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Oath(s) of allegiance of Adam and Eve, 828
    of Creator Michael in accepting initial vicegerent sovereignty, 238
    of eternity, Trinity, administration of, by Chief of the Transcendentalers, 351
    origin of the, 797

Obadiah identity and influence of, 1067

Oban Onagar’s headquarters at, 716

Obedience Jesus’ pledge to his parents of, 1384
    to the truth, vs. veneration of the teacher, 1413

Objective Jesus’ one, 1522

Objectivity total, a definition, 2095

Obligation(s) ethical, character of, 616
    Jesus’ teaching as to bearing, 1770
    to the state, moral myth of the citizen’s, 800

Obscene appearance of, in scriptures of religions, 1004

Observers ascending mortals as, in celestial personality corps, 416
    student visitors as, 339
    Vorondadek, on isolated worlds, 390

Obstacles a challenge to the kingdom builder, 1740

Occident adoption of Western Jewish viewpoint by the, 1338
    Andite expansion in the, 889-899
    of the first century after Christ, 1332-1333
    Jesus’ acquaintance with the civilization of the, 1427
    nominal Christian faith’s final dominance of the, 1083
    and Orient, delay in cultural intercourse between, 879
    religions, of times of Jesus, 1336-1337
    woman’s difficulty in the, under Pauline doctrines, 937

Occidental(s) faiths, the Levant the homeland of, 1042
    increasing divorce among, a cause of, 929
    peoples, Christianity’s present status among, 2075
    philosophy, the embodying of Melchizedek teachings in, 1077
    tongues, source of the similarity of, 872
    white races, members of the Caucasoid class, 905
    world, Ikhnaton’s nearness to changing the whole history of the, 1047

Occupations of Nazareth’s citizens, Jesus’ early acquaintance with, 1367

Ocean(s) absence of, on Edentia, 486
    absence of, on Jerusem, 520
    beds plus overlying water, weight of, vs. that of the continents, 668
       sinking of, during climatic transition stage, 683
    currents, shifting of, results, 697, 699
    -floor water pressure, 669
    formation of Urantia’s first, 660

Oceanic influences, a factor in climate fluctuations, 662
    nursery of life on Urantia, 684

Octopus evolutionary position of, 732

Offerings to the Edenic priesthood, character of, 848
    making of Nazarite, by John the Baptist, 1496

Offspring affectionate regard for, a mammalian survival advantage, 693
    control of, and cultural civilization, 769

Og the raid on, a typical picture of ancient practice, 779

Oil deposit of, during brachiopod age, 677
    presence of, in coal layers, 681
    in sedimentations of Cretaceous stage, 690
    source of, 677

Ointment costly, Mary’s anointing of Jesus with, 1879

Okhban status of, among the Egyptians, 1046

Old age, infirmities of, on worlds in light and life, 625
    -age insurance in the continental nation, 814
       large families as, 940
    -age pensions, administration of, in the continental nation, 814
    vs. the new in social organization, 911
    order, avoidance of, in teaching the gospel of the kingdom, 1655
       vs. the new order, 1609, 1904, 2043
    religion, vs. the new, 1951
    Stone Age, and the blue man, 725
       identity of the, 718
    Testament, Amenemope’s teachings a forerunner of the, to the Hebrews, 1046
       kingdom ideas of Jewish literal readers of the, 1500
       a marital guilt test as recorded in the, 795
       story of creation, date of the, 837
       women regarded as property in the, 917
    way, vs. new way, 1609

Oligarchy of age, and the patriarchal idea, 789

Oligocene period, length of, 696

Olivet the boy Jesus’ weeping on, reason for, 1381

Olympian gods, an illustration of man’s anthropomorphism, 1078

Omen a definition, 963

Omniaphim first Technical Advisers chosen from, 279
    ministering spirits in the superuniverses, 306
    origin of, 286
    as Paradise Companions, 283

Omnificence the fallacy of, acceptance of, 1300
    and omnipotence, 1299-1300

Omnipersonal Personalized Adjusters are, 1201

Omnipotence angels’ lack of, 1841
    a child’s transfer of his ideas of, from parents to God, 1013
    and compossibility, 1299
    of Conjoint Creator, limitations of, 99
    of Deity, not the power to do the nondoable, 1299
    and dominance of the absolute level, 47
    of Eternal Son, 76
    God’s, 1442, 1454
    and omnificence, 1299-1300

Omnipotent Deity, 2

Omnipresence definition of, 44
    of Divine Minister in Nebadon, 510
    divine, ubiquity of Deity, vs., 1296
    of the Eternal Son, relation of, to that of the Universal Father, 76, 77
    of the Father, relation of, to that of the Eternal Son, 76, 77
    of God, 45, 1443, 1448
       and the Son, 81
    outstanding attribute of Infinite Spirit, 92, 94, 95, 96, 99-100
    Seven Master Spirits’ collective attribute of, 186
    of the Supreme, 1452
    and ubiquity, 1296-1297

Omnipresent Deity, 2

Omniscience of Father and Son, 76, 81, 1855
    limitation of, 49
    and predestination, 1300-1301
    and reflectivity, 105
    Seven Master Spirits’ collective attribute of, 186
    spiritual, of the Eternal Son, 77

Omniscient Deity, 2

Omnivorousness of Material Sons’ offspring, 593
    of most world races, 594, 901

Omri attempted land deal of, 1073

Onagar birth date of, 716
    doctrines of, 716
    first truth teacher, 715-717
    identity of, 1009
    life span of, 716
    on Urantia advisory council, 513

Onamonalonton achievements of, 723
    center, the oldest Amerindian culture, 884
    length of life of, 723
    and the red man’s council of seven, 789
    on Urantia advisory council, 513

One day alone with God, 1920-1921
    God, the alter ego’s evolution to, 997
       characteristics of the, 1450
       doctrine of, in Chinese religions, 1451
       greatness of the, 1453
       Greeks’ search for, at time of coming of Christianity, 2071
       Ikhnaton’s apparent failure to impose the worship of, 1048, 1049
       Melchizedek’s attempt to keep alive the truth of the, 1017, 1018
       of Salem, vs. the many gods of Mesopotamia, 1018, 1019
    High in Authority, function of, in a trinitized evolutionary trio, 217
       sponsor of Paper 25, 284
    hundred, the, organization of, 745-749
    Truth,” of Singlangton, 513, 724, 825, 889
    -two-three, the first, the only loyal midwayer leaving Urantia, 866
    Universal Deity, Islam’s steadfast presentation of, 1051

One-brained type of mortals, characteristics of, 566

One-celled organisms, of early marine life, 674

Oneness absolute, of Deity, 108
    absolute, of Father and Son, 79, 90
    of Conjoint Actor, Universal Father, and Eternal Son, 92, 97, 115
    of divinity, 31
    with divinity, a definition, 639
    of Eternal Son and Universal Father, 88, 97, 1750
    of execution, in the divine Trinity, 115
    with the Father, Jesus’ consciousness of his, 1786, 2092
    of Jesus and his Father, 1855, 1985
    of spiritual influences, 95

Ophel connection of, with feast of tabernacles ceremony, 1794

Opium medicinal use of, by the Sumerians, 992

Opportunity boundless, in God’s plan for his creatures, 365

Opposable thumb, dawn mammals’ development of, 704-705

Optimism child’s trusting, Jesus’ possession of a, 2089

Optimist(s) blind, Jesus not a, 1102
    a definition, 1954
    Simon Peter an, 1550

Oracles the Latins’ consulting of, 1080
    traditional, supposed inspiration of, and the transmission of truth, 963, 1731

Oral law a definition, 1713
    Jesus’ conflict with Jewish, 1368, 1713

Orange and green races, struggle of, 724
    man(men), 723-724, 728
       extinction of, 585, 591, 724, 728
    race, beliefs of, regarding after life, 953
       effect of, on the early races in India, 880
       Porshunta, oracle of the, 513

Oratory of Nebadon, vs. that of Urantia, 1503
    on worlds in light and life, 630

Orbital stability of earth and moon, results, 657

Orbits of circulatory matter, variations in, 667
    of nebular suns, determination of, 653

Ordeals Jesus’ denunciation of belief in, 1681
    primitive, for crime detection, 795

Order and stability in the universe, 55

Ordination apostolic, arrival of long-waited hour of, 1568-1570
    instruction of the twelve, preliminary, 1568-1569
    Jesus’ promise of, to the new evangelists, 1668
    pledge, of the Salem missionaries, 1077
    sermon, the, 1570-1571
       of the seventy, Peter’s, six points in, 1805
    of the seventy, 1800-1808

Organic evolution absence of, on Jerusem, 521
    on inhabited worlds, conditioning of, 730
    planetary rebellion’s effect on, 754

Organisms vs. mechanisms, 1227

Organization influence of, on growth of Christianity, 2070
    perfecting the apostles’, 1544

Organized society, right of, to employ force, 1470

Orient and Occident, delay in cultural intercourse between, 879
    revival of spiritual consciousness in the, 1078
    waiting of the, for a new religion, 2069

Oriental law, characteristics of, 2072
    minds, myths of, regarding leaders, 1352

Origin lowly, no handicap to recognition of ability, 240, 508
    man’s, vs. his eternal destiny, 2076
    nature, and destiny, man’s ignorance of his, 1660
    and nature of Thought Adjusters, 1176-1184

Original a definition of the, 1262
    and Eternal Son, 88, 445
    and Infinite Spirit, approach to creatures of the realms by the, 249, 445
    Michael, relation of Infinite Spirit to Havona bestowals of the, 87-88, 94
    Personality, absoluteness of, 1434
       man’s relation to the, 30
    reality, the primal concept of, 7
    sin, the belief in the idea of, 974
       concept of, development of the, 952, 971, 978
       origin of Paul’s theory of, 1339
    Son, activity of, on Paradise, character of, 76, 83
       confusion of Michael of Nebadon with the, 74
       and the Father’s eternal purpose, 81
       of God, the Eternal Son the, 73
       Havona ascenders’ consciousness of spirit of the, 84
       Monota an eternity counterpart of the spirit energy of the, 471
       Paradise Sons portraitures of, 87
       relation of Paradise to eternalization of the, 127
       self-consciousness of, 76
    Unity, the Universal Father the, 1148

Originality and authority of Jesus’ teaching, 1672
    vs. eccentricity, 1673
    unstifled, of Jesus, 1102

Origins finite, value of, 215
    significance of, 314
    of worship, 944-949

Orlandof mission of, 725
    on Urantia advisory council, 513

Orphic brotherhood, development of the cult of the, in Greece, 1079

Orthodoxy intolerance of, a danger in formalized religion, 1092

Orvonon mission of, 725

Orvonton Adjuster’s presence with man in, 449
    belief regarding outer space creations, 131
    Census Directors, chief of, 267
    character of mind in, 481
    the choice of Solitary Messengers as a field of service, reason for, 259
    classification of Sons of God, 223
    counterclockwise motion of, genetic character of, 168
    curtailment of System Sovereigns’ powers in, 511
    definition, 1
    divisions of, rotation of, around Uversa, 168
    an experience of mortal progress through, 80
    future astronomic observation of the grand divisions of, 459
    a giant sun of, description, 460
    identification, 182, 189
    identity of Master Spirit of, 376
    limitation of reflectivity service in, 308
    local universes of, accumulation of midsoniters’ corps in, 401
    loyalty of Trinity-embraced sons to, 244
    Master Spirit of, a function of, 190, 197
    merciful-ministry function of, 182
    Nebadon a young universe in, 359
    number of Solitary Messengers operating in, 256
       of Son-fused mortals in, 450
       of suns in, 172
    and origin of Andronover nebula, 651
    physical center of, distance of Jerusem from, 359
    position of Nebadon in, 359-360
    power directors, relation of, to outer space activities, 131
    seraphic assignment in, 421
    the seventh Paradise satellite of the Spirit, relation of, to seventh superuniverse, 198
    seventh superuniverse, 129, 344
    spheres of, arrangement, 167
    standard day, length of, in Urantia time, 174
    sun-forming nebulae in, 170
    superuniverse of, 165, 167-168, 175
    Technical Advisers operating in, number of, 279
    type of cosmic mind, Nebadon pervaded by, 102
    univitatias’ standing in, 493
    Urantia astronomers’ observation of major divisions of, 167
       universe’s position in, 165
    Uversa the capital of, 340
    year, length of, in Urantia time, 174

Osiris an Egyptian god, 1045, 1067, 1081

Other -awareness, innate, a definition, 196
    side,” definition, 364
    -than-personal beings and entities, 143, 333
    -than-personal reality, ability of Eternal Son to create, 77

Oudah beliefs, of the African Pygmies, 994

Outer space associate force organizers’ operations in, 329
    bodies, astronomic velocities of, unreliability of Urantia estimations of, 134
    creations, expansion of function of God the Sevenfold in the, 12
    effect of, on electronic and ultimatonic activity, 473
    exploration of, by Solitary Messengers, 260
    finaliters’ service of the Supreme Being in, 643
    first universe of, mobilization of, 351
    forces, vs. grand universe physical energies, 131
    identifiable aggregations of matter in, number of, 354
    level(s), activities in the, 129
       fourth, extension of pervaded space beyond the, 124
       Paradise force organizers’ activities in, 131
       second universe of, energy mobilizations in, 351
    mind activities in, 132
    mobilizing universes of, 2
    the Nebadon Corps of the Finality and, 2015
    number of nebulae types in, 169
    possible ministry of finaliters in, 628
    Seven Master Spirits’ conditioning of segments of, 184
    Solitary Messengers’ inability to detect the presence of Adjusters in, 1183
    a source of short space rays, 667
    universe organization in, 130
    universes, Ascendington probable Paradise home world of children of, 148
       destination of Corps of Mortal Finality, 345
       possible collaboration of Michael and the Supreme Being in, 1318
       preparation for developments in the, 353-354
    Unqualified Absolute in, 14

Outer-spacers possible future function of evolutionary citizens of the grand universe to, 262, 1280
    universes, accompaniment of Creator Sons by Divine Ministers on possible missions to the, 635
       future, forecast of, 353
          probable administrators of the, 353
       grand universe response to potentials of, 353
       linear gravity operative in, 125
       probable function of Creator Sons in, 643-644
       three pertinent facts regarding the, 354
       uninhabited, 354
       winding up of, apparent, 176
    zone, of nether Paradise, functions, 122, 123

Outmarriage final dominance of, reason, 919

Out-mating relation of peace and, 919

Outward working, most profound, Jesus’ decision to perform his, reason, 1837

Overcare heavenly Father’s, Jesus’ complete certainty of the, 1470, 1579, 1954, 2089

Overcoming evil with good, 1770
    the world, by Jesus, 1954

Overcontrol of basic energy systems, pure spirit the potential of, 292, 638
    of evolution, 730-740
    of Supremacy, 115
    universe, of the Unqualified Absolute, 14

Overcontrollers of the master universe, 2

Overministry of Paradise Trinity, 380

Overpopulation inevitable problem of, 770, 908

Overrevelation an evil of, 330

Oversoul the Brahman’s belief in, 1030
    of creation, 37, 1278, 1283, 1285-1287
    Indian concept of the, 1030

Overspecialization danger of, 1673, 1726

Overteaching dangers of, 750
    Jesus not guilty of, 1535

Overthrust rock, in British Columbia, 690

Ovid identity of, 1019

Oxen as early burden bearers, 746, 902, 909

Oxygen atmospheric, exhaustion of, by meteoric combustion, 659
    carrier, iron in circulating blood cells, 737
    -enriching atmosphere, a meteor-resisting shield, 660
    free, generation of, on Urantia, 660

Oysters bivalve gastropods of late invertebrate-animal age, 676, 732
    evolution of, in later reptilian age, 687

Ozone Urantia’s, function of, 665


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