Comments on the ISB Elections

Editor’s note: The following was written by Rick Lyon, Vice President of the Urantia Association of the United States (UAUS) to the Representative Council (RC) after the recent elections were held for the members of the International Service Board (ISB) Greetings to the RC team! UAUS wishes to acknowledge the many years of service by … read more of Comments on the ISB Elections.

The Rehabilitation of Urantia

Bio—Carolyn Kendall was introduced to the Urantia Papers by her father, Clarence Bowman, in 1951, and has been an avid student since.  She spends her spare time researching special subjects in The Urantia Book. She attends study groups of the First Society in the Chicago area, including one she hosts.   When a new reader asks … read more of The Rehabilitation of Urantia.

A History of the Contact Commission and Forum

The story begins on October 1, 1922, Chicago’s traditional moving day. The weather was seventy degrees and fair. After 25 years of moving from one apartment to another, a middle-aged physician couple and their teenage son finally settled into a permanent house at 533 Diversey Parkway. The new house would also serve as their office. … read more of A History of the Contact Commission and Forum.

The Urantia Book – The Early Years

The revelators predicted that the book would be ready to serve an era “…at the conclusion of the present ideological struggle,” “when men would be willing to seek for truth and righteousness,”….and “…when the chaos of the present confusion has passed” Chicago Of all the states and cities in the world, why did the revelators … read more of The Urantia Book – The Early Years.

Patterns in Epochal Revelation

Why should we look to previous epochal revelations for lessons to apply today? There are patterns, patterns of success and patterns of error. After Jesus’ baptism, he spent forty days in the wilderness making the great decisions that would formulate policy for the unfolding of his epochal revelation. In preparation for that decision-making, “Jesus thought … read more of Patterns in Epochal Revelation.

Michael’s Plan

Following is an Open Letter to the Urantia Community that was written by a team of co-authors who state: “The students of The Urantia Book, whose names appear below, believe that this revelation is best served by following Michael’s Plan, to the best of our ability to understand it.” Open Letter to the Urantia Community Following … read more of Michael’s Plan.

The Urantia Book Historical Society

The Urantia Book Historical Society is a Florida, not-for-profit corporation and was established in 2007 for educational purposes. It is governed by a board of directors who adopted the Code of Ethics of the International Council of Archives. In the summer of 2005 at a conference in Philadelphia, Urantia Book reader Victoria Clark looked for … read more of The Urantia Book Historical Society.

The Urantia Book: The Question of Origin

The question most frequently asked by people who have discovered The Urantia Book is “Who could tell me something about the origin and authoring of the book?” This general question is usually followed by a number of more specific inquiries. Such interest in the origin of a book so stimulating and challenging as The Urantia Book is … read more of The Urantia Book: The Question of Origin.

How The Urantia Book Came Into Existence

The following is transcribed from a tape recording made in the home of Berkeley Elliott on February 18, 1962 in Oklahoma City in the U.S.A. On this occasion, William S. Sadler, Jr., one of the “contact commissioners,” was talking with the study group there assembled. What follows are comments which he made on this occasion … read more of How The Urantia Book Came Into Existence.

A History of the Urantia Movement

Several members of this group who participated in the preliminary “contacts” which led up to the appearance of the Urantia Papers, had had considerable experience in the investigation of psychic phenomena. This group early arrived at the conclusion that the phenomena connected with the personality, who was later associated with the Urantia Papers, was in … read more of A History of the Urantia Movement.

Notes on the Origin of The Urantia Book

Editor’s note: The following was taken from two documents each of which contains a short history of the reception and preparation of The Urantia Book. Although some of the material is repeated in each account, it is included anyway. The second document, “A Personal Account of Finding The Urantia Book,” contains the most detailed history. … read more of Notes on the Origin of The Urantia Book.