Urantia Book
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Nabodad attempted attack by, against temple harlotry, 1043
    identity of, 1043

Nabon desire of, to make Jesus a convert to Mithraism, 1459-1460
    identity of, 1459

Naboth the murder of, and his sons, 1065, 1074

Nabu a Mesopotamian deity, 1042

Nahor Abraham’s appeal to, to secure a wife for Isaac, 1023
    building of a strong city-state by, 1019
    and his discussions with Jesus, 1365
    identification and Nazareth mission of, 1365
    identity of, 1019

Nain apostles’ departure for, reason, 1645
    apostolic work in, 1637
    and the widow’s son, 1645-1646

Nalda conversation of, with Jesus, 1613-1614
    identification of, 1612

Nambria identity of, 396

Name(s) extension of, importance of, among early families, 940
    of the Father, as revealed by Jesus, 1965
    the Father’s, the Master’s manifestation of, to the world, 1965
    of God the Father, most common, 22
    onetime denial of, to women, reason, 935
    personal, importance of, in magic, 971
    pride,” origin of, in family life, 940, 972
    of Third Source and Center, significance of the, 98

Nanak identity of, 1010

Naomi wedding of, at Cana, 1528

Naples Jesus’ visit to, 1440-1441

Narrative of the Master’s life, distribution of copies of Andrew’s, 1549-1550

Nasanta a member of the women’s corps, 1679

Nathan of Caesarea, author of the Gospel of John, 1342, 1554-1556

Nathaniel, the apostle age of, when chosen as an apostle, 1558
    attitude of, at Gilboa, concerning the kingdom, 1618
    characteristics of, 1558
    choosing of, as an apostle, 1526-1527
    death of, 1559
    difference of, with Peter, regarding the gospel, 2058
    discussion of, with Rodan, 1772
    education of, 1558
    evangelistic work of, in Mesopotamia and India, 1559
    guardian of the apostolic families, 1547
    identification of, 1558-1559
    interpretation by, of parable of sower, 1690
    with Jesus, at feast of dedication, 1809
    Jesus’ personal admonition to, 1897, 1960
    vs. Judas as an apostle, 2056
    opposition of, to proclaiming Jesus king, 1701
    query of, concerning the Golden Rule, 1650
       concerning human affliction, 1661
          prayer, thanksgiving and worship, 1638
          signs of the destruction of the temple, 1912
          the sin responsible for the beggar’s blindness, 1811
          temptation, 1738
       regarding Hebrew scriptures, 1767-1769
    question of, about justice, 1577
    reactions of, to Jesus’ triumphal entry, 1885
    selection of Judas as an apostle by, 1540
    serious illness of, 1718
    success of, in debate with Rodan, 1784
    and Thomas’ depressions, 1562

Nathaniel, the Pharisee at Ragaba, Jesus’ contact with, 1825-1826

Nation(s) God no respecter of, 1736
    prerequisites to the endurance of a, 1462
    tribal makeup of, 1488

National animosity, cessation of, in post-Adamic ages, significance of, 594
    Council of Defense of the continental nation, 815, 818-819
    defense, and advanced social adjustments, 785
    egotism, effect of, on the Jews, 1075
    gods, veneration of, in the Occident, 1012
    groupings, color the basis of, 591
    life, modern, essentials to, 800
    religion(s),” a definition, 1012
       the Greeks’ lack of a, 1078
    sovereignty, danger of clinging to the notion of, 1487

Nationalism the chief barrier to world peace, 2082
    influence of, on secularism, 2082
    Rome’s method of overcoming, 2073
    war’s fostering of, 785

Nationalists Nazareth reverberations from Jesus’ refusal to lead the, 1397
    Simon Zelote’s hope concerning the, 1886

Nativity worlds, results of visiting by Spirit-fused mortals, 451

Natural affection between a father and his child, 1585
    agent, vs. spirit ghosts as to responsibility for disease and death, 989
    craving, man’s forsaking of a life of, 1773
    evolution, fostering of, by Van and Amadon, 760
    forces, the era of control of, 593
       powerful, man’s reaction to his observations of, 944
    Jesus’ definition of the, 1692
    law(s), apparent cruelty of, to mortal man, 1306
       of central universe, 154
       personified, Universal Father not, 23
       suspension of, only apparent, 47
    phenomena, ancients’ tendency toward supernatural explanations for, 901, 1693
    philosophy, 479-480
    religion, the two influences capable of changing, 1006
    resources, administration of, on a world in light and life, 625
       income from, in the continental nation, 816
       influence of, on a material civilization, 906
    rights, definition, 794
    selection, vs. scientific intelligence in human evolution, 734

Naturalism barrenness of, 2077
    mechanistic, concern of, with things, 2077, 2082
    the offspring of religion, 952

Naturalistic philosophy, a definition, 1137

Nature(s) the “aliveness” of, to the savage, 952
    confers no rights on man, 793
    and conscience,” Christianity and the Stoic’s appeal to, 2073
    contemplation of, result of a, 1106
    of Creator Sons, differences in, 236
    of cultism, 965-966
    a definition, 56, 57
    and discovery of the divine presence, 64
    of the Eternal Son, 74, 75
    of evolutionary religion, 1005
    an explanation of, 56
    of God, 33-43, 48, 60, 79, 1123, 1965
    God not personally present in, 57
    gods, Egyptians’ early worship of, 1044
       vs. ghost gods, 948
    and human-personality survival, 1106
    imperfection of, 103
    of the Infinite Spirit, 92, 93
    is not God, 57
    Jesus a close student of, 1629
    of Jesus, apostles’ inability to comprehend the, 1617, 1746
    Jesus’ youthful study of, 1371
    lack of fairness in, 936
    of man, result of limitations of, 48
    man’s sometime subservience to, 1222
    not the exclusive act of Deity, 137
    reproduction the exclusive interest of, 914
    of seraphim, as compared with mortals’, 419
    of the soul, 1217-1218
    spirits, multitudinous, of early religions, 944
    study of, by a God-knowing mortal, results, 1107
    thread of perfection in, 56
    Universal Father not a synonym for, 23
    on Urantia, Paradise and Deity not revealed by, 81
    variableness of, reason for, 57
    worship, evolution of, to present concept of worship, 944, 948-949, 1003-1004

Nazareth apostolic assemblage at, during the third preaching tour, 1683
    attitude of the people of, toward Jesus, 1684
    carpenter, full understanding of his future work by the, 1408
    contact of, with Caravan traffic, 1333
    family, the adolescent Jesus as head of the, 1395
       differing economic status of, at various times, 1387, 1389, 1392, 1411, 1423
       disposal of property of, during Jesus’ eighteenth year, 1398
       domestic animals of the, 1394
       financial aid of Jesus to the, 1420
       ignorance of, as to Jesus’ Damascus offer, 1412
       inability of, to understand Jesus, 1396
       Jesus’ financial provision for, during his travels, 1421
          separation from the domestic affairs of the, 1419
       Joseph’s installation as head of the, 1418
       mistaken belief of, as to Jesus’ study in Alexandria, 1483
       onetime poverty of, 1400
       reaction of, to father Joseph’s death, 1389
       reaction of, to Jude’s belligerence, 1417
       use of proceeds from sale of property by the, 1398
       weaning of, by Jesus, 1410
    gratification of, over Jesus’ exploits in the temple, 1386
    hill, Jesus’ boyhood experiences on the, 1752
    the home of Joseph and Mary, 1349
    home, effect of Joseph’s death on affairs of the, 1388
       of Jesus, natural and normal status of, 1358
       Joseph’s onetime structural addition to the, 1367
    Jerusalem Jews’ destination of the name, 2007
    Jesus’ family’s return to home in, 1356
       home in, location of, 1349
       visit to, 1539
    Jewish and gentile influence in, 1362
    Joseph’s burial in, 1388
       and Mary’s return to, from Alexandria, 1356
    as a liberal center of Hebrew culture, 1363
    one of twenty-four Hebrew priest centers at, 1363
    rejection, 1686-1687
    synagogue, advanced school of, Jesus’ study in the, 1362

Nazarite Abner a, 1817
    brotherhood, belief of, in the coming of the Messiah, 1535
       John the Baptist’s presentation of his flocks to the, 1499
       southern headquarters of, 1496
       vows of the, 1496
    colony, visit of Jesus and Abner to the, 1605
    life, a holy personality, 1496
    Son of Man not a, 1535

Neanderthal absorption, effect of, on culture of the blue race, 869
    culture, state of, during fourth and fifth glaciers, 721
    races, 720-722
    stock, extermination of, by the Adamites, 890

Neanderthalers ancestry of, 727
    blue men’s encounter with, in Europe, 727
    geographic distribution of, 720
    and Sangiks, comparative intelligence of, 727
    world domination of, period of, 720

Near East acceptability of Christianity to peoples of the, reason, 1637

Nebadon about, 32
    adjudication of the realms in, 341
    administration of the life-modification worlds in, 565
    age of oldest inhabited planets of, 654
    alphabet, number of basic symbols in, 503
    Andronover nebula the site of the universe of, 651, 654
    archangel corps of, directing head of, 408
    architectural spheres in, number of, 416
    ascenders, morontia-body transformations of, number of, 542
    basic laws of, codification and promulgation of, 432
    beginning of Michael’s supreme sovereignty in, 238
    celestial hosts of, assigned to Jesus, 1516
    Census Director of, number of, 267
    changes in, upon the terminal bestowal of Michael, 1113
    chief executive of, 406
    Christ Michael sovereign of, 234
    conciliating commissions in, 414
    Corps of the Finality, identity of possible future leadership of the, 2015
       of Perfection, members of, as Nebadon permanent citizens, 414
    councils and tribunals of, of which Gabriel is presiding officer, 385
    courts of, 372-373, 487
    Creator Sons in, number of, 384
    creatures, preparation of, for next universe age, 428
    determination of space boundaries of, 455
    directional control creatures of, 378
    Divine Minister of Salvington is everywhere in, 510
    education, purpose of, 412
    Evening Stars, number of, 407
    Father Melchizedek’s function in, 385
    Gabriel the administrator of, 371, 406, 421, 1513
       as regent of, 367
       the supervisor of judicial mechanism of, 372
    God-man of, Jesus of Nazareth the, 357
    harmonizing of, with Orvonton ideas and Paradise ideals, 410
    Havona’s space relation to, 152
    headquarters of, 197, 373
    home of Spirit-fused mortals, 451
    identification, 174
    Immanuel, head of Paradise personalities in, 370
    importance of Urantia in, 228
    inhabited planets in, number of, 359
       worlds, percentage of, nonbreather, 563
    Jesus’ Personalized Adjuster’s status in, 1511
    jurisdiction of, by Immanuel during Michael’s incarnation, 1325
    language of, ascending mortals’ study of, 546
    Lanonandek rebels in, number of, 393
    Life Carriers in, number of, 396
    life designs, Life Carriers’ 60th attempt to improve, 661, 734
    limitation of reincarnation in, 528
    local universe of, 1, 79, 129, 182, 485
    location of, in grand universe, 129
    Lucifer rebellion as compared with others in, 608
    in the making, 358, 418
    Material Sons and Daughters of citizenship status in, number of, 515
    Melchizedek incarnations, number in, 389
    Michael of, 24, 366-367, 584
    Michael’s assumption of unlimited sovereignty in, a result of, 490, 611
       beginning organization of, about four hundred billion years ago, 1309
       purpose to gain unqualified rulership of, 611
    midsonite spheres in, 400
    modification of God’s laws in, 56
    Morontia Companions in, number of, 545
    natives of, relation of Master Spirit of Orvonton to, 197
    neighboring universes nearest to, 360
    no constellations in light and life in, 633
    Norlatiadek’s location in, 466
    not a single astronomic system, 359
    number of archangels in, 408
       of constellations in, 485
       of Lanonandeks in, 392
       of Melchizedeks in, 387
       of rebellions in, 605
       of Teacher Sons in, 231
       of Vorondadeks in, 389
    Orvonton the superuniverse of, 165
    permission given Jesus to assume his rulership of, 1513
    personalities, sponsors of part two of the Urantia Book, 648
    personification of Father-Son in, 367
    physical creation in, first completed act of, 358
       registration of Urantia on, 660
    plan of mortal progression in, 344
    position of, in circuit of Orvonton, 359-360
    power centers, 455-456
    present number of inhabited worlds in, 416
    primary subdivisions of, 456
    rebellions, triumph of the Son of Man, and settlement of the, 609
    relative position of, in Orvonton, 359
    resurrection halls of, 451
    Seraphington graduates in, 442
    settledness, increasing, of orbit of, 455
    sovereign of, 367
    spirit circuits in, 377
    Spirit-fused mortals on morontia spheres of, 410, 450
    standard day of, 372
    superuniverse standing of, 177
    suspense in, during Jesus’ bestowal, 1409
    System Sovereigns’ personal prerogatives in, 511
    training of spirit personalities of, 517
    Trinity Teacher Sons in, number of, 384
    type of cosmic mind pervading, 102
       of organism, planetary modification of, for Urantia personality, 195
    Union of Days’ status in, 1325
    and universal outward expansion, 134
    universality of four points of the compass in, 378
    universe number of, in Ensa, 182
    universe of, number of systems in, 601
    Urantia life unique in, 667
       the most fortunate planet in, 853
    variant of Orvonton type of cosmic mind in, 102
    various types of life in, 416
    Voices, chief of, function of, in portraying attitude of Michael, 308-309
    worlds, past, present, and future, inspiration of Jesus’ mortal life to, 1424
    year, days of standard universe time in the, 372
    a young universe, 442

Nebuchadnezzar attack of, against the Judahites, 1075
    overthrow of Necho by, 1075
    return of, to attack Jerusalem, 1075

Nebula(ae) blazing, a source of short space rays, 667
    creators, 329
    current stabilization and organization of, 131
    a definition, 169, 455
    the four stages of a, 654
    irregular, origin of, 464
    number of, in local universe, 455
    small circular, large suns, 464
    source of the physical pattern of the, 1148
    space, end of secondary career of a, 654
    spiral, activities of, 170
    tertiary and quartan stages of, 654-655

Nebular ancestry, of Nebadon, 455
    stage, secondary, 653-654

Necessity vs. luxury in material-comfort era, 577
    toiling of Jesus for an immediate goal of, 1405

Necho Josiah’s attack on, 1074
    Nebuchadnezzar’s overthrow of, 1075

Needs the Father’s knowledge of man’s, 1577

Needy advice to the rich man as to the, 1463
    friend, parable of the, 1619

Negative commands, absence of, in the kingdom of heaven, 1600
    Jesus’ avoidance of instruction in the, 1582
    the positive’s advantage over the, 1125
    suggestion, vs. positive suggestion among shamans, 987

Negro a member of the negroid group, 905

Negroid class of mankind, an analysis of the, 905

Neighborhood the whole world one’s, 1580

Neighbor(s) civilized man’s concept of, 1133
    importance of understanding your, 1098
    insincere lawyer’s query as to the identity of his, 1809
    Jewish definition of one’s, 1809
       lawyer’s definition of a, 1810
    primitive man’s concept of, 1133
    and the self, rights of both, 1134
    the whole of humanity, as designated by Jesus, 1134

Nepal birthplace of Gautama in India, 1035

Nephilim identity of, 856

Nereids one appellation applied to a minor god, 1054

Nerites identity of the, 877

Nervous tension, humor a preventive of, 549

Nether Paradise about, 119, 122-123
    closed to personalities, 144
    constitution of, 122
    force center, the absolute-gravity circuits not related to, 131
    function of the Unqualified Absolute, primordial force a possible, 469
    gravitational control centers on, 5, 47, 638
    material-gravity circuit of, 9, 119
    origin of space below, 120

Nets Jesus’ directing his apostles to return to their, 1532

Neural circuits, of human body, function of, 84

New age, Jesus’ plan of a, 1595
    age, “the kingdom of heaven,” 1498
    and better way, Jesus’ purpose to proclaim the, 1519, 1537
    birth, ancient societies of the, functions and customs of, 791
       a definition, 1545, 1660
       price of admission to the kingdom, 1545
    brotherhood, a definition, 1568
    but false, vs. old and true, 1656
    commandment, Jesus’, 1576, 1676, 1939, 1944-1945, 1951
    concept about Jesus, 1748
    dispensation,” a definition, 1942
       the remembrance supper a symbol of the, 1942
    to God nothing is, 34
    gospel, believers’ mistake regarding the outpoured Spirit of Truth and the, 2063
       an incentive for higher living, 1778
       nonconformity of, with the old teaching, 1576
       Stephen’s proclamation of, reason for, 1411
    heaven and new earth, literalists’ prediction of, 1500
    Jerusalem, disciples’ beliefs concerning the establishment of, 1913
       Jewish concept of, 1913
    kingdom, Andrew’s desire to learn the whole truth about the, 1524
       comparison of, to a growing seed, 1536
       an everlasting dominion, 1568
    life, in the kingdom, Jesus’ discussion of, 1592
    light,” Jesus’ offer of, to Jewish leaders, 1932
    and living way, establishment of, on Urantia, 596, 1426, 1829
    name, new morontia being’s introduction by his, 538
    nature,” of grace, vs. the “old man of sin,” 1131
    order,” a definition, 2043
    religion,” characteristics of the, 1454, 1730, 1775, 2059
       man’s reluctance to accept a, 1005
       of maturity, Rodan’s definition of the, 1774-1775
       Peter’s inauguration at Pentecost of a, 2091
    school of the prophets, 1657-1658
    Stone Age, Bretons’ retention of charms of the, 899
    teacher, the Spirit of Truth, 1948-1949, 1961, 2062-2063
    Testament, absence of information concerning Abner in the, reason, 1831
       definition of faith, 1091
       distortion of Jesus’ teachings about the kingdom, 1860
       records, origin of, 1341-1342, 2091
       a superb Christian document, 2091
       translation of, into Greek, effect, 2073
       writers, distortion of Hebrew history by, 1071
          opinions of, on divorce, 1581
    truth, result of experience of, 1428
    wine in the old wine skins, result, 1655
    Zealand tribe, adjustment of Christianity to their mores by a, 1005

News-gathering mechanism of all creation, 201

Next age of man, prospect of the, 1863

Niagara limestone, distribution of, 677
    route, of emptying of the Great Lakes, time of beginning of, 701

Nicea incident of Athanasius at, 2070

Nickname origin of the, 972

Nicodemus appointment for assembly of David’s messengers at home of, 2001
    association of, with Joseph of Arimathea, 1603
    characteristics of, 1602
    courtyard of, morontia Jesus’ appearance in the, 2052
    as a disciple of Jesus, 2013
    Greeks’ conference at home of, consequence, 1903
    identification of, 1601
    interrupted visit of, to Jesus at Gethsemane, 1606
    and Joseph, arrival of, at Golgotha to receive Jesus’ body, 2011
    meeting at the home of, to hear Jesus, 1810
    one of the bearers of Jesus’ body to the tomb, 2013
    private conference of, with Jesus, 1602
    request of Pilate by, for Jesus’ body, 2012

Nicopolis Augustus’ “city of victory,” 1471

Night(s) absence of, on Jerusem, 519
    vision, of Simon Peter, 1703

Nile Adamite migrations to valley of the, 870
    Andite civilization along the, 878, 894
    civilization, lowest point of, time, 889
    civilization’s movement to the, 874
    valley magical ritual, 1044

Nineveh God’s love for, central truth of Jonah’s narrative, 1767

Nirvana Gautama’s doctrine of, 1037, 1041

Noah authentic story of, 860, 875

Noah’s flood Jewish priests’ use of, in tracing Jewish people back to Adam, 874

Nobility of the common people, Joseph’s family of the, 1344
    Heaven’s, bestowal of, on man’s soul, 1453
    moral, Jesus an example of, 1523
    origin of the, 790
    an unconscious growth, 1095

Noble One a name for God, 1446

Nobleman’s son of Capernaum, in Bethsaida school, 1658

Nod and all his board, disloyalty of, 757
    land of, Cain’s wife from the, 1660
    as leader of rebellious members of corporeal staff, 757
    office of, 747
    relation of, to Nodites, 821

Nodite(s) and Adamites, as blended in Andites, 871, 905
    and Adamites, warfare between, 844
    Adamsonites’ admixture with the, 862
    and Amadonites, 821-822
    ancestry of, 821, 857
    attitude of, toward women, 937
    belligerent nature of the, 892
    Cano’s leadership of the, 842
    centers of civilization, 859-860
    child of part-violet stock, Serapatatia’s argument for a, 841
    culture, 822
       Bablot to be the center of, 858
       period of decline of, 859
    definition, 758
    encouragement of practice of cremation by the, 980
    expedition against the Garden, 844
    Joseph’s line of inheritance to the, 1344
    later, belligerence of, 783
    Levantine, absorption of, by the violet race, 868
    a longtime in-marriage group, 918
    memorial, Bablot’s plan for, 858
    monogamy natural to the, 927
    northern, origin of, 860
    number of original, 857
    penetration of, into southern Europe and northern Africa, 889
    pre-Sumerian, location of, 860
    race, 834, 856-858
    representation of, on Adam’s reception committee, 830
    significance of the term, 822
    strains, in all white races, 889
       in the Andite races, 871, 874
    Syrian (western), final location of, 859
    three groups of, and locations, 822
    tribes, as amalgamated with the Andites, 868
       Serapatatia’s leadership of Syrian confederation of, 841
    in Van’s outposts, 760

Nog identification, 759

Nomadic herders, the Israelites’ evolution from, to sedate farmers, 1059

Nomadism decline of, during society’s evolution, 769

Nomads as founders of states, 800
    many, among Moses’ followers, 1055

Non-Adjuster -fusion types, mortals of, 446

Nonascender unique personality of a, return of, to the Supreme, 1284

Nonbreathers percentage of, in Satania, 561
    reactions of, to life, vs. those of atmospheric world peoples, 564
    type of nutrition and energy employed by, 563
       of planets inhabited by, 561, 563-564

Nonfusion planets, seraphic ministry on, 446

Nonpersonal divestment of Father’s character of the, 15, 89
    the, not Deity, 127
    reality, range of, limited, 8
    Unqualified Absolute is, 14

Nonresistance the apostles’ and Jesus’ practice of, 1579
    to evil, the spirit of Jesus’, 1950
    Jesus’ limited discussion of, 1470
       teaching of, necessity for living, 1950
    not a rule of the Nazareth family, 1401
    passive, Jesus’ opposition to, example, 1770

Nonspatial a quality of true spirit levels, 482
    time, definition, 135

Nonspiritual divestment of Father’s character of the, result, 89

Nonsurvivor fate of the personality of a, 1283

Nonteachable intellect, levels of function of, 480

Nontemporal space, definition, 135

Nontime beings, Personalized Adjusters, 1516

Noon time of receipt of space reports at planetary spiritual headquarters, 439

Norana character of the disorder of the daughter of, 1734
    humor of, displayed in appeal for Jesus’ healing of her child, 1735, 1736
    persistence of, in seeking healing for her child, 1734, 1736

Nordan identity of, 1016

Nordic(s) Alpine, or Mediterranean, impossibility of classifying white people as, 899
    belief of, regarding eclipses, 946
    commerce of, with the Danubians, results, 897
    race(s), Andite horsemen the ancestors of the, 893
       typical early, description of, 897

Norlatiadek circuits, the planet’s continued spiritual isolation in the, 1254
    cleansing of, of sin and rebels, 490
    constellation of, 174, 485
    Constellation Fathers’ headquarters, 602
    Edentia capital of, 433
    fundamental law of, 488
    government, expansion of, 490
       of, the onetime arbitrary seizure of planetary authority of Urantia by the, 1253
    local systems in, 182
    location of, in Nebadon, 466
    number of architectural spheres in government of, 485
    physical care of, 456
    Satania’s location in, 466
    Supreme Power Centers’ location in, 456
    systems in, 457
    universe number of, 182
    Vorondadek administration staff of, 391

Normal planet, blending of the races on a, time of, 593
    planet, center of activities during Adamic dispensation on a, 586
    sphere, vs. first mansion world, difference between, 532
    world(s), advantages of, 598
       early race purification on, 592
       Edenic regime on a, 586-587
       family and home life development on, 592
       flesh-and-spirit conflicts of evolutionary mortals on, 382
       midwayers’ function on, 425
       racial amalgamation on a, 585-586
       time of appearance of the Paradise bestowal Son on, 595
          of establishment of sex equality on, 592

North Africa, Andite activities throughout, 872
    African coast, Thomas’ journeys to the, 1563
       animal population of, during, and subsequent to, first two ice invasions, 699
       appearance of placental mammals in, 693
       continental connections of, in Eocene period, 694
       creep of, toward Atlantic depression, time of, 698
       emergence and submergence of, near close of early Carboniferous age, 681
       expulsion of red race from Asia to, 727
       fossil-bearing deposits of marine-life era in, 672
       glacial ice in, proportion of, 699
       ice-age extinction of animals in, 702
       ice collection in, three centers of, 699
       inundation of, by the arctic seas, time of, 679
          of seashores of, in early trilobite age, 673
       iron mines of, location of, as regards rock layers, 671
       land-bridge connection of Europe with, time of, 679
       modern, opportunity for blending of the races in, 899
       money value of light falling on, 665
       onetime connection of, with Asia, 694
          with Europe, 694
       peace in, reason for, 1490
       red immigration to, time of, 723
       rise of, out of Pacific Ocean, 662
       rising and sinking of east and west parts of, 683
       and Siberia, connection of, 686
       temporary isolation of, during climatic transition stage, 683, 686
       western drift of, preparation for, 663
       western, invasion of, by the northern sea and the Pacific, 687
    American Carboniferous sea, western extension of, time of, 682
       Indians, noncontact of, with the offspring of Adam, 884
          supposed animal ancestors of certain, 837
       lemurs, migration of, to lands west of India, 703
    Pole, marine-life fossils in region of the, 677
    Sea, temperature of waters of, during Andonite times, 715
    -south pulsations of nether-Paradise mid-zone, 122

Northern kingdom, the Pharoahs’ favor of the, 1073-1074
    lights, Urantian, and light-energy-reflecting gases of Jerusem, 520
    white race, four human stocks of the, 897

Nostalgia of Orvonton candidates, 428

Nuclear integrity, mesotron’s maintenance of, 479
    Isle, of absolute stability, 7, 152
       of Light and Life, 118
    matter, associations of, formation of, in open space, 473

Nucleus atomic, maintenance of integrity of, 479

Number(s) of Michael, 1513
    no quantitative limitation to, 1294
    the people,” Jews’ opposition to any attempt to, 968, 1350, 1599

Nuns an order of, Gautama’s wife the founder of, 1035

Nursery system, location of, 516, 532

Nutrition animal and mortal number of types of, 563
    dual, of Material Sons, 581


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