Planned Giving Strategies Seminar

In November of 2019 Bradly Tharp, Urantia Association’s Chief Financial Officer (who is also a Certified Financial Planning Practitioner and Chartered Financial Accountant) presented the following talk at the online seminar regarding Planned Giving Strategies.

For more information on Planned Giving, the Association’s Gift Maker’s Guide presents multiple estate-gifting strategies and describes how the United States tax code applies to different forms of gifts. Each donor’s tax and estate situation is unique, and the strategies described here will have different results for each individual tax return, based on tax bracket, state of residency, etc.

The gift forms and strategies described in this video and Gift Maker’s Guide are well documented and have been used for many years by millions of donors to support thousands of charities, institutions, and non-profit organizations. Each gift form offers unique benefits to the donor, based on individual circumstances, assets, taxable income, and priorities.

(These strategies are basic estate-planning, and nothing presented in this guide should be considered tax advice.)

Read or download our Gift Maker’s Guide