Urantia Book
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I AM an analysis of an existential concept of the, 1153, 1965
    Buddhism’s concept of the, 1040
    as cause and source of the Trinity and Absolute, 644
    concept of the nonattainable, and the attainable, the same hypotheses, 1153, 1174
    differentiation and integration of the, 1154, 1174
    establishment by the, of a sevenfold self-relationship, 1154
    the finality unity of energy-spirit in the, 1139
    force,” the Paradise Source and Center the realization-revelation of the, 1156, 1173
    God the, 34, 1900
    the God of human salvation, 1122
    identical with the First Source and Center in the seventh triunity, 1150, 1170
    the Infinite and infinity, 1152
    liberation of, from unqualified infinity, 6
    man’s philosophic postulate of the, vs. his worshipful concept of the Universal Father, 1153
    nature of, as unity, 1157, 1263
    original diversification of the, due to inherent volition, 1126, 1158
    the original monothetic Creator personality, 638, 1151
    in past eternity, and in future eternity, 1166, 1173
    a philosophic concession to finite mind, 6
    the process of self-revelation of the, 1157
    self-metamorphosis of the, consequences, 1152, 1154
    as sevenfold, method of arrival at a concept of the, 1154
    signifies I WAS and I WILL BE, 1173, 1296, 2080
    at some hypothetical past-eternity moment, possible concepts regarding the, 1153
    technique of personality realization by the, 6
    that I AM,”, 1965
    timeless, spaceless, and unqualified nature of the, 1122
    and the Trinity of Trinities, 16, 1174
    the union of the Supreme, Ultimate, and Absolute the functional reassembly of the, 1172, 1261
    the “unknowable” phase of the First Source and Center, 1153, 1173
    Universal Censor the, 218

Ice age, and appearance of man, 700, 733
    age, determination of length of the, 699, 702
       termination of, time of, 702
    collection in North America, three centers of, 699
    glacial, continental distribution of, 699
    invasion, acceleration of human evolution during the fifth, 701
    sheet, fourth, extent of, 701, 721
       polar, time of formation of, 699, 702

Iceland Andonites’ residence in, 728, 869
    burial of, by ice flows, time of, 699
    land bridge, submergence of, in Miocene period, 697

Ichthyosaurs size of, 688

Idea(s) -decisions, man’s need to organize knowledge into, in order to progress, 1112
    a definition, 1113, 1220, 1479, 2094
    of God, vs. the ideal of God, 69, 1781
    and ideals, animals’ inability to express, 1198
       Jesus’, near failure of realization of, reason, 1864, 2032
    of Judaism and Christianity, Romanized Greeks’ influence on the, 2073
    necessity of, to religion, 1110, 1120, 1781
    pattern, questions regarding space’s relation to an, 1297
    philosophers’ co-ordination of, 1110, 1133-1135
    vs. a positive decision, 1113
    power of an, in influencing the evolutionary mind, 961, 1005
    and practical citizenship, 1740
    things, and values, co-ordination of, by human mind, supermaterial character of, 140

Ideal(s) attainment of, prayer and the, 1618
    of children, wise attitude toward, 555
    the divine and supreme, personalization of, as a God of fatherly love, 647
    of Eden, influence of custom in spreading the, 587
    elevation of, by gospel of Jesus, 1740, 1775
    enhancement of, an indication of educational growth, 1094
    of family life, 939-942
    of God, vs. the idea of God, 1781
       realization of, and soul consciousness, 69
    great, the importance of the lure of a, 1773, 1781
    vs. ideas, as to origin, 1220
    importance of man’s knowledge of the superhuman origin of his, 1133, 1134
    of infinite realty, God the Father the, 1781, 1838
    of Jesus, eventual triumph of, 2069-2070, 2090
    of living, Jesus’ one, 1749
    of mankind, religion and the stabilization of the, 1086, 1133
    man’s ability to communicate, 1641, 1775
       problems of living up to his, 1112, 1133
    of marriage, present progress in, 930
       an, on spheres on high, 930
    new and great, Christianity’s possession of a, 1585, 2070
    supernal, and revelation of God, 33, 1950
    susceptible of human attainment, 1405, 1781
    transcendent, God a, 28
    truth’s augmentation of, 1133
    of the Western world, the Socratic nature of the, 1077

Idealism the great test of, 804
    of Havona creatures, vs. its choice by men, 52
    not the equivalent of religious reality, 2095
    religious, function of, in control of preparedness, 804, 805
    a requisite for, 51

Idealistic philosophy, a definition, 1124, 1137

Idealists use of force by, for protection against wicked men, 1891
    vs. mechanists and humanists, 2080

Idealization of marriage, 929-930

Ideational continuity, mind level of law’s suggested perpetuation of, 1116
    cosmos, man’s consciousness of being a part of the, 1116

Identification of persons, personality the means of, 194

Identity(ies) Adjuster arrival the constitution of, 569
    the Adjuster’s retention of, at mortal death, 1230
    animal and plant life not possessed of, 404
    of annihilated individual, fate of the, 37, 195, 226
    eternal, a possession of the Adjuster, 71
    of the Eternal Son, 73-74
    forms, relation of pattern to, 10
    functional, human personality’s dependence on its constituent parts for, 1234
    of God and change, 58
    the human’s temporary loss of, at death, 1230
    man’s possession of, significance of, 1232
    and nonliving energy patterns, 8
    passive, presence of potentials of, in morontia soul, 533
    personality’s relation to, 345, 1225
    pervasion of, by pattern, 10, 409
    potential, of nonstatus child, cherubim as custodian of, 531, 569, 1246
    survival of, requisite for, 195, 1233
    surviving, a possession of the immortal soul, 71
    and universe personality, 31, 71

Ideograph recorders, function of, 431, 503, 887

Idiot chance of survival of, in primitive society, 592, 968

Idleness absence of, on advanced worlds in light and life, 629, 803
    attitude toward, in the continental nation, 814
    destruction of self-respect by, 1765
    Jesus’ disapproval of, 1822

Idol(s) a definition, 57, 969
    worship, Jews’ prejudice against images as symbols of, 1600, 1988

Idolatry attempt of Moses to combat, 1058, 1600
    vs. symbolism, 758, 946

Idumean wicked, Herod the, 1992

Ignorance evil the distorting influence of, 438, 1429
    a factor in choosing between good and evil, 193, 1206
    human, effect of, on revelation of truth, 995, 1768
    influence of, on government, 803
    an inhibitor of growth, 1094
    Lucifer’s trading on reverence as, 603
    man’s results of, 47, 708
    religion’s subjection to the bondage of, 1119, 1124
    a suspicion breeder, 597

Ikhnaton accomplishments of, 1047
    clear concept of, of the revealed religion of Salem, 1047
    contact of descendants of, with Jesus, 1355
    effective modification of the Aton faith by, 1047, 1048
    identity of, 1009, 1037, 1046-1049
    influence of, on Hebrew literature and liturgy, 1043

Ill luck a definition, 956

Ill will Jesus’ nonbearing of, toward his enemies, 1792, 1907

Illegitimate child, early disrepute of, 917
    children, as wards of the mother’s mother, 770

Ill-gotten gains, disposal of, 1465

Illinois coal layers in, number or, 681

Illness(es) Jesus’ first, 1358, 1366
    painful, relation of to functioning of the Supreme Being, 115

Illusions childlike, science’s destruction of, 2076
    higher animals’ freedom from, result, 944
    optimistic, preference of, to reality, 1779

Illustration Jesus’ use of commonplace relationships for, 1590, 1605, 1771

Image(s) Aids, conciliators under immediate direction of, 278
    of God, mortal man made in the, 50, 1193, 1281
    to the gods, in Greece, 1078
    and Jesus’ challenge of the Chazan, 1366
    Moses stand against the making of, 1058
    prohibition of making of, by modern tribes, reason, 955, 971

Imagination Andites’ contribution of, to the European peoples, 894
    creative, Adamic contribution of, to the blue man, 892
       faith’s nonshackling of the, 1115, 1220, 1460
    friendship’s stimulation of the, 1776
    human, time free, 135
    of Nodites and Adamites, relation of, to sex interest, 913
    planetary differential chemical endowment an influence on, 566
    spiritized creative, faith the inspiration of, 1459

Imhotep and the Egyptian pyramids, 894

Immanence of God and the Son, 81, 1150, 1448
    of the Projected Incomplete, manifestation of, 56

Immanuel arrival of the messenger of, to the twelve-year-old Jesus, significance, 2091
    assignment of powers of universe administration to, 1324
    attitude of, toward Jesus’ finishing his earth career, 1515
    authority of, in Nebadon during Urantia bestowal, 1311, 1325-1326
    commission of, to messenger from Salvington, 1376
    counsel of, to Michael regarding Lucifer rebellion, 617
    Faithful of Days the Personal representative of, 489
    Gabriel’s activities under, 1314, 2022
    identity of, 370, 605, 1324-1325, 1515, 1594
    Jesus’ identification of, 1409
       objection to being called, 1409
       recollection of his farewell conference with, 1424, 1513, 1659
    Lucifer’s open defiance of, results, 605
    messenger sent to the twelve-year-old Jesus by, 1398
    pledge of faithful administration of Nebadon by, 1326
    of Salvington, characteristics of, 370-371

Immature choosing, evil is, 193, 1429
    individuals, type of music appealing to, 500
    man, vs. mature man, 555, 1778

Immaturity of creative imagination, monotony indicative of, 159
    the measure of man’s, 1898

Immensity courage of ascendant children of time in presence of, 291

Immobility vs. divine immutability, 58

Immoral acts, prerequisite to, 917, 2079

Immortal the, ease of the approach to the, 1446-1447
    germ, in the mind of man, 1459
    personality, eternal foundations necessary to the building of an, 1096
    requisite for becoming, 1446, 1448
    soul(s), destiny of the, 9, 69, 539, 565
       evolution of, 25, 71, 147, 404, 1739
       evolving, and Thought Adjusters, 1357
       fusion of, with Thought Adjuster, 347
       identity dependent on survival of, 195
       keeper of the, 341, 568
       morontia-life vehicle for the, 341
       of mortal sons of God, Paradise the destiny of, 127
       proof of the evolving of an, 1097
       relation of Mystery Monitor’s indwelling to the, 24, 70, 448, 538, 1185, 1193

Immortality for all, a teaching too advanced for the Egyptians, 1049
    of angels, 1841
    attainment of, by non-Adjuster-fused mortals, 410
    a definition, 58, 1120, 1449
    doctrine of, origin of, in Babylon, 1075
    Greeks’ long-standing belief in, 2073
    hope of, Christianity’s assurance of the, 2070
    of human personality, Gautama’s lack of belief in, 1036
    of Jerusem children of any Adam and Eve, 581
    loss of, by Caligastia on hundred, reason for, 745
    Lucifer’s contention regarding, 604
    of Material Sons and Daughters, 587
    means of attaining, 12, 403, 1451
    physical, tree of life an adjunct to, 825
    technique of the human’s winning, 1238, 1449
    Zoroaster’s god of, 1049

Immutability of God, 58, 1442
    of Paradise Deity, and nature, 56

Impartiality God’s attitude toward the total characterized by, 137

Impatience of Adam and Eve, results of, 840
    a definition, 557
    Lucifer’s, result, 616

Imperfect divinity, 3

Imperfection(s) of behavior, natural, not sin nor iniquity, 1660, 1739
    God’s consciousness of, 36
    mortal, discernment of divine goodness by, reason for, 58, 613, 1660
    relative, and perfection of divine goodness, 58, 1435
    Universal Father’s experience with, 36, 38

Impersonal beings, result of mind endowment of, 78, 104
    Deity, 78
    entity, Thought Adjuster a, 31
    reality, 7

Imponderables truth’s embrace of, 1459

Import duties, levying of, in the continental nation, 815
    of time, 315-316

Importunate widow, parable of the, 1619

Imprisonment of John the Baptist, 1502, 1507, 1508

Improvidence Jesus’ disapproval of, 1822

Improvident the modern, dependence of, on thrifty taxpayers, 780

In liaison with God, nothing…absolutely nothing…is impossible, 291

Inalienables of human nature, 192

Inauguration of Adam and Eve, 830

Inaugurator of a new dispensation, Jesus the, 1510

Inbreeding good and bad results from, 918
    of superior diverse peoples, advantages of, 726

Incarnated Son, Jesus of Nazareth the, 1857

Incarnation of Avonals on magisterial missions, 225-226, 594
    and bestowal, the mysteries of, known only on Sonarington, 1310
    bestowal, permission given Jesus to terminate his, 1513
    creative attributes of Michael during his, 1329
    creature, of a Creator, Michael’s experience in, 145, 1317, 1325, 1328, 1331, 1424
       and Magisterial Sons, 595
    Daynals not subject to, 232
    experiences of Paradise sons, meaning of, to Eternal Son, 86
    first-born Michael never subject to, 234
    of Machiventa Melchizedek near the city of Salem, 385, 389, 753, 1014
    mandate, pertaining to human offspring of a bestowal son, 1330
    Michael’s, in fact, and in potential, 1329
    Michael’s power to terminate his, 1329, 1357
    in mortal flesh, of Avonals, 225-226
    mortal, Jesus’ choice of Urantia for his, 1407
    Nirvana a freedom from experiencing, 1037
    previous, of Jesus’ Adjuster, 1511
    a secret of Sonarington, 148, 1313, 1317
    of unrevealed types of Paradise Sons, 145

Incas Andite racial influence on rulers of the, 873

Incense origin of the use of, in sacrificial rituals, 777, 978

Incest origin of ideas of, 916

Incompleteness of creature nature, existence of, limited, 41, 115
    of the experiential Deities, compensation for the, 100

Indecision man’s need to obliterate, as a prerequisite to effective prayer, 1002
    a partial disloyalty to Deity, 984

Independence of God, 58

India Adamsonites in, 862
    Andite conquest of, 873, 879-880
    Aryan invasion of, time, 882
    caste system of, basis of, 793
    coal formation during Carboniferous period in, 682
    contact of, with Mesopotamia and China, 881
    cosmopolitan population of, between Planetary Prince and Adam, 726, 1027
    the early Trinity portrayals brought to, by the Sethite priests, 1143-1144
    Ganid’s desire for a new religion good enough for, 1467
    inundation of, by southern pacific, 679
    Jesus’ “chance” meeting with two travelers from, 1422
    later ideas of the Trinity taken to, by the Salem missionaries, 1144, 1446
    and life of the early reptilian age, 686
    mixing of Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid in, 905
    modern, no age restrictions on marriage in, 916
    Nathaniel’s death in, 1559
    and the Neanderthalers, 727
    northwestern highlands of, home of the Badonan tribes, 722
    onetime highest mixture of races in, 1044
    persistence of Vanite culture northwest of, 870
    possibility of a spiritual awakening for, 883, 1011
    Pre-Dravidian, racial mixtures in, 869
    rejection of the Melchizedek gospel by, 1028
    reverence for reptiles in, 968
    secondary Sangik peoples’ predominance in, 726
    solar worship’s onetime popularity in, 947
    survival of early vegetarian tribes in, 851
    terminal movement of Aryans into, 879
    unprogressing civilization of onetime stagnant, 871
    Van’s withdrawal to highlands west of, reason for, 759

Indian Ocean, connection of Mediterranean with, 697, 718, 728
    peoples, absorption of eastern green tribes by, 724
    philosophers, closeness of, to the truth of the Supreme Being, 1030

Indictment of Jesus, Sanhedrin’s final three-point, 1985

Indignation of the celestial intelligences, at persecution of their Sovereign, 1984

Indigo and green blood, predominance of, on southern Pacific islands, 884
    man(men), Egypt’s domination by, 728
       enslavement of, by the blue men, 585
       racial mixtures of the, 728, 869
       southern exodus of, course of, 728
    race, the, 584, 725
       effect of, on early races in India, 880
       expulsion of, from Egypt, 728
       final migrants from Sangik racial center, 725
       settlements of, in the Great Sahara, 869
       standing of, before celestial powers, 725

Individual(s) attainment of maturity of, a problem of society, 1773
    before God, each soul a separate, 1582
    believer(s), fellowship of, with God the Father, 1862
       inner experience of, the natural fruits of, 1865
    vs. the church in the “dark ages”, 2074
    Eternal Son’s relation to the, 84, 85
    experience, religion an exclusively, 2093
    vs. families in social evolution, 931
    God’s attitude toward the, 47, 62-67, 68, 137, 1629
    gospel directed to the, 1580, 1585, 1591, 1630, 1862
    Mighty Messengers defenders of, 245
    not punishable for sins of a nation, 1630
    obligation of the, to show mercy, 1469
    sacredness of, vs. that of the community, 1862-1863
    status on universe records, provision for children who have not attained, 531
    work of Adjusters and angels for salvage of the, 853

Individualistic tendency of man, vs. associations of social progress, 764

Individuality development of, a prerequisite to progress, 557, 1283
    of finaliters, 345
    of spornagia, reincarnation of, 528

Individualization of Deity, 31-32, 112

Indivisibility of personality, and bestowal of God’s spirit, 9, 31, 106

Indolence an evidence of moral immaturity, 1773

Indonesian peoples, members of the Mongoloid class, 905

Indra identity of, 1027, 1031

Indus Andite civilization along the, 878, 880-881

Industrial courts in the continental nation, 813, 816
    developments of the Garden, results of, 586
    era, hope of survival of an, 769
    fairness, Jesus’ recognition of the need for, 1581
    misunderstandings, adjustment of, in the continental nation, 813
    organization in the continental nation, 813-814
    policies, of Western civilization, Christianity’s need to cease to sponsor the, 2086
    progression, Adam’s and Eve’s influence on, 905
    schools of Fad, 751
    system, nonidentification of Jesus’ teachings with any, 1580

Industrialism American, and the revolt of secularism, 2081
    social possibilities of, 786
    weakness of, 769

Industrialized races, woman’s status among, 937

Industrious man’s need to be, for effective praying, 1002

Industry assumption of certain early war functions by, 786
    attitude of, toward health in the continental nation, 815
    competition in, effects of, 805
    dawn of, 773, 783
    objects of, on worlds of light and life, 629-630
    an outcome of man’s social evolution, 957
    perils of, 786
    primitive communism’s stifling of, 780
    a source of modern leaders, 786
    specialists in, early, 774
    without morality, society’s tolerance of, 2086
    and woman’s social and economic emancipation, 937

Indwelling Adjuster, prayer’s need to recognize the, 997
    Adjusters, Buddhism’s teaching pertaining to, 1039
    of believers by spirits of the Father and Son, 1942, 1948, 1964
    divine presence, a function of the, 45, 1096, 1641, 1642, 1676, 2093, 2095
    fragments, of God, Thought Adjusters are, 46, 379-380, 638, 1641, 1857, 2095
    of God, and being born of the Spirit, 381
    of man by the Father, significance of, 614, 1474, 1602, 2095
    spirit, communion with the, by Urantia mortals, 63, 557, 1431, 1641, 1681, 1711
       destiny of, on mortal death, 26, 1630, 1682
       father of a new reality, 8
       and a human’s true worship, 1599
       leadings of, vs. strong impressions, 1766
       and material mind, a function of, 1459
       pilot, loss of, in spiritual cessation of existence, 1435
       unerring guidance of the, 39, 1457
       water of life a gift of the, 1614

Inequality of men, inherent, demonstration of, 794

Inertia effect of, on India, 1029
    of primitive man, the biologic safety brake, 767, 1488, 1965

Inevitability(ies) Absolute, definition, 185
    of creature life, 17, 51
    subabsolute, definition, 108, 185

Infallibility the creature’s craving for, and Creator’s possession of, 1768
    of God, 1185
    of Scriptural teachings, erroneous idea of the, 1068, 1768, 2085

Infancy length of, and strength of mother love, 932
    mortal, Urantia a sphere of, 435

Infant helpless, Michael’s plan to appear on earth as a, 1316
    mortality, high rate of, in early days, 747, 926, 934
    -receiving schools, of Satania, location, 531
    -training schools, corruption of, during Lucifer rebellion, 608

Infanticide and abortion, extermination of primitive clans by, 770

Infection belief regarding spirits’ responsibility for, 989

Inferior dependence of, on the superior, 794
    stocks, elimination of, time of, 585, 893

Infinite the ability of the, to make itself manifest to the finite, 1174, 1264
    appearance of the, as the Universal Father of love, to universe personalities, 1153
    beings, Unqualified Supervisors of the Supreme not, 636
    Capacity, I AM static-reactive, 1155
    the, characteristics of, 33, 59
    coexistence of the finite with the, 15
    destinies, a philosophic concept of the I AM and a partial comprehension of, 1150, 1152, 1170
    the divine Creator the, 34, 1434
    energy, an appellation of the First Source and Center, 1149, 1155
    final revelation of the, 44
    and finite, eternal fusion of the, 11
    to finite view of personality, God’s, 27, 30
    full expression of the, 130, 1856
    God, and mortal man’s goal, 22
    integrator of cosmic energies and spirit energies, the Third Source and Center the, 1156
    laws of the, no conflict among, 137
    the master universe only a partial revelation of the, 1153
    mechanism whereby finite attains the, 12, 1435
    Mind, independence of, of space, 102, 104
    mindedness of the, 92, 482
    ministries to time-space creatures, of the spirit personalities of the, 205, 648
    Mother Spirit, Paradise and Havona the home of, 162
    One, self-differentiation of the, from The Infinitude, 1154
    personality, God an, 27, 89, 109, 472
    physical presence of the, a definition, 64
    plan of the, man’s identifying himself with the, 1117
    Potential, the Deity Absolute, 1155, 1172
    and Qualified Absolute, 13
    qualities, degree of finite appreciation of, 50
    reality, absolute unification of, in the Paradise Trinity, 1174
       First Father is, 23, 63
       integration, difficulties in forming concepts regarding, 14, 1168
       seven phases of, 4, 5
    recognition of three manifestations of, 100, 192
    the, as source of universe reality, 6, 1434
    Spirit, 90-97, 287
       adjutant mind-spirit’s relation to mind ministry of the, 401
       agent of the Father and Son, 93
       antigravity a power of, 101
       appearance of, 6
       approach of, to animal-origin beings, 95, 185
       ascenders’ attainment of, 96, 159, 208
       ascending pilgrims’ preparation for attempt at personality recognition of, 292-293
       Assigned Sentinels personalized by, 269
       and assignment of celestial artisans, 497
       assignment of Solitary Messengers to seven divisions of service by the, 258
       and attainment of the Eternal Son, 93
       attributes of the, 92, 96, 111
       and Avonals’ origin, 427
       birth of the, appearance of Havona concomitant with the, 1148
       characteristics of the, 6, 92, 95, 98, 110, 112
       circle of eternity indwelt by, 376
       a complement of the Eternal Son, 100
       completion of the existential personalization of Deity, 110
       the Conjoint Actor, 45, 75, 85, 96, 161, 186, 1148
       a constituent personality of total Deity, 116
       co-operation of, in attainment plan, 85
       creation of Census Directors by, 266
          of primary supernaphim by, 205
          of Solitary Messengers by, 262
       Creative Spirit the local universe Daughter of, 359, 374, 384, 572
       Daynals’ reflection of nature of the, in local creations, 230
       a definition, 106, 638
       domination of energy-matter by, 236
       downstepping of the, 95
       early universe presence of, a person to Creator Son, 374
       effect of eternalization of, on Father and Son, 250
       equality of, with Universal Father and Eternal Son, 96
       an eternal personalization of Deity, 640, 642
       eternal progenitors of the, 94, 111
       Eternal son approachable through ministry of the, 80
       and Eternal Son, diverse relationships of, 110, 366
          portrayal of combined character of, by Master Spirit Number Six, 187
       eternalization of, and birth of Havona worlds, 91
       everywhere presence of the, 49, 75
       exhibition of divine goodness by the personalities of the, 647
       family of, and ministering work of the superuniverses, 179, 332
       first act of the, 90
       first Paradise Deity attained by ascending pilgrims, 94
       flash presence of, a superuniverse circuit, 177
       fragmentation of his selfhood possible to the, 78
       a function of the, 98, 112, 185, 205, 236, 399, 638, 639, 1156
       God the Spirit the, 4, 24
       gravity supercontrols of the, 112
       high personalities of, 187, 264-272
       indispensability of, to fraternity of Second and Third Persons, 110
       infinite mind of the, source of the cosmic mind, 91, 196
       initial solitary creative action of, 256
       interpretation to the Ancients of Days of the mind of the, 308
       likeness of, to Father and Son, 97
       local universe function of the, 367-368, 415, 426, 450
       and Magisterial Son personalization, 88
       Master Architects’ contact with the seven worlds of the, 351
       Master Spirit Number Three spokesman for, 187
       means of approach of, to men, 572
       the mercy minister, 85, 92
       and mind, 5, 9, 104, 140, 505, 564, 638
       the ministry of, purpose, 94
       mortals’ recognition of presence of the, 100
       nature of the, 92, 93
          of Reflective Spirits as related to characteristics of, 200
       omnipresence of the, 95, 99
       one of the Seven Absolutes, 1146
       operation of Solitary Messengers by authority of, 257
       origin of the, 90
       origin of power centers and directors in children of the, 323
       outstanding attribute of the, 95
       Paradise the abode of the, 118
       in the Paradise Trinity, 15
       Paradiseward pull of intellectual values by, 155
       a person, 6, 96, 97, 116, 186
       Personal Aids of the, 268
       personal consequence of the Father-Son union, 110
       personalities of the, 34, 105-107, 336, 418
          relation of Daynals to, 230
       personalization of, on local universe headquarters, 257
       pervasion of space by, 376
       preparation of mortal mind for Father Frqadments by the, 103
       presence circuit of the, 45, 307
       primary personalities of, 184
       in production of Magisterial Sons, 224
       in production of Trinity Teacher Sons, 224
       reaction of, to the universe, 96
       recorded transactions of Paradise since personification of, 282
       relation of, to bestowals of original Michael on Havona, 94
          to creature-ascension plan, 86
          to Father and Son, 25
          to the I AM, 639
          to the universe, 98-107
       representatives of, on Havona worlds, function of, 158
       residence of, on Central Isle of paradise, 257
       a revelation of divinity, 232
          of Universal Father and Eternal Son, 93
       satisfaction derived from Havona by the, 161
          of, as to the fullness of Jesus’ bestowal, 1755
       Seven Master Spirits’ relation to, 149, 150, 184, 185-186
       seven satellites of, headquarters of Master Spirits, 112, 143, 153, 198, 251
       seven worlds of the, Supreme Executives’ headquarters, 178
       sharing by the, 1221
       source of experiential mind of the Supreme, 105
          of mortal mind, 80
       spirit presence of the, a definition, 94, 2062
       suffering of the, 53
       teacher personality of, disclosed by Trinity Daynal Sons, 233
       tertiaphim children of, 306
          created by, 286
       Third Person of Deity appropriately denominated the, 92
       the Third Source and Center, 161
       transformation of Havona Servitals in response to the will of the, 271
       transmissal of powers of the, to co-ordinate and subordinate personalities, 105
       and Trinity Teacher Son personalization, 88
       twofold personality ancestry of the, 110
       unconditioned by time or space, 376
       union of the Father and son in the, 1304
       and Universal Father, combined action of, in Master Spirit Number Five’s direction of fifth superuniverse, 187
          Master Spirit Number Five’s character blending of, 187
       Universal Father, and Eternal Son, equal portrayal of, by Master Spirit Number Seven, 188
       Universal Father’s presence in the, 95
       Universe Circuit Supervisors created by, 265
       widespread activities of the, 96
       worlds of the, 149-151
    time-space adventure of the, 56
    transcendence of, by total Deity, 116
    unification, finite creatures’ attempt to conceive of, 1173
    universe, power in Isle of Paradise adequate for control of an, 49
    unrevealed cosmic potential of the, 128
    Upholder, 23, 467, 1155
    values, revelation of, to the finite mind, 6, 647
    wisdom, proportions of justice and mercy determined by, 37
    worship the finite identifying itself with the, 1616

Infinitude of the Father, incomprehensible to mortals, 50
    total, need to segment and qualify to make understandable to mortal and morontial, 1146

Infinity absonity not, 332
    any number always short of, 1262, 1294
    of the character of God, magnitude of, 139
    concealment of Paradise values of, 2078
    concept of the Absolute unqualified only in, 645
    Deity-realization of, means of, 645
    of Divine attributes, 16, 50
    energy’s response to grasp of, 468, 483
    eternity, an eternal infinity, 645, 1164
    of existence, comprehension of, 50
    the Father an, 6, 34, 117
    the Father’s escape from limitations inherent in, 11, 35, 58, 108, 120
    and finity, equalizing tension between, 15
    geographic center of, 1, 126
    of God, 33-35, 45, 62, 138, 645, 2078
       rightful significance of the, to the creature, 1169, 1261
    The Infinite One, and The Infinitude, need for a triune conception of, 1154
    levels of, absolute, 25
    man’s growing concepts of, 101, 1153
    of mind, comprehension capacity of, 50
    mind of, all things present in, 739, 1269
    Paradise the pattern of, 13, 101, 163
    personality of, 15, 33, 34, 110
    potentials, relations of, to Unqualified Absolute and Deity Absolute, 13
    pre-existential and postexperiential nature of, 1163
    of reality, man’s impossibility to express the, 1261
    response, and Unqualified Absolute, 5
    shared only with Paradise Trinity, 35
    spark of, finite man’s indwelling by a, 1221
    of spontaneity, and evolutionary capacity of the universe, 482
    supremacy, and ultimacy, Deity associations of, the Trinity of Trinities, 645
    in time, character of, 15
    Universal Father’s, and Infinite Spirit’s absoluteness, 92
    unqualified, Deity liberation from, 6
    of will, the Father’s, direction of, 6, 59

Influence of Father on his sons, limitations of the, 46
    of the Greeks, 2071-2072
    of Jesus on friend and foe, 1672

Information character of, 42
    communication of, Paradise method of, 303
    Jesus’ classification of, as a youth, 1405
    for missing gaps in knowledge, revealed cosmology’s supplying of, 1110

Infrared rays, explanation of, 474-475

Infraultimatonic rays, definition, 474

Inhabitable worlds number of, in major sector, 181
    number of, in a minor sector, 181

Inhabited planets, access of student visitors to, 546
    planets, administrative assistants’ service to, 434
    spheres, effectiveness of work of Avonals on, 225
       general classification of peoples of, 565
       in Satania, number of, 522, 711
    world(s), 392, 401, 559-571
       administrator seraphim on the, 434
    world(s) advanced attainment on, in constellation stage of light and life, 633
       average, the employment of seventy separate corps of destiny by the, 1257
       Avonal Sons’ function on, 226, 587
       cherubim’s service on, 423
       Creator Son’s material gift to the, 580
       evolving assignment of Planetary Princes to all, 572
       fathers of the, 28
       frandalanks stationed on all, 328
       grouping of, into local systems, 559
       Holy Spirit of the, 403
       midway creatures’ appearance on majority of, 286, 424
       in Nebadon, 416
       number of Daynal missions possible to an, 232
       number lost in Lucifer rebellion, 601, 609
       origin of, 171, 465-466, 559
       Paradise Son service on, 228
       Planetary Prince’s divinity representation on a recently, 572
       readjustments in administration of, in a local universe settled in light and life, 634
       in Satania, 182, 359, 559, 1258
       six evolutionary races common to most, 564
       three groups of, as related to creature adjustment to environment, 565
       Urantia catalogue number of, 182
       Urantia’s registration as an, time of, 700
       usual technique of life implantation on, 664

Inherent power of Jesus, the endowment of life, 2029

Inheritance ascending mortals’ compensation for poor, 516
    carriers, of Orvonton life patterns, number of, 397
    factors, father and mother equal contributors of, 932
       modification of, by certain long rays of radiant energy, 667
       in Urantia’s superior stocks, 846
       useless combinations of, reason for Urantia’s, 736
    good, effect of environment and education on, 848
    marriage as a regulator of, 922
    superior qualities of civilization not transmitted by, 763
    tax, in early communal society, 780-781

Inherited temperament, influence of, on religious experience, 1095

Iniquitous one, Lucifer the, 1660, 1808

Iniquity definition, 613, 754, 1660
    faith an armor against, 610, 2063
    the Father’s abhorrence of, 1676
    harvest of the sowing, 1445, 1661
    man’s difficulty in grasping the meaning of, 613, 1445
    self-identification with, result of, 37, 760
    unmitigated, suicidal, 37, 755

Initiation into secret societies, changes following, 790-791

Initiative diminution of, by overdevelopment of institutions, 772
    in the originality of living, Jesus’ desire to stimulate, 1583

Injuries accidental, on worlds in light and life, 625

Injustice fatherly love’s response to, 1571, 1575, 1579
    Pentecost’s influence on man’s ability to deal with, 2064
    primitive man’s indifference to, 797

Inland seas, and implantation of marine life, 665, 671

In-laws outmarriage and freedom from, 919

In-marriage no biologic instinct against, 918-919

Inn(s) Bethlehem, Joseph’s and Mary’s sojourn at the, 1351
    the first, smiths’ maintenance of, 774

Innate drives, toward growth, presence of, in normal humans, 1095

Inner being, and man’s knowledge of God, 445, 1448
    creativity, possible influence of, on character, 1221
    Havona circuit, ascenders’ passage to Paradise from, 159
    life, 65, 1104, 1212, 1215, 1219-1221, 1236, 1448
    spirit, dependence of, on the mind, 1136
    zone of nether Paradise force center, 122

Inquests formal, of primitive man, 990

Inquirers interested, visits of, with Jesus at Gethsemane, 1606

Insanity confounding a belief in demoniacal possession with, 864, 1591
    cosmic, a definition, 754
    near-absence of, on advanced worlds in light and life, 629

Insect(s) appearance of, time of, 680
    changes in, during climatic transition stage, 683
    evolution of, early, 695, 732
    life, of early Oligocene period, 695

Insight(s) of absonity, the Supreme the living way from finite consciousness to the, 1281
    of cosmic mind, three innate, 192
    cosmic, relation of, to moral choosing, 193
    a definition, 135, 193, 549, 2094
    Deity, Perfectors of Wisdom the divine wisdom of, 216
    enhancement of, by gospel of Jesus, 1775
    expansion of, by prayer, 1616
    God’s infinite, and his wisdom, 58
    indispensability of, to the endurance of nations, 911
    intellectual, and spirit luminosity, 10, 102, 1773
    Jesus’ possession of, result, 1874
    mathematics, and mind logic, need of, 1138
    of moral beings, function of, 193, 1228
    as relating to personality, 1226
    religion’s development through, 1105
    sagacious, of Jesus, 1589
    spiritual, a definition, 79, 140, 192, 193
    true spiritual, a definition, 1574, 1732
    with zeal, religion’s joining of, 1093

Insignia of three concentric circles, Melchizedek’s followers’ attitude toward, 1015

Insincerity eradication of, a purpose of morontia career, 551
    Lucifer’s, 603
    mind marred by, 103

Inspection service in space, of associate power directors, 325

Inspectors of experimental worlds, 565

Inspiration and guidance, prayer’s influence in man’s search for, 997
    of Jesus’ life, to all Nebadon, 1424
    religious, practical tests for, 1000-1001

Inspired Trinity Spirits about, 219-221, 329, 483, 634
    classification of, as Co-ordinate Trinity-origin Beings, 214, 219
    organic association of, with Transcendentalers and Architects of the Master Universe, 352
    origin of, 219-220
    possible relation of Thought Adjusters to, 220
    probable mission of, 220, 262
    resemblance of, to Solitary messengers, 219
    Solitary Messengers’ awareness of the presence of, 257, 1189
       detection of, illustration, 220
    the superpersonal expressions of the Paradise Trinity, 1189
    technique of, of detecting the presence of Adjusters, 219, 1180

Instigators of rest ascending Pilgrim’s first contact with, 297, 299

Instinctive urges man’s sharing of, with the animal world, 765

Instincts of dawn mammals, 704, 914
    inherent reflex, and spirit of intuition, 402

Institutional church, ease of Romans’ devotion to an, 2072
    influences, effect of, on man’s philosophy of religion, 1113
    religion, 1083, 1087, 1092, 1228, 1731

Institutionalization Christianity’s experience with, 2075, 2081, 2083
    harm and benefit of, to a religion, 1076, 1083, 1092

Institutionalized church serving of society by the, past and present, 1087

Institutions human, a definition, 772
    the Jewish religion’s survival dependent on its, 1076

Instruction religious, Scriptures’ purpose, 1768
    for teachers and believers, Jesus’, 1765-1767

Insubordination modern, a cause of, 941

Insurance against misfortune, primitive worship as, 763, 958, 962
    civilized man’s provision of, against chance, 956
    foundations, functions of, in the continental nation, 815
    past and present, 956, 959
    reserves, percent of workers’ income devoted to, on a world in light and life, 625

Integrity intellectual, true teacher’s maintenance of, 1433

Intellect(s) actions and motivations of the, the Soul’s reflections of the, 1237
    advancement of, a phase of morontia progression, 342
    animal, in first five adjutants, 481
    bestower of, the Third Source and Center the, 1156
    vs. faith, 1653
    God-conscious, and survival, 26
    human, material origin of, 103
       possible transcendence of Jesus’ divine mind over his, 1514, 1521
    Jesus’ attainment of full growth of his human, 1395
    liaison, and mind-energy manipulators, 69, 505
    midwayer, in last two adjutants, 481
    significance of the, in mortal experience, 1136, 1236
    source of endowment of, 99, 1435
    subhuman, in first five adjutants, 481
    superior, vs. inferior, in seeking culture, 578
    universe, Conjoint Actor’s capacity to co-ordinate, 98

Intellectual achievements, higher, schools of the Prince especially concerned with, 587
    achievements, promotion of, during fourth dispensation, 588
    assent, the only requirement of religions of authority, 1729
    attainment, on an advanced evolutionary sphere, 629
       of ascenders in Havona, 158
       co-ordination of, with mechanical development on worlds in light and life, 630
    attention, technique of arresting the, 194, 1705
    belief, Jesus’ faith not a mere, 2087
    bent, influence of, on man’s religious philosophy, 1113, 1435
    capacity, of the human candidate, the Adjuster’s interest in the, 24, 1186
    certainty, a result of Jesus’ teachings, 1112
    comprehension, diversity of, among believers, 1866, 1931
    cross-fertilization, an essential to attainment of social brotherhood, 597
    death, a definition, 761, 1230
    doubt, vs. spiritual faith, 1329, 1729
    endowment, probable, of the mortal candidate, the Adjuster’s cognizance of the, 1186
    expansion, flowering of successive ages of, in seventh epoch, 577, 1121
    freedom, an eventual result of gospel preaching, 1930
    greatness, and a high civilization, 584, 911
    growth, vs. spiritual growth in Greece, 1078
    insight, in universe illumination, 9, 2088
    isolation, cause of, 950, 1434
    keenness, as related to error, 755
    level of worship, 66, 383
    life, effect on, of physical variations in planetary life, 562-563
    nature, Third Source and Center’s characteristics of the, 102, 648
    philosophy, vs. religion, 403, 1780
    potential of evolutionary races, quickening of, 586, 637
    power, Jesus an, 1589
    pride, deceitfulness of, 1940
    progress, vs. progress through an educational regime, 984, 1094
    reality, of philosophy, 1780, 2094
    sincerity, man’s need to pray in the light of, 999
    stagnation, of the Greeks, under the mystery cults, 1080
    systems, co-ordinate, in selfhood, 1227, 1591
    training, fundamental, a specialty of the Adamic schools, 587
    types of univitatia, function of each of the, 493
    unity, 42, 638
    values, Infinite Spirit’s Paradiseward pull of, 104, 155
    value level of the cosmic circles, 569
    world, eternal truth in the, 40, 1434
    yardstick, the “scientific method’ an, 2078, 2083

Intellectuality man’s, three classes of, 1241

Intelligence(s) of angels, not directly available to mortals, 1246
    brotherhood of, Lucifer’s advocacy of, 604
    character of, 42, 289
    circuit, unifying, of a Master Spirit, a superuniverse circuit, 91, 177
    co-ordinators, superaphic, Hearts of Counsel reflective of, 312, 431
    corps, field of operations of, 425, 429, 856
       seraphic, function of, during Lucifer rebellion, 606
       of superior seraphim, function of, 429
    of Deity, factors in evolution of space bodies, 172
    desirability of love’s guidance by, 1922
    division, of the work of the kingdom, 1668
    of the early Andon tribes, 705, 715
    endowment of, Conjoint Actor’s exclusive domain, 140
       a definition, 52, 140, 193, 613
    gatherers, Solitary Messengers as, 259
    lines of, inward passage of, to Third Person of Deity via Seven Master Spirits, 186
    lower orders of, vs. highest universe personality, 62
    mind on all levels of, 9
    -ministry circuit, scope of, 177, 377
    moral nature not explained by, 192
    origin of, 908, 1949
    of power centers and directors, 321
    reality and unity of, with unlimited potential, Havona exhibition of, 162
    seraphim assigned in accordance with, 1241
    source of, Conjoint Actor the, 8
    of time, custodians of knowledge the repositories of, 302
    universe, and true revelation of God, 103

Intelligent beings, grouping of, in vertical relationship, 568
    creature(s), evolution of, by Creator Sons, 645
       existence, the three phases of, 366
       likeness of, to the Father, 645
       never-ending multiplication of, 645
       provision for unification of divine personality on all levels of, 348, 640
    life, lower orders of, mind ministry of Infinite Spirit to, 401
       unrevealed forms, 565

Intent the Father’s judgment of one by his, 1576

Interassociation of universe activities, results of control of, 56

Interbreeding between peoples of the garden and the world, delay in, 583

Intercessors between man and God, present status of, 986, 1013

Intercommunication between morontia and other types of beings, 504

Interdependence of Father and Son, 90

Interelectronic space, atomic activities in, 478

Interest legitimate return from honest wealth, 1464

Interglacial epochs, and dispersion of early humans, 700

Intergravity tensions, effect of, on processions of energy particles, 476

Intermarriage Andites’ restrictions regarding, 880
    between families of tribal chiefs, 788
    of degenerate strains of a race, result, 920
    of evolutionary and violet races, attitude of Urantians toward, 836
    tribal, promotion of, by Tut’s group, 748, 790

Intermediaries between divine and material life, Melchizedeks the, 385
    none, between Adjusters and their human subjects, 1187

Internal stimuli, material mechanisms for reaction to, 730

International affairs, Jesus’ early familiarity with, 1370
    commercial exchange, establishment of an, results, 908
    language, little progress in the development of an, on Urantia, 908
    police force, ability of, to prevent minor wars, 1489
    relations, wisdom in fostering, 208, 908-909
    techniques of civilized adjudication, substitution of, for war, 598

Internationalism of the post-Adamic epoch, 594
    a step toward peace, 1489

Internationality in religion, Egypt’s onetime concepts of, 1048

Internationalization of the God of Israel, Jeremiah’s part in the, 1067

Internment of rebellious midwayers, 584, 863

Interpersonal relationships, morality of, and ethical sensitizers, 433

Interplanetary affairs, Urantia’s means of contact with, 318, 322, 439, 580
    communication, suspension of, during Lucifer rebellion, 529, 607

Interpretation(s) vs. goals, in religion, 1130
    of the golden rule, the truest, 1950
    of the parable of the sower, 1689-1691

Interpreter(s) of cosmic citizenship, 434-435
    of ethics on Paradise, liaison of Unions of Souls with, 312
    in man’s mind, effect of, 2094
    and translators, functions of, 546

Interstellar space, absolute zero not attained in, 473

Interuniverse communication, and reflective circuits, 318

Intervention of the Gods, ancient belief in, 843
    superhuman, Jesus’ decision to refrain from, in the crisis of his life, 1519

Intolerance a definition, 1115, 1204, 1641, 1768
    freedom of Jesus from, 1671
       of worlds of ascension from, 534, 597
    human progress as influenced by, 803
    religious, cause of, 1486

Intoxicants primitive races’ interest in, 776

Intoxicating drinks, abstinence from, a Nazarite requirement, 1496
    liquors, derivation of, from plants, 945

Intoxication and divinity, primitive man’s belief concerning, 945, 968

Intraelectronic positions of the one hundred interassociated ultimatons, a variety of ultimatonic motion, 476, 482

Intratribal tranquility, vs. intertribal peace, 784

Intrauniverse travel, a part of ascendant career, 340

Introspection prayer an antidote for, 1621
    religious, Jesus’ philosophy without, 1583

Intuition(s) adjutant of, function of, with four control creatures, 378
    cosmic, development of, 192
    moral, definition, 192, 402
    women’s, vs. men’s, 938

Invasion of man by spirit of Universal Father, 542

Invention and cultural development, 907
    of post-Adamic age, 593, 779
    stimulation of, by cold and hunger, 718

Inventive endowment, the inventor’s fair share of the rewards of, 1464

Invertebrate-animal age, 674-676

Investment of excess earnings, the Master’s belief concerning, 1803

Invincibility of Jesus as a mortal, 1970

Invisibility of the Adjusters, possible reason for the, 1181
    of certain children of Adamson and Ratta, 583, 861
    of the Great Supreme, 1452
    of spirit beings, 25

Invitation-command of the Universal Father, 86, 290

Ionization of atmospheric oxygen, cause of, 666
    solar, calcium’s resistance to, 462
    of upper atmosphere, case of, 666

Ionized matter, definition, 472

Ionosphere upper, of Jerusem, reflection of light-energy from the, 520

Iran origin of Mithraism in, 1082

Iranian Ahura, worship of, in Arabia, 1050
    Andites, appearance of, in Europe, 898
    conceptions of good and evil, influence of, on the Hebrew religion, 1052
    cult of Mithras, popularity of, in the Greco-Roman world, 1081

Iron Age, simultaneous existence of, with Stone and Bronze Ages in different localities, 903
    Age, localities, 903
    apostolic work in, 1637, 1643
    lines, in solar spectra, reason for excess of, 462
    mines of North America and Europe, location of, as regards rock layers, 671
    ores, Andite artisans’ working of, in Egypt, 894

Iroquois failure of, to become a state, cause, 800, 933, 960

Isaac Abraham’s attempt to secure a wife for, among his own people, 1023
    Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice, 981
    birth of, significance, 1021
    faith of, in Melchizedek teachings, 1023
    the sole inheritor of Abraham’s property, 1023

Isador Gospel of Matthew written by, 1341

Isador’s narrative of Jesus’ life, 1560

Isaiah (the first) change in concept of God’s nature after days of, 1597
    doctrines of the, high concepts of God in the, 1057
    encouragement of, to the fear-ridden and soul-hungry, 1066, 1071
    the Father’s use of, 1731
    Hosea’s introduction to the God concept later presented by, 1066
    Jesus’ synagogue reading from, time and place, 1532, 1629, 1686
    John the Baptist especially impressed by the writings of, 1499
    prediction of, regarding Jerusalem, 1074
    and a Universal Creator, 1598, 1768

Isaiah (the second) appearance of, 1068, 1069, 1075
    influence of, on the Jewish priesthood, 1068

Ishtar identity and influence of, 1042-1043

Isis cult of, in Egypt, 1043, 1048, 1082

Islam dominance of, over Buddhism in northern India, 1030
    effect of Jewish theology and Christian teachings on, 1011
    overwhelming of Abnerian kingdom concepts by, 1869
    some quotations from, 1051
    on Urantia today, 1011, 1051

Islamic faith, followers of the, failure of, to grasp the idea of the Trinity, 1144
    religion, establishment of the, 1051

Island universes Orvonton, 131

Islands of the Pacific, breaking away from mother continent by, time of, 668
    of the Pacific, diversity of races on the, 884

Isle of Light ascendant pilgrims’, final training of, on the, 301
    Eternal Son’s abode, 640
    keepers of formal archives of, 281
    and Life, 118, 301

Isle of Paradise about, 5, 24, 118-127
    Adjuster-fused mortals’ destination, 450
    the center of gravity, 42, 71, 100, 101, 125, 133, 153, 329, 461
    characteristics of, 8, 469
    degree of power of control and co-ordination in the, 49
    description, 7
    energy facts of the, embraced in the unity of Deity, 233, 1138
    function of, 29, 99, 101, 139, 1265
    home of Trinity-origin beings, 148
    and impersonal reality, 7, 81
    one of the seven Absolutes, 1147
    the original pattern, 24, 467
    presence circuit of the, 45
    and puissant energy, 329
    reality and eternity of the, 92, 125
    relation of universal beauty to, 647
    residence of the Infinite Spirit, 257
    a sanctuary of divine service, 303
    and spiritualizing influences of Third Person of Deity, 143
    and Universal Father’s physical control of the master universe, 135
    see also Paradise

Isle of Patmos John’s banishment to the, 1555

Isolated personality, Judas an, 2055
    worlds, bestowal Son’s function in re-establishment of lines of communication with, 394, 529
       definition, 394, 546
       primary supernaphim as commanders of seraphic hosts on, 298
      readmission of, into system family, 529, 611
       of Satania, interest of Lanaforge in, 511
          Most High emergency administrator’s relation to, 491

Isolation effect of, 764, 1776
    Jesus’ memorable, 1523
    of Mesopotamian peninsula, 703
    nothing lives in, 647, 1985
    personality’s inability to perform in, 1227
    of personality, prayer’s influence in preventing, 996, 1099
    planetary, cause of, 266, 394, 755, 1119
       social and fraternal, Jesus’ warning against, 1580, 2055

Israel customs of, in regard to tribal gods, 1044
    history of, Jesus’ interest in, 1359, 1510
    John’s baptism for the good of, 1511
    vs. Judah, 1073
    post-Moses struggle of, to know God, 1732
    quandary of, as to their subjugation to gentile overlords, 1500
    reaction of, to Samuel’s proclamation: “The Lord enriches and impoverishes…”, 1063
    repudiation of the Son of God by, 1910

Israelite(s) actual number of tribes of, in Palestine, 1071
    reaction of, to Hosea’s pronouncements regarding God’s love for other than the “chosen people”, 1066
    representative, Jewish concept of the Messiah as the, 1352, 1509, 1865
    reversion of, to foundation sacrifices after Moses’ death, 981

Israel’s deliverer, Mary’s growing conviction that Jesus was, 1385

Isthmus of Gibraltar, destruction of the, 890

Italy Salem missionaries’ lack of success in, 1080

Itinerary Thomas’ management of the apostolic, 1547, 1561


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