, Manotia’s assumption of command of, 606
ministering orders of, 147
ministry of, 286
Paradise attainment possibilities of, 443
promotion of joy among, 312
a separate order of beings, 1841
spiritual kinship of, with the human race, 1841
visibility of, to Adam and Eve, 851
voice of the, 309
ministers, assignment choice of, 426
original mother of, 205
ministry, mercy the keynote of, 430
orders, and extraplanetary communication of Adam and Eve, 839
local-creation, origin of, 205
personal status of, 285
system headquarters of, 536
time of projection of, 418
ranks, Lucifer rebellion losses in the, 608
recorders, function of, 201
residential circles, on Jerusem, 513
type of being, primary midwayers’ nearness to, 865
world, activities of, 510

Anger a characterization of, 557
conquest of, by mercy, 1449
danger of, 1576
a definition, 1673
destructive influence of, 1575
effect of, 1673
on the evolving soul, 1204
and fear, power of, 1573
God never indulges in, 41, 1442
and hate, control of, need for, 1447
human, God’s incapability of, 57
Jesus’ discourse on, 1673
portrayal of deliverance from, 1590
of Joseph, toward Jesus over Scythopolis games, 1371
of the Lord..,” as portrayed by Samuel, 1599
one of man’s greatest passions, 1451
source of, 1713
and wrath, and the kingdom of heaven, 1725
Yahweh a God of, according to Moses, 1057

Angiosperms food of early mammals, 695
predominance of, among plant life, time of, 690
spread of the, 689

Anglo-Saxons descendants of the Nordic races, 893

Angona inability of, to steal the sun’s substance, 656
loss of three major planets by, 657
solar extrusion, solar system planets’ swing around the sun in plane of the, 657
system, character of center of, 655
and formation of Urantia’s solar system, 656
influence of, on Urantia’s sun, 465
time of approach of, to Urantia’s sun, 655

Anguish and fear of the Lord, 1675
hammers of, 258
of Jesus, in the garden, 1969
of spirit, a sometime accompaniment of spiritual birth, 1130

Animal(s) ability of, to express emotions but not ideas and ideals, 1198
activities, conversion of vegetative energy into, 457
Adam’s ability in naming, 831
to angel, a phase of mortal finaliters’ progression, 558
arctic, migration of, to mountain peaks during ice age, 702
best suited to domestication, habitat of, 902
bodies, man’s deliverance from, necessity for, 507
body-creative ability of mind of the, 483
carnivorous, as fetishes, 967
vs. civilized man, as to love for offspring, 940
classification of certain mortals as, 1468
combat, obvious fatalities from, 989
commingling of, during ice age, 702
comparison of, with man, as to concept of time, 1439
-conquest advisers, disloyalty of entire board of, 757
creations, spornagias’ utilization of, 527
crude communication of, with one another, 1198
development, occurrence on man’s achievement of apex of, 592
domesticated, effect of, on civilization, 902
domestication, influence of, on man’s material comfort, 905
and utilization, board of, 746
progress of, 592
and the Roman state, 801
the second great advance in civilization, 901
vs. early mothers as to care for children, 940
early, from original life implantations, characteristic, 673
early overrunning of planets by larger, 590
effect of, on man’s labor, 902
existences, prehuman, three brain types of, 566
fear, man’s, angels’ difficulty to comprehend, 1243
means of liberation from, 1859
motivation of primitive worshipfulness, 948
transmutation of, into reverence for God, 1124
flying, early races’ use of, 590
failure of second attempt to produce, 691
following of the glaciers by certain, 702
form, southern Asians’ belief in man’s return to earth in, 946
gods, Andonic, pictures and engravings of, 716
higher, fears of, 944
primitive man’s attitude toward, 946
husbandry, conduct of, outside Eden, 823
of Dalamatian schools, 751
development of agriculture by, 750
disloyalty of entire board of, 757
Lot’s engagement in, 1019
relation of social activities to, 778
ice-age extinction of, in North America, 702
migration of, from South to North America, 702
imperfect subjugation of, on worlds in light and life, 625
inability of, to choose the unselfish from the selfish, 1131
to communicate concepts to each other, 1198
to experience superconsciousness, 1435
to possess a time self-consciousness, 1479
indispensability of, to man’s evolution, 403
indolence of man, vs. ambition, 1223
instinctive checking of the mating propensity in, 914
Jesus’ driving of, from the temple, 1890
knowledge a possession of, 1112
land, absence of, during late invertebrate-animal age, 675
North America the field of evolution of, 690
on Urantia, salt an essential to continuing life of, 664
level of existence, functioning of men on, 193
man’s emergence from the, 589
life, Adam’s familiarity with, 831
on architectural worlds, 492
basic system pattern of, 560
and carbon dioxide in Urantian atmosphere, 665
continental exchange of, during Pliocene period, 698
development of, at beginning of marine-life era, 672
dissimilarity of, on inhabited planets, 561
glaciers’ effect on, 702
inspection of, by Adam and Eve, 831
preceded by vegetable life, 560
primordial, spirit of intuition’s contact with, 709
profusion of simple forms of, 671
relation of ocean saltiness to evolution of, 669
sudden appearance of new species of, 669
tracing of evolution of vegetable life into, 669
types, basis of, in vegetable kingdom, 560
types, in Eden, 823-824
in man, manifestation of the, 1984
man’s use of, importance to advancing civilization, 901-902
material, three-gas-mixture air suited to, 520
vs. men, regarding wisdom, 1112
method of survival in time by, 1459
migration, from Asia to North America, 696
last great world-wide, time of, 698
mind, consciousness of the objective universe by the, 1435
man’s observation of, 78
slothful, rebellion of the, against cosmic problem solving, 1097
native to Europe, 720
nature, impulses of, a cause of temptation, 1738
increasing subjection of, to the Spirit, 381
possible hereditary character of the, 2016
necessity of, to adapt itself to environment, 2096
nonpersonal, method of learning of an, 193
nonpossession of worship and wisdom by, 1435
nonworriers, 1773
of North America, extinction of, in early ice age, 700
orders, modification of, on sub- and superatmospheric planets, 561
organisms, early, lack of shells by, and absence of fossils, 672
origin, ascending mortals’ abandonment of the coarse vestiges of, 538
beings, relation of Infinite Spirit to, 95
achievement of Paradise, 127
children of time, glorious destiny of, 354
creatures, service of Sons of God in ascendant plan for upstepping, 446
creatures, of Urantia, 21
of Father-fused mortals, 447
peoples, upstepping of physical status of, by Adamic stock, 239
races, impossibility of Adjuster-fusion of primitive mortals of, 569
paradise, Urantia an, during Cenozoic age, 693
population of North America during early ice age, 699
predatory, advisers regarding the conquest of, 746
prehuman, connecting links between dawn men and, 669
races, human intellect rooted in material origin of, 103
repeated domestication of many, 902
reproduction in captivity, and their domestication, 778
response of, to the urge of life, 1773
Rodan’s contrast of man and, 1773
sacrifice(s), apostles’ noncomprehension of Jesus’ teaching about, 1590
substitution of, for human sacrifices, 980
young Jesus’ questions as to the reason for, 1382
sacrificial, in the court of the gentiles, 1378
savages’ sometime envy of, 967
selective response of, limitations of, 193
soul, Greeks’ belief as to the residence of the, 955
species of nonbreathing worlds, vs. those of atmospheric planets, 564
spornagia perfect, 416
spornagias’ use of, in soil culture, 527
stationary types of early, 732
subjugation, under Dan, 746
superior, adjutant mind-spirits’ contact with, 709
survival of, Egyptians’ onetime belief in the, 1049
symbol, significance of an, 946
teachings of primitive tribes as to their descendance from, 837
techniques of communication between, 1775
tendencies, vs. the high urge of spirit endowment, 381
transition from vegetable to, 731
type of, during late invertebrate-animal age, 675
types, of Cenozoic age, 693
utilization of, early man’s, 778
vanquishing by primitive men of the larger, 590
various, raising of, by the Mesopotamian, Turkestan, and Chinese farmers, 902
vestigial traits, permanent eradication of, a purpose of morontia career, 551
world, comparison of man with, 193
early man’s enemy, 778
soul’s elevation of man above the, 1478
worship of, 946
worship, of Andonites, reason for, 716
decline of, reason, 722
natural evolution of, 716

Animalistic mental associations perishing of, with physical brain, 535

Animism not the source of all religions, 952
prayer’s nonrelation to, 995

Animosity apostles’, toward Judas, 1971

Anna identity of, 1353

Annan on Adam’s reception committee, 830

Annas desire of, to present charges against Jesus, 1983
desire of, to remain chief ecclesiastical authority, 1978
examination of Jesus by, 1978-1980
following of Jesus by John Zebedee and Peter to the home of, 1976
home of, Jesus taken for preliminary examination to the, 1977
John Mark’s appearance at, after Jesus’ arrest, 1975
identity of, 1420, 1596
instructions of the Roman captain to take Jesus to, 1978
Jesus’ introduction to, 1422
visit to, outcome, 1596
palace of, Jesus’ three-hour detention in the, 1978
plan of, to accuse Jesus of being a dangerous teacher, 1983
for Jesus to leave Palestine, 1978
reaction of, to Jesus, the determined Galilean, 1979
to Sanhedrin members’ physical mistreatment of Jesus, 1983
to his steward’s striking Jesus, 1979
relationship of, with Jesus, 1422
reluctance of, to participate in the murder of Jesus, 1978
Roman captain’s orders to take Jesus to, 1977
Salome’s relation to, 1420
statement by, of three charges against Jesus, 1983
status of, among the Jews, 1978

Annihilation a definition, 615
by justice, reason for, 241
verdict, exemption of salvaged personalities from the, 610
wholehearted sin results in, 37

Annon ancestor of Jesus’ mother, 1345

Announcement of Gabriel, to Elizabeth, 1345
to Mary, 1346

Annual conclave of Satania issue of Lucifer manifesto at the, 604

Anointed one a Jewish title of the Messiah, 1509
the Messiah expected to be the, 1748

Anointing of Jesus’ feet by a reformed harlot, 1652
of Jesus, by Mary, banquet guests’ reaction to, 1879
the sick, Jesus’ and John’s apostles’ conference on, 1678

Another age Jesus’ promise to the apostles regarding, 1544

Anova oldest inhabited world of Satania, 559
suns of, number, 559

Ansie ancestor of Jesus’ mother, 1345

Answer(s) to prayer answer(s) to prayer, 1848-1849
dependence of, on one’s capacity for receptivity, 1848
long-waiting, petitioners’ final appropriation of, 1849
possible reason for the delay of, 1848

Antagonism(s) attitudinal, God never a victim of, 38
between Jews and Samaritans, 1612
of Jerusalem crowds, later in Passover week, 1883
positive, of Jesus to Jewish traditions, 1655

Antagonistic co-operation marriage the highest manifestations of, 938

Antarctica breaking away from mother continent by, 668
glacial ice in, 699
rise of, out of Pacific Ocean, 662
severance of, from Asiatic continent, cause of, 663

Antares Nebadon’s largest star, size of, vs. that of Urantia’s sun, 458

Anthracite coal factors in production of, 681

Anthropomorphic the concept of God in Moses’ time, 1059
Isaiah the Second’s concept of God not, 1068
primitive man’s concept of God as, 1005

Anthropomorphism Christianity’s effect on concept of, 67
and evolutionary religion, 67
the Olympian gods an illustration of, 1078

Anticynical a quality of fatherly love, 1574

Antidotal Complements of Satania life currents, sources of, 745

Antigravity an attribute of the Infinite Spirit, 101
an attribute of power-control creatures, 101
behavior, partial, ultimatons’ attainment of, 476
effect of, compared to gravity-resistant phenomenon of a gyroscope, 101
endowment of first four groups of Higher Personalities of Infinite Spirit, 264
mechanical controllers, 326
secondary dissociators, 328
a function of, in Havona, 156
and heat, function of, 176
influence, of energy controllers, 175
factors in, 125
of pervaded space, 125
in the metamorphosis of energy and matter, 473
neutralization of gravity action and response thereto by, 482
operation of, 101
potential, individual revolutions of, a variety of utimatonic motion, 476
of power centers and physical controllers, 473
transcendence of time and space by spirit energies not influenced by, 82
transmissibility, 101
Universe Spirit’s possession of, 375
weight influenced by, 175

Anti-Jesus sect of Ezra, 1526

Antioch in Pisidia, Luke, a physician of, 1342
in Syria, Apostle Paul’s preaching experience in, 1492
believers at, financial aid by, for Jerusalem believers, 2067
Christianity, Paul’s, various teachings embodied in, 1340
description of, 1480
disagreement of Peter and Paul at, 1551
eventual headquarters of Pauline Christianity, 1869
faith of the gospel teachers of, in the resurrection of Jesus, 2029
Jesus and Ganid at, 1480-1481
the northwestern headquarters of the early church, 1831
Paul’s disciples first called “Christians” in, 1333
the proclamation of the first Trinity of Christianity at, 1144
on the route of the early Christian missionaries, 2068
Son of Man’s sojourn in, 1492
term “Christianity” first used at, 2068

Antithesis Jesus’ effective employment of, 1771

Antonia fortress of, Jewish authorities’ appearance at the, 1973
Roman guards’ flight from the tomb to the, 2023

Anu a Mesopotamian deity, 1042

Anvil(s) of justice, 100
of necessity, 258
and Urantia civilization, 747

Anxiety(ies) abandonment of, a necessity (Mota), 557
augmentation of Judas’, through personality isolation, 2056
banishment of, by a strong personality, 1658
distortion of mortal minds by, 103
extreme, effects of, 951
Jesus’ one, 1938
Jesus’ preaching against, 1579
material needs not supplied by, 1823
a natural state of the savage mind, 951
past, a basis of reminiscent jest, in morontia state, 547
personal, unimportance of much, 548
of the present, vs. certainties of the future, 548
result of man’s yielding to, 1451
undue, Jesus’ admonition against, 1578

Anxious comfort the, 1543
thought, to problems out of one’s hands, futility of giving, 1823

Apes early, nonrelation of, to lemurs of human ancestry, 703
and man, relation of, 706
and monkeys, as fetish animals, 967
inferior mid-mammal ancestry of, 706

Aphrodite cult of, in Greece, 1043
identity of, 1080

Apocalyptic books Jesus’ study of, 1390
concept, Jewish, of the Messiah’s advent, 1858

Apocalyptists belief of the, 1500
origin of the, 1500

Apollo temple in Rome, 1455

Apology(ies) of James and John, to their brethren, 1868
Jesus’ avoidance of, 1594
of Nalda to Jesus, 1613

Apostate planets hazards of Material Sons’ missions on, 580
princes, relation of, to the dragon, 606
rulers, Jesus’ death not to ransom man from the, 2016

Apostle(s) as clean branches of the vine, 1945
conference of Joseph and David with the, 2030
Jesus’ misunderstanding of, as to the identity of the persons of the Paradise Trinity, 1144
Jesus’ declaration of love for, and loyalty to his, 1605
not the sole recipients of the Spirit of Truth, 2063
Paul, a devotee of the continence cult, 977
personal religious experience of, Christianity’s foundation, 2091
preaching of, in Antioch, 1492
see also Paul
Paul’s doctrine of atonement for sin by “shedding of blood”, 716
the sons of God, 1945
women’s corps, and prominent disciples, Jesus’ meeting with, 1897

Apostle(s), 1. The twelve apostles
argument among, concerning their places in the kingdom, 1756
assembling of Jesus’ first six, 1527
assembly of, near Capernaum, by appointment, 2050
for ordination, 1568
contrast of the terms “disciple”, and, 1525
discussion of, as to their course of action in view of Jesus’ arrest, 1975
educational attainments of the, 1548
fighting not required of, for establishment of the kingdom, 1956
the first six, authorization of, to choose associates, 1538
function of the twelve, 1524
ignorance of, as to Jesus’ Mediterranean tour, 1423
as to Judas’ conspiracy to betray Jesus, 1935
inability of, to dissuade Jesus from going into Judea, 1838
Jesus’ choosing of the first four, 1524-1525
consecration charge to the, 1584
vs. laymen, 2031
ministering to, at Zebedee’s home by Peter’s wife and her mother, 1631
new, formal acceptance of, by the older six, 1539
not weaklings, 1608
ordination of the, 1568-1570
position of, around Jesus for ordination, 1569
positions of, at the U-shaped table at the last supper, 1937
reminiscent impressions of tarrying-time experience with Jesus by the six, 1535
second group, status of, 1539
swearing loyalty to Jesus and the kingdom by, 1544
and their love of men, 1574
the twelve, 1548-1567
Jesus’ announcement of his desire to ordain, 1538
the twelve’s desire to be, 1577

Apostle(s), 2. Training the apostles
ability of, to devote all their energies to Master’s work, 1546-1547
advice to, to live long, 1958
advised reaction of, to abuse, 1571
commission of, to save, not to judge men, 1571
to preach the gospel, 1931
comparison of, with servants watching for the bridegroom’s return, 1824
discussion limitations of, 1545
and evangelists, conference of, 1677
failure of, to comprehend the parable of the sower, 1689
instruction of, by Jesus for first Galilee tour, 1628
Jesus’ encouragement of, regarding their understanding of the gospel, 1961
instruction of his, at Bethany, 1798
promise of future work by the, 1906
special talk to, on wealth, reason, 1823
visiting with the, two and two, 2047-2050
mercy required of the, 1571
and ministers, Jesus’ talk concerning revelation, to his, 1807
need of, for more instruction about the kingdom, 1576
noncomprehension by, of Jesus’ explanation of the kingdom, 1635
not ascending Mount Hermon, Jesus’ explanation regarding, 1758
questions of, about the Father in heaven, 1598
sending out the, two and two, 681-682

Apostle(s), 3. Testing of the apostles
assimilation of Jesus’ teachings by the, 1584
avoidance of earthly possessions by, 1581
effect on, of contact with gentiles and Samaritans, 1610
of Jesus’ speech at Archelais, 1609
effect of John’s death on work of the, 1627
five months of testing of the, 1546-1547
going apart of, to seek spiritual guidance, 1747
growth of, in grace, 1785
inability of, to comprehend Jesus’ teaching at Jotapata, 1641
to grasp Jesus’ teachings about the kingdom, 1860
loneliness of, during Jesus’ absence in the hills, 1923
need of the three, to pray for themselves, 1968
perplexity of, on starting Mount Sartaba trip, 1611
prejudice of, toward Samaritans, 1827
proof of discipleship of, 1945
requirement by, as to parting with their worldly goods, 1802-1803
soberness of, at Simon’s banquet, 1879
subject of discussion among, on way to Peter’s house, 1761
unpreparedness of, for participation in transfiguration, 1752
unwillingness of, to go to their tents, just before Jesus’ betrayal, 1966

Apostle(s), 4. Reactions to Jesus’ work and teachings
approval by, of Peter’s refusal of Jesus’ foot washing, 1939
astonishment of, at unconcern of Jesus over possible danger in Jerusalem, 1878
attempts of, to dissuade Jesus from preaching in the temple, 1789
to interpret the parable of the sower, 1691
attitude of, on anointing the sick, 1678
on raising the widow’s son, 1646
toward Jesus’ triumphal entry, 1883-1887
aversion of, to Jesus’ leaving them, 2029
belief of, in connection with Kheresa swine and healing of Amos, 1696
concerning Jesus’ second coming, 1863
in Jesus, 1544
bewilderment of, by Jesus’ discourse on sonship and citizenship, 1932
confusion of, as to what the Master said or did not say, 1584
at Jesus’ claim of authority over his life, 1819
and disciples, effect on, of feeding the five thousand, 1704
double viewpoint of, regarding the kingdom, 1860
objection of, to Jesus’ returning to Judea, 1837
query of, concerning parables of the pounds and the talents, 1876
raising of Lazarus, and strengthening belief of the, 1837
reaction(s) of, to the Capernaum healing, 1634
to cleansing of the temple, 1890
to the gratitude of the Samaritan leper, 1828
to James of Safed’s arrival, 1756
to Jesus’ announcement of the time of their celebration of the Passover, 1936
Capernaum synagogue sermon, 1630
change in teaching tactics, 1714-1715
conversation with Nalda, 1614
depiction of the growth of the Jewish God concept, 1599
discussion of the “Golden Rule”, 1651
last temple discourse, 1910
leaving them, 1703
ordination prayer, 1570
predictions concerning Jerusalem, 1913
predictions of the destruction of the temple, 1912
refusal to be made king, 1702
teachings in Jerusalem, 1601
to the lifting of restriction on preaching and teaching, 1637
to the Master’s preparation for washing their feet, 1938
to the morontia Jesus’ first appearance, to them, 2040
to recognition of the spiritual equality of men and women, 1679
the six, to Jesus’ attempt to clarify his mission, 1531
the three, to the “voice” of the transfiguration, 1754
reluctance of, to leave the Capernaum interest, 1636
terror of, at Jesus’ appearances in Jerusalem, 1790
unawareness of, Jesus’ universe spiritual influence, 1585

Apostle(s), 5. Personal relations
anger of, at James’ and John’s seeking special honor, 1868
attitude of, toward Matthew, 1560
toward Nathaniel, 1558
toward outsiders who taught in Jesus’ name, 1765
decision of, to have private talks with Jesus, 1578
desire of, to be in John Mark’s place with Jesus, in the hills, 1923
and disciples, reaction of, to Judas’ betrayal kiss, 1974
downcast, Jesus’ unsuccessful attempt to cheer his, 1927
emotional state of, at end of sojourn on Mount Sartaba, 1611
fear of, for the life of the Master in Jerusalem, 1789
fellow, Judas’ final decision to abandon his, 1925
intimate contact of, with Jesus, at Bethsaida camp, 1659
Jesus an elder brother to the, 1855
Jesus’ direction of, to remain with him, 1720
noninterference in temporal affairs of, 1959
promise to be near the, 1947
visit with four, 1898
kneeling of, about Jesus, for his farewell talk, 2057
love and admiration of, for Jesus, 1541, 1751
the personal associates of the Son of Man, 1608
reaction of, to Judas’ betrayal of Jesus, 1567
to Judas’ choice of seat at the last supper, 1937
shock of, at Judas’ absence from the Gethsemane camp, 1966

Apostle(s), 6. Apostolic activities
activities of, on first preaching tour, 1642
on third mission, 1678
back in Bethsaida, 1703-1704
cities visited during the personal work of the, 1546
concentration on public preaching by, after the Bethsaida healing, 1633
of, on work at Pella, 1818
departure of, for Jerusalem, reason, 1595, 2051
the eleven, presence of, on Jesus’ last temple visit, 1905
and evangelists, grouping of, for the Decapolis tour, 1762
experiences of, on Mount Gilboa, 1618
first work of the twelve, 1545-1546
four-week sojourn of, at Bethany beyond Jordan, 1593-1595
at Gennesaret, 1705-1706
goodbye visit of the families of the, at Bethsaida, 1587
later dispersion of, cause, 2045
leading of Jesus from the Capernaum synagogue by the, 1714
left in Jerusalem after Pentecost, 2058
nonopposition of, to preaching in the Decapolis and Syria, 1612
older, careful review of Jesus’ teachings by, for younger six, 1542
participation in training of Magadan students by all, 1800
personal work of, for a five-month period, 1545
post-Jesus dispersion of the, 1616
preaching the gospel to all the world by the, 2055
pre-Pentecostal sacrifices of the, for Jesus, 2065
representation of Jesus in the world by the, 1934
support of themselves and families by, 1823
synagogue preaching of, 1643
tarrying of, at Bethsaida, after their ordination, 2050
teaching of, at Pella, 1817
in the temple, during the Passover period, 1596
voicing of gentile objections to the gospel by the, 1607
week rest period of, after the Decapolis tour, 1772
work of, in Jericho, 1595
at Jotapata, 1638-1641

Apostle(s), 7. Individual apostles
Alpheus, James and Judas, 1563-1564
see also Alpheus twins
Andrew the first chosen, 1524, 1548-1550
and his narration of the life of Jesus, 1332
life of Jesus as recorded by the, 1341
see also Andrew
Andrew’s instructions from Jesus regarding, after king-making episode, 1703
watching of several of the, during Passover week, 1884
the eleven, in comparison with Judas, 1925
the impetuous, and personalities of Infinite Spirit, 418
James Zebedee, 1552-1553
see also James Zebedee
John Zebedee, 1553-1556
see also John Zebedee
Judas Iscariot, 1565-1567
see also Judas Iscariot
of love,” John Zebedee the, 1554
Matthew Levi, 1559-1560
see also Matthew
Nathaniel (honest), 1558-1559
see also Nathaniel
of the new commandment, Jesus’ plea for John to become the, 1955
Peter, Simon, 1550-1552
see also Peter, see also Simon Peter
Peter, the chief spokesman for the, 2029
and things clean and unclean, 1713
Peter’s informing the, of his visit with the risen Jesus, 2040
Philip, the curious, 1556-1558
the curious, see also Philip
Simon the Zealot (also Simon Zelotes), 1564-1565
see also Simon, the Zealot
Thomas Didymus, 1561-1563
see also Thomas
Thomas’ faithfulness to being an, 1562

Apostle(s), 8. The crucifixion and resurrection
belief of, in Jesus’ resurrection, 2044
Cleopas’ and Jacob’s report to the, of their contact with the morontia Jesus, 2036
at the crucifixion, absence of, 2007
David’s messengers’ reports to, during the first “Good Friday”, 2001
demoralizing effect of Jesus’ crucifixion on the, 2066
the eight, disbelief of, in the women’s story of Jesus’ resurrection, 2027
the eleven, assembling of, in the upper chamber, after Jesus’ death, 2014
casting of lots for a twelfth apostle by the, 2058
love of, for Jesus, 1926
loyalty of, to Jesus during his trial and crucifixion, 1546
failure of, to heed Jesus’ statements regarding his death and resurrection, 2029
fear and doubt of the, regarding the resurrection of Jesus, 2031
as a group, morontia Jesus’ third manifestation to the, 2047
hiding of, after Jesus’ crucifixion, 2000
inability of, to understand Jesus’ references to his departure, 1952
Jesus’ fear for the possible destruction of, 1971
morontia appearance in the upper room to the, 2055
request of the women to announce his resurrection to the, 2027
sorrow at parting with his, 1969
willingness to die after providing for the safety of his, 2011
morontia Jesus’ attitude toward his, 2034
Jesus’ visit with the, 2047
nonparticipation of, in events of Jesus’ last week, 1893
proclaiming the news of their risen Master by, on the way to Galilee, 2045
reaction of, to Jesus’ prediction of his death and resurrection, 1759, 1871
to Peter’s and John’s return form Jesus’ tomb, 2028
to Peter’s news of having seen the risen Jesus, 2040
refusal of, to believe Mary Magdalene’s second story regarding the morontia Jesus, 2028
Resurrection Sunday in the lives of the, 2037
seclusion of, in the upper chamber, after Jesus’ resurrection, 2051
suffering of, at death of Jesus, 2025
suspense and uncertainty of, during Jesus’ last week, 1896
the ten, sojourn of, at the Mark home, following Jesus’ crucifixion, 2025
three, with Jesus, in Gethsemane, 1968
upper chamber in Mark home the temporary headquarters of the, 2051
whereabouts of, following arrest of Jesus, 1976

Apostle(s), 9. Relations with John’s apostles
of Jesus and John, association of, 1642
amity between, 1648
consolidation of the work of the, 1798
Gilboa decision as to independent work of, during John’s lifetime, 1625
separate labors of, 1648
working organization of, 1626
noninterference of Jesus in difficulties between John’s disciples and the, 1593
teaching success of, with John’s disciples, 1588

Apostles of John the Baptist see John the Baptist, apostles of

Apostleship(s) vs. discipleship, 1577, 1579
and family obligation, 1801
possible relinquishment of, 1577
rigorous requirements of, 1577
second group, voting on, by each of the first six apostles, 1539

Apostolic camp, near Pella, capacity of, 1806
camp, return of Jesus and the three apostles to the, 1755
corps, in Capernaum, 1655
at Jerusalem, 1706
Peter the recognized head of the, 2045
directors, Jesus’ plan against having close relatives as, 1538
family, James and Judas Alpheus’ acceptance into the, 1541
funds, deposit of, in a Jericho bank, 1648
turning over of, to David Zebedee by Judas, 1933
group, route of, from Caesarea-Philippi to Sidon, 1728
harmony, basis of, 1591
Jesus’ reaction of James’ query about, 1591
party, lodging arrangements of, at feast of tabernacles, 1797
teaching tour, length of the first, 1539
temple message, four phases of, 1596

Appalachian Mountains deposits of Devonian epoch in the, 680
effect of backthrust of continental drift on, 690
presence of dislocated ice-age plants and animals on the, 702
through, onetime height of eastern mountains of, 673

Apparition appearance of, at Jesus’ baptism, 1504

Appeal(s) Jesus’ last, to the Jewish people, 1905
to Jerusalem, Jesus’ proposed final, 1837
overpowering, Jesus’ avoidance of, 1424
Pilate’s, to the Jewish leaders, Jesus’ indifference to, 1999

Appearance(s) morontia, of Jesus, 2029-2036
to the apostles and other leaders, 2037-2044
final, and ascension, 2052-2058
in Galilee, 2045-2051

Appeasement of an angry God, an unworthy philosophy, 60

Appetite(s) of the body, nondetermination of the soul’s worth by, 1739
physical, subordination of, 1519
for truth, whetting the (Mota), 556

Appian Way Gonod’s and Ganid’s trip over the, 1468
people living along the, 1468

Apple(s) as fetishes, 967
the literal forbidden fruit, 975

Appreciation an essential to human character development, 1775
a stage from reverence to love, 1675

Apprehenders David’s messengers mistaken for Jesus’, 1723
delayed departure of, for the Mark home, 1972
Jesus’ desire that his apostles be unaware of action by his, 1971
Jesus’, probable early arrival of, Mary’s unawareness of, 1722

Apprehension apostolic suspense of, 1707
Jesus’, agitation for, cause and effect of, 1606
the Master’s, causes for delay of, 1891
possible results of, 1611

Apprenticeships of superuniverse governmental administrators, early, 211

Approach to God, the, 62-64

Approachability of the Eternal Son to onetime mortals, 89
of God, 63
to mortals, of the Eternal Son and the Universal Father, 74

Appropriations federal, technique of making, in the continental nation, 816

Aptitude inherent, the basis of special human ability, 507

Aqueduct Pilate’s use of temple money for the construction of a new, 1988

Aquila identification of, 1473
Jesus’ contact with, in Rome, 1473

Arabia Abnerian concept of the kingdom while in, 1869
capability of, for receiving the gospel of Jesus, 1051
certain Saharans’ migration to, 890
elevation of, effect of, on Mediterranean Sea, 726
infiltration into Egypt of inferior tribes from, 894
longtime worship of fetishes in, 1050
reverence for reptiles in, 968
the Salem teachings in, 1050-1051

Arabian desert, almost complete failure of the Melchizedek teachings in the, 1050
desert, late establishment of the idea of one God in the, 1050
nomads, maintenance of a belief in Yahweh by, during the captivity, 1055
Sea, Dravidian shipping on the, 881
Semites, vs. the northern Semites and Hittites, 1054

Arabs adoption ceremony of ancient, 787
modern, racial origin of, 727

Aramaic Jesus’ familiarity with, 1358-1359
the language of Matthew’s record of Jesus’ life, 1342
Pentecost messages in, 2060
use of, in Palestine, 1338

Ararat identity of, 860
significance of, to the Vanites, 860

Arbela the seventy’s labors in, 1817

Arbitration ethics, and administrative adjudication, a Jerusem administrative department, 527

Archangel(s) activities, direction of certain, from Urantia, 409
activities on Urantia, Most High mediator’s concern with, 491
angelic hosts commanded by, 421
as assistants to Magisterial Sons on world missions, 225
Brilliant Evening Stars co-commanders of, on Avonal bestowal missions, 407
and Chief of Nebadon Power Centers, authors of Paper 41, 466
chief of, of Nebadon, Paper 33 presented by, 373
Paper 35 sponsored by, 395
request of Gabriel by the, for the mortal body of Jesus, 2022
circuit and divisional headquarters of, on Urantia, 1259
circuit of, direct passage of some Michael broadcasts over the, 522
first operation of, from Urantia, 2024
functioning of the, on Urantia, 1191
location of, on Urantia, 1250
on Urantia, utilization of, by experts of communication, 505
Urantia’s privilege to use the, 1254
commanding, authority of, in spiritual matters, in the Urantia planetary government, 1253
commission of Life Carrier transmutation, 731
corps, chief of, dictation of first message to Urantia over planetary mind circuit by, 710
Nebadon, directing head of, 408
custodian of the tree of life, admonition to the Edenic pair by the, 845
function of, 408-409, 1253
of initial planetary circuit, arrival of, on Urantia, 710
loyalty of, to Michael during Lucifer rebellion, 607
message on formal planetary recognition of Urantia, 711
of Michael, 409
attitude of, toward Lucifer, 601
of Nebadon, Paper 44 indited by an, 508
Paper 46 presented by an, 529
Paper 48 presented by an, 558
Paper 77 presented by an, 867
Paper 78 presented by an, 877
Paper 79 presented by an, 888
Paper 80 presented by an, 899
Paper 81 sponsored by an, 912
need for, in universe administration, 635
not the custodians of personality, 1234
origin of, 408
Planetary Princes accompanied by, 590
chief of, of Nebadon, Paper 33 presented by, 373
Paper 35 sponsored by, 395
preservation by, of the records of surviving mortals’ personality, 1234
presiding, judgment seat of, 513
proclamation of, at inauguration of Adam and Eve, 830
of record, in ceremony of ascending mortals’ entrance upon Paradise service, 538
of the resurrection, 409
central rendezvous of, on first mansion world, 532-533
saving assistance of the, on Urantia, 1254
sealing of human-level beings for resurrection by the, 590
senior, and seraphic advancement, 440
space reports by, of happenings to the Son of Man during the crucifixion, 2001
supervision of translation of living mortals by the planetary, 624
time of assignment of, to planets in light and life, 624
training of, 409
of translations, a member of the ministering-spirit quartette, 628
tribunals of, a seraphim’s appearance before the, relative to nonsurviving associate, 1247
warning, brushing aside of, by Cano, 842
worlds of the, 409

Archdeceiver(s) last visit to Urantia of the, time, 611
mortal man never the property of the, 2016

Archelais preaching at, 1607-1609

Archelaus aqueduct and palace of, in Jericho, 1875
deposition of, relation of, to Jesus’ safety, 1374
experience of, the basis of parable of the pounds, 1875
Joseph’s fear of, 1356

Archenemy(ies) of Jesus, and the hatred and cruelty associated with his death, 1972
Jesus’ refusal to judge even his, 1795
Jesus’ struggle on Mount Hermon with his superhuman, 1493

Archeozoic ages earth’s surface water covered only during the, 875
era, period covered by, 672

Architect(s) of Being, function of, 396
of form, Life Carriers the, 574
of the Garden, representation of, on Adam’s reception committee, 830
of local universe life plans, Creator Sons the, 236
social, 432-433
of the space stage, the second triunity the, 1148
of spirit and morontia temples, 502
of spirit-born soul, the spirit the, 483-484

Architect(s) of the Master Universe about, 351-352
activities of, in outer space, 130, 351-352
assistants of, 352
definition of, 16
eventual members of Ultimate Trinity, 16
extension of recess of mortal finaliters by the, 249
a function of, 251, 351
in the maturing of the three potential Absolutes, 1264
in the present universe age, 1165
functional unification of realities by the, 1160
individuality of parents of creature-trinitized sons in roll calls of, 250
number of, 351
offspring of mixed trinitizing unions the wards of, 250
Personalized Adjusters the executives of the, 1201
plans of, and permanent ascendant population of local and superuniverses, 452
question as to significance of direction of Solitary Messengers and “children of time and eternity” by, 262
realities of permanent value sometimes held in trust for the service of the, 1201
a reality of the transcendental level, 1160
relation of, to post-Havona universes’ administration, 137
supervision of Master Force Organizers by the, 329
transcendental plans of, for appearance of nebulae, 455
Trinity oath of eternity administered by head of the, 351
and unification of the levels of creation, 637

Architectural genius Imhotep an, 894

Architectural spheres about, 174-175
construction of, 456
definition, 174
in the grand universe, 166
headquarters of constellations, 166
of local systems, 166
local universe headquarters worlds, 166, 358
methods of lighting, heating, and energizing the, 456
morontia worlds are, 541
of Nebadon constellations, similarity in size of, 485
in Nebadon, number of, 416
number of, in constellation headquarters group, 485
a part of the grand universe, 129
power-director action in organization of, 170
seven courtesy colonies’ sojourn on, 338
superuniverse function of Supreme Power Centers on, 323
unattached seraphim’s service on, 429

Architectural worlds Architectural worlds, 172
astronomical system location of, 174
constellation, administrators of, 485
crystal fields common to, 487
crystals and precious metals on, 526
definition, 172
description of, inadequate, 521
divisions of material life on, 492
freedom of, from rainfall, storms, and blizzards, 520
inhabitants of, types, 358
major sectors’ headquarters, 166
minor sectors’ headquarters, 166
nonluminosity of, 520
number of, in completed seven superuniverses, 175
physical and morontia elements of, 541
possibilities for biologic beautification on, 492
roofs unnecessary on structures of, 547
of Salvington and constellations, time required for completion of the, 654
spornagias’ upkeep of material phases of, 416
superuniverse headquarters, 166

Architecture of Dalamatia, 743
of Havona spheres, 156
improved, influence of, on man’s material comfort, 905
origin of, in temple building, 1006
of planetary temples, development of, on system capital, 622
of the second garden, excellence of, 850
of Urantia natives, Dalamatia’s improvement of, 743

Archives of Isle of Light, definition, 281

Archrebel(s) activities of, following dethronement of Lucifer, 609
freedom of, in Satania following arrival of Lanaforge, 609
of Jerusem, attendance of, on Edentia councils, 490
life of, in Satania, and restoration of severed circuits, 607

Arctic Andonite occupancy of the, 871
Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf waters, connection of, 678
land mass, westward drift of, time of beginning of, 668
North American sea, outlet of, to Pacific Ocean through California, 678
Ocean, connection of, with Mediterranean during Eocene period, 694
connection of, with the southern seas, result, 689
regions, onetime climate of, 690
seas, connection of, with southern Gulf waters, 673

Ardnon identity of, 1317

Area and building custodians functions of, 546-547

Areopolis the seventy’s labors in, 1817

Arguments Jesus’ indifference to winning, 1383
overpowering, nonemployment of, in coercing souls, 1765

Arid regions of the earth water supply of, 690

Aridity appearance of, during climatic transition stage, 683
increasing in Central Asia, effect on population, 879
of Iran, Turkestan, and Sinkiang, effect of, on Andite civilization, 907

Aristocracy basis of, 790
of the first century Mediterranean world, 1335
original, shamans the, 989

Aristotelian philosophy Hellenized Jews’ conformation of Hebrew theology with, 1338

Aristotle some teachings of, 1079

Arius vs. Athanasius at Nicea, consequences, 2070

Ark Moses’ concession regarding the contents of the, 969
Noah’s, origin of the story of, 875

Armageddon headquarters of the orange men, 724

Armaments and world-wide peace, 1490-1491

Armed band action of the three apostles and a group of believers on sight of the, 1973
reaction of, to Jesus’ admission of his identity, 1974
guards, Judas’ attempt to dissociate himself from the, 1973

Armenia Andrew’s ministry in, 1550

Arms Judas’ knowledge of Simon Zelotes’ store of, 1972
Simon Zelotes’ supplying the apostles with, 1966

Army(ies) absence of, on worlds in light and life, 630
angelic, number in, 421
courage of, vs. that of Jesus’ followers, 1608
entrance into the Father’s kingdom independent of, 1537
Roman, questions as to the Messiah’s smiting the, 1505
strength of, power of the Father’s kingdom not in, 1568

Army(ies) of heaven commanders of, subject to Jesus’ orders, 1969
Gabriel commander in chief of, 370
nearness of, to Jesus, 1934

Aroer the seventy’s labors in, 1817

Arrest betrayal and, of Jesus, 1971-1977
immediate, apostles’ fear of, 1723
and imprisonment, Peter’s belief in his having avoided, 1981
of Jesus, attempt of Sanhedrin agents to accomplish the, 1797
attempted, 1791
Eber’s refusal to make the, 1792
Herod’s authorization of, 1720
Judas’ arrangement for, 1926
plans for, 1972
meaning of, to him, 1999
miscarriage of plans for, 1973
reasons why not accomplished during the feast, 1789
Jewish rulers’ decision against placing Jesus under, reason, 1606
John the Baptist’s, Peter’s bringing news of, to Jesus, 1535
Jude’s account of his, to his family, 1416
the Master’s, 1973-1975
Sanhedrin’s orders for Jesus’ secret, 1910
submission of Jesus to, 1974
and trial of Jesus, detailed news of, brought to Bethany by John Zebedee, 1997

Arrested without indictment Jesus’ being, 1996

Arresting party number of persons in Judas’s, 1973

Arrival on Urantia of Adam and Eve about, 829-830

Arrogance of false teachers, 1826
possible end product of overmuch self-respect, 1765

Art(s) Adamic inheritance of, 549
advancement of, a handicap to the, 963
age of the flowering of, 595
angel’s appreciation of man’s, 419
biologic and morontia, on Edentia, 486
blue man’s, height of, time, 892
centers, on worlds in light and life, 630
Christianity and, 2069
cosmic, the apex of, 646
and craft training, Prince’s school of, 575
decorative, improvements in, during Dalamatian epoch, 748
a definition, 646, 2079-2080
during closing centuries of the post-Adamic age, 594
early beginnings of, 766
employment of, in worship of Paradise Deities, 304
the field of, 67
finite, the height of, 646
gallery of Satania, location of, 526
of Greece, the Indian travelers’ enjoyment of, 1476
Greek, empire status of, 2071
of Havona, ascending pilgrims’ growing appreciation of, 498
the high mission of (Mota), 557
human, the charm of, 43
Jewish, the second commandment’s influence on, 969
of living, the, 1775-1777
complexity of civilization, and the, 1772
conversion of the urge of life into the, 1772
essential factors of the, 1775-1777
man’s ability to attain the, 1773
new gospel’s service to the, 1778
periodic relearning of the need for, 1772
modern, foundations of, laid in the second garden, 850
nonconfusion of enjoyment of, with worship of the Father, 1600
origin of, 1775, 2096
practical, a specialty of the Adamic schools, 587
promotion of, during fourth dispensation, 588
relation of evolutionary religion to, 68
of religion and human experience to, 2096
religion’s constant spiritual evaluation of, 2080
religious, high spiritual motivation a requirement of, 1115
Roman’s attitude toward, 2072
and science, council of, 748, 757
of the second garden, 850
significance of, 2079
sponsoring of, by beauty, 647
status of, on advanced worlds in light and life, 629
in a high civilization, 2080
true, a definition, 2080
of working with other beings, importance of, 312

Artcrafts Susa the headquarters of, 875

Artemis and the ancient mother goddess, 1477-1478
identification of, 1477-1478

Arthropods air-breathing amphibians descendants of the, 680
the ancestors of first vertebrates, 679
the successors of brachiopods, 678

Artisan(s) celestial, 497-508
unification of truth, beauty, and goodness in experience of the, 507
upright, believers to be, 1932

Artist(s) an appreciation of art necessitates recognition of the, 2080
demonstration of the existence of the morontia world by the, 2080
God as conceived by the, 68
of light and shade, 501
of morontia and lower spirit realms, 497
of odor, function of, 506
the universe and the, 2080
Urantia, techniques of, vs. those of celestial artisans, 492
unfortunate depiction of Jesus by, 1590

Artistic achievements higher, schools of the Prince especially concerned with, 587
touch of creativeness, and aesthetic appreciation, 646

Artistry celestial, portrayal of, unification of creature progression and, 507

Aryan(s) -Andites, ceremonial practices of the, in India, 1027
attempts of, to preserve racial identity, 882, 1028
blood, “persistence of, in northern India, 882
concepts of Deity brought to India by the, 882
conquerors of India, identity of, 873
cult, Deccan’s influence on the, 1028
culture, the caste’s inability to perpetuate, 883
deities, the onetime thirty-three, 1027
early Andites not, 872
inhabitants of India, source of, 874
invasion, so-called, influence of, on the teachings of the Salem teachers, 1077
of India, 882-883
influx of Sethite priests during the, 881
noncompletion by, of conquest of India, 882
presence of, in India, at time of Melchizedek, 1027
terminal movement of, into the Levant and India, 879
tongue(s), factors composing the, 872
Sumerian language’s relation to, 860

Ascendant activities, future, concentration of certain, on Michael’s bestowal world, 409
beings, assurance of, of full satisfaction in worship, 304
attitude of, toward worship, 304
Eternal Son’s attitude toward, 77
as Infinite Spirit attainers, Master Spirit Number Four and, 187
morontia worlds the training spheres for, 502
of time, means of discovery of the Son by, 94
in waiting for Havona transport on Uversa, 317
career(s), intrauniverse travel a part of, 340
Mighty Messengers’ consciousness of their, 246
seraphim and the, 1248-1249
step-by-step mastery of, 295
children, of time, pre-Havona achievements of, 291
of the Universal Father, technique of ascent to Paradise by, 639
citizen(s), corps of mortals on Jerusem, Paul’s view of, 539
of Jerusem, loyalty of, during Lucifer rebellion, 608
of local universe, relation of Susatia to, 414
permanent, advantages of, in local and superuniverses, 452
citizenship, permanent, of Paradise, 532
creatures, attainment of universe goal by, 64
evolutionary, Paradise home of, 120
God of, functioning of Seventh Master Spirit for, 188
in Havona, ministry of Infinite Spirit’s representatives to, 158
instruction of, in technique of worship, 304
number of, in a finaliter company, 346
participation of Perfectors of Wisdom in celestial services of, 216
of permanent status, provision of, for time-space administrations, 452
of space, Ascendington the rendezvous of, 147
destinies, 452-454
experience, reality of, 380
life, division of, between work and play, 547
each unit of the, a training school, 559
higher physical studies of, in Ensa, 174
result of failure of probationary children to choose the, 532
man, immortal soul of, God the Supreme’s final actualization in the, 1286
ministry, a Jerusem administrative department, 527
personalities of space, experience of heights of being by, 303
pilgrim(s), activities of, on last Havona circle, 296
admission of, to final Havona circle, 296
to portals of eternity, 290
advancement of, from seventh Havona circuit, 291
battle cry of, 291
experience of, with Seven Spirits of the Havona Circuits, 203
first recognition of Solitary Messengers by, 258
ministry of primary supernaphim to, 287
perfected will creatures, 287
preparation of, for their final rest, 296
on seventh mansion world, access of, to seventh transition world, 510
social education of, on last Havona circuit, 296
transfer of, from seventh to sixth Havona circle, 291
plan(s) of mortal progression, 339
for upstepping animal-origin creatures, 446
Mansion World Teachers’ familiarity with, 551
scheme of mortal progression, Master Spirits’ representatives’ part in, 190
Mighty Messengers’ activities in the, 246
seraphim, as Celestial Recorders, 414
sojourners on Salvington, spirit co-ordinators’ service to, 430
sonship, Guardian seraphim’s achievement of, 443
soul(s), companions of, on Paradise trip, 293
no premature admission of, to central universe, 155
of time, service of, by tertiary supernaphim, 289
urge of, to find God, 155
spirits, as Evening Stars, 407
superangels, as Evening Stars, 407
trinitized associates of the superuniverse rulers, three groups of, 307
Trinitized Sons, a responsibility of, 314

Ascendant mortal(s) Adjuster-fused, as Trinitized Sons of Attainment, 244
assembly of, on Mount of Paradise Assembly, 489
attainment of Corps of the Finality by, 248
attitude of, toward the Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy, 149
career, Brilliant Evening Stars’ connection with, 407
of survivors by modified orders of ascension, 440
communication of, with Mighty Messengers, 246
conditions under which Paradise Companions are assigned to, 283
contact of Perfectors of Wisdom with, 216
correlation of previous experiences of, 388
on court of the Most High, 487
first postresurrection experiences of, 533
Havona, faith of, 290
on Jerusem, favorite preoccupation of, 522
support of Manotia by the, 606
Jesus’ familiarity with the thoughts and feelings of, 1425
of loyal insurrectionary experience, destiny of, 245
ministry, Gavalia’s assignment to, 407
Morontia Companions, personal guides to, 534
Paradise Companion’s special assignment to, 284
on Paradise, fraternization of, with chiefs of assignment, 300
perfected, creature-trinitized sons of, 244
pre-Havona unification of personalities of, 640
provision for nonstatus children of, 531
seraphim’s ever-present communication with, 1248
service of Paradise Companions to, 283
sixth-stage spirit rating of, 347
Son- or Spirit-fused, as Trinitized Ambassadors, 211
spirit stages of, 348
spiritual awareness of, of finaliters’ presence, 531
temporary companions of, on arrival on Paradise, 283
training, attack in Lucifer’s manifesto upon, 604
training of, in affairs of worlds of space and spheres of perfection, 343
welcome of, on Paradise arrival, 283

Ascender(s) achievement of, on sixth Havona circle, 292
Adamic training of, 515-517
on advanced light and life planets, 625
all, sometime simultaneous finding of the Supreme by, 1290
attainment of Supremacy by, 159
attitude of, toward their Jerusem services, 526
enseraphimed, experience of, 431
final training of, on Havona, 362
finaliter oath of, to the Paradise Trinity, 1292
finding of the Universal Father as seventh level of God the sevenfold by, 641
first contact of, with Imports of Time, 315
first mansion world landing of less advanced, 569
indispensability of parental relationship or its equivalent to, 516
individual, three groups of, 569
on Jerusem, care of individual world exhibits by, 525
mansion world landing of more advanced, 569
meaning of Adjuster’s fusion with the, 64
Nebadon’s place of greatest interest to, 387
new, adjustment of, to environment of morontia spheres, 554
order of attainment of the Deities by, 96
primary and secondary orders of, provision for Adjusterless children of, 570
of the Prince’s staff, loyalty of offspring of, 576
progress of, by classes, 342
dependence of, on mastery of lessons of each sphere, 551
progressive discernment of God by, through God the Sevenfold, 1296
provision for essentials to ascension experience of, 624
as pupil-teachers, 279
range of experience of, with perfected creature existence, 558
reaction of, on leaving Edentia for Salvington, 495-496
from rebellion-quarantined worlds, type of cosmic undertakings assigned to, 578
recognition of former associates by, 498
recognition of Seventh Master Spirit by all, 189
residential status of, on Paradise, 293
seventh mansion world landing of most advanced, 569
of space, work of pilgrim helpers for, 291
status of, experience provided by, 412
translation or resurrection of, 498
trinitized sons, function of, to planetary rulers, 628
and realities of the Almighty Supreme, 251
training spheres of, 251

Ascending beings, in Havona, ministry of secondary supernaphim to, 287
beings, humor most needed by, 549
career, Adjuster’s presence throughout the, 449
creature(s), assignment of primary seconaphim to, 317
early meeting of, with tertiary seconaphim, 317
of evolutionary worlds, Paradise the destiny of, 127
God the Father’s personal contact with, 445
power of, to reject eternal life any time prior to fusion, 1219
teaching of, by mercy reflectors, 315
life, the beginning of man’s, 1225
Material Sons, 444
Midwayers, assignment to, to Technical Advisers, 279
Midwayers, Technical Advisers recruited from certain, 279
morontia beings, intercommunication of, 505
mortals, see Ascending mortals
orders of dual-origin beings, five classes of, 331
of single-origin beings, five classes of, 332
of sonship, destinies of, 454
personality, endless possibilities of personality development of, 1169
-pilgrim graduates of Orvonton on advisory council, 179
pilgrims, activities of, on Vorondadek worlds, 391
admonition to, concerning the “way of life everlasting”, 383
awakening of, to import of time, 317
certification of, for translation to fifth circuit, 292
classification of secondary supernaphim ministering to, 289
courtesy-colony members on headquarter spheres, 340
definition, 340
development of, on sixth Havona circle, 292
first Paradise Deity attained by, 94
fraternization of, with descending pilgrims and creature-trinitized sons, 296
Havona experiences of, 158-159
of Havona, Master Spirit Number Seven the adviser of, 188
intermingling of Material Sons and angels with, 436
Lanonandek administrative teachers of, 394
order of contact of primary supernaphim by, 298
point of Havona entry of, 288
practical training of, 394
relations of superaphic associates to, 288
on superuniverse headquarters, conciliators’ service to, 278
from the superuniverses, Havona natives’ comprehension of the Supreme through contact with, 1289
revelation of, regarding the Supreme, 1265
term of service of, in advisory council, 179-180
of time, Eternal Son’s bestowal on, 86
time required for traversal of circuits of Havona by, 288
training of, as Paradise residents, 298
universe orientators’ service to, 428
visiting privileges of, in Havona, 159
work of, on fourth Havona circuit, 293
scale of living existence, range of the, 558
scheme for advancing pilgrims, extension-school instructors and the, 339
of mortal progression, reversion directors’ connection with, 339
of progressive perfection of children of time, angelic hosts and the, 286
sons, classification of mortals as, on fusion, 447
functioning on system headquarters, rendezvous of the, 524
of God, 443-454
classification of, 443
desire of, to do the Father’s will, 1434
man’s attainment of status of, at fusion, 449
midway creatures’ classification as, 424
midwayers’ eventual muster into the ranks of, 425
Personalized Adjusters’ classification as, 445
possible service of, with celestial artisans, 497
registration of midwayers as, 444
and revelation of the ministry of the Paradise Deities, 1598-1599
scope of the story of, 443
seraphic achievement of spiritual levels of, 285
seven orders of, 335
Sonarington the Paradise headquarters of, 145
technique of achieving status of, 223
Urantia mortals as, 448
planetary Adams as, 415
souls of time, final superuniverse training worlds of, 274
universe career, seven stages of, 340
will creatures, advancement of, plan for, 316

Ascending mortal(s) abodes of, freedom of pilgrims to make changes in, 546
activities of, in minor sectors, 212
activities and spiritual progress of, on Ascendington, 147
affiliation of, with recording seraphim, 554
all Ascendington open to, 147
bilingualism of, to Havona, 537
career, variation of, in the different superuniverses, 344
as celestial artisan pupils, 497
ceremony marking entrance of, upon Paradise service, 538
circles of, 526
classification of, 340-344
compensation of, for parental deficiencies, 516
contact of, with Assigned Sentinels, 269
with Celestial Artisans, 339
with Supreme Directors, and supervisors of morontia power, 319
differential reception of, on mansion and morontia worlds, 624
discernment of both spirit and material beings by, 498
Edentia assignments of, 495
residence of, 486
visits of, 486
education of, on Vorondadek worlds, 391
energy transformers’ visualization of finaliter realities to, 530
final settling of the status of, 342
finality destiny of, unknown, 347
of fourth Havona circuit, necessary achievements of, 294
friendship of, with Havona natives, 221
fused being’s rank as, to the Corps of the Finality, 1239
general and special superuniverse instruction of, 342
guest visits to Jerusem of, 539
Havona the pre-Paradise training goal for, 162
immediate destination and eventual goal of, 255
inherent sympathy of Mansion World Teachers for, 550
intellectual training of, 181
intensive deficiency-rectification training of, 518
introduction of, to true social life of morontia creatures, 536
a Jerusem pleasure of, 436
Jerusem spirit companions of, 436
journeyings of, between residential abodes and system capitals, 534
legislative experience of, on Vorondadek worlds, 391
loyalty of, during Lucifer rebellion, 608
mansion world experience of, beginning of, 533
on Mansonia number one, material character of, 535
and Material Sons and Daughters, 515
meeting ground of educators and spiritualizers of, 387
Melchizedek’s aid of the, 524
and midway creatures, universe service corps of, 416
morontia assignments of, 342
career of, Melchizedek’s supervision of, 388-389
Companion’s assignment to, 546
life of, 551
most settled period in career of an, 494
observation of, of the Sons of God at work on Jerusem, 524
opportunities of, for compensating experiential deprivations, 516
progress of, through the mansion worlds, 535
progression of, from the physical to the spiritual, 543
progressive experience of, from earth to Paradise, 343
reason for assignment of, to Technical Advisers, 279
receiving worlds for, 341
recognition of circuit supervisors by, 266
reflectivity not intimately contacted by, 202
relation of, to the Sons of God on transition-culture world, 524
residence of, during sojourn on primary spheres of Salvington, 387
on Melchizedek world, 387
restriction of movement of, among Melchizedek University worlds, 401
satiation of longings and ambitions of, in local universe, 508
of sixth mansion world, status of, 538
state of, on first mansion world, 539
study activities of, on tributary worlds of Melchizedek, 388
Teacher Son and Evening Star schools for, 408
teachers of, on Melchizedek worlds, 388
Technical Advisers recruited from, 279
Thought Adjusters’ function in memory retention of, 498-499
of time, and secondary cabinets of Supreme Executives, 199
training of, in Melchizedek university, 387
in universe administration, Lucifer’s contention regarding, 604
transient attachment of, to Technical Advisers, 279
transport facilities required by, 430
the two Jerusem sectors closed to, 526
Univitatia service to, vs. that of Havona natives to pilgrim spirits, 415

Ascendington Adjuster fusion the secret of, 1237
ascending mortals’ access to, 148
finaliters’ home address, 148
functions of, and activities on, 147
fused Adjusters’ registry in and out of, 1179
mortal experiences on, vs. those of seraphim on Seraphington, 441
the Paradise headquarters of the fused being, 1239
reflection of nature of Father, Son, and Spirit in, 208
secrets of, 147
Trinity-origin beings’ activities on, 148

Ascension -candidate status, acquirement of, 52
candidates, cherubim and sanobim as, 423
Havona the goal for, 160
potentials of, 423
Seventh Master Spirit’s sponsorship of, 188
career, equal possibilities for spiritual progress in the, 63
importance of, 447
initial experience of Son-seized mortals in the, 624
place of beginning by mortals from seventh-epoch light-and-life worlds, 631
standing of different brain-types in the, 566
evolutionary, the Father’s plan of, 85
of intelligent creatures to the Father, 645
of Jesus, 2057
to the Father, and pouring out of the spirit, 1904
of loved ones, the joy of, witnessing the, 623
modified orders of, and function of seraphim of the future, 440
morontia phases of, 158
Paradise, of creature beings, relation of Daynals to, 230
of midway creatures, 349
to Paradise, assurance of, 63
requisites for, 63
route of mortal, 63
to the Paradise Father, purpose of Michael’s, 1327
plan, feasibility of, 295
potential, Urantia races sons of, 448
progressive mortal, relation of Creator Sons to the, 37-38
project, a Father-Son plan, 93
scheme, Adjuster-fusion failures not indicative of flaws in the, 452
evolutionary, Spironga not concerned with, 416
of human spiritual progression, 145
local universe, subjection of Adam and posterity to the, 826
of mortal survival, relation of reflectivity to, 145
nonassociation of numerous Paradise-Havona natives with, 158
purpose of the, 54

Ascent to the Father, mortal, living way of, 89

Ascetic(s) colorless, believers not to be, 1931
Jesus not an, 1512
the teaching of reverence by the, 2043

Asceticism Jesus’ attitude toward, 1512
a ritual of religious sacrifice, 977

Ashdod Jesus’ visit to, 1492

Ashkhabad proximity of site of Andonia to modern, 879

Ashtoreth cult of, increase in Palestine of the, 1043

Ashur for the Assyrians, Jeremiah’s proclamation about, 1067

Ashurbanipal and the Samaritans’ enmity, 1612

Asia activity of volcanoes in, during Carboniferous period, 682
Adamite penetration into, 870
Andonite penetration into, 715
brown man’s occupation of western islands of, 728
central, absence of trilobite fossil-bearing outcroppings in, 674
consolidation by the yellow man of his holdings in, 871
present practice of shamanism in, 988
stock of the red man in, 723
eastern, migration to, effect of fifth glacier on, 726
primary Sangiks in, 883
yellow man’s occupancy of, 728
first home, hunting ground, and battleground of the Sangiks, 878
high elevation of, 680
the last cannibalism in, 979
northeastern, occupancy of, by red and yellow races, 727
northern, inundation of, 678
oldest mountains in, 692
a reason for the progress of civilization in, 902
southwestern, civilizations of, 878
the cradle of civilization after Adam, 900
sparse penetration of pure-line violet peoples into, 870
subsidence of, in the trilobite age, 673
western, inundation of, by the Atlantic, 679

Asia Minor Andrew’s ministry in, 1550
Andonite occupancy of, 871
Artemis the fertility goddess of, 1477-1478
Christian missionaries’ crossing of, 2068
reinforcement of European Andonites by arrivals from, 896

Asiatic continent effect of the east-and-west cleavage on, 663
land mass, maximum height of, 662
mother continent, stability of, as compared with other land masses, 675
peoples, effect on, of infiltration of mixed Adamic blood, 879
religionists, potential acceptability of the teachings of Jesus by, 1432

Asiatics Far East, influence of Jesus upon, 1485
spiritually hungry, potential receptiveness of, to Jesus’ teachings, 1430

Asmonean dynasty Jews’ coinage of silver money during the, 1889
palace, Jesus’ first view of the, 1379

Asoka building of a great Indian empire by, 1037
identity and influence of, 1037

Aspiration to be Godlike experience of, by the subjective consciousness, and will, 1431

Aspirations Jesus’ adjustment of, to the demands of the human occasion, 1405
noble, soul survival not fostered by surrender of, 1480
mortal, and morontia achievements, 507-508

Ass a peaceful king’s entrance into a city on an, 1881

Assassination of Jesus, Sadducees’ proposal for, 1911

Assemblage of truth seekers near Pella, 1587-1588

Assembly(ies) advisory and research, on Salvington, 373
Ancients of Days’, and Brilliant Evening Stars’, 407
chambers, personality, of blended races, 533
deliberative, of the superuniverse, 179-180
of finaliter visualization, 509
hall of the reversion directors, 526
legislative, of constellations, 373
universe advisory councils’ findings referred to, 373
of Paradise, ascending mortals’ attendance on, 495
places of nonworship, magnificence of, 502
special Salvington, called by Melchizedeks, 386
spirit, heavenly reproducers’ dramatic spectacles before, 501
universe, Urantia assemblies compared with, 373

Assigned messenger, from Salvington, first appearance of, to Jesus, 1376
Sentinel(s), administrative relation of, to Associate Inspectors, 269
the associates of the Associate Inspector, 413
direct report of, to Supreme Executive of their superuniverse, 269
and factors in administrative co-ordination of grand universe affairs, 269
function of, 268-269
in stage of light and life, 632
headquarters of, 628
Infinite Spirit the creator of, 269
of Jerusem, influence of, regarding the commission of twenty-four, 1251
local systems the field of operations of, 269
mobilization of, as the stabilization corps of the local universe, 634
number of, 269
personal representative of, on ministering-spirit quartette, 628
rotational service of, in local universes, 269
of Satania, the ex officio head of the commission of twenty-four, 269, 1252
stationed on system capitals, 264
universe location of, 268

Assignments angelic ministers’ choice of, 426
of seraphim, initial, 426
of Solitary Messengers, 257-260

Assistant(s) subordinate, tertiary Lanonandeks as, 392
teachers, function of, 430

Associate(s) Absolute, a central universe name for the Eternal Son, 74
Circuit Supervisors, creation of, 265
liaison of, with the Supreme Power Centers, results of, 265
creator, identity of, 643
force organizer(s), discovery of space conditions favorable for materialization by, 651
function of, 329
number 811,307, space-condition discovery by, 651
outer-space operations of, 329
of former existences, ascenders’ recognition of, 498
Inspector(s), action of, in local universe stage of light and life, 634
direct report of, to the Supreme Executive of their superuniverse, 269
and factors in administrative co-ordination of grand universe affairs, 269
function of, 268
headquarters of the reserve corps of, 268
number of, 268
office of, 413
origin of, 268
relation of Assigned Sentinels to, 269
reports by, and to, 268
residence of, 413
on Salvington, 1252
source of information of, 269
stationed on local universe capitals, 264
time of creation of, 268
Master Force Organizers, Council of Equilibrium chosen from among, 324
retirement of, on appearance of gravity response, 470
new, apostles’ future need of finding, 1957
personal, of the Son of Man, 1608
power directors, functions of, 325
mechanical controllers assistants of the, 325
reserves of, on minor sector headquarters, 325
technique of, in effecting changes in power adjustment and energy control, 326
and utilization of less personal orders of physical controllers by celestial life, 326
reaction of, to Jesus’ explanation of his coming kingdom, 1544
registrars, function of, 544-545
member in Morontia Power Supervisor creative groups, 543
number of, associated with each combined controller, 544
Transcendental Force Organizers, assistants to Architects of the Master Universe, 352
Master Force Organizers, and production of gravity energy, 470
function of, 319, 329

Association(s) early human, 787-788
enhanced safety of, a foundation of primitive society, 763
of ideas, automatic, and spirit of understanding, 402
bestowal of, on advancing animal types, 709
intelligent, the primitive mind’s inadequacy for, 951
living, augmentation of, not mere arithmetical summation, 113
of mankind, influences leading to, 765
the price of survival, 763
results of early, 773
working, of worlds of space, influence of, in organization of Corps of Finality, 345

Associative level of total Deity function, 3
of total Deity function, definition, 2

Associative possibilities number inherent in the three persons of Deity, 184

Assumptions unproved, human thought predicated on, 1139

Assuntia a Satania neighbor, 457

Assurance(s) discourse on, 1601
eternal, secularism’s and naturalism’s lack of, 2077
of faith, 1118-1119
vs. authoritative certainty, 1731
replacement of, by the assurance of truth, in the morontia state, 1111
profound, and true religion, 66

Assyria contact of, with Palestine, 1333
fall of, effect on Judah, 1074
refusal of kings of Israel and Egypt to pay tribute to, 1074

Assyrian stock Nodite contribution to, 859

Assyrians superstitions of, 1681

Astarte cult of, among the northern tribes, 1043

Asteroids Angona’s influence in producing the, 656
present day, origin of, 658

Astrologers association of, with marriage, 924
the Caesars’ futile attempts to banish, 988

Astrology vs. astronomy, 901
a definition, 1680
and Greco-Roman religion, 1337
last revival of, in Mesopotamia, 1043
lead of, to astronomy, 901, 972
present day belief in, 973
primitive, universal practice of, 988

Astronomer(s) celestial, 338
colonies, locations of, 339
near-by, appearance of the Andronover nebula to, 652
twentieth-century, observations of spiral nebulae by, 653
Urantia, and activities of Architects of the Master Universe, 130
visibility of Andronover to, 653

Astronomic center of Satania, location of the Supreme Power Center, 456
dust clusters, and hydrogen clouds, 666
observatory of Jerusem, location of, 526
systems, retrograde motion in, cause of, 657
velocity estimations, accuracy and inaccuracy of, 134

Astronomical catastrophes of space, attitude of power centers toward, 322
of space, groups in Satania, 457
of space, observations of Uversa star students, 131

Astronomy vs. astrology, 901
ideas of the people of Jesus’ time regarding, 1341
a proper pursuit of science, 1680
revelation’s co-ordination of, 1123
similarity between early Chinese and Mesopotamian, reason, 886
the youthful Jesus’ perplexing questions about, 1365

Asylum the right of, early recognition of, 785

Athanasius influence of, on Christianity, 2070

Atheism a definition, 646

Athenians characteristics of, in times of Jesus, 1477

Athens discourse on science at, 1476-1477
importance of, in Greece in time of Jesus, 1476
Jesus’, Ganid’s, and Gonod’s enjoyment of, 1476

Athletic contests a qualification for marriage, 916
games, a purpose of, 791

Atlantic coast, first landing of white men on the, 729
coast, high land elevations of, during early trilobite age along the, 673
sinking of, 675
coastal highlands, location of, in early fern-forest period, 680
depression, North America’s creep toward, 698
high coastal regions, extent of submergence of, during coal-deposition epoch, 682
Ocean, coast-line inroads of, 673
and Gulf Stream, 321
inundation of Europe and western Asia by the, 679
Pacific, Arctic, and Gulf Waters, connection of, 678
sea, northern, connection of, with southern Gulf waters, 673

Atman Hindu concept of, similarity to the Adjuster, 1215

Atmosphere(s) combustion, Urantia’s early lack of a, 658-659
determination of physical differences on inhabited worlds by, 561
earth’s, as a sunlight filter, 665
Edentia’s, composition of, 486
a factor in cooling the earth’s crust, 660
fitness of, for animal respiration, 683
friction, meteoric bombardment of worlds lacking, 563
impoverished, function of energy transformers with regard to, 327-328
Jerusem, suitability of, for material animals and plants, 520
of late climatic transition stage, and animal respiration, 683
oxygen enrichment of, 680
three-gas mixture, of Jerusem, 520
the Urantia, 665-666
elements during volcanic age in, 659
primitive, 659
proportion of, in first three miles, 666
thinning out of, into average space matter, 473

Atmosphereless planets suitability of, for nonbreathers, 561

Atmospheric passage negotiation of, by a mortal type, 561
transportation on Edentia, 486
types of mortals, 561
worlds, life origin on, 560
universality of agriculture on, 564

Atom(s) annihilation of, a source of solar energy, 463
birth and disruption of, and short space rays, 475
building, dissolution, and emergence of short space rays, 667
degradation of, at electronic boiling point, 463
diameter of an, 477
first twenty-seven, comprehensibility of, 478
heavy, instability of, on Urantia, 477
nonobservation of, on the surface of many planets, 477
hydrogen the smallest, 477
interelectronic space of, activities in, 478
of matter, lifeless, man’s reactions but the juxtaposition of, to the materialist, 1118
predictability of, vs. that of persons, 478
primary associators’ manipulation of, 328
radioactive, the riddle of, and the mesotron, 479
shattered, where found, 472
space content of, not empty, 476
subjection of, to gravity, 465
in supergases, size of, 460
twenty-eighth and upward, unpredictability of presence of Unqualified Absolute in, 478
whole, nonexistence of, in interior of the suns, 463

Atomic assembly low temperature’s effect on, 473
breakup, high temperature’s facilitation of, 473
casualties, of solar elemental battles, 461
cohesion, 478-479
cohesive integrity, a force undiscovered on Urantia, 479
dismemberment in a sun, 460
energy systems, gravity a factor in cohesion of, 478
secret of basic constitution of, 478
existence, X-ray the leveler of, 463
matter, 477-478
definition, 472
spontaneous dissociation of, 475
molecular relationships in gaseous, liquid, and solid states, 459
nucleus, relative distance between inner electronic circuit and the, 477
stability, conditions governing, 477
systems, linear gravity’s grasp of, 473
Orvonton, orbital electrons in, 478
types, planetary conditions determining observation of, 477
world, periodic characterization of, in groups of seven, 479

Aton the Egyptian sun-god, 1048
faith, identification of the, 1047
Ikhnaton’s modification of the, 1047
Ikhnaton’s teachings regarding, 1048

Atonement concept, root of, in selfishness, 2017
vs. divine attunement, 437
doctrine, an assault upon the unity and free-willness of God, 41
basis for the, 41
a definition, 1670
failure of, 1670
incompatibility of, with Jesus’ teachings about God, 2017
to God, primitive man’s efforts to make, 1133
idea, late development of the, 978
of salvation, philosophic character of, 2017
man’s erroneous ideas concerning the, 2016
originality of some of Paul’s teachings about the, 1339
of the sacrifice, a blanket insurance device, 978
and sacrifice, Jesus’ abandonment of all ceremonies of, 1133
sin, sacrifice, and, 974-985
for sin by the shedding of blood, and sacrificial ritual, 716
teachings, of Paul, vs. those of Philo, 1339

Attainability of the Father, 63

Attainment candidates definition, 158
of Deity, personal, Brahmans’ lack of the concept of, 1030
of the Father, creature safeguard during struggle for, 361
glory of, awaiting Adjuster-fused mortals, 449
of God, time involved in the, and reality of the Infinite, 63
of immortality, 1212-1214
infinite, God the eternal goal of, 1775
plan, for material beings, authorship and execution of, 85
misfunctioning of, emergency provisions for, 85
relation of enterprise of mercy ministry to, 85
possibilities of Mystery-Monitor-Indwelt beings, 361
rest, vs. mortal death and transit trance on journey to Havona, 297
seraphim, superior seraphim as, 429

Attending angel(s) activities of, at the departure of the Adjuster from the mortal, 1246-1247
seeming visualization of, just prior to death, 438

Attention and awareness functioning of, a necessity for religious growth, 1094

Attis celebration of the death and resurrection of, 1081
identity of, 1081

Attitude(s) changing, of created intelligences, God’s reactions seemingly affected by the, 36
conflicting, Father never torn by, 38
the Master’s, toward his trial and crucifixion, 1999-2000
a mortal’s unsteady, effect of, on the work of the Adjuster, 1199
of the people, to Jesus and his teachings, 1670-1672
personally real, 135
philosophic, time required for changes in men’s basic concepts of, 1705
prayer’s effect upon, 1002
of Ultimate and Supreme-Ultimate, Seventh Master Spirit expressive of, 188
universe, of the Father, 54-56

Attributes of divinity, Jesus’ conception of, as the “will of the Father in heaven”, 2087
of the Eternal Son, 76-77
and functions of the Master Spirits, 189-190
of God, 44-53
Rodan’s acceptance of the truth regarding the, 1783
infinity of God’s, 47-48
Jesus’ refusal to prostitute his divine, 1521
of the Third Source and Center, 98-100

Attunement divine, vs. atonement, and souls of peace, 437

Audacious Jesus’ lack of being, 1103

Audibility of distant sounds, transmitters’ function with regard to, 327

Audience at Pella camp, size of, 1817
waste of an, Peter’s reaction to, 1884

Augmentation of life’s fraction about, 976

Augustus death of, 1512
efforts of, in regard to religion in the Roman state, 1081
influence of the doctrine of one God on, 1081

Auroral displays cause of, 666
displays, height of, 666
phenomena, maximum, and equatorial location of sunspots, 666

Austerity in religious practices, primitive man’s, 965

Australasian life implantation about, 667

Australia and antarctic ice blanket, 699
breaking away from the mother continent by, 668
Devonian red sandstone in, 679
glacial deposits of early trilobite era in, 674
inundation of, by south polar waters, 680
isolation of, results on fauna, 719
Niagara limestone’s distribution over, 677
primitive tribes of, cooking customs in, 934
rise of, out of the Pacific Ocean, 662
severance of, from the Asiatic continent, 663

Australian-Antarctic life implantation, characteristic early animals of, 673-674

Australian(s) native, nontribal form of government of, 788
present-day religious beliefs of the, 1010
primitive social conditions of, significance, 764
tribes, primitive religious prayers of, 994
recent practice of human sacrifice by, 980

Author and finisher of our faith Jesus the, 2091

Authoritative certainty vs. the assurances of faith, 1730-1731

Authority absolute, Jesus teaching with, 1102
administrative, Universal Father’s transference of, 108
allocation of civil, on Urantia, 797-799
arbitrary, Jesus’ portrayal of the folly of creating artificial situations for exhibiting, 1521
Caligastia’s restlessness under, 752
celestial, no division of, 363
of the church, origin of the, 970
challenging the Master’s, 1891-1892
civil, rulers’ attempts to trip Jesus on matters of, 1899
ecclesiastical, diminution of, influence of, on religion, 1090
oppressive, establishment of, a danger of formalized religion, 1092
and religion of the mind, 1729
rulers’ attempts to trip Jesus on matters of, 1899
vs. spiritual sovereignty, 1487
traditional, Christianity’s fear of the overthrow of, 2090
established, Jesus’ admonition against dependence on, 1572
of facts, truth, and faith, 2043
of God, 1443
human, Jesus’ nonappeal to, 1632
Jesus’ acknowledgement of his God-given, 1963
of Jesus over his disciples, 1672
Jesus’, source of, 1892
with respect to his life, 2004
Jesus spoke as one having, 1545
legislative and judicial, Jesus’ investment of, in the group, 1764
of Michael’s administration, 1324
political, Jesus’ refusal to employ, 1523
primitive, basis of, 798
relinquishment of, by the Universal Father, 52
of the sacred writings, effect of the fear of, 1768
of the state, origin of the, 970
of traditionalism, vs. the authority of facts, truth, and faith, 2043
of truth, definition, 1768
of the Universe Father, exercise of, in post-Havona creations, 50
universe, Michael’s right to assumption of, at any time, 1326
the watchword of all Jewry, 1891

Authors of Hebrew scriptures uncertain identity of some, 1767

Autocracy of perfection and democracy of evolution, meeting of representatives of, 179

Autohypnosis shamans’ practice of, 987

Automatic force self-acting, God not a, 138

Automaton limitations of an, 2080
soulless, materialism’s reduction of man to a, 2077

Autonomy congregational, Hebron synagogue rulers’ adherence to their, 1718
of unified constellations, time of attainment of, 633
virtually complete, the hope of Jerusem Adamites, 515

Avalon Brilliant Evening Star of, function, 760
Nebadon a neighbor of, 360
seraphim, teachers of original Nebadon angels, 421
surgeons, Andonite germ-plasm transference by the, 857
volunteer commission of, 742

Avarice avoidance of, a precept taught by the Salem leaders, 1045
a ruin of hell (Hinduism), 1449

Average length of life, during postbestowal Son era, 597
man, early Christianity’s promise of salvation for the, 1337
Jesus’ purpose to appear as an, 1345
typical, Philip the, 1556
worlds, vs. developments of post-Adamic dispensation on, 593

Avoidance vs. postponement, a mansonia lesson, 551

Avonal(s) activities of, immediately following completion of mortal incarnation, 230
archangels’ service to the, 409
bestowal attendants of, on bestowal missions, 427
bestowal Son(s), planetary missions of, 407
superangel commander’s injunction to, 408
bestowals, in the likeness of mortal flesh, 239
connection of, with spiritual forces during magisterial incarnation, 226
contact of, with the universe, 524
Creator Sons’ support of, on planetary missions, 225
distribution of magisterial and bestowal assignments among, 225
effectiveness of work of, on inhabited spheres, 225
functions of, 225-227
incarnation of, on planetary missions, 594
the Magisterial Sons, 223
see also Magisterial, Son(s)
mortal-bestowal careers of, 229
order of, Magisterial Sons, 224
origin of, 427
planetary life extension of, 594
on planetary missions, archangels as personal aids to, 409
planetary missions, three types of, 409
possession of both divine and creature natures by, 1271
revelation of nature of the Eternal Son by, 233
Son(s), accompaniment of, on bestowals, by Melchizedek supporters, 386
Adam’s expectation as to the arrival of an, 852
as bestowal Sons, exceptions, 595
central universe training required by, 230
effectiveness of, as bestowal Sons, 596
first to arrive on a planet on a magisterial mission, function of, 587-588
in Nebadon, number of, 384
number of, on the high council of the Bright and Morning Star, 634
of Paradise, function of, on inhabited worlds, 587
on magisterial mission, time of arrival of, 567
time of the planetary arrival of an, 594
Urantia’s bestowal Son not an, 567
status of, on conclusion of planetary missions, 594
threefold function of, on inhabited worlds, 225
uniqueness of work of individual, 225

Awakening chamber the final, 540

Awe appearance of, in first humans, 708
and fear of the Lord, 1675
ignorant, in primitive religion, 590

Ax(es) Neanderthaler reinvention of, 721
stone, Andon’s invention of the, 715

Axial revolution cessation of, cause and results of, 657

Azariah identity of, 1074


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