Urantia Book
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Ubiquity Deity’s technique of unifying time-space manifestations to the finite, 1297

Ugliness the maximation of, 646
    prerequisite to beauty’s triumph over, 1739

Ukraine Andonite invasion of Europe via the, 898

Ultimacy an attribute of God, 40
    of creation, the eventuation-evolution of, by the four outer space levels, 130
    of Deity, definition, 2
       time and space transcended by, 2, 31
    eventuated children of, 332
    of God, definition, 69, 640
    of the Paradise Trinity, 644
    supremacy, and infinity, Deity associations of, the Trinity of Trinities, 645
    Trinity of, 113
       ascending mortals’ contact with, 113

Ultimate(s) absonite and superpersonal presence of the, in Havona, 1166
    action of, in both levels of emergent energy, 470
    adventure, the, 352-354
    attitude of, Seventh Master Spirit expressive of, 188
    comparison of the, with the Supreme, 1160, 1171
    completed eventuation of the, significance, 1166
    co-ordination of the Absolutes in the, 644
    Deity, actualization of, significance of, 12, 200
       definition, 2
       experiential spirit of the, 100
       other-than-personal aspects of, and the personal God the Ultimate, 1167
       relation of, to the Unqualified Absolutes in the presence of the Universal Absolute, 1167
    destiny, children of, direction of universe assignment for the, 353
    domains of, and Seven Master Spirits, 185
    error’s relatedness to the, 1435
    eventual extent of space presence of the, 137
    eventuating act of the, 116
    eventuation of new values in, 218
       of an, prerequisite to the, 1158
    evolving spirits’ relation to, 83
    experiential Deity, 7
    Father, the total finite’s quest for the, 1287
    finaliters’ discernment of God as, 1296
    a finite universe’s dependence on the, 1126
    a function of, in master universe, 137, 1166
    the gradual emergence of the, as transcendental unifier, 1305
    Havona-life group, 156
    the indispensability of the Supreme to the, 1294
    involvement of the, in the deitization of Majeston, 1172
    level(s), approach to Deity by outer universe inhabitants on, 643
       degree of dominance of spirit-mind on the, 484
       mortals’ revelation of the God of evolutionary creatures on, 644
    mind, transcendence of time by, 102
    nonpersonal, reaction and characteristics of, 136
    personality, of God, 30
    the possible overcontrol of God the Supreme by the, 1296
    probable involvement of the, in the consummation of destiny, 1169
    reality, Havona the ideal of, 152
    relation of Father, Son, and Spirit to the, 115
       of Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy to the, 149
       of, to unfathomable unpredictables, 136
    Solitarington the repository of mysteries of association of unrevealed orders with spirit of the, 146
    some definitions, 126, 470, 508, 1160, 1162, 1171
    space not a function of the, 124
    of time-space, God more than the, 1124
    transcendental-experiential self, 1294
    Trinity, description of, 16, 353, 1171, 1292
    values, Havona’s many beings’ search for an enlarged appreciation of, 158
       possible relation of the Absolutes to, 56

Ultimaton(s) acceleration of revolutionary velocity by, 476
    aggregation of, into electrons, result of, 475
    build-up of the “gradant” from the, 519
    cosmic ancestry of, not understood, 169
    definition, 473
    direct-line procedure through space of, 475
    huddling of, electronic unpredictability due to, 478
    influence of cold on, 473
    initial activity of, 474
    number of, in an electron, 473, 476
    obedience of, only to absolute or Paradise gravity, 465
    Paradise the nucleus of, 467
    performance of, in an electron, 476
    primary associators’ manipulation of, 328
    source of the physical pattern of the, 1148
    temperature control over, 473
    three types of motion of, 476
    transmutation of, into circuits of the electron, 473
    velocities of, 477

Ultimatonic activities, in organized space, 473
    associations of energy, maintenance of, 465
    axial revolutionary velocities, differential, electronic unpredictability due to, 478
    condensation, stellar explosion point of, 459
    energies, space adventures of, 465
    leakage, a cause of suns’ energy losses, 465
    matter, definition, 472, 474
    revolutions, synchronization of atomic wavelike manifestations with, 479

Ultraspecialization vs. effective co-ordination, 911

Ultraviolet or chemical rays, 475, 665
    rays, health-giving value of, 665
    rays, position of, in Orvonton scale, 474

Umajor the fifth, identification, 174, 182

Umbilical cord, as a fetish, 968

Uminor the third, identification, 174, 182

Unanimity perfect and eternal, of the Deities, 363

Unappreciated Jesus a sympathizing friend to the, 1722

Unattached ministers, function of, 429

Unattainable some worthful, importance of, to the survival of a cult, 966

Unbelievers believers’ decision to separate themselves from, 2068
    love of, by believers, 2042
    possible taunts of, 1608
    reason for, 1815
    wrath of, believers’ wise technique of dealing with, 1958

Uncaused Cause, force in essence a manifestation of the, 468
    Cause, the Universal Father, 468
    the ONE, 3, 6

Uncertainty(ies) ending of days of, 295
    facing of, without fear, 555
    man’s necessity to face the possible hazards of, 1773
    recurrent, advantages of, 51
    the secret of contented continuity, 438
    of time, mortals’ final deliverance from the, 290

Unclassified orders, 333

Unclean hands, and defilement, 1713
    spirits, Jesus’ instruction to his apostles on, 1541, 1591

Unconscious sleep, humans’, the Adjusters’ attempts to function during, consequences, 1208

Unconsciousness early belief as to the absence of the soul during, 954

Undefending Jesus’ attitude during his trial, 1985

Undeified reality, range of, 6
    reality, Unqualified Absolute is, 14

Underneath are the everlasting arms, 1445

Understanding an adjutant mind-spirit, 401
    creature, relativity of, 42
    the foundation of love, 1898
    intellectual, Thomas’ of Jesus, 1562
    loving, the Father’s, 1898
    perfection of, and Paradise perfection of personality, 290
    relationship of tolerance and, 1098
    spirit of, 402

Undivided Deity, 3

Undying hope, a fruit of the spirit, 2054

Unemployed utilization of, in the continental nation, 819

Unemployment unemployment, several causes of, 910

Unfailing goodness, a fruit of the spirit, 2054

Unfairness eradication of, a purpose of morontia career, 551
    Jesus’ attitude toward, 1740, 1764, 1891
    protestations of the golden rule of human fairness against, 614

Unfit elimination of, in post-Adamic age, 593
    peoples, war’s destruction of, 785
    stocks, elimination of, time of, 585

Unfortunate care of the, a factor in an expanding civilization, 804

Ungodliness the acme of, 613

Ungodly doom of the way of the, 1444
    fret not because of the prosperity of the, 1443

Unhappiness an angered ghost as a source of, 959
    cause of, 1572
    an emotional casualty, 1773

Unification of all factors of reality, a component part of personality, 1227
    of all reality, twofold concept of the, 1173
    complete, a possibility in the grand universe, 1279
    a constellation government’s responsibility, 371
    deficient, results of, 1572
    divine coherence, the eternal quest for, 42
    of eternal Deity, 112
    inability of religions of authority to achieve, reason, 1732
    of infinity, presence of, in every universe age, 1173
    of personality, time of, 540
    of three basic factors in reflective thinking, 192
    of truth, beauty, and goodness in experience, a prerequisite for their real expression, 507

Unifier actual, the emergence of the Supreme as an, 1305
    of all actual and actualizing reality, the Third Source and Center the, 1156
    of the Corps of the Finality, God the Supreme’s seeming evolution as the, 1292
    of the deified and the undeified, the Universal Absolute the, 1156
    God as a, 67
    of time-space divinity, a function of God the Sevenfold, 643
    universal, Third Source and Center the, 98

Uniformity of action, God’s characteristics of, 138
    logical, scientific realms of, 192
    and the physical world, 2085
    vs. unity in worship, 1012, 1965

Unifying influence most powerful, the religion of Jesus the, 2065

Unimportance of whether Jesus comes to us or we go to him, 1919

Union of the followers of John and Jesus, time and place of, 1627
    of immortal soul with divine Adjuster, signal of, 538
    of Souls, function of, 311, 312
    with God, how man attains, 31

Union(s) of Days ambassador of Paradise Trinity, 166, 410
    assignment of a corps of Inspired Trinity Spirits to the, 634
    assistance of, by the Most High Assistants, 410
    counseling ambassadorships of, 235
    and Creator Sons, vs. Faithfuls of Days and Vorondadek Sons, 213
    function of the, 179, 181, 212
       during absence of a Michael Son, 237
       in universes settled in light and life, 213
    Immanuel a, 1309
    Michael’s seventh-bestowal instruction by the, 1325
    in Nebadon, 370, 1325
    number of, 212, 235
       vs. number of Creator Sons, 235
    presiding officer of supreme council of unlimited authority, 634
    proclamation of Michael as the Planetary Prince of Urantia by the, 1251
    readiness of, to depart from Salvington at Michael’s assuming sovereignty of Nebadon, 1317
    reflectivation to Uversa of Lucifer’s mental state by the, 602
    relation of Gabriel to, during Michael’s incarnations, 370
    schools of, on universe headquarters, 412
    Stationary Sons of the Trinity, 114, 207
    supervision of Solitary Messengers in local universe service by the, 259
    Supreme Trinity Personalities, 207

United Kingdom, result of the establishment of the, 1490
    midwayers, 584, 864-865, 867
    States, heterogeneous nature of the citizens of the, 920, 1490

Unity absolute, in Paradise Trinity, 41
    approach to, in an evolving selfhood, 1479
    basic, underlying creative diversity, 637
    and brotherhood, only means of attaining, 1672
    a characteristic of divine creativity, 1154
    a Deity characteristic, 2, 1138
    divine, perfection of, 41
    duality, and triunity, 58, 1157-1158
    enduring, and true religion, 66
    of the evolving selfhood, derivation of, 1479
    of God, atonement doctrine an assault upon, 41
       how comprehended, 29
    God is, 637
    human, achievement of, only through religion of the spirit, 1732
       experience of, through philosophy, 1120
    and indivisibility, implications of, 31
    of infinity, unqualified, a definition, 1163, 1173
    organic, in the universes, 56
    of personality, the purpose of cosmic evolution, 1229
    philosophy’s achievement of, 1106, 1477
       only satisfaction with, 1122
    progressing harmonious, definition, 482
    relationships, within the I AM, a definition, 1157
    spiritual, a definition, 2085
    of thought, technique of man’s achieving, 1477
    true concept of, 1477
    vs. uniformity, 1012, 1965, 2085
    universal, 29, 637-648
    of the universe, three levels of, 1477
    unqualified, Paradise Trinity, 1279
    with Deity, three phases of, 3

Universal administration, new capacities for, a result of the Trinity association, 113
    body, Isle of Paradise the essence of, 8
    brotherhood, a Universal Father the prerequisite to, 1299
    Censor(s), 214, 217, 219
       action by, regarding unfaithful seraphic guardians in Lucifer rebellion, 1248
       assignment of, in Havona, possible reason for, 218
       attachment of Discerners of spirits to, 310, 313
       concern of the, with the final evaluation of the ascending mortal, 1236
       creation of, completed, 214
       field of functions of, 180, 217-218
       the judgment of Deity, 218
       liaison of, with Deity Absolute, probability of, 218
       no appeal from verdict of, 218
       number of, 217
       Paper 15 presented by a, 183
       Paper 16 sponsored by a, 196
       Paper 29 sponsored by a, 329
       power of, regarding deceased humans’ survival characters, 1231
       probable techniques of, 218
       records of, use at the time of the adjudication of the deceased human, 1231
       reflective secondary seconaphim assigned to, 310
       relation of Divine Counselors to, 217, 311
          of Perfectors of Wisdom to, 215, 311
          of Technical Advisers to, 280
       Stationary Sons of the Trinity, 114, 218
       totaling function of, 218
       as truth revealers, 216
       verdicts of, character, 218
    Conciliators, 275-276, 280
       function of, 414
       origin of the seven created orders of, 275
    Controller, one of the seven phases of the I AM, 1154
    creation, Paradise not a part of the, 126
    Creator, 27, 1598
       Hebrews’ teaching regarding, 1011, 1598
       Isaiah the second’s portrayal of God as the, 1069
       material creature’s highest concept of, 27
    Deity, Buddhism a religion without a, 1446
       Melchizedek’s teaching concerning the, 1016
    economy, basis of, 316
    gravity, 131-133
    gravity circuits, of Paradise, Adjusters’ traverse of space over the, 1182
       presences, function of, in superuniverses, 164
    Integrator, God the Spirit the, 4
    intelligence, absoluteness of Conjoint Creator in realms of, 102-103
       circuits, of the Infinite Spirit, evidences of the actuality of, 307
    language, benefits from a, 908
    law, obedience of physical energy to, 139
    love, God of, 27, 1155
    manipulator, 101
       functions of the, 99
    material reality, relation of Isle of Paradise to, 8
    mechanism, movement of, through space, 364
    mercy minister, Conjoint Creator the, 95
    Mind, of God, relation of material things to the, 1434
       Infinite Spirit a, 96
    minister, Conjoint Actor the, 140
    mother, Eternal Son the, 79
    mysteries, seven, of secret spheres of Paradise, 200
    nonspiritual energy systems, 480-481
    One of Infinity, universe revelation of the, in the divine Father of absolute personality, 1155
    orbit, 133
    overcontrol, 2, 135-137, 176
    Oversoul, Brahmans’ concept of, 1030
    person, God the, 25
    personality circuit, all moral creatures encircuited within the, 196
    phenomena, requisites for contemplation of, 136
    Power Directors, function of, in superuniverses, 126
       physical energy the domain of, 265
    prerogatives, Jesus’ full self-consciousness of his, 1787
    presence of the infinite mind of the Conjoint Actor, 94, 307
       of the Unqualified Absolute, and gravity extension, 126
    reality, 1, 8, 1439
    reflectivity, Majeston the Paradise center of, 206
    relationships, progressive knowledge of, in the morontia state, 1111
    Self, Brahman concept of the, 1030
    space drift, ultimatons’ confinement to, 476
       reports, contained in cosmic-mind circuits, 105
    Spirit, God a, 23, 25
       a title of the Third Source and Center, 92
    unity, 637-648, 2094
       of philosophy, 29, 68
       Universal Father the explanation of, 645
    values, Eternal Son’s relation to spiritual beauty of, 75

Universal Absolute about, 5
    Buddha concept’s development into the concept of the, 1054
    characteristics of the, 1168
    compensation by, of the tension between the ever-existent and the uncompleted, 1156
    and complex universe transactions, 55
    concept of the, as static, potential, and associative, 1172
    cosmic tensions equalized by, 15, 469
    eternalizing of the, 15
    and final function of the Trinity, 644
    finaliters’ relation to problem of the, 116
    a function of the, 6, 13, 14, 15, 48, 637
       of the, in the seventh triunity, 1150
       of Deity and Unqualified Absolutes, 14
       of a Trinity of Trinities, 644
    identity of, 14
    inevitably of, 14
    the Infinite Upholder, 1155
    one of the Seven Absolutes of Infinity, 1147, 1156
    personality seizure of 28,012th Master Architect by the, tradition of, 352
    potential presence of First Source and Center in tensions of the, 45
    reality and eternity of the, 92
    reality-unification of Unqualified and Deity Absolute in the, 13, 14, 137, 644, 645
    relation of the Infinite and the Conjoint Actor to the, 1147
    relation of, to motion, 133
       to other two Absolutes, 5
       to reality, 7
       to the Trinity of Trinities, 645
       to unpredictability of finite mind, 104
    some appellations of the, 1156
    tension-presence of, significance, 15
    unifying by the, of Deity activation with the Unqualified reactivity, 1267
    unity, 644

Universal Father about, 21-32
    counsel of, character of the, 36
    the Egyptian sun-god and the, 1047
    enlightened worlds’ attitude toward, 21
    escape of, from unqualified personality fetters, 6, 79
    the Havona Father, 587
    the importance of the Hebraic concept of God as the, 1076
    Isaiah the second’s poetic portrayal of the, 1069
    Jews’ superior concept of the, 1075, 1432
    plans of, character of the, 36
    several appellations for the, 1147-1148
    supreme mandate of, 21, 22
    Union of Days acting on behalf of the, 212, 1325
    Urantia superstitions regarding nature of, deliverance from, 60
    what he is not, 47

Universal Father, 1. God and Paradise
    definition, 21
    God the, 4, 59, 70, 79, 138
    location of, in universe of universes, 118
    Paradise the abode of the, 118, 127, 1176
    of Paradise, the first great cause, 2077
    seven spheres of, location, 143

Universal Father, 2. Nature of the Father
    the absolute of Absolutes, 1148
    acts of, character of the, 36
    all spirit values a part of the, 2097
    and anger, 57
    characteristics of, 27, 98, 108, 110
    deity perfection of, 149
    determination of justice by the, 38
    direct personal action of, 24
    divine unification of personality of, 639
    eternalness of, 21, 644
    everywhere presence of, 95
    freewill liberation of, from infinity and eternity, 11
    an infinite spiritual reality, 25
    infinity of the, 34, 128, 1155
    invisibility of, reason for, 25
    nature of the, 35, 239
    omnipresence of the, 44
    oneness of, 639
    a person, 27-29, 79, 89, 116
    the personality of First Source and Center, 5
    personality focalization by the, 13
    reason for invisibility of the, 44
    relation of, to justice, 38
    rule of the, 44
    self-distribution of the, 108-109
    the uncaused Cause, 468
    unification of characteristics of, in Deity, 48

Universal Father, 3. Love of God
    and functioning of divine love, 40
    individualization of each personality by the love of the, 138
    love of, vs. love of earthly father, 40
       relation of, to justice of the Trinity, 115
       satisfaction of, by worship of evolutionary faith sons, 157

Universal Father, 4. Deity relationships
    a constituent personality of total Deity, 116
    and Creator Son, spirit of the, 2062
    Creator Son the vicegerent personalization of the, 367
    Deity Absolute’s relation to, 14
    delegation of authority to Eternal Son by the, 93
    equality of Eternal Son with, extent of, 77
       of Infinite Spirit with the, 96
    Eternal Son the infinite personality expression of the, 127
    an existential deity manifestation, 642, 644
    function of, in production of Creator Sons, 234
       by, and through Seven Master Spirits, 185
    functioning of, in and through the Conjoint Actor, 96
    I AM father of the Eternal Son, 1154
    and inevitability of Universal Absolute, 14
    and the Infinite, 6, 16
    liberation of, from centralized perfection and personality absolutism, 98
    limitless Deity, 1129
    Master Spirit Number One the spokesman for, 186
    one of the seven Absolutes, 1146, 1154
    oneness of Eternal Son and the, 79
    in the Paradise Trinity, 15, 1174
    a past-eternal Deity, 13
    the personal cause of the Absolutes, 1148
    personification of, in local universes, 66, 366
    the primal member of each of the seven triunities, 1147
    in production of Creator Sons, 224
       of Trinity Teacher Sons, 224
    relation of, to Creator Sons, 28, 234, 363
    revelation of, by the Eternal Son, 88
    Seven Master Spirits’ relation to, 184
    and Trinity Teacher Son personalization, 88
       of Trinities, 16
    as an unqualified, absolute, and infinite Deity, 111

Universal Father, 5. Bestowal of Thought Adjusters
    Adjuster of, and enlargement of human contact of God, 33
    Adjusters the spirit gifts of, 444
    ascending mortal’s fusion with the inner presence of the, 1512
    destination of Father-fused mortals, 453
    fragmentation of his selfhood possible to the, 78
    invasion of man by spirit of the, 542
    life of, in man, by the Mystery Monitors, 572
    man indwelt by fragment of the, 448
    and nature of indwelling spirit, 25
    the personality of the Infinite, 109
    personalization of Adjusters by the, 227, 443, 445, 1201
    Thought Adjuster the spiritual presence of, 24, 100, 379, 380, 1177

Universal Father, 6. Universe relationships
    absence of, from local universes a test of faith and loyalty, 573
    attitude of, toward the universe, 164
    energy creation and life bestowal prerogatives of, 468
    eternal purpose of the, 54
    far-flung distributions of, 28
    First Source and Center the, 640
    intervention of, in certain matters, 363
    knowledge of, of inhabited worlds, 165
    local universe rule of the, technique of, 366
    number of stars and planets known only to the, 49
    power mobilization by the, 13
    pure energy controlled by, 467
    and reflectivity intelligence, 77
    space potency’s responsiveness only to personal grasp of the, 469
    spheres of activity of the, 99
    spirit energy and the, 1156

Universal Father, 7. Human relationships
    ability of, to create perfect mortals, 361
    allure of the absonite quest for the attainment of the, 1293
    ascenders’ recognition of, result, 159
    attainment of, by mortals, 286, 290, 294-295
    attitude of, toward material mortals, 22, 28, 108
    avenue of approach to the, 93, 363
       of expression of the, 73
    bestowal of experiential personality buy, 445
    bestower of human personality, 70, 80
    command of, to ascending mortals, 449
    concept, importance of, to man, 21
    faith son of the, 66
    finite creatures’ attainment of worship experience of, 471
    how man names, 22, 23
    mandate of the, 637
    means of finaliters’ finding of the, 643
    mortal personality a direct bestowal of the, 89
    participation of, in personality struggles of creatures, 29, 36
    perfection decree of, 290
    personality bestowed by the, 5, 9, 70, 77, 104, 194, 236, 363, 1201
       circuit of the universe of universes centered in the, 71
    reality originates by volition of, 6
    relation of, to personality, 8, 79, 138, 363
    in religion, 59, 986
    and wrath, 57

Universal Father, 8. Concerning Jesus
    belief, in the, a prerequisite to Michael’s bestowal, 1052
    Jesus’ growing consciousness of his close association with the, 2092
       life representative of the final goodness of the, 1594
    Michael’s living the will of the, on his Urantia material bestowal, 1318
    Michael of Nebadon’s embodiment of personality presence of the, 366
    Michael Sons as vicegerents of the, 237
    personal representation of, by Creator Sons, 361
    revelation of the, in the earth life of Jesus, 1286
    unqualified acceptance of Jesus’ mortal life by the, 1425

Universality of the application of an idea, the source of its power, 961

Universe(s) ages, future, acquiring of experience by Trinitized Sons of Perfection in a, 250, 253
    ages, future, space pilgrims’ attempts to find God in, 163
    broadcasts, John’s vision of, 378
    divine, and truth, beauty, and goodness, 52
    freedom, and spiritual self-restraint, 1460
    levels of reality, 189, 1162-1175
    local, existence of the, on infinite, transcendental, and absolute levels, 1160
    the materialist’s concept of the, 2077
    of matter, finite, influence of mind and spirit on the, 2078
    meanings, grasp of, cosmic insight, 194
    not identical with God, 1126
    not inevitable, 52
    personalized, God more than the, 23
    phenomenal, 111
    processional of the, 164
    reality, 6, 7, 110
    stability of the, 55
    of universes, starting point of history of the, 91

Universe(s), 1. Universe creation
    ancestor of, 467
    building, staff of Creator Sons during early times of, 306
    created by Sons of God, 21
    finite, co-ordinate creators of the, 46
    mind made, 30, 482
    origin of the, 52, 54
    phenomena, creative design behind, 42

Universe(s), 2. Central universe
    ages, future, possible population of central universe in, 222
    central universe the pattern of all, 127
    location of Paradise, 7
    physical, Paradise the source of the, 7

Universe(s), 3. Local universes
    affairs, Gabriel’s means of contact with, 407
    chief executive, Gabriel the, 1513
    father of Nebadon, Michael the, 370, 384, 406, 510, 587
    government of Michael, Lucifer’s charges against the, 603
    local, see also Local, universe(s)
    Melchizedeks’ emergency service in the, 389
    of Nebadon, creators of, 93
       representative government in the, 517
    patrol, of Melchizedeks, 386
    personalities, creation of, by Creator Son and Universe Mother Spirit, 418
       various orders of, Michael’s apparent plan of incarnation in the likeness of all of his, 1315
    Son, function of, in physical creation, 374
       and Spirit, 368-369
       Spirit of Truth of, 380, 2062
    sovereignty, final act in Michael’s acquirement of, 204, 1323, 1513, 1918
    time-space, 15, 24

Universe(s), 4. Universe Mother Spirits
    Daughter of the Infinite Spirit, 380, 572
    mother, the Divine Minister, 370
    Mother Spirit(s), adjutants the children of, 401
       angels offspring of, 420
       cocreator of archangels, 408
       as co-ordinate of Master Son, 418
       creative activity of, continuous, 418
       embrace of deserted cherubim and sanobim by, results, 423, 550, 551
       fixed abode of, on universe headquarters world, 378
       a focus of Spirit of Truth and Holy Spirit, 378
       a function of, 162
          in life impartation, 404
       identification of, 415
       mind spirit of the, identity of, 2062
       a participant in Life Carrier creation, 396
       participation of, in bestowal of Spirit of Truth, 596
       of Salvington, function of, 368
       seraphic hosts’ creation by, 418
    Spirit(s), 368-369
       diffuse presence of, throughout her local universe, 376
       diversity of functions of, reason for, 376
       function of, in physical creation, 374
          in stabilization of government and defense of authority, 368
       identification of, 66
       physical-control attributes of, 375
       spirit of, the Holy Spirit, 2062
       uniformity of characters of, 375

Universe(s), 5. Universe energy and gravity
    Circuit Supervisors, 264, 265-266
    circuits, isolation of Satania in the, 607
    equilibrium, recognition of laws governing, 176
    force-space potential, relation of, to the Unqualified Absolute, 469
    mechanisms, 358, 481-482, 1303-1304
    power, classification, 321, 469
       definition, 9
       electronic organization of, seven phases of, 321
       postgravity, 126
       stages of response of, to Paradise gravity, 125, 126
    of universes, center of the personality circuit of the, 71
       spirit gravity of the, 2062

Universe(s), 6. Universe organization
    the Father’s, many abodes in the, 1934
    headquarters, Adjuster fusion on, 449
       probation nurseries at, purpose of, 570
       schools on, 412
       spiritual glory reflected by, 492
    organization, 51, 357, 358-360
       control and technique of, 169
    of universes, Paradise the center of, 118
       relation of the Isle of Paradise to the, 29

Universe(s), 7. Universe administration
    administration, association of Father, Son, and Spirit in, 96
       beginning of Lucifer’s dissatisfaction with, 602
       characteristics of, 55, 634
       Infinite Spirit’s participation in, 161
       Melchizedek schools of, location, 388
       plan of, 806
       problems of, prerequisite to comprehension of, 620
       Urantia a divisional headquarters for, 409
    administrators, identity of, 633
    conduct of, by law and order, 560
    courts, execution of judicial decrees of, 373
       Urantia courts compared with, 373
    exigencies, Father’s ability to cope with all, 47
    of law and order, man’s introduction to a, 1070
    Lucifer’s denial of right of Ancients of Days to interfere in the, 603
    problems, attempts at solution of, 302, 1719
    rule, unified, a concept of religious philosophy, 53
    rulers, spiritual status of the realms a responsibility of the, 371
    situations, God’s participation in, technique of, 362
    of universes, God’s will as regards the, 137
       perfection of the divine mechanism of, 481

Universe(s), 8. Evolution of universes
    directors of experimental worlds, Tabamantia the chief of, 565
    ever-changing, significance of the, 1126
    evolution, conditioned by Father’s freewill act, 7
    evolving, and the Father’s eternal purpose, 81
       number of inhabited worlds in an, 389
    overcontrol, function of, 162
    physical emergence of, 357-358
    possibility of, for becoming maximum finites, 1162
    progress the watchword of the, 54
    relative perfection in the, 36
    of time and space, evolutionary character of, 161, 357

Universe(s), 9. Deity relations
    activities, creature-Creator, Supreme Being co-ordinator of, 11, 1304
    actuality, co-ordination of levels of, by Conjoint Actor, 105
    adventure, of Creator Sons, 306
    affairs, total, Trinity relationship to, 112
    age, this, and function of God the Sevenfold, 148
    attitude of the Father, 38, 54-56
    Father primal in the, 88
    God’s presence in a , degree of, 46, 54, 1448
    Keeper, a title for God, 1449
    nature of God manifested to the, 79
    Paradise Trinity’s attitude toward, 164
    perfect, perfected, and perfecting, provision for unification of divine personality in all, 640
    presence, Infinite Spirit a, 96, 374
    relation of Eternal Son to the, 81
       of First Source and Center to the, 5
       of God to the, 58
       of the Infinite Spirit to the, 98-107
       of Master Sons to the, 240
    response, to the actualization of the finite, a definition, 1159
    totality, God’s function in relation to, 112, 115
    Trinity attitude toward the, 113
    Universal Father’s attitude toward, 55, 93, 164

Universe(s), 10. Universe functions
    adjustment to relationships of the, 92, 620
    causes, vs. universe effects, 53
    character of the, 481
    does not run down, 176
    educational system, keynote of, 412
    illumination of the, 9
    knowledge, organization and classification of, 302
    march of, through space, a purpose in, 364
    nonstatic, 135, 222
    occupation, reflectivity an indispensable feature of, 145
    organic unity in the, 56
    Power Directors, 319-329, 470
       assignment of, to energy cyclones of space, 470
       and associates, Seven Master Spirits creators of, 189
       classification of, 319, 336-337
       exemption of, from detention by tribunals of time and space, 257
       function of, 189, 319, 321, 458
       phases of energy controlled by, 470
    predictability of the, 136
    reality, not a vast machine, proof, 2079
    reflectivity, definition, 105
       function of, in relation to creature and Supreme evolution, 1284
    revolving, 133
    rulers, function, 136
    of time, perfection of methods of selection of pilgrims in, 155
    time, 372

Universe(s), 11. Man and the universe
    age, the next, Nebadon creatures’ preparation for, 428
    ascent, man’s highest motivation in the, 2092
    friendliness of the, 1470, 1477, 1574, 1950, 2094
    levels, of perfection and imperfection, relation of mercy to the, 38
    plan of the, regarding evolutionary and revealed religions, 1110
    realities, a better comprehension of, influence of, on man, 1162, 1477
    service, finaliters’ assignment to all domains of, 297, 345
    of space, ministry of corps of Mortal Finality to, 345, 417
    training school for ascending creatures, purpose of, 557
    understanding, postgraduate training of perfected evolutionary creatures in, 348
    of universes, Adjuster-fused mortals’ penetration of, 452
       bestowal of the Father’s spirit on inhabitants of the, 587
          of personality on creatures of the, 62

Universe(s), 12. Universe personalities
    age, present, and classification of celestial beings, 333
    Aids, functions of, 338, 406, 408, 411, 525-526
    children, Universal Father’s attitude toward his, 75
    citizenship, the sincere religionist’s consciousness of, 1100
    creatures, related classes of, periodical inspection of, 567
    intelligence(s), activities of, 54
       Melchizedeks’ organization for, 386
    interplanetary communications of, perfection of, 311
    personality in the, 29, 30
       managed, 30
       an unsolved mystery of the, 70
    personalities, Personalized Adjuster commander of the, 1516
    of universes, the field of Solitary Messengers and Personal Aids, 264
       knowledge of the Father and Son of spiritual beings in the, 77
       and personality, 28

Universe(s), 13. Universe of universes
    boundless, 49
    finite, evidence of existence of a, 468
    of infinity, postulation of, 130
    now in the making, Paradise finaliters’ possible service in, 350, 558
    outer-space, organization of, 2, 130, 354
       see also Outer Space, universes
    relation of part and whole in the, 52
    transcended time-space, 15
    of universes, 1, 128-142
       the all-pervading spirit in the, 95
       circularity and delimitation of, proof of, 128, 468
       composition of, 47
       control of, 637
       dependability of gravity in the, 101
       divine domination of, 2, 69
       the divine purpose expressed in the, 467
       eternal circle of the, 465
       Eternal Son’s relation to the, 74-75
       God the ruler of, 1442, 1448
       God’s presence in the, 23, 35
       heaven of heavens, 34
       living reference library of, 302
       manifestation of God the Father to the, 74, 118
       mind in the, function of, 102, 481
       the one changeless being in the, 58
       the one inevitability in the, 108
       origin and purpose, 21
       Paradise the only stationary thing in, 7
       relation of Deity and Unqualified Absolutes to, 14
       revelation of God to, 29
       time-space limitation of, 120
       transcendence of time and space in the, 1439
       unification of, 646
       Universal Father’s purpose for the, 27, 54
       a vast and complex organism, 1153
    a whole, 647

Universe(s), 14. In relation to Jesus
    affairs, Jesus’ postresurrection instructions to Gabriel regarding, 2022
    at attention, during Jesus’ trial and crucifixion, 2000
    bestowal of Jesus on the mortal races of his, 2019
    far-flung, Jesus’ concern for the creatures of his, 1518
    Jesus’ confidence in the, 2089
    Jesus earning the right of the rulership of his, 1407, 2017
    responsibilities, Jesus’ resumption of, 1376

University(ies) of Salvington, number of Daynals on staff of, 231
    seven-circuited, of Havona, 159, 317
    Uversa, number of spheres of, 175

Univitatia characteristics of, 493
    definition, 493
    function of, 493, 633
    headquarters of, location, 487
    intellectual differences of, 493
    limitation of field of function of, 493
    vs. Material Sons, Spirit-fused mortals, and Susatia, 415
    and morontians, intellectual similarity of, 494
    nonreproducing, 415
    not morontia beings, 415
    origin of, 493
    permanent citizens of constellation headquarters worlds, 222, 414, 416, 485
    possible future residents of Havona, 222
    service of, to ascending mortals, 415
    spiritual alikeness of, 493
    worlds, ascending mortals’ assignments on, 495

Unjust rain and sun on the, 1830

Unleavened bread, eating of, during Passover, 1360, 1379

Unnamed Reflectivator Liaisons of Majeston, 334

Unorganized space, Master Force Organizers’ particular field, 329

Unpardonable sin, 1714

Unpervaded space definition, 123
    space, effect of space respiration on, 123-124

Unqualified Deity, and absolute personality, 15
    infinity, a definition, 1153
    Supervisors of the Supreme, 179, 334, 636, 1291
    Upholder, the Universal Father the, 1148

Unqualified Absolute about, 5
    in a boundless universe, 49, 1156
    central focalization of the, 123
    characteristics of, 14, 126
    and complex universe transactions, 55
    and control of the master universe, 461
    and cosmic force, 9, 237, 324
    domains of, 130, 324
    domination of nether Paradise by the, 20, 122-123
    emergence of force from domains of, 469
    and eternalizing of the Universal Absolute, 15
    field of operations of, 14
    First Source and Center present in the, 45, 1147
    fulcral zone of, on nether Paradise, 469
    function of, with Deity Absolute, 14
    functional limitations of, 133, 469, 1156
    functions of, 14, 45, 48, 469, 637
    gravity action in the space presence of the, 1166
    and infinity response, 5, 1156, 1169
    manipulators of basic space-forces of the, 329
    not a person, 120
    one of the seven Absolutes of Infinity, 1147, 1156
    the only quiescent presence in all space, 1156
    Paradise the cosmic focal point of the, 1149
    pervasion of space by the, 137
    primordial force a possible nether-Paradise function of, 469
    and puissant energy, 329
    reality and eternity of the, 92
    relation of Deity to, 4
    relation of, to infinity potentials, 13
       to motion, 133
       to production of universe wheels in outer space, 133
    relation of Universal Absolute to, 5
    the revealer, regulator, and repository, of all having Paradise as its source, 126
    space-force reaction of the, 479
    space not the presence of, 124
       pervaded by, 135, 469, 1156
    static infinity of, 6, 1155
    and undeified reality, 6, 7
    unification of the Deity absolute and the, 15, 644
    unpredictability of, in atoms, 478

Unreality existence of, limited, 41
    of sin-identified individuals, 37

Unrevealed activities on sacred spheres of Paradise, 144
    agents of Ancients of Days, cocreators of abandonters, 416
    angels, 420
    Architects of Being, 396
    assistants of Gabriel, 370, 393, 406
    associates of seconaphim, 306
    beings, forgathering of, on Vicegerington, 146
       originating in the conjoint acts of the Father and the Spirit, Solitarington the rendezvous of, 146
          in acts of the Father and Son, Vicegerington the secret sphere of, 145
       secrets of, held by Divinington, 145
    career of a Creative Spirit, conjectures regarding, 204-205
    Creative Agencies of the Ancients of Days, 334
    destiny of midsoniters, 517
    entities, similar to Solitary Messengers, 376
    forms of intelligent life, 565
    master universe function of the Supreme-Ultimate, 251
    missions of finaliters, 417
    orders, 146, 251, 333-334
       of Paradise sonship, 88
       of permanent citizenship, 143
       of spirit beings, 420, 525
       of spirit personalities, Spiritington the abode of, 145
    Paradise inhabitants, 300
    personalities of the grand universe, 330
    purposes of central universe, 160
    relationship of Paradise Creator Sons and Master Architects, 352
    residents of inner ring of Havona worlds, 296
    services of Paradise Sons of God, 224
    Sons, attached to Sonarington, reason for secrecy regarding, 145
       of Destiny, Corps of, 353
    trinitized beings, 330
    types of intelligent life in local universe administration, 416, 633
       of Paradise Sons, incarnation of, 145

Unrighteousness the Father’s power to deliver from, 1820
    seeming prevalence of, 2063

Unseen Father, temple of the, 743

Unselfish devotion, a fruit of the spirit, 2054

Unselfishness a definition, 1572
    of Jesus, 1594
    a necessary characteristic of effective prayer, 1620
    not in the Roman language, 2073
    a requisite for, 51, 196

Upanishads the later scriptures of the Hindu faith, 1029

Upholder(s) an appellation of the First Source and Center, 1155
    absonite, of master universe, Deity functioning as, 2
    infinite, God an, 4, 21, 55
    of a universe, a title of Jesus, 1409, 1985

Upper chamber apostles’ retirement to the, 1936, 2014, 2051, 2064
    Jesus’ morontia appearance to the apostles in the, 2040
    refuge of the ten apostles on Resurrection Sunday, 2037
    the scene of the last supper, 1936

Upper Paradise about, 119, 120-121
    location of personality of Deity, 5
    origin of time above, 120

Uprightness and honesty, in governmental positions, Amenemope’s preachment regarding, 1046

Ups and downs of mortal existence Jesus’ experience of, 2087

Ur Abraham’s departure from, reason, 1598
    of Chaldea, significance of, regarding the idea of a real God, 1060
    identification of, 1481
    Jesus’ interest in, 1481
    onetime chief of the city-states, 876
    Ovid’s preaching of the Salem teachings in, 1019
    priests from, Bethlehem visit of, 1352
    Zoroaster’s first pilgrimage to, 1049

Ural mountains, beginning of, time of, 681
    Straits, breaking of earth circuit of land in northern latitudes by, 694

Uranium electron escape as illustrated by, 478

Urantia adventure, the, 734-736
    assistant teachers’ activities on, 430
    character of administration of, 183
    confusion of cosmic mind with Third Source and Center on, 92
       on, regarding multiple Sons of God, 87
    courts, comparison of, with universe courts, 373
    decrees of cessation of existence on, 37
    Gabriel’s relation to, 370
    Lanaforge a frequent visitor to, 511
    Machiventa Melchizedek’s ministry on, 491
    morontia reality unknown on, 189
    Paul’s progressive human society on, 1865
    peculiar relation of, to the Most Highs, 489
    perils of industry on, 786
    permanent citizens of, 865
    planetary adjudication of, on day of Pentecost, 863
    problem, 839-840
    reason for Nebadon interest in, 228
       why Satan could visit, 611
    reversion directors, function of, in Satania, 549
    the sentimental shrine of Nebadon, 1319
    a sin-darkened sphere, 1984
    sometime restoration of, to reflective circuits, results of, 318, 413, 529
    the sun of, attainment of equilibrium between expansion and contraction cycles by, 459, 465
    telegraphic techniques, comparison of, with Havona graph methods, 289
    time, comparison of, with system time, 372, 618, 619
    uncertainty regarding future Paradise Son mission to, 227
    united midwayers of, unified leadership of, 425

Urantia, 1. Universe status of Urantia
    accordance of full universe status to, time of, 661
    astronomers, confusion of, by multiple evolutionary movements, 168
    definition, 1
    governments of, vs. those of the neighboring planet, 819
    grand universe number of, 182
    an isolated sphere, 413, 425, 578, 596
    the least of Satania, 525
    limitations of nature on such a world as, 57
    not a cosmic orphan, 1259
    position of, in local universe, 165
    present status of, 2082
    Satania location of, 466
    system number of, 182, 485, 559
    time, Satania day in terms of, 372
    an unusually unfortunate world, 584

Urantia, 2. Urantia history
    abnormal conditions on, 597
    checkered career of, reason for, 578
    confusion of, regarding universe rulers, 488
    date of beginning of history of, 660
    a decimal planet, 398
    deviations of, from order of events on normal worlds, 567
    divine Sons visitors to, 584
    an experimental planet, 565
    history, base data of, 651, 672
       five major eras of, 672
    Melchizedek receivership of, 576, 607
    miscarriage of the divine plan of world growth on, consequences, 434, 1258
    most fortunate planet in Nebadon, reason, 853
    origin of, 651-663
    passenger birds’ utilization by early races of, 590
    pilgrims, mansion world welcome of, by Andon and Fonta, 717
    postbestowal age of, 597-598
    quarantine of, reason for, 46
    recognition of, as an inhabited world, 709-711
    registration of, as a decimal planet, 661
    solar system, origin of, 655-657
    steam blanketing of, period of, 659
    struggles with microscopic foes, 564
    surface age of, 659

Urantia, 3. Life evolution
    aborigines, dwelling places of, 715
    choice of, for Life Carriers’ sixtieth experiment, 661
    Life Carriers advisers now on, 400
    Life establishment on, 664-671
    a life-experiment station, 710, 734-735
    life forms peculiar to, 565
    life initiation in three centers on, 560, 731
    life, origin of, 399
    mammalian era on, 693-702
    mind, character of, 103
    seven adjutants’ degree of difficulty on contacting with evolving minds of, 738
    tree-dwelling habits of primitive men of, 562
    uniqueness of the life of, 667

Urantia, 4. The physical sciences
    astronomers, identification of Orvonton major divisions by, 167
    atmosphere, 473, 561, 665-666
    atomic cohesive integrity undiscovered on, 479
    basic energies undiscovered on, the chief concern of physical controllers, 325
    chemical elements of, recurrence of properties of, by sevens, 480
    density of, 460, 668
    during the early land-life era, 685-692
    earthquakes, present daily average of, 662
    energy unknown on, 328
    a force undiscovered on, 467, 471, 478
    geologic history of, beginning of, 660
    material realities undiscovered on, 472
    mechanical controllers stationed on, number of, 326
    meteorites entering atmosphere of, number, 563
    octaves of wave energy recognized on, 474
    space-energy unknown on, 667
    sun of, temperature of, 463
    ultimatons unknown on, 474, 476

Urantia, 5. Urantia races
    early evolutionary races of, three groups of beings in, 1198
    eighth race appearing on, 822, 857
    humans, personality type of, 194
       the sons of God, 448
    humor, characteristics of, 549
    mortals, possible attainment of, 22, 1280
    obliteration of certain evolutionary races on, 589
    peoples, vs. planetary mortals in general, 340
    personality, 194-195
    races, the original five distinct types of skeletal structure in the, 904
    races, pouring out of the spirit of a Son upon, 448
    Sangik races of, 722-726
    type of human personality, physical mechanism of, 195, 563

Urantia, 6. Planetary civilization
    civilization(s), deterioration of, reason for, 719
       the forging of, 747
    cosmic thinking, courageous and independent, on, 192
    debating of the ethics of might and right on, 908
    development of an international language on, 908
    divorce rate of, vs. that of the continental nation, 812
    growing music appreciation on, 500
    mortals, musical reaction of, 500
    peace and global government, 1489
    peoples, right of, to make sovereign a world government of their creation, 1489
    prerequisite to peace on, 1489
    turmoil, advantages of, 258

Urantia, 7. Planetary Prince
    adjudication of, on arrival of the Planetary Prince, 717
    advisory council, membership of, 513-514
    Caligastia’s assignment as Planetary Prince, 741
       championing of the Lucifer Rebellion on, 607
    defection of Planetary Prince on, 425
    effect of Caligastia’s rebellion on, 567
    final visit of Lucifer and Satan to, time of, 609
    influence of Lucifer rebellion on understanding God on, 58
    Lucifer rebellion effected, 82
    Planetary Prince’s arrival on, time of, 741
    pretender, Caligastia the, 1512
    rebels, chief executive of, 602

Urantia, 8. Adam and Eve
    Adam and Eve, disadvantageous position of, 583
    Adam’s default on, 349
    effect of default of biologic uplifters on, 567
    influence on God’s laws by defaulting residents of, 56
    mission of Adam and Eve to, 580
    progress of, since gift of Adam’s life plasm, 586
    races, Adam’s contribution to the biologic status of the, 382, 868

Urantia, 9. Thought Adjusters
    Adjuster fusion of human races of, 340
       indwelling of mortal minds on, 1561
    designation for Adjuster luminosity on, 1181
    mortals, candidacy of, for Adjuster fusion, 410
    and Thought Adjusters, 34

Urantia, 10. Religion and revelation
    aborigines, emotions essential to birth of religion present in, 714
    appreciation of worship on, 304
    Comforter, or Spirit of Truth, of, 190
    an essential to realization of brotherhood on, 597
    evolutionary and revelatory religions of present-day, 1010
    and Father’s divine exhortation, 21
    the Father’s name on, 23
    the great hope of, 2086
    the Holy Spirit of, identity of, 177, 190
    inhabitants of, and providence of God, 54
    mortals, marked struggle of, between spirit and flesh, special reason for, 382
    the “new and living way” on, 596
    papers, limitations of, 144
       mandate of superuniverse rulers regarding, 16
       the most recent revelation of truth, 1008
    religious thought of, confusion of Deity identity by, 60
    revelation of the Father on, 53
    revelation, effect on, of planetary quarantine and system isolation, 578
       limitations of, 447
       midwayers’ relation to formulation of the, 865
       personnel limitations of, 334
    slow progress of the kingdom idea on, 1863
    twentieth-century, religions of, 1011
    ultimate triumph for, 854

Urantia, 11. Angelic ministry
    archangel activities directed from, 408-409, 505, 2024
    finaliters in service on, number of, 345
    functioning of the archangels’ circuit on, 1191
    midway creatures the citizens of, 415
    relation of reflective angels to, 318
    visit of Gabriel to, 1344
    visitors to, 436

Urantia, 12. Eugenics
    difficulty attending a race purification program on, 585
    mortals, dangers of present-day mating of higher and lower strains of, 586
    perpetuation of defective strains on, reason for, 592
    race amalgamation, dangers of, under modern conditions, 726
    races, defectiveness and degeneracy in, reason for, 592
    a result of failure to carry out racial amalgamation on, 584, 838
    trait determiners in human sex cells of reproduction on, 397
    unfit stocks of, need for biologic disfellowshiping of, 585
    wreckage of normal scheme of race improvement on, 586

Urantia, 13. Jesus’ bestowal
    bestowal of Michael on, 1323-1331
    bestowal, satisfaction of the Infinite Spirit as to fullness of the, 1755
    bestowal Son of, identity of, 74, 85, 595, 1316
    Christ Michael’s bestowal on, and Gavalia’s present function, 407
       Michael’s final bestowal on, 367
    completion of our Creator Son’s seventh bestowal on, 240
    Creator Son incarnated on, 30, 74, 80, 85, 384, 486, 595-596, 1316
    elevation of, by Michael’s bestowal, 466
    final act of Jesus’ purely human life on, 1511
    incarnation of Melchizedek on, reason for, 389
    Jesus’ bringing of a new method of living to, 1585, 2018
       living a perfected life on, 1405, 1581
       promise to return to, 598, 1863
    Michael’s last bestowal on, nineteen hundred years ago, 30, 74, 407, 421, 519, 595-596, 1309, 1327, 1918
       mission on, 1325, 1328, 1329
    the mortal home of Christ Michael, 1319
    place of Michael’s final bestowal, 366
    possibility of Jesus’ many returns to, 1919

Urantian(s) age, termination of a, and the possible coming of Michael, 1919
    brain type of, 447, 566
    confusion of, concerning nature of Universal Father, 583
    eventual understanding of early evolutionary struggles by, 590
    primitive objects of worship of, 944
       struggle of, for existence, 950
    twentieth-century slaughter of human beings by, 2082
    two pituitary bodies possessed by, 566

Urbanization influence of, on religion, 1090

Urge(s) differential, adjutant mind-spirits’ influence a, 401
    of the flesh, Jesus’ decision as to, 1518
    inherited, difficulty of modification of, 1572
    of life, animals’ response to, 1773
       conversion of, into the art of living, result, 1772
    man’s ambitious, eventual gratification of, 160
    for security and power, communism’s conflict with, 780

Uriah murder of, 1073

Urmia faculty, independent teachers on the, 1486
    faculty, lack of wisdom and tolerance of the Christian teachers of the, 1491
    identification of, 1485
    lectures, 1485-1486
    school, closing of the, reason, 1491-1492
       conversion of, into a Mithraic temple, 1491
       Jesus as a teacher in the, 1486-1491
    teachers, chosen by Abner, weakness of, 1491
       consequences of self-assumed authority by, 1487

Usury condemnation of, 1464

Utopian dreams, Dalamatia and Eden not the realization of, 764

Uversa addition of reflectivity phenomena to Paradise broadcasts by, 522
    Adjusters’ numbers and records in the archives of, 1199
    an Adjuster’s occupation with registration on, 1186
    alphabet, number of basic symbols in, 503
    Ancients of Days, adjudication of Lucifer rebels by the, 611, 753
    Ancients of Days’ headquarters, 428
    an architectural world, 172
    assembly, and Orvonton executives, perfect agreement of, 180
    astronomical colony of, makeup of, 338
    belief of, as to future service of the Corps of the Finality, 354
       regarding Mystery Monitors, 1177
    case of Gabriel, vs. Lucifer called on, 616
    circuit, and determination of Nebadon year, 372
    classification of the personalities of the Conjoint Creator, 264
    concept symbols of, number of, 503
    conjecture regarding the Supreme’s possible future personal residence on, 1292
    definition, 1, 32, 74, 175, 189
    distance of Satania from, 359
    the fifth heaven, 553
    glory, grandeur, and perfection of, 175
    gravity researchers, some conclusions of, 132
    headquarters, abandonters permanent citizens of, 416
    limitation to Orvonton of reflectivity service from, 308
    location of Ancients of Days’ superadministration on, 485
    meaning of Ultimata on, 470
    Michael’s visits to, 367
    name for transcendental energy on, 471
    number of reasons taught on, for permitting evil to run its course, 618
       of worlds under direction of, 175, 317
    official records of, basis of, 267
    omniaphim headquarters on, location of, 307
    opinion of, as to cause of administrative trouble in Nebadon, 393
    personality register, 334-344
    physicists, and second outer space level, 130
    probable future headquarters of God the Supreme, 182
    quality of juror-judges on, 247
    reflectivation by Union of Days of Lucifer’s mental state to, 602
    registry number of Urantia on, 182
    reserve corps’ mobilization on, 339
    rotation of Orvonton sectors around, 168
    satellites of, number and function of, 181, 274
    schools, and Image Aids, 202
    seven Supreme Spirit groups as designated on, 197
    Son-fused mortals’ permanent residence, 453
    star-observer colony, number in, 339
    student visitors, number of, 339
    supreme court, time of filing case of Gabriel, vs. Lucifer in the, 611
    teachers in college of life planning, 397
    temple of wisdom on, 311
    time, speed of adjudication of Lucifer’s crime according to, 618
    tongue, study of, on fifth mansion world, 503, 537
       thought recorders’ preservation of noble ideas of Urantia in the, 503
    universities of advanced spiritual training of, 175
    year, length of, 174

Uzziah identity of, 1074


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