Urantia Book
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Ea a Mesopotamian deity, 1042

Ear of the spirit man’s need to listen with the, 1605   

Early ages, characteristic struggles of, 729
    evolution of religion, 951-957
    home life, Jesus’ discussion of, 1921-1923 marriage mores, 915-917
    mother-family, 932-933

Earmark(s) of a great soul, tolerance the, 1740
    of religion, 1141
    of religous living, 1100-1101

Earnings communistic apportionment of, a form of slavery, 780
    excess, Jesus’ belief as to investment of, 1803
    right to hold and use one’s own, 1465
    the youthful Jesus’ management of his, 1371

Ear-piercing of women a partial sacrifice, 983

Earth composition of outer mass of the, 668
    core density of, 668
    crust of, atmosphere a factor in cooling of, 660
    equalization of tidal frictions of moon and, 657
    gains of, in size, over the moon, 659
    life, see Life, earth
    mankind’s onetime worship of the, 946
    robbery of moon’s atmosphere by the, 659
    stabilization of the crust of the, 662

Earthen vessels Jesus’ recognition of his apostles’ physical limitations as, 1578

Earthquake(s) absence of, on Jerusem, 520
    age of, 660-663
    cause of, 668
    death of Andon and Fonta Caused by, 713
    on early Urantia, 466
    effect of, on the Proterozoic stone layer, 670
    increase and decrease of, on Urantia, 662
    molten basalt undercushion a protection against, 668
    on new worlds, 466
    relation of, to land-mass emergence, 662
    significance of, in the education of Jesus, 1359
    Urantia’s present daily average number of, 662

Earthworms evolution of, early, 732

Ease bed of, life not, 578
    bread of, multitude’s desire for, 1710
    -drifting souls, 1931
    monotonous, service of the kingdom not one of, 1608
    primitive man’s misuse of, 907
    seeking, eradication of, a purpose of morontia career, 551
    selfish, life in the Father’s eternal creation not one of, 1953

East carrying of Jesus’ message to the, 1596
    of Eden, home site of the expected son, 824
    the Hellenistic Empire’s dependence for religion on the, 2072
    Indies, Andite penetration of, 873
    -and-west land-mass cleavage, 663
    wind, a devil in India, 947
       a god in South America, 947

Easter Island a onetime religious and administrative center for mixed Andites, 873

Eastern life group, nonparticipation of, in human-species production, 703
    life implantation, 667
    life implantation, failure of, 773
    religionists, difficulty of, in accepting the teachings of Jesus, 1670

Eastern Hemisphere belief in man’s creation from clay in the, 837
    citizens of, in roman Empire, 1455
    and earliest human cultures, 768

Eating throughout mansion worlds, 535
    with unwashed hands, Jews’ attitude toward, 1713

Ebal Jesus’ view of, from the hill of Simeon, 1387

Eber answer of, to Jewish leaders’ taunting, 1792
    contact of, with Jesus, 1791-1792
    dispatch of, to apprehend Jesus, 1791
    presence of, at meeting in home of Nicodemus, 1810
    refusal of, to arrest Jesus, 1792

Eccentric Jesus not, 1101-1102

Eccentricity vs. originality, 1673

Ecclesiastes the pessimism of, a reaction to the overoptimistic beliefs in Providence, 1070

Ecclesiastical authority, see Authority, ecclesiastical
    sanction, the remembrance supper without, 1943
    slavery, secularism’s freeing of man from, 2081
    totalitarianism, gains of secular revolt from, 2081-2082

Ecclesiasticism incompatibility of, with living faith, 2084

Echinoderms guide fossils of the age of frogs, 680
    increase of, time of, 677

Eclipses Nordic belief concerning, 946

Economic abuse, Jesus’ condemnation of, 1803
    abuses, correction of, in the continental nation, 813
    activities in the central universe, 158
    attitude of Jesus, 1581
    complexity, and unemployment, 910
    conditions, influence of, on man’s philosophy of religion, 1113
    development, Adam’s and Eve’s influence on, 587, 905
    factors, in modern marriage institution, 941
    freedom, society as a scheme for securing, 906
    groups, freedom of kingdom of heaven from, 1487
    liabilities, modern children as, 941
    liberation, racial, 594
    liberty, woman’s increased, and divorce, 929
    life, of world in light and life, 630
    lost motion of competition, need for care in elimination of, 805
    maladjustment, selfish, Christians’ possible fear of exposure of their, 2090
    necessities’ tying man up with reality, 1093
    and political entanglements, advice to Michael regarding, 1329
    and political systems, religion of the past’s concern with, 1086
    practices of the northern Chinese, Andite influence on, 886
    problems, industrial legislature’s control of, in the continental nation, 813
       Jesus’ unwillingness to pronounce upon, 1839
       use of spiritual energy in dealing with, 1739
    realms, Jesus’ ignoring of, in his teachings, 1580
    reasons for social classes, 792
    reformer, Jesus not an, 1581
    reorganization, religion’s proper relationship to, 1087
    restrictions, effect of, on practice of polyandry, 926
    rewards, guidance in the just distribution of, 1464
    slavery, secularism’s selling of man into, 2081
    status of advanced worlds in light and life, 629
       of their world, Adam and Eve’s attitude toward, 588
    system, planetary, transformation of, during post-Teacher Son era, 598
    theories, Jesus’ nonintention of formulating, 1581
    transformations of Christian civilization, possibility of, 2090
    upheavals, of the twentieth century, 1090

Economics education as affected by the passing of profit-motivated, 806
    evolution of, necessity for, 804
    man’s present insurance in the domain of, 956
    political science’s need to reconstruct, 1092
    profit-motivated, need for augmentation by service motives, 805
    religion’s beginning separation from, 1075

Economy of transition worlds, 502, 521
    the universal, basis of, 316

Ecstasy genuine spiritual, and emotional control, 1000
    mystic experience of true religion not an, 1104
    and mysticism, and inspiration, 1001-1002
    religious, not divine inspiration, 1000

Eden a basic factor in the civilization of the violet race, 870
    basis for the “golden-age” legend, 764
    Chinese traditions as influenced by Andite traditions of, 886
    a fact, 838
    fate of, 826-827
    first, disruption of, effect on Adamic revelation, 1007
       now submerged under eastern Mediterranean, 826, 875
    Garden of, see Garden(s), the second
    glory of, forgotten by followers of Adam, 849
    improvement of, under Adam’s direction, 825
    regime of, complications in human evolution arising from the, 903
    salvage of the ideas and ideals of, 869
    the second, as the cradle of civilization, 868
       see also Garden(s), the second
    the seven commandments of, 975
    submergence of, a natural occurrence, 827
    tongue of, an Adnonic dialect, 829

Edenic bestowal, failure of, to fully Adamize the Urantia races, 382
    commission on tribal relations, Serapatatia a chairman of, 841
    culture, stability of, 587
    ideal, a new idea on Urantia, 940
    league, Adam’s system of group control, 833
    peninsula, sinking of, 826
    regime, 586-587
       influence of Caligastia’s staff in the overthrow of, 840
    teachings, one of the Urantia revelations, 1007
       as to woman’s status in society, 937

Edenites enter Mesopotamia, 847-848
    later journey to second garden by, 847

Edentia Adam’s inability to counsel with his superiors on, 839
    age of mortal ascension, 494
    an architectural sphere, 456
    animal and plant life of, 492-493
    area devoted to gardens of the Most Highs in, 492-493
    ascenders’ status on, 495
    assemblies, poetic broadcasts of, 504
    assignments of ascending mortals, 495
    atmospheric transportation on, 486
    beauty of, 492-493
    brotherhood schools of, 433
    circumnavigation of, 486
    citizenship on, 495-496
    conclaves, System Sovereigns’ periodic attendance at, 490
    constellation capital, 174, 485, 583, 823
    cultural acquirement, seven phases of, 494
    experience, ascending mortals’ reaction toward, 495
    Faithful of Days’ field of activity, 489
    Fathers since the Lucifer rebellion, 490-492
    satellites of, 174, 485, 493
    Gabriel’s visit to, regarding Lucifer rebellion, 602, 605
    Gardens of Eden named for, 492, 583, 823
    headquarters amphitheater and the sea of glass, 486
    identification, 174, 182, 485, 583, 823
    interest in celestial life of, in Amadon, 762
    Jerusem citizen’s clearance for, 540
    legislative pronouncements of, 488
    legislature, ten members of, 487-488, 513
    life, classification of the ten types of, 492
    major spheres, differential visible forms of natives of, 493
    the Master’s departure to, by way of Jerusem, 2057
    mechanical controllers and frandalanks on, 456
    and Melchizedeks as emergency Sons, 389
    Michael’s stopover at, preparatory to his Urantia bestowal, 1513
    mobilization point of Gabriel’s reserves during Lucifer rebellion, 608
    Most Highs, see Most High(s), of Edentia
    Nebadon education on socializing realms attached to, 412
    nothing on, for a living being to fear, 492
    present abode of translated Adamic children, 844
    Psalmist’s description of, 488
    residence of ascending mortals, 493
    rulers, past, present, and future term of office of, 490-491
    satellites of, 174, 485, 493
    schools, students attending the, 493
    sea of glass on, 486-487
    seat of Norlatiadek administration, 485
    seraphim and Adjuster accompaniment of the mortal to, 1248
    shrub of, and Urantia’s tree of life, 825
    size of, 485
    social architects’ divisional organization on, 433
    social laboratories of, 433
    spheres, energizing of, 494
    supreme council of Lanonandeks on, 393
    model, size and location of, 526
    training worlds, 493-495
    tree of life, arrival of, on Urantia, 745, 825
    univitatia, as permanent citizens of, 414-415, 485, 493
    worlds, major, number of satellites of each of the, 485, 493

Edomites David’s heavy taxing of the, 1073

Edrei labors of Jesus’ followers in, 1762, 1817
    Thomas’ and his associates’ work at, 1765

Education about, 806
    advances in, during postbestowal Son age, 596
    in Alexandria and Galilee, comparison of, 1366
    artificial and superficial, modern child culture and, 941
    builders, function of, 502
    characteristics of, present and eventual, 806
    of children, of Adamic and native unions, 586
       and the home, in the continental nation, 811
       reason for need of, 763
    Christianity and, 2069
    compulsory, a factor in an expanding civilization, 804
    in the continental nation, 812
    a definition, 806, 1573
    on Edentia, 412, 493
    effect on civilization of man’s control of, 909
    as a factor in vital decisions of moral creatures, 756-757
    Fad’s methods of, 746, 751
    Galilean Jews’, systematic program for, 1358
    general, true teachers’ support of, 988
    of girls, Jesus’ belief concerning, 1396
    higher, apostles’ lack of, 1548
    Jesus’ early, from his parents, 1358
       effect of Joseph’s death on, 1373, 1388
       home, for his brothers and sisters, 1358, 1387
       intellectual and theological, from the chazan, 1363
       Jewish, 1396
       real, obtained by mingling with his fellowmen, 1363
    of John the Baptist, 1496
    law, compulsory, Jewish, 1363
    lifelong, in the ideal state, 806
    local universe, assistant teachers’ connection with, 430
    a means of gaining knowledge, 908
    Nebadon, 412
    Nodite oversight of second-garden, 848
    and other Melchizedek activities, on Jerusem, 527
    personal, of Havona pilgrims, 343
    possible failure of modern, 972
    present backwardness of, 909
    probable effect of, on Buddhism, 1041
    purpose of, 192, 806, 2086
    quality of Judas’, 1566
    real, definition of, 1363
    relation of, to a good inheritance, 848
    religious, promotion of, 1092
    a result of, 278
    Roman, loyalty bred by, 2072
    secular, possible influence of, on a spiritual renaissance, 2086
    secularization of, result, 2082
    seraphic development by, 426
    social, of ascendant pilgrims on Havona, 296
    and training, one foundation fact of a true family, 1604
       of youth, society’s right of, 794
    universal, establishment of, a level of statehood, 412, 807
    universe, purpose of, 43
    wise fathers’ planning for their children’s, 1604
    value of in character development, 848

Educational application in schools of the Prince, 575
    attainments of Apostles, 1548
    courses of military trainees in the continental nation, 819
    growth, some indications of, 1094
    institution(s), the family as an, importance of, 913
       local universe, 428
    ministry, of Paradise Spiritual Sons, 231
       of Vorondadek Sons, 213
    opportunities, influence of, on man’s religion, 1113, 1121
    pressure, possible effect of, 1135
    system(s), of the continental nation, 812-813
       of Jerusem, 517-518
       mansion world and morontia, 501, 536, 550
       of Nebadon, 412
       planetary, transformation of, during post-Teacher Son era, 598
       of post-Adamic epoch, world-wide character of, 594
       of Salvington, 387-389, 394, 412
       for younger Material Sons, perfection of, 515
    unit, importance of the family as an, 913
    worlds of superuniverses, service of Havona Servitals on, 274

Educator(s) of ascending mortals, Melchizedek sphere the meeting ground for, 387
    household fire the first, 777
    Melchizedeks as, 389, 517
    universal, Daynals the, 230

Effect cause and, to the savage, 951

Effectiveness of language, a factor in civilization, 908
    of material resources, a factor in civilization, 908
    of mechanical devices, a factor in civilization, 909

Effects universe, vs. universe causes, 53

Effigies alleged effectiveness of, in magic, 971

Effort(s) creature, and Creator purpose, Supreme’s response to, 1279
    intelligent, a prerequisite to happiness, 556
    joy not always produced by, 556
    supreme, of trinitization candidates, 250
    and rewards, of the Paradise career, 579

Effrontery exhibition of, by the Sanhedrists before Pilate, 1989-1990

Ego alter, see Alter ego
    and alter ego, and the evolution of prayer, 996-997
    cravings, and the social consciousness, 1134
    dignity, wear and tear of, 555
    exaltation of, humor the divine antidote for, 549
    -will, and the other-than-self will, 1134

Egocentric ways of preventing one’s religious life from becoming, 1130

Egoism vs. altruism, 1131

Egoistic -altruistic conflict, the clan as a challenge to the, 1132
    ambition, ascending Morontians’ socialization of, 508
    nature, the child’s development of, 1131
    prayer may be either altruistic or, 998

Egotism conceited, self-analysis and, 1583
    national, effect of, on the Jews, 1075
    national, an essential to social survival, 803
    theologic, and revealed religion, 1012
    the suicidal nature of, 1223

Egypt Abraham’s sojourn in, 1019
    Amenemope’s teaching in, 1046-1047
    Andite migrations to, and influence of, 874, 894
    Bedouin Semites’ departure from, under Moses’ leadership, 1055-1056
       Semites’ entrance into, as contract laborers, 1054-1055
    brother and sister marriage in, 918
    caste system of, 793
    cult of Isis in, 1043, 1048, 1082
    degeneration of, a factor in the independence of Palestine, 1334
    infiltration of inferior tribes into, 889, 894
    Jesus’ sojourn in, on way to Rome, 1432-1433
    Joseph as a civil administrator in, 1023
    Joseph’s influence in, on behalf of Melchizedek teachings, 1023, 1046
    Judah under tribute to, after defeat of Josiah, 1074
    Melchizedek teachings in, 1021, 1043-1049, 1055, 1077
    Mesopotamian influence on, 1044
    Mesopotamian migration to, 889
    and the monotheism of Ikhnaton, 1047-1049
    moral and intellectual, rather than spiritual, 1046
    one reason for the child Jesus’ being taken to, 1047
    onetime most thoroughly blended religious philosophy in, 1044
    onetime occupancy of, by a blended colored race, 871
    persistence of the Sethite Trinity concept in, 1143
    the Pharaoh’s fear of the Bedouins’ organization against, 1056
    place of final struggle of orange and green races, 724
    readiness of, for Salem teachings, 1044, 1046
    seven distinct types of human beings in, 894
    sojourn of Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus in, 1354-1356
    successive domination of, by various colored races, 728
    successor to Mesopotamia as the world’s cultural center, 894
    the transmitting agent of culture and religion to the Occident, 1049

Egyptian(s) art, effect of making burial statues on, 1044
    belief of, regarding the soul and the spirit, 953, 1215
    bondage, Judah’s period of real, 1074
    calendar, reform of, accuracy of, 858
    comparison of, with the Amerinds, in religious practice, 1044
    concept of God of heaven, 1598
    cult of Osiris and Isis, popularity of, in the Graeco-Roman world, 1081
       ritual, origin of, 1081-1082
    early religion, 1043-1049
    embalming of the dead, 1044
    influence on the Hebrew religion, 1049, 1052-1053, 1055-1056, 1058, 1060
    the Jews’ inherited ideas from the, 1044
    and their national system of gods, 894
    Ptolemic and Palestinian independence, 1334
    preservation of many Mesopotamian teachings by the, 1043
    pyramid, first, built by the Andite, Imhotep, 894
    religious philosophy, Moses’ comprehension of, 1056
    royal family, Moses a descendant of, significance, 1047
    ruler(s), Moses’ influence with the, 1055
       one, testimony of, regarding his ka, 1216
    Salemite physician, influence of, on Ikhnaton’s philosophy, 1047
    slavery, teachings regarding Joseph’s being sold into, 1387
    source of the medical knowledge of the, 992
    superstitions of, regarding a celestial stairway, 1045
    triad gods, 1143
    triad, onetime, Truth-Justice-Righteousness a, 1045

Eighteenth year Jesus’, 1398-1401

Eighth race of Urantia, 822, 857
    year, Jesus’, 1364-1365

El identity of, 1053

El Elyon concept, persistence of, in Egypt, 1055
    identity of, 1016, 1053
    Machiventa’s revelation of the identity of, to Amdon, 1015
    Melchizedek church members’ belief in, 1017
       known as priest of, 1015
    Moses’ father-in-law a Kenite worshiper of, 1056
       futile attempts to adapt concept of, to the illiterate Hebrews, 1058
    the Most High God, 1598
    the one God, Ikhnaton’s keeping alive the doctrine in Egypt, 1047

El Shaddai Egyptian concept of God, 1053, 1598
    material prosperity a reward for serving, 1053
    Moses’ parents worshippers of, 1056

Elam eastern Nodites’ headquarters, 822, 859

Elamites civilization of, 859
    peace between Adamites and, 849

Elder brother, Jesus as man’s, 448, 1855, 1857
    brother, of each believer, Christ intended to be, 1865
    statesmen, house of, of the continental nation, 809

Elders inability of the, to mete out justice, under David, 1073
    of Israel, interruption of Jesus’ sermon by, 1891
       Jesus’ plea for co-operation with, 1906

Elealah the seventy labors in, 1817

Elections popular, function of, 802

Elective bodies on Jerusem by whom selected, 518

Electric air-ceiling of Jerusem, and lighting, 519-520
    disturbance, decrease of, on Urantia, 662
    fields, tense, a source of short space rays, 667
    force, inability of, to hold together atomic nuclei, 479
    types, planetary mortal, 562

Electrical activities, effect of, on atoms, 472
    installations on worlds of nonbreathers, function of, 563
    reactions, and the Unqualified Absolute, 738

Electricity effect of, on man’s labor, 902
    fire’s relation to discovery of, 778
    generation, vs. transformation of space energies into morontia material, 543
    man’s tardiness in the use of, 907
    not a basic energy of space, 456
    relation of, to heat, etc., 472
    scientists’ inability to explain, 1476
       possible measurement of the energy of, 1476

Electrochemical domains of response to stimuli, 739
    mechanism, relation to the spirit-morontia energy system, 1216
    order of life activation, 195

Electrochemistry Life Carriers’ function of levels of, 730-731

Electrochemists universe, function of, 398

Electron(s) activity, dependence of chemical behavior on, 477
    advantage to, of nonexistence of ether, 476
    annihilation of, a source of solar energy, 463
    breaking up of, at electronic boiling point, 463
    collision, and loss of light-energy, 475
    comparative room for, in atoms, 477
    direct-line procedure through space of, 475
    escape of, conditions favoring, 478
    gravity control of large suns over, 465
    influence of cold in organization of, 473
    journey of, through space, 461
    mass and volume of, comparative, 477
    number of, in calcium, 462
       of modified forms of, 476
       of ultimatons in typical, 476
    orbital shifting of, results of, 475, 478
    primary associators’ manipulation of, 328
    relation of ultimatonic matter to, 472
    speeding up of, by solar temperatures, 463
    spin, influence of, on origin of space rays, 667
    subjection of, to gravity, 465
    in supergasses, number of, 460
    transmutation of ultimatons into circuits of, 473
    ultimaton content of an, 473, 476
    ultimatons, atoms, and, 476-477
    variable behavior of, 478
    wavelike energy extension of, 478
    weight of an, 477

Electronic activity, heat the measurement of, 473
    association(s), of ultimatons, 465
       formation of, in open space, 473
    axial and orbital revolutions, velocities of, 477
    behavior, relation of, to nuclear proximity, 478
    boiling point, 463
    circuit, inner, relative distance from atomic nucleus to, 477
    condensation, cause of, 458
    construction, and atomic breakup, temperature’s effect on, 473
    dimensions, differential, determination of, 476
    energies, organizing, in organized space, 473
    -energy particles, immunity of uncharged, to linear gravity, 476
    level of energy-matter, universe power the, 9
    matter, definition, 472
       function of ultimatonic interassociation in, 476
    organization of universe power, seven phases of, 321
    stage of energy, basis of materialization, 475
    units, determination of negative and positive reactions of, 476
    unpredictability, 478

Elemental types, planetary mortal, 561-562

Elements chemical, number of basic Havona, 154
    chemical, of Urantia, 480
    fear of the, by Andonites, 716
    heaviest, and behavior of electrons of, 478
    heavy, settling of, toward Urantia’s center, 659
    worship of the, 946-947

Elephants age of the, 696-698
    blue man’s training of, 746
    evolution of, vs. reproduction of mice, 560
    intelligence and adaptation of, 697
    of Miocene period, brain size, 697

Eleusinian mysteries development of, in Greece, 1079

Eleventh year Jesus’, 1369-1371

Elihu identity of, 1061
    teaching of, regarding human salvation, 1061

Elijah beginning of secret writing by, 1074
    campaign of, against the Baalites, 1065
    comparison of John the Baptist with, 1502
    contribution of, to the spiritual status of the northern kingdom, 1064
    a defender of the old land mores, 1074
    denouncing of Ahab by, 1074
    and Elisha, 1064
    the Father’s speaking through, 1731
    influence of, on John the Baptist, 1497, 1499
    Jesus compared with, 1746
    John the Baptist’s assumption of the dress and speech of, 1499, 1502
       belief as to the return of, 1499
    Joseph’s story to Jesus about, 1363
    one of the greatest of prophets, 1074
    Peter’s erroneous identification of a transfiguration visitor as, 1753
    of prophecy, Jesus’ reference to John the Baptist as, 1754
    the prophet of Mount Carmel, 1497
    on Urantia advisory council, 514

Elijah Mark funeral of, apostles’ absence from, 2051

Eliphaz advice of, to Job, 1663

Elisha and Elijah, 1064
    works of, at Shunem, 1374

Elizabeth mother of John the Baptist, ancestry of, 1345, 1496
    assurance of, about Jesus as the Messiah, 1498
    death of, 1499
    discussion of, with Mary, regarding their sons, 1400
    education of, 1496
    Gabriel’s appearance and message to, 1345
    and John’s visit to the Nazareth family, 1400
    reaction of, to Gabriel’s visit, 1345, 1496

Elizabeth, of Tiberias a member of the women’s corps, 1679

Ellanora function of, on Panoptia, 607

Ellipse the great, 125, 465

Elliptical path of the superuniverses, 165

Elman supervisor of the kingdom’s first hospital, 1657-1658

Eloah singular of Elohim, 1053

Elohim doctrine, almost complete eradication of, by the time of Jesus, 1144
    God concept changed from Yahweh to, under Elijah’s teaching, 1065
    the God of Gods, 513, 725, 1856
    (God), vs. the Father, 1856
       Jesus not the manifestation of, 1856
    identity of, 1053, 1598, 1856

Elopement pseudo, onetime practice of, 923
    a technique of escape from purchase of a wife, 924

Eloquence man’s mind not to be overawed by, 1765
    persuasive, Jesus’ refusal to employ, 1999
    preacher’s, humans’ susceptibility to, 1722

Emanations of highly heated orbs and dark energy-charged spheres about, 457

Emancipation proclamation, of all women, Jesus’ charge an, 1679
    of the soul, prerequisite to, 1773

Embalming the dead, origin of Egyptians practice of, 1044
    of their dead, by the Jews, 2013

Embellishment of Havona spheres, 156

Emblem of the bestowal and ministry of the Spirit of Truth, 1941
    of divine spirit, water baptism the, 1625
    of Lucifer, description, 606
    material, of the Trinity government, identity of, 606
    of modern physicians, origin, 946
    of Melchizedek, description, 1015

Embryo human, a definition, 1232

Embryonic state in the evolution of civilization, 800-801

Emergency(ies) council of Edentia, membership, 491
    council of ex-mortals, on Jerusem, 618
    the guardian seraphim’s’ functioning in, 1246
    ministers, Melchizedeks as, 389
    Son(s), Machiventa Melchizedek’s decision to function as, on Urantia, 1014
       the Melchizedeks’ fame as, 385, 389, 1014

Emergent energy see Energy(ies), emergent

Emigration effect of, on class distinction, 792

Emissaries of social uplift, during reign of Planetary Prince, 749
    of special assignment, Solitary Messengers as, 260

Emmaus the morontia Jesus’ appearance at, 2034-2036
    brothers from, report of their contact with Jesus, 2036

Emotion(s) of the ages, expression of, 304
    animals’ ability to express, 1198
    acquaintance of Son of Man with, 1425
    a concomitant of religion, 1110
    as a conditioning factor in religion, 1004
    the cult’s satisfying of, 965
    of dawn mammals, 704
    designers, a group of celestial artisans, 506
    eclipsing, of spiritual beings, 274
    expression of the tempo of, by music, 2080
    holier, fostering of, 430
    Jesus’ experiencing of, 1407
    man’s nonsenuous, angels’ sharing of, 419
    not essentially a part of religious experience, 1110
    one of the Master’s rare demonstrations of, 1609
    of primitive man, Father’s recognition of, 1733
    religious, man’s earliest, source of, 718
       no mystic faculty for reception or expression of, 1104
    strong, vs. leadings of the divine spirit, 1766
    transformation of, into loyalties of mind and experiences of the spirit, 1730

Emotional adjustment, lack of, 1740
    agony, Jesus’, one cause of his quick death on the cross, 2011
    appeal, of Jesus, vs. his personality, 1594
       response of conscience on, 1722
    appeals, of Jesus, one of the few, 1730
    casualty, unhappiness an, 1773
    control and genuine spiritual ecstasy, 1000
    excitement, not the ideal spiritual stimulus, 1777
    fear, feelings of social duty and moral obligation products of, 1133
    impulses, vs. unselfish urges, 1134
    instability, vs. sympathy and pity, 1673
    maturity, essential to self-control, 598
    reactions, and a philosophy of living, 1572
    responses to inherited urges, 1572
    transcendence by man of the animal, 772

Emotionalism rampant, the coming of the spirit of Truth confused with, 2062

Emotionalized morality religion more than, 1124

Emperor worship Roman, 1336, 1432

Empire(s) Alexandrian, extent of, 1476
    crash of, effect on gospel believers, 1916
    Greek, extent of, 2071
    Han, of Jesus’ day, 1487
    Indian, 1037
    Mediterranean, factors in the, 2073
    Roman, Christianity under the, 2073-2074
       see also Roman(s), Empire
    unification of nations into, 1488

Employment compulsory, a factor in an expanding civilization, 804
    the teacher’s responsibility as regards his pupils’, 1765
    universal, of able-bodied citizens on worlds in light and life, 625

Enchanters practices of, 1681

End(s) eternal, and time beginnings, 215
    of Judas Iscariot, 1997-1998
    and means, the wise man’s distinguishing between, 1779
    of the world,” destruction of the temple, and the, 1912-1913
       and end of Roman rule, 1500
       influence of, on the gospel believer, 1916

Endantum Michael’s sojourn as a morontia mortal on, 1315-1316

Endings and beginnings, 364

Endogamy and exogamy about, 918-919

Endor apostolic sojourn at, 1637, 1646
    Jesus’ visit to, 1492
    witch of, 1646

Endowment the crowning, of human nature, 1109
    of institutions, by rich men, 777

Endowments Jesus’ human, of natural acquirement, 1521
    universe, Jesus’ refusal to use his, for self-aggrandizement, 1522

Endurance patient, Jesus’ ideal of strength of character, 1582

Enduring peace a fruit of the spirit, 2054

Enemy(ies) fear of Jesus by his, 1746
    Ganid’s promise to learn to love his, 1454
    Jesus not lacking in courage, to confront his, 1736
    of Jesus, Judas’ appointment with, 1924
       plan of, to discredit him, 1901
    Jesus’ awareness of the impending declaration of war by his, 1708
       identity of, 1647, 1967
       presence of, at Golgotha, 2004
       reaction of, to his sudden appearance in Jerusalem, 1789
       lack of need for defense against his, 1966
       love for his, 1785
       refusal to take unfair advantage of his, 1674, 1892
       willingness to lay down his life for his, 2018-2019
    slaughter of, 1768
    the world not man’s, 1579
    your enemies”, 1571, 1580

Energy(ies) about, 9-10
    ancestral, sevenfold constitution of, 480
    basic, unknown on Urantia, 325
    definition, 9, 102, 467
    depletion, of stars, reason for, 464
    Havona, seven forms of, 154
    life not, 404
    living, laboratories of, on second Melchizedek world, 387
    -mobilization, Andronover, attainment of the height of, 652
    not infinitely manifest, 468
    potential, of the cosmos-infinite, 1149
    powerlessness of scientists to originate, 468
    rarest form of, 464
    reality, all latent, the triodity of potentiality’s integration of, 1151
    rest, cold an indication of, 473
    schools of, location, 388
    space not, 123
    superuniverse, difference between Havona energy and, 321
    three forms of, 404, 469, 484
    units, comparable to planets, performance of, 477
    unity, scientific, man’s attempt to identify, 1120
    Universal Absolute’s presence proved by, 467
    universe, see also Universe(s), 5. Universe energy and gravity

Energy(ies), 1. Pure energy – spirit
    appropriation of, for solution of spiritual problems, 1774
    divine, creation pervaded by, 468, 581
    of divinity, living, spiritual-gravity action the qualitative measure of, 140
    of Infinity, 91, 471
    pure, a definition, 468, 481, 638
       evidence of, in Adjusters, 1182
       primordial force as, 469
       and pure spirit, unification of, 638
       time-space revelation of Universal Father in, 467, 639
    reality, all, eternalization of, 1149
    for the soul, unfailing, the outpoured spirit as an, 2065
    and spirit, bifurcation of, origin of the, 76, 1273, 1275
       mutual kinship of, 102, 104, 1275
    of spirit luminosity, impersonal, place of origin of, 143
    spiritual, see Spiritual, 4. Spiritual energy – power
    systems, basic, pure spirit’s relation to, 638
    unlimited, God the possessor of, 1448

Energy(ies), 2. Paradise source – gravity
    activities of space zone between circuits of dark gravity bodies, 154
    basic, obedience of, to Paradise-gravity pull, 128
    control, perfection of, in Havona, 321
    currents, gravity-responding, in organized space, 473
    effect on, of antigravity and heat, 176
    electronic and postelectronic stages of, and linear-gravity pull, 470
    force, and power, oneness in origin of, 637
    gravity laws of, creation and universe organization effected by, 126, 169
    impingements, definition, 499
    influence of Paradise on beings concerned with, 7
    initial response of, to absolute-gravity grasp of Paradise, 470
    manifestations, Paradise the source-center of, 127
    -material response to gravity, vs. cosmic-mind response to reality, 192, 457
    from nether Paradise, the grand universe’s dependence upon, 1276
    organized, linear gravity’s grasp of, 482
    Paradise, 101, 127, 467-468
    Paradise the source of all, 1149
    pre-emergent stages of, 472
    primary, definition, 321, 329
    primordial, preuniverse manipulation of, 357
    puissant, see Puissant, energy
    relation of Paradise to, 7
       of pattern to, 10
    response of, to grasp of Infinity, 468
    source of, 467-468
    the three, response of, to gravity, 1225

Energy(ies), 3. Physical energy – matter
    the basis of all existence, 467
    -carrier particle, mesotron as a, 479
    decimal constitution of, 479
    evolving, substance and weight of, 175
    first measurable form, 467
    material, a definition, 323, 1477
    materialization, of ultimatons, 465, 473
    -matter, 9, 140, 336
       dominating importance of, in the superuniverse, 1275
       electric differentiation, function of ultimatons in, 477
       electronic level of, 9-10
       manifestations of, decreed by God, 47
       mass materialization of, 358
       Paradise the source and focal point of, 126
       personality’s influence on the spirit’s mastery of, 1225
       pre-electronic level of, 9
       responsiveness of, to linear gravity, 126
       seeming source of, 1164
       subjection of, to overcontrol of spirit, 480
       transformations of, by Creator Sons, 367
       the world of, science man’s study of, 467-484, 1136
    and matter, prerequisites for maintaining equilibrium between, 175
       units of, 172
    nonspirit, measurement of, quantitative, 140, 482
    organization, of Havona, 154
    organized, relation of, to matter, 140
    physical, see Physical, energy(ies)
    relation of, to matter and so forth, 472
    velocity in retardation of, by mass in matter, 175
    wavelike behavior of units of, 474
    zones of electrons, 478

Energy(ies), 4. Force organizers and power entities
    -attraction attributes of energy transmitters, 327
    balance, universal, function of energy transformers in maintaining, 326
    catalyzers, power directors as, 471
    charge of organized space, 323
    conservators and custodians, 328
    control, by associate power directors, 325, 328
    controllers, antigravity influence of, 175, 358
    cyclones of space and Force Organizers, 329, 470
    electronic stage of, control of, by power centers and physical controllers, 473
    force organizers’ function in eventuation of, 468
    forms of, controlled by power centers, 323-324
    function of secondary dissociators in evolving, 328
    of individual worlds, dispatchers of, 327
    manifestation, a function of Morontia Power Supervisors, 543
    manipulators, functions of, 457, 506
    material, central regulators’ modification of, 543
    physical, mechanical controllers’ control of, 323, 326
    regulation, perfect, the goal of power centers and physical controllers, 321
    release and absorption of, 474
    of space, basic, supervising power centers’ means of control of, 457
    storage of, by primary associators, 327-328, 475
    transformers, 326-327, 339, 498, 509
       visualization of finaliter realities to ascending mortals by, 530
    transmitters, function of, 325, 327, 760
       living, and transport departure, 326, 439
       special characteristics of, 327
       star students’ use of, 339
    Universe Power Directors’ power over, 175
    upheavals, transient and local, power centers not concerned with, 456
    to which combined controllers are sensitive, 544
    whirl, Andronover, factors necessary to inauguration of, 652

Energy(ies), 5. Energy control – circuits
    balanced, a factor in stability, 135
    channels of universe, establishment of, 169
    circuiting of, in Paradise cycle, 123, 321
    circuitizing and channelizing of, supervisors of, 457, 467
    circuits, establishment of, 374
       interplanetary, equalization of pressures of, 326
       of living matter, Life Carriers the instigators of, 560
       midwayers’ ability to traverse the, 866
       of morontia spheres, 543
       in Nebadon administration, 456
       ordained by God, 47
       of power centers and physical controllers, 177
       of space, supervision of, before personalization of power directors, 319
    control and regulation of, 175-176, 326
    currents, basic superuniverse, number of, 504
    directionization of, superuniverse headquarters focal points for, 175, 456
    eternal cycle of, 480
    Jerusem, control of, 519
    lanes of, 322
    laying lines of, 325
    movements, of outer space, and inhabited creations’ power circuits, 131
    physical and spiritual, circuit regulators’ function with, 543
    reactions, of superuniverses, 176
    segregation of, between the superuniverses, 324
    space direction of, 433, 461
    swing of, around God’s majestic circuit, 47
    systems, number of, in gravita domain, 175
    universal, nonspiritual, 469-471, 480-481

Energy(ies), 6. Conjoint Actor and Deity
    combined physical and spiritual, Third Source and Center’s function in maintenance of, 136
    concealed, the Father, in the Unqualified Absolute, 1147
    control of Conjoint Actor in a limitless universe, 92
    the Father the source of, 119
    God is, 47, 1448
    influence of Conjoint Actor over, 99
    the inherent control of, a Deity prerogative, 1222
    neutralization of, by Conjoint Actor, 101
    purposive, a characteristic of God, 58
    relation of Conjoint Creator to, 101
    relation of, to God, 98
    revealed, the Father, in Paradise-havona, 1147
    universe, Conjoint Actor’s capacity to co-ordinate, 98

Energy(ies), 7. Manifestations – energy systems
    center(s) of Salvington, 456
       threefold possibility of manifestation of, 477
    charge of a superuniverse, creative principles governing segmentation of, 154, 177, 455
    gamut, scope of, 425
    habitual behavior of, 129
    Havona, difference between superuniverse energies and, 321
    manifestations, life not, 403
       of Master Spirits, direction of, 189
       star students’ study of, 339
       Unqualified Absolutes’ domination of, 324
       wavelike, classification of, 474-475
    manipulation, influence of dark islands of space in, 98, 173, 500
    manipulators, field of activity of, 498, 504
    morontia, separate order of, for each morontia world, 543
    nonspiritual, a form unrecognized on Urantia, 47
    other than Paradise, the eternal motion of all, 1156
    path, definition, 322
    potential, of local universes, 357
    pressure, ultimatonic condensation of, 464
    second form of, 91
    secondary and undiscovered, effect of, on solar-light, 461
    segmentation, unsolved by Nebadon Physicists, 169
    semiphysical, a definition, 323
    of the spheres, differential, 562
    system of the seven superuniverses, number of phases of, 470
    undiscovered on Urantia, function of, in atomic energy systems, 467, 478, 1477
    of x-ray-stimulated electrons, 461

Energy(ies), 8. Energy transformations
    characteristics of, 468
    destination of, 468
    inherent qualities of, and evolution of new physical systems, 467, 652
    intake, the rest of, 299
    intensified lanes of, in interplanetary communication, 322
    latent, in one drop of water, 463
    losses, early, of suns, 465
    and matter transmutations, 472-474
    metamorphosis, in the local universe, 1160
    radioactive, transmutation of, a source of solar energy, 463
    relation of temperature and gravity in evolution of, 473
    solar, earth’s reception of, 665
       see also Solar, energy
    of space, manipulation of, 98, 327, 543, 645
    of a sunbeam, 461
    times of minus, disturbances of, 176
       of plus, power disturbances and heat fluctuations of, 176
    -transformation technique, 487
    transmutation of, to light, 172
       into matter, 468
       second stage of, 329
    transmuting, and dark-island formation, 171
    universal, mobilization and transmutation of, 169, 457
    universe, manipulation of, 467
       method of acquiring mass by the, 1477
    vegetative, conversion of, into animal activities, 457

Energy(ies), 9. Related to personalities
    adjustment of, for transport, 438
    arrangement of, and the personality form, 483
    associated in the protoplasmic cell, 560
    creative Jesus’ possession of, 1700
    and excitement, 1777
    final response of all, to mind, 1274
    insulators, of transport seraphim, 438
    living Jesus’ consciousness of the loss of, 1698
    midwayers’ utilization of, 425
    mind, and spirit, relationships of, 189
    nonspiritual, portrayal of relationships of mind to, 481
    and personality, 8
    physical, intellectual, and spiritual, 136, 140
       for life maintenance, 322
    range of seraphim, 430
    reaction of, to mind, 102, 1271
    -realm beings, varying techniques of, 457
    seraphim transporters’ utilization of, 433
    spiritual or physical, a requisite of personality, 334
    superphysical, a factor in Adam’s nutrition, 851
    system, vs. man, 1232
       with mind or spirit, personality’s bestowal upon, 1225
       of personality, true spirit’s relation to, 140
    -things, influence of consciousness on, 1136
    utilization of all, by Gravity Messenger, 347

En-Gannim Jesus’ visit to, 1492

Engedi brotherhood, John the Baptist’s influence on, 1499
    colony, composition of the, 1497
    Jesus’ and Abner’s visit to the Nazarite colony at, 1605
    John the Baptist’s periodic journeys to, 1498
       sojourn in, 1499
    Nazarite school at, Abner’s connection with, 1817
    southern headquarters of the Nazarite brotherhood, 1496

England Andonites in, 719, 728
    connection of, with France, in times of Foxhall peoples, 718-719
    first human beings to inhabit, 719
    land path from, to Java, time of, 719
    and the Neanderthalers, 727
    separation of, from the continent, 890

English translation of Urantia Book into, 354, 648, 1319
    language, and the Urantia Papers, 1

Enlightened honesty, a fruit of the spirit, 2054
    worlds, attitude of, toward Universal Father, 21

Enlightenment angels of, a corps of master seraphim, 1256
    angels of, now serving on Urantia, 1256
    and experience in augmentation of character, 412
    millennium of cosmic, the spiritual age, 231

Enmity of Annas, for Jesus, 1979
    displacement of, by amity, 785
    of the world, Jesus’ admonition regarding the, 1946-1948

Enmothering of bestowal Sons a mystery, 228

Enoch book of, concept of Messiah in, 1510
    book of, influence of, on Jesus, 1390

Enoch, son of Cain career of, 849

Enoch, on Urantia advisory council identity of, 514

Ensa administrative schools of, 394
    the minor sector, 174, 182, 212, 325
    number of, in major sector Splandon, 182
    number of mechanical controllers commissioned in, 325

Enseraphimed ascenders, experience of, 431
    being, velocity of, 260

Enseraphiming of Adams and Eves, preparation for, 582
    vs. death of sleep, 430
    transformers and, 438

Enslavement of captives, and national life, 800
    of captives, the third great advance in civilization, 901
    of the Semites, in Egypt, 1055
    of male captives, as agriculturists, 934
    of the spiritual nature by dogmatism, 1092

Enslaver fear man’s chief, 1596

Ensupernaphiming of Havona ascending pilgrims, 159

Enta ancestor of Jesus’ mother, 1345

Entertainers celestial midwayers as, 425

Entertainment morontia, a concern of reversion directors, 548

Enthusiasm an essential factor of the art of living, 1776
    vs. fanaticism, 1673
    mystical, unrestrained, not divine inspiration, 1000
    intelligent, importance of an, 1773
    Jesus’ controlled, 1102-1103, 2088
    lack of, Andrew’s handicap, 1550
    popular, Jesus’ turning back the tide of, 1708
    religion’s generation of new types of, 1101

Entities fragmented, of Deity, 333
    real, Thought Adjusters as, 1183

Environment(s) adaptation to a superphysical adjustment, 737
    adjustments to, 565, 737
    ascending mortals’ compensation for poor, 516
    attitudes of men and animals toward their, 2096
    bad, effect of, on an excellent inheritance, 848
    differential response to, an endowment of mind, 738
    effect of, on evolutionary growth of Universal Conciliators, 275
    ever-changing social groups’ adjustment to, 1778
    favorable, spiritual experience not dependent on, 2064
    ghost, man’s imagining of a, 955
    good, effect of, on handicaps of a base heredity, 848
    impossibility of complete control of, 1220
    influence of, on individual, 1480
    life a process between an organism and, 1227
    little dependence of happiness on, 1573
    magic’s purpose to influence, 970
    manipulation of, by Life Carriers, 400, 710
    man’s use of science to control his, 970, 1139
       view of his, from the mind level, 1120, 1227
    of modern man’s early ancestors, 700
    mortal, the seraphim’s manipulation of, 1245
    natural, man’s inheritance of his, 955
    personality reaction to, a factor in creature perfection, 361
    physical, prayer’s lack of effect on, 999
    planetary, adjustment to, 565
    reaction of living organisms to changing, 669
    religion’s design to change man’s, 1132
    seeming tendency of, to master religion, 1132
    social, influence of, on early religion, 944, 1095
    social, man’s acquirement of a, 955
    spacial, 666
    type of, necessary to development of courage, 51
    unfavorable, a hindrance to Adjuster fusion, 517
    unwholesome, purging from remnants of, on seventh mansion world, 538

Environmental adjustment, craving of living cells for, 737
    factors, in Jesus’ make-up, 1521
    stimuli, external and internal, mechanisms for reaction to, 730
       need for differentiation between physical and mental response to, 739

Envy a deep-seated human trait, 963
    effect of, on the evolving soul, 1204
    Judas’, of Peter, James, and John, 1925
    man’s possible transcendence of, 1778
    prevention of, 1776
    primitive man’s ascription of, to his gods, 963

Eocene period evolution of mammalian life during the, 693-694

Ephesus discourse on the soul at, 1477
    extent of Jesus’ accomplishments in, 1478
    identification of, 1477
    John Zebedee’s last days at, 1554-1556
    Paul’s starting of Christianity in, 1478

Ephraim city of, Jesus’ and his associates’ sojourn in, 1798

Ephraim(Israel) disappearance of, 1074
    the origin of Israelitish consciousness, 1071

Ephraimites vs. the Judahites, 1072

Epicurean(s) Jewish beliefs very little influenced by the, 1338
    philosophy, doctrines of, 1336
    teacher, Jesus’ talk in Corinth with the, 1474

Epidemic of intestinal trouble, Mary’s flight from, 1357

Epilepsy affliction of James of Safed’s son with, 1755

Epileptic(s) boy, healing of, by Jesus, 1755-1758
    early man ‘s worship of, 948
    healing of the, in the Capernaum synagogue, 1630-1631
    medicine men sometimes, 968, 986

Epistle(s) of James, not Pauline, 2091
    of Paul, 1336
    living, custodians of knowledge the, 301

Epochal angels, one of the corps of master seraphim, 1255
    revelations, 1109
    sermon, the, 1709-1711

Epochs planetary mortal, 589-600

Equality among religions, prerequisite of attainment of, 1487
    ideal, the child of civilization, 794
    of men and women, 1471, 1679, 1839
    of mind,” Lucifer’s advocacy of, 604
    of mortals in sight of God, 1468
    of opportunity, enforcement of, the mission of government, 906
    and peace, 1487
    proclamation of, of Creator Son and Creator Spirit, 369
    spiritual, of men, 599, 1468, 1487, 1958
       of women, 1679
    supposed natural, in civilization, 794

Equilibrium an attribute of Conjoint Creator, 101
    council of, 324
    local universe establishment, 358-359, 1274
    of superuniverses, 1274
    universe, influence of dark islands of space in, 173
       recognition of laws governing, 176

Equity divine, prevalence of, in the universes, 373, a factor in justice, 613

Equivocation eradication of, a purpose of morontia career, 551

Era of light and life about, 577, 598-600, 621-636
    see also Light, and life

Erech a Sumerian city-state, 876

Erosion deposits, in North American troughs and lakes, 686
    deposits, sandstone in, 685
    mountain building as influenced by, 662

Erratic tendencies Jesus’ freedom from, 1101

Erroneous concepts of Adjuster guidance, 1207-1209
    ideas of God, 59-61

Error(s) in the apostles’ gospel, 2059
    belief of God’s creation of good and evil an, 1429
    citation of Vorondadeks to Creator Sons for, 390
    complete, suicidal, 37
    definitions, 52, 613, 754, 1435
    detectors, tertiary seconaphim as, 318
    disappointment attends upon, 42
    effect on, of truths of the kingdom, 1592
    greatest, of teaching about the Scriptures, 1768
    of judgment, of Adam, 838
    vs. love of truth, 51
    of modern religion, 1572, one of the greatest, 614
    potentiality of, constituents of, 613
    rectification of, by revelation, 554-555
    relating to Jesus’ death on the cross, 2016
    relation of, to intellectual keenness, 755
    and truth, evil as a stimulant in the choice between, 625, 1429
    unreality of, 42

Escape of Jesus and twenty-four followers from their apprehenders, 1723
    from self,” Brahmans’ belief in the doctrine of, 1029
    pleasure, man’s, 52
    terrestrial, 568-571

Esdraelon plain of, as seen by Jesus from the Nazareth hill, 1364
    Jesus’ boyhood dreams of the battles on the plain of, 1752

Eskimo(s) ancestry of the, 728
    belief of, in man’s possession of three parts, 955
    a blend of Andonite and Sangik-blue races, 905
    children, little need of discipline for, 941
    descendants of the Andonites, 783
       of the Foxhall peoples, 719-720
       of the Urantia aborigines, 728
    early Andonites’ resemblance to the, 713
    freedom of, from antagonisms, 783
    limited cannibalism of, 979
    migration of, from Greenland, 728
    mother, licking of her baby by the, 940
    northern red man’s contact with, 723
    practices of, in punishment of crime, 796
    present belief of, in nature spirits, 954
       as to tarrying of the soul, 959
    and red men, Hudson Bay meeting, 728-729
    religious concepts of, 1010
    sole survivors of Urantia aborigines, 700

Essence relation of, substance to, 1124
    of religion, 1140-1142

Essene(s) Son of Man not an, 1535
    belief of, concerning incarnation, 1811
    possession of all things in common by, 1535, 1821
    a religious sect, 1534
    specialized in teaching about angels, 1535

Esta identity of, 1414, 1418

Esther and Israel’s deliverance, 1360

Eternal Son about, 73-89
    the Absolute Person, 644
    the absolute personality, 8, 79, 89, 109-111, 1151
    an absolute spiritual actuality, 7
    administration of, 83
    all spirit circuited in the, 71
    approach to the, 80, 159
    attainment of Universal Father through the, 93, 286, 1155
    attainment of, by ascenders, 159, 293-294
    attitude of, toward universes, 164
    attributes of the, 76-77
    bestowal of the, upon the local universes, through the bestowal Sons, 87, 1271, 1308
    bestowal plan of the, 85-87
    bestowals of, in Havona, 86-87, 1308
    characteristics of the, 8, 74-78, 98, 110
    cocreator of Avonals, 224, 227
       of Creator Sons, 88, 203, 224, 234-235, 366-367, 374, 572
       of Magisterial Sons, 88, 224
       of personal universe creators, 24
       of personalities, 77
       of Trinity Teacher Sons, 88, 224
    coeternal with I AM, 6
    comparison of, with local universe Paradise Sons, 77, 88, 109, 367, 1145
    a complement of the Universal Father, 100
    correlation of spiritual expressions of, with the material creation, 638
    counterpoise of the Isle of Paradise, 81
    Creator Son the divinity co-ordinate of the, 88, 367
       Son’s resemblance to, 235
       Son’s revelation of, 89
    creatorship charge to Michael Son administered by, 204
    creature designs and types controlled by, 236
    delegation of authority to Conjoint Creator by the, 93
       of authority by the Universal Father to the, 93
    equality of communication of, with the Father in Paradise, and the Infinite Spirit, 1784
       with the Father, 88, 96, 109-110, 638
       with Father and Spirit, 111
       of Infinite Spirit with the, 96
    an eternal personalization of Deity, 640
    existential associate of Universal Father and Infinite Spirit, 366
    existential Deity, 3, 10, 642
    father-brother attitude of the, 75
    Father’s creature ascension plan executed by, 85-86
       love in action in person of the, 75
    fragmentation of his nature not possible, 78
    functions of the, 74-77, 79, 81-89, 112, 135, 160-161, 467
    general belief that Jesus was the, 1144, 1784
    God the Son the, see God, 3. God the Son and the Spirit, the Son
    Havona’s contributions to the needs and satisfactions of the, 160-161
    identity of the, 73-74
    independence of, of time and space, 376-377
    indispensability of, to the fatherhood of God, 110
    Infinite spirit the only means of attaining the, 93
    Infinite Spirit’s relation to seven appearances of, on Havona, 94
    intercommunion circuit of the, with his Paradise Sons, 177
    limitations of, 77-78
    mechanism of Paradise correlated with personality of, 1303
    mercy manifestation of the, 75, 85, 87, 92, 94-95, 98, 232, 1156, 1244, 2062
    Michael Creator’s embodiment of the divinity of, 1145
    Michael of Nebadon the 611,121st bestowal of the, 1309
    Michael and the personification of, in the local universe, 66, 366
    Michael’s subordination to the will of, on four of his bestowals, 1324
    mind of the, 78-79
    in the ministry of the Father’s love, 75-76
    nature of the, 74-75
    and non-Father personality bestowal, 106
    omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience of the, 76-77
    one of the seven Absolutes, 1146
    oneness of Universal Father and the, 79, 88, 1154
    origin of, 6, 73, 144, 203, 374, 638, 640, 1154
    and Original Mother Son, control of creature designs by, 236
    and Original Son, an appellation of the Second Source and Center, 1155
    the Original Son, see Original, Son
    other names for the, 74
    Paradise the abode of the, 73, 118
    Paradise personal presence of the, 639
    the pattern personality, 10, 80, 1263
    Paul’s confusion of the Creator Son with the, 1144
    a person, 89, 110, 116, 644
    personality of, 6-7, 42, 77-81, 89, 91, 116, 188
    personality revelations of, 1271
    personalization of Creator Sons by Universal Father and, 203, 366, 374
    and personalization of Infinite Spirit, 90, 98
    personally represented by Creator Son, 84
    plan of, for man’s eternal survival, 85-86, 443
    prayer to be directed to the, 65-66
    presence circuit of the, 45
    realization of, 79-80
    relation of, to Deity Absolute, 46, 77, 83, 1149
       to bestowal of Thought Adjusters, 78
       to God the Sevenfold, 11, 1164, 1270
       to the I AM, 6, 639, 1154-1155
       to the individual, 84-85
       to infinite Spirit, 93-94
       to Seven Master Spirits, 184-189
       to the universe, 81-89
    revelation of the Father by the, 24, 26, 73-75, 78, 88-89, 109, 127
    sacred worlds of the, 143, 149
    the Second Person of Deity, 4, 46, 73, 1155
    see Second Source and Center
    Sonarington the receiving world of, 145
    the spirit of bestowal of the, 86-87
    spirit gravity of, 65, 76-77, 81-84, 88, 91, 119, 131-132, 139, 155, 161, 177, 377, 639, 1265, 2062
    spirit presence of the, 639, 2062
    suffering of the, 53
    spiritual energy of, 8, 505, 1156
    superpersonal representatives of, 179, 333
    timeless communication of Michael of Nebadon with, 377
    in the Trinity, 15, 108-117, 1143-1147
    in the triodity of actuality, 1151, 1262-1263, 1265
    in the triunities, 1146-1149
    the universal mother, 79
    universe spirit forces convergent in the, 5
    and the Urantia bestowal, 1327
    the will of God personalized in the, 1278
    the Word, 73-74, 90, 161, 227, 360

Eternal(s) achievement, awaiting ascending mortals, 449
    action, Infinite Spirit an, 96
    adventure, see Adventure, the eternal
    ages, divine panorama of the, 90
    assignment of finaliters, 348, 417
    attainment, the infinite goal of, 647
    brotherhood, the Paradise Corps of the Finality the, 1122
    career, ascender’s, fusion’s termination of danger to the, 1237
       following the earthly adventure, 1916
    core, of time and space creations, 152
    of Days, administration of each Havona planet vested in an, 155, 166
       as co-ordinate council members, 179
       development of Havona spheres by, 159, 166, 209
       functions of, 155-156, 202, 208-209
       Havona natives’ loyalty to, 155
       an order of Supreme Trinity Personalities, 207
       origin and number of, 208
       relation of Universal Censors to, 217
       Seven Spirits of the Havona Circuits as related to, 202
       as Stationary Sons of the Trinity, 114
       universe administrators’ apprenticeship under, 211
       visibility of, 208
    and divine purpose, 364-365
    fellowship, Jesus’ proffer of, to Jewish leaders, 1908
    future, the actualizing Deities, 10, 161
       the Adjuster’s divine activity concerning, 1204
    God, 1, 125, 445, 645, 1781
    God the, 26, 1433
    harvest of the seed sowing of time”, 1965
    home, of Deity and the divine family, 160
    infinity, 645
    Isle, see Paradise, Isle
    joy, Jesus’ showing man the way to, 1954
    kingdom, Jesus’ promises to Andrew, and to David, of ministry in the, 1959, 1967
    life, acquirement of, by soul of fused mortal, 448
       the Apostle John’s use of the term, 1861
       certainty of, 37, 1475
       a definition, 1963
       an early concept of, 787
       a definition, 1963
       the endless quest for infinite values, 1096
       faith, the prerequisite to, 1567
       gospel-believers’ assurance of, 1916
       the gospel’s inspiring man to hope for, 1859
       Greek’s contribution to the new teaching regarding, 1340
       he who believes in the Son has, 1507, 1649, 1711, 1829, 2035
       Jesus’ gift to kingdom believers, 1804, 1815, 1957, 1963, 2029
       laying down one’s life for the kingdom, and attainment of, 1903
       lights of, on the faraway shores of another world, 381
       man may not meddle with divine decrees concerning, 1763
       Matadormus’ query concerning, 1802
       possession of the gift of, by faith, 2053
       the reward of those who enter the kingdom, 1536-1537, 1593
    oblivion, death, according to the materialist, 1118
    past and future, 13
    perfection, Havona the ideal of, 152
    plan, intervention of Universal Father in matters pertaining to his, 363
    project, of the Gods, 364
    purpose of the Deities, 36, 46, 54-55, 81, 128, 362, 364-365, 1117
    quest, for divine coherence, 42
    reality(ies), see Reality(ies), eternal
    salvation, see Salvation, eternal
    spirit, an appellation of the First Source and Center, 1155
       importance of being born of the, 2053
    spiritual progression, faith-liberated sons’ sureties of, 1117
    supremacy, the Father’s, a source of Jesus’ authority, 1892
    supreme qualities of the, unification of, 43
    survival, see Survival, eternal
    time shadow of the, the temporal the, 1864
    truth, discerned in the intellectual world, 40
       Jesus’ purpose to teach, 1710
       a true spirit value, 1950
    universe, Paradise at the heart of the, 152
    values, religion deals with, 1476
    venture, Rodan’s wholehearted entrance upon the, 1775
    Word of the eternal God, a title of Jesus, 1409
       of God, the bread of life, 1409, 1712
          the Eternal son the, 227

Eternaliter nature foundation for the evolution of an, 1271

Eternalization and authority to represent the Trinity, 146
    of the central universe, 91
    different, of the three groups of Paradise worlds, 143
    of perfected creature existence, 639

Eternity the absolute of time, 135
    ascender’s achievement of, 290, 295, 540, 1608
    circle of, see Circle(s), of eternity
    concept of, and the I AM, 1152-1153, 1296
    cycle of, 90-91, 364-365
    death the mortal’s technique of passing from time into, 365, 540, 1969
    Deities existent from, 90
    the everlasting now, 1295
    existences, absolute realities, 7
    the Father self-conscious of his, 34
    the Father’s escape from limitations inherent in, 108
    goal of, lies ahead, 365
    goals of, Supreme Ultimate and Absolute, 1307
    God inhabits, 23, 34, 50, 1444
    incomprehensibility of, to the finite mind, 6, 36, 364-365, 1152, 1174
    infinity, 645
    liberation from, the Almighty’s achieving, significance, 1266
    of life, faith the only passport to, 1117
       God’s alliance in man’s struggle to attain, 1117
    man’s possibility, the Adjuster, 1182
    not a straightaway drive, 365
    Paradise from, 118, 139
    of Paradise Father, unaffected by downstepping of his infinity, 35
    of the Paradise Trinity, 644
    potential infinity inseparable from, 15
    progress of, acts of the Trinity as related to, 116
    progression of, intellectual acquisition a part of, 412
    -reality of purpose, the realization of, identify of, 1295
    of service, a goal of mortals and midwayers, 867
    service of, vs. play of time, 316
    striking step with, 1616
    transition from time to the vestibule of, 600
    and time, 7, 15, 135, 295, 1150, 1295-1296, 1426, 1616
    time the shadow of, cast by Paradise realities, 1117
    Universal Father’s liberation from fetters of, 11
    viewpoint of, vs. estimate of time, 1577

Ether hypothetical, definition, 475-476
    and man’s concept of space phenomena, 480

Ether hypothesis Unqualified Absolute not comparable to, 14

Ethical adjustments, social surroundings necessitate, 68
    awakening, realization of social brotherhood as dependent upon, 597
       of sixth century before Christ, 888
    awareness, definition, 300
    culture and religion, 1127
    judgment, coincident with appearance of early language, 590
    obligations, character of, 616
    praying, 997-998
    relationships, Unions of Souls as reflectors of, 311
    sensitivity, augmentation of, as a factor in civilization, 888
    sensitizers, function of, 433
       an order of supervisor seraphim, 433
    standards, a religion’s status judged by its, 1127
    yardstick, the gospel a new, 1859

Ethics advanced system of, in Greece, 1080
    and altruism, religion’s creation of, 1122
    attitude of Jesus toward, 1861
    Confucianism a religion of, 67
    a definition, 1012, 1127
    discarding of, a weakness of secularism, 2082
    colleges of, 388
    dispensational enlargement of, 591
    European religion’s influence on, 1338
    evolving, vs. basic instincts, 914
    group, ascenders’ mastery of, on Edentia, 494
       excelling in, by Chinese, 888
    Hebrew code of, for gentiles, 797
    high, college of, 388
    human, birth of, 956
    interpreters of, functions of, 300-301, 312
       an order of primary supernaphim, 298
    of might and right, debate of, 908
    and morals, primitive religion’s concern with, 1110
       religion the ancestor of, 1104, 1122
    morontians’, improvement of, by Edentia socialization, 495
    need of Paradise arrivals for interpretation of, 300
    present European, Greek philosophy and Paul’s theology the basis for, 1084
    relation of religion and human experience to, 2096
    religious, positive, advice to Michael regarding, 1329
    responsibility of, definition, 316
    the result of religion, 1862
    and Self government, Commission of Interuniverse, 213
    spiritual, comparison of mortal and morontia ethics with, 300
    static, character of, 135
    truth and, dispensational enlargements of, 591
   universe ascenders’ training in, 300
    would have been no, without religion, 1006

Ethnic advisers of the first heaven, 553

Etiquette table, origin of, 975

Etruscan priesthood vs. the Salem missionaries in Italy, 1080

Eunuchs making of, and human sacrifice, 983

Euphrates Andite civilization along the, 878
    and Tigris, and the location of the second garden, 847, 868
       mouths of, Andites at the, 874
          Pre-Sumerian Nodites at the, 860
    truth seekers along the, 1595
    valley, benefit of, from trade with China, 886
       concerted invasion of, 875
       culture, transfer of, to Egypt, 871, 894
       final exodus of Andite inhabitants from, 873, 894
       floods of, 874
       migrations of Andite peoples from, 896
       and the second garden, 844

Eurasia Adamites in, 871
    Andites in, 872, 878
    Andonites in, 869
    glacial ice in, proportion of, 699
    life implantation, characteristic early animals of, 673-674
    Neanderthalers in, 883
    Salem missionaries’ spread of Trinity teachings throughout, 1144

Eurasian-African life implantation about, 667

Europe activity of volcanoes in, 677, 682
    Adamites in, 870-871, 889-891, 896
    Africa’s separation from, 663
    Amadonites in, 892
    Andite entrance into, 873, 889
       invasions of, 892-893
      -Adamsonite entry into, 862
    the Andonites in, 715, 719, 728, 871, 896, 898
    aridity during early Triassic period, 685
    beginning rise of, out of Pacific Ocean, 662
    blue man in, 727-728, 871, 880, 883, 889, 891, 894
    camels’ migration to, 696
    central, early settlement of, by broad-headed white races, 897
    coal formation during carboniferous period in, 682
    connection of Africa with, by Sicilian land bridge, 718
       of eastern America with, during carboniferous period, 682
       of North America with, in Devonian period, 679
          in Eocene period, 694
       of South America with, in Carboniferous period, 679, 681
    Danubian migrations to, 897
    Devonian red sandstone in, 679
    early religion in, vs. that in India and Egypt, 891
    engulfment of, by Silurian seas, 676
    glaciers in, 721, 726-727
    Heidelberg race in, 719
    Melchizedek teachings in, 1077
    Neanderthalers in, 720, 727
    Nordic invasion of, 897
    northern, Andite conquest of, 893-894
       first two glaciers not extensive in, 718
    inundation of, by Atlantic Ocean, 679
    oldest mountains in, 681, 692
    overrunning of, by early humans, 700
    pre-Christian religion in, 1078, 1083
    pre-glacial land elevation of, 698
    the red man in, 723
    Saharans in, 890
    Salem missionaries in, 1077
    Sangiks in, 727, 871
    southern, Andonites in, 871
       Aryan invasion, so-called, from, 1077
       Greek civilization’s influence on, 896
       land elevation during early trilobite age in, 673
       mixed-race occupants of, 871
       Nodite penetration of, 889
    sparse penetration of pure-line violet peoples into, 870
    spread of Christianity in, 1456
    submergence of, during later Eocene period, 694
       during mid-Devonian period, 678-679
    supposed glacial deposits in Cambrian strata in, 674
    western, emergence of, from the sea, 673-674

European civilization dark ages, 2074-2075
    depositions of Carboniferous age, 681
    ethics, present, Greek Philosophy and Paul’s theology the basis for, 1084
    life, modern, secularism in, 2081
    Middle Ages, disappearance of slavery during the, 779
       few human rights recognized in, 794
    see also Civilization(s), European

Europeans Far West, influence of Jesus upon the, 1485

Evangelistic corps acting head of, and selection of the seventy, 1801
    at Magadan, 1800
    women’s, 1678-1679
       see also Woman’s(en’s), evangelistic corps

Evangelists James’ charge to the, 1668
    Jesus’ farewell instructions to the, 1720
    number surviving after second preaching tour, 1677
    school of, at Bethsaida, 1657-1658
       Peter’s supervision of, 1657
    and the second preaching tour, 1668-1677
    sending forth the seventy, 1648
    and the third preaching tour, 1678-1687
    training the, at Bethsaida, 1657-1667

Evangels of Light about, 349-350
    seraphic, function of, 552
    transient membership of, in a finaliter company, 349

Eve an ancestor of Jesus’ mother, 1345
    Cano’s promise to, 843
    created out of the Adam’s rib, story of, 837
    death of, 826, 852
    default of, Adam’s reaction of, 843
    disillusionment of, 843
    fateful meeting of, with Cano, 842
    good intentions of, 840
    impatience of, result, 838
    Melchizedek’s advice to, 840
    Serapatatia’s conferences with, 841
    suffering of, at birth of Cain, 847
       during Adam’s wanderings, 483
    temptation of, 841-842
    see also Adam(s) and Eve(s)

Evening Stars see Brilliant Evening Star(s)

Eventod identity of, 1314

Eventuated absoniters are, 2, 332
    transcendental beings, 332-333

Eventuation completed, of the Ultimate, signification, 1166
    -evolution of outer space levels, 130
    of God, the Ultimate, 4, 12, 1166
    of transcendentals, 350, 1159-1161
    of ultimate(s), 116, 218, 1158
    of universe capacities, 1298

Everlasting dominion the new kingdom an, 1537, 1568

Eves Mother, on midsonite spheres, 401

Eveson the second son of Adam and Eve, 834, 849

Evidences of religion about, 1127-1128

Evil absence of, in the infinity of God, 1185
    affliction potential in, 1661
    black patches of, no white background of good, 2076
    blasphemy of ascribing the doings of God to the forces of, 1820
    children of, 1797
    choosers of, inability of, to bring forth good fruit, 1714
    comparative and relative goodness, 58
    the cross the symbol of the triumph of truth over, 2018
    deceptions of, vs. power of truth, 1941
    defense against, and the art of living, 1776
    a definition, 52, 193, 555, 754, 842, 1220-1221, 1429, 1435, 1446, 1660
    definition of the realization of, 1435-1436
    deliverance from, 1337, 1660, 1792
    destruction of, by the beauty of divine love, 2018
    vs. the evil one, 1609, 1660
    eye, charms for warding off the, 899
       origin of the fear of the, 1216
       present belief in, 973
       significance of, to primitive man, 962
    finaliters’ proof against, 346
    finiteness not, 1222
    God did not create, 613
    and good, see Good, and evil
    gravity resisting on mental and spiritual levels, 647
    handicaps of, inherent, 1339, 1661
    in the heart, man’s defilement by, 1713
    and ignorance, 429, 438
    innate, origin of Paul’s doctrine of, 1339
    insurance against, affection the, 1776
    Jesus’ attitude toward, 1103, 1401, 1521-1522, 1564, 1579-1580, 1582, 1594, 1770, 1950, 2018
    malignant, vs. the truly good, 1770
    man’s difficulty in grasping the meaning of, 613
    mastery of, by power of goodness, 1430
    one”, identification of the, 1660
    overcoming of, with good, 1443, 1480, 1739, 1770, 2064
    overthrowing of, by truth, 1672
    permitting of, to run its course, reasons, 618
    phenomenon of, vs. beauty of truth, 2076
    potential, vs. choice for goodness, 1460
       as a decision stimulus, 51, 1458
       a definition, 53, 1435, 1661
       origin of, 1159, 1221-1222
       time-existence of, 613
    presence of, as a choice stimulus, 625
    and righteousness, 51
    sin the deliberate choice of, 613
    and sin, and iniquity, 1659-1661
    Sin and Temptation,” one of Jesus’ discussions, 1683
    sometime embrace of, by spirit beings, 1191
    sorrow the result of, 1446
    Speaking and Envy,” one of Jesus’ evening discussions, 1683
    spirits, see Spirits, 18. Good and bad spirits, evil
    time-limited, ultimate good to be derived from, 616, 619-620
    triumph of faith over, 2063
    undue credit for, assigned to the devil, 610
    why the Creators permit, 615-620
    willful embrace of, results, 615
    on worlds in light and life, 625

Evildoer(s) disillusionment of Judas the, 1998
    Jesus’ approval of social punishment of, 1579
    quotations from Amos concerning, 1065
    time for acceptance of salvation vouchsafed every, 617

Evolution of the Almighty power of Supremacy, 641
    belief of ancients in, 837
    biologic, see Biologic, evolution
    civil government a product of, 788, 957
    of colored races, 584-585
    of competition, 805
    complicated, by Dalamatia regime, 903
    of the concept of Deity, among the Jews, 1598
    continuance of, during ages of light and life, 630
    cosmic, see Cosmic, 2. Cosmic evolution
    a cosmic technique of growth, 1097
    course of, following will emergence, 400
    the cradle of, 663
    creativity in time, 1159
    creature, the Supreme Being the personal epitome of, 1281
    of creature life, a study on Life Carrier world, 398
    of culture, 769-771, 905-906
    a definition, 837, 1097, 1159
    democracy not a product of, 801
    democracy of, meeting autocracy of perfection, 179
    the domain of the Life Carriers, 404, 738
    of elephants, vs. reproduction of mice, 560
    energy, of plant and animal life, 404
    facts of, and the reality of spiritual experience, 1125
    of the fetish, 968-970
    finite, God the Sevenfold’s functional co-ordination of, 1164
    fostering of, 733-734
    of the God concept among the Hebrews, 1062-1076
    governmental, of the continental nation, 808-809
    grand universe, Supreme Being the deity culmination of, 1164
    and growth of brains, 688
    the horse, an outstanding example of, 695
    human, and the actualization of the Supreme, 1284
       the Adjusters and, 68
       conditions favoring progress of, 718
       mechanists’ view of, 665
       and natural selection, 734
       not explained by physics and chemistry, 738
       still in progress, 2097
       by way of frog development, 733
    of human government, 783-799, 802
    of the human mind, 103, 709, 739
    of human sacrifice, 980-981
    of human society, acceleration of, by Dalamatia teachers, 750
    of human species, slow, 700, 749
    of human stocks, 700-749
    of justice, 794-796
    of language, 908
    life, 560, 589, 735
       three levels of, 730
       from vegetable to animal, 560, 669, 731
       vicissitudes, 736
    of a local universe, 357-365
    of mammalian life, 694
    of man, primates tribe last link in, 707
    man’s, compared with that of the Supreme, 1282
    marine-life, apex of, 680
    of marriage, 913-921
    may be slow, but it is terribly effective”, 900
    of moral concepts, 1045-1046
    of the mores, 767-768, 796
    natural, fostering of, by Van and Amadon, 760
    organic, absence of, on Jerusem, 521
       conditioning of the course of, 730
       not a cosmic accident, 730, 735
    overcontrol of, 730-740
    peaceful, vs. violent revolution, 1088
    physical, full development of, 631
    plan, eventuation of by Absonite architects, 1165
    plan of, consummation of, 1164
    planetary, apex of, 567
       orderly and controlled, 560
    planetary rebellion’s lack of effect on, 754, 821
    possible independence of, from culture, 905
    of prayer, 983, 994-1013
    prehuman, greatest single leap of, 732
    of primitive man, the great event of the glacial period, 700
    processes of, how controlled, 46
    progressive, cooperation in early, 805
       of the human race, 846
       pain and suffering essential to, 951
       and Providence, 54
       vs. revolution by revelation, 750
    reciprocal, of grand universe and the Supreme, 1278
    religion as the scourge of, 1006
    of religion, see Religion(s), evolution of
    of representative government, 801-802
    the rule of human development, 560
    slow, vs. sudden revolution, 1043
    social, civil government the outcome of, 957
       failure to recognize, a danger of democracy, 801
       individuals, vs. families in, 931
       and industry, 957
       initiation of, by the Dalamatia teachers, 763
       liberty as a goal of, 613, 906, 977
       and marriage adjustment, 913, 928
       prayer a promoter of, 995
       public opinion the basic energy in, 802
       war and, 957
    of the soul, see Soul(s), 5. Evolution of the soul
    vs. special creation in origin of man, 837
    spiritual, definition, 1460
    of statehood, levels of, 806-807
    superuniverse, seven purposes of, 182
    of supremacy, 1287
    of the Supreme, see Supreme
    in time and space, 739-740
    total, of the entire grand universe, 1274
    universe, conditioned by Father’s freewill act, 7
       of eternal future, 241, 263, 401

Evolutionary accident, man not an, 560
    achievement, the home, man’s supreme, 943
    ascension, see Ascension
    citizens, of the grand universe, possible future function of, 1280
    cosmos, dominance of energy-matter in the, 140
    creatures, see Creature(s), evolutionary
    Diety, see Deity(ies), 6. Experiential Deity
    duty, man’s sense of his, and belief in God, 1105
    -experiential reality, the Supreme the capstone of, 1167
    -experiential self, the Supreme the, 1294
    growth, see Growth, evolutionary
    nature of religion, 1003-1004
    panorama, the, 731-733
    perfection, the Supreme’s, mortals’ eventual sharing of, 1165
    personalities, the cosmic complement of Paradise Havona creatures, 362
    progress delayed by loss of superior life plasm, 560
    race, see Race(s), evolutionary
    religion, see Religion(s), 2. Evolutionary Religions
    scheme of creation, proof of wisdom of, 631
    seraphim, see Seraphim, evolutionary
    techniques of life, 737-738
    utopia, the age of light and life, 567
    worlds, see World(s), evolutionary

Evolutionist progressive, Jesus a, 1671-1672

Evolutions mental, conditions favoring, 740

Evolving God God the Supreme Being the, 4
    morontia minds, 481
    prayer, 995-996
    soul, the, 1218-1219
       see also Soul(s), 5. Evolution of the soul
    spirits, mansion world arrivals’ classification as, 552

Exaltation apostles’ alternation between humiliation and, 1758
    Israel’s temporal, Jewish expectation of, 1510
    self-, see Self, -exhaltation

Examination of Jesus, by Annas, 1978-1980
    private, of Jesus, by Pilate, 1991-1992

Example to his age, John the Baptist not an, 1499, 1509
    human, Michael’s mortal life not a, 1328, 1425, 1585, 1594, 2061
    Jesus an, for mortals to live their lives by the means that he lived his, 1426
       of universe loyalty and moral nobility, 1523

Exchange medium of, the first, 775
    pupils, student visitors as, 339-340
    students, in the Melchizedek schools, 388

Excommunication of Jesus and followers, 1814
    Josiah’s reaction to his, 1816
    two reasons for, among the Jews, 1713

Excursion and reversion supervisors ascending mortals’ contact with, 534
    Morontia Companions as, 546

Execution of John the Baptist, 1508, 1626

Executioners divine, see Divine, 2. Personalities, executioners
    of the high tribunals, Solitary Messengers as, 259

Executive -administrative areas of Jerusem, the squares, 522, 527
    and legislative functions in the local universes, 373
    judgment, Deity representation in domains of, 114, 207
    worlds of the Spirit, 150-151, 198-199, 259

Exhibit panorama of Jerusem, 525
    of the planets on system headquarters 425

Exhibits historic and prophetic, on peripheral paradise, 121

Exhortation the Father’s divine, 23

Existence all, the Universal Father the personal source of, 1459
    cessation of, decrees of, 37-38, 569
    creature, goals and ideals of, 157
       comparative schools of, 388
       mechanism factors in, 483
    eternal, assurance of, 1460
       Gautama’s failure to show the pathway to, 1035
       potential of, and human choice, 1216
    future, dream origin of belief in, 953
    goals of, 33, 140, 270, 365, 910, 1206, 1592, 1778, 2069
    of God, proof of, 25
    human, begins and ends with religion, 68
       Jesus’ escape from both social extremes of, 1425
       revealed religion the unifying element of, 1123
       technique of changing the meanings of, from temporal to eternal, 984
       the three essential functions of, 931
       the “whence, why, and whither” of, 1641
    infinity of, comprehension of, 50
    Joys of, a type of secondary seconaphim, 310, 312
    loss of, the supreme punishment, 37
    prehuman, Jesus’ awareness of his, 1492, 1528
    mortal, 1000
    potential, seeds of, in the central universe, 91
    primitive Urantians’ struggle for, 950
    supreme, analysis of, 1111

Existences spirit, 334

Existential Deity, 2-5, 7, 10, 90, 100, 102, 280, 366, 640, 642, 644 1153-1154, 1165, 1171, 1185, 1290
    Deity, see also Deity(ies), 5. Existential Deity
    energy domain of the Conjoint Actor, 471
    and experiential, possibilities of an absolute correlation of, 13, 1174
       the Personalized Adjuster’s combining of the, 1201
    -experiential, the Adjusters are, 1111, 1201
       Havona levels of divinity, 3
       self, the Absolute the, 1294
    infinite unification, 1173-1175
    infinity, unqualified unity inherent in, 1299
    power, vs. experiential power, 1165
    prepersonal status of Adjusters, 445, 1201
    reality, 4-5, 7, 1172, 1174, 1260
    realities, of the Seven Absolutes, not perceivable by experience, 1665
    realization of absolute divinity, 13
    triunities, the existence of several, 1147

Exogamy and Endogamy, 918-919

Exorcism coercion and, 963-965
    replaced by rites of conciliation and propitiation, 978

Expansion and contraction cycles of mid-zone of nether Paradise, 122
    -contraction cycle, of space respiration, time required for, 124, 134
    present outward, of all physical creations, 134
    creative, grand and awful times of, 91

Experience(s) absonity of, and infinity of divinity, 16
    acquirement of, seraphic and human technique of, 427
    advantage of, over theory, 1125
    ascendant, reality of, 380
    ascension, 624
    bank of, solvency of, 2076
    capacity of mind to learn from, and functioning of adjutant spirit, 403, 739
    cosmic availability of, to creature and Creator, 1276
    Creator-creature, and the Supreme, 230, 1278
    creature, see Creature(s), experience
    of creatures, as compared to self-realization of God, 29
       seven, 1290
    enlightened, character acquired by, 412
    evolutionary, God the Supreme the summarizer of, 1266
    existential realities of the absolute not perceivable by, 1165
    of experiencing the reality of believing in God, religion the, 1105
    the fact of, 1123
    faith, religion the sphere of, 1110
    the Father’s consciousness of, 29
    of Father’s love by human beings, 50
    feeling of, religion may be the, 1110
    and finaliters’ knowledge of the Supreme Being, 643
    finite, the eternal God’s potential for, 1185
       lack of, in future outer universes, 353
    of generations, pooling of, a factor in the preservation of civilization, 888
    with God, existence of, beyond logic, 30
       man’s reach for, 1138, 1290
    of God’s children within his consciousness, 49
    a good, existence of, beyond logic, 30
    human, a definition, 1123
       a fact of the proof of revelation, 1106
       and human consciousness, 195
       Jesus’ discussion with the Greek philosopher concerning, 1641
       life, a cosmic cocoon, 1289
       ministry of God the Supreme in, 380
       the most thrilling and inspiring of all, 1729
       personal, revelation as a, 1107
       and realization of God, 24
       as a reason for believing in God, 1106
       religion and, 1094-1104, 1127, 2096
          of the spirit based wholly on, 1729
          of the spirit demonstrated in, 1728
       solvency of the bank of, 2076
       the soul a new reality in, 8
       unity in, found through philosophy, 1120
       Urantian, qualities of universal reality manifest in, 8
    -idea of God, worship of, 59
    of the individual, opposed by the accumulated propensities of the race, 1224
    importance of, 253, 1195
       of cosmic adaptation in, 1097
    infinite Deities compensated for lack of, 280
    inseparability of, from a living existence, 1195
    life, life-storytellers perpetuation of significance of, 501
       purpose of, 192
    living spiritual, to the religionist, God a, 30
    of man, meanings and values of, 1287
    material, as scaffolding, 1235
    method of, Jesus’ use of, in religion, 2076
    mortal, deficiencies, cure of on mansion world one, 533
       a training school, 559
    mortals’ inherent dependence on, 1174
    need of every intelligent creature for, 362
    new levels of, courage needed to invade, 1114
    no substitute for, 1173, 1185, 1956
    no worthwhile, ever happens in vain, 1200
    the only approach to the Supreme, 1289
    parental, the necessity for, 521, 539
    personal, absonite differential of, 508
      , evil as a reality in, 1458
       and the kingdom of heaven, 1641, 1860, 1916
       man’s knowing God through, 31, 1123-1124, 1127, 1453, 1629, 1731, 1857
       praying as a, 1001-1002
       religion a matter of, 1087, 1090, 1095, 1128, 1130, 1140, 1539, 1629, 1732, 2075, 2092-2093
    of religion, results of, 1105
    religious, and the Adjusters, 1111
       and cosmic citizenship, 1093
       the crowning endowment of human nature, 1109
       definition, and identity, 1105, 1121, 1126, 1131, 1140-1141, 1219
       as an efficient solvent for mortal difficulties, 2093
       and “feelings that lie too deep for words”, 1091
       genuine personal, faith the living attribute of, 1114
          takes salvation for granted, 1141
       God a loving person and a personal love in, 42
       influences of, 1095
       man’s ability to discover divinity only through, 1116
       man’s three great satisfactions in, 69
       observable traits of those having had a, 1119-1120
       personal, divine personality grasped by, 1730
          of Paul, Christianity’s foundation, 2091
          religion’s validation dependent upon the faith of, 1130
          two phases of, 2095
       and personality of God, 28, 30, 1123
       the practical tests for, 1000-1001
       prayer a part of, 1123
       primitive, a definition, 1131
          identification of, 1131
       progressive, 1111-1113
       psychology’s attempt to study, 1107
       the pursuit of mere knowledge without, consequences, 2076
       real, theology’s inability to depict, 2096
       reality of, 1116, 1129-1142, 2096
       reason alone cannot evaluate, 1116
       related to truth, 1458, 1726
       respect of science for, 1125
       relation of logic and emotion to, 1110
          of, to science, 1120
       vs. religious beliefs, 1130
       vs. religious symbols and ceremonies, 1727-1728
       the social group not the source of, 1132
       in social groups, derivation of the unity of, 1129
       source of, 1105
       subjective and objective phases of, 1141
       unassailable conviction of, 1142
       wisdom of, ascent to, by, 306, 631
          paradoxical nature of the, 1119
          survival, the only gain between death and resurrection, 533
       worship the spiritual domain of the reality of, 192
       worthwhile, ascenders’ consciousness of past, 535
    spiritual, consciousness of divinity a progressive, 141
       demands of, 68
       a dog’s inability to enjoy a, 1431
       efficacy of prayer in, 1000
       a factor in Adjuster communion, 65
       faith’s ability to transform probability into a, 1125
       genuine, philosophy’s need to surrender to, 1228
       God known only as a, 1857
       of God-knowing man, 30, 507
       living, faith deals with, 1142
       not dependent on favorable environment, 2064
       personal, as challenged by dogma, 1127
          and the hope of human brotherhood, 1732
       worship the religion of the reality of, 192
    the supreme human, honestly trying to do the divine will, 1732
    Thought Adjusters must acquire, 1195
    transcendence of, by Absolutes of Infinity, 1173 utilization of, by animals, 193
    wisdom secured only through, 908

Experiential actuality, 353
    attainment, the human mind’s grasp of the divine an, 52
       personal, on last circle of Havona, 508
    creations, interdependence of all, regarding destiny, 1290
    creatures, as maximum finites, 1162
    Deity, see Deity(ies), 6. Experiential Deity
    depths, lonely isolation of, stars but discernible from, 556
    -evolutionary beings, the Supreme as a totality culminator regarding destiny of, 1283
    existence, perfect and perfected, embrace of, by finaliters, 346
    and existential, correlation of, 13, 1174
    God the supreme is, 1165
    infinite, identity with the existential infinite, in the Trinity of Trinities, 1170
    instruction, in Havona, 343
    levels of time-space evolution, divinity on, 3
    mind, of the Supreme, source of the, 105
    perfection attainment, creatures’ partnership with Creators in, 614
    power of the Almighty Supreme, 11
    power, vs. existential power, 1165
    Reality, see Reality(ies), experiential
    realization of absolute divinity, 13
    spirit, cycle of, 83
    steps, seven, of Creator Son in obtaining sovereignty, 238-239
    supremacy, the three levels of, 1159
    Trinities, 12-13, 15, 352, 645, 1174
    unification of Absolute level not yet attained, 2
       of grand universe divinity in God the Supreme, 505

Experiment choice of Urantia for Life Carriers’ sixtieth Satania, 661

Experimental planet, every tenth world an, 447
    planet, Urantia an, 565
    worlds, 565, 821

Experimenter God not an, 34

Explainers of mysteries conciliators as, 278

Exploitation of others, for self-aggrandizement, a tendency of self-admiration, 614
    of others, unwillingness of God-knowing mortal to amass wealth by, 1464
    of the weak, an economic abuse condemned by Jesus, 1803

Exploration and discovery, commerce a stimulant to, 775
    post-Adamic era the golden age of, on an average world, 593

Export and import business of the Dravidians, 881

Exposure of children at birth, a population restriction, 770

Expression see Self, -expression

Extension -school instructors, function of, 339
    schools for evolutionary seraphim on the mansion worlds, 1248

Extinction of personal creatures, powers of Avonals in, 226
    probable exemption from, of salvaged personalities of Lucifer rebellion, 610
    as a result of self-gratification, 764
    sentences of, carried out upon orders of superuniverse rulers, 37, 180, 372
    of sin-identified mortal, 41
    of will creatures, powers of Ancients of Days in, 180, 210, 396

Extortion Pharisees’ guilt of, 1826

Eye(s) blue, of the violet race, 850
    evil, see Evil, eye
    for an eye, in early society, 795
    of faith, necessity of, for discernment of spiritual values, 2078
    of the flesh, vs. the eye of the spirit, 1915
    material, windows of the soul, 483-484, 955

Ezekiel and his message, 1340
    Jesus’ quotation from, 1630
    proclamation by, of deliverance through service, 1071
    a spiritual leader, 1075
    wisdom of, in regard to the use of ritual, 1076

Ezra, father of Rebecca about, 1402-1403

Ezra, the backslidden Jew finding of God by, 1440


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