Urantia Book
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Jacob a boyhood friend of Jesus, 1357, 1364, 1368, 1410, 1470
    the younger stone mason, Miriam’s betrothed, 1414

Jacob, of Crete private interview of, with Jesus, 1597

Jacob’s well assembly of a crowd at, reason, 1614

Jainism another name for Suduanism, 1450-1451
    on Urantia today, 1009, 1011, 1031

Jairus plea of, for Jesus’ healing of his sick daughter, 1698
    position of, in Capernaum synagogue, 1707, 1709, 1718

James Alpheus and Judas Alpheus, 1539, 1541, 1547, 1563-1564, 1681
    Jesus’ last words to, 1959-1960

James, brother of Jesus assumption of full responsibility for the Nazareth family by, 1398, 1410, 1422
    attitude of, toward Jesus’ life mission, 1399
    baptism of, 1504
    birth of, 1357
    characteristics of, 1401, 1503
    conference of, with Jesus, about his marriage, 1414
    conversation of the morontia Jesus with, 2032
    employment of, in Zebedee’s boatshop, 1483
    and Esta, marriage of, 1418
    exclusion of, from Jesus’ inner circle of associates, 1538
    faith of, in Jesus, 1527, 1534
    and his first Passover, 1399
    graduation of, 1398
    Jesus’ appeal to Andrew for help for, 2048
       childhood teaching of, 1364
    the later head of the Jerusalem church, 1802, 1831, 2068
    limited faith of, in Jesus, 1721
    post-Jesus connection of, with the Christian movement, 1722
    reception of, into the commonwealth of Israel, 1399
    religious nature of, 1399

James, of Safed identification of, 1755-1756

James Zebedee about, 1420, 1421, 1552-1553, 1582, 1589, 1658
    the first apostolic martyr, 865, 1553
    giving the charge to the new evangelists by, 1668
    inquiry of, regarding Jesus’ interpretation of divine forgiveness, 1898
    Jesus’ final personal admonition to, 1958
    and John, compatibility of, 1553
       inquiry of Jesus by, as to their place in the new kingdom, 1525
       mother of, a member of the women’s corps, 1808
       preaching partners, 1681
       reaction of, to Jesus’ rebuke, 1525
       relations of Andrew with, 1548
       request by, to punish the inhospitable Samaritans, 1788
       sponsors of James and Judas Alpheus, 1563
    joining of John the Baptist’s cult by, 1503
    labors of, at Philadelphia, 1769
    opposition of, to proclaiming Jesus king, 1701
    outstanding feature of the personality of, 1552
    participation of, in the Pentecostal service, 2060
    private conference of, with Jesus, 1578
    question of, regarding divorcement, 1576
    reaction(s) of, to Jesus’ foresight, 1594
       to Jesus’ triumphal entry, 1884
    request of, for a prayer to teach believers, 1619
    selection of James Alpheus by, 1539
    serious illness of, 1718
    suggestion of, that the apostles go to the tomb, 2037
    a well-balanced thinker and planner, 1553

Jamnia Jesus’ visit to, 1492

Jansad Identity of, 849

Japan Andite penetration of, 873
    outstanding religion of, in present day, 1011

Japanese expulsion from the mainland of ancestors of, time, 884
    Salem missionaries’ penetration to the, 1021

Japhia apostolic visit to, 1668

Jaram the Hittite, identity of, 1019

Java Andonic migration to, 719
    man, Andonites’ relation to, 719

Jealousy effect of, on the evolving soul, 1204, 1927
    for, not of, man, God’s attitude of, 57
    man’s possible transcendence of, 597, 1778
    source of, 1713

Jebus David’s establishment of the capital of the united kingdom at, 1073
    David’s six wives from the women of, 1072
    identification of the city of, 1015

Jehoash identity of, 1074

Jehonadab destruction of the real estate agents of Baal by Jehu and, 1074

Jehu Jesus’ parents’ story of, 1374

Jellyfish in late invertebrate animal age, 676, 732

Jephthah and his daughter, 980

Jeramy identity of, 1471

Jeremiah assertion by, of Yahweh’s being the God of all nations, 1067
    fate of, 1068
    the fearless, 1340, 1067-1068, 1074-1075
    Jesus’ quotation from, in Capernaum sermon, 1630, 1677
    presentation of God by, as just and loving, 1067
    suggestion by, for the surrender of Jerusalem to Nebuchadnezzar, 1068
    teaching of, regarding an era of inner righteousness, 1071, 1609

Jericho Andrew’s assignment of apostolic couples to, 1595
    blessing the children of, 1839-1840
    discussions of Joseph and Mary at the inn in, 1351
    ford, John the Baptist begins preaching near the, 1501
    historical significance of, 1501

Jeroboam identity of, 1074

Jerusalem academies, Jesus’ inspection of, 1422
    apostles’ reaction to Jesus’ prediction of the destruction of, 1882, 1867, 1910, 1912-1914
    apostolic corps’ departure for, 1706, 1888
    believers, Antioch believers’ financial assistance to, 2067
    bestowal of the Spirit of Truth not limited to, 2065
    brethren, Paul’s controversy with, 2064
    church, Abner’s disagreement with Peter and James in regard to the, 1831
       James, Jesus’ brother, head of the, 1802, 1831
       John a chief supporter of the, 1555
    deputation to determine John the Baptist’s identity, 1505
    destruction of, by the Babylonians, 1075
    former identity of, 1015
    holy temple of, center of Jewish theology, 1339
    Isaiah’s and Jeremiah’s prediction regarding, 1074
    Jesus’ and the apostles’ departure from, cause, 1607
       appearance in, followers reaction to, 1789
       conviction against going to study at, 1373
       decision concerning his public entry into, 1706, 1880
       first conscious visit to, effect of, 1377
       and John Zebedee’s trip to, 1494
       journey to, 1374-1376
       two-month sojourn in, 1422
       warning of future trouble for, 1915, 1920, 2005
    journey of Jesus and apostles to, for the Passover, 1648
    the Master’s last human journey to, 1877
    officers, appearance of, to arrest Jesus, 1723
    persecution of believers in, 1616
    reaction of, to Abraham’s espousal of Jesus’ teachings, 1666
    vs. Rome as a field for Jesus’ study of mankind, 1461
    scribes and believing disciples, gathering of, at the apostolic camp, 1755
    shall be trodden down by the gentiles”, 1913
    the shrine of the Hebrews’ faith, 1987
    temple of Baal and one of Yahweh in, 1074

Jerusem acknowledgement of installation of Urantia’s rulers, time of arrival of, 832
    activities of, varieties, 526
    Adam and Eve on, 828-829
    Adamites, self-government of, 515
    Adams and Eves, parenthood training of nonreproducing ascenders by, 516
    administrative mount of, 601
    Andon’s and Fonta’s fusion with their Adjusters on, 717
    an architectural sphere, 456
    ascendant citizens, resistance of, to Lucifer’s proposals, 603, 609
    ascending mortals’ preparation on, for constellation sojourn, 436, 537
    astronomic observatory of, location, 526
    broadcasts, 522
    children of any Adam and Eve, immortality of, 581
    circles, classification of, 523, 527
    citizen(s), day of clearance of, for Edentia, 540
       nonindwelling of, by Thought Adjusters, 852
    citizenship, 435, 494, 539-540, 717, 853
    class graduation from seventh mansion world to, 538
    corps of twenty-four, designation of a resident governor general for Urantia every hundred years by the, 1252
    council of one thousand, function, 517
    current ruler of, 393
    definition, 359, 378, 756
    distance of, from physical center of Orvonton, 359
    end of Lucifer rebellion on, 611
    executive council, membership of, 512
    the first heaven, 523, 539
    the four and twenty counselors of, 513-514
    freedom of archrebels in, 609
    Gabriel’s establishment of his forces on Father’s spheres of, 605
    Galantia’s headquarters on, 407
    headquarters of celestial life on, 514
    home planet of Adam and Eve, 580
    identification, 174, 182, 393
    local management of, by Material Sons and Daughters, 515
    Machiventa Melchizedek’s headquarters on, 514
    Material Sons and Daughters as permanent citizens of, 415
    Melchizedeks’ influence on, 517, 524
    natural preserves of, grandeur of, 520
    Nebadon education on worlds of progress associated with, 412, 500
    physical aspects of, 519-520
    prison worlds, Satan’s place of detention, 611
    provision of spornagia for, 530
    regime, purpose of, 174
    relation of Urantia’s solar system to, 466
    residential and administrative areas of, 522
    Satania day as reckoned on, 372
    Satania headquarters, 509, 519
    services, ascenders’ attitude toward their, 521, 526
    spirongo of, vs. midway creatures of Urantia, 523
    subsatellites of, number and size, 509
    transporters from local planets to, 436, 438
    upheaval on, during Lucifer rebellion, 606
    Urantia advisory council’s location on, 513
    vs. Urantia, comparison of, grotesque, 521
    welcome of mansion world graduates, 539

Jesus allusion of, to legion of angels, 421
    alone in the hills, 1495, 1688
    ascension of, 2057
    choice of this world for his seventh bestowal by, 1407
    conferences of, with the directors of the celestial hosts, 1753, 1787
    encountering of Gabriel in the Perean hills by, 1513
    farewell of, to Lazarus, 1897
    gentile schools of philosophy in times of, 1335
    influence of, on Paul’s doctrines, 1340
    interest of, in music, 1364
    at Jerusalem, 1377-1378
    Jewish attitudes during the times of, 1334, 1379
    John’s record of the life of, 1342
    the living, the only hope of a unified Christianity, 1281, 1829, 2085
    Mark’s record of the life of, 1341
    Matthew’s record of the life of, 1341
    vs. Mithras, 1083
    morontia appearances of, 2029-2055
       see also Morontia(s), 12. Jesus’ morontia experiences
    mortal goal’s attainment on Mount Hermon by, 1493
    of Nazareth, restatement of the life and teachings of, 1343
    not the Jewish Messiah, 1347, 1386
    occidental religions in times of, 1336
    ownership of a house in Capernaum by, 1422
    Paul’s doctrines as influenced by teachings of, 1340
    permission to terminate his incarnation bestowal given, 1513
    preparation of, for service in all Nebadon, 1405
    teachings of, vs. Christianity, 1036, 1337, 1340
    the triumphant, portrayal of, by John, 2092
    the truth of the promise of, to some day return to the world of his terminal bestowal, 1319
    various names of, 1409, 1492
    visit of, to the Nazarite colony, 1605

Jesus, 1. Jesus’ parents
    ancestry of Joseph, the father of, 1344
       of Mary, the mother of, 1345
    denial of any connection with the house of David by, 1348
    disillusionment of, as to omniscience of his parents, 1359
    earth parents of, 1348-1349
    his parents’ ignorance of the Universe Creatorship of, 1372
    Joseph’s family’s attitude toward the teachings of, 1349, 1356, 1372
    love of his parent for, 1386
    Mary’s belief in the Messianic mission of, 1385

Jesus, 2. Infancy and childhood
    accident to, in his seventh year, 1361
    age of, at return to Nazareth from Alexandria, 1356
    Alexandrian believers’ gift to the baby, 1355
    arrival of Thought Adjuster of, 1357
    birth of, date, 1317, 1352
    a brilliant and lovable child, 1363, 1387
    childhood activities of, 1357, 1359
       trips of, to Galilean Cities, 1368
    early childhood of, 1355-1365
       play life of, 1361
    favorite childhood stroll of, 1350
    flight to Egypt with the baby, 1354
    health of, during the Alexandrian sojourn, 1355
    infancy of, 1344-1354
    language achievements of the boy, 1358, 1362
    later childhood of, 1366-1376
    of Nazareth, birth of, 1351-1352
       a Jew by natural birth, 1909
    normal development of the child, 1359
    weaning of the baby, 1355

Jesus, 3. Adolescence
    adolescence of, 1386, 1393, 1395-1406
    adventurous, and aggressive nature of the boy, 1361
    a citizen of the commonwealth of Israel, at twelve, 1362
    communication of, with his Adjuster, at fifteen, 1386
    disappointment of, with the consecration rituals, 1377
    early knowledge of, about the Jerusalem temple, 1377
    effect of Joseph’s death on education plans for, 1388
    embarrassment of the teachers of the Law by questions of, 1382
    exploration of Jerusalem by, 1380
    first appearance of an assigned messenger to, 1376
       and second days in the temple, of the boy, 1381-1382
       trip of, to the temple, 1378
    friendship of, with Jacob, 1357
    Joseph’s one demonstration of anger toward, reason, 1371
    Nahor’s plan for, 1365
    objection of, to the doorpost parchment, 1372
    prayer of, on the hilltop, 1417
    sale of his harp by, 1402
    two purposes of the youthful, 1388
    views the temple, 1378-1379
    weeping over Jerusalem by the twelve-year-old, 1381
    youthful, trips of, with his father, result, 1360

Jesus, 4. Family life
    adjustments of his views of religious practices to those of his parent by, 1360, 1372
    attendance of, on Jude, in Jerusalem prison, 1415
    attitude of, toward baby brother James, 1357
       toward Ruth and her playmates, 1416
    avoidance of partiality toward members of his family by, 1409
    Bethlehem sojourn of family of, reason for, 1352
    care of his family, the first obligation of, 1390
    compassion of, for his mother at Cana, 1530
    conformity of, to his family usages, 1384
    a dutiful son, 1386
    family-rearing experience of, 1373, 1396
    as a father to his brothers and sisters, 1389
    formulation of the “Lord’s Prayer” by, 1389
    forsaken by his family, 1722
    his family’s arrival at Capernaum, 1721-1723
    inability of, to understand forbidden Sabbath play, 1361
    Joseph’s and Mary’s temptation to favor, 1369
    love of, for his family, 1419
    a man of peace, influence of, on his family, 1417
    Mary’s recognition of, as head of the family, 1400
    modification by, of family’s religious forms, 1372, 1402
    number of brothers and sisters, 1388
    Passover trip of, with Jude, 1415
    pledge of obedience of, to his earthly parents, 1384
    reaction of, to the birth of sister Miriam, 1357
       to his parents’ attitude toward the temple episode, 1384
    refusal of, to accept special consideration by his parents, 1370
    reply of, to his mother’s rebuke in the temple, 1384
    responsibilities of, as head of his father’s family, 1388
    Sabbath afternoon walks of, 1363
       strolls of, with his brothers and sisters, 1400
    seeming indifference of, to possible worry of his parents, 1383
    separation of, from the Nazareth family, 1419
    solicitude of, for his mother, 1419
    success of, as a father to Joseph’s family, 1396
    takes James to his first Passover, 1399
    teaching of his brothers and sisters by, 1387
    weaning of Nazareth family by, 1410
    willingness of, to conform to the desires of his earthly father, 1384

Jesus, 5. School experiences
    acquirement of early education by, 1358, 1370
    beginning study of Greek by, 1359
    challenge of chazan, concerning images, 1366
    chazan’s interest in the boy, 1363, 1370
    date of graduation of, from the synagogue school, 1373
    a diligent pupil, 1364
    discontinuance of drawing and modeling by, 1367
    early education of, 1358, 1363
    graduation of, from the Nazareth synagogue school, 1362, 1373
    hunger of, for knowledge, 1382
    intellectual and theological training of, by the chazan, 1363
    scholastic standing of, reward, 1362-1364

Jesus, 6. Occupations and travels
    acquaintance of, with north Palestine, 1411
    at Antioch, 1480-1481
    as boatbuilder and fisherman, 1419-1420
    caravan trip of, to the Caspian Sea region, 1484-1485
    a carpenter from Nazareth, 229, 1420
    creation of new style of boat by, 1419
    and the Damascus episode, 1411-1412, 1423
    early manhood of, 1407-1418
    expertness of, as a yokemaker, 1367
    meditations of, at carpenter’s bench, 1391
    in Mesopotamia, 1481-1482
    mining experience of, at Iron, 1643
    reputation of, as a boat designer, 1420
    skill of, as a carpenter, 1396
    tour of, from Beersheba to Dan, 1492
    trip of, to Syria, 1492
    wages of, as a fifteen-year-old carpenter, 1393
    years of travel of, 1421

Jesus, 7. Trip to Rome
    at Carthage, 1438-1439
    chance meeting of, with two Corinthian courtesans, 1472
       with two travelers from India, 1422
    conversation(s) of, with Ganid and Gonod about Buddha, 1466
       with Marcus, 1461
       with Mardus, the Roman cynic, 1457-1458
       with a Roman senator, 1461
       with the Roman soldier, 1461
       In Rome, with a Greek physician, 1461
          with a wealthy slaveholder, 1461
    at Cyrene, 1438
    farewell of, to Gonod and Ganid, 1481
    gaining knowledge of races and classes of men in Rome by, 1460
    Ganid’s comparison of, with the Father in heaven, 1481
    sojourn of, at Rome, 1455-1467
    talks of, with Angamon, results, 1456
       in Corinth, with hungry souls, 1476
    trips of, about Rome, 1466-1467
    use of time during his Mediterranean tour by, 1427

Jesus, 8. Personality
    capacity of, for humor and play, 1361
    characteristics of, 1425, 1562, 1583, 1671-1672, 1785, 1786, 1874-1875
    charm and personality of, 1589
    factors in the make-up of, 1521
    faith of, characteristics, 2087
    influential characteristics of, 1348, 1589, 1721, 2029
    Joshua ben Joseph, 1344, 1351
    lack of subconscious delusions and superfluous illusions of, 1100
    many characteristics of, 1101-1103, 1391, 1412, 1543
    of Nazareth, attainment by, of potential spirit personality, 30, 1101
       identity of, 1325
       a strong and forceful personality, 1589
    organization of his mind by, method of, 1398
    personality changes in, 1495
    presentation of perfected human personality in the life of, 1425
    spiritual charms of, 1425, 1585, 1589
    Tiberius impressed by bearing and manner of, 1455

Jesus, 9. Activities before baptism
    achievements of, with the attainment of adulthood, 1407
    conversation of, with John at his baptism, 1504
    failure of, to deliver John the Baptist from prison, reasons, 1507
    final separation of, from John the Baptist, 1506
    first farm experience of, 1357
       freedom from responsibility of, 1377
       harvesting of grain by, 1367
       illness of, 1358
       Passover trip of, 1374
    invitation to, to become a religious teacher in Alexandria, 1413
    John the Baptist’s first visit with, 1359, 1496
    joining of, by John’s disciples, 1506
    last message of, to John the Baptist, 1507
    later adult life of, 1419-1426
    message of, to John the Baptist, 1626
    plans of, for public work, 1514-1516
    and problems of the nationalist movement, 1397
    a respected citizen of Nazareth, activities of, 1414
    study of nature by, 1364, 1629
    time spent at the caravan repair shop by, 1410
       in a smith’s shop by, 1368

Jesus, 10. Baptism and forty days
    age of, at baptism, 1512
    announcement of “my hour has come” by, 1504
    appearance of, at end of forty-day isolation, 1523
    baptism of, 1408, 1504, 1510-1512
       and the forty days, 1509-1523
    disappearance of, after his baptism, 1504
    end of purely human life of, 1512
    forty-day postbaptismal retirement of, 1512-1514
    habitat of, during his forty-day isolation, 1515
    the Immanuel conference as recalled on the day of his baptism by, 1424
    meeting of John the Baptist and, 1503-1504
    of Nazareth, status of, at beginning of public ministry, 1517
    postbaptismal forty-day seclusion of, purpose, 1512
    status of, at baptism, 1511

Jesus, 11. Twelve apostles
    apostles learning from living with, 1584, 1945
    apostles of, tension between John’s disciples and, 1617
    apostolic-holiday activities of, 1718
    approach of, to Peter, to wash his feet, 1938
    assembling of his apostles for ordination by, 1568
    assembly of twelve apostles every morning for instruction by, 1542
    call of, to the Alpheus twins, 1541
       to Matthew, 1540
       to Simon Zelotes, 1540
       Thomas and Judas by, 1542
    choosing of the first four apostles, 1524-1527
    comments of, on apostles’ healing failure, 1757
    commission of, to John Zebedee, 1421
    consecration of the apostles by, 1583
    discussion of, with Nathaniel about the Hebrew scriptures, 1767-1769
    and his apostles leaving Galilee, 1587-1588
    influence of the life of, on the apostles, 1584
    instruction of, as to the apostles’ proclamation message, 1383, 1593
    ordination of his apostles by, 1568-1575
       of the seventy by, 1800
    questioning of the apostles by, after the foot-washing service, 1939-1940
    questions of, concerning his Messiahship, 1390-1391
    reaction of, to Nathaniel’s query concerning the Golden Rule, 1650
    rebuke of James and John by, 1525
       of Peter by, reason, 1760
    training of the kingdom’s messengers by, 1538-1547

Jesus, 12. Religious life
    arrangements made for Jerusalem study of, at fifteen, 1380
    attainment of high levels of conscious contact with his Thought Adjuster by, 1421
    attendance of, at his first Passover, 1362
    attitude of, toward his heavenly Father, in his prayers, 1360
    communication of, with his Personalized Adjuster, 1904
    completion of the mastery of his human mind by, 1408, 1421, 1492
    confidence of, that no real harm could befall him, 1470
    frequent solitary retirement of, at Gilboa, 1618
    habits of, as to prayer, 1387
    meditation and prayer in the Bethany garden by, 1381-1383
    of Nazareth, the earth life of, the highest religion in Nebadon, 1128
       no provision for self-examination in the religion of, 1583
    personal religion of, 1101, 1581-1583, 1785
    positive quality of the morality of, 1585
    preparation of, for trip to Mount Hermon, 1492
    religion of, 67, 1091, 2091-2093
    religious life of, how to study, 68, 1460
    sinlessness of, 1408
    transformation of the difficulties of time into the triumphs of eternity by, 1405
    unawareness of his Adjuster’s arrival by, 1357
    was great because he was good”, 1103
    youthful, and his prayers, 1360

Jesus, 13. Attitudes and abilities
    ability of, as a camel driver, 1481
       as a linguist, 1484
       as a metal worker, 1410
       to concentrate, 1400
       to help maladjusted human beings, 1461
       to recognize truth, 1390
       as a storyteller, 1438
       to understand confused and distressed mortals, 1408
    adeptness of, with the harp, 1364
    attitude of, toward accepting his family responsibilities, 1388
       toward asceticism, 1512
       his being the Messiah, 1390
       his life work, 1384
       Mary’s attendance at the Passover, 1377
       personal combat, 1469, 1518
       the Pharisees, 1582
       Philip’s foolish questions, 1557
       sinners, 2018
       wholesome recreation, 1371
    cheerfulness of, at Simon’s banquet, 1879
    indifference of, to future educational arrangements for him, 1370, 1380, 1422
    of Nazareth, refusal of, to compromise with evil, 1521
    nonteaching of fasting and self-denial by, 1605
    not a personal example for Urantia mortals, 1585
    and the Passover, 1379-1381
    physical, mental, and emotional development of, 1358, 1395, 1407
    proficiency of, as an entertainer, 1389
    refusal of, to defend self against a fellow man of sonship status, 1469
       to join Zealots, 1396
       to visit the Roman public baths, 1461
    reverent attitude of, toward nature, 1364
    sagacity of, in his temple questions, 1383
    skill of, as a harpist, 1364
    statement of his position with reference to the nationalist movement, 1397
    the untiring patience of, 1401
    willingness of, to defend self against one other than a son of God, 1469

Jesus, 14. Human and divine nature
    beginning self-consciousness of his divinity and destiny by, 1386, 1408
    combined nature of, a definition, 1711
    consciousness of, of his potential power, 1416, 1787
    contact of, with human experience, 1362, 1392
    craving of, for confidential friendship, 1391
    the creator of all Nebadon, 1376
    decision of, to adopt the title “Son of Man”, 1390
    a divine Son, 1604, 1785, 1856
    escape from both social extremes of human existence by, 1425
    experience of human feelings and emotions by, 1405, 1407, 1425
    genuineness of the humanity of, 1521
    growing awareness of his creatorship by, 1387, 1395, 1409
    human, 1113, 1383, 1424-1426, 1515, 1787, 1969, 2015, 2092
       and divine nature of, evidence of, 1395
    life of, a transcendental bestowal of God in the form of man, 1583, 2084
    living of a perfected life by, 1425, 1581
    the man, 196, 1472, 1520, 2090-2091
    mastery of his human mind by, 1414, 1421, 2063
    natural growth of, as a child of the realm, 1407
    of Nazareth, the Father’s incarnated Son, 86, 357, 1084, 1331, 1407, 1857
       the Planetary Prince of Urantia, 1512
       sovereign ruler of a universe, 1918
       the titular Planetary Prince of Urantia, 1014
    Nebadon’s fascination with the unfolding life of, 1373
    the only revealer of the incarnation of a Creator in the form of a creature, 196, 1417, 1467, 1510, 1604, 1791, 1856, 1985, 2003
    the perfected man of a universe, 1103, 1604
    possession of unlimited power by, 1543
    prays like a man but performs like a God”, 1786
    preparation for career of, as a perfected God-man, 1388, 1421
    purely human, final act of, 1511
    self-consciousness of, of his two existences and his combined natures, 1528
    sign of the divinity of, 1895
    the Son of God, 1784, 2092
    the sovereign ruler of our universe, 1919
    a true man among men, 1408, 1425
    was the truth,” 1101, 1428, 1594
    the youth, and the Creator, 1367

Jesus, 15. Love and Ministry
    affection of, for the Bethany family, 1404, 1837
    association and communication of, with man, 1784
    blessing the little children, 1839-1840
    character of the love of men and women for, 1403
    comparison of the love of his heavenly Father with that of his earthly father by, 1378
    counseling the rich man, 1462-1465
    desire of, as to the Jews, 1383
    evening conferences of, at Zebedee’s home, 1420
    God of love revealed by, 41, 67, 1331, 1378, 1797
    high evaluation of man by, 1098
    identification of, with different types of men, 1565, 1796
    interest of, in the individual, 1359, 1580
    learning by, of how various people lived, 1380
    love of, for children, 1416
       and service of, for mortal men, 2017, 2095
    a merciful and understanding sovereign ruler, 1408, 1580
    personal contact with the sick in Bethsaida hospital by, 1658
       counsel of, to “a certain rich man”, 1463
       love of, for men, effect, 1460-1462, 2018
       work of, with the religious teachers in Rome, 1456
    requirement of a life of loving service by, 2043
    respect of, for sincere scribes and Pharisees, 1386
    social ministry of, 1465-1466
    tarrying time of, in Galilee, 1524-1537
    the technique of social contact of, 1460
    an understanding comrade, 1546, 1874
    an unpretentious layman, 2091
    went about doing good, 1590, 1786

Jesus, 16. Reaction to life situations
    decision of, concerning personal necessities, 1518
       to deprive himself of all superhuman co-operation, 1516
       not to become an earthly father, 1405
       regarding his mortal bestowal, 1755
       as to use of his universe endowments, 1522
    destruction of all his permanent writing by, 1514
    difficult situation of, in the Zealot matter, 1397
    driving the animals from the temple by, 1890
    fairness of, to opponents, 1383
    inauguration of the bloodless Passover by, 1404
    indignation of, at presence of courtesans in the temple, 1378, 1890
    lack of interest of, in plans for study in Jerusalem, 1375
    life of, on earth, characteristics of, 2084
    mortal life of, reaction of his fellow mortals to, 1425
    reaction of, to Antioch, 1480
       to ceremonies of day of atonement, 1494
       to Ezra’s and Rebecca’s proposition of marriage, 1403
       to Greek competitive games, 1370
       to separation of women from men worshipers, 1377
       to the slaughter scenes in the temple court, 1378
    reaction of Nicodemus to conference with, 1602
    rebuke of Martha and Mary for lack of faith by, 1798, 1845
    tax problems of, 1393
    willingness of, to learn from even the humblest, 1388

Jesus, 17. The Gospel – His mission
    activity(ies) of, during second preaching tour, 1668
       in Pella, 1524, 1850
    assurance of, of the friendliness of the universe, 1470
    beginning of public work of, time, 1509
    brotherhood, identification of the, 2067
    concept of the kingdom held by, 1859-1861
    earth mission of, 1286, 1395, 1664, 1711
    emphasis of, on his teachings rather than on his achievements, 1413
    the exemplification of a new and original plan of life, 1594
    experience of mortal life on worlds settled in light and life by, 1425
    inability of, to disclose the idea of his mission, 1397
    life and death of, for a whole universe, 2017
    the light of mankind, 1347
    mission of, on earth, 1390, 1683, 1712, 1851, 1906
    the “new and living way” from man to God, 1113, 1426
    a new revelation of, the great hope of Urantia, 382, 2086
    the one objective of, 1522
    the Prince of Peace, 1522
    purpose of, for being on Urantia, 1590
       earth mission of, 1407, 1518, 1519, 1576, 1597, 1608, 1710, 1791, 1820, 1947-1948, 1952
    quandary of, concerning the claim of his mission, 1390
    real career of, beginning of, 1394
    realization of, of the purpose of his earth existence, 1395
    recall of his pre-bestowal Paradise experience by, 1424
    restatement by, of his purpose in coming to Urantia, 1632
    a statement of his mission by, 1466
    supreme mission of, 1406
    teaching of, about the kingdom, 1862-1864
       vs. those of mystery cults, 1337
    the terminator of one age and the inaugurator of a new dispensation, 1510
    the world’s deliverer, 1347, 2093

Jesus, 18. Teacher and healer
    adeptness of, in asking and answering questions, 1460
    analysis of the teaching methods of, 1771
    as the Jewish tutor, 1423
    authority of, in the discussion of religion, 1421
    educational techniques of, 1363, 1401
    expression of principles for truth preachers by, 1765
    fame of, as a healer, 1587, 1668
    familiarity of, with the scriptures, 1383
    at Jairus’ house, 1699-1700
    leading of Cana wedding procession by, 1528
    life of, a commentary on his teachings, 1579-1580
    miracles of, see Miracles of Jesus
    of Nazareth, decision of, concerning himself and certain Scriptures, 1522
    parables of, see Parables of Jesus
    peace of, a definition, 1954
    at the pool of Bethesda, 1649
    questions of, to the scribes, 1377
    reaction of, to Capernaum healing, 1633
    reading of the scriptures at the Sabbath services by, 1362, 1399
    real life and teachings of, time for rediscovery of the, 1582, 2083
    recounting by, of the origin of the Passover, 1379
    reference of, to “universe mansions”, 341
    refusal of, to advertise evil, 1582
    spoke as one having authority, 1545
    the teacher, 1369, 1373, 1383, 1543, 1594, 1630, 1657
    use of parables by, 1688-1694
    wept,” at tomb of Lazarus, reasons, 1844
    a youthful original thinker and skillful teacher, 1368

Jesus, 19. Relation to God
    communication of, with the Father, at the tomb of Lazarus, 1846
    concept of God held by, 68
    dedication of, to doing the will of the Paradise Father, 1384, 1424
    defeat of Caligastia on Mount Hermon by, 1493, 1512
    different titles of, reason for, 1413, 1746
    the exemplification of the Paradise Father’s love, 1406, 1469
    and the Father, oneness of, 1784
    the Father’s business, vs. world affairs in life of, 1386
    interest of, in making a fuller revelation of God, 1383
    life of, and mortal concept of God, 41, 1128, 1141, 2061
    lone sojourn of, with God, on Mount Hermon, 1492-1493
    a most extraordinary day in the life of, 1376
    Mount Hermon Experience of, 1512
    of Nazareth, a religious man doing the will of God, 1857, 2090
    oneness of the Father and, 40, 1331, 1985
    personal Deity referred to by, 31
    presents God as the Universal Father, 1008, 1948, 2088
    refusal of, to acknowledge the wrath of God, 1378
    revelation of himself as a perfected son by, 1519, 1580, 1604
    subjection of, to the will of his Paradise Father, 1409, 1417, 1424
    teaching of, concerning doing the Father’s will, 1579-1580, 1597
    trusted God”, 1102
    and “will of my Father in heaven”, 1384, 2087

Jesus, 20. Sermons and discourses
    address of, to apostles and workers, 1704, 1858
    answer of, to the spies’ charge of Sabbath breaking, 1655
    apostles’ private talks at Bethsaida with, 1578
    discussion(s), of answer and prayer by, 1848-1849
       with the Bethany family, 1380
       with Ganid on the functions of the human mind, 1479
       with Nabon, 1459
       with Stephen, 1411
    first conducting of a synagogue service by, 1391
    last discourse of, to his apostles, on events of the future, 1934
       trip to the temple by, 1905
    participation of, in discussions at Urmia, 1485
    sermons, see Sermons of Jesus
    talk of, on evil, sin, and iniquity, 1659-1661
       on the “Grace of Salvation”, 1850-1853
       on purpose of affliction, 1661-1662
    teaching(s) of, as to practice of the “Golden Rule”, 1454
       concerning man’s social attitude, 1580-1581
       and later Christian teachers of Urmia faculty, 1491
       in the temple, 1596-1601, 1795
       at Tyre, 1737-1741
    temple discussions of, 1382-1383

Jesus, 21. Farewell – arrest and trials
    alone in Gethsemane, 1968-1970
    apparent interest of, when on trial, in only his bestowal mission, 1983
    appearance of, after his trial and scourging, 1995
    appears before Pilate, 1989-1990
    attitude of, toward Herod Antipas, reason for, 1393
       toward his accusers before Pilate, 1990
    before the court of Sanhedrists, 1978-1986
       Herod, 1992-1993
    beginning of last stage of the human life of, 1749
    David’s farewell to, 1967
    disclosure of, as to his imminent departure to his Father, 1792
    first prayer of, in the garden, 1968
    Herod’s attitude toward, 1717, 1992
    indifference of, to the doings of the Sanhedrin, 1847
    Pilate’s private examination of, 1991
    prediction of his imminent departure by, 1944
    promise of, to dwell in all gospel believers, 1601, 1808, 1816

Jesus, 22. Crucifixion and resurrection
    on the cross, reaction of Judas to sight of, 1998
       smile of, at sight of his mother, brother, and sister, 2007
    death of, date, 2002-2003, 2011
    declarations of, of his intention to return to Urantia, 1918
    experience of death by, 1425
    explanation of events of his death and resurrection by, 1759
    first postresurrection act of, 2022
    last hour of, on the cross, 2011
    promise of, to return to Urantia, 598, 1603, 1863, 1876, 1914
    refusal of, to avoid the cross, 2019
    resurrection of, date, 2021
    status of, during the tomb experience, midwayers’ indefiniteness as to the, 2015
    warning apostles of his coming death by, 1871
    willingness of, to subject himself to the cross, 2019

Jesusonian gospel lack of, in present-day Tibet, 1038
    need for, in India, 1032
    New testament only meagerly, 2091

Jethro influence of, on Moses and the Israelites, 1058

Jew(s) any individual, status of, before God unaffected by national rejection of Jesus, 1909
    attitude of, toward the duties of fatherhood, 1398
       toward Samaritans, 1535
    belief of, as to the new heaven and the new earth, 1500, 1914
    comparison of, with Buddha, philosophically, 1467
    concepts of God of the, 1052-1053, 1467, 1590, 1597
    contribution of, to spread of the gospel, 1333
    dictating of, to Pilate, reason for, 1989
    dispersion of the, extent of, 1333
    effect of the Babylonian captivity upon, 1023
    expectancy of a wonder-working deliverer by the, 1523
    family life of a, Ganid’s observance of, in Corinth, 1472
    future of, apocalyptists’ prediction of, 1500
    and gentile(s), 1339-1341, 1903
       gospel belongs to both, 1903, 2044
    independence of, threefold reason for, 1334
    at Jerusalem, vs. the Jews of Philadelphia, 1831
    Jesus a, 1594
    kingdom-of-heaven concept of the, 1859, 1865
    lack of humor of, 1736
    a Levantine race, 1332
    Mesopotamian taboos assumed by the, 1042
    Messianic concepts of the, 1509-1510, 1522
    a name for certain tribes of Semites, 1055
    of Nazareth, liberal attitude of, toward the gentiles, 1362
    no recorded secular history of the, 1070
    not a miraculous people, 1075, 1334
    Paul’s attempt to remake Jesus’ teachings to please the, 1832
    racial sin a theory of the, 1510
    reaction of, to Pilate’s reference to Jesus as the “king of the Jews”, 1994
    relation of, to Abraham, 1432
    a religion without science of the, 1726
    and Samaritans, 1612
    spiritual stagnation of the, 1727
    superiority of family devotion of the, 1335
    theory of a sin-cursed nation of the, 1510-1511
    view of, of religion, vs. that of Jesus, 1583, 1827

Jewels modern peoples’ veneration of their, 945

Jewish authorities, coolness of, to Judas, 1998
    authorities, refusal of, to know the Father, 1951
       surprise of, at Jesus’ preaching in the temple, 1790
    beliefs, Hellenized, effect of current philosophies on, 1338
    birthmark, Christian morality a, 1340
    brethren, Jesus’ suggestion to Matthew regarding work with his, 1957
    captives, Isaiah the second’s comfort to the, 1069
    ceremonial system, loyalty of apostles and believers to the, 2060
       reaction of the boy Jesus to the, 1348, 1379
    children, play life of, 1361
    and Christian Bibles, the origin of the, 1074
    consciousness, origin of, in Judah, 1071
    culture, Jerusalem the center of, 1365
    family life, investigation of, by Family Commission of Twelve, 1344
    guards, flight of, from the tomb to their homes, 2023
    history, Jesus’ recall of traditional events of, 1387, 1399, 1409
    homes, of Galilee, provision for superior child training in, 1358
    influence on European civilization, 1332
    law, and the death sentence, 1982-1985
       “neighbor” as defined by, 1809
    leaders, appearance of, at Golgotha, purpose, 2007
       assault of Jesus on, 1932
       believing, meeting of, at home of Nicodemus, 1810
       bribing of the guards by the, 1810
       desire of, to kill Jesus, reason, 1796, 1932
       older, belief of, regarding incarnation, 1811
    Messiah, Jesus’ question as to his relation to a possible, 1390-1391
       Paul’s proclamation of a, 1332
    morality, in Paul’s Christianity, 1340
    nation, Jesus’ concern for the coming tragedy for the, 1906, 1913, 2006
    people, 1333-1334
       cultural stability of the, cause, 939
       Jesus’ growing pity and love for the, 1386
       Jesus’ last appeal to, 1903, 1905
    practices, Paul’s attitude toward, 2064
    priests, altering of Hebrew history by the, 838, 1071
       unintentional influence of, on Occidental world, 1068
    religion, Ganid’s interest in the, 1471
       of the Old Testament, origin of, time and place, 1075-1076
    rulers, apostles’ awareness of determination of, to exterminate Jesus, 1932
       plan of, regarding the disposal of Jesus’ body, 2012
    sacred writings, gift of, to the child Jesus from Egyptian friends, 1355
    soldiers, Salem doctrine’s spread in Europe by, 1077
    spiritual leaders, noneffect on individual Jews of rejection of Jesus by, 1909
    theology, Melchizedek teachings the basic doctrines of, 1077
       mistake of effort to connect gospel teaching directly to, 1670, 1961
    tutor, Jesus as the, 1423

Jezebel Jesus’ parents’ story about, 1374

Jezreel apostolic visit to, 1668

Joab ringleader of plot to make Jesus king, 1701

Joanna a member of the women’s corps, 1679, 2026
    supervision of apostolic Sabbath services at Tiberias by, 1680
    treasurer of women’s corps, 1679
    the wife of Chuza, at the tomb, 2025

Joash identity of, 1074

Job book of, an example of the teachings of the Salem School, 1043
    direct appeal of, to God, 1664
    drama of, significance of the, 1070, 1662-1664
    reply of, to counsel of his friends, 1663-1664
    story of, a masterpiece of Semitic literature, 1662

Jogbehah The seventy’s labors in, 1817

John the Baptist about, 1496-1508, 1510, 1817, 2041
    Abner and his associates rumored to be followers of, 1741
    apostles of, conference of, with Jesus’ apostles, 1624-1626
       Jesus’ special teaching of, 1626
    apostles’ retirement at Gilboa to await the fate of, 1617
    arrest of, 1506
    as the coming Messiah’s advance herald, 1498
    attack of, on Herod Antipas, 1506
    baptism of Jesus by, 1408, 1424, 1504
    baptism by, purpose, 1502, 1536
    begins to preach, 1501-1503
    beheading of, 1508
    birth of, 1496
    bitter prison experience of, 1506
    childhood visit of, with Jesus, 1496
    comparison of, with Elijah, 1499, 1502
    confusion of, concerning the coming kingdom, 1498, 1503
    conversation of, with Jesus at Jesus’ baptism, 1504
    conviction of, of the approaching end of the old order, 1498, 1506
    death of, 1508, 1627
       Judas’ reaction to, 1751
    disappointment of, at Jesus’ failure to contact him, 1507
    disciples of, Jesus’ apostles’ difficulties in harmonizing with, 1593, 1610, 1617
    early teachings of, basis of, 1499
    effect of Jesus’ last message on, 1507
    Elizabeth’s son, date of birth of, 1346
       Gabriel’s prediction of the mission of, 1345
    fame of, in Palestine, 1503
    final leave-taking of Jesus by, 1506, 1526
    finish of the earth work of, 1507
    first preaching of, 1501
       visit of, with Jesus, 1359
    followers of, concern of, over Jesus’ leaving John in prison, 1588
    forty days of preaching by, 1505-1506
    general instruction by, 1503
    Herodias’ hatred of, 1508
    Herod’s superstitious fear of, and his attitude toward Jesus, 1633, 1717
    a heroic but tactless preacher, 1502
    Jesus’ favorable word for the message of, 1503
       last message from, 1626
       reference to, as the Elijah of prophecy, 1754
       use of the cult of, 1010
    kingdom concept of, 1858
    last questions of, to Jesus, 1507
    meeting of Jesus and, 1503-1504
    normal childhood of, 1496
    onetime camp of, at Pella, 1806
    physical description of, 1497
    preaching of repentance by, 1509, 1584
    presentation of his flocks to the Nazarite brotherhood by, 1499
    in prison, 1506-1507
    reaction of, to Andrew’s and Peter’s proposal to join Jesus, 1524
    relation of the apostles to the followers of, 1588
    sad confusion of, after separation from Jesus, 1506
    self-regarded as last of the Israel prophets, 1499
    sojourn in Engedi of, 1499
    taking of Nazarite vow at fourteen by, 1496
    teaching of prayers to his disciples by, 1618, 1620
    test of faith and loyalty to Jesus by, 1507
    uncertainty of, as to the scope of the kingdom of heaven, 1505
    on Urantia advisory council, 514

John Hyrcanus destruction of Samaritans’ temple by, 1612

John Mark belief of, concerning Peter’s night vision, 1703
    calling of the leading disciples to the home of, 2057
    careful watch of Jesus by, 1963
    departure of, with the apostles, for Galilee, 2045
    desertion of his sentinel post by, 1967
    flight of, from the garden, 1975
    hiding by, in a shed in Gethsemane, 1971
    Jesus’ secret arrangement with, regarding the last supper, 1933
    observance by, of activities of last moments in the garden, 1967
    only human observer of Jesus awaiting his betrayer, 1971
    plea by, to accompany Jesus into the hills, 1920
    reaction of, to the day alone with Jesus in the hills, 1921, 1927
    record of Jesus’ life written by, 1341
    serving of breakfast to, by morontia Jesus, 2047
    welcoming of Jesus and the twelve to the new camp by, 1915

John Zebedee absence of, during the conversion of the thief, 2009
    age of, at death, 1556
       when chosen as an apostle, 1553
    arrival of, at Golgotha, 2007
    avoidance by, of reference to “casting out devils”, 1631
    bringing of his mother to Golgotha by, 2007
    care of, by his granddaughter, 1555
    characteristics of, 1554-1555
    effect of James’ untimely death on, 1553
    experience of, at the pool of Bethesda, 1649
    favorable attitude of, toward proclaiming Jesus king, 1701
    following of Jesus by, to the home of Annas, 1976, 1978
    identity of, 1553
    influence of Jesus’ life on, 1421, 1555
    and James, compatibility of, 1553
    Jesus’ commission to, 1421
       final personal admonition to, 1955
       reason for the choice of, to care for his earthly family, 1955
       request of, to bring his mother to him, 1997
    and Jude, escorting of Mary from Golgotha by, 2009
    lifelong silence of, as to his questioning by Pilate, 1991
    lonely vigil of, during Jesus’ abuse by the guards, 1984
    marching of, at side of Roman captain, 1980
    marriage of, to his brother James’ widow, 1555
    Nalda’s recounting to, of her conversation with Jesus, 1614
    the only apostle at the crucifixion, 2007
    participation of, in the Pentecost preaching, 2060
    a personal aide of Jesus, 1554
    position of, by Jesus’ mother at the cross, 2008, 2009
    presence of, with Jesus before Pilate, 1987
       with Jesus during his trial, 1982, 1991
    promise of, to Jesus, regarding his family, 1422
    recognition of Jesus’ humanity by, 1594
       of the morontia Master by, 2046
    relations of, with Andrew and Peter, 1553
       with Jesus, 1553
    remaining by, at Golgotha, until the removal of Jesus’ body, 2011
    the Revelator, the four and twenty elders of, 513, 539
    selection of Judas Alpheus by, 1539
    a son of Zebedee, 1420, 1553-1556
    the son of Zebedee, the inspiration for the Gospel of John, 1342
    status of, during Jesus’ arrest and trial, 1977
    story of the crucifixion by, 2009
    tact and sagacity of, 1555
    vision of, 378, 608
    youngest of the twelve, 1553

Joint meetings, quarterly, Jesus’ and John’s apostles’ plans for, 1625

Jonah Jesus’ discourse on, 1428, 1767

Joppa apostolic visit to, 1706
    discourse on Jonah at, 1428-1429

Jordan the apostles’ preaching along the, 2051
    John the Baptist’s journey up the, 1503
    River, 1351, 1374

Jose identification of, 1372

Joseph of Arimathea as a disciple of Jesus, 2013
    association of, with Nicodemus, 1603
    faith of, in Jesus’ promised resurrection, 2013
    the home of, the morontia Jesus at, 2033
    interrupted visit of, to Jesus at Gethsemane, 1606
    one of the bearers of Jesus’ body to the tomb, 2013
       of the few to believe in Jesus’ resurrection, 2013
    presence of, at meeting in home of Nicodemus, 1810
    request of Pilate by, for Jesus’ body, 2012
    and the twenty believing Greeks, 1924

Joseph, brother of Jesus attitude of, toward belligerent playmates, 1401
    birth of, 1362
    characteristics of, 1401
    limited faith of, in Jesus, 1721
    onetime residence of, in old Nazareth home, 1484
    preparation of, for becoming head of the Nazareth family, 1414
    relation of the youthful Jesus with his brother, 1372

Joseph, father of Jesus ancestry of, 1344
    as a builder, success of, 1360
    burial of, in Nazareth, 1388
    dream of, 1347-1348
    family of, Jesus’ grief at absence of, from Bethsaida goodbye visit, 1587
    financial status of, at birth of Jesus, 1350, 1354
    inability of, to answer Jesus’ questions, 1376
    and Mary, 1344-1345, 1349
       efforts of, to answer Jesus’ questions, 1358
       Gabriel’s choice of, as earth parents of Michael, 1344
       length of sojourn of, in Alexandria, 1354
       possession of superior personality endowments by, 1345
       reaction of, to the boy Jesus’ conduct in Jerusalem, 1367, 1384
       return of, to Jerusalem, in search of Jesus, 1381, 1382
    people of, rejection of Jesus by, 1969
    presence of, at Jesus’ graduation, 1373
    racial characteristics of, 1344
    reaction of, to Gabriel’s visitation, 1347
    responsibility of, for Jesus’ intellectual and religious training, 1358
    temperament of, 1348
    as a workman in Alexandria, 1355

Joseph, of the Old Testament a believer in Melchizedek, 1023
    refusal by, of the military command of the Egyptian armies, 1023
    sale of, into Egyptian slavery, 1387
    status of, among the Egyptians, 1046

Joshua ben Joseph Adjuster’s leave-taking of, 1511
    exhaustion by, of all spiritual values attainable in mortal experience, 1200
    Ganid’s ignorance of Jesus of Nazareth as the teacher, 1481
    human life of, one source of Christianity, 1084
    the incarnation of Michael of Nebadon, 1317
    Jesus’ earth name, 1344, 1351
    Jesus’ progress from the humanity of, to the divinity of Michael of Nebadon, 1281
    the mortal Jesus, 1407
    natural human conception and birth of, 1317

Joshua of the Old Testament attempt by, to hold the concept of a supreme Yahweh in the minds of his people, 1059
    and Jericho, 1501
    Moses’ relinquishing his command of the Hebrews to, 1059

Josiah, the born-blind beggar about, 1812
    do you believe in the son of God?” Jesus’ question, 1816
    final testimony of, as to his healing, 1814-1815
    Jesus’ visit to home of, 1816
    Pharisees’ second questioning of, 1814
    recital by, of Jesus’ healing him of blindness, 1812-1815
    subsequent status of, 1816

Josiah of the Old Testament attack on Necho by, 1074
    Jesus’ recall of the defeat of, by the Egyptians, 1387
    Judah’s status under the rule of, 1074

Jotapata apostolic work in, 1637, 1741
    Mary Magdalene’s and Rebecca’s setting apart as teachers at, 1680
    mission, distinguishing feature of the, 1638

Jove present significance of, 1054

Joy(s) apostles’ proclamation of, to fear-bound mortals, 1570
    clearinghouses, 312
    in the divine spirit, of the sons of God, 1655
    ecstatic, of Adjuster-fusion occasions, 623
    effort not always productive of, 556
    excursion, Gods not taking ascenders on an eternal, 558
    of Existence, assignment of, to Divine Counselors, 310
       functions of, 312
       and Satisfactions of Service, functioning of, 312
    a fruit of the Sprit, 381, 2067
    and gladness, Jesus’ purpose to bring to men, 1558
    in heaven over repentant sinners, 1762, 1851
    Jesus’ promise of, in his Father’s service, 1533, 1902
       purpose to proclaim, to socially downtrodden, 1541, 1652
          to replace sorrow with, 1675
    of living, vs. the fear of existence, 952
    of the assurance of sonship,” Jesus’ prayer for his apostles’, 1964
    power, and glory, believers’ feeling of, after the arrival of the Spirit of Truth, 2059
    in the presence of the angels over one repentant sinner, 1851
    present, provision for, 644, 1853, 1944
    prophetic, “all things work together for good”, 548
    a result of spiritual growth, 1098, 1537
    of salvation, Jesus’ offer of, 1792, 2035
    and sorrow, human, common sources of, 1192
    in the spirit, a fruit of divine sonship, 1674, 1944
    supreme, the result of loving service, 644, 1945

Joyous life compatibility of a, and a realization of eternal destiny, 1206
    wings of a new and living spiritual liberty, 1942

Jubilee(s) of jubilees, changed standing of Divine Minister at the universe, 368
    the seven, significance of, 305
    seventh, preparation for celebration of the, 305

Judah concentration of land in the hands of a few in, 1074
    fate of, after attack by Nebuchadnezzar, 1075
       under the rule of Manasseh, 1074
    many non-Hebrew elements in, 1072
    one hundred years of paying tribute to Assyria by, 1074
    the origin of the Jewish consciousness in, 1071
    Pharaoh’s later enslavement of, 1073

Judahites vs. the Ephraimites, 1072

Judaism early believers in Jesus a sect within, 2060

Judas Alpheus identification of, 1539
    inability of, to understand Jesus’ answer to his question, 1564, 1948-1949
    selection of, by John Zebedee, 1539

Judas Iscariot about, 2565-1567
    absence of from the Gethsemane camp, 1929, 1966
    adverse reactions of, to Jesus’ triumphal entry, 1886-1887
    age of, when chosen as an apostle, 1566
    Andrew’s awareness of impending trouble with, 1549, 1751
    apostles’ attitude toward, 1566
    the apostolic treasurer, 1566
    appearance of, before Sanhedrin, 1997
    approach of, to accost Jesus in the garden, 1974
    attitude of, at Gilboa, concerning the kingdom, 1618
    causes of the downfall of, 2055-2057
    characteristics of, 1566-1567, 1611, 2057
    and the chief priests, 1924-1927
    choosing of the seat of honor at the last supper by, 1937
    conclusion of, as to his decision to desert the Master, 1915, 1924, 1935, 1939
    conference of, with the captain of the temple guards, 1968
    craving of, for worldly honor, 1926
    education of, 1558
    a faith adventure, to Jesus, 1566
    favorable attitude of, toward proclaiming Jesus king, 1701
    financial loyalty of, 1566, 1803
    first conscious thought of deserting by, 1708
    identification of, 1540, 1565-1566
    inability of, to serve as a witness at Jesus’ trial, 1982
    Jesus’ call to, 1542
    a onetime follower of John the Baptist, 1566
    reaction(s) of, to foot washing episode, 1939
       to his “reward”, 1998
       to Jesus’ rebuke at Simon’s banquet, 1879
       to Mary’s anointing of Jesus, 1879
    realization by, of the true nature of his sin 1998
    secret criticism of Jesus by, 1566
    selection of, by Nathaniel, 1540
    suicide of, 1567, 1998
    a summary of many reactions of, 1751
    treasurer of the apostles, 1545, 1547
    a victim of resentment, 1567

Judas Maccabee influence of, on Jewish nationalism, 1334
    restoration of Mosaic services by, 1360

Jude, brother of Jesus absence of, from the apostles’ study sessions, reason, 1534
    arrest of, in Jerusalem, 1415
    arrival of, at Golgotha, 2007
    attitude of, toward belligerent playmates, 1401
    baptism of, date, 1504
    belief of, in resurrection of Jesus, 2032
    birth of, 1370
    characteristics of, 1402
    contributions of, to Nazareth family support, 1418
    declaration by, of his belief in Jesus, 1527, 1532
    effects of his marriage on, 1417
    graduation of, 1415
    and John Zebedee, the only men believers present at Jesus’ death, 2010
    patriotic outbursts of, results, 1416
    recognition of Jesus’ greatness by, 1421
    support of his mother at Jesus’ cross by, 2009
    wedding of, 1484

Judea cities of, workers sent from Abner’s center at Bethlehem to, 1798
    comparison of, with Galilee, 1369
    going of the apostles into, reason, 1587
    Judas Iscariot the only apostle from, 1540, 1565
    relations between Jews and gentiles in, 1362

Judean the stalwart, identification of, 1525

Judge(s) of all the earth, a title of Jesus, 1409
    -Arbiter, function of, 275-276
    backward drift of the Hebrews’ concept of Deity under the, 1059
    degrees required of, in the continental nation, 816
    a divine, method of judging mortals by, 1475, 1829
    God as a, 41, 1590, 1826
    integrity of, a guage of a civilization, 797
    of men, Andrew a good, 1549
    of mortals, angels not, 419
    righteous, functioning of Universal Censors as, 313
    of states of the continental nation, appointment and terms of office of, 809
    on superuniverse headquarters, execution of decrees of cessation of existence by, 37
    of survival, Magisterial Sons as, 88

Judgment(s) the apostles’, mercy and, 1577
    assurance of justice and mercy in the, 1649
    concept regarding, in Hebrew theology, 1045
    day, of a new dispensation, 341
    a definition, 114
    dispensational, of the realm, at conclusion of Michael’s bestowal, 1328
    divine, a definition, 115
    fair, administration of justice dependent upon, 1469
       a benefit gained by a Creator Son through his actual creature experience, 1309
    of God, basis for, 47, 1445, 1476
    group, vs. personal bias, 1764
    of his creatures, control of, by a God of love, proof of, 616
    Jesus’ mission not one of, 1795, 1822, 1903
    mandates of, place of origin of, 180
    mass, by ancients of Days, Gabriel’s relation to, 370
    narrowness of, avoidance of, 1776
    nature of God’s, 314, 1453, 1609, 1795
    one appearance of the word, in the Psalms, 1045
    roll call, second, of Urantia, 830
    tribunals, of Ancients of Days, and decrees of cessation of existence, 37
    unwise, a definition, 52

Judicial actions, of Avonals on inhabited worlds, 225
    actions, of Magisterial Sons, 226
    mechanism of Nebadon, Gabriel supervisor of, 372
    system of the local universe, beginnings of, 573
    tribunals, Lucifer’s installation of, on the system capital, 604
    trusts, on a world in light and life, 625
    work of the universe, Master Son not a participant in, 372

Jupiter brilliance and high temperature of, reason for, 656
    critical situation of a moon of, 658
    formation of worlds like, 466, 656
    identity of, 658, 1080
    and origin of the asteroids, 658

Jurassic period, length of, 688

Jurisdiction of Nebadon, Immanuel’s assumption of, 1330

Jurors supreme, of Orvonton, 247

Jury system, maladministered, a travesty of justice, 247

Justa Jesus’ sojourn in the Sidon home of, 1735

Justice absolute, Siddhartha’s teaching of a universe of, 1037
    adjudication of defaults demanded by, 428
    administration of, in accordance with wisdom of the brotherhood, 1764
       a Trinity function, 113
    assurance of, for ascending mortals, 246
    attitude of, toward what mercy can save, 617
    a cardinal virtue, according to Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, 1079
    certainty of, in a mercy-dominated universe, 616
    child of God assured of, 1649
    a definition, 114, 115, 2016, 2018
    Deity representation in domains of, 114
    delay in execution of, justification of, 616
    disclosure of divinity as, 3
    divine, embodiment of understanding mercy in, 37, 428, 1898
    eternal, and fairness, 38
    factors in, 613, 794-796
    of God, 36, 41, 507, 1443
    the greatness of a nation dependent upon its, 1462
    a group function, 1146
    guides, function of, 434
    human and divine, 1475
    inherent in sovereignty of the Paradise Trinity, 114
    Jesus’ father-brother spirit of, 1401
    man’s concept of, 794
    merciful delays of, Lucifer’s reaction to, 605
    mercy not a contravention of, 38
    and mercy, simultaneous ministry of, infinite wisdom necessary for, 38, 434
    nature’s sole type of, 794
    of Paradise Trinity, characteristics of, 38, 48, 98, 207, 1146
    a plural function, 114, 1146
    prevailing of, occasion for, 315, 373
    progressive meting out of, 796, 797, 1469
    relation of, to righteousness, 115, 246
    retributive, and divine righteousness, 36-38, 41, 314, 616
    rule of, in Havona requirements, 158
    of Supremacy, and mercy, 38, 616
    supreme, domination of, by a Father’s love, 617
    tempered by mercy, in Orvonton, 182, 615
    tribunals of, on all planets, 573
    of the Trinity, relation of, to Universal Father’s love, 75, 115

Justification by faith, of Abraham, 1682
    man’s, 1610, 1682, 2094

Justus identity of, in relation to the apostles, 2058
    wife of, Jesus’ request of, for the two courtesans, 1473
    Jesus’ and Ganid’s visits in the home of, 1472


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