General Fund

Donations to Urantia Association that are not designated for one of our restricted funds [Program Funds] are deposited into the General Fund. The Representative Council (our volunteer officers elected from around the world) budgets these funds annually based on service project needs and priorities. Most of the Association’s service projects are dependent on the General Fund, allowing the greatest flexibility for project planning, along with the initiation of new projects as opportunities arise and funding allows.

The General Fund is the life blood of any non-profit organization. Our service projects are realized through the support of an administration working to keep the Association strong and vibrant. While generous volunteers conduct most of our activities, Urantia Association has one full-time employee, the Executive Administrator who manages the Central Office and coordinates all administrative, financial and governance activities. The administrator is required to be a student of The Urantia Book thus also providing a stable portal—and a supportive person—to field and respond to inquiries from the public and Urantia Book reader/students.

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