Urantia Book
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Vacation(s) Havona, Ascendington the place of mortals’, 147
    nature of, in the continental nation, 813
    pleasures and religious worship at feast of tabernacles, 1794
    of the twelve during Bethsaida encampment, 1657

Vacillation example of Peter’s, 1551

Valley of decision, why tarry in the, 1820
    of Hinnom, Judas’ retirement to the, 1998
    of the shadow of death,” Jesus’ willingness to walk through the, 1103

Valor of Adjusters, an indication of long training, 1180

Value(s) appreciation of, a level of mortal wisdom, 806
    both actual and potential, 1097
    consciousness, the result from religion, 1122
    contrast of, with fact, 1477
    dependence of, on relationships, 1097
    discrimination of, a part of the ancestry of religion, 1095, 1105
    distortion, a peril of industry, 786
    experiential realization of, 1097
    faith’s concern with, 1114
    the Father the source of, 73, 1127
    God more than a, 1124
    inability of, to be static, 1097
    of life, true, spiritual experience’s revelation of the, 1098
    life’s greatest, man’s need to believe in his highest interpretation of, 1115
    -lure, religion as a, 1089
    man’s ability to communicate, 1775, 2079
       experience in and with, objective validation of, 192
       need to pray for, 1002
    manifestation of Paradise-absolute, 2
    and meanings, perfection, differential levels of, and potential evil, 613, 1097
    mortal consciousness’s progress from fact, to meaning, to, 1299
    new, the seven triunities’ deitizing of, 1151
    the personal quality of the, presented by the Adjuster, 1130
    prayer’s function in the conservation of, 995
    as relating to personality, 1226
    relation of, to God, 67, 98
       to one’s motivation, 1098
    religion’s ability to spiritualize, 1001, 1110, 1124, 2077
    seven variations of, reason for, 110
    spirit, 2
    and spirit, 102
    stereoscopic effect of mota on, 554
    transcendent, in human life, source of, 140, 1727
    the uniqueness of, in universe reality, 1261
    of universal reality, 1

Van activities of, during rebellion, 756
    Amadon an assistant to, 757
    and Amadon, 1-2-3 the first’s service with, 866
       welcome of Adam and Eve by, 829
    Amadon’s devotion to, 761
    appeal to Lucifer for ruling on Caligastia’s demands by, 755
    on the council of planetary receivers, 760
    departure of, for Jerusem with Melchizedek receivers, 833
    and entire court, loyalty of, 757
    influence of, 1007
    lake of, Adamson’s descendants’ habitations near the, 1021
    length of Urantia life of, 759
    loyalty of, to the universe government, reason for, 756
    office of, 749
    post-Dalamatia function of, 759
    present status of, 760
    reunion of, with his Adjuster, 760
    seven-hour speech of, indicting planet and system authorities, 755
    the steadfast, 759-760
    sustenance of, by tree of life, 825-826
    technique of achievements of, 757
    titular leader of loyal midwayers, 856
    translation of, to Jerusem, time of, 760
    on Urantia advisory council, 760

Van’s cultural headquarters, time spent in moving, 823

Vanadium function of, in the sea squirt, 737

Vanites absorption of, by Adamites, 870
    location of, 860

Vanity and charms, 781
    effect of, on marriage, 922
    exhibition of, by first humans, 708, 765
    and fashion, vs. home building and child culture, 942
    function of, 765
    and ghost fear, men held together by, 766

Vapor baths, use of, in healing disease, 991

Variable star(s) dependence of period of light fluctuation of, on luminosity, 459
    the sun a former, 655

Variations small, new species not evolved as gradual accumulation of, 669

Variety in the concept of beauty, 646
    restfulness of, 555

Vedas the four, an evaluation of, 1028

Vedic-Aryan cult, evolution of the, in India, 1027
    effect on, of rejection of the Salem gospel, 1029
    and post-Vedic deities, 1031
    priesthood, collapse of the, 1029
    three-headed fire god, Agni the, 1143

Vedism decline of, cause and effects, 1028

Vegetable to animal, transition from, relation of sponges to, 731
    food, woman’s provision of, 834
    kingdom, development of animal types from basic patterns of the, 560
    life, basic system pattern of, 560
       generation of oxygen on Urantia by, 660
       tracing of evolution of, into animal life, 669

Vegetarian tribes, survival of, in modern India, 851

Vegetation of coastal swamps of Carboniferous age, relation of, to coal deposits, 681
    first appearance on land of, 673
    of late climatic transition stage, and land-animal life, 683

Vegetative incarnation, and light-energy intake, 286
    land-life period, 678-680

Velocity in energy, retardation of, by mass in matter, 175
    of enseraphimed being, 260
    limit of, of midway creatures, 260
       of seraphim, 260
    of Solitary Messengers, 261
    triple, 260

Veluntia density of, 460

Vengeance danger of, 795, 1576
    influence of, on ambition, 1926
    Jesus’ efforts to minimize, 1764
    is mine,’ says the Lord,” 795
    wrongs not righted by, 1580

Vengefulness God never indulges in, 41

Venom addicts, origin of, 946

Ventriloquism use of, by early priests, 987

Venus identity of, 1080
    superbreathers on, 561

Verdicts of Universal Censors, impossibility of forecasting, 218
    in Uversa courts, formulation of, 180

Vergil significance of talents of, 2073

Veronica of Caesarea-Philippi, identification of, 1698-1699

Vertebrate type of animal, characteristic of the age of fishes, 678

Vesta identity of, 1080

Vestal virgins, duty of, 947

Vested interests, accumulation of, a danger from formalized religion, 1092

Veto scepter, Universal Father wields the, 52

Vevona past and present function of, 437

Vice crime and sin, concepts of, based on early sex taboos, 915
    a primitive definition, 976
    vs. virtue, 1673

Vicegerent authority, Michael’s prebestowal, 237, 240, 361, 602, 605, 1326
    Planetary Prince of Urantia, Machiventa Melchizedek as, 514, 611, 632, 1025

Vicegerington activities on, and functions of, 145
    assignment of “children of time and eternity” to, 262
    headquarters of Corps of Conjoint Trinitized Finaliters, 346
    secrets of, 146, 249
    trinitized sons of children of time and citizens of eternity held in reserve on, 250

Vicissitudes of life, religion as an aid to man in facing the, 956, 1121

Victory(ies) human, assurance of, in race for perfection, 365, 1904
    Jesus’ greatest, in his whole career, 1985
    Jesus’ wresting of, from the jaws of defeat, 1405
    man’s greatest, definition, 1451
    spiritual, sole means of winning, 1765
    that overcomes uncertainty, faith the, 59, 383, 1601

Viewpoint(s) man’s, character and results of, 48
    of men and women, inevitable difference in, 938

Vigilance societies, secret societies as, 792

Village spring, proximity of Joseph’s workshop to the, significance, 1357

Vilton length of Satania service of, 512

Vindictiveness Judas’ characteristic of, 1566

Vine true, Jesus the, 1945

Violence a cause of accident and death, 989
    the law of nature, 783

Violet hue of Material Sons’ body radiance, 580
    peoples, home life of the, 850
       number of, at start of racial amalgamation, 585
    race, 584, 834, 850-851
       Adamson’s secondary center of, 849
       after the days of Adam, 868-877
       attempt of, to divorce the mathematical from the volitional, 1136
       basis of the civilization of, 870
       blue man’s assimilation of the, 725
       characteristics of the, 850, 868
       definition, 583, 753
       failure of the plan for the, 753, 877
       the first-born of the, 861
       history of the, 868
       mixture of, with evolutionary peoples, results of, 836
       monogamy of, 586
    stock, influence of, on civilization development, 901

Virgin Adjusters, arrival of, on primitive worlds, 1197
    -born sons of destiny, as saviors, 947
    shall bear a son,” a misquoted scriptural passage, 1348

Virility of the adolescent Jesus, 1395

Virtue(s) definition, 192, 193
    faith the endowment of, 1446
    of man, a definition, 193, 1453
    a prerequisite to acquirement of, 557
    supreme, a definition, 193
    vs. vice, 1673
    volitional, with personality, 238

Virus bodies, renegade parasitic fungi, 732

Vishnu alleged incarnations of, 1032
    identity of, 946, 1031

Visibility of a ruling Magisterial Son to inhabitants of the realm, 588

Vision extension of, 325
    human, changes in range of, in first stage of light and life, 627, 630
    morontia, range of, 524
    physical and spiritual, of Adam and Eve, 851
    range, extension of mortal, on mansion worlds, 269
       of spornagia, 528

Visit of Jesus with the apostles at the Last Supper, 1953
    to Kheresa, 1694-1695
    with Martha and Mary, Jesus’, 1797-1798
    with Nicodemus, 1601-1603
    to Philadelphia, 1833-1841
    to Zaccheus, Jesus’, 1873-1874

Visiting with the apostles two and two, 2047-2050
    about the temple, 1883

Visitors at Pella camp, national origins of, 1808

Visualization ceremonies of spirit beings, in the morontia temples, 622

Vitality spiritual, faith’s promotion of, 1727

Vitamins ultraviolet rays’ relation to, 665

Vivifier divine, a title for God, 1448

Vocabulary enlargement of, vs. development of character, 1094
    enlargement of superuniverse, for Havona, 537

Vocation(s) arguments of Cain and Abel regarding their, 848
    beneficial use of one’s, 1572, 1673
    builders, function of, 502
    of Paradise Sons on bestowal missions, 229

Vocational reasons for class distinctions, 793

Voice(s) of the adolescent Jesus, characteristics of, 1395
    of the angelic hosts, 309
    of the archangel, response of seraphic guardians of slumbering personalities to, 409
    at the baptism, apostles to refrain from discussion of the, 1545
    of the Conjoint Actor, 308
    of the Creator Sons, 308
    flashes, Ancients of Days’ utilization of, 309
    in the Garden, seraphic, remonstrance of, with Adam and Eve, 437, 583, 827, 842, 846
    of God,” conscience not the, 1208
    of mercy, function of, 430
    of one crying in the wilderness,” 1502
    of the Seven Master Spirits, 308
    sound of a, at Jesus’ baptism, 1504
    of the transfiguration, identity of the, 1754
    of Wisdom, assignment of, to Perfectors of Wisdom, 310-311
       function of, 310

Volcanic action(s), of early Cretaceous age, 689
    action(s), extent of, in early reptilian age, 685
       time of beginning of, on Urantia, 659
    activity(ies), and the continental drift, 689
       of brachiopod age, location of, 677
    age, 658-660

Volcano(es) activity of, in late Carboniferous period, 682
    decrease of, and appearance of earthquakes, 660
    of eastern Kentucky, activity of, 675
    a fetish, 967

Volition below the absolute, limitations encountered by, 1300
    First Source and Center limited only by, 5, 95, 111
    infinite, a characteristic of the First Triunity, 1148
    limitation of function of, 1300
    mortals’ association of, with personality, 1183
    power of, 102

Volitional Absolute, First Source and Center the, 74

Voodoo doctor, present, and the magician of old, 972

Vorondadek(s) as constellation rulers, 488
    error possible to, 390
    high court of review, function of, 390
    number of, in local universe, 389
    observers on isolated Satania worlds, director of, 433, 491, 1253
    origin of, 223, 384
    Sons, 223, 389-390
       constellations governed by three, 166
       observers on isolated worlds, function of, 491
       origin of, 389
       present constellation government includes twelve of the order of, 490
       relation of Faithfuls of Days to, 213
    worlds, number and location of, 391

Vosges beginning of, time of, 681

Votes in Jerusem elections, value range of, 518

Voting compulsory, in the continental nation, 818
    differential, on Jerusem, 518

Wales deep submergence of parts of, 674
    Devonian rocks in, thickness of, 679

Walking ability of dawn-mammal twins, 705, 707
    on the water, Peter’s dream of Jesus’, 1703

Walls custom of building live slaves into, 981
    of Jericho, Jesus’ comment on the falling of the, 1879

War(s) absence of, on worlds in light and life, 630
    advantages, social price of, 785
    among mid-mammals, number of survivors of, 705
    ancient, vs. modern results of, 786
    captives, enslavement of, a forward step, 779
    a cause of, 766, 783-785
    costliness of, 785
    dances, refinement of, to social ends, by Tut, 748
    defensive, of the continental nation, 819
    a definition, 783, 1491
    effect of, on class distinction, 792
    ending of, a level of statehood, 807
    eventual abandonment of, 785
    financing of, in the continental nation, 815
    global, means of prevention of, 1490
    glorification of, a mistake, 786
    in heaven, 606, 756
    a heritage of early evolutionary man, 614
    -madness, Christianity’s lowering of its ideals before, 2083
    major, cause of, 1488
       inability of international police force to prevent, 1489
    minor, world-wide confederations of nations’ ability to prevent, 1489
    obvious fatalities of, 989
    an outcome of man’s social evolution, 957
    persistence of, reasons for, 783, 784, 1487
    present, the explanation of, 1220
    and rumors of wars,” Christ Michael’s warning of, 597, 1912
    social value of, reasons for, 785
    world, world-wide confederations of nations’ inability to prevent, 1489

Warfare between Adamites and Nodites, 844
    between physical and spiritual natures on Urantia and normal worlds, 382

Warning usual ineffectiveness of, 1941

Warrior greatest, a definition, 1447

Washing of the apostles’ feet, 1938-1940
    hands, importance of, to Jews of Jesus’ day, 1713
    hands, Jesus’ omission of, at Nathaniel’s breakfast, 1825

Watchdogs service of, to early man, 778

Watchmen twenty, at Jesus’ tomb, 2014

Watchword of Jesus, “Fear not,” 1582
    of the universe is progress, 54

Water(s) of adversity, Jesus’ promise concerning the, 1662, 1767
    of architectural spheres, vs. that of evolutionary worlds, 486
    atom content of one drop of, 463
    baptism with, vs. baptism with the Spirit, 1593
    composition of, unpredictable by science, 141
    an early fetish, 967
    of life, discourse on the, time and place of, 1795
       the divine Spirit, 381, 1337, 1404, 1614, 1712, 1795, 1796, 1829, 2054
    mankind’s onetime worship of, 946
    of Merom, Jesus passing by the, 1492
    outpouring of, a ritual symbol of outpouring of the spirit, 1794
    as protection against ghosts, 964
    from a rock, the Mosaic legend of, 1518
    spiritual, vs. material, 1613
    systems, of architectural worlds, surface and subterranean, 486
    use of, in treatment of disease, 991
    vapor, in Urantia’s atmosphere during volcanic age, 659
    into wine, Jesus warning his apostles against mentioning the turning of the, 1531

Wave energy, octaves of, in Orvonton, classification of, 474
    -energy manifestations, 474-476
    lengths, short, absorption of, by ozone layer, 665
    phenomena, of processions of energy particles, cause of, 475

Way of life Jesus’ and Stephen’s discussion of the, 1411
    result of an intelligent creature’s mischoosing the, 1429, 1639, 1903

Way of living the best, Jesus’ showing of, 1580

Way of salvation identification of the, 1107, 2017

Way of truth identification of the, 1118

Weak indulgence in resolutions by the, 556

Weakling(s) Jesus’ religion not alone for, 1583, 1608
    John the Baptist not a, 1627
    judicial, Pilate a, 1996

Weakness pride, man’s great, 1596

Wealth accidental, definition, 1463
    acquiring, technique of, 1779
    discovered, a definition, 1462
    dishonestly acquired, disposition of, 1465
    earned, a definition, 1463
    equitable distribution of, impossibility of establishing rules for, 1464
    an essential of temporal life, 1778
    faith man’s true, 1446
    genius, definition, 1463
    honorable, possession of, not a sin, 1821
    inherited, a definition, 1462
    interest, definition, 1463
    Jesus’ attitude toward, 1581, 1803-1804
    Matadormus’ belief concerning, 1802
    material, Jesus’ advice as to the administering of, 1462
    natural, use of income from, in the continental nation, 814
    not a curse, 1821
    possession of, and happiness, 1573, 1803, 1821
    and property, unfair distribution of, Jesus’ preaching against, 1581
    source of, 773
    stolen, definition, 1463
    trade, a definition, 1462
    unfair, a definition, 1462

Wealthy of Jerusalem, location of the villas of, 2005
    the three questions to be answered by the, 1822

Weaning early, facilitation of, by cooking, 747
    of Jesus, reason for delay in, 1355

Weather conditions on Edentia and associated worlds, 486
    phenomena, region of origin of, 666
    vane, origin of the cock on the, 964

Weaving practice of, in days of Eden, 830
    in the second garden, 850

Wedding(s) at Cana, 1527, 1528-1531
    ceremony, 924-925
    double, of Simon and Jude, 1420, 1484
    elaborate, of the red men, 924
    gifts, woman’s right to own the, a forward step, 936
    James’ and Miriam’s double, 1418
    presents, origin of the custom of giving, 916

Wedlock dissolution of, 928-929

Wednesday the rest day, 1543, 1589, 1920-1928

Week Dalamatian origin of the, 837
    five day, in the continental nation, 813
    Jerusem, length of, 511

Weeping of Jesus, on the brow of Olivet, cause, 1882
    of Jesus, at Lazarus’ tomb, possible reasons, 1844
    may endure for a night, 1445

Weight factors modifying, 175

Weights the first, 775

Welfare of others, source of man’s interest in the, 1129
    of the part, vs. welfare of the whole, 48

Werewolf a definition, 954

West Indies land elevation during early trilobite age, 673

Western civilization, domination by the Christian church of, result, 2081, 2086
    civilization, state of, early in the first century, 2069
    Hemisphere, isolation of, in Pliocene period, 698
    life implantation, 667, 674
    world, Christianity’s reconquest of the, 2086
       Pauline Christianity’s spread from Antioch to all the, 1869

Whales ancestry of, 733
    mammals, 562

Wheat and tares, concurrent growth of, 1429

Wheel gigantic, grand universe a, 164
    man’s introduction to the, 746, 904

Whimsical Jesus’ freedom from being, 1101

Whirled stars, origin of, 170

Whirling spheres, gravity’s relation to, 125

Whirlwind the harvest from sowing of the wind, 1445

White background of good, vs. black patches of evil, 2076
    and black races, mixture of, undesirability of, 920
    dwarf, definition, 464
    light, definition, 475
    man, first landing of, on Atlantic coast, 729
    man’s religion,” Christianity designated as the, 1031
    peoples, racial origins of the, 725, 889
    races, composition of, 873, 919
       mechanical and religious developments of the, 888
       present Christianity, a religion of the, 1084
       racial antecedents of, 725
    racial, of the spheres, 593

Whole duty of man, definition, 1600, 1805
    man, the, a definition, 1590
    and part, 52, 137-139
    welfare of the, 48

Widow of a deceased brother, Jewish custom as to, 919, 926
    of Nabal, David’s marriage to the, 1072
    of Nain, funeral of the son of the, 1645-1646
    suicide of, on her husband’s grave, 960

Wife and husband, reciprocal obligations of, 1471
    killing, ancient, limitations on, 796, 936
    onetime qualifications of a, 916
    stealing and purchase, and the mother-family, 933

Will absolute, a characteristic of God, 58
    an analysis of, 1111
    -to-believe,” evolutionary, vs. the “will that believes”, 1122
    birth of, awareness of Census Directors of, 267
    control of the mind for good or ill, by the, 1217
    of the Creator, the creature’s choosing to do the, cosmic value of, 1288
    creature(s), animal evolutionary, personal experience of, 361
       Census Directors’ concern with, extent of, 267
       the crucial test of, 315
       divine plan of progress for, 85
       endowment of all, by cosmic mind, 192
       extinction of, Ancients of Days’ authority in, 180
       and Father’s Paradise perfection, 36
       and God’s personality circuit, 25
       mortal, the Father’s presence in, 363
          source of the personality of, 363
       non-Adjuster-fusion types a modified order of, 446
       Paradise journey of the, 21
       perfect and perfected, 287
       plan of exaltation of, to Paradise perfection, 93
       portrayal of transcendent value of each, 138
       study of, on superuniverse capitals, 338
       time of registration of death of, 267
          of registry of, by Census Directors, 267
       universal cosmic endowment of, benefits of, 191
       Universal Father never coerces, 22
    a definition, 400, 710, 741, 1431
    divinity of, and mortal perfection, 22
    of the Father, Cana so-called miracle not contrary to the, 1531
       compassion and tolerance born in submission to the, 1958
       definition, 1711
       heart of Jesus’ religion a personality motivated to do the, 1582, 2083
       in heaven, decision to do, and the immortal soul, 70, 740
          Jesus’ concept of the, 1384, 1519, 2087
          Jesus’ subjection to the, 1325, 1331, 1409, 1424, 1608, 1872, 1920, 1934, 1966, 1972, 2089
          result of creature’s choosing to do, 25, 382, 1569, 1907
       obedience to, the law of the kingdom, 1596
       spirit-unified individuals’ desire to do the, 1592
    the Father’s, indication of ascender’s final choice to live, 64, 1642
    finite and infinite, oneness of, in Michael’s temporal life, 1327, 1328
    free, creative, man’s endowment with, a reason for, 194, 614, 1300
       of the Creators, mercy delays of time by mandate of the, 59, 616
       God of, 6, 38, 44, 71
       God’s exercise of, in delegating authority, 50
       limitations of, in time-space creations, 1300, 1301, 1303
       of man, supremacy of, 71, 753
       man’s possession of a, 1134, 1233
       relative, field of function of, 194
       spiritual, of the individual, a level of relative sovereignty, 22, 1487-1488
       of the Universal Father, relation of the Infinite to the, 6, 38
    God is, 58
    of God, choosing to do, the highest moral choice, 435, 1211
       contrast of human will with the, 1431
       a definition, 1221, 1278, 1431, 1454
       final, 48
       God the Supreme as a manifestation of the, 1278
       Jesus’ concept of the kingdom as the, 2088
       Lao-tse’s pronouncements regarding the, 1034
       living the, synonymous with living divinely, 1174-1175
       mortals’ attainment of perfection relating to, 116, 138
       a revelation of, 615, 1176
       thrill of trying to do the, 1732
       union of the will of man with the, 1031
    God’s willingness to indwell men subject to the human, 1221
    of the heavenly father, Jesus’ consecration to doing the, 1512
    infallible, of the infinite mind, 48
    Infinite Spirit endowed with, 96
    infinity of, eternally inherent in First Source and Center, 111
    Life Carriers’ report of functioning of, and dispatch of Planetary Prince, 590
    of love, domination of one’s life by the Father’s, 1598
    of Lucifer, as opposed to the will of God, 614
    of man, definition, 730, 1431
       Holy Spirit’s partial limitation by, 379
       union of, with the will of God, 1031
    man’s new, capacity of, 1583
       unity of, amid change, 31
    manifestation of, by self-acting Adjusters, 1196
    power, a prerequisite to leadership, 1739
    Reflective Image Aids devoid of, 202
    registration of first act of, 267
    Salsatia’s cognizance of birth and death of, 413
    source of the dog’s, 1431
    supremacy to the Adjuster of the human, 1217
    the unified, co-ordination of the ego desire and the altruistic urge by, 1134
    -union, of man and God, means of effecting a, 1946
    whole-souled choice of, undefeatability of, 740

Willingness to believe, the key to Havona, 290
    to drink the cup, Jesus’, 1969

Wind(s) the ancients’ belief as to the origin of, 946
    comparison of the spirit with the, 1602
    directional changes of, results, 699
    harvest of the sowing of the, 1445

Windstorm(s) primitive man’s reaction to, 947
    of the Sea of Galilee, explanation of, 1694

Wine inevitable appearance of the, at the Cana wedding feast, 1530
    new, at Cana, quality of, 1531
    offering of, to Jesus, by the captain of the guard, 2008
    process of making of, at Cana, 1530

Wings angels’ lack of, 438, 1246

Wisconsin and outcroppings of ancient fossil-bearing rocks, 670

Wisdom acquisition of, definition, 1435
    of Adjusters, an indication of long training, 1180
    adjutant of, 401, 402-403, 948-949
    of the ages, presence of, with Ancients of Days, 311
    animals’ nonpossession of, 1435
    ascent to, by experience, 303, 631
    a cardinal virtue, according to Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, 1079
    central source of, and distribution of mind, 50
    concern of, with the world of truth, 1141
    of the Creators, a demonstration of, 361
    cumulative character of, reason, 1775
    deficiency of, relation of, to evil, 755
    a definition, 1004, 1111-1112, 1776, 1949, 2094
    dependence of, upon facts, 1222
    divine, man’s need to pray for, 998, 1002, 1447
       relation of Perfectors of Wisdom to, 216
       and safe, characteristics of, 614
    does justice to differing men”, 1122
    a factor in Jesus’ teachings, 1112
    faith’s sustaining of, to its limit, 1141
    Father’s possession of, undiminished, 49
    fear of the Lord the beginning of, 1444
    functional divisions of, number of, 303
    of God, 29, 48, 58, 1454
    God’s love restrained by, 41
    of the Gods, time of manifestation of, 599
    the highest, moral decision, 194
    importance of, in religion, 948
       in success, 1774
    indispensability of, to the endurance of nations, 911
    infinite, God the possessor of, 48, 1448
    influence of, regarding the use of faith, 1119
    Jesus’ acquirement of, 1407
       prayer for, 1634
          for his apostles, 1569
    is justified by her children”, 1627
    keen, apostles to show, 1571
    of knowing God, religion’s carrying the, from one generation to another, 1088
    in knowing the laws of the Eternal, 1452
    vs. knowledge, 908
    the Lord’s creation in, 1444
    love perfected in, 1898
    man’s need to pray for, 999
       technique of attaining, 58, 1448
    the mark of difference between the human and animal mind, 1111
    of Melchizedeks, 386
    mortal, ascending levels of, 806
    Moses’ possession of, 1009
    origin of, 1459
    of Paradise Trinity, relation of Perfectors of Wisdom to, 216
       relation of wisdom of Union of Days to the, 617
    Perfectors of Wisdom the sources of, 216
    and personality, 8
    philosophy the realm of, 1110
    prerequisite to the acquiring of, 1435, 1466
    presence of both fact and ideal in, consequence, 1779
    is the principal thing…”, 1481
    pursuit of, reason for, 806
    reason, and faith, man’s highest attainments, 1141
    safeguarding of knowledge by, 557
    search for, a purpose of education, 806
    seasoned, an essential of material success, 1739
    of Solomon, influence of the, 951, 1338
    of the Son, 76
    source of, 402, 577, 1443
    transcendental, in design of stable and flexible units of matter, 480
    true, factors in, 1958
    and truth, influence of a respect for, 969
    twofold origin of, 216
    Voice of, 310
    of the world, limitations of those having only the, 1120, 1520
       not a prerequisite to exercise of faith, 1107, 1127
    and Worship,” one of Jesus’ evening discussions, 1683

Wise reasoning, and Van’s loyalty, 756

Wise man(men) characteristics of the, 1447
    of heaven,” the masters of philosophy, 303
    hunger of, for the divine embrace, 1443
    priests from Ur as, 1352

Wish Jesus’ last, 2010

Witch doctors, a check on kings, 790
    of Endor, and King Saul, Jesus’ recounting of the story of, 1646
    man’s association of the, with the devil, 987

Witchcraft a believed cause of disease and death, 990
    a definition, 987
    and hysteria, 968
    status of, in primitive tribes, 987

Withered hand, Jesus’ purpose in healing the, 1665

Witnesses false, presence of, at Jesus’ trial, 1982, 1985
    at Jesus’ crucifixion, 2004

Wives as hunting prizes, 720
    limitations on number of, allowed one man, 926
    older, attitude of, toward new wives, 926

Wizards practices of, source, 972, 979, 1681

Wolf Nordics’ belief concerning eclipses and a, 946

Wolvering Nebadon a neighbor of, 360

Woman(en) apostles’ reaction to Jesus’ treatment of, 1546, 1614, 1679
    attitude of the Adamites toward, 891
    attitude of, toward man’s work, 774
    behold your son!” 2009
    believers, enthusiasm of, for the resurrection message, 2051
       method of approach of, to Jesus or the apostles, 1679
       reaction of, to commissioning of women gospel teachers, 1679
    choice of, as wives for successful hunters, 720
    Christianity’s acceptance of, as members, consequences, 1083
    in commerce, 774
    an courtship, 923
    depressed, gratitude of, for healing, 1836
    equality of man and, attitude of Jesus toward, 1839
    evangelists, faithfulness of the, 1680
       traveling with Jesus on third preaching tour by, 1683
    exchange, first form of trading, 776
    fifty, training of, by the original twelve, 1808
    first liberation of, 934
    the first slave, 778
    five, early Sunday morning departure of, for Jesus’ tomb, 2025-2026
    function of primitive, 765
       in war, 785
    gains of, in the ideals of pair marriage, 937
    of Galilee, at home of Joseph of Arimathea, 2014, 2030
    go in peace
    your faith has saved you,” 1652
    go your way
    God has forgiven you,” Jesus’ words to Nalda, 1614
    group of believing, presence of, at Jesus’ crucifixion, 2008
    in industry and government, a level of statehood, 807
    influence of, in promoting marriage, 939
    Islam’s degradation of, 1051
    of Jerusalem, courage of, in showing sympathy for Jesus, 2005
    Jesus’ use of, as gospel teachers, 1671
    kingdom standing of, after Pentecost, 2065
    man’s brutal treatment of, a dark chapter in history, 778
    married, identifying marks for, 915
    membership of, in Edenic council, 831
    vs. men, as to sex taboos, 915
    Michael’s attitude toward, significance, 1671
    modern, crucial testing of the, 937
    mourners, hiding of, near Jesus’ tomb, reason, 2013
    of Nazareth, Jesus’ childhood acquaintance with the, 1364
    not the spiritual inferior of man, 1679
    Paradise Sons born of, on mortal-bestowal missions, 229
    Paul’s attitude toward, cause and effect, 977
    power of, over man, 935
    as property, 917
    rare appearance of, at the Jerusalem Passover, 1377
    a real producer, 934
    rights of, in the kingdom, 1546
    rulers, 789
    separation of, from male worshipers, the youthful Jesus’ reaction to, 1377
    status of, at close of pastoral stage, 769
    of Sychar, 1612-1615
    taken in adultery, true story of the, 1793
    ten, Jesus’ choosing of, for work of the kingdom, 1678
    the twelve, loyalty of, 1715
    under the developing mores, 936-938
    with a hemorrhage, touching of Jesus’ garment by the, 1698
    with the lost coin, Jesus’ retelling of the parable of the, 1851
    with the spirit of infirmity, 1835, 1836
    young Nazareth, attitude of, toward Jesus, 1402

Womankind treatment of, in the Old Testament era, 934

Woman’s(en’s) corps, Jesus’ parting advice to the, 1897
    corps, Mary Magdalene the chief spokesman for the, 2029
       members of the, 1679
       Perean mission of the, 1808
       Peter’s wife a member of the, 1552
       Philip’s wife a member of the, 1557
    cult of Mithraism, nature of the, 1083
    evangelistic corps, 1678-1679
    rights, vs. man’s rights, 937-938
    status in early society, 935-936
       significance of, in progress of marriage, 935

Womb of some matter and prematter, space the, 123
    of space, children of, 304

Wonder(s) Jesus’ choice of a program without, 1518
    Jesus’ decision, in healing the blind beggar, to perform a, 1812
    -seeking generation, and the doing of “miracles,” 1631
    -worker, Jesus’ refusal to become a mere, 1520, 1523
    -working, and the building of the kingdom, 1635, 1710

Wonderful works, the Father’s, during Jesus’ mission, 1905, 1934

Wood peoples of Turkestan the first to build homes of, 902

Woof of Morontia, 9

Word(s) creative, the Creator Son the, 1407
    a definition, 74
    Eternal Son the, 73, 74, 90, 111, 161, 227
    of eternal truth, Jesus’ bestowal life the, 1943
    expression of Universal Father’s “first” infinite thought, 73, 93, 227
    as fetishes, 969
    of God,” Paul’s unawareness of his well-intentioned letters’ being later regarded as the, 1084
       significance of the flesh bestowal of the, 1712
       sources of the, 1732
       the, vs. the words of men, as to wholesale slaughter of enemies, 1768
    -God, supreme desire of the, 90
    is made flesh,” in bestowal Sons, 94, 227
    of Jesus, those of the Father, 1947
    relation of, to prayer, 1002
    of the son, 13, 94
    of Urantia, Andonic tongue the, 714

Work(s) alternation of play with, 1616
    compulsory, in the ideal state, 803
    on earth, Jesus’ completion of his, 1935
    of God, a definition, 55, 1710
    good, God’s ability to see, 1450
    hard, man’s dislike of, 1120
    importance of one’s, 555
    of the kingdom, and anxiety for material needs, 1577, 1823
       Jesus’ early morning planning for, 1688
       Jesus leaving the apostles to carry on the, 1934
    nobility of, a level of mortal wisdom, 806
    out your own salvation,” the dying words of Gautama’s son, 1036
    of the Paradise Sons, character of, 224
    positive employment of time, 315
    primitive savages’ attitude toward, 773
    wonderful, praising God for his, 1454
    of the world, manner of doing the, importance of, 435

Workbench Jesus’ first, 1367

Worker personal, Philip a successful, 1557

Working day, length of, in the continental nation, 813
    groups on earth, social architects function in formation of, 432
       earthly, reassociation of, on mansion worlds, 432
       tarrying of ascenders on seventh mansion world for tardy members of their, 539
    of wonders, vs. proclamation of the gospel, 1649

World(s) advanced, unhandicapped by backwardness of sister planets, 636
    affairs of this and the next, Jesus’ talk with John Mark on, 1921
    of the archangels, location of, 409
    a better, dependence of, on the individual, 1630
    career, the adolescent Jesus’ contemplation of his, 1376
    cloud-bound types of, formation of, 466
    cold, inhabitability of, 173
    Court, function of, 807
    of the cross,” 661, 1319, 2016
    deliverer, Jesus the, 1347
    of the Evening Stars, activities of the, 408
    of the Father, silent sphere of the system, 510
       status of ascending mortals on, 148, 208
    gas-contraction, mountains, water, and air on, 466
    government, Adam’s efforts to establish a, 833
    I have overcome the,” 1954
    improvement, Serapatatia’s support of Adam’s plan for, 841
    individual, diversity of midwayers’ work on, 425
       source of power for, 322
    of the Infinite Spirit, 149-151
    influence of a real musician on a civilized, 500
    inhabitable, in a system, 166
    inhabited, Creator Son’s ten million, 80
       energy transformers, number of, in an, 326
       local universe administration of, 213
       number of, in a system, 357
       Universal Father’s knowledge of, 165
    Jesus’ work for all his, 1585, 1594
    law, future enforcing of, by world government, 1491
    leadership, the great test of, 770
    material, birth of, 467
    mission, of Jews, purpose of, 1334
    ocean and first continent, 660-663
    organization, Adamic, Melchizedek plan for, 827
    other needy, Jesus’ desire to work in behalf of, 1515
    of outermost local universes, craving of Solitary Messengers for assignment to, 256
    planetary transporters’ service to the, 438
    powers, of Jesus’ times, 1487
    of reality, means of the revelation of the, 1435
    religions, 1442-1454
       see also Religion(s), world
    revolving, 133
    rulers, Planetary Princes the, 434
    seraphic, 420
    settled in light and life, administration of, by Corps of Mortal Finality, 344-345
       assignment of angels to, 441
       character of “funerals” on, 623
       Jesus’ experience of mortal life on, 1425
       one language, religion, and race on, 624
       reason for concern of, with comprehension of truth, beauty, and goodness, 646
    of the Sons, activities of, 510
    of space, guardians of, 411, 864
       living existences on, and Paradise perfection, 36, 1570
       variety of creature and other life on, 173
    of the Spirit, activities of, 510
    of the Spirit-fused mortals, location, 411
    state, relative power of small and great nations in the potential, 1489
    supervision of, 46
    this, Jesus’ choice of, for his seventh bestowal, 1407
    of time and space, 22, 197
    of today, need of the, 380
    travel, present influence of, on civilization, 909
    of unreality, creation of a, 1779
    upheld in space, 46
    the whole, one’s neighborhood, 1580
    -wide peace, prerequisites to, 1491

Worldly goods, of Jesus’ followers, Peter’s question regarding, 1803
    possessions, of the seventy and the twelve, dedication of, 1803

Worm of the dust, man as a, 1676

Worry animals’ incapacity for, 1773
    an evidence of moral immaturity, 1773
    Jesus’ preaching against, 1579
    man’s possible transcendence of, 1778

Worship accorded to Universal Father, 65
    Adam’s refusal to accept, 832
    adjutant of, 401, 402, 948-949
    aides to, 1641
    angels not objects of, 419
    of animals, 946
    appropriate places of, 1840
    assemblages on Paradise, need for occasional dispersal of, 304
    and attainment of self-realization, 1572
    builders, function of, 502
    capacity for, a requisite in producing an immortal soul, 70
    connotations of, 66
    constituents of, 66
    the culmination of religion, 2075
    a definition, 66, 192, 303, 304, 1616, 1641, 2095
    of Deity, taught by all religions, 67
    depth of individual, determination of, 67
    designation of food animals as objects of, 716
    determination of quality of, 303
    dispatched by Father’s personality circuit, 65
    divinely creative character of, 1616
    the dominant passion of Paradise attainers, 303
    Edenic, choice of seventh day for, reason, 837
    effect of, on the mind, 1123
    of the elements, 946-947
    enlightened, wisdom’s surrender to, 1228
    evolution of, 303
    factors in, 39, 196, 1777
    family, Edenic, time of, 836
    faulty, Jesus’ respect for his fellowmen’s, 1103
    of God, and adoration of the beautiful and reverence of unity, 68
       effect of, on one’s world citizenship, 1930
       Spirit of Truth, a helper in the, 1454
    a God-knowing person’s illumination by, 1175
    Greek philosophers’ disdain for all forms of, 1079
    group, beginning of, 1133
    Hap’s seven chants of, 747
    of the heavenly bodies, 947-948
    illuminates destiny,” 1123
    impulse of, source of the, 977, 1245
    intelligent, and personality of Deity concept, 31, 69
    Jesus’ engagement in, 1620
    of man, 948
    man’s soul’s support, 1448, 1675
       willing, reason for, 1675
    morontia temples not used for, 622
    of the Most High, extent of, 1443
    on the Most Holy Sphere, 120
    nature not an object of, 57
    open-air arenas for, on worlds in light and life, 630
    origins of, 944-949
    on Paradise, appointed times and places for, inadequacy of, 34
       vs. play on earth, 304
    of the Paradise Father, vs. enjoyment of art, 1600
    and personality, 8
    of plants and trees, 945-946
    prayer and, 1616, 1618
    vs. prayer, in modern religion, 1123, 1443
    purpose of, 65, 192, 1616
    rendered to God, 65-66
    the rest of, 299, 1616
    a result of, 1641
    rituals, association of prayer with, 999
    Rodan’s definition of, 1777
    shrine of the Most Highs, location of, 492
    significance of, to material mind, 65-66
    sincere, attempting to contact the Thought Adjuster through, 1099
       God’s willingness to accept even crude, 1598
       a requisite of a spiritual character, 1287
    spirit of, 402
    spontaneous, a means of Paradise progress, 301
    the source of energy, 1777
    of stones and hills, 944-945
    system, centralized, the Hellenic Greeks’ lack of a, 1083
    temples of, on worlds of mortal ascent, 502
    time for, in career of light and life, 282
    translation of, to prayer, 65
    true, 65, 66, 998, 1599, 1840
       the practice of the presence of God, 1133
       the prelude to, 1133, 1448, 1640
       spiritual satisfaction derived from, 22, 69
    of Universal Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit, 74
    for Universal Father, must be voluntary, 22
    various definitions, 1616

Worshipers potential, Adjuster-indwelt mortals as, 590, 1614

Worshipful expression, engulfment of Paradise by, 304
    spirit, the Psalms’ transcendence of, among all sacred books, 1060

Worshipfulness excess of, on Paradise, reason for, 304

Wound-healing technique, improvement on Urantia’s, 735

Wounding of self-respect, avoidance of, 1765

Wrath of God, 57, 1597, 1725
    of God, Jesus not a sacrifice to appease the, 2016, 2019
       Jesus’ refusal to acknowledge the, 1378
    kills the foolish man,” 1673
    Yahweh a God of, 1597

Wrathfulness God never indulges in, 41

Writing(s) evolution of early, 775
    Jesus’ destruction of all his permanent, 1330, 1514, 1527, 1583
       early practices at, 1358
    modern, origin of, 775
    and printing, appearance of, 907
    Sumerian system of, 860

Wrong inability of vengeance to right a, 1580
    in the truth, though right as to fact, 555

Wrongdoer(s) God the Father of the, 68
    granting of full hearings by Ancients of Days before execution of, 617

Wrongdoing effect of, on a family, 617
    greatest punishment for, 37
    harvest of, and mercy, 37
    Thought Adjuster tormented by man’s, 45


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