Urantia Book
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Pacific Atlantic, Arctic, and Gulf waters, onetime connection of, 678
    coast, high land elevations during early trilobite age, 673
       mountain ranges, time of completion of, 690
       range, elevation and location of, in early Cretaceous age, 689
    coastal highlands, location of, in early fern-forest period, 680
    high coastal regions, extent of submergence of, during coal-deposition epoch, 682
    Island peoples, effect on, of infiltration of mixed Adamic blood, 879
    islands, racial occupancy of the northern, 884
    Ocean, bed, compensatory sinking of, 662
       eastern extension of, to Dakota Black Hills in later reptilian age, 687
       invasion of American continents by, time of, 673
       lava flows on bed of, effect, 660
       North American Carboniferous sea’s outlet to the, 682
       origin of, 662
    voyage of Andites to South America, 873

Pagan cults, definition, 1336
    gods, Samaritans’ worship of, 1613
    idea of appeasement of the Gods, 60
    Jesus’ and Ganid’s discussion about the, 1466
    pageantry, use of, in Christian worship, 2074

Paganism and mysteries, effect of, on Christianity, 2070, 2086

Paganization Christianity’s experience with, 2070, 2075

Pain an advantage of, 51
    insensitivity of early man to, 714
    a result of evil, 1446
    sin a cause of, 1447
    there shall be no more”, 299

Pair marriage ideals of, woman’s gains in the, 937
    and parental happiness, child welfare, and social efficiency, 928

Pairing of the sexes, the beginning of human society, 932

Palatine hill, identification of, 1455

Palavers primitive, uselessness of, 789

Paleozoic era, length of the, 672, 684

Palestine choice of, for Machiventa’s activities, reason, 1018
    climate of, 1367
    concept of one God prevalent in, 1022
    cult of Ashtoreth in, 1043
    vs. Greece, in religious development, 1079
    interest of celestial beings in, during Jesus’ growth, 1409
    Jesus’ decision to close his earthly career in, 1483
    languages prevalent at the time of Jesus in, 1338
    a province of Rome, 1498
    reaction of, to John’s preaching, 1502
    selection of, for Michael’s bestowal, 1344
    strategic geographic position of, 1333

Palestinian independence, Jews’ explanation of, 1334
    kingdom, date of census in the, 1350

Palisades of the Hudson River, formation of, 685

Palonia Michael known as the Savior Sovereign of the system of, 1311

Panama Isthmus, submergences and emergences of, during Cenozoic age, 693

Panoptia attitude of people of, toward Lucifer rebellion, 607

Panoptians function of, on seventh Jerusem transition world, 607
    proclamation of Michael’s mercy by the, 610

Panoramic reign-records, of Caligastia, obliteration of, 757

Pantheism the acceptance of the fallacy of omnificence, embracing the error of, 1300
    the corporeality error of, 29
    and personality of First Source and Center, 29
    philosophy’s need to avoid, 1140

Pantheistic Deity, Universal Absolute not a, 15

Pantheon definition and origin, 948

Parable(s) of brotherly love, Jesus’ preparation to enact the, 1938
    danger of allegorizing, 1691
    individual interpretation of, 1692
    Jesus’ narration of, purpose, 1581, 1694
       use of the, a new method of teaching, 1546, 1672, 1688-1694, 1952
          in teaching the multitudes, 1590, 1694
    prayers,” Jesus’, 1621-1624
    teaching value of, Jesus’ designation of, 1692-1693, 1942

Parables of Jesus The Good Foundation, 1738
    The Hidden Treasure, 1694
    Kingdom like Leaven, 1694
       and the Mustard seed, 1693-1694
       like a Sweep Net, 1694
    Parable of the Absent Landlord, 1893-1894
       of the Bridge, 1735
       of Great Supper, 1835
       of the Lily, 1737-1738
       of the Lost Son, 1850-1853
       of the Marriage Feast, 1894-1896
       of the Pounds, 1875-1877
       of the Shrewd Stewart, 1853-1854
       of the Sower, 1688-1689
          interpretation of, by Thomas, 1691
          Jesus’ explanation of, 1693, 1727
             unexplained addition to the, 1693
          Nathaniel’s interpretation of, 1690
          Peter’s interpretation of, 1689-1690
       of the Talents, 1916-1917
       of the Two Sons, 1893
    Pearl of Great Price, 1694
    The Rich Man and the Beggar, 1854-1855
    The Weeds among the Wheat, 1693

Paradise absoluteness, relation of, to attributes of Third Source and Center, 99
    Architects of the Master Universe, a function of, 352, 357
    council, of Seven Master Spirits, 188, 257
    counselors, to Most Highs, 179
    Creator(s), respect of, for privacy of personality, 208
       the Supreme’s finding the, coincidental with humans’ finding the Father, 1284
    Deity(ies), the last three levels of God the Sevenfold, 4, 1270
       sevenfold will of, personification of, 238, 240
       source of the personality realities of the supreme Being, 641
    Father Melchizedek’s missions to, 385
    Father-Son, personification of, in Nebadon, 367
    Gautama’s failure to point the way to, 1035
    Isle, 87, 165, 197, 252, 287, 297
       influence of, on force, 139
       material gravity circuit of the, 177
       nature of the, 119-120
    Lanaforge’s message of assurance to, 609
    no royal roads, short cuts, or easy paths to, 551
    registry number of Urantia on, 182
    residents of, encouragement of, to attempt trinitization, 254
    the seventh heaven, 553
    spirit, indwelling, nature of, 25, 94
    threefold light of, source, 149
    Trinity, Philo’s aid in Paul’s restoration of the concept of the, 1339

Paradise, 1. Material nature
    circuits, clockwise movement of, 152
    cosmic technique of, and operation of natural laws, 468
    dimensions of, comparative, 119, 126
    eternal, the absolute of patterns, 10
    eternal materializations on, 472
    and Havona circuits, reason for separation of, 153
    Isle of, 118-127, 1159, 1151, 1160, 1263
    location of, 2077
    monota, absoluteness of, 471, 480, 1275
    present relation of pervaded and unpervaded space to, 124
    shape of, 118-119
    size and location of, 152
    and space, 124, 152, 1156
    space functions of, 124, 125
    and time, 134, 315, 739
    time and space nonexistent on, 2, 120, 299, 739
    time-space status of, 2
    transcendence of time and space by, 1439
    the ultimaton’s nucleus, 467

Paradise, 2. Cosmic relations
    and absolute motions, 133
    the absolute of patterns, 127
    advisers to local universe rulers, 179
    broadcasts of, a superuniverse circuit, 177, 504
    center of all things, 32, 51
    clearinghouse of Seven Master Spirits, 179
    cycle, all energy circuited in the, 321
       definition, 149
    deities, transcendence of time and space by the, 1439
    focal point of personality circuit, 640
    focalization of reflectivity on, 105
    geographic center of infinity, 126
    headquarters of the seven superuniverses and their correlated segments in outer space, 150
    the material fulcrum of infinity, 101
    no location in space, 120
    nonspatial, 120
    not a person, 101
    not spirit, 139
    possible sometime arrival of outer-spacers on, 636
    reality, and finite reality, 11
    reflectivity contact of superuniverses with, 308
    relation of, to reality, 7, 637
    the source of all material universes, 637
       of force and energy, 139, 468
    Source and Center, one of the Seven Absolutes of Infinity, 1156
    Supreme Power Directors’ operations from, 320

Paradise, 3. Deity residence
    abiding place of the Father, 139, 640
    activity of Original Son on, character of, 83
    Deity(ies), 26
       absoluteness and infinity inherent in personalities of the, 2, 44
       and actualizing Deities, 10
       co-ordination of love, mercy, and ministry of, in Trinity Teacher Sons, 233
       existentiality of the oneness of, 640
       knowledge of the, of God’s eternal purpose, 54
       personality association of the, 31, 367
       Seven Master Spirits’ origin in, 189
    Deity presence absolute only on, 645
    personal presence of the Eternal Son, 639

Paradise, 4. Subdivisions of Paradise
    area(s), absoluteness of, result, 120
       the only nontemporal place, 135
    nether, 121, 122, 469, 1276
    operation of transcendental energy from upper level of, 471
    peripheral, 120, 121
    portals of entry to, 52, 295
    Trinity, domination of upper Paradise by the, 120

Paradise, 5. Paradise Gravity – energy
    absolute-gravity grasp of, over material organization, 237, 470
       pull of, percentage utilization of, by grand and outer universes, 132
    absoluteness of material gravity of, 82
    creative forces, expanding march of, 645
    dependence of gravity on, 467
    energy(ies), relation of, to divinity, 471
       to superuniverses, location of flash stations for, 121
    energy’s origin in, 1116
    everlasting grasp of, 91
    forces and energies, 467-468
    force organizers, force-charge of space modified by, 126, 131, 169
       mother wheels of space initiated by, 455
       production of motion by, 168
    gravity, 9, 111, 125, 126, 128
       a definition, 125
       function of, in physical universe, 94
       nether-Paradise force’s relation to, 122
       stages of response to, 9, 125, 126
       ultimatons’ subjection to, 465
    -gravity pull, puissant energy’s reaction to, 470, 476
    gravity’s relation to, 125
    physical energy traceable to, 105
    Presences, the source of energy, 467-468
    residence of Master Force Organizers, 329

Paradise, 6. Uniqueness of Paradise
    definitions of, 7, 1149
    inevitability of, 127
    the infinity potential of Universal Father’s nonpersonal self, 101, 127
    oneness of energy and spirit on, 104
    relation of physical, mindal, and spiritual energies on, 140, 484
    uniqueness of, 126, 127
    the Unqualified Absolute co-ordinate with, 1156
    without duplicate, 120

Paradise, 7. The Paradise Father
    Deities, Michael’s subordination to will of, results of, 1325
    dwelling place of the Universal Father, 587
    Father, 23
       of all personalities, 8, 195
       avenue of communication of, with universe of universes, 186
       causation of quantitative fact and qualitative value in the, 1477
       centering of all things and beings in the, 638, 646
       character of the abode of, 638
       the eternal God the, 645
       functions and contacts of the, 139
       Jesus’ desire to glorify the, 1395, 1406, 1417, 1469, 1620, 1753, 1797
          subjection to the will of his, 1417, 1424
       man’s only gift to the, 22
       Michael’s experiencing the will of, 1324, 1325, 1327
       Original Son’s personality derived from the, 79
       possibility of suffering by the, 53
       of pure energy and pure spirit, 638
       relation of, to God the Sevenfold, 646
       supervision of the universe of universes by the, 1513
    God discernibly present on, 45, 2052
    limitation of God outside, 48
    man sees God only on attaining, 28
    parent, God the Father our, 640
    personality of the Universal Father, 39
    presence, God’s, accessibility of, 62, 119
    pull of the Universal Father, 645
    seven sacred spheres of, and communion with the Father, 64
    Universal Father personally resident on, 1176

Paradise, 8. Paradise Sons
    bestowal Son, archangel corps of a, 409
       mission of, 567
       prerequisite for planetary arrival of a, 567, 595
    Creator Sons, 66, 234-242, 352
       functions of, 28
       and God the Sevenfold, 11
       local universe fathers, 4
       mercy motivation of, 618
       Universal Father rules through his, 44
    Michaels, Havona the educational training ground for, 162, 293
    Michael’s visits to, 367
    Sons, on bestowal missions, mortal experience of, 23, 87, 229
       communication of, with Original Mother Son, 88
       desire of, to come close to their subordinate living creatures, 1308
       Eternal Son approachable through his, 80
       of God, 87, 88, 89, 223-233
          and the bestowal plan, 2003
          characteristics of the, 34, 224, 647
          missions of, 573
          origin and nature of, 224, 232
          three orders of, 223-224
          Trinity Teacher Sons classified as, 214
       incarnated, personalized Adjusters of the, 1179
       incarnational bestowals of, as miracles, 1331
       pledged as retrievers, 85
       primary, functions of, 234, 235
       as rehabilitators, 85
       second order of, 225, 384
       united ministry of, 232
    sonship, unrevealed orders of, 88

Paradise, 9. Conjoint Actor
    Master Spirits, mind presence of God, and cosmic mind of the, 45
    pattern, activation of, by Third Source and Center, 10, 100, 101
    personal presence of the Infinite Spirit, 639
    relation of activities of Conjoint Actor to, 101
    Trinity, Conjoint Actor’s functioning in behalf of the, 471

Paradise, 10. Paradise Citizens
    absonite beings’ headquarters, 628
    Citizen(s), classification of, as Co-ordinate Trinity-origin Beings, 214
       creation of, completed, 214
       as descending pilgrims, 288
       and finaliter, trinitization of a “child of time and eternity” by, 262
       inner zone of Holy Area the Paradise home of, 120
       mortal ascenders’ fraternization with three thousand orders of, 300
          ascenders’ frequent fraternization with, 351
       number of orders of, 222
       perfect will creatures, 287
       trinitized offspring of, custodians of, 296, 352
    Companions, Paradise Citizens as assistants of, 283
    graduates, definition, 343
    level of Master Architects, 351
    natives, dual recognition of Father and Son by, 79
    permanent ascendant citizenship of, 532
    Spiritual Sons, unique functions of, 231

Paradise, 11. Life and culture
    characteristics of, 98
    classification of living beings, 330-334
    conduct, characteristics of, 301
    council of perfection on, 278
    custodians of knowledge located on, 431
    formal records of, 281, 288, 302
    headquarters of interpreters of ethics, 312
       of Majeston on, 200
    instruction on, one hour’s, vs. ten thousand years of Urantia methods, 303
    knowledge inherent only on, 339
    language requirements on, 537
    living library of, 281
    Masters of Philosophy on, 311
    mind, characteristics of, 481
    personalities, influence of, on all creatures, 1148
       in, number of, 330
       time-space descension of, 4
    personality classification, basis of, 330
    prevalence of order on, 301
    responsibilities attending attainment of, 295
    revelation of mutual understanding in chance meetings on, 503
    reversion activities unnecessary on, 549
    spirit realities, oneness of, 639
    training of Perfectors of Wisdom on, 215
    trial trips to, 293
    truth, a definition, 596, 1112
    type of perfection on, 36

Paradise, 12. Paradise ascenders
    Adjuster’s presence with man on, 449
    arrivals, assistance to, of interpreters of ethics, 300
       study pursued by, 343
    ascendant mortals’ current residence, 347
    ascenders’ consciousness of worthwhile experiences even to, 535
       discovery of God as a person on, 1296
       eternal awakening on, 430
    ascending Material Sons’ start on journey to, 444
       mortals as perfected spirits on, 343
    ascension, 9, 581, 1191
       finaliters’ completion of, 509
       of midwayers, circumstances of beginning of the, 627
       of surviving human souls, secret of the, 84
    -ascension career, Material Sons and Daughters eligible for, 515
    ascent, first pause in the, 435
       former men and women aiding each other in the, 939
       Master Spirit activities as related to, 190
       midwayers’ initiations into adventure of, 425, 444
       pauses in the, conditions of, 435
       the supreme adventure of time, 1608
    assurance of man’s ascension to, 54, 63, 79
    attainment, of angelic hosts, 443
       methods of seraphic, 440
       reappearance of Agondonter grouping upon, 579
       by seraphim and midway creatures, 244, 248
    awakening from final transit slumber of time, the sixth jubilee, 305
    career(s), of Adams and Eves, starting point of some, 629
       eligibility of Adam and Eve for the, 852
       factors in the ascent of the, 569, 1630
       man’s freewill choice for or against the, 620
    the climb to, and gratification of the desire to travel, 340
    destiny, identical, of the three brain types, 447
    divine destiny of children of time, 162
    eventual goal of ascending mortals, 255
    the goal of the pilgrims of time, 417, 454
    Jesus’ promise to the thief regarding, 2009
    journey, the will creatures’, 21
    Material Sons’ attainment of, 349
    the mortal passport to, 290
    pilgrims of eternity, time of first arrival of, on Havona, 291
    plan for progressive ascension and attainment of mortals, 867
    seraphim’s clearance for, 423, 427
    Seraphington the angelic threshold to, 440
    and survivors, 63

Paradise, 13. Corps of the Finality
    Corps of the Finality, classification of, 337
       the eternal brotherhood, 1122
       personal residences of, 156
       seven, 252
    final qualification of mortals as children of, 297
    Finaliters, Corps of, 148, 352
       and first outer space level, 453
       present functioning of, in the grand universe, 1239
       possible future destiny of, 558, 1239
    the finaliters’ home, 163
    goal, sleep of eternity transit to, 270
    headquarters of corps of Transcendental Finaliters on, 346
    mobilization of Corps of Mortal Finaliters on, 345, 354
    service, ceremony marking entrance of ascending mortal upon, 538
    Trinity, finaliters’ oath of allegiance to the, 345

Paradise, 14. Relations with Havona
    descenders, Havoners’ ministry to, 157
    -Havona broadcasts, reception of on Jerusem, 522
       creatures, evolutionary personalities the cosmic complement of, 362
       personalities, beings classified as, 222
          and finaliters, success of trinitizing unions of, 250
          and seven finaliter corps, diverse progeny of, 251
          trinitization engaged in by, 210, 249
       standard day, 134-135, 153
       system, 129, 152-154, 157, 208, 285, 938
      -trinitized sons, training spheres of, 251
    light of spheres of the Father shed throughout, 143
    pilgrims, necessity for unconsciousness of, during last transit from Havona to Paradise, 135
    sacred spheres, 129, 143-151
    satellites, of the Father, organization of work of the, 208
       of Infinite Spirit, headquarters of Master Spirits, 197, 198
       location of Supreme Executive of Orvonton on, 307
       names of, 198
    spheres of the Infinite Spirit, training spheres of trinitized sons, 251-252
    Trinity, Havona natives the offspring of, 157, 221

Paradise, 15. Paradise ministrations
    angels’ attachment to service of, 441
    Companions, angels as, 270, 283-284, 285
    instigators of rest the inspectors of, 299
    messengers of, 21, 440
    ministering spirits of, 285
    residence of ascending pilgrims on, and training by primary supernaphim, 159, 298
    spirit-fused mortals’ service on, 453
    Thought Adjuster, the Mystery Monitor, 64
    Unions of Days, reserve corps of, as functioning on, 212

Paradise, 16. Paradise Trinity
    Deity(ies), oneness of the three persons of, 31
       results of the Trinity association of the three, 113
       the three, 335, 1145
    Trinity, 15, 108-117
       absolute attitude of, 41, 113, 644, 1171, 1265-1266
       and absoluteness of Universal Father as total Deity, 111
       absonite overcontrol of the, 116
       acts of, as related to progress of eternity, 116
       application of law a function of the, 114
       ascending pilgrims’ need of help in finding the, 293
       attitude of, toward the universes, 15, 16, 164
       characteristics of justice of the, 98
       comparison of, with Mystery Monitors, 1271
       vs. divine unity, 31
       Edentia representative of, 489
       embrace of creature-trinitized sons by, 244, 251
          of seraphim and midway creatures by, 248
       eternity of, 644, 1174
       existence of the, 91, 1174
       First Source and Center’s function as total Deity through the, 111
       a function of, 108, 641
       and functions vs. attributes, 113
       function of God the Supreme as to the, 251
       God the Supreme potential in, 12
       indivisibility of Deity in the, 640, 1147
       infinite, potentially, 16, 1166
       influence of, on the possible unification of the grand universe, 1279
       Inspired Trinity Spirits the offspring of, 219, 220
       justice inherent in sovereignty of the, 114
       and limitation of God’s power, 48
       loyalty of transcendentalers to the, 333
       man’s finite concept of the, 113
       members of, co-ordinate, 35, 108
       Michael of Nebadon not a member of, 366
       mortal view of totality attitude of the, 115
       not a personality, 1145
       as one Deity, 1331
       the one inescapable inevitability, 15, 108
       origin of Inspired Trinity Spirits in the, 219
       overcare of master universe by, 136
       personalities of the, and Urantia sacred books, 60
       the possible relationship of the Father, Son, and Spirit (as persons) to the, 1147
       presence of, and functioning of Supreme Spirits, 205
       a real entity, 1145
       relation of Father, Son, and Spirit to the, 112
          of the Supreme to the, 1171
       and revelation of eternal nature of Deity, 108
       Seven Master Spirits’ functional relation to, 188
       and the Sevenfold Deity, 362
       Seventh Master Spirit’s spokesmanship for attitude of, 188
       specialized representation of Deities composing, on worlds of the Father, 144
       the Supreme Being’s deity nature’s dependence on the, 1282, 1304
       the three concentric circles’ symbolism of the, 1016
       total integration of reality in the, 1174
       Trinity Teacher Sons produced by the, 230, 598
       undivided Deity, 3
       unified Deity, 110, 1173
       Union of Days the ambassador of, 166, 212, 235, 410
       unique attitude of, toward the universe, 112, 113
       the uniqueness of the, among absolute relationships, 1147
       Universal Censors the judgment of, 217
       unqualified unity, 1279

Paradiseward drawing power of Paradise Deities, 91

Paradisiacal activities in Havona, 160

Paradoxes of religion, cause of, 1121

Paralytic healing of the, 1666-1667

Paranoiac many early medicine men, 986

Parchment doorpost, Jesus’ objection to the Jewish ritual of the, 1372

Pardon the Lord’s promise of, 1446

Parent(s) admonishing children to honor, need for, 1675
    affliction of children not for punishment of, 1664
    arrival of, on mansion worlds and repersonalization of their deceased Adjusterless children, 570
    and children, contemporary sojourn on mansion worlds of, 531
    -child relationship, concept of God, 40
       nature of, 1013
    indulgent, the heavenly Father not an, 1653
    Jesus’ nonselection of his, 1407
    mansion world, collaboration of, with morontia custodians of their children, 531
    of Mary, Joachim and Hannah the, 1347
    nontransmission of sin to child from, 2016
    the reward of, 804, 1676
    trinitizing oneness of, 250
    of the twentieth century, knowledge of, 1922
    understanding, believers to be, 1932
    unwise, God not like, 1653
    wise, and the development of their children’s independence and liberty, 1922

Parental commission, passage of requirements of, on first mansion world, 531
    craving, the Eternal Son’s gratification of, 161
    experience, the necessity for, 531, 939
    happiness, pair marriage and, 928
    instinct, influence of, on keeping men and women together, 938, 940
    love, selflessness in, 41
    relationship or its equivalent an essential to attainment of the Corps of the Finality, 516
    responsibilities, Joseph’s and Mary’s faithful discharge of their, 1372
    schools, compulsory attendance at, in the continental nation, 811
    traits, children’s inheritance of, 1604

Parsees fear of the dead by the, 1050
    fire myth in symbolism of the, 778

Part and whole, 52, 137-139

Parthia and Rome, results of struggle between, 1333

Parthian kingdom, separation of the Roman Empire and the Han Empire by the, 1487

Partiality God’s unwillingness to show, 998

Parting of the ways, for many Jewish leaders, 1710, 1714

Partners with God, method of humans’ becoming, 1471

Partnership between one man and one woman, the home a, 940
    effectiveness of the divine family, central creation the proof of, 160
    of faith, 380, 614, 1299, 1467
    of man and woman, 930, 938-939
    of Universal Father and Eternal son, purpose and duration of the, 90
    with God, Jesus’ profession of, 1786
       revelation’s disclosure of man’s capacity for, 1122

Passenger birds, fandors as, 694, 746, 831
    birds, as human transports, 694

Passion(s) freedom from, necessary in problem solving, 1773
    man’s four greatest, 1451

Passover(s) attendance of the Jews of the world at the, 1793
    the boy Jesus at the, 1379
    ceremonies, Hebrew sacrament rite in, 984
    feast, bloodless, the first, partaken of by devout Jews, 1404
       the twelve apostles’ first, 1648
    Jerusalem, rare appearance of women at the, 1377
    at Jerusalem, Jesus’ attendance at, 1362, 1409, 1596-1606, 1648, 1867
    Jesus’ contemplation of a bloodless, 1379
       declaration of intention to attend the, 1872
    Jesus takes James to his first, 1399
    lambs, coincidence of death of Jesus and the sacrificing of the, 2002
    meaning of the old, 1942
    the new, a definition, 1943
    no direct relation between the death of Jesus and the, 2002
    Philip’s query of Jesus about preparation for the, 1933
    reason for the Last Supper’s preceding the, 1940
    rites, diet composites of, 1379
    Sabbath, Nazareth family’s preparation for the, 1375
    and secular work, 1967
    supper, Bethany, Jesus presiding over, 1399
    throngs, apostolic personal work among the, 1596

Passport to eternity, 294
    to Paradise, seraphim’s surest, 427

Pastoral living, changes brought about by, 933
    man, enslavement of woman by, 778
    peoples, more recent, 768

Patagonians present worship of trees by the, 946

Paternity to the Spirit, Eternal Son’s consciousness of, 110

Patience Adam’s and Eve’s lack of, results, 840
    an attribute of the Infinite Spirit, 100
       of meekness, 1574
    conditioning of power by, in Orvonton, 182
    a foundation stone of real families, 1604
    and free-willness,    42
    Jesus’, 1103, 1401, 1589, 1672, 2008
    Jesus’ plea to James Zebedee to show, 1958
       teaching of, 1580
    lack of, a cause of Adam’s failure, 846
    a preliminary to manifestation of mercy, 315
    time a vital factor in function of, 617
    vs. the understanding forbearance of true maturity, 1295

Patrae in Achaia, scene of Andrew’s death, 1550

Patriarchal idea, origin of, 789
    type of family life, the creation of, consequences, 933

Patriot fiery, Simon Zelotes the, 1956

Patriotism a definition, 1488

Pattern(s) about, 9, 10, 483-484
    absolute of, 127
    for all personality, identity of the, 1263
    aspect of a living being, an arrangement of energies, 483
    -being, central universe inhabitants, functions of, 157
    control, in sex cells, forty-eight units of, on Urantia, 397
    creation, Havona a, 54
    definition, 10, 127, 404
    of God’s action, modification of, 56
    for material universes, Isle of Paradise the, 24, 1156
    minds, on each Havona world, 161
    Paradise the absolute master, 8, 127, 1148, 1434
    personalities of all mortal types, Havona the home of, 162
    of physical creation, source of, 374
    Ruler of universe of universes is, 53
    scope of, 10
    for spirit artistry, Havona, 498
    universe, Havona the, 83, 152, 160

Paul Abner’s differences with, over theology, 1831
    achievement of, 1865
    adaptations of Jesus’ teachings made by, 1337, 1831
    association of the identity of the “tentmaker of Antioch” with the “scribe of Damascus” by, 1456
    attitude of, toward women, cause, 977, 1679
    the carrier of the Christian message to the gentiles, 2069, 2072
    and Christianity in Ephesus, 1478
    controversy of, with his Jerusalem brethren, cause, 2064
    criticism of the Cretans by, 1436
    denunciation of, by Abner, 1832
    elimination of some of Philo’s inconsistencies by, 1339
    epistles of, similarity of Cynic preaching to, 1336
    experience of, in Corinth, 1473
    foundation of the cult of Christianity by, 1338, 2091
    gospel of, a component of advancing western theology, 1340
    a great organizer, 2070
    his pessimistic view of humankind, 2093
    identity of, 1412
    influences bearing on doctrines of, 1340, 1865
    influence of, on Christianity, 1011, 1865
       on Luke’s gospel, 1342
       on teachings of Jesus, 1864
    John Mark’s association with, 1341
    knowledge of, of morontia worlds and material, 542
       of the persons of the Paradise Trinity, 1144
    one of the seven outstanding world religious teachers, 1339
    organization of a Christian church at Corinth by, 1472
    and Peter, compatibility of, in later years, 1551
    proclamation of a Jewish Messiah by, 1332
    reference to the sudden conversion of, 1099
    religion, vs. citizenship of, 1332
    speech of, to the Athenians about “the Unknown God,” 2071
    Stoic sympathies of, 1336
    of Tarsus, and early Christian doctrines, 68, 1010, 1084
    unawareness of, as to his letters sometime being regarded as the “word of God,” 1084

Pauline Christianity, Antioch the eventual headquarters of, 1869
    Christianity, the pagans’ acceptance of, 2070
    doctrines, woman’s difficulty under the, 937

Peace the activities of, 769
    be quiet,” Jesus to his apostles on Sea of Galilee, 1695
    be upon you, and my peace I leave with you,”, 2032, 2033, 2040, 2041, 2042, 2043, 2044, 2050, 2052, 2053, 2054, 2055, 2057
    the believer’s experience of, 1782
    chiefs, functions of, 789
    cosmic poise, an earmark of religious living, 1101
    a definition, 783
    on earth, and good will among men,” the message of the bestowal Son, 437, 597, 1487, 1569, 1682, 1777, 1824, 1951
    and equality, 1487
    false, undesirability of, 1674
    a fruit of the spirit, 381
    and good will, apostles to proclaim, 1682
    groups, in succession as they appeared, 765, 788
    I leave with you
    my peace I give to you,” 1954
    individual believer’s attainment of, 1824
    influence of, on status of woman, 936
    of Jesus, a definition, 1955
    Jesus’, not negative, 1575
    lasting, and true religion, 66
    and love, the dove a symbol of, 946
       of God’s law, 1446
    means of securing, 783, 1489, 1491, 1951
    the meek’s delight in, 1445
    of mind, Adjuster’s ability to confer a, 1192
       and prayer, 998
       pure thinking and virtuous living as related to, 1446
       static, religion not a technique to attain a, 1096
    and Perfection,” one of Jesus’ evening discussions, 1683
    persecution often follows, 1575
    personal, a function of, 1575
    political, a function of, 1575
    promoter, outmarriage a, 919
    religion’s means of attaining, 1486
    social, a function of, 1575
    of the soul, technique of attaining, 1480
    sublime, faith and, 1115
    and tranquility, reason for Urmia religionists’ state of, 1487
    treaties, the first, 788
    universal, a prerequisite to attainment of, 594
    on Urantia, prerequisite to, 1489
    the wicked’s lack of, 1445
    world-wide, factors contributing to, 594, 597, 820

Peaceably Jesus’ plea to John to strive to live, 1956

Peacemakers apostles’ attitude toward, 1575
    happy are the, 1570

Peacemaking effect of, 1575

Pearl of great price, a definition, 1583, 1694

Pearly gates, of the promenade walls of the Sons on Jerusem, 524
    nautilus, cephalopods the early predecessors of, 676
    observatory, view from the, 521

Peat beds, origin of, 681

Pebbles peculiarly marked, the first fetishes, 967

Peer Andrew, in most abilities, his associates’, 1549

Pella apostles’ two-week work near, 1587
    apostolic camp near, 1626
       corps’ departure from to southern Perea, 1868
          return to, after Lazarus’ resurrection, 1847
    camp, 1817-1819
       apostolic headquarters during the Perean mission, 1808
    establishment of new camp by Jesus’ followers at, 1806
    evenings at, 1817
    historical significance of, 1587, 1806
    Isador’s writing of Gospel of Matthew in, 1342
    Jesus’ and his brothers’ departure for, preceding Jesus’ baptism, 1504
       last sermon at, 1858
    John’s baptizing near, 1495
    return of seventy to, after six-week preaching tour, 1801
    significance of Jesus’ isolation near, 1492

Penalties of sin, inevitability of, 1661

Penance forgiveness of sin without, 1545
    ineffectiveness of, in prayer, 1640
    negative form of the ritual of renunciation, 976

Penitents of Lucifer rebellion, rehabilitation of, 758

Pennsylvania coal layers in, number of, 681
    and outcropping of ancient fossil-bearing rocks, 670

Pentecost and amalgamation of midwayers into one group, 864
    attendance of the Jews of the world at, 1793
    day of, Jesus’ gift of the Spirit of Truth on the, 1918
       strange teachings about the, 2062
    demoniacal possession impossible since, 863-864, 962, 1631
    the great festival of baptism, 2060
    influence of, on mortals, 2064
    John’s assistance of Peter on the day of, 1555
    the “new teacher’s” arrival on, 2066
    Peter’s inauguration of a new religion at, 2091
       preaching on, result, 1549
    sermon, 2060
    significance of, 2060-2062, 2065
    technique of Adjuster bestowal on Urantia since, 1187
    what happened at, 2062-2066

People identity of God’s, 1444
    make a civilization, 854
    types of, met by Jesus on his Mediterranean tour, 1424

Perea beauty of, 1817
    gentile and Jewish population of, 1817

Perean(s) belief of many, in John, 1508
    hills, Jesus’ forty-day isolation in the, 1512, 1523
    mission begins, 1817-1824
       the Master’s last ministry, 1817
       territory covered by the, 1808, 1817

Perfect beings, ability of the Deities to create, 258
    beings, Creators’ technique of producing, 541
    creatures, in universes encircling Havona, number of, 362
    divinity, 3
    even as your Father in heaven is perfect,” 1537, 1571, 1573, 1583, 1584, 1604
    and imperfect, interrelation of the, 637
    infinitely, God’s choice of the, 59
    life, Jesus’ living of a, 1785

Perfected creatures, equality in degree of divinity potential of perfect and, 362
    man of a universe, Jesus the, 1103
    self-realization, and perfected equilibrium equals the attainment of the Supreme, 1291

Perfection(s) absolute, of the Scriptures, erroneous idea of the, 1768
    attainment, delay caused in, by doubts and questionings, 1118
       divine destiny of, the God-knowing believer’s realization of, 1985
       the long, long Paradise trail of, 127
       plan, Infinite Spirit’s function in the, 93
    of beauty and holiness, cause, 1460
    central creation a pattern of, 360
    centralized, the Father’s liberation from, 98
    chief purpose of human struggling, 1574
    of creatures of time, an attainment, 361
    of Days, 210-211
       absence of, from their capitals, 210
       ascending mortals’ initial contact with, 211
       functions, 179, 210
       major sectors administered by three, 166, 181
       number, 210
       origin, 210
       reason for the name, 210
       Recents of Days as compared with, 211
       Supreme Trinity Personalities, 114, 207
    decision to achieve, essential to soul evolution, 740
    degrees of, 36
    in the divine integrity, 35
       desire to attain, an essential to survival, 447
       limitations of man’s, 22
       man’s destiny, 22
       relation of goodness to, 647
    evolutionary realms’ attainment of, 25, 360
    the Father’s escape of limitations inherent in, 108
    Father’s paradise, will creatures may share, 36
    the Father self-conscious of his, 34
    future, of the Supreme, Havona a finished portrayal of, 161
    God of, 22
       not a slave to his own, 138
    God’s, a mystery, 26
    Havona, character of, 52, 115
    -hunger, experiential, a definition, 647
       self-consciousness of, a prerequisite to spiritual progress, 1095
    innate, a prime manifestation of finite reality, 362, 737
    of man, Jesus the, 1604
    man’s hunger for, the Thought Adjuster’s arousing of, 1107, 1119
    mortal, degree and limitations of, 22
    nature’s relation to, 103
    origin of belief in man’s having started his career in, 975
    our eternal goal, 846
    of Paradise Deity, and nature, 56
    Paradise, vs. unfinished universes, and nature, 57
    prerequisite to striving for, 1449
    primal, basis of, 36
    a progressive attainment, 360
    of purpose, ascending pilgrim’s sole sort of perfection, 290
       in the divine Trinity, 115
       a result of, 290
    race for, is on, 365
    realization, vs. time-space delay, 160
    seven types of, 3
    soul’s attainment of, 1451, 1953
    supreme, the goal of, 100
    in survival, the secret of, 1221
    universe levels of, and imperfection, mercy’s relation to, 38

Perfectness God’s escape from limitations of, 29

Perfector(s) of Wisdom author of Papers 11, 12, 13, 14, 20, 21, 26, and 27, 127, 142, 151, 163, 233, 242, 297, 305
    administrative associates of, 216
    attachment of Souls of Philosophy to, 311
    creation of, completed, 214
    function of, 178, 216, 218, 311
    and Havona administrations, 217
    the “I was,” 218
    interest of, in executive worlds of the spirit, 151
    mission of, 215
    number of, assisting Ancients of Days, 178
       and distribution of, 215, 244
    one-seventh of Ascendington forbidden to a, 147
    origin of, 215
    relation of Divine Counselors and Universal Censors to, 215, 217
       to verdicts of Universal Censors, 218
    Stationary Sons of the Trinity, 114, 218
    as truth revealers, 216
    versatility of, result, 216

Peripheral Paradise about, 121, 122
    activities of, 119
    area reserves, probable future use of, 121
    percentage of area of, occupied by and reserved for universes of time and space, 121
    Seven Supreme Power Directors’ location on, 320
    souvenirs of material days on, 120

Periphery of Paradise, direction of energy manifestations of Master Spirits from, 184, 189

Periwinkles of late invertebrate-animal age, 676

Permanence of Father’s residence on Paradise, 119

Permanent citizens of constellations, univitatia the, 485, 493
       of Jerusem, Material Sons of God the, 515-516, 523
       of the local universe, 414-416
       of Urantia, 424, 865-867
       of Uversa, present function of, 416

Permanent citizenship corps of, twelve orders of, 337

Permian period, the age of biologic tribulation, 684

Perpetua death of, 1808
    Peter’s wife, function of, in the women’s corps, 1808

Persecuted for righteousness’ sake, happy are the, 1570

Persecution(s) aftermath of, 2072
    attendant upon the proclamation of the new religion, 1584, 1730, 1947
    of believers, in Jerusalem, 1616
       by religious dictators, 1930
    bitter, Lazarus the victim of, reason, 1844, 1849
    cause for the later dispersion of the apostles, 2045
    early Christian, a cause of, 1861, 2072
    influence of, on religion, 1089
    Jesus’ imperviousness to, 1102
       prediction of imminent, 1870, 1931
       promise not to forsake his followers in their, 1913
    of Jews, in Alexandria, at time of Christ, 1339
    Jews’, of the “Christians,” 2068
    of Jews and Christians, and Empire worship, 1336
    of modern Jews, some results of, 1909
    Peter’s ability to withstand, 1551

Persecutors man to pray for his, 1640
    Roman, Marcus’ defiance of Peter’s, 1461

Perseverance creature achievement’s dependence upon, 1266

Persia rise of Mithraic cult in, 947
    virtual extinction of the Salem gospel in, at time of arrival of Zoroaster, 1049
    Zoroastrianism’s place of origin, 1449

Persian(s) beliefs and practices, adoption of, by the Essenes, 1534
    doctrines of good and evil, influence of, on the teachings of Jesus, 1864
    early triad gods of the, 1143
    Gulf, central Nodites’ headquarters, 822
       Dravidian shipping in the, 881
       region, headquarters of the Prince, 743
    kingdom-of-heaven concept of the, 1859
    mystery(ies), Mithraism a, 2070
       teachings from, in Christianity, 1637, 1670

Persistence function of man’s, 1619
    parable to illustrate the results of, 1619

Person(s) Eternal Son’s ministry as a, 86, 112
    God a true, 111, 1448
    God no respecter of, 46, 1736
    resemblance of, 194
    a superior, definition, 1447-1448
    true, Universal Father a, 28

Personal actions of Conjoint Actor, 101
    advice, Jesus’ final, to each of his apostles, 1955
    affection, vs. sex attraction, among the ancients, 923
    Aids, without discoverable form, 483
       field of activity of, 264-265, 268
       of the Infinite Spirit, number of, 268
          stationed on central Isle of Light, 264
       time of creation of, unknown, 268
    angels, certain human groups’ possession of, 1241
    association with Jesus, apostles’ remembrance of, 1546, 2059
    beings, sojourn of, not permitted on worlds of the Son, 143
       source of personality of, 79
    bias, vs. group judgment, 1764
    combat, Ganid’s question concerning Jesus’ refraining from, 1469
    connection of Universal Father with his creatures, 28, 62
    contacts of God, infinite numbers of, mystery of, 139
    definition of, 9
    Deity, 2, 6, 31, 78
    devil, fictitious teachings regarding power of, 753
    differentiation of the, result of, 15
    encounter, near, Jesus’ only, 1436
    experience, assurance of kingdom family membership a, 1641, 1860, 1916
       dependability of, confidence in the, 1124, 1453, 1458, 1629, 1731
       a reality of, 31, 52, 1123, 1539, 1629
    function of Universal Father, 3, 109
    God, nature’s contemplation’s nonrevelation of a, 1107
       of personal salvation, the matured religionist’s faith in a, 1124
    guardian, immediate assignment of a, to one who makes the supreme decision, 1242
    level of worship, 66
    liberty, Eve’s attendance on the propaganda of, 846
       Lucifer’s and Caligastia’s attitude toward, 434, 601, 615, 752
       and spiritual self-restraint, 1460
    life of Jesus, mortals’ spiritual inspiration from the, 2092
    memory, of worthwhile experiences, throughout the ascendant career, 535
    messengers, importance of Solitary Messengers as, 261
    ministry, of Jesus, 1460-1462, 1484
    motives, knowledge of, the basis of fairness, 428
    nature of God, perfect revelation of the, 110
    pleasure, mature, vs. immature evaluation of, 1094
    presence of God, universal, mystery of, 139
       of ministry on Havona, Infinite Spirit known as a, 94, 186
    vs. public ministry, of Jesus, 1424
    realities, 7, 141-142
    relations of the Universal Father with his universe children, 109
    religion, Jesus’ teachings and his, 1581-1583, 1629
       man’s hunger for, 1337
    religious experience, divine personality grasped by, 17, 30
       and fruits of the spirit, 1585
    security, the result of Jesus’ complete dependence on the    2089
    spirits, 334
    spiritual experience, religion a, 577, 646, 1090, 2075
    survival, positive assurance of, a result of Jesus’ teachings, 1112
    unity with Deity, 3
    violence, prevention of, a right of society, 793
    work, the apostles’ first tour one of, 1538
       of Jesus in Corinth, 1474-1476
       with women, apostles’ rules concerning, 1680
    worker, Andrew an efficient, 1549

Personalities angelic, 285
    center of all, 71
    classification of superhuman beings, makeup of, 158
    creator, 106, 360
    creature, 106, 140
    diverse, and unified spiritual natures, 1591
    domains forbidden to, 144
    the Father of, 164
    finite, destiny of those, who choose to do the divine will, 70, 1173
       spiritual possibility of, 15
    of the grand universe, 330-334
    groups, composite, classification of, 337-338
    highest universe, vs. lower orders of intelligence, 62
    human, apostles’ evaluation of, 1727
    human, emergence of, on the mansion worlds, 1235
    of the Infinite Spirit, 93, 94, 96, 97, 98, 105-107, 266, 573
       classification of, 336
       three major classifications of the, 107, 418
    interrelationship of, 761
    of local and superuniverse, a function of, 100
       universe, 406-417
    material, morontia progressors’ contact with, 545
    ministering, of the Infinite Spirit, 75
    necessity of respect for, in soul winning, 1765
    nether Paradise and worlds of the Son closed to, 144
    never the same, 194
    number of, in Paradise and grand universe, 330
    orders, of Univitatia, intellectual subdivisions of, 493
       of Univitatia, number of, 493
    Paradise the place of primal origin of all, 127
    parental encircuitment of all, by the Father, 46
    physical-energy, 334
    primary, of Conjoint Creator, 102, 110
    register, Uversa, 334-344
    of Solitary Messengers, type, 261
    spirit, of the Infinite Spirit, mission of the, 107
    spirit the goal of existence of all, 140
    spiritualization of, the realm of the Eternal Son, 139
    Supreme Trinity, 207-213
    of the Third Source and Center, central registries of, 198
       peculiarities of, 106
    Thought Adjusters not, 1180
    totaling, chiefs of Census Directors’ function as, 267
    trinitized by glorified creatures, potentials of, 146

Personality activities, of upper Paradise, 119
    animal and plant life not possessed of, 404
    co-ordinators, Solitary Messengers thought to be, 262, 1190
    encircuitment, man’s, in the Holy Spirit, 1129
    experiential, requisite for functional reality of, 71
    First Source and Third Source, endowments of, 106
    First Source and Center more than a, 89
    human, error of mathematics in dealing with, 1477
    Lao-tse’s teaching regarding the emergence of a, 1033
    local-universe, the pattern for, 28
    and man’s concept of God, 33
    material or spiritual, 70
    non-Father, Third Source and Center’s bestowal of, 106
    orders of, 8
    presences of spirit beings, vs. Urantia mortal bodies, 483
    records, place of preservation of, 409
       of universe and universes, beginning of, 209
    relation of Paradise to, 7
    Rodan’s explanation of, 1783
    section of written records of Paradise, first entry in, 209
    spirit and matter as defined by, 82
    the three dimensions of, 1095, 1226

Personality, 1. Personality defined
    concept of God, and First Cause of science, 29
       spiritual value of the, 30, 31
    cycle, completion of the, 90
    a definition, 8, 29, 70, 194, 615, 1434
    the    a definition, 59
       not self-centered, 109
    and energy, 8, 483
    form, a definition, 483
    of infinity, 35, 110
    is or is not, 70
    of man, definition, 9
    mature, Rodan’s definition of a, 1777
    nature of, not fully comprehended, 70
    not a progressive achievement, 70
    presumption to attempt to define, 1225
    purpose of, 192
    reality(ies), 8, 9, 613, 1122, 1140, 1210, 1226-1227
    relation of pattern to, 10
    relationship,    definition, 110
    a requisite of, 334
    some things known about, 1225-1226
    spiritualized, a definition, 141
    an unsolved mystery, 70
    values, a definition, 195, 196, 1226

Personality, 2. Bestowal by the Father
    bestowal of the Father, 70, 79, 367
    cause of, 79
    distributions, of Paradise Father, results of, 35
    endowment, from the Father, 1301
    eternal, universe potential of, 142
    expression, Father’s freewill act conditioned, 7
    Father bestowal of, on all moral creatures, 196
    the Father the source of, 119, 1232
    the Fathers eternal endowment upon his creatures, 1226
    gift of, to God, 1225
    as a gift of the Universal Father, Lucifer’s denial of, 603
    God shares his, 58, 62
    of man, source of, 138, 640
    mortal, direct bestowal of the Universal Father, 89
       Universal Father the source of, 363
    origin of, 27
    segregation, cause of, 1434
    the sovereign freewill bestowal of the Universal Father, 1201
    source of, 8, 77, 79, 194, 334, 1225
    Universal Father the bestower of, 109, 236

Personality, 3. Personality circuit
    circuit, and “bosom of the Father,” 64
       Conjoint Actor’s relation to, 112
       of the Father, 9, 25, 53, 62, 65, 76, 106, 119, 363, 445, 640
       and superuniverse representations of Eternal Son, 83
       of the universe of universes, center of the, 71
    circuited in the Universal Father, 71, 1225
    drawn to Universal Father, 103
    encircuitment of, Universal Father acts alone in, 95
    gravity, noncomputability of, 133
       operation of, a volitional act of the Universal Father, 104
       of the Universal Father, circuit of, characteristics, 131
    presided over by Universal Father, 99
    response of, to the personality circuit, 131, 1225

Personality, 4. Deity and absolute personality
    absolute, of Deity, location of, 5
       Paradise Father’s concept of, and Eternal Son, 73
       Second Source and Center the, 74, 1156
       Universal Father’s inability to act alone as the, 111
    absolutism, the Father’s liberation from, 98
       Paradise Trinity’s function in Father’s escape from, 108
    Original, absoluteness of, 1434
    partnership, Father-Son, 93
    -pattern possibilities, creatures of Havona as, 162
    perfect, of Michael Sons, 28
    realization of, by the I AM, 6
    three types of Divinity function in, 1107
    in the universe, 29, 30
       evidence of the fact of, 846
    of Universal Father, Eternal Son’s revelation of, 88
    Unqualified Absolute devoid of, 14

Personality, 5. Personality of the Father
    concept of God, revelation validates, 29
    of Deity concept, functions of, 31
    in Deity, prerequisite to, 1145
    Father, God is, 79
    of the Father, absolute unification of, 638
       Nathaniel’s reasoning in convincing Rodan of the, 1784-1785
    the Father’s contact with, 76
    the Father’s, qualities of, 34
       revelation of, to a universe, 94
    focalization by Universal Father, 13
    of God, concept of, a gradual evolution among the Hebrews, 1062
       mortal realization of the, 69
       relation of religion to its concept of the, 28
       Rodan’s disagreement with Nathaniel and Thomas on the, 1783-1784
       spiritual realization of, 31
    God an infinite Creator, 28
    God is, 4, 28, 70-72, 89, 1783-1785
    God more, but nothing less than a, 1785
    and goodness of God, 40
    independence, of the Deities, 90
    of love, God the, 2095
    proof of God’s being a, 1123
    relation of Universal Father to, 8
    self-centered, God not a, 363
    struggles, Universal Father participates in his creatures’, 29
    transcendent, God a, 41
    of the Universal Father, 27-29, 30, 138, 239, 639
       Brahmanic philosophy’s failure to recognize the, 1031

Personality, 6. Personality of Son and Spirit
    absolute, see Absolute(s) and personalities
    attainment, the Eternal Son the pattern of, 80
    complete and perfect, the Infinite Spirit a, 96
    of Conjoint Actor and Seven Master Spirits, 186
    of Creator sons, differences in, 236
    of the Eternal Son, 78, 80, 81, 91
    grand universe functioning of Conjoint Actor as a, 99
    Paradise Son’s, characteristics of, 79
    pattern, Eternal Son the, 10
    performances on executive worlds of the Spirit, 151
    real, Eternal Son a, 79
    of Seven Master Spirits, 186
    of the Son, a function of the, 73
    of spirit beings, manifestations of, 10
    source of Eternal Son’s, 77
       of Original Son’s, 79
    of Third Source and Center, relation of to Father-personality and Son-personality, 110

Personality, 7. Adjusters and personality
    Adjuster’s status as to, 1198
    circuit of Adjusters, God’s action over the, 45
    consciousness, universal, relation of Thought Adjusters to, 71
    craving to be like God, and Adjuster presence, 24
       capacity for, in the Adjuster, 71
    eternal, the Adjuster’s dependence on mortal will for, 1233
    effect of Thought Adjuster on, 194
    humans’ sovereignty of, Adjusters’ respect for, 1204
    Personalized Adjusters’ embrace of all known relationships of, 1201
    technique of the Adjuster’s winning, 1238
    trust, a certain Adjuster’s promise to be true to his, 1214

Personality, 8. Uniqueness of personality
    changelessness of the, 1225, 1226, 1572
    is absolutely unique,” 1225
    man’s, identity of, amid change, 31
    no repeated identical expression of, 1284
    Paradise Creators’ respect for privacy of, 208
    paradox of the part and the whole on level of, 138
    recognition, mystery of, 451
    unchanging, significance of, 1235
    uniqueness of, 1129, 1220

Personality, 9. Relation to the will and soul
    dedication, relative free will involved in, 194
    function of mind in, 9
    influence of, on life, 1225, 1227
    a limited sovereignty of will associated with, 1220
    man’s moral will, 1458
    mindal-energy, 334
    mortals’ association of will with, 1183
    not necessarily a concomitant of mind, 325
    relation of, to worship, 66
    relationships, transcendence of mind and matter by spirit in, 140
    status, in connection with the psychic circles, 1209
    submission to the will of the Creator not a surrender of, 1285

Personality, 10. Creature personality
    creature, bestowal of, results, 71
       two characteristic phenomena of, 194
       Universal Father’s freewill gift, 448
    of each human, an irreplaceable meaning-value in the finite, 1284
    God’s action as related to each, 56, 62
    human, Jesus’ recognition of the worth of, 2076
       potential in cosmic-mind endowment, 70
       relation of, to time-and-space events, 135
    intercourse, between man and God, 31
    of man, need of respect for, 1765
    man’s type of, 30
    meaning status of, 1218, 1226
    satisfaction, supreme, the God-choosing son’s finding, 1221

Personality, 11. Characteristics of personality
    attributes, Brahman’s lack of, 1030
    certain characteristics of, 8
    consciousness of time by, 1226
    contactability of, 106
    facts that mortals should remember in their study of, 1227
    finite-creature, characteristics of, 106, 1226
    a function of, 8, 102, 1226
    insight peculiar to, 193
    is characterized by morality,” 1225
    manifestation, conditioning and qualification of, 194
    physical systems’ subordination to, 1275
    range of, 8
    some characteristics of, 110, 194
    subinfinite orders of, characteristics of, 8
    transmissibility of, 127

Personality, 12. Evolution of personality
    association, insurance against evil, 1776
       pooling spiritual possessions through, 1776
       value of, 1477
    evolutionary ascent of, 8
    evolving, limitations of, 42
    inability of, to perform in isolation, 1227
    and man’s ascension to the moral level, 193
    man’s evaluation of, 1232, 1784
    performance, in the local universe, 1160
    realization, on a material world, identity of the sum total of the, 1209, 1226
    scale, steps in the, 435
    the time tension of, 1616

Personality, 13. Identity and unification
    ability of, to retain its identity, 1434
    attainment, spiritual, goodness’ relation to, 1458
    decisions, the importance of man’s, 1303
    dependence of, on selfhood reaction to universe environment, 1235
    entire, harmonious functioning of, a requisite to the traversal of the seven circles, 1209
    experience, and co-ordination of truth, beauty, and goodness in, 43
    freedom, increasing, in universe progress, 1460
    and identity, 142, 195, 1219, 1225
    vs. individuality, 1227
    of man, unification potential of, 640
    maturity of, evidence of, 1774
    mortal, unification of human experience with matter, mind, and spirit by, 647
    a possession of the material self, 71
    stability of, prerequisite to, 1774-1775
    unification, 66, 135, 140, 174, 518, 639-640, 647, 1099, 1101, 1132, 1572, 2093
       and the altruistic drive, 1132
    violation, and new achievements, 422

Personality, 14. Destiny of personality
    of the annihilated individual, fate of the, 37
    both existential and experiential, future destiny of, 1201
    destiny of, 27
    development and Deity association, an ascending personality’s endless possibilities of, 1169
    existence, eternal, how attained, 26
       spiritual goal of, 189
    extinction, Ancients of Days’ relation to, 367
       of mortal mind, 26
    isolated, fate of, 37, 1616, 1985
    method of survival of, 1459
    mortal, technique of eternalizing by the, 1295
    motivation, perfection of, and mortal perfection, 22
    Paradise perfection of, essentials of, 290
    perfection, mortals’ attainment of, 1511
    possibility of survival of death by, 1226
    reaction to environment, a factor in creature perfection, 361
    survival, 9, 69, 341, 761, 846, 1225-1240, 1457, 1480, 1660
       nature’s lack of proof of, 1106
       and reality of God, 24
       revelation the assurance of, 1122

Personality, 15. Morontia personality
    assembly, temple of, on first mansion world, 532
    becoming a part of the Supreme Deity by, 1232
    effect on, of passage from morontia to spirit, 342
    individual, participation in the actualization of the Supreme a benefit to each, 1285
    Morontia Companions’ possession of distinct, 545
    of morontia status, mortal personality as a, 540
    new, creation of a, from the surviving soul and the Adjuster, after fusion, 1212
    the old, resurrection of, 341
    onetime material, conditions involved in the reassembly of the, 1234
    realities, of the Supreme Being, 641

Personality, 16. Jesus’ personality
    of the adolescent Jesus, 1395
    each apostle’s attraction to a certain trait of Jesus’, 1550
    of God, Jesus’ life revealed the, 30, 1784
    integrity, Michael’s, Immanuel’s responsibility for, 1329
    Jesus’ difficulty in understanding his, 1371
       growing consciousness of his, 1368
       matchless symmetry of, 1534, 1562
       resurrected, a probable component of, 2015, 2016, 2021
    Michael’s revelation of, 30
    organization of Jesus’, 1396
    perfected human, presentation of, in Jesus’ life, 1425
    splendidly unified, the Son of Man a, 2088
    strong and forceful, Jesus a, 1589
    supreme, Michael the, 367
    traits, Jesus’ inherited, 1348

Personalization(s) of Adjusters, an occasion for, 445
    of the Conjoint Actor, 98
    of Creative Spirit, 374-375
    of Creator Sons, 88, 374
    deity, 16, 58, 109-110
    of Deity, three, 110, 640
    of energy, God more than a, 1124
    existential, of Deity, Infinite Spirit the completion of the, 110
    of the Father’s love and mercy, 75
    of Magisterial Sons, 88
    spiritual, of Universal Father on Paradise, 118
    of the Third Source, a result of the, 93
    of the Trinity, Supreme Being’s relation to, 113
    of Trinity Teacher Sons, 88
    of Universal Father and Eternal Son, result of the, 98

Personalized Adjusters ability of, to see and communicate with the celestial personalities, 1516
    about, 444
    as ascending Sons of God, 443-445
    assigned to command celestial hosts, 1516
    authority of, on Divinington, 1200
    and baptismal vision of the Son of Man, 1512
    College of, 186
    communication of, with Jesus, 1904
    Divinington the home of, 1180, 1201
    the executives of the Architects of the Master Universe, 1201
    the Father, 1523
    the Father’s immediate presence, 1515
    function of, on Divinington, 1201
    identification of, by name, 1180
    Jesus the sole observer of his, 1511
    Jesus’ recalling of the admonition of his, 1530
    Jesus’, command of, to former Adjuster of Lazarus, 1846
       commander of celestial forces, 1633
       departure of, for Salvington, 2025
       the Father’s message through, 1755
       and healing of 683 mortals, 1633
    lack of time control of the, 1520
    Michael’s, present status of, 1180
       a source of information about Jesus’ life, 1341
    possible acquired mortal experience of a, 1200
    visibility of, to beings having attained the Universal Father, 1181

Personification of Eternal Son by Michael of Nebadon, 366
    of particular concepts, Celestial Guardians the, 253

Peru traces of Andite blood in, 884

Pervaded space confluence of unpervaded space with, 123
    effect of, on linear gravity, 125
       space respiration on, 123
    extent of, at right angles to plane of Orvonton, 125
    force-charge of, 139
    major divisions of, 128
    outer extension of, 124
    present status of, 124

Perversion of prayer, some attendant dangers of, 995

Pessimism a consequence of the pursuit of mere knowledge, 2076
    definition, 2079
    of the materialist, significance of, 2079

Pessimist Thomas a real, 1561

Peter Abner’s disagreement with, about jurisdiction of the Jerusalem church, 1831
    admission of, to courtyard of Annas, 1980
    age of, when chosen as an apostle, 1550
    appeal to Jesus for the afflicted by, 1632
    argument of Gadiah with, 1428
    association of, with John Zebedee in Christian movement, 1555
    attempt of, to persuade Norana to leave, 1734
    baptism of three converted Pharisee spies by, 1667
    calls a meeting, 2057-2058
    capitulation of, to Jesus’ washing of his feet, 1939
    characteristics of, 1550
    chief spokesman for the apostles, 2029
    confusion of, concerning Jesus’ identity, 1552
    in the courtyard, 1980-1982
    crucifixion of, 1552
    date of death of, 1341
    denial of Jesus by, 1551
    difference of, with Nathaniel regarding the gospel message, 2058
    dream of, 1703
    evaluation by, of Jesus’ religion, 1582
    favorable attitude of, toward proclaiming Jesus king, 1701
    glad tidings of the kingdom proclaimed by, 1552
    interpretation by, of parable of the sower, 1689-1690
    James, and John, accompanying of Jesus on Mount Hermon by, 1752
       Jesus’ special instruction of, 1593
       personal companions of Jesus, 1547
       presence of, at Jesus’ transfiguration, reason, 1754
       search for Jesus by, 1635
    and James, statement by, of their readiness to “take the kingdom,” 1579
    Jesus’ request of Andrew to pray for, 1703
    and John, apostles’ reaction to return of, from the tomb, 2028
       at the tomb, 2027-2028
    leader of the church at Jerusalem, 2068
    love of, for Jesus, 1551
    loved the Master,” 1939
    mistake of, in his gospel message, 2059
    and Nathaniel, argument of, over interpretation of parable of the sower, 1690
    and Paul, compatibility of, in later years, 1551
    preaching of, compared with that of Jesus, 1594
       of ordination sermon to the seventy by, 1805
    public recognition by, of the presence of the Spirit of Truth, 2059
    query of, regarding forgiveness, 1898
    reaction of, to Jesus’ preparation to wash his feet, 1939
       to Mary Magdalene’s recital of events in the garden, 2027
    the real founder of the Christian church, 2050, 2069, 2091
    the recognized head of the apostolic corps, reason, 2045
    report by, of Jesus’ farewell and his ascension, 2058
    request of, for a private talk with Jesus, 1578
    rescue of, from drowning, 1703
    selection of Simon Zelotes for an apostle by, 1540
    sermon on “The Kingdom” by, 1629
    supervision of the new evangelists by, 1688
    thoughts of, as he ran to the tomb, 2027
    tribute of, to Andrew, on day of Pentecost, 1549
    visit of, with the morontia Jesus, 2039
    visiting of Christian churches by, 1551

Peter’s lack of jealousy of Andrew, 1549
    preaching on Pentecost, influence of, 2069
    protest, 1759-1761
    wife, ability of, 1552
       death of, 1552
       a member of the women’s corps, 1552

Peter’s confession Jesus’ unquestioned divinity the new feature of, 1748
    about, 1745-1746

Petition(s) to the Father, by bestowal Sons, 229
    man’s inability of, to change the Father, 1619
    prayer as a, 996
    prerequisite to the answering of all, 1639

Petrified forests, of early reptilian age, 686

Phallic cult, origin of the, 962

Pharaoh attitude of, toward Abraham’s return to Salem, 1019
    failure of, to recapture the fleeing Semites, 1056
    God’s supposed hardening of the heart of, 1738

Pharisee(s) and almsgiving, 1651
    attitude toward women of the, 2065
    controversy of, over Jesus’ healing of Josiah, 1814
    criticism of Jesus by a certain malignant, 1540
       of Jesus by, at Matthew’s carefree affair, 1540
    a definition, 1534
    dogmatic theology of the, 1672
    four objections of, to the Master’s teachings, 1850
    hypocritical, Jesus’ contempt for, 1386
    Jerusalem, fossilized religion of, 1730
    John the Baptist’s reprimand of, at time of their baptism, 1502
    misinterpretation of the sacred writings by the, 1768
    motives of, for wanting Jesus put to death, 1911
    objection of, to dropsical man’s presence in breakfast room, 1834
    presence of, in Mary’s home, cause, and effect, 1743
       at Pella camp, 1818
    and the publican, story of, 1573, 1838
    query of a believing, as to the number to be saved, 1828
    at Ragaba, 1825-1827
    reaction of, to the resurrection of Lazarus, 1846-1847
    refusal of, to countenance assassination of Jesus, 1911
    sincere, Jesus’ respect for, 1386
    three Sanhedrin, withdrawal of, at faulty indictment of Jesus, 1985-1986
    three strict rules of the, 1827
    as tradesmen, 1335
    wealthy Philadelphian, breakfast for Jesus given by a, 1833

Philadelphia apostolic corps’ arrival at, during Perean ministry, 1833
    apostolic rejoicing over progress of the gospel at, 1833
    believers, the second largest group to see the morontia Jesus, 2042
       strict adherence to the religion of Jesus by the, 1832
    church, Abner head of the, 1831, 1869
       vs. Jerusalem church, 1831
    headquarters of the eastern Christian church at, 1430, 1831
    Lazarus’ flight to, 1849, 1869, 1880, 1897
    the seventy’s labors in, 1817

Philanthropy limits to effect of, 957
    Pharisees’ publicity regarding their, 1651

Philip, the apostle age of, when chosen as an apostle, 1556
    attitude of, at Gilboa, concerning the kingdom, 1618
    baptism of his entire family into the kingdom by, 1556
    of Bethsaida, meeting of Jesus by, 1526-1527
    characteristics of, 1556, 1557
    choosing of, as an apostle, 1526-1527
    crucifixion of, 1558
    the curious, 1556-1558
    encounter of, with a delegation of believing Greeks, 1902
    founding of Christian church in Caesarea by, 1430
    identification of, 1556
    Jesus’ final personal admonition to, 1897, 1960
    a mighty man in the kingdom, 1558
    and Nathaniel, preaching partners, 1538, 1681
    participation of, in the Pentecost preaching, 2060
    Peter’s defense of work of, among the Samaritans, 1551
    quandary of, as to becoming one of Jesus’ apostles, 1526
    query of, concerning “fear of the Lord,” 1675
    questions of, concerning Jesus’ resurrection, 2038
    reactions of, to appearance of believing Greek gentiles, 1902
       to Jesus’ triumphal entry, 1885
    request of, to be shown the Father, 1947
    selection of Thomas Didymus by, 1539
    the steward of the apostles, 1547
    wife of, association of, with her husband in evangelistic work, 1557
       death of, 1558
       a member of the women’s corps, 1557, 1808

Philip, brother of Herod a half-hearted believer in Jesus, result, 1741, 1789

Philippine Islands to Africa, universal belief from, in man’s having been created from clay, 837

Philistines Abraham’s contact with the, 1023
    David’s defeat of the, 1073
    defeat of Saul by the, 1072
    Joseph’s recounting of the history of the, 1370
    origin of, 838

Philo adaptation of Plato’s theories to Hebrew theology by, 1637
    of Alexandria, and early Christian doctrines, 68, 1010-1011
    belief of, concerning incarnation, 1811
    comparison of teachings of Paul and, 1339
    identity of, 1433
    influence of, on religious thought of the Occident, 1338
       on Romanized Greeks, 2073
       on the teachings of Jesus, 1864
    one of the seven outstanding world religious teachers, 1339
    possession of a copy of Amenemope’s Book of Wisdom by, 1046

Philosopher(s) co-ordination of ideas by, 1110
    gravest error of, 42
    Greek, Rodan a, 1772
    Nathaniel the apostolic, 1558
    the pantheistic Deity of the, 68

Philosophic belief, system of, religion not a, 1104
    chaos, of the twentieth century, 1090
    concept of God, need for change in the, 69
       of the I AM, 1152-1153
       and the Unqualified Absolute, 14
    co-ordination, 1135-1137
    dynamics, mortal spiritual insight the soul and energy of, 1120
    reasoning, Greek, in Paul’s Christianity, 1340
    religions, Christianity’s triumph over, 2070
       a definition, 1129
       on Urantia today, 1129
    stability, a result of Jesus’ teachings, 1112
    thought, pure, development of, among the Greeks, 1046
    uniformity, vs. spiritual unity, 1129

Philosophical blunder, the supreme, 215

Philosophizing by ascendant personalities on Paradise, 303
    definition, 303

Philosophy(ies) achievement of unity by, 1477
    assumption by, of the validity of wisdom, 1141
       of, religion not grounded in the, 68
    attempt of, to co-ordinate material and spiritual concepts, 1139
    attempted technique of, logic the, 1106
    attitude of, toward the cosmos, 1122
    the barren extremes of, 1779
    the basis of, 647
    characteristics of God in, 40
    comparison of mota with, 554
    a definition, 806, 1136, 1228, 2096
    dependence of, on science and religion, 1477
    dogmatism of, 479
    false, religion’s persistence in spite of contamination with, 1107
       religion’s subjection to the delusions of, 1119
    the field of, 67
    frailties of, revelation a compensation for the, 1140
    function of, in the absence of mota, 1136
       in the failure of metaphysics, 1136
       in mortal life, 554
    Gentile, characteristics of, 1336
    God in, 30, 59, 1125
    human, importance of, to the understanding of universal truths, 1136
       morontia mota’s relation to, 556
    inability of, to comprehend the evolving soul, 1215
    the Jewish religion’s deficiency in, 1076, 1467
    of living, an effective, factors in, 43, 1572
       vs. religious authority, 1098
    man’s distorted basis for his, 1137
       inability to formulate an adequate, 1137
    materialistic, possible prevention of development of, 141
    moral, component of a strong character, 192
    morality of Jesus’, 1585
    necessity for the assumption of three realities by, 1110
    need of, to avoid materialism and pantheism, 1140
       to reckon with elliptic rather than linear reality, 1137
    origin of, 1775
    of perfection, availability of, 303, 311
    personality of God not validated by, 31
    possible dogmatism of, God-knowing men’s proper reply to the, 1127
    precedence of, over science, 1228
    and reality of God, 24
    the realm of wisdom, 1110
    relation of, to religion, 68, 1080, 2096
    vs. religion, 996, 1121
    and religion, 1113-1114, 1129-1130, 1140
    of religion, personal, factors contributing to a, 1113
       the three contending, 1090
    religion, and science, meaningful unity of, 1080, 1122
    religious, vs. nonreligious, 1114
    vs. revelation, 1106
    Rodan’s strength and weakness of, 1775
       teaching of, in school of Meganta, 1787
    schools of, on universe headquarters, 551
       on worlds in light and life, 630
    solution of mysteries by, 302
    source of true, 1476
    true, wisdom based on, 1459
    the Universal Unity of, 29
    yields unity,” 1106

Phoenicia apostolic corps’ return from, 1741-1742
    apostolic visit to, in flight from the Sanhedrin, 1723
    continuing the journey to, 1733
    winning of souls in, 1736

Phoenician(s) believers, morontia Jesus’ message to the, 2054
    in Ephesus, Jesus’ talk with the discouraged, 1478
    a part of the Semitic race, 1333

Photographers group, of transition worlds, 504

Phrygian ceremonies, degrading character of the, 1081
    cult of Cybele and her son Attis, popularity of the, in the Graeco-Roman world, 1081

Physical afflictions, healing of, vs. cleansing of spiritual disease, 1649
    appliances, of star students, 339
    aspects of Jerusem, 519
       of the local universe, 455-466
    blessings, primitive man’s prayers for, 995
    body(ies), of mortal creatures, fabrication of, 376
       shadowy, matter the, 82
       “temples of God,” 26
    components of local universes, origin of, 455
    construction, of sacred spheres of Paradise, 143
    control of Creative Spirit, relation of, to power charge of a local universe, 358
       of local universes, relation of minor sector administration to, 181
    controllers, on archangel commission of Life Carrier transmutation, 731
       ascending mortals’ contact with, 319
       assistance of, to seraphim, 1246
       attitude of, toward reversion, 548
       devotion to duty of, 323
       energy circuits of, 177
          transformers the more personal of the, 326
       functions of, 457
       Master Spirit Number Five adviser to, 187
       mind domains of the, 730
       and ministry to human and subhuman intellect, 103
       permanent assignment of, to the local universe, 413
       physical ancestors of the, 320
       power-control creatures, 101
       preparation of, for action at the Cana wedding, 1632
          of space-energy conditions for functioning of, 652
       relation of, to gravity, 473
       secondary midwayers’ working connections with, 424
       of space, goal of, 321
       superuniverse, character and functions of, 175, 320
       training not required by, 323
    co-ordination, 637-638
    creation, uniformity in administration of the, 320
    elements of architectural worlds, number of, vs. those of evolved planets, 541
    emergence of universes, 357-358
    energy(ies), about, 155, 469-471
       activities, the field of science, 1476
       circuits, origin of, on nether Paradise, 122
       classification, 469
       definition, 9
       the domain of Universal Power Directors, 265
       force, and matter, oneness of, 123
       manipulators, function of, 504
       personalities, 334
       physical-energy manipulators control of, 504
       source of, 47, 105
       of space, power centers’ direction of, 456-457
       system of Satania,
Jerusem the supervising center of, 457
       unified by Isle of Paradise, 99
    events, catastrophic, relation of, to functioning of the Supreme Being, 115
    environment, prayer’s lack of effect on, 999
    facts, uniformity of, 42
    features of Jerusem, 520
    force(s), energy, and matter, oneness of, 123
       man’s sometime achievement of relative mastery of, 1306
    gravity, action, a function of, 140
       complement of the Third Source and Center, a use of the, 136
       the Conjoint Actor not directly concerned with, 112
       grand-universe capacity, vs. outer-space capacity, 132
       nether-Paradise forces’ relation to, 122
       response, reality as measured by, 140
       source and substance of, 101
       the two forms of, 126
       universal manifestation of the Isle of Paradise, 100
    habits of mortals on worlds in light and life, 630
    healing, and the building of the kingdom, 1635
       vs. mental healing, 1645
    laboratories, trial-and-testing, on Jerusem, 828
    life, of architectural spheres of Nebadon, ten standard divisions of, 521
       prerequisites, 664-665
    light, and spirit luminosity, 10
    marks, on Jesus’ resurrected body, Philip’s queries about, 2038
    matter, a definition, 82, 123, 648
       relation of Isle of Paradise to, 8
    nature, and true revelation of Paradise harmony, 130
    organization, Creative Spirit’s relation to, 374
    patterns of living beings, source of, 404
    phenomena of space, cause of, 47
    pleasures, unsatisfactory food for soul hunger, 942
    power and energy, the domains of, 527
       personalized, of triune Deity, 189
    reactions, characteristics of, 150
    realms, influence of energy transformers on, 327
    science(s), discoveries of, and range of human vision in first stage of light and life, 627
       and spiritual religion, 1727
       technique of the, vs. that of the Thought Adjusters, 2095
       use of, in a study of the universe from the outside, 1135
    senses, effect of man’s viewing the universe with his, 1135
       of humans, number of, 564
       reality domain of, 192
    spheres, the abiding places and working arenas of spirit beings and ascenders, 139
    stability, local universe, factors in, 177, 480
    stimulus(i), central universe, insensibility of Urantians to, 154
       vs. spiritual stimulus, 1193
    systems, in Andronover, formation of, 653
       astronomic, in Satania, 359
       in Satania, inhabited worlds in number of, 359
       of time and space, stabilization of, 360
    torture, practice of, in primitive religion, 976
    types of mortal creatures, number of distinct, 560
       the seven outstanding, 561
    universe(s), coherence of the, 42
       decimal system inherent in the, 397
       divine beauty seen in the, 40
       Paradise the source of the, 7
       paralleled by spiritual universe, 94
       Unqualified Absolute the upholder of, 637
    uplifters, Planetary Adams as, 436

Physician(s) Greek, conversation of, with Jesus in Rome, result, 1461
    Jesus besieged as a, 1646
    Luke the, 1581
    Sethite priests as, 850
    those who are whole need not a, 1541

Physicists predictions of, and the Absolutes, 56
    universe, function of, 398
    Uversa, energy and matter in outer regions as calculated by, 131, 351

Physics Dalamatians taught rudiments of, 748
    human evolution not explained by, 738
    revelation’s co-ordination of, 1123

Picket duty, men’s responsibility for, 934

Pictorial writing, of the red man, 746

Pictures of Jesus, deleterious influence of, 1590
    prohibition of making of, by modern tribes, reason, 955

Piety the apostles’, vs. Jesus’, 1785
    civilized man’s sometime outward manifestation of, purpose, 958
    vs. sanctimoniousness, 1673
    self-conscious, Jesus’ lack of, 1583

Pigs giant, extinction of, 696

Pikes Peak mountain activity as illustrated by, 692

Pilate attempt of, to avoid pronouncing the death sentence on Jesus, 1993
    attitude of, toward the Jews, 1988
    choice between Jesus and Barabbas given the crowd by, 1993
    compliance of, with the Jews’ request for dispatching of the victims of crucifixion, 2011
    granting by, of a guard for Jesus’ tomb, 2014
    Jesus brought before, time, 1987
    official position of, 1987
    on trial before Jesus,” broadcast to the universe, 1999
    plan of, to free Jesus, 1993
    private examination of Jesus by, 1991-1992
    reaction of, to Claudia’s note, consequences, 1994
       to his last talk with Jesus, 1996
    readiness of, to release Jesus, 1996
    refusal of, to take money for release of Jesus’ body, 2012
    suicide of, 1989

Pilate’s last interview, 1995-1996
    tragic surrender, 1996
    wife, plea of, that Pilate refuse the Jewish leaders’ request as to Jesus, 1973

Pilgrim(s) ascending, Havona receiving planet for, 290
    disappointed, cause of failure of, 295
    discoverer of Havona, 270
    of eternity, and pilgrims of time, achievement of, on worlds of Michael Sons, 293
    guardians, functions of, 545
    Havona, inner-circle tests of, 294
    helpers, function of, 290, 291
    journey from superuniverse headquarters to Havona made alone, 343
    on Paradise, avoidance of confusion by, 301
    from Paradise, and pilgrims of time, first meeting place of, 291
    of space, elementary course of instruction of, 291
       encouragement of, to attempt trinitization, 254
    of time, arrival of first, on outer circuit of Havona, 203
       Ascendington the receiving sphere of, 147
       ascension of, through Havona, 156
       effect of Original Mother Son’s bestowal on, 87
       extent of experience of, in major sectors, 211
       final training of, on the Isle of Light, 301
       function of Graduate Guides as related to, 270
       Havona the finishing school for, 54
       on the Havona worlds, 209
       introduction of, to eternity, preparation for, 299
       major sector work of, character of, 211
       minor sector work of, character of, 211
       and pilgrims from Paradise, first meeting place of, 291
       retardation of ascent of, a cause, 315
       and space, and Father’s personality, 30
       transports of, from superuniverses to Havona, 290
       universes of space as training schools for, 417
    -training schools of central universe, teachers in the, 346

Pilgrimages to sacred shrines, an ancient ritual, 992

Pilot the Adjuster the human’s, 1217
    light in the human mind, identity of the, 1181, 1246
    world, Salvington, home world of Melchizedek Sons, 387
       of seventh Havona circuit, domicile of fresh arrivals, 158

Pindar attempt of, to reform the Greek religion, 1079

Pine replacement of fern forests by, time of, 692
    of later reptilian age, 687

Pit of destruction, and leading of the blind by the blind, 1907

Pitcairn experiment, success of, reason, 920

Pituitary bodies, organization of glands comparable to the, and spirit reception, 566
    possession of one, two, and three, on different worlds, 566

Pity genuine, Jesus’ expression of, for his accusers, 1990
    Jesus’ rare indulgence in, 1874
    Jesus’, for Pilate, 1999
    vs. mercy, 315

Placental mammals, sudden appearance of, time of, 693

Plan(s)    of Universal Father, extent of the, 34, 36, 364, 365
    of life, new and original, Jesus the exemplification of a, 1594
    of Mercy Ministry, 85
    for others, results of making fewer, 555
    of progressive attainment, explanation, 85, 305
    of Universal Father, steadfastness of the, 36

Planet(s) about, 172, 564
    of Andronover nebula, time of beginning of life implantations on, 654
    Andronover’s suns’ acquirements of, 654
    barren, life initiation on, 399
    classification of, as of the primary modified order of mortal ascension, 599
    definition, 173
    divine plan in the, 51
    dominant influence on the, 483
    evolved, number of elements of, vs. those of morontia worlds, 541
    exhibits of, on system headquarters worlds, 425
    the Father no respecter of, 46
    God’s conduct modified by plans of a, 56
       presence in a, degree of, 46
    grand divisions of matter in the, 471
    inhabitable, local universe’s complement of, 166
       origin of, 171-172
       superuniverse’s complement of, 166
    inhabited, ruler of, 166
    Lanonandeks continuous rulers of the, 393
    material composition of, 458
    Melchizedeks’ emergency service on the, 389
    Michael’s visits to, 367
    Mighty Messengers defenders of, 245-246
    native, mortals’ nonreturn to, 436
    number of, known only by Universal Father, 49
    origin of, 455
       number of modes of, 172
    other inhabited, prayers from, 1621-1624
    preparation of, for status of light and life, 621
    quarantine of, reason for, 46
    rulers of, function, 136
    Salvington broadcasts directed to individual, 371
    606 of Satania, 829, 830
    service of Trinity Teacher Sons to, 214
    settled in light and life, future of, 621, 1306
    size of, 173
    solar system, origin of the twelve, 656
    stone the basic building matter for, 462

Planetary Adam(s), 580-588
    Adam(s), biologic upliftment the role of the progeny of the, 581
       and Eve, chief business of, 583, 588
          instruction of, in evolutionary race    585
          nonmating of, with evolutionary races, 593
          optional continuance in planetary service of, 628
          possible careers of, on release from planetary duties, 628, 629
          teaching service of, and reception of Adjusters, 629
          visible rulers of a world in the planetary stage, 632
          visibility of, to mortal races, 515
       identification of, 436, 444
       mission of, 415
       number of, lost in Satania, 581
       value of voices of the garden to, 437
    administration, 573-574
       participation of Vorondadek observers in, 491
    advancement, and divine plan of progression, 830
       utilization of leisure for, during post-Magisterial Son ages, 595
    age(s), advanced, function of spirits of trust during the, 438
       closing of, and bestowal of a Paradise Son, 60
       epoch of Teacher Sons the vestibule to the final, 567
       successive, 621
    assembly, era of, 658
    assignments, primary and secondary midwayers co-operation in, 424
    biologic uplifters, Adams and Eves the, 424
    chief of Adjusters, Tabamantia’s acknowledgement to the, 1189
    civilization on normal worlds, secondary midwayers’ connection with, 425
    conduct, Gardens of Eden as social patterns of, 586
    creation, man intended to be masterpiece of the, 57
    culture, 578
    custodians, function of, 544
    custody, delivery of the charge of, to Adam and Eve, 830
    destiny, new and unrevealed, mankind’s march toward a, 1086
    dispensation, the current, sleeping survivors’ repersonalization at the end of, 1231, 1233
       and decrees of cessation of existence, 37
    evolution, order in, 560, 567
    father of Urantia, Adam the, 514
    government, 1490, 1254, 1258
       of Urantia, vs. that of other isolated worlds, 1250, 1258
    headquarters and schools, 575-576
    helpers, classification of, 436-439
    isolation, Adjuster contact and, 1191
       cause of, 394
    judges, function of Avonal Sons as, 226
    life, 559-560
       celestial, reaction of, to seduction of Eve, 842
       differences in, on each evolutionary world, 397
    loyalty to sovereignty of Creator Sons, winning of, 224
    memorials, location and number of, 526
    ministry, midwayers an order of, 855
    missions of Material Sons and Daughters, 415
    mortal epochs, 567, 589-600
    orbits, stabilization of, 657
    pattern, racial, 553
    physical types, 560-563
    Prince(s), 572-579
       absence of, from Urantia, compensation, 1254
       acting, conjectured duration of the sovereignty of Machiventa as, 1251
       adjudication of Urantia on arrival of, 717
       apostate, Lucifer’s instruction to, regarding legislative and judicial proceedings, 604
       arrival of, and beginning second half of human history, 589, 718
          and departure of Life Carriers, 400
          and new dispensation, 591, 2024
          time of, 701, 722, 735
       ascendant mortal staffs of, and origin of primary midwayers, 424
       benign rule of average worlds by, 576
       Caligastia the, 667
       corporeal staff of, make-up of, 574
       dispensational adjudication on arrival of the, 590
       a distinct group, 572
       elevation of, to Planetary Sovereign, time of, 444, 577, 588, 599, 632
       function of, 51, 359, 392, 567, 572
       Gabriel’s jurisdiction over, 573
       headquarters of, and development of civilization, 586
       of an inhabited planet, 166
       invisibility of, to mortals, 575
       the Lanonandeks, 223, 524, 741
       loyal, permanent attachment of, to their planets, 576
       make-up of staff of a, 573
       man’s instinctive anticipation of the appearance of the, 1008
       mission of, 572, 576
       passing upon fitness of reproducing human strains by the, 574, 585
       planting of seeds of revealed religion by the, 590
       primitive mortals’ attitude toward the, 590
       rebellion of, effect of, on Urantia, 266, 394, 578
       rebels among, in Nebadon, 393, 607
       responsibility of a, 754
       sacredness of trust reposed in a, 754
       secondary Lanonandeks as, 392, 572
       and staff, visibility of, to Material Sons and Daughters, 587
       System Sovereigns’ direction of, 393
       titular, Jesus as the, 1014, 1251, 1319, 1327, 1512, 1919
       of Urantia, 741-753
          identity of, 567
          Michael now the, 1025
          usual time of arrival of the, 735
    procession, Urantia out of step in the, 597
    races, and nature of Paradise Sons, 34
    rebellion, 754-762
    receiver(s), Adam’s conference with the, 830
       Machiventa’s functions as a, 1025
       the twelve Melchizedeks, 1014
       Urantia’s administration by a council of, 759
    resurrection, morontia Michael’s command regarding the, 2024
    rulers, Life Carriers as race-purification advisers of the, 627
    sentinels, function of, 864
    series of mortals, 565-568
    service of Daynals, 231
    Sovereign(s), elevation of Planetary Prince to, and midwayers, 444
       inner temple of, the place of Adjuster fusion, 623
       mortal chief executive as associate of, 628
       new authority of, 622
       prosperity of a world in light and life under rule of the, 624
       summons of, to candidates for soul-Adjuster fusion, 623
       Trinity Teacher Sons as advisers to the, 634
       of Urantia, Machiventa Melchizedek the future, 632
       visibility of, conditions of, 622
    stage of a world in light and life, period of, 631-632
    systems, why created, 21
    temples, “coming down from heaven of,” 622
    variations in life types, cause of, 560

Planetesimals about, 172

Plant life animals’ dependence on, 676
    and bacteria, common ancestry of, 732
    primitive, first habitat of, 665
    responsiveness to environment of lower forms of, 737

Plant(s) commingling of, during ice age, 702
    domestication of, in the agricultural age, 769
    fear and worship of, cause, 945
    flowering, appearance of, time, 688, 691
    and fruits, as fetishes, 967
    influence of the growing of, 769
    land, migration of, from seashores, time, 675
    method of survival in time by, 1459
    old superstition regarding woman’s ability to raise, 934

Planting of a seed necessitates its death, 555

Plato influence of, on Paul’s doctrines, 1340
    Jesus’ and Ganid’s discussion of teachings of, 1476
    Jewish beliefs as effected by, 1338
    some teachings of, 1079
    theories of, in Philo’s Hebrew theology, 1637

Plato’s doctrines, Jesus’ and Ganid’s discussion of, 1433

Platonism Greek, influence of, on first-century gentile world, 1335

Play an activity of Jerusem, 526
    alternation of work with, 547, 1616
    builders, function of, 502
    competitive, a means of interracial social contacts, 597
       provisions for, on worlds in light and life, 630
       in west Garden schools, 835
    a definition, 547, 549
    on earth, vs. worship on Paradise, 304
    edifices of transition worlds, 502
    instinct, of the Andonites, 714
       and humor, the violet race’s introduction of, to humankind, 942
    Jesus’ capacity for, 1361
    a means of combating intolerance, 803
    of Paradise, worship the, 304
    performances in schools of the Prince, 575
    of present day races, source of, 835
    religion’s effect on, 1089
    a reminiscence of the past, 549
    the rest of, 299
    spirit, throughout journey to Paradise, 282
    of time, reminiscing, during service of eternity, 316
    uplifting, soundness of, 942

Playmates Jesus’ Alexandrian, 1355

Pleasure(s) augmentation of, by rhythm, 504
    a child’s evaluation of experience’s dependence upon, 1094
    escape, man’s, vs. pleasure enjoyment of Havona creatures, 52
    a factor in the development of culture, 577
    fathers’ desire to provide for their children’s, 1604
    Havona creatures’ enjoyment of, 52
    lures, new function of, in family life, 940
    mania, a present threat to family life, 942
    man’s right to, 1096
    requisites for, 51
    seeker, aim of the, 577, 1779
    of time, vs. realities of eternity, 1745
    without debauchery, man’s need to enjoy, 977

Pledge of a Creator Son to retrieve his creation, 238
    of loyalty, to Jesus, apostles’ approval of Peter’s, 1716

Pleistocene period, length of, 702

Pliocene period, length of, 699

Plural deities, Abraham’s emphasis on one God, vs., 1018
    marriages, 925-927
    -wife mores, influence of, on brother and sister marriages, 919

Poetry a definition, 2080
    origin of, in incantations, 1006
    a relief for profound philosophy, 1616

Poets rhythm recorders as, 504

Poise matchless, of Jesus, 1589, 1970

Poison(s) discovery of, effect, 790
    effect of, on the Adjuster’s functions, 1204
    mental, identity of some, 1204

Poisoned weapons, early use of, 785

Polar lands, climate of, during brachiopod age, 677
    sea, extension of, in later reptilian age, 687

Pole Star significance of, to the Egyptians, 1045

Police force(s) absence of, on worlds in light and life, 630
    moral, religion the, 1006

Police supervision by the Alpheus twins at Amathus, 1589

Political administration, Greek and Roman empire status of, 2071-2072
    attitude, Jesus’ teaching as to, 1580
    developments, influence of, on man’s philosophy of religion, 1113
    duty, man’s ethical recognition of, and religion, 2075
    freedom, the Greeks’ teaching regarding, 2071
    genius, vs. religious leadership of Ikhnaton, 1047
    growth, final consummation of, 1488
    organization of the continental nation, 809-810
       growth of, problems of the, 1488
    panaceas, not substitutes for spiritual progress, 2077
    parties, origin of, 792, 1488
    power, Jesus’ refusal to exhibit, 1837
    progress, Western world’s appreciation of, 2069
    reformer, Jesus not a, 1580
    rivalry, Romans intolerance of, 2072
    sagacity, of Moses, vs. that of Ikhnaton, 1047
    service, attitude toward, in an advanced state, 803
    sovereignty, 1487-1490
       evolution of, from family to empire, 1488
       re-establishment of European small-group, 1489
    state, dictatorial, origin of the, 2081
    tyranny, the religionist’s consciousness of, 1088
    venture, Jesus’ “kingdom” not a, 1647

Politician(s) Jerusalem’s corrupt ring of, destruction of, under Josiah, 1074
    Matthew’s influence on, 1560
    shrewd, Matthew a, 1560

Politics and religion, discussion of, at Matthew’s home, 1540
    and religion, gradual divorcement of, 1930
    without principles, society’s tolerance of, 2086

Polyandry onetime practice of, 926
    usual limitations of, 926

Polygamy blue man’s rare practice of, 891
    Christianity and, 2069
    vs. monogamy from a cultural viewpoint, 928
    origin of, 781

Polygyny a cause for the spread of, 926
    four sorts of wives recognized under, 926
    onetime practice of, 926

Polynesian islands, biologic modification of peoples of, by Andite sailors, 873
    and white races, the blending of, on Pitcairn Island, 920

Polytheism of the Aryans, 1027
    a definition, 67, 1144
    function of, with primitive man, 67
    Ikhnaton’s attempt to swing Egypt from, to monotheism, 1047
    vs. monotheism in Egypt, 1044, 1145
       and trinitarianism, 1144
    transition between, and monotheism, 67

Pontius Pilate about, 1987-1989
    beginning rule as governor of Judea by, time, 1512

Pool of Siloam, and healing the blind beggar, 1812-1813

Poor belief in the gospel by the, 1608, 1830, 1859
    Jesus’ reason for blessing the, 1594, 2093
    and outcast, apostolic preaching of glad tidings to the, 1608, 1710
    in spirit, happy are the, 1570, 1573, 1574
    widow, and her two-mite offering, 1883
    world religions’ neglect of the, 1608

Populace desertion of Jesus by the, 1715
    unthinking, presence of, in mob clamoring for death of Jesus, 1995

Popular assembly, a great social advance, 798

Popularity unearned, Jesus’ refusal to prostitute his divine attributes to acquire, 1521

Population(s) city, limitation of, of the continental nation, 809
    condensation, and the Roman state, 801
    controls, modern remnants of primitive, 770
    dense, caste a result of, 770
    pressure, reaction of the violet race to, 870
    quality of, determination of, 770
    restrictions of early races, 770, 936
    stationariness of, on worlds in light and life, 630
    variation, the law of, 769

Pork taboos on, 936, 975

Porogia a Satania Neighbor, 457

Porphyreon apostolic preaching in, 1736

Porshunta mission of, 724
    on Urantia advisory council, 513

Portal(s) of eternity, prerequisite to the opening of the, 71
    of perfection, the long journey to, 71, 318

Portalon Nebadon neighbor of, 360

Positive constant advantage of the, over the negative, 1125
    nature of Jesus’ religion, 1769-1771

Possession of evil spirits, a type of human sickness, 1591, 1658

Possessions earthly, Jesus’ followers and, 1581
    spiritual, pooling of man’s, consequence, 1776

Post -Adamic age, of an evolutionary planet, 534, 621, 821
    -Adamic man, 592-594
       Urantia, the seven major religious epochs of, 1009
    -Havona creation, board of managing directors of, 198
       epochs, actualizing Deities of the, 10
       trinities, experiential, 15, 16
       universes, personalization of presence of Eternal Son in, 83
    -Magisterial Son age, of an evolutionary planet, 621
       Son man, 594-595
    -Melchizedek era, religious teachers of the, 1009
    -Planetary Prince age, of an evolutionary planet, 591-592, 621
    -Teacher Son age of normal planets, 536, 599
       Son man, 598-600

Postbestowal ages of a Creative Spirit, 204
    Son age, characteristics of, 536, 595-596

Postgravity stages of response to Paradise gravity, 126

Postmortal career, crowning achievement of, 538
    career, Jesus’ first words of his, 2022
    residence, man’s first, 174

Postponement Paradise attitude toward, 294

Potential(s) vs. the actual, in time universes, 1124
    vs. the actual, in this universe age, 1284
    actualization of all, conjectures regarding the, 1168
    of all potentials, an appellation for the First Source and Center, 1155
    a definition of the, 1262
    Deity, definition, 2
    infinite, of God in a boundless universe, 49
       of mind, 638
    infinity, character of, 15
    intellectual and spiritual, of evolutionary beings, source of, 191
    perception of, as actuals, on the absolute level, 1173
    personality, of moral beings, 5
    physical energy denotes, 9
    reality, 7, 1154, 1296
    reality mobilization of, how signified, 353
    time-actualization of the, 1262
    of the Ultimate, Havona suggestions of the, 161
    unrealized, of creature beings, effect of trinitization on, 247

Potentiality(ies) capacity, to the creature, 1262
    conversion of, into actualities, in the scheme of universal creation and evolution, 1261
    new, the seven triunities disclosing of, 1151

Pottery advancement in, during Dalamatian epoch and later, 748, 903
    industry, Ur the headquarters of, 875
    introduction of, into the Nile delta, 889
    making, development in the art of, 903
       in the second garden, 850
    origin of the art of making, 902

Poultry keeping of, in Jerusalem, illegal, 1981

Pounds parable of the, basis of, 1875

Pouring out of the spirit of the Universe Son upon all flesh, 365, 2035

Poutaenus identity and work of, 2074

Poverty attitude of believers toward, question as to, 1603
    culture and, 907
    the explanation of, 1220
    man’s natural estate, 773
    the mark of an unprogressive society, 803
    Nazareth family’s experience of, 1400
    near-absence of, on advanced world in light and life, 629

Power -actualizing Deity of the Supreme Being, function of, in the Sevenfold Deity, 362
    adjustment, technique of associate power directors in changing, 326
    agencies, spornagias’ utilization of, 527
    and authority, Jesus’ knowledge of having received all, 1918, 1938
       Judas’ notion of Jesus’ fear to assert his, 1566
    centers, concern of, in the minor sector stage of stabilization, 635
       devotion to duty of, 323
       direction of physical energies of space by the, technique of, 322-324, 456
       energy circuits of, superuniverse circuits, 177
       evolution not experienced by, 323
       function of, in transmutation of ultimatons into electron circuits, 473
       functional control units of, number of, 323
       Master Spirit Number Five adviser to, 187
       Nebadon, 455-456
       Paradise force organizers’ supersedence by, 455
       “personal” and living, 323
       physical ancestors of the, 320
       power activities of, 473
       relation of, to gravity, 473
       of space, goal of, 321
       technique of, description of, 175, 323
       training not required by, 323
    charge, of a superuniverse, character of, 321, 326
    circuits, going out from superuniverse centers, 321, 326
       in organized space, 473
       of universes, establishment of, 169
    conditioned by patience, in Orvonton, 182
    control of, by power centers, 473
    of control and co-ordination in Isle of Paradise, 49
    -control creatures, of the Third Source and Center, 99, 101
       stations, automatic, suns as, 172
    controlled by God, 47
    currents of space, supervision of, 265
    definition of, 9, 323, 418, 469
    delegation of, by Universal Father, 49, 52
    designs, operation of, by Creator Sons, 374
    Directors, 319-329, 455
       dependence of, on the Master Spirits, 1275
       as energy Catalyzers, 471, 473
       field of activity of the, 107, 357, 457, 471
       Master Spirit Number Five adviser of, 187
       and organization of superuniverse mass, 170
       and power charge of a local universe, 358
       power-control creatures, 101
       taking over of power direction in local universes by the, 329
       Third Source personality of the, 106
       transmutation of energy into matter by the, 468
       type of mind of, and mind-gravity estimation, 132
    effect of, on religion, 1004
    energy-matter’s organization as, 470, 1164
    eternal, God an, 28
    the evidence of stability, constancy, and eternity of Isle of Paradise, 139
    to the faint, He gives,” 1448, 1662
    the Father self-conscious of his, 34
    to feed, and right to rule, 1702
    force, and energy, oneness in origin of, 637
    and glory, Jesus’ decision against a program of, 1518
    of God, 46-48, 49, 364, 1453, 1454, 1675
    from on High, definition, 2043
    Jesus’ avoidance of a display of, 1543
       superhuman, conditions of possible use of, 1518
    of the kingdom, nature of, 1568, 1634
    lanes, in Nebadon administration, 456
    of a Master Michael, character of, 240
    in the material world, vs. greatness in the spiritual kingdom, 1940
    materializing, unified by Isle of Paradise, 99
    mobilization by Universal Father, 13
    oneness of God in, 646
    -pattern, and loving person, the same universal reality, 1149
    -personality focalization of the Trinity, 113
       synthesis, in the evolving Supreme, 1167
          of finite and Paradise reality, 11, 161
          in the Supreme, 641, 648, 1164
    -personalization, of actualizing Deities, 10
       present era of, 115
    possession of, and refusal to use it for self-aggrandizement, a mark of high civilization, 556
    potentials of the Almighty, unification of, with spiritual nature of the Supreme, 161
       unifying, of the sovereignty of experiential supremacy, 641
    prerogatives of Almighty Supreme, source of, 641
    relation of, to pattern, 10
    space not, 123
    spiritual, of Eternal Son, 76, 79
    superhuman, Jesus’ decision against using, for Jewish gratification, 1520
    supernatural, Jesus’ greatest demonstration of, 1708
    supreme, of God, 1448, 1452
    systems, Edentia, supervision and distribution of, 494
    temporal, Jesus’ refusal to employ, 1523
    transformers, presence of, at Cana wedding, 1530
    Universal Father the head of, 50, 239
       Father’s reservation of, apparent reason for, 108
    universe, electronic organization of, 321
    unlimited, Jesus’ possession of, 1543
    without conscience, society’s tolerance of, 2086

Practical affairs, and Conjoint Actor, 66
    Jesus characterized as, 1101, 1102

Practice of magic, 972-973

Praetorium Jesus’ trial conducted on the steps of the, 1987

Praise Jesus’ attitude toward, 1594
    -phrase, daily, the Dalamatians’, 747

Prajapati identity of, 1028

Pray the right way to, 999
    in the spirit,” need for material beings to, 1849

Prayer(s) addressed to the Son, 66
    addressing God the Father in, 66
    and the alter ego, 996-997
    answered and unanswered, 1639, 1848-1849
    answers to, question of Thomas regarding, 1605
    association of, with religions of evolution and revelation, 996
    assurance of God’s hearing, 1639
    the breath of the soul, 1619, 1621
    causes for, 1001
    change of man’s attitude toward God by, 1639
    vs. communion of worship, in modern religion, 1123
    creature-interest element of, 65, 999
    Dalamatian, Edenites use of, 836
    definitions, 1616, 1618, 1621, 1848, 1946
    difference between worship and, 65
    discourse of Jesus on, 1618-1619
    for divine guidance, importance of, 1640
    does not change God,” 998
    double function of, 997
    early man’s two occasions for, 1001
    effective, five characteristics of, 1620
    ethical, power of, 997
    the evolution of, 983, 994
    of faith, influence of the, 998
       significant evolution of, 997, 1848
    foolish, children and their, 1639
    function of spirit-gravity circuit in, 84
    Gautama’s disregard for the importance of, 1037
    genuine, origin of, 994
    the ideal, 1618
    influence of, on the one who prays, 996, 998, 1639, 2065
    Jesus’ consent to teach his apostles a suggestive form of, 1618
       last, with the apostles, 1963-1965
       trips to a hill outside Nazareth for, 1387
       seasons of communion not, 1618
    Jesus’, effectiveness of, 1408
       in Gethsemane, 1968
       result of, 1621
       at the time of his baptism, 1511
       for the twelve, 1620
    of a just man,” influence of the, 983
    lack of the spirit of thanksgiving in, 1640
    limitations of, 999, 1639
    local universe concerned with, 65
    vs. magic, 995-996, 1001
    man’s best method of communicating with his maker, 1000
       elevation by, 1002
       results of, 1621
       unanswered, 1605
    the Master’s favorite, 1774
       ordination, 1569
    materialistic, need for avoidance of, 1639
    may enrich your life,” 998, 1123
    the meaning of, to Jesus, 2089
    as a means to worship, 1640
    model, apostles’ desire for a, 1619
    more about, 1620-1621
    no set time for, 1640
    not dependent on education, philosophy, social status, or culture, 1000
       a substitute for action, 997
    of Onagar, significance of, 716
    other forms of, 994, 1621-1624
    a part of religious experience, 1123
    personal, desired secrecy of, 1640
    perversion of, 995
    prerequisites to God’s hearing man’s, 1451
       to the hearing of, 1443
    of primitive man, 983, 996, 1001
    public, Jesus’ aversion to, 1620
    the purpose of, 1616
    as related to physical environment, 999
    relation of, to careless speech, 1640
    of a religion, significance of, 67
    seeking the Father’s favor by, 1576
    some definitions of, 1001
    sometimes man’s intercourse with his own subconscious, 996, 999
    of the spirit of man, vs. that of the mere mind of man, 1848
    a spontaneous outburst of God-consciousness, 1002
    taught by John for the multitude, 1618
    of thanksgiving, a healthful attitude of spiritual meditation, 1100
    thanksgiving, and worship, Jesus’ discourse on, at Jotapata, 1638
    time, in Nazareth home, and family discussions, 1401
    of time, sometimes only answerable in eternity, 1848
    translation of worship to, 65
    a twofold human experience, 997
    wheels, use of, in Tibet, 1038
    wholehearted and unselfish, an attempt to contact the Thought Adjuster, 1099
    vs. worship, 1616
    and worship, Jesus’ teachings about, 1616

Prayerful consecration, to doing his Father’s will, Jesus’, 2089

Praying and feasting, Jesus’ comments on, 1655
    as a personal experience, 1001-1002
    in public, vs. living faith, 1838
    in the spirit and in truth, a definition, 1640
    true, a definition, 995, 996, 1001

Preabsonite training of Paradise, 495

Preacher(s) Andrew not an effective, 1549
    chief, of the apostolic corps, Peter the, 1549, 1551, 1594, 1884, 2045
    Jesus not a, 1594
    John the Baptist more than a, 1501
    public, apostles’ ordination as, 1568
    of righteousness, John the Baptist a daring, 1499

Preaching at Archelais, 1607-1609
    of Jesus from a boat, reason for, 1628
    Jesus’, effectiveness of, reason, 1594
    tour, the first, 1547, 1628, 1637-1646
       the second, 1668-1677
       the third, 1678-1687

Preadjutant -spirit minds, definition, 480

Prebestowal ages, sovereignty limitations of Creator Son during, 238
    charge, Immanuel’s, Jesus’ assurance of adherence to, 1513
    conference of Michael with Gabriel, 1324

Precious metals, on architectural worlds, 526

Precision and law, 115
    trinitarian justice characterized by, 59

Predestination humans’ freewill choice regarding, 1204

Predictability of mind-gravity circuit, 104

Pre-existence Jesus’ growing consciousness of his, 1395

Pre-experienced Adjuster, possible gift of a, to a mortal of survival prospects, 1199

Preferment worldly, effect on the apostles of desire for, 1758

Pregnancy primitive man’s superstitions regarding, 931

Pregravity stages, of response to Paradise gravity, 126

Prehuman ancestors, escape from extinction of, 705
    era, definition, 589
    existence, Jesus’ full self-consciousness of his, 1408, 1787

Prejudice(s) apostles’, against the Samaritans, vs. their loyalty to Jesus, 1607, 1612
    effect of, on the creative imagination, 1220
      , on the Scriptures, 1768
    hypocrisy born of, 1820
    influence of, 1094, 1774
    Jesus’ desire to free men from, 1745, 1792
    Judas’ Judean, against his Galilean associates, 1566
    necessity for freedom from, to enter the kingdom, 1861
    Pharisees blinded by, 1726
    religious, Jesus’ death, the result of, 1872
       Jesus’ freedom from, 1671
    toward scientific discoveries, faith’s lack of, 1115

Preknowledge God’s existential nature of, 1185
    the Master’s, the reason for the apostles’ “miraculous” catch of fish, 2046
    the Master’s use of, in his cure of many sick, 1645

Prelife era, period covered by, 672

Premarital training, influence of, on divorce, 929

Prematter space the womb of some, 123

Premind thinking and knowing ability of, 102
    Thought Adjuster’s, and mind of Father and Son, 78

Prenatal marking of children, origin of belief in, 962

Prepersonal Adjusters, function of, 70
    channels of communication with God, Adjusters’ use of, 65
    Deity is, 2, 78, 112
    divine spirit, a part of man, 30, 129
    entities, nature of the mind endowment of, 1181
       numerous unrevealed, conjectured functions of, 1179, 1181-1182
       Solitary Messengers’ consciousness of the presence of, 1189
    function of Universal Father, 3
    levels, possibility of Thought Adjusters having volition on, 1183
    a permissible term to apply to an Adjuster, 363, 380, 639, 1184
    status of Adjusters, 8, 28, 445

Pre-Planetary Prince age, of an evolutionary planet, 513, 590, 621, 625

Prerequisites of Adjuster indwelling, 1186-1188

Presence(s) circuit(s), of Eternal Son, 45
    circuit(s), of Infinite Spirit, 45
       of Paradise, 45, 176-177
    -consciousness of the Supreme Being, possible emergence of, in reflectivity, 105
    evolving, of Supreme Being, measurement of degree of the, 46
    the Father’s, fluctuating of, reason for, 46
       location of, 63
       many, other than Thought Adjusters, 1271
       patrols master universe, 45
    of God, 45, 64, 65, 95-96, 1474, 1733
       Jesus’ method of attainment of the, 2089
       man’s indwelling, certainty of reality of, 195, 1784
       reason for limitation of the, 48
    God’s effective, in creature minds, determination of, 46
    mind, of Deity, determination of, 64
    of Mystery Monitors, evolving soul’s experience of the, 65
    phenomenon, of a personality, energy not manifested in, 483
    physical, of the Infinite, a definition, 64
    spiritual, of Divinity, determination of, 64
       of Divinity, differential, 64

Present all of the past and all of the future in the, from the infinite and absolute level, 1296
    interpretation of the, 215
    universe age, 115, 242, 244, 247, 345, 353, 454, 558
       Grandfanda’s relation to Supreme Council of Destiny in the, 353
       Havona activities peculiar to the, 160
       relation of Architects of the Master Universe to, 251
       and scope of Urantia Papers, 144

Presentation of Jesus in the temple, 1352-1353

Preservative salt a, 1572

Pressure guages, automatic, living, frandalanks as, 328
    -presence, of primal force, north and south differences of, 122

Prestige political, Jesus’ refusal to prostitute his divine attributes to gain, 1521

Presumption freedom from, of Jesus’ faith, 2090
    possible causes of, 1673

Presumptuous Jesus’ faith never, 1102-1103

Pretense Jesus’ lack of, 1101

Prevention of transitional breakdown, a factor in material civilization, 911

Price of entrance to the kingdom, relation of, to the rewards, 1537, 1802
    a, for everything, 796
    of following Jesus, 1577, 1869

Pride effect of man’s, 1451
    effect of, on marriage, 922
    the Father’s disdain of, 1676
    a function of, 765
    goes before a fall,” 1223, 1444
    the greatest danger to man’s spiritual integrity, 1223
    influence of, on Jesus’ family, 1721
    Jesus’ freedom from, 1582, 1786
    Judas’, effect of, 1925
    Lucifer’s, tragedy of, 603
    Nathaniel’s characteristic weakness, 1558
    of self, Lucifer’s nourishment of, to point of self-assertion, 603
    some unfortunate characteristics of, 1223
    source of, 1713

Priest(s) and administration of primitive justice, 795
    almost complete absence of, in Greece, 1079
    a check on kings, 790
    early man’s worship of, 774, 948
       matchmakers, 923
    in Egypt, opposition of, to monotheism, 1047
    of El Elyon,” Machiventa known as the, 1015
    of the Most High God,” identity of, 1085
    evolvement of, 992
    Gautama’s denouncement of, 1035
    gentile, morality of, 1338
    Jesus’ instruction to the leper to show himself to the, 1643
    and Levites, sunrise procession of the, 1794
    of the mother cult, encouragement of physical suffering by, 976
    power and authority of, 968
    prosperity of, under Tutankhamen, 1048
    reason for women’s selection as, 777
    and rituals, 992-993
    and scribes, reaction of, to cleansing of the temple, 1890
    shamans’ functioning as, 989
    specialization of, 992
    from Ur, Bethlehem visit of the, 1352

Priesthood(s) deterioration of, in Mesopotamia, 1043
    influence of, on scientific development, 993
       on spiritual progress, 993
       on stabilization of civilization, 993
    Jewish bondage to the, 1340
    Sethite, threefold nature of, 850

Priest-king shaman’s sometime function as a, 986

Primacy of the Father, 5, 6, 35, 51, 52, 53, 88, 108, 239
    universal, shared only with Paradise Trinity, 35

Primal Ancestor of universes, God in absolute probably the Final Father of personalities and the, 1296
    causation, origin of, 1152
    Cosmic Pattern, the Universal Father the, 1148
    creator, Eternal Son a, 75
    force(s), inherence of, in the Absolutes, 638
       to the scientist God a, 30
    Mind, the divine Creator, 34
    reality, in spirit world, 23
    thought of the Universal Father, eternalization of, 638

Primary Associators, an order of Master Physical Controllers, 325
    Associators, function of, 328
    Corps of the Finality, destiny of surviving mortals, 347, 354
       Gravity Messengers under sole assignment to the, 346
       personalized messenger corps of the, 347
    eruption, description, 204, 374
    Eventuated Master Force Organizers, assistants to Architects of the Master Universe, 319, 352
       function of, 329, 469
       space presence of, on potential force, 469
    evolutionary races, colors of, 564
    force(s), influence of Infinite Spirit’s supercontrols on, 112
       organizers, field of initial operations of, 470
    Master Force Organizers, early control by, of space-energies later organized as Andronover, 651
    midway creatures, invisibility of, to humans, 745
       function of the, 745
       number of, rebelling, 756
       origin of the first, 424, 745
       total number of, 424, 745
    midwayers, 855
       Adamson’s knowledge of, 861
       vs. angels, 424
       functions of, 425
       number of defaulting, 863
       relation of, to the Urantia Revelation, 865
       seven adjutant mind-spirits nonfunctional with, 424
       technique of energizing of, 424
          of production of, 855
    races, interbreeding among the, 585
    Sangik, an original skeletal type of a Urantia race, 904
    seconaphim, assignment of, to ascending creatures, 317
       attachment of, to Ancients of Days, 307
       fifth and every seventh one thereafter, function of, 309
       the fourth and every seventh serial, function of, 309
       living mirrors, 307
       number of, in each created group, 307
       seven types of service of, 308
       special ability of the first and each succeeding seventh, in each superuniverse, 308
       transport powers of, 290, 430
    supernaphim, classification of, 298
       craving of, to be conductors of worship, 304
       the custodians of knowledge of the, 288
       function of, 287, 298
       Infinite Spirit the creator of, 285, 287
       the present chief of Urantia seraphim, 414
       versatility of, 298

Primates about, 706-707
    the ancestors of man, 707
    birth of the first of the, 700, 706
    experience of, with fire, 712
    mutation in stock of, result, 700
    origin of, 707
    parents of the first human beings, 707
    twins, characteristics of, 706-707

Primitive concepts of God, effect of, on Urantians, 60, 2019
    human institutions, 772-782
    man(men), 589-590
       attitude of, toward enslavement of their backward fellows, 585
          toward higher animals, 946
       carnivorousness of, 593
       civilization and, 908
       date of appearance of, 718
       definition, 589
       difference between an animal and, 1479
       genealogy of, 707
       golden age of, 717
       and his religion, 1091
       suspicion the inherent reaction of, 437
    marriage, a matter of business, 917
    religion(s), concern of, with ethics and morals, 1110
       evolutionary origin of all, 1129, 1132
       nature and effects of, 29, 60, 956, 1005, 1010, 1012, 1728
       need to judge, in the light of its contemporary times, 1115
    worlds, length of life on, 564

Primordial -force behavior, and postulated ether, 476
    force, definition, 329, 469, 638
       evolution of, 169
       function of force organizers with, 329
       reaction and characteristics of, 136
       transmutations of, prior to appearance as universe power, 470
    reactions of material life, initiation of, 560

Prince Caligastia, Nodite staff of, Ratta a direct descendant of, 895
    of darkness, Caligastia the, 1914, 1938
    of devils, Beelzebub the, 1714, 1850
       Jesus accused of working by power of the, 1693, 1746, 1797, 1814-1815, 1847, 1892
    of Heaven, revelation of, 1451
    of Peace, bestowal Son the, 597, 766, 1522, 1536, 1909
    of Salem, mission of the, 389
    of this world, Caligastia the, 752, 1512, 1904

Prince’s corporeal staff, work habits of, 773
    headquarters, character of, 575, 750
    reign, 749
    staff, 742, 750

Printing appearance of, 887, 907
    influence of, on civilization, 907, 912

Priscilla identification of, 1473

Prison Jesus’ failure to deliver John from, reason, 1507
    John the Baptist’s suspense in, 1507
    Jude’s confinement in the Jerusalem, 1415
    worlds, Satania, a warning to Nebadon, 510, 611

Prisoner(s) Jesus an unusual, 1982
    the soul without God a, 1449
    of spirit hope,” Adjusters the, 1182, 1193

Private ownership, benefits of, 782
    ownership concomitant with agriculture, 902
    praying, vs. group praying, 1001
    property, 780-783, 901, 917
       and the Roman state, 801
    secretary,” Michael’s functions as a, 1313

Privilege(s) of God-knowing mortals, 1465, 1610
    two, of duty of man, 1600

Probation nursery children, appearance of, as on nativity worlds, 516
    nursery(ies), on constellation and universe headquarters finaliter spheres, 570
       purpose of, 516, 535
       supervisors of, 516, 517

Probationary children, Paradise destiny of, 532
    children, size of families of, 532
    nursery, location of, 531, 569
       service of inexperienced parents in the, 531

Problem(s) avoidance, eradication of, a purpose of morontia career, 551
    entangled, best method of solving some, 1611
    of life, the two major, 1438, 1778
    of the Lucifer rebellion, 613-620
    man’s unwillingness to face, 1773
    solution of a, first step in the, 1773
    solving, Jesus’ greatest method of, 1774
       duty, of life, faith’s nonshunning of the, 1115
       worshipful, and religious growth, 1095
    spiritual, Jesus’ refusal to apply material tests to prove, 1523

Proclamation of the gospel, vs. working of wonders, 1649
    of the kingdom, the disciples’ lack of understanding as to the significance of the, 1618
       Jesus’ instructions as to the method of, 1569
    of Yahweh, 1056-1057

Procrastination eradication of, a purpose of morontia career, 551

Procreation of Adams and Eves with creatures of time, possibility of, 581
    midwayers’ lack of powers of, 864
    mortal, the one requisite for, 70
    by spornagia, regulation of, 528
    woman’s part in, 836

Prodigal son, Jesus’ retelling his favorite parable of the, 1850-1853

Profanity origin of, 992

Profit motive, 805, 813
    wealth, many different sorts of, 1464

Profiteering Jesus’ attitude toward, 1891

Progress direction of mortals’, importance of, 1653
    the final harvest of persecution, 1575
    growth not mere, 1097
    Havona, inward from seventh to first circuit, 157
    helpers, function of, 865
    individuality development a prerequisite to, 557, 569
    of mankind, prerequisites to a cult’s contributing to the, 966
    in meanings, importance of, 1097
    Paradise, the path of, 301, 435
    possibility of, in inherent motion, 316
    a prerequisite to continuance in the Father’s kingdom, 1682
    vs. products, in growth, 1094
    vs. providence of God, 54
    religion’s purpose to insure, 1745
    universal order of, ordination of, by Paradise Trinity, 99
    watchword of the universe, 54

Progressing personality, superhuman, functioning of, 29

Progression ceaseless, life in the Father’s eternal creation one of, 1953
    divine plan of, and planetary advancement, 830
    by evolution, vs. revolution by revelation, 750
    relation of knowledge and wisdom to, 740

Progressive perfection plan, created intelligences engaged in the, 558
    religious experience, 1111-1113

Projected Incomplete, identity of the, 56, 1291

Promenade(s) of the Jerusem residential circles, 523
    walls of the Sons, number of gates in each, 524

Prometheus legend about fire and, 901

Promiscuity religious sex rituals free from, 965

Promised Land the Arabian Semites’ futile attempt to fight their way into the, 1054
    historical reference to Joshua and the, 1501, 1828

Property accumulation, a means of augmenting self-gratification, 942
    apostles’ nonholding of, 1581
    attitude of believes toward, question as to, 1603
    danger in destruction of, 777, 943
    disputes, ancient methods of handling, 797
    former requirement of, as a marriage guarantee, 923, 928
    honesty, basis of, 781
    influence of, on marriage mores, 918
    Joseph’s, Nazareth family’s early loss of, 1395
    mores, a stabilizer of marriage, 917, 922
    the onetime basic institution of self-maintenance, 942
    primitive man’s treatment of his wife as, 917, 936
    private, early types of, 781
    security of, in evolution of representative government, 802
    the stabilizer of marriage, 917, 939
    and wealth, conservation of, a factor in preservation of civilization, 888
       Jesus’ abstention from preaching against, 1581

Prophecy(ies) against Israel, in Jesus’ sermon introduction, 1709
    Imports of Time the secret of, 315
    Messianic, postascension application of, to Jesus, 1347

Prophet(s) the cataleptic as, 987
    Daniel, declaration of, concerning the Son of Man, 1526
    early God concept of the, 21
       man’s worship of, 948
    exalting of ideals by, 1110
    false, Jesus’ warning against, 1571
    the four great, among the Egyptians, 1046
    hailing of God by the, 1448
    heaven-sent, fate of the, 1906, 1908
    Hebrew, the coming of a deliverer foretold by the, 1347
    Isaiah, growth of the God concept from Moses to the, 1597
       reference of, to the Jews, 1902
    Jeremiah the, fulfillment of the words of, 1630
    Jesus’ rating of John the Baptist as a, 1509, 1627
    Jesus regarded by some as a, 1746, 1790
    Jewish, definition, 1501
    John the Baptist as a, 1499, 1501, 1508
       as the last of the old, 1498
    knowledge of, regarding Universal Father, 35
    living, Jesus’ plea to his followers to become, 1731
    longing of, for revelations, 1807
    the Messiah as a, 1501, 1509
    of Mount Carmel, Elijah the, 1497
    new school of the, 1657-1658
    is not without honor save in his own country…,” Jesus to his Nazareth enemies, 1686
    power and authority if, 968
    study of, in the synagogue school, 1362
    vs. theologians in religious development, 1128
    Urantia, references of, to God, 23

Prophetess of Hierapolis, Leah, Philip’s daughter the, 1558

Prophetic artists, function of, 501
    vision, a definition, 1000

Propitiation components of act of, 978
    man’s erroneous ideas concerning, 964, 2016
    of an offended Lord, an unworthy philosophy, 60, 978

Propriety Jesus’ extraordinary sense of, 1101

Prosaic Jesus’ lack of ever being, 1102

Proselytes of the gate, a definition, 1600, 2060
    gentile, “a devout man,” 1420

Prosperity Egyptian teaching concerning, 1053
    the Hebrews’ onetime consideration of Yahweh’s favor in terms of, 67, 1063, 1500, 1662, 1830
    of the wicked, apparent, worry caused by the, 976

Prostitutes professional, origin of, 791, 918
    temple, disposition of earnings of, 982

Prostitution absence of, among the early races, 914

Protector God a, 1448, 1449, 1450

Proterozoic era, the life-dawn era, 670
    era period covered by, 672
    rocks, on earth’s surface, present distribution of, 670

Proton(s) central, disruption of, in Orvonton, 478
    charged, mesotrons’ relation to, 479
    volume of, comparative, 477

Protoplasm living, vs. dead, 737
    superior strains of, importance of guarding, 560
    Urantia, a prerequisite for functioning of, 664

Protoplasmic cell, a definition, 560
    memory material, the evolutionary type of knowledge, 1111

Proto-Taoism designated Shinto in Japan, 1033

Proverbs Jesus’ use of, reason, 1952

Providence accidents of time and, 167
       Egyptian concept of, 1053
    the function of, 56, 1305-1307, 1931
    is a function,” 1304
    of God, a definition, 54, 99, 1307
       Urantians’ misunderstanding of, 54
    in infinity, a definition, 1307
    man’s error regarding, 1305
    Moses a believer in, 1058
    not whimsical nor magical, 1307
    of the overcontrol of Supremacy, the increased evidence of the, 1305, 1307
    and progressive evolution, 54, 1307
    relation of, to supreme Lawmaker, 54, 1306
    the slow, sure emergence of the sovereign of the finite universes, 1307
    true, a definition of, 1305
    unpredictable, due to fluctuations in creature attitude, 1307

Providence’s functions as related to the total, 1305

Providential Deity, present belief in a, 1090
    intervention, indicative of some function concerning the growth of some total, 1305
       sometime occurrence of, 1071, 1307

Province of prayer, 999-1000

Prudence apostles’ permission to exercise, 1579
    of Jesus, 1102

Psalms and the book of Job, 1060-1061
    a certain twelve, by Ikhnaton, 1048
    an evaluation of the, 1060
    first, Amenemope the author of, 1047
    for the last day of the feast, number 82, 1794
    source of many of the, 1043, 1060
    study of, in the synagogue school, 1362
    twentieth, twenty-first, and twenty-second, Jesus’ repetition of, while dying, 2010
    varying concepts of God portrayed in the, 1060

Psalmist Jesus’ designation of errors in prophecy of the, 1725
    and his message, 1340
    knowledge of, of Edentia’s three rulers, 488

Psychic circles an analysis of the, 209-212
    humans’ varying degrees of communicating with Adjusters in ascending the, 1208
    the minimum and maximum limits of the, 1210

Psychic illusion man’s spiritual urge not a, 2096
    organization, basic orders of, number, 398

Psychological crisis, certain mortals’ consciousness of fellowship with God only through a, 1131

Psychologists of the first heaven, mind planners as, 553

Psychology of a child, the natural positive quality of the, 1131
    a definition, 1135
    limitations of, regarding the inner motives of religion, 1107
    modern, effect of, on religions of fear, 1090
    of religion, 69
    vs. theology, 1107

Pterosaurs flying, nonsurvival of, 688
    origin of, 688

Ptolemaic Egypt, and Palestinian independence, 1334

Ptolemais apostles’ first visit to, 1668, 1706, 1741

Ptolemy translation of the so-called teachings of Moses by, 838

Puberty ceremonies, purposes of, 791

Public appearance, Jesus’ first postbaptismal, 1532
    appearance, in Rome, Jesus’ nearest approach to a, 1462
    baths, Roman, Jesus’ refusal to visit the, reason for, 1461, 1472
    career, Jesus’ first pretentious effort of his, 1536
       Jesus’ plans for a, in his father’s land, 1483
    ministry, Jesus’ plan for final effort at, 1850
       Jesus’ status at beginning of his, 1517
    officers of the continental nation, required qualifications of, 816
    opinion, influence of, on civilization, 802
       Jesus’ attitude toward, 1594
       present fetish of, 970
    vs. personal ministry, of Jesus, 1424
    preaching, apostles’ concentration on, after Bethsaida healing, 1633
       importance of, after Jesus’ resurrection, 2045
    revenue, the first, 796
    sermon, Peter’s first, following the resurrection, effect, 2050
    service, attitude toward, in the continental nation, 814
    shame, Jesus’ awareness of, 1969
    speaker, James as a, 1552
       Philip not a good, 1557
    teacher, Jesus’ explanation as to his becoming a, 1436
       Jesus’ return to Galilee to await beginning his work as a, 1483
       people’s failure to recognize their personal friend Jesus in his later role as a, 1495
    treasury, consequences of prolonged support from the, 910
    trial, Jesus’, place of, reason, 1987
    trust, penalties for betrayal of, in the continental nation, 814
    work, beginning the apostles’, 1587-1595
       Jesus’ plans for, 1514-1516

Publican(s) definition, 1873
    and harlots, entrance of, into the kingdom of God, 1893
    Jesus’ mingling with, 1541
    and the Pharisee, story of, 1573, 1838
    regenerated, Matthew a, 1560
    and sinners, John’s believers, 1893
       presence of, at Matthew’s banquet, 1540-1541
    Son of Man a friend of, 1851

Puissant energy, definition, 329, 470
    -energy stage, ultimatons’ inability to return to, 476

Pulsating stage of suns, length of, 459

Pulsations convulsive, of giant suns, time of, 465
    of nether-Paradise outer zone, proportions and extent of, 123
    of younger suns, causes, 465

Punishment arbitrary, affliction not an, 1661
    the greatest, 37
    Jesus’ restricted use of, in child training, 1401
    social, of evildoers, Jesus’ approval of, 1579

Punjab Andite infiltration into the, 878
    Aryan infiltration into the, 882

Pupil rewards for Jesus’ diligence as a, 1364
    vs. teacher, 1570
    -teachers, ascenders as, 279

Purchase and dowry, 923-924

Pure energy, a definition, 126
    in heart, happy are the, 1446, 1570
    -spirit existence, seven phases of, the spheres of the Eternal Son the worlds of the, 149

Purgatory Tibetans’ belief in, 1038

Purging an early form of treatment, 991

Purification early practice of ritualistic schemes of, 935, 958, 976, 1352
    laws of, Pharisees’ scrupulous observance of the, 1827
    Mary’s sacrifice for, 1352

Purim feast of, 1360, 1379

Purity spiritual, not a negative quality, 1574

Purple robe, dressing Jesus in the, 1995

Purpose of affliction, 1161-1162
    eternal, of Universal Father, extent of the, 34, 55, 364, 665
    Jesus’ one, 2052, 2090
    perfection of, in the divine Trinity, 115
    of the Universal Father, unfolding of the, 91

Purposeful universe, proof of the existence of a, 1435

Purse Jesus’ onetime sending forth of his disciples without, 1944
    Jesus’ refusal of Alexandrian Jews’ offer of a, 1414

Pursuit of pleasure, vs. love of home, 942
    sincere, of divine values, worship the, 195
    of truth, approach of soul insight through, 2076

Pygmies of Africa, present religious status of the, 1010
    of Africa, present-day, primitive social conditions of the, 764
    no marriage institution among the, 914

Pyramid stone, Egyptian, Imhotep’s building of the first, 894


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