Urantia Book
A-Z Topical Index


Qualified Absolute, the Deity Absolute, 14
    Absolute, and the Infinite, 13
       relation of Universal Absolute to, 5
       unification of the, with the unqualified, 15
    Vicegerents of the Ultimate, 333, 1167, 1291
       Reflective Image Aids representation of, 179

Quality definition, 82, 1477
    difference between quantity and, 82, 1477
    is felt”, 1219

Quanta electronic conditions resulting in giving off, 475
    and energy absorption and release, 474

Quantity definition, 1477
    physical matter, 82

Quantum behavior, wave mechanics of, reason for confusion regarding, 474
    definition, 474

Quarantine of planets and systems, reason for, 46
    of Urantia, effect of, on Urantia Revelation, 578
       lack of effect of, regarding the Eternal Son and the spirit-gravity circuit, 82

Quarantined worlds, Vorondadek observers on, 491

Quartan space level, number of Master Architects composing the, 352

Quartz change of limestone to, 676

Quasi-physical beings, invisibility of, to mortals, 320

Queen(s) and kings, origin of prestige of, 632, 790
    mother, Mary’s spirit of a, at Cana, 1528

Quest of the ages, true liberty the, 613

Question(s) and answers, Jesus’ teaching of his apostles by, 1546
    classes, apostles’ conduct of, at the Bethsaida camp, 1657
    conferences, temple, Jesus’ discovery of, 1380
    Jesus’ disquieting, effect of, on parents and teacher, 1368
       purpose in asking, 1383, 1460, 1786
    Peter an asker of many, 1550
    Philip’s foolish, Jesus’ recall of, 1960

Quibblers Andrew’s denunciation of the six spies as, 1654

Quibblings Greek intellectual, Simon’s assignment to deal with, 1565

Quiet hour of Jerusem, 520
    zones, shape and functions, 125, 1170

Quinine an early medicine, 991

Rabbi(s) apostles’ ignorance of the lore of the, 1548
    disagreement of, as to “who is my neighbor?”, 1580
    inability of, to justify their rejection of Jesus, 1907
    schools of the, Jesus’ lack of instruction in the, 1790
    teaching of, concerning the ignorant, 1545
    technique of acquiring the title of, 1891

Race(s) amalgamation, Adamite, results, 871
    amalgamation, in Mexico and Central America, 727
       prevention of, purpose of castes, 882
       Urantia, modern, dangers of, 726
       Urantian, limited, prerequisite to successful, 920
    blending of, on a normal planet, time of, 593
    colored, sudden mutation of six, time of, 701
    commissioners, function of, 411, 553, 1253
    decadence, a Roman weakness, 2074
    eighth Urantia, 857
    enlightened, of worlds in light and life, nature of, 630
    evolving, authority of Material Sons and Daughters to purge the, 627
    God no respecter of, 1736
    high spiritualization of, during Teacher Son age, 598
    human, members of, 513, 715
    improvement, danger of mistakes in, 585
       during ages of light and life, basis of, 630
       a factor in an expanding civilization, 804
       limitations of Prince’s staff in, 574, 747
       Serapatatia’s plan for speeding up, 841
       Urantian, methods of, 586
    individual, and God’s doings, 48
    intermingling on present-day Urantia, dangers in, reason, 920
    mixed, 904-905, 918
    mixture, advantages of, 880
       effect of, on sex attitudes, 913
       influence of, on child culture, 941
    modern, persistence of fear in, reason for, 851
    mortal, earlier, vs. later, 584
    number of, on normal worlds in light and life, 625
    one, during postbestowal Son era, 597
    original colored, present existence of only two, 919
    for perfection is on”, 365
    pure, present nonexistence of, 919
    purification program on Urantia, difficulty attending a, 585, 592
    separation of mortals into, reason for, 715
    survival of primitive man, results of competition in, 592
    of Urantia, Jesus’ contact with all but one of the surviving, 1485
    from which Mighty Messengers spring, 246

Rachel, a member of the women’s corps about, 1679
    query of, regarding salvation, 1682

Rachel, of old and her sacred stones, 944

Racial amalgamation, 584, 585, 586, 593
    blending, Melchizedek’s advice to Adam regarding, 827
       a prerequisite to universal peace, 594
    deterioration, of Rome, Christianity’s inability to compensate for, 2074
    differences, persistence of, on mansion worlds, 553
    dispersion, the great age of, 591
    diversification, stimulation of competition by, 726
    guilt, man’s and Jesus’ death on the cross, 2003, 2016
    hatreds, present, the explanation of, 1220
    heroes, respect for, in the Occident, 1012
    ideals, a factor in material civilization, 909-910
    identity, Aryans’ effort to perpetuate, 882
    interpreters, function of, 553
    mixtures, 919-921
    morality, influence of, on forms of religion, 1005
    obliteration, 591
    reasons for class distinctions, 793
    representation among women impregnated with Adamic life plasm, 851
    sin, development of the idea of atonement for, 978
    solidarity, Jewish sense of, 1511
       the yellow man the first to achieve, 885
    strains, purification of, during post-Adamic age, 593
    tendencies, influence of, on man’s philosophy of religion, 1113
    types, social tendencies, characteristic of the basic, 553

Racially degenerate stocks, the unwise perpetuation of, 1088

Radiant energy modification of inheritance factors by certain long rays of, 667
    source of, 667

Radiation solar, 460-461

Radio transmission waves, position of in Orvonton scale, 474

Radioactive matter, definition, 472

Radiobroadcasts long-distance transmission of, reason for, 666

Radium clock, and estimation of age of Urantia, 659
    emanations in lead formation, 474
    positive and negative particles of, velocity of, 477

Ragaba Nathaniel the Pharisee’s home at, 1825
    the seventy’s labors in, 1817

Railing and mocking of Jesus, by spectators of the crucifixion, 2008

Rain falling of, on just and unjust, 1571, 1830
    an illustration of energy direction, 461
    maker, the shaman as a, 988
    mountain building as influenced by, 662

Rainbow attitude toward, in India and Africa, 947

Rainfall absence of, on Jerusem, 520

Rainier beginning of the mountain career of, 698

Ramah apostles’ meetings in, 1637, 1641-1643, 1741

Ramath the seventy’s labors in, 1817

Ramman Babylonian god of air, 1637

Ramona Cain’s wife, 849

Ransom and atonement, incompatibility of, with Jesus’ teachings about God, 2017
    redemption, and covenants, evolution of modern sacramental services from former, 981, 983

Ransomed first-born of the Lord God of Israel, Jesus becomes a, 1373

Rantowoc the first mortal to secure a personal guardian, 1242

Rantulia a Satania neighbor, 457

Rapping on wood, relation of, to tree worship, 946

Rationalization possible influence of, in religious experience, 1110

Ratta and Adamson, 861-862, 895
    ancestor of Jesus’ mother, 1245
    ancestry of, 861
    reaction of, to her unique children, 861

Ravens the Father’s provision for the, 1823

Reactions of approval of local universe life projection, in Paradise Trinity, 374
    of existence, time of appearance of, 951
    four supreme, of fatherly love, 1575
    universe, God’s limits to, self-imposed, 58

Reading courses, of Jesus, under the synagogue teachers, 1387

Real estate, the Zebedees’ investment of Jesus’ wages in, 1422

Realism physical, a passing episode in man’s earth life, 2076

Reality(ies) absolute, fusion of Adjuster and immortal soul an, 147
    absonite, see Absonite(s), realities
       level of, see Absonite(s), level(s), of reality
    actuality, and reality potential, equalizing tension between, 15
    all, dependence of, on existence and relationships of Seven Absolutes of Infinity, 1157
    awaiting those who survive the life in the flesh, 501
    balance of, between cosmic potentials and actuals, according to Lao-tse, 1033
    basis of, 55, 1228
    beginnings of, the Seven Absolutes of Infinity the, 1156
    of being, sharing of, by the Universal Father, 109
    the Brahman’s effort to find, 1029
    characteristics of, 8, 43
    complete, philosophy’s contribution toward the concept of, 1110
    completion of, faith the only passport to, 1117
    Conjoint Actor’s reaction to both material and spiritual, 140
    of Conjoint Creator, disclosure of, 99, 103
    consciousness of, the result from revelation, 1122
    co-ordinate, 7
    creative, spirit the, 484
    deified, personality a level of, 8
    deity, adjustment between undeified and, 15, 1157
    differentiation of, 6
    discourse on, 1433- 1436
    divine, of First Source and Center, 44
       of God the Son, 73, 74
       in time and space, man’s glimpse of, 57
       truth a, 42
       truth, beauty, and goodness are, 43
    economic necessities’ requiring man to face, 1093
    energy, mind, and spirit, innate recognition-realization of, 195
    enrichment of, 13
    error not a, 42
    eternal, ideals of, a definition, 1745
       and spiritual, vs. shadows of truth, 1641
       true religion’s partial insight into, 1728
    of eternity, vs. pleasures of time, 1745
    of the external, recognition of the, importance of, in human experience, 1123
    finite, the two prime manifestations of, 362
    finite level of, see Finite, level of reality
    fundamental, of personality experience, 140
    genesis of, to the creature mind, 1158
    of God, 23, 24, 48
       faith’s ability to grasp the, 1731
       no possible miracle demonstration to prove the, 1119
       Rodan’s contention as to proof of the, 1784
    God more than a, 1124
    growth, conditions influencing, 1163
    in human experience, soul a, 8
    idealized, God more than, 23, 53
    infinite, see Infinite, reality
       spiritual, Universal Father a, 25
    in the kingdom of God, Jesus’ talk on, 1615
    levels of, results of universe contest between, 37
    of life, Jesus’ frank facing of the, 1102
    magic’s attitude toward, 996
    manifestation, three degrees of, in the local universe, 1136
    of the material universe, 64
    measurement of, by physical-gravity response, and quality of spirit content, 140
    methods of relating children to, 92
    of morontia forms, 2029
       and spirit world activities, 498
    nature of, Jesus’ dissertation on the, 1434
    no real beginning to, 1153
    nonspirit, functional, space potency ancestral to, 126
    objective, the highest, technique of man’s contact with, 2095
    the one uncaused, 3
    origin of, 6-7, 1152
    the Paradise-Havona level of existential, 640
    of the Paradise Trinity, 112
    of pattern, components of, 10
    perception, relative, man’s greatest aids to, 1173
    personal, 8, 9, 141-142
    personality’s experience of, on the spiritual level, 645, 1139
    Peter’s dislike to face, 1551
    physical, of far-flung universes, consciousness of the cosmic mind of the, 196
       and spiritual, responsiveness of, to personal presence of the Paradise Father, 638
    positive, Unqualified Absolute a, 14
    potential, and reality actuality, equalizing tension between, 15
    prayer’s attainment of, 1002
    premise of, the seven Absolutes the, 1155
    problems, attainment of true perspective of, 215
    realization, the absolute finality of all, in the three Absolutes, 1172
    relation of beauty to, 43
       of true liberty to, 613
    relative, nonspirit functional, pure energy the ancestor of, 638
    of religion, human experience the highest evidence of the, 1127, 1129
    religious experience’s endowing of man’s concepts of ideality with, 1116
    response, in personality association of cosmic mind, 191
    of self-consciousness, 1479
    sensitivity, of cosmic mind, vs. energy-material response to gravity, 192
    and the seven Absolutes, 1157
    several levels of, Brahmanic philosophy’s failure to differentiate between the, 1031
    shadows of time, eternity’s reflection of, 2080
    signifies change, growth”, 1097
    the source of, 2095
    space potency not a level of, 126
    spirit, the natural the “shadow” of, 1692
    of spirit beings, 25
       things and spiritual beings, 118, 140
    of the spirit, duty of those who know about the, 1602
    spiritual, drawing of, to Eternal Son, 78
       God a, 28
       of spirit being, vs. human material satisfactions, 501
    of spiritual progress, identity of, 2078
       values and forces, 82
    supreme, sources of, 1263-1264
       of the universe, 1922
    the three primal phases of, 6, 7
    time-space finite, activities of, 11
    total, see Total, reality
    total integration of, presence of, in the Paradise Trinity, 1174
    totality, inevitable distortions in the human mind’s attempt to understand, 1152
    transcendent, God is, 23
    of the transcendental level, 1160
    the two phases of, 127
       subabsolute levels of, 640
    ultimate, see Ultimate(s), reality
    ultimate universe, how grasped, 31
    of the Universal Father, Lucifer’s rejection of the, 603
    universal, origin and nature of, 5, 6
    universe, the mission of art regarding, 557
       seven variations of, reason for, 110
       source of, 1434
       three levels of, the cosmic mind’s response to, 192
    unqualified, a definition, 645

Realization of the Father’s love, the cross a stimulation of the, 2019
    of personality, time of, 540
    a stage from reverence to love, 1675

Realm adjudication of, by a Son of God, 341

Reason ability of, to question faith, 1125
    alone, inability of, to validate the values of religious experience, 1116, 1125
    the basis of science, 1106, 1136, 1137, 1141-1142
    a definition, 1139
    faith’s sustaining of, to its limit, 1141
    -fate, of Stoicism, 1336
    the heavenly, patience of, 1452
    Jesus’ courage controlled by, 1103
    moral level of, and religion, 68
    morality, 196
    personality of God implied by, 28
    pure, and existence of God, 24
    religion not the product of, 1104-1105
    source of, Conjoint Actor the, 8
    a stabilizing influence in religion, 1137
    wisdom, and faith, man’s highest attainment, 1141

Reasoning strength of Jesus, 1589

Rebecca dedication of to awaiting the beginning of Jesus’ career, 1403
    identification of, 1402
    love of, for Jesus, 1402
    a member of the women’s corps, 1679
    onetime of Sepphoris, presence of, at Jesus’ crucifixion, 2008
    reaction of, to Jesus’ refusal to wed, 1403
    tarrying of, by Jesus’ tomb, 2013

Rebel(s) attitude of universe rulers toward, explanation, 618
    a coming end for, 529
    Lucifer, repentant, present activities of, 610
    pardon for, 39
    universe, refusal of, to approve the verdict, result, 615
    worlds, isolation of, by circuit supervisors, 266

Rebellion(s) absence of special conditions in Satania favorable to, 602
    Adam and Eve not guilty of, 845
    a coming end for, 529
    conscious, sin an attitude of, 1660
    of creatures of nature, results of, 57
    deliberate, against the Father’s will, sin the, 1660, 2003, 2016
       greatest punishment for, 37
    disastrous, in system 11, of constellation 37, consequences, 1311
    the greatest security against, 609
    Herod’s fear of John’s instigating a, 1506, 1508
    insurrectionary, and nature, 57
    leaders, rejection of Michael’s offer of salvation by the, 610
    local universe circuits affected by, 82
    Lucifer, immediate results of, 758
       many reasons for refraining from arbitrarily stopping the, 618
    of Material sons, personal results of, 581
    Nebadon’s experience with, 573
    number of, in Nebadon, 605, 1326
    origin of Lucifer’s ideas of, 602
    outbreak of, 755
    by a Planetary Prince, immediate result of, 394
    present status of the, 610-612
    prevention of, during Urantia bestowal, 1326
    provisions for meeting, 85
    sin, 361
    test of ascendant mortals in times of, 245
    of Trinity-origin beings, no risk of, 207
    universe, postsovereignty, method of dealing with, 1494
    Urantian, acute period of, 756
       effect of, on mission of Adam and Eve, 830

Rebellious worlds, Most High’s seizure of authority over, 489

Rebirth in the spirit, a definition, 1592

Reborn being, meaning of, 1576
    citizens, of the heavenly kingdom, the sons of God, 1568
    necessity for being, 1576

Rebuke James’ and John’s reaction to Jesus’, 1525
    Jesus’, of the Jewish leaders, 1910
       at Simon’s banquet, Judas Iscariot’s reaction to, 1879
       stinging, apostles’ reaction to, 1760
    of Peter, by Jesus, for attempted smiting of Malchus, 1974

Receivers of defaulting planetary governments, Melchizedeks as, 389, 1014

Receivership Melchizedek, of Urantia, function of, 607

Recents of Days absence of, from their capital spheres, 212
    associates and assistants of, 211
    creation of, simultaneous, 211
    function of the, 166, 179, 181, 211
    number of, 211
    Stationary Sons of the Trinity, 114, 207

Reception for Adam and Eve, time and place of, 829-830
    -banquet, customs of Jesus’ day at a, 1540
    companions, preparation of, for assignments, 283

Receptivity man’s capacity of, for the Spirit of Truth, prayer and, 2065
    silent, need for period of, in prayer, 1641

Recesses millennial, of mortal-finaliter companies, 249

Recession of light, and slowing down of Jerusem activities, 522

Recharging spiritual, of higher spirits, 502

Reckless Jesus’ lack of ever being, 1102

Recognition of God, inalienability and constitutiveness of, in all men, 196
    unearned, the true believer’s attitude toward, 1740

Reconciliation to God, the cross not man’s, 2019

Reconstructive power, of intense faith, 1669

Record personalities, seconaphim as, 201

Recorder(s) archangel, function of, 409
    morontia, function of, with spirit recorders, 544
    spiritual files of the, 288
    superior, origin of many, 431
    supreme seraphim, function of, 429
    system headquarters of, 525
    of universal conciliators, functions of, 276

Recording angels domiciles of, 525
    mortal-career records of, and memory recall by Spirit-fused mortals, 451
    of mortals, guardian seraphim the, 1243
    seraphim, seconaphim, and tertiary supernaphim, 302

Records advancement of, from capital to capital on basis of significance, 281
    Chiefs of, as directors of Celestial Recorders in superuniverses, 281
    formal and living, encountered from Urantia to Paradise, 281
       of superuniverse headquarters, 314
    human, destiny guardian’s conserving of, 1246
    importance of, in conduct of the universes, 308
    individual, source of, 281
    Jesus’ reason for making no, 1768
    preservation of, in triplicate, 525
    spiritual, technique of assembly and preservation of, 201
    of the universe, live, 201
    written, of Jesus’ life, 1341-1343

Recreation of morontia worlds, 502
    spiritual, a concern of reversion directors, 548
    and the twelve apostles, 1371
    war an ancient form of, 784
    the worthwhileness of, 942

Rectangles of Jerusem, rendezvous of lower native life, 522, 527-528

Red first of the six basic types of primitive men, 589
    man(men), 723
       vs. black race, 584
       blue man as compared with the, 725
       date of exodus from Asia of the, 869
       in eastern Asia, 833
       entrance of, into North America, time, 728, 884
       and Eskimo, Hudson Bay meeting of, 728
       excessive warfare of the, consequences, 887
       influence of the Dalamatian revelation on the, 1007
       migration of, direction of, 727
       Onamonalonton a far distant leader of the, 513
       onetime worship of circles of stones by the, 945
       and pictorial writing, 746
       possession by, of the highest sex code, 913
       present American, an admixture of races, 919
       self-destruction of, in the Americas, time, 880
       usually the first-appearing colored race, 735-736
    race(s), crucial struggle in Asia between the yellow and, 883
       early tribal organization of the, 883
       escape from Asia by the, 883
       isolation of, 871
       a superior people, 584
    and yellow peoples in Mexico and Central America, 727
       Sangik blood in the Nordic race, 897

Redemption and covenants, 982-983
    dual requisites for, 1446
    moral, a tenet of Paul’s teachings, 1337
    price, of first-born Jewish sons, 1352
    primitive man’s feeling of the need of, 974
    salvation as, 2018

Referee(s) trios, 276-277
    trios, justice guides appearance before, 434
    Uversa registration of, 414

Reference library, living, of universe of universes, 302

Reflection(s) profound, predication of faith on, 1459
    of the self in water, the savage’s association of the soul with, 1215
    of the Seven Master Spirits on superuniverse headquarters, 275

Reflectivation to Uversa of Lucifer’s mental state by Union of Days, 602

Reflective angels, function of, on Urantia, 318
    circuits, restoration of Urantia to, results of, 318
    focus, of superuniverse capitals, headquarters of Reflective Spirits at the, 200
    Image Aids, abiding places of, 178
       creators of the, 197
       function of, 178, 179, 201, 202
       lack of will of the, 202
       length of service of, 202
       Master Spirits’ channel of communication with ancients of Days, 197
       number and distribution of, 202
       origin of, 201, 202
    Mother spirits, resemblance of Reflective Image Aids to, 202
    seconaphim, field of function of, 414
    service circuit of the Reflective Spirits, a superuniverse circuit, 177
    Spirit(s), 178, 200, 201
       of assignment, individual representation of Master Spirits by the, 308
       character of personalities of, 202
       children of the Paradise Trinity, 197
       creation of Reflective Image Aids by, 202
          of seconaphim by, 205
          of, technique of, 199
       creature-trinitized sons associates of, 252
       forty-nine, the Trinity’s and Master Spirits’ cocreation of the, 1272
       function of, 178
       groups, chief of, 199
       location of headquarters of, 200
       nature of, as related to Master Spirits, 200
       natures of, 275
       number of, 199
       origin of, 199, 200
       production of secoraphic hosts by, 307
       relation of, to creation of Conciliators, 275
          of Reflective Image Aids to, 179
       retentive personalities, 201
       of Uversa, liaison with, by Master Spirit Number Seven, 189, 1272
    thinking, three basic factors in, co-ordination of, 192

Reflectivity and activity of the Supreme Mind, 105
    availability of Paradise knowledge to local universes through, 302
    complexity of, 105
    functions of, 105, 201
    inheritance of, by seconaphim, reason for, 307
    intelligence, scope of, 77
    linking of system and superuniverse administrations by, 485
    Majeston chief of, 199
    a mystery of Spiritington, 145
    a secret of God the Spirit, 145
    services, normal worlds’ access to, 598
       personal and precise character of, 201
    system, focal points of, 209
    technique, information provided to the adjusters by the, 1186
       synchrony of Census Directors with, 266
    unification of physical energy, mind, and spirit in, 105
    universe, 105
    various functions of, 145

Regent(s) Most High, 390
    of Nebadon, Gabriel as the, 367, 371

Regrets Universal Father never harbors, 58

Rehabilitation co-operation of the Deities in, 86, 2018
    of rebels and wrongthinkers, relation of Creator Sons to the, 38

Rehabilitators Paradise Sons as, 85

Reign of God, Jesus’ promise to his apostles as to their seeing the, 1569

Reincarnation belief in, in Jesus’ times, 1811
    and fetishism, 967
    idea of, origin, 953
    limitation of, to spornagia, 528
    orange race’s belief in, 953

Reindeer value of, to Neanderthalers, 721

Rekeying of morontia mortals during ascent through Edentia worlds, 494, 544

Relationship(s) brotherhood a fact of, 138
       truth the greatest pronouncement of, 1615
    God of Action, ancestor of, 99
    human and    a child’s dependence on family for understanding of, 1922
    love the greatest, 1608, 1615
    of men and angels, recorders of, 554
    the primal, 7
    vs. systems, 1227

Relative divinity, 3

Relativity concept, evil a, 1435
    and the eternity and infinity of God, 2078
    of reality, basis of, 1435

Relaxation of the ages, ascending pilgrim’s third metamorphosis, 297
    celestial function of, 547-548
    function of, 1777
    reminiscence of the past, 549
    reversion directors’ promotion of, 339

Relics impotence of, 1681
    Jesus’ avoidance of leaving material, 2008
    and miracles, vs. fetishes and magic, 968
    origin of worship of, 968

Religion(s) alone, inadequacy of, as a basis for understanding universe truths, 1135
    definition of, in the continental nation, 811
    firsthand, world’s need for more, 2083
    four kinds of, on Urantia today, 1129
    frozen forms of, vs. liquid liberties of enlightened sonship, 1728
    influences against, 1090
    the lower, vs. the higher, 1781
    vs. the “miraculous,” 1128
    modern, essentials to rehabilitation of, 43
       major error of, 1572
    the necessary paradox of, 1121
    never a negative attitude, 1131
    possibility of, being good or bad, 1780
    and religious cults, number of, represented on Urmian faculty, 1486
    Rodan’s definition of, 1780
    survival of, reasons for, 1132
    the truth and maturity of, measure of, 28
    two phases of manifestation of, 1110, 1115
    ways of keeping, free from secular alliances, 1089
    what it is not, 1091
    without God, an impossibility, 996, 1126, 1141, 1781-1782

Religion(s), 1. Definitions
    a definition, 40, 66, 68, 1013, 1090, 1091, 1095, 1096, 1100, 1104, 1105, 1107, 1115, 1121, 1128, 1136, 1142, 1228, 1421, 1603, 1641, 1739, 2075, 2080, 2096
    definitions of, present-day formulation of some five hundred, 1129
    Jesus’ definition of, 1590, 2063
    is a living love”, 1100
    the Master’s definition of, 1780
    new, definition of the, 1742
    organized, a definition, 1616
    practical, a definition, 1129
    purpose of, a definition, 192, 1013, 1116

Religion(s), 2. Evolutionary religion
    biologic, of primitive men, nature of, 590
    the component parts of, 1140
    early evolution of, 590-591, 944, 950-957
    errors and distortions in, 1140
    evolutionary, see also Evolutionary religion
       inconsistencies of, 961, 1005
       technique of, 66, 996
    evolved, relation to magic, 1004
       vs. revealed, in regard to wisdom, 1101
    formulation of, by evolution and revelation, 948
    historic, highest recognized values in God conceptions of, 1127
    in the inspiration of man’s evolving nature, 1104
    later evolution of, 1003-1013
    of men, origin of, 1012, 1467
    no longer a scheme of insurance against bad luck, 956
    origin of, 951, 1105, 1775
    of past, chief concern of, 1086
    place of, among primitive peoples, 955
    primitive, basis of, 767, 950, 956, 975, 990
    relation of, to evolutionary human existence, 68
    of various ages, causes for differences in the, 1127

Religion(s), 3. Revelatory religion
    expanded by revelation, 1110-1111
    revealed and evolutionary, 40, 975
       hazard of national culture’s permeation of, 2064
    of revelation, technique of, 66
       true religion, a definition, 1728
       two characteristics of, 1007
    science, philosophy, and revelation, some contrasts in, 1119, 1122, 1138

Religion(s), 4. Civilization and religion
    of civilization, a definition, 1728
    crash of civilization survived by, 196
    the eternal foundation and the guiding star of civilizations, 1013
    the field of, 68
    as a guide and counselor in the changing world, 1087
    and the human race, 1132
    influence of, on art, 2080
    the mission of, 1121
    the property of the human race, 1119
    the range of, 1104
    a way of living and a technique of thinking, 1013

Religion(s), 5. Social aspects of religion
    direct influence of, on social reconstruction, 1088
    effect of, on human troubles, 2093
    first a personal adjustment, and secondly, a group adjustment, 1090
    influence of, in adjusting to defeat, 1780
       on group associations, 797, 1089, 1092
    the only legitimate concern of religionists as a group, 1089
    opposition of, to violence as a technique of social evolution, 1086
    real, increased social service a natural result of, 1120, 1121, 2095
    as a social institution, 1004, 1086-1093, 1626, 1642
    the source of man’s fraternity impulse, 1139
    true, social characteristics of a, 1781, 2093
    urge of, a requisite to an altruistic social order, 196
    of the world, neglect of the poor by, 1608

Religion(s), 6. Religion and culture
    effect of, on man’s sense of idealistic isolation, 1117
       on meanings and values, 1094
    influence of, on daily living, 1093, 1094
       on human progress, 1094
    living, a great unifier of family life, 1089
    as man’s liberator, 1116-1117
    the moralizer of marriage, 917
    and the mores, 1004-1005
    need of, for new leaders, 2082
    not a child of culture, 1119
       an isolated part of life, 1124
    present challenge to, 2075
    as a promoter of supreme loyalties, 1089
    relation of, to cultural development, 885
       to science, art, philosophy, ethics, and morals, 2096
    as a value-lure, 1089, 2075

Religion(s), 7. Faith and fear in religion
    assumption by, of the validity of faith, 1139, 1141
    consequences of falseness in, 1457
    development of, through faith and insight, 1105
    the discovery through faith by, of a God of salvation, 1106
    evolutionary, born of fear, 986
    the faith act of the recognition of the inner urge to divine attainment, 1107
    faith in the method of, 1106, 1115
    is faith, trust, and assurance, 1104
    of fear, evolutionary, vs. the revelatory religion of love, 1090
    ghost fear’s relation to, 767
    of the kingdom, manifestation of, 1862
    of primitive fear and dread, identity of, 2063
    secularized, of the “dark ages”, 2074
    sentimental ideas of, as an escape from the demands of living, 1121
    the sphere of the faith-experience, 1110
    of the spirit, definition, 1728, 1729, 1730
       vs. religion of traditional authority, 1729-1732, 1893
    spirit of, vs. form of, 1087
    spiritual insight, 1107
    validation of, only by living faith, 1130, 1141, 1572
    without faith is a contradiction, 1141

Religion(s), 8. National religions
    beginning of a, among the Jews, 1075
    Greek, empire status of, 2071
    of the Greeks and Romans, lack of moral and spiritual drive in the, 1083
    Hebrew, 43, 1338, 1987
    of India, vs. that of China, 885
    Jewish, attitude of, toward morals and ethics, 1338
    of the Jews, Andite source of, 896
    Neanderthaler, character of, 721
    of Onagar, character of, 717
    qualities of Jesus’, 1582
    Romans’ attitude toward, 2072-2073
       tolerance of, 2072
    in Tibet, 1038
    in Western life, ritualistic character of, 2074, 2081
    without science, the Jews’, 1726
    the world’s, 1442-1454

Religion(s), 9. Authoritative religion
    of authority, contrasts between religion of the spirit and, 1729, 1732
       Jerusalem leaders’ establishment of a, 1729, 1730
    of ceremony, vs. religion of the spirit, 1893
    danger of the substitution of a ritual for, 992
    dogmatism of, 479
    of the mind, upholding of, by ecclesiastical authority, 1729
    mistakes of, results, 43, 1088
    of ritual, authoritative, many persons’ preference for, 2085
    of traditional authority, vs. religion of the spirit, 1730

Religion(s), 10. Religion of personal experience
    appeal of, to the loyalty of the whole personality, 1119
    destiny of, 67
    an experience of believing, knowing, and feeling, 1142
    a form of moral trust in the realities of time and eternity, 1115
    grounding of, in personal experience, 1128
    in human experience, 1094-1103, 1113
    humans’ definition of, according to individual experience, 1129
    an individual experience, 1089, 1130-1132, 2093
    influence of, on the believer’s consciousness of being a son of God, 1117
    of the kingdom, a genuine personal experience, 1862
    and life beyond the grave, 956
    a living experience of the loyalty of love, 1012
    never a passive experience, 1131
    not the offspring of feelings and emotions, 1105
    a personal experience, 1087, 1140, 1539, 1629, 1732, 2075, 2092
    prayer as the most potent agency of, 997
    real, and the worship urge directed by wisdom, 948
    and the religionist, 1088-1089
    salvation of will creatures from a priori assumptions of, 191
    spiritual status of, determination of, 67, 1727, 2096
    true, and the individual, 1778
    unreserved belief of, in the existence of a God of salvation, 1106

Religion(s), 11. Characteristics of religion
    all, characteristics of, 1100, 1107-1109
    the central truth of, 1127
    characteristics of, during the “dark ages”, 2074
    common teachings of all, 67
    essential characteristic of God in, 40
    factors in, 1780
    to be judged by its fruits”, 1109
    proof of the vitality of, 1107
    some “fruits” of, 1006
    status of, evidences of the, 1127
    things common to all, 1004
    the ultimate goal of, 1132

Religion(s), 12. Psychology of religion
    a creation of the insight originating in man’s mind-experience, 1105
    fate of, when mastered by theology, 1141
    love the essence of, 1122, 1124, 2095
    man’s supreme endowment, reason, 1121
    of mind, Jesus’ followers’ dissatisfaction with a, 1730-1731
    modern theologians’ and philosophers’ formulation of about five hundred definitions of, 1129
    not a mystic experience of ecstasy, 1104
       the product of reason, 1104
       a technique for attaining a static peace of mind, 1096
       theologic propositions, 1095, 1107
    only possible scientific phase of, 1105
    optional, 69
    perception of, human, 1119
    a psychological definition, 1105
    thinking or feeling alone insufficient for, 1121
    without a church, vs. a church without a religion, 1092
    yields happiness, 1106

Religion(s), 13. Philosophy and religion
    concept of the reality of God essential to, 24
    an evaluation of the material world by, 950, 1139
    function of, as compared with that of science, 1476
    implications of, 40
    an insight into reality, 1107
    its own critic and judge, 1107
    need of, for new slogans, 2077
    not derived from the logic of human philosophy, 1104
       a system of philosophic belief, 1104
    paradoxes of, reason for, 69, 1121
    vs. philosophy, 1121
    possibility of endurance of, without philosophical support, 1080
    preset need of a re-evaluation by, 1013
    the producer of theologic philosophy, 1130
    and reality, 1119-1121, 1630
    reason for growing reality of, 141
    spiritual and physical science, 1727

Religion(s), 14. True religion
    ability of, to activate man, 1093
    the ancestor of advanced ethics and morals, 1104
    basis for, 1130
    the cause of ethics, 1862
    a censor for mortal affairs, 1115
    comparison of, with morality, 2096
    concern of, only with values, 1110
       with the spiritual viewpoint, 1135
    creating of ethics and altruism by, 1122
    genuine, effect of, on the religionist, 1089
       vs. erroneous theology, 1141
       influence of, on the home, 1923
       the test of a, 1100
    God in, 30, 59, 66-68, 196, 1125
    of the ideal, 1780-1782
    influence of, on moral values, 2096
    and morality, 1115-1116
    more than emotionalized morality, 1124
    not merely a moral movement, 1104
    relation of, to morality, 1124
    sound, man’s present need of, 1090
    a species of conduct, 1780
    spiritual potentiality of, vs. the duty actuality of morality, 1124
    true, a definition, 883, 966, 1012, 1013, 1089, 1091, 1100, 1104-1105, 1107, 1115, 1138, 1142, 1616, 1671, 1727, 1782, 1950
       foundation of, 1462, 1727
       immediate service of, 66, 1781
       Jesus’ address on, 1728-1730, 1745
       purpose of, 1745, 2078
       Rodan’s analysis of, 1782
       a wholehearted devotion to a reality of supreme value, 1100

Religion(s), 15. Religion of and about Jesus
    evolution of, and Jesus’ mother’s ancestors, 1345
       Joseph’s family’s connection with, 1344
    of Jesus, 1091, 1593, 1769, 1771, 2063, 2075, 2076, 2091-2093
       vs. Christianity, 2083
       modern man’s reason for evading the, 2083
       must be lived, 2091
       vs. natural religion, 1141
       positive nature of, 1769
       present Christianity not the, 1084
       Rodan’s definition of the, 1781
       vs. religion about Jesus, 2086
       as a unifying influence, 2065
       validation of, by genuine personal experience, 2087
    about Jesus, vs. gospel of the kingdom, 1413, 2091
       vs. religion of Jesus, 2051, 2075, 2091
    Jesus’ interpretation of, 2088
    of John, vs. that of Jesus, 1609
    of Paul, glorified Jesus the object of worship in the, 2092
    and the spiritual realization of the brotherhood of men, 1490
    world, relation of, to Jesus’ religion, 67

Religionist(s) beliefs of, religion’s validation not dependent on the, 1130
    cause of wars among, 1487
    consciousness of the, of suffering and injustice, 1088
    exhibition by, of an inexplicable tranquility of character, 1120
    faith of, in a God of love, 1124
    faith’s effect on the, 1115
    as a group, need of, to be concerned only with religion, 1089
    individual, and organized religion, 1616
    Jesus the world’s most wholehearted and devoted, 2093
    need of, to function individually, not as groups, 1087
    vs. nonreligionists in tasks of social reconstruction, 1087
    personal interpretation of true religion by each, 1091
    predictions of, and the Absolutes, 56
    privileges of a, as an individual citizen, 1089
    the sincere, consciousness by, of universe citizenship, 1100
    true, an aim of, 67

Religious activity in the fifteenth century A.D., 1010
    assembly, absence of places of, in the continental nation, 811
    assurance, genuine, absolute affirmations of, 1119
    attainment, prayer and, 1621
    authority, present need to replace, by a philosophy of living, 1098
    belief, apostles’ attempt to fit new gospel into old forms of, 1542
       Urantia, advice to Michael as to stereotyped systems of, 1330
    ceremonial, and spirit evolution, 952, 962, 1728
    certainty, sources of man’s philosophy of, 1139
    challenge of this age, 43
    civilization, prayer’s contribution to, 999
    comfort, common people’s hunger for, 1539
    concepts, intellectual crystallization of, spiritual death the, 1120
    consciousness, identification of the three elements in universal reality by, 2094
       a universe reality, 69, 2089
    convictions, effect of, on marriage, 922, 932
       Paul’s, New Testament’s portrayal of, 2091
    criticism, open, lack of, at present, 1088
    daydreaming, possible danger in, 1099
    development, methods of achieving, 1131
    devotion, modern man and, 1780, 2077
    duty, Jesus’ praying never a, 2089
    ecstasy, rampant, not divine inspiration, 1000
    education, promotion of, 1092
    emotions, no mystic faculty for receiving or expressing, 718, 1104
    ethics, positive, advice to Michael regarding, 1329
    evolution, probable future advances in, 1041
    experience, a child’s rightful chance to grow his own, 1094
       definition and identity, 1000, 1091, 1095, 1105, 1110, 1114, 1116, 1119, 1120, 1121, 1123, 1126, 1129, 1140, 1141, 1142, 1219, 1585, 1718, 2075, 2096
       “fruits of the spirit”, 192, 1091
       genuine, the tests for, 1000-1001, 1107
       God a loving person and a personal love in, 42
       identification of a, 1131
       man’s three great satisfactions in, 69
       material mind’s inability to understand, 69
       observable traits of those having had a, 1089, 1091, 1093, 1109, 1119-1120, 2093, 2095
       personal, religion’s validation dependent upon the faith of, 1130
       prayer a part of, 1123
       primitive, identification of, 1131
       real, theology’s inability to depict, 1116, 2096
       vs. religious beliefs, 1130
       vs. religious symbols and ceremonies, 1728
       subjective and objective phases of, 69, 1107, 1141
       wisdom of, paradoxical nature of the, 1119
       worship the spiritual domain of the reality of, 192
    faith, a definition, 1091, 2078, 2093
       to “follow Jesus” is to share his, 2090
       philosophy’s rightful respect for, reason, 1125
       a proof of the presence of indwelling divine spirits, 1108
    fanaticism, the undesirability of, 1000
    gathering, vs. a social occasion, 1133
    growth, 984, 1004, 1091, 1094-1095
       steps in, 1098-1099
    impulse, the true, origin of, in genuine spirit presences, 402, 1132
    insight(s), consequences of, 1121
       higher types of, Thought Adjusters’ influence on, 1129
       origin of, 1097
       philosophy’s union of the scientific attitude and, 1138
       power of, 1119, 2096
       product of, 1122
    intolerance, cause of, 987
    leaders, Jesus’ rejection by Jerusalem, 1412
       true, influence of, 993
    liberty, Jesus’ teaching as to, 1487, 1731, 1930, 2071
       prerequisites to one’s right to enjoy, 1135
    life, idealistic, Jesus’ attainment of, in a realistic world, 2093
       of Jesus, secret of the, 2089, 2090
       Michael to live the ideal, 1328
    living, a definition, 1094, 1097
       peace, cosmic poise, an earmark of, 1101
       social service based on, 68
       the supreme loyalties of, 1142
       the unquestioning devotions of, 1142
    loyalty, an evaluation of, 965, 1096
    man, a definition, 1582
    movements, Urantian, advice to Michael as to, 1330
    obligation(s), family relationships not to interfere with, 1581
       marriage at one time a, 915
    observances, of the Nazareth family, modification of, by Jesus, 1402
    peace, means of attaining, 1487
    philosophy, the acid test for, 53, 1114
       four phases in the evolution of, 1114
       the ideal of, 1141
       school of, onetime proposed establishment of, at Damascus, 1412
       uniqueness of each individual’s, 1130
    practices, guarantee of the freedom of, society’s right of, 794
       Jesus’ effort at adjustment of his, and his parents’ views of, 1372
       older, vs. Christianity, 2069
       personal, Jesus’ followers first attempt to socialize, 1625
    revelation, an essential to brotherhood on Urantia, 597
       five epochal events of, 1007
    ritual(s), Christianity and, 2069
       evolution of, 963, 979, 986
    speculation, dangers of, 1121
    symbols, vs. religious experiences, 1728
    teacher(s), of the first century A. D., 1010
       of the future, 1010
       great, 1008-1010
       Moses a, 1057
       in Rome, effectiveness of Jesus’ teaching of the thirty-two, 1456
       seven outstanding world, 1339
       unlettered characteristic of many notable, 1127
    teachings of Jesus, need for church’s return to, 2091
    thought, diversity of the interpretation of, 1129
       Urantian, confusion of Deity identity by, 60
    training of children in the continental nation, 811
       Jesus’ need to do, 1635
    turmoil, present, significance of, 1092
    uniformity, not necessary to religious unity, 1487
    values, goals, men’s ease of agreement on, 1130
    wars, cause of, 1487
    worship, the source of, 992

Rematerialization of Material Sons, and change in their life-transmitting mechanism, 581
    of Planetary Adams and Eves, time required for, 582

Remembrance supper, establishing the, 1941-1943

Reminiscent jests, definition, 547

Remission of sins, Hebrew belief regarding, 60
    of sins, John’s baptism for the, 1502

Remorse and repentance, in evolutionary religion, 1004

Renaissance Christianity’s moral influence up to the time of the, 2075
    of Judaism, 1338
    spiritual, secular education’s possible influence on a, 2086

Rendezvous with Jesus, apostles’ first, 1937
    worlds of the universes, 174

Renunciation a step in religious evolution, 976-978

Repair shop, presentation to James of title to the, 1418

Repentance of Adam and Eve, acceptance of the, 851
    of Cain, motivation of, 849
    effects of, 998, 1898
    factor leading to man’s, 1610
    John the Baptist’s preaching, 1537, 1584
    man’s, and the goodness of God, 1675
    a prerequisite to forgiveness, 1452
    prevalence of talk about, in Jesus’ time, 1510

Repersonalization of Adam and Eve, 853
    of Adam and Eve, Adam’s idea as to the time of, 852
    of Adjuster-endowed children who have not made their choice concerning Paradise career, 532
    conditions preliminary to, in the morontia resurrection halls, 1230, 1234
    of corporeal staff, time involved in, 743
    a definition, 1235
    planetary, Material Sons’ need for tree of life on, 825
    resurrection from death, 409
    spiritual, on Paradise, and recognition of instigator of rest, 299

Repetitions ornate, ineffectiveness of, in prayer, 1640

Representative government, Adam’s abandonment of attempts to establish, 834
    government, ancient wars’ interference with, 798
       basis of, 798
       divine ideal of self-government of nonperfect beings, 517
       evolution of, 801-802
       of Jerusem Adamites, 515
       of mankind, necessity for surrender of power to make war into hands of, 1489

Representatives Jesus’ personal, characteristics of, 1582

Reproduction of Adams and Eves, 415
    of mortals, confinement of, to inhabited worlds, 516
    natural, increase of Material Sons by, 515
    regulation of, during ages of light and life, 630
    Solitary Messengers without power of, 257
    of unfit, restriction of, during post-Magisterial Son ages, 595

Reproductive function, guidance of Material Sons and Daughters in exercise of the, 515
    natures, of Adams and Eves, dissimilarity of, 581
    potential, absence of, in personalized infants, 531
    powers, lack of, by Life Carrier experimental life, 404
    urge, function of, 938

Reptile(s) evolution of the frog into the, place of first step of, 683
    flying, appearance of, 686
    kingdom of, four surviving divisions of, 732
    of Miocene period and of modern times, 698
    sudden appearance of, 686
    widespread reverence for, 968

Reptilian age, early and later, 685-688

Resentment apostles’, at discourtesy showed the Master, 1687
    deep, of Judas for noninterference by Jesus in John’s execution, 1926
    Judas a victim of, 1567

Reserve corps of destiny, 1257-1259
    of destiny, the introduction of a recent message on Urantia from an Adjuster to a member of the, 1213-1214
       loyal midwayers function with, 863
       the master seraphim’s influence on the, 1256
       members of the, generally unknown to their fellowmen, 1258
       political sovereignty council of, on Urantia, 1258
       qualifications for membership in the, 1257
       relation of secondary midwayers to, 865
       significance of a mortal’s being enrolled in a, 1242
    direction of, 339
    on Urantia, time of largest membership of the, 1258

Reserves planetary helper, function of, 439
    Planetary Prince, secondary Lanonandeks assigned to, 392
    seraphic, makeup of corps of, 432
    of superior seraphim, headquarters of, 431

Reservist(s) all, possession of self-conscious adjusters by, 1257
    the chief function of, 1256
    dying, technique of transfer of vital data from a, to a younger successor, 1258
    on Urantia, not generally known in history, 1258

Resident governor general about, 1252-1254
    attitude of the angelic hosts and the united midwayers toward the, 1252
    authority and functions of a, 1252
    a fatherly adviser, 1253
    Machiventa’s invisible presence on Urantia as, 1026
    the twentieth, assumption of office by, during the preparation of these papers, 1252
    on Urantia, identity of the, 1251

Residential unit, Paradise, capacity of, 121

Resources unearned, persons to determine the distribution of, 1464

Respect of Jesus’ enemies, for him, 1102
    a modification of fear, 1004

Respecter of persons, God not a, 27, 46, 138, 1468, 1608, 1662, 1831

Respiration of space, 123, 124

Responsibility Jesus’ bearing of, 1405
    supreme human, parenthood a, 941

Rest day, Adam’s and Eve’s anticipation of a, 831
    day, Wednesday, the apostolic, 1920
       essential to enjoyment of Paradise, 299
    negative utilization of time, 315
    regular seasons of, for ascenders, 282
    sevenfold nature of, 299
    the worthwhileness of, 942

Restfulness in contemplation of the old in one’s order, 548

Resting throughout mansion worlds, 535

Restraint in all things, the virtue of, 1447
    civilized, origin of, 963
    exhibition of, in soul winning, 1765

Resurrection(s) of Adam and Eve, time of, 853
    of the Adamic dispensation, 2024
    apostles’ early failure to believe in the, 2029
    archangels of the, central rendezvous of, 533
       function of, 409
    of ascenders, and extension of vision range, 498
    awakening of mansonia career, number of times experienced, 540
    of a bestowal son, time of, 596
    and cessation of existence, 37
    at conclusion of Michael’s bestowal, 1328
    vs. crucifixion, 2063
    of the dead, and Life Carriers, 533
    of the dead, Pharisees’ belief in the, 1534
    from death, definition, 409
    dispensational, 533, 2024
       on Adam’s Urantia arrival, 852
       Gabriel’s relation to, 370
       on Urantia, 596
    into eternity, 283, 297, 299
    hall(s), of Edentia, location of, 486
       the final, 540
       of the first mansion world, 451, 533, 543, 2021
       of the mansion worlds, prerequisites to the immediate passage of the surviving soul to the, 1232
       morontia, conditions preliminary to repersonalization in the, 1234
       on planet Melchizedek, 486
       special, on Edentia’s first receiving sphere, 486
    of Jesus, April 9, A. D. 30, 2021
    Jesus’, effect of, on the gospel, 2052
       the greatest revelation of his divinity, 1968
       proclamation of, and beginning change of the gospel, 2051
       summary of the situation Sunday night after, 2034
       superhuman recital of the events of, 2025
       three clarifying statements about, 2021-2022
       truth and fact of, 2023
       untrue belief regarding, 2023
    John’s belief in Jesus’, 1555
    of Lazarus, 1842-1849, 1850
       significance of, to people of Bethany, 1880
       various reactions to the, 1846, 1847
    and the life, I am the, 1871, 1965
    literal, absence of, subsequent to attainment of system headquarters residence, 539
    millennial, reasons for, 568
    a mortal’s, significance of, 1248
    of old personality, definition, 341
    promise of the, 1649
    roll calls, and mortals’ contacts with Gabriel, 370
    second death not followed by, 532
    of sleeping survivor, factors in, 533
       of second dispensation, 830
    of the Son of Man, prediction of, 1952, 1967
    of the soul, 744
    special, 533
       frequency of, 568
       mandate number 26 of the Urantia series, 853
       millennial, on Urantia, 596
       and millennial post-Adamic, 2024
       reasons for, 568
    of the unjust,” identity of the, 1247

Retaliation Jesus’ abhorrence of, 1579, 1764, 1770

Retirement age in the continental nation, 814, 817

Retrievers Paradise Sons as, 85

Retrograde motion of Jupiter and Saturn satellites, significance of, 656-657

Return imminent, of the Master, followers’ belief in, 1867, 2067, 2092
    of Michael, 1603, 1876, 1914, 1918-1919
       great understanding about the, 1918
    from Rome, 1468-1482
    of the seventy to Pella, 1806-1808

Revealed religion effect of, on evolutionary religion, 1006
    emphasis of, on loving, 1111
    an evaluation of, 1110
    vs. evolutionary religion, 40, 68
    miracles not a proof of authority in, 1128
    morontia phase of, identity of the, 1111
    a spirit derivative, 1110
    and theologic egotism, 1012
    the unifying element of human existence, 1123

Revelation(s) the ability of, to clarify metaphysics on an evolutionary sphere, 1136
    affirmation by, that First Cause and the God of salvation are one and the same, 1106
    an analysis of, 1109
    attitude of, toward the cosmos, 1122
    bridging of the gulf between the material and the spiritual by, 1106-1107
    celestial personalities assigned to this, 32
    a compensation for the frailties of philosophy, 1140
    concept of God presented by, 28, 1122
    confirmation by, of the experiential harmony of science, religion, and philosophy, 1106
    constant progressive nature of, 1007
    co-operation of the Deities in, 86
    co-ordination of the sciences by, 1122, 1123
    dealing of, with philosophy, 1106
       with religion, 1106
       with science, 1106
    effectiveness of, 1111
    epochal, an analysis of, 1109
    as an epochal phenomenon, 1107
    of the everlasting Father, Son of Man the, 89, 1326, 1328, 1331, 1383, 1425, 1522, 1536, 1542, 1635, 1711, 1749, 1856, 1857, 1931, 1991, 2086, 2097
    and existing human concepts, 17
    function of, in reconciling God concept of science, philosophy, and religion, 59
       in regard to science and religion, 1138
    and God in nature, 1106
    of God, comparison of, with the religions of men, 1467
       origin of, 1467
       to universe of universes, 29
    great, times of testing as times of, 2082
    importance of, in the formulation of man’s philosophy, 1137
       to the understanding of universal truths, 1136
    influence of, on man’s evolving comprehension of Deity, 990
    liberating, truth a, 1608
    limitation(s) of, 1109-1110
       by man’s capacity of receptivity, 1007
    man’s only hope of bridging the morontia gulf, 1137
    metaphysics man’s substitute for, 1139
    and morontia mota, 57
    mortals’ dependence on, 221
    not necessarily inspired, 1109
    the only technique to compensate for the absence of mota in the material world, 1136
    as a personal human experience, 1107
    personality concept of God validated by, 29
    philosophy, religion, and science, some contrasts in, 1122
    promise, of an eternal existence, 1460
    proof of the reality of, 1106
    religion(s) of, a definition, 1728
       a technique of, 66
    requirement of, for the validation of religious faith, 1106
    spiritual expansion of, and evolutionary religion, 1110
    the substitute for morontia insight, 1106
    of the superconscious, in the human mind, vs. subconscious emanations, 1207
    teachings of, regarding man’s progression, 1112
    technique by, for achieving unity between matter and spirit, 1106
       for saving time in the sifting of error from truth, 1110
    tends to make man Godlike”, 1122
    transient quality of all, 1008
    of truth, limitations of those engaged in the, 1004, 1109
    unifies history”, 1123
    of Universal Father, character of Eternal Son’s, 88
    and the working of the Infinite, 239, 1106

Revelational religions, vs. natural religion, 1141

Revelators restrictions of, to the revelation mandate, 1109
    of truth, possibilities of Urantia mortals as future, 247
       Solitary Messengers as, 260

Revelatory commission, Midwayer, membership of, 1343
    religion, provisions of, 1101, 1111
       and the real spiritual world, 1007
       on Urantia today, 1129

Revenge Jesus’ warning against, 1579
    Judas’ desire for, 1567, 1887, 2056
    is the mask of cowardice”, 1632
    primitive humans’ consciousness of, 708
    private and personal, Jesus’ attitude toward, 1580
    source of, 1713
    war caused for desire for, 784

Reverence antecedents to, 1675
    appearance of, in first humans, 708
    the ascetics’ teaching of, 2043
    lack of, in first human worship, 959
    the Master a pattern of, 1103
    a modification of fear, 1004
    progressive stages to love from, 1675
    without fear and superstition, teaching of, by Jesus, 1673

Reversion activities, vs. worship on Paradise, 549
    directors, 285, 547-550
       assembly hall of the, location, 526
       comparison of, with Urantia humorists, 547
       a function of, 282, 339, 548, 942
       directors, with co-ordinators and liaison directors, 546
       humorists of morontia worlds, 502
       importance of activities of, among evolutionary ascenders, 549
       mansion world headquarters of, 530
       operations of, on system capitals, 416
       origin of, 548
       reason for their name, 548
    supervisors, functions of, 546

Revival the Samaritan, 1615-1616

Revolution primary, of cosmic energy, 133
    violent, vs. peaceful evolution, 1043, 1088

Revolutionist militant, Jesus not a, 1671

Reward(s) functions of, 579
    for good and evil, God’s ordination of the, 1450
    Judas’ appearance before the Sanhedrin for his betrayal, 1997-1998
    spiritual, Judas’ failure to appreciate possible, 2056

Rhine mingling of the Danubian-Andonite and Nordic-Danish cultures on the, 897

Rhinoceros(es) extinction of, in Western Hemisphere, 698
    family, arrival of, 695-696, 721

Rhythm beauty, and harmony, intellectual and spiritual relations of, 507
    employment of, in early attempts to cure disease, 991
    nonexhausting character of, 504
    recorders, function of, 504

Rich Jesus’ reason for condemning the, 2093
    man and the beggar, 1854-1855
       “a certain,” Jesus’ advice on wealth of, 1462
       Roman, Jesus’ counsel to the, 1462-1465
       and his treasures, Jesus’ parable of, 1821
    and poor, in the Father’s kingdom, 1536, 2044
    in spirit, vs. poor in spirit, 1573
    young man and others, 1801-1803, 1822

Riches accidental, man’s rightful attitude toward, 1464
    Amenemope’s teaching in regard to, 1046
    as a moral curse and spiritual stigma, 1464
    Jeremiah regarding, 1822
    Jesus’ decision against compromise with, 1520
    trust in, vs. entrance into spiritual life, 1803

Ridicule Judas’ reaction to, 1887
    and mocking, the Master’s tolerance of, 2008
    Peter’s inability to withstand, 1551
    Sadducees’ plan to subject Jesus to, 1900

Riding the light beams, by solar calcium, 462

Right(s) of coinage carried with it the right to levy taxes,” 1899
    definition of, the mission of government, 906
    doing, happy person’s motivation of love of, 1572
    as to fact, wrong in the truth, 555
    hand of the Father,”, 64, 148, 239, 596, 1604
    Law, Zoroaster’s god of, 1049
    to love and be loved, a factor of true liberty, 615
    of man, primitive concept of, 962
    original definition of, 963
    vs. responsibilities of parents, 941
    to rule, and power to feed, 1702
    and wrong, the Adjuster’s definite participation in conflicts between, 1192
       evolvement of the concept of, 956
       morality the realization of the existence of, 2096
       relative, recognition of, 192

Righteous character, the prerequisite for mortal admission to the morontia worlds, 1112
    the final fate of the, according to Mithraism, 1082
    indignation,” James’ attempt to excuse his temper as, 1522
    Jesus’ purpose not to call the, 1541, 1750
    life, apostles and the, 1571
       not a reason for one’s salvation, 1683
    Pharisees’ concept of the, 1541

Righteousness the basis of Jesus’ piety, 1785
    decreeing of, occasion for, 315
    a definition, 41, 193, 1621, 1683
    divine “robe of”, 1682
    of eternity, and mercy, 38
    eventuation of freewill choice in, 613
    vs. evil, potential, 51
    the Father’s four demonstrations of, on Urantia, 1914
    gleam of, man’s following the, in his soul, result, 1117
    of God, 36, 1444, 1445, 1664, 1826
    God’s love of, vs. hatred for sin, 41
    hunger for, of kingdom believers, 1133, 1337, 1574, 1683, 1739, 1774
    implication of, 41
    inherent in Havona personalities, 52
    inner, Jeremiah’s proclamation of an era of, 1071
    Jesus’, a definition, 1574
    the Jews and, 1076, 1584
    and justice, 36-38
    kingdom believers’ need for faith in the triumph of, 1739
    a machine’s inability to hunger for, 2077
    man’s hunger and thirst for, the Adjuster’s creation of, 1107
    maturity of Jesus’, 1785
    Moses’ teaching as to the relation of prosperity and, 1500
    national, Amos’ teaching regarding Israel and, 1071
    need to progress in, 1736
    positive, Jesus’ teaching of a, 1770
    relation of justice to, 115
       of mercy to, 115
    relationship of prosperity and, 976
    salvation’s dependence on, 1447
    vs. sin, 625, 755, 1951
    vs. sinlessness of Jesus, 68
    vs. sonship, 1621
    status of, in the Father’s kingdom, 1568
    the supreme word of Ikhnaton’s daily life, 1048
    technique of acquiring, 1621
    true, means of attaining, 1446
    truth endowment, 1726
    of Universal Father, possessed by the Eternal Son, 75
       shared by Infinite Spirit, 92

Rig-Veda the Hindus’ “one spirituality of the gods,” 1052
    identification of the, 1028
    teaching of, regarding the “soul”, 1216

Riot(s) Jewish, a consequence of Pilate’s use of temple funds, 1988
    Pilate’s fear of a, 1996

Risen Christ, Christianity’s exaltation of the, 2059, 2066, 2092

Rites and rituals, of cults, nature of, 1337

Ritual(s) an analysis of the nature, cause, and effect of, 992
    danger of the substitution of, for religion, 992
    influence of, on progress of civilization, 992
    Jesus’ desire to free the Jews from bondage to, 1383
       dissertation on the indifference of the Father toward, 1404
    the origin of modern religious worship, 965, 992
    a part of the life of the ancients, 924
    purified, Ezekiel’s wisdom regarding the use of a, 1076
    significance of, in religion, 1076
    temple, Jesus’ disappointment at the explanation of, 1378
    of worship, Mithraism’s contribution to final Christian faith, 1083

Ritualism Jewish bondage to, 1340

Ritualistic pageantry, pagan, Christianity’s adoption of, 2070

Rivalry and pride, negative influence of, on succeeding generations, 942
    promotion of, among the seraphic hosts, 313

River(s) dwellers of France, identity of, 715
    on Havona spheres, 156
    of life, Master Spirits the sevenfold channels of the, 404
    torrential, absence of, on Edentia, 486
    of truth, man’s spiritual heritage the, 2082
    that watered the Garden, course of the, 823
    of Western Europe, location of Andonite settlements on the, 715

Roads and the Roman state, 801

Robbery by youths, the urge for adventure a cause of, 2009

Rock depositions, number of, in St. Croix Valley of Wisconsin, 670-671
    depositions, in earth’s outer layer, 668
    layers, dating before the origin of life, 671
    salt deposits, of brachiopod age, 677

Rocky Mountains deposits of Cretaceous age in uplifted foothills of, 690
    formation of, 692
    maximum elevation of, time of, 690

Rodan acceptance of God as a “transcendent” person by, 1784
    of Alexandria, 1772-1782, 1924
    confession of faith by, 1781
    death of, 1787
    return of, to Alexandria, 1787
    ten addresses by, 1772
    Greek philosophy of, 1772-1775

Roll call of a dispensation, archangels’ promulgation of, 409
    dispensational, vs. awakening of individual mortals on the third day, 569
    of mercy, and the roll call of justice, 1247
    of the planetary resurrection, 2024
    of the survivors of the Adamic default, 853

Roman(s) ability of, to govern themselves and the Occident, 2072
    armies, encompassment of Jerusalem by, and believers leaving the city, 1913
       Jews’ inevitable conflict with the, 1913
    authorities, Sanhedrin’s fear of complications with, because of Jesus, 1847, 1911
    captain, defense of John Zebedee by the, 1977
       reaction of, to the Master’s death, 1590
    centurion, effect of Jesus’ crucifixion on the, 2009, 2011
       healing of the servant of the, 1647
       Jesus’ talk in Corinth with the, 1474
    characteristics of the religion of the, 1432
    citizen(s), apostles’ difficulties in preaching to, 1607
       Paul a, 1332, 2071
    civilization, the great weakness of, 801
    contribution of the, to western civilization, 2073
    court, address of Jesus before a, 1462
    cross, Jesus’ subsequent hanging on a, 1868
    crucifixion learned from the Phoenicians by the, 2005
    cult, many human gods in the, 1081
    early, characteristics of, 2072
       fighting of Christianity by the, 2071
       triad gods of the, 1143
    education, loyalty bred by, 2072
    Empire, adoption of Christianity by the, 2073
       carrying of Jesus’ message to the, 1596, 2070
       extent of, 1455
       receptiveness of, to Christianity, 2069
       spread of Mithraism over the, 1082
       weaknesses of the, 2074
    favorable attitude of, toward monogamy, 927
    government, apostolic discussion of relations between the Jewish people and the, 1580
    guard, Sanhedrist committee’s request for a, at Jesus’ tomb, 2014
    human sacrifice practiced by the, 980
    influence, 2072-2073
    journey, Jesus’ chief reason for making the, 1455
    judge, Jesus’ talk in Corinth with the, 1474-1475
    law, characteristics of, 2072
    legions, Mithraism’s spread over the Roman Empire by the, 1082
    officials, reactions of, to Jesus’ preaching, 1654
    -political domination of the Mediterranean lands, 2073
       rule, tolerance of, effect on new religion, 1332
    possession of Greek culture by the, 2072
    protection, of John, during Jesus’ trial and crucifixion, 1977
    religion, Greek influence on the, 1080
    rule, Jews’ belief as to the cause of, 1510
    senator, Jesus’ talk with a, 1461
    soldier(s), Jesus’ appeal to the hardy, 1590
       Jewish leaders bribing of the, 2023
       present at death of Jesus, 2010
       with Judas to arrest Jesus, 1973
    state, bases of the, 801
       conditions of, favorable to the bestowal of Michael, 1334
       religion, an analysis of the, 1080
    twelve ghost feasts of the, 960
    world, Christianity’s conquest of the, 2086
       tour, Jesus’, time of, 1427

Romance fantastic, in modern courtship, consequences, 929

Romanized Greeks, influence of, on Judaism and Christianity, 2073

Romantic love, a rarity in primitive mating, 922

Rome carrying the gospel to, by Christian missionaries, 2068
    collapse of, lesson in the, 801
    contact of, with Palestine, 1333
    contribution of, to spread of the gospel, 1333
    foreign policy of, and the survival of Palestine, 1334
    Ganid’s desire for a new religion big enough for, 1467
    a great blunder of, 1989
    the greatest city of Jesus’ day, 1441
    influence of, on European civilization, 1332
    Jesus’ personal contacts in, 1455-1456, 1461
       recollections of his associations in, 1520
    method of overcoming nationalism by, 2073
    the mistress of the Western world, 1522
    and Parthia, results of struggle between, 1333
    polyglot composition of, effect, 1498

Roots an early medicine, 991

Rotation of Edentia Most Highs, suspension of, at Lucifer rebellion, 490

Royal families, basis of, 790
    insignias, early, origin of, 789

Rufus identity of, 1438
    Jesus’ first aid to, at Cyrene, 1438
    Simon of Cyrene’s son, a gospel teacher in Africa, 2006

Rule(s) of justice in Havona requirements, 158
    of living, 1650-1651
    of living, conforming to the, vs. being transformed by the Spirit of Truth, 1609

Ruler(s) of the Capernaum synagogue, Mangus’ appeal to, 1647
    Jewish, conclusions of, regarding the gospel movement, 1596, 1606, 1607, 2045
    of the Jews, Jesus’ crucifixion by the Romans at the behest of the, 2001
    man’s duty to honor his, 1907
    of Paradise, divine light of the, 1458
    political and religious, John the Baptist’s denunciation of, 1506
    of a Universe, a title of Jesus, 1409
    of the Universe of Universes, 53
    unscrupulous, Hebrew teachers’ constant rebuking of, 1076

Rulership basis of, 789

Ruminants overrunning of North America by, 696

Runaway lad, Jesus’ talk in Corinth with the, 1475

Running away from home, the price of, 1922

Russia polar-sea inundation of, in later reptilian age, 687

Ruth, of the Old Testament about, 1345
    an ancestor of Jesus’ mother, 1345

Ruth, sister of Jesus absence of, from Bethsaida good-bye, reason, 1587
    affection of, for Jesus, 1402, 1416
    arrival of, at Golgotha, 2007
    attempt of, to elude the Pharisees, 1743
    belief of, in Jesus’ divine mission, 1628, 1721, 2032
    birth of, 1389
    characteristics of, 1402
    Jesus’ care of, 1389, 1483
    marriage of, to David, 2031
    presence of, at Jesus’ crucifixion, 2008
    secret visit of, with Jesus, at Capernaum, 1628
    unswerving loyalty of, to Jesus, 1546

Ryonin identity of, 1040


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