Urantia Book
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Cabinet development of a governmental, and depersonalization of executive authority, 790
    officers, early, fields of, 790
    supreme advisory, of Creator Son, 390-391

Cabinetmaker Jesus’ skill as a, 1387

Caesar Augustus, census decree of, 1350
    Jesus’ cautioning his apostles against denouncing, 1542
    Jews’ threat to report Herod’s attitude toward Jesus to, result, 1717
    Pilate’s reprimand by, 1996
    service to God, vs. service to, 1474
    things of, nonconfounding of things of God with, 1114
    Tiberius, coemperor with Augustus, 1512
    (Tiberius) and the time of Jesus’ baptism, 1512

Caesarea the capital of Palestine, 1429
    Christian church at, 1430
    effect on Palestine of building harbor of, 1334
    groups from, visit Jesus at Bethsaida, 1578
    Jesus’, Gonod’s, and Ganid’s activities in, 1429-1432
    Jesus’ visit to, 1492
    Paul’s imprisonment at, 1430
    some physical attractions of, 1429
    water system of, 1429

Caesarea-Philippi apostolic corps at, 1743-1751
    apostolic corps’ departure for, 1758
       proposed visit to, 1745
       visit to, 1723
    beginning of fourth stage of Jesus’ human life at, 1749
    description of region round about, 1745
    evangelists’ departure for, 1726
    Jesus’ and the eleven apostles’ two-week sojourn in, 1726-1728

Caiaphas Annas’ distrust of, to dispose of Jesus’ case, 1978
    Annas’ relation to, 1977
    convening by, of the Sanhedrist court, 1982
    disgust of, for Judas, 1926
    expression of “It is better that one man die…”, 1847
    the high priest, 1924
    home of, Sanhedrin’s proposed meeting at, 1911
    Jewish captain’s orders to take Jesus to, 1977
    Judas sent to the captain of the guards by, 1926
    palace of, Sanhedrin court waiting for Jesus at the, 1978
    presence of, with Jesus before Pilate, 1987
    a prosecutor at Jesus’ trial, 1982
    query of, as to Jesus’ identity, 1983
    report of, to the Sanhedrin on Jesus’ trial, 1997
    sending of Jesus by Annas to, 1980
    significance of Jesus’ testimony before, 1999
    smiting of Jesus by, 1983
    and the Sunday evening meeting of the Sanhedrin, 2033
    threat of Pilate’s political exposure by, 1996
    time of Jesus’ departure from home of, 1986

Cain and Abel, 848-849
    and Abel, evaluation of sacrifices in days of, 900
    birth of, 847
    career of, among the Nodites, 849
    career chosen by, 848
    emigration of, to the “land of Nod”, 837
    growing hatred of, for Abel, reasons for, 848
    and the mother cult, 895
    need for a mark of group association in days of, 763
    nonpossession of a tribal mark by, significance, 849
    offerings to the priesthood by, 848
    racial inheritance of, 848
    record regarding wife of, 1660
    a reminder of the Adamic folly, 849
    the son of Cano, 843
    taunting of, by Abel, 848
    unhappiness of, reason for, 849

Cakes and wine Mother of God cult’s use of, in a sacrament rite, 984

Calamity early alleged source of, 959
    the harvest of iniquity’s sowing, 1445

Calcium in the cosmic cloud, 462
    escape of, from the solar interior, 462
    individuality and longevity of, 462
    layer, on the sun, thickness of, 462
    mass comparison of sodium and, 462
    number of electrons of, 462
    pervasion of space by, 461
    rating of, in matter-permeation of Orvonton space, 461
    success of, in escaping from solar interior, 462
    the wanderer of space, 461-462

Caleb entrance to the promised land by, 1828

Calebites a non-Hebrew group in Judah, 1072

Caledonian mountains upheaval of, in early brachiopod age, 677

California activity of volcanoes in, during Carboniferous period, 682
    fish fossil beds along coast of, 679
    redwoods, Onamonalonton’s headquarters among the, 723
    sea, connection of, with old midwestern sea basin, 686

Caligastia activities of, during Lucifer rebellion, 607
    adherence of, to Lucifer rebellion, 607
    agreement of, to betray the planet, 754
    vs. Amadon in loyalty, 757
    angels’ perplexity over traitorous sin of, 758
    apostasy, yellow man’s reaction to the, 724
    approval of Urantia commission of, by Most Highs, 825
    approval by, of plans for Jesus’ death, 1971
    arrival of, on Urantia, 735
    attitude of, toward friendly advisers, 752
    betrayal, 754
       effect of, on blue race, 725
          on Urantia, 1327
       handicapping of Urantia life-modification plans by, 736
       influence of, on understanding God, 58
       and isolation of Urantia, 413
       loyal midway creatures’ service during the, 514
       reaction of Andon and Fonta to the, 717
       Urantian progress as influenced by, 752
       and Vorondadek observer’s station on Urantia, 491
    characteristics of, 741
    chiefs of, Paul’s comment regarding, 611
    clues as to Machiventa’s being the possible replacement for, 1025
    compromise suggestions of, Adam’s and Eve’s reaction to, 840
    a conspirator against Michael’s Urantia mission, 602
    defection, universal language as affected by the, 747
    deposal of, time of, 840
    the “devil”, 602
    difficulty of warning the races about, 833
    disaffection on Urantia, danger of, to Michael’s seventh bestowal, 1317
    downfall, biologic status of Urantia peoples unaffected by the, 821
    effect of the fall of, on Urantia’s government, 1251
       rebellion of, on Urantia, 567
          on usual course of planetary progress, 576
    efforts of, to hinder Van’s work, 822
    first of the divine Sons to visit Urantia, 584
    identification and experience of, 741
    iniquity of, an analysis of, 1302
    Jesus’ refusal to compromise with the techniques of, 1522
    Lanonandek classification of, 602
    limitation of power of, over humans, 753
    Lucifer’s designation of, as supreme sovereign on Urantia, 755
    materialized staff of, and succession of kings, 790
       value of tree of life to, 826
    method, Jesus’ cognizance of the futility of the, 1521
    Michael’s commission to adjudicate the pretensions of, 1327
    Michael’s offer of mercy to, 610
    miscarriage of plans in the mission of, 900
    misfortunes of, 752-753
    one hundred, after rebellion, 757-758
       early days of the, 743-745
       planetary origin of the, 742
       possible life span of, 745
       selection of the, 742
       sex of, 744
       superhuman character of, 744
       world conditions on arrival of the, 749
       see also Corporeal staff of Planetary Prince
    opposition of, to the Adamic mission, 583
    origin of planetary life prior to the days of, 667
    perfidy of, in wrecking planetary schools, 576
    Planetary Prince, on Mount Hermon, 1493
    Planetary Prince of Urantia, 1743-1751
    pleasure of, over Jesus’ betrayal, 1938
    plot of, and the default of Adam and Eve, 840
    powerlessness of, as regards the faith sons of God, 610
    present status of, 610, 753
    the prince of this world, 1512
    prospects for success of, on Urantia, 741
    rebellion, first appearance of disharmonious spirits after the, 962
       Dalamatia culture as affected by the, 752
       Jesus’ new way of human escape from consequences of the, 382
       Melchizedek’s account of, to Adam and Eve, 830
       midwayers’ participation in, 583-584
       the tower of Babel as atonement for Nodite participation in, 859
       Urantian physical evolution unaffected by the, 868
    resistance of, to Adam’s world-government activities, 833
    resistance of Amadon and associates to teachings of, 757
    resurrection of Moses contested by, 596
    scheme for accelerating social evolution, Adam’s knowledge of, 830
    secession, functioning of twelve Melchizedek receivers after the, 1014
       Jesus’ virtual settlement of, 1494
       Van and Amadon the heroes of the, 829
    Serapatatia’s unawareness of co-operation with, 841
    the sin of, 1519
    since the cross of Christ, 610
    Son of Man’s recognition of authority of, 610
    staff of, Melchizedek’s similarity to the members of, 1015
       revelation regarding the Paradise Trinity made by the, 1143
    substitute for, on system council during Jesus’ tomb experience, 2016
    teachings of, blue man’s responsiveness to, 725
    and teaching of horticulture and agriculture, 769
    time of arrival of, on Urantia, 741
    the titular Planetary Prince of Urantia during time of Adam and Eve, 840
    upheaval, results of, on planetary attainment, 382
    the Urantia pretender, 1512
    Van’s indictment of, 755
    visibility of, to Adam and Eve, 851
    a visitor to the Garden, 840
    warned of critical tendencies and self-importance, 752

Caligula Selta’s attachment to court of, 1915

Call of Matthew and Simon, 1540-1541
    to service, of the second group of six apostles, 1539
    of Thomas and Judas by Jesus, 1542
    of the twins by Jesus, 1541-1542

Callirrhoe the seventy’s labors in, 1817

Callousness mortal, an exhibition of, 2011

Calmness and prayer, 998
    and self-control, Buddhism’s promotion of, 1038
    Simon’s admiration for Jesus’, 1565

Calvary adherence of Jesus to his third decision on, 1520
    cross of, misinterpretation of, 60

Calves silver and golden, symbols of the Bedouin’s concept of Yahweh, 1054

Cambrian period, length of the, 674
    rocks, oblique thrust out over Cretaceous layers of, 690
    seas, 674

Camel(s) a beast of burden, 902
    driver, Jesus as a, 1481
    and the needle’s eye, 1803
    place of origin of, 696
    swallowing the, 1908
    trains, Dravidian, to Mesopotamia, 881

Camp apostolic, in Gethsemane, 1895
    John the Baptist’s, appearance of thousands at, 1505
    at Pella, see Pella

Campers Pella, Jesus followed by, during Perean mission, 1833

Cana apostles’ journey to a wedding at, 1527
    apostolic corps’ return to, 1644
       work in, 1637
    of Galilee, Nathaniel’s home in, 1526
    Jesus’ hasty departure from, 1645
    wedding at, 1528-1531

Canaan Abraham’s dream to conquer, 1020
    Melchizedek’s prophecy of Abraham’s offspring’s occupation of, 1020

Canaanite(s) David’s compromise with the, 1073
    vs. Hebrews, the Yahweh-Baal controversy, 1065, 1071-1073
    Joshua’s smiting of the, 1505
    a non-Hebrew group in Judah, 1072
    superstitions of, the source of sorcery, 1681
    tribes, Phoenician gentiles’ descendance from, 1737
    union of, with the Israelites to form the Hebrew nation, 1071
    worship of their tribal deities by the, 1054

Canada coal layers in, 681
    Niagara limestone’s distribution over, 677
    outcroppings of Proterozoic fossil-bearing rock in, 670

Canals of Jerusem, 520

Candidates apostolic, Jesus’ and the first group’s visit to, 1539
    for the Deity adventure,”, 292
    for eternal life, reaction of, to mortal living, 1740
    for life everlasting, women as, 1614
    for the seventy, bringing of, to Jesus, 1801
    of time, arrival on first Havona circuit of, 159
    for Trinitized Sons of Attainment, method of selection of, 247

Candles in death chambers, modern use of, 959
    lighted, origin of the use of, at weddings, 925
    in twentieth-century religious services, 947

Candlestick candle’s rightful place on a, 1570

Canine family European ancestor of the, 695

Cannibal early man a, 979

Cannibalism influences leading to gradual disappearance of, 979-980
    onetime universality of, 979
    origin of, 978
    result and cure of, human sacrifice the, 980
    slavery an advancement over, 779

Cano fate of, 843
    a leader of the Nodites, 842
    promise of, to Eve, 843

Canvas and leather worker Jesus’ proficiency as a, 1387

Capacity of receptivity, religious, and spiritual advancement and religious revelation, 591, 1848
    spiritual, measurement of man’s, 1740
    for spiritual receptivity, and determination of spiritual presence, 64
       and human experience of Father’s love, 50

Capernaum Andrew’s and Peter’s first visit to, 1538
    apostles’ return to, after first preaching tour, 1646
       two-week sojourn in, 1647
    boatbuilder, Ezra’s disdain for the, 1526
       as the proposed Alexandrian teacher, 1414
    commercial and military importance of, 1420
    congregation, reaction of, to Jesus’ sermon, 1711
    crisis, 1707-1716
       events leading up to the, 1698-1706
    departure of Jesus from Bethany for, 1495
       of Jesus’ followers from Pella for, 1627
    evening conferences, scope of Jesus’ instruction at, 1421
    four eventful days at, 1628-1636
    healing, Jesus’ explanation of, 1635
    home, removal of Mary and Ruth to the, 1484
    interest, apostles’ reluctance to leave the, 1636
    Jesus’ and his apostles’ departure from Cana for, 1531
       instruction of his apostles for ordination near, 1568
       move to, reason for, 1398
       onetime home, 1485
       passing through, 1492
       pleasant memories of, while in Gethsemane, 1969
       proposed trip to, to meet his family, 1743
       residence at the Zebedee home in, 1420
       visit to, to see his mother, 1527
       visits at the caravan station in, 1420
    John’s many converts from, 1503
    last days at, apostles’, 1717-1724
    light-rejecting inhabitants of, 1807
    Nazareth family’s sale of property in, 1405
    opinions of fifty leading citizens of, as to Jesus, 1719
    people, reaction of, to Jesus’ synagogue sermon, 1630
    popularity of Jesus in, 1629
    postbaptismal return of James and Jude to, 1506
    purpose of setting the apostles apart in the hills of, 1934
    the “real capital” of Nebadon, during the sundown healing, 1632
    return of apostolic corps to, after Jerusalem interlude, 1653-1655
    revulsion against the Master in, 1715
    synagogue discourse of Jesus, 1504, 1532-1533, 1629
       Jesus’ conduct of service at the, during Bethsaida encampment, 1659
       official closing of, to Jesus, 1717
       schools, rating of, 1548

Capital(s) accumulation of, basic urges leading to, 776
    -accumulation mores, a social advance, 780
    beginnings of, 775-777
    charge, usual procedure of the Jews in trying one on a, 1982
    a definition, 775
    goods, disposition of, in early communal society, 780
       a factor in material civilization, 907
       necessity for wisdom in the utilization of, 908
    influence of, on man, 777
    and labor, co-operation of, in the continental nation, 813
       problems of, the first, 775
    land as, 782
    major, number of, on Jerusem, 519
    sectional, System Sovereign’s visits to, at least once a year, 519

Capitalists herders the first, 779

Capitolias the seventy’s labors in, 1817

Capitolium the Roman temple, 1455

Cappadocia Matthew’s journeys through, 1560

CapriciousJesus’ freedom from being, 1101

Captain of the guard(s), Judas’ arrangement with the, for the arrest of Jesus, 1926
    of the guard(s), reaction of, to Peter’s use of his sword, 1975

       reporting of Judas to the, 1972
       and the story of the conversion of the dying thief, 2009
       willingness of, to allow the three apostles their freedom, 1974
    the human will the, of the mind, 1217
    Jewish, command of, for the binding of John, 1977
    of our salvation, a title of Jesus, 1409
    Roman, command of, to Simon, to carry Jesus’ crossbeam, 2006
       decision of, regarding two thieves, 2001

Captives enslavement of, the third great advance in civilization, 901
    male, enslavement of, as agriculturists, 934
    moral, Jesus’ purpose to proclaim spiritual liberty to, 1541
    released by Christ Michael, 341
    of sin, proclamation of liberty to the, 2035
    spiritual, apostles’ proclamation of liberty to, 1570

Captivity(ies) Jews’ explanation of their various, 1500
    Babylonian, and end of Judah, 1075
    spiritual, means of deliverance from, 1428

Capua Jesus’ visit to, 1441

Caravan(s) conductor, oft-referred-to Urmian lectures of the, 1491
    Jesus’ contact with the, 1362
    passengers, reason for Jesus’ inability to mingle with the, 1393
    repair shop, Jesus’ proposal to buy back the, 1398
       Jesus’ work at the, 1410
    routes, passage of, through Palestine, 1333
    routes through Palestine, Rome’s desire to control, 1334
    tariffs, David’s control of the, 1073
    trains, as seen by Jesus form the Nazareth hill, 1364
    trip to the Caspian, Jesus’, 1484-1485
       Jesus’, success of, 1485
    workshop, Joseph’s construction of a, 1357

Carbon atmospheric, and growth of land life, 665
    atmospheric, transformation of, to metallic carbonates, 659
    copies,” of celestial records, definition, 281
    dioxide in atmosphere, 680
       remover, iron in circulating blood cells as a, 737
       in Urantia air in late invertebrate-animal age, 676
       in Urantia’s atmosphere during volcanic age, 659
       of Urantia’s early atmosphere, and animal life, 665
    function of, in hydrogen-carbon-helium reaction, 464
    gases, atmospheric, consumption of, by early plant life, 659
    monoxide, in Urantia’s atmosphere during volcanic age, 659
    organic, in transition rock deposits, 671

Carbonates metallic, source of planetary, 659

Carboniferous period, the fern-forest, 680-682
    period, why so called, 681

Care of God for man Jesus’ illustration of, 1769

Career(s) earth, Jesus’, the Father’s for the natural finish of, 1972
    earth, the Master’s “great decisions” concerning his, 1515
    earth, most amazing act of Jesus’, 1678
    far-flung, of ascending mortals, depiction of, 495
    in the flesh, compensation for premature termination of, 516
    Jesus’ avoidance of building up a spectacular, 1413
    Jesus’ public, beginning of, at time of baptism, 1408
    model, Adjusters’ possession of, as possible plans for human subjects, 1204
    mortal-bestowal, 228-230
    the most uneventful six months of Jesus’, 1414
    seraphim and the ascendant, 1248-1249
    a son’s, for time and eternity, safety of, 1955
    of time, completion of, by Completion Seraphim, 441

Caretaker of the garden Mary Magdalene’s mistaking Jesus for the, 2026, 2029

Caribbean region elevation of, during early trilobite age, 673
    elevation of, in early invertebrate-animal age, 675

Carnivora architectural worlds free from, 492

Carnivorous animal vestiges exhibition of, by blended human stocks, 593

Carnivorousness of primitive man, 593

Carpenter bench, Jesus’ last work at the, 1535
    bench, Jesus’ meditations while at the, 1391
    and contractor, Joseph a, 1344
    foolish, parable of the, 1738
    Jesus’ expertness as a, 1387
       onetime decision to become a, 1369
       skill at sixteen as a, 1396
    Joseph as a, 1356
    lad, awareness of his divine and human responsibilities by the, 1388
    of Nazareth, Herod’s attempt to ascertain whether Jesus was the, 1633
       one of Jesus’ names, 1492
       Jesus remembered as a, 1420
       on the Mediterranean trip Jesus still the, 1424
       nonrecognition of the, as the citizen of Capernaum, 1413
    of Nazareth, startling pronouncements of the, 1341
    shop, Jesus’ early work in the, 1371
       Joseph’s, Jesus’ and his playmates’ use of, 1361

Carpenter’s son Jesus the, 229

Carpentry Jesus’ only parable having to do with, 1738

Carpet(s) of honor for the “royal son” on way to Jerusalem, 1882
    wedding, origin of the present use of, 925

Carrara marble origin of, 685

Carriage of life a transport seraphim, 438

Carrier pigeons news of Adam’s arrival carried by, 829
    time of first employment of, 746

Carthage discourse on time and space at, 1438-1440
    Jesus’ topics of discussion enroute to, 1438
    later site of, migration from Mesopotamia to the, 896

Carthaginians a part of the Semitic race, 1333

Case of Gabriel vs. Lucifer time of first hearing of, 616

Caspian Sea and Adamsonite center of civilization, 862
    proximity to, of the Adamsonite headquarters, 868
    region, southern, mingling of Nodites and Amadonites in the, 822
    route of Andite European migrants, 873

Caspin the seventy’s labors in, 1817

Caste(s) cause of, 770
    effect of, on practice of polyandry, 926
    kingdom of heaven’s freedom from, 1487
    purpose of the Indian, 882
    social, effects of, 793
       new, origin of, 770
       and secret societies, 791
    spirit artisans unhampered by, 508
    in state organizations, origin of, 801
    system(s), Gautama’s fight against the, 1035
       India’s, Ganid’s desire to do something about, 1436
          Ganid’s inquiry concerning, 1468
       influence of, on the Brahmans, 1028
       modern, vestigial remnants of the olden taboos, 975
       origin of, in India, 1028
       preservation of, in India, 882

Casting lots and disclosure of the divine will, 1681
    for Jesus’ tunic, 2007
    modern survival of the practice of, 987
    shamans’ proclivity for, 987

Castle groups of the Middle Ages Castle groups of the Middle Ages, 801

Castor oil use of, by the Sumerians, 992

Castration a means of frightening away the ghost, 964
    of priests of the mother cult, 976

Casualness of Jesus’ important acts about, 1875

Cat family domination of animal life by the, 698
    representatives of the, 697

Cataclysms physical, of starry realms, 55

Cataleptic fit shamanism and the, 987

Catalytic agents Life Carriers as, 399
    living, primary associators as, 328
    Master Physical Controllers as, 326

Catalyzation of physical patterns by Life Carriers about, 399

Catalyzer(s) of all universe growth, the Supreme the apparent, 1283
    living, Life Carriers as, 560

Catastrophes local, beneficial outworking of, 761
    of nature, believers’ nonimmunity to the, 1767
       teachings of Jesus about, 1671
    spirit-born individuals’ attitude toward, 1096

Caterpillar and butterfly, and suppositions of natural philosophy, 480

Catskill Mountains a geologic monument of the Devonian epoch, 679

Cattle bellowing of a drove of, in the temple court, Jesus’ reaction to, 1890
    stealing, death the ancient punishment for, 796

Caucasoid class of mankind, an analysis of the, 905
    and homogeneity of the white races, 872
    and Mongoloid, a certain blending of, in North China, 905
    and Negroid, intermingling of, in the Levant, 905
    order, generalized, a blend of Adamites, Nodites, and other races, 905

Causality continuity the karma principle of, comparison with the Supreme, 1030
    provision for, by material level of law, 1116

Causation in the physical world, a factor in the reality of the Supreme, 1434
    primary and secondary, 1298
    a reality level of cosmic-mind response, 192
    response, consequence of man’s deliverance from fetters of, 71
    study of, a perusal of history, 215
    in this universe age, threefold basic constitution of, 1298
    transcendental, degree of reaction of primordial force to, 469

Cause(s) of causes, eternal Creator the, 34
    of causes, the primeval, 6
    co-ordinate and subordinate, the existence of many, 1298
    and effect, to the savage, 951
    as an explanation of physical phenomena, 2077
    failure of his, Jesus’ awareness of the appearance of, 1969
    the first great, the Universal Father, 2077
    of Judas’ downfall, 2055-2057
    the uncaused, force in essence a manifestation of, 468
    universe, vs. universe effects, 53

Cavalrymen of final Andite European invasion, 892

Cave(s) dwellers, primitive men as, 590
    dwellers, Urantia aborigines not, 715
    early European white man’s avoidance of, 897
    man’s progress from, to huts, and to home buildings, 902
    vs. mountains in beliefs of aborigines regarding spirits, 945

Cavilers presence of, at Pella, 1818

Cease to do evil a need of the disciples, 1736

Cedes Luke’s use of source material from, 1342

Celestial artisans, 497-508
    artisans, activities of, 339, 497, 508, 526, 546
       beings eligible to corps of the, 497
       co-operation of, with reversion directors, 548
       enlistment in, length of, 497
       improvement in technique by, 498
       mansion world headquarters of, 530
       material planets not the workshops of, 507
       ministry of, on constellations, 416
       Nebadon corps of, Univitatia’s predominance in, 493
       Paradise attainment by seraphim as, 440
       recorder-teachers’ collaboration with, 554
       seven major divisions of activity of the, 497-498
       spornagias’ direction by, 492
       utilization of living materials by, 492
       work of, difficulty of portraying the, 499
          on Jerusem, 521
    astronomers, collaboration of Solitary Messengers with, 260
    beings, apostles’ nonobservation of visible manifestations of, 1659
       assemblage of, at tomb of Lazarus, 1845
       concern of, in spiritual welfare of man, 1841
       desire of, to assist their Sovereign, 1911
       and fulfillment of Universal Father’s invitation-command, 290
       indulgence of, in relaxation and humor, 547
       interest of, in Palestine during Jesus’ growth, 1409
       lower orders of, acceptance of Michael’s offer of mercy by, 610
          fascinated by Lucifer’s charms, 606
       Most High observer’s authority over, on rebellious planets, 390
       observance by, of sacred ordination scene, 1570
       reaction of, to Caligastia’s seizure of authority, 755
          to professed Christians’ persecution of Jews, 1909
       subordinate orders of, assignment of, to Recents of Days, 211
       at tomb of Lazarus, preparation of, for action, 1846
       unpreparedness of apostles for participation in conference with, 1752
       utilization of Salvington broadcasts by, 371
       visibility of, to mortals, agencies involved in, 574
    circuits, spirit energy of, and reception of melodies of the realm, 499
    creation, as teachers in universe school of training, 558
    entertainers, primary midwayers as, 425
    family, illumination of each member of, by the Father’s love, 138
    harmony, mortals’ reaction to, 500
    helpers, time of assignment of full quota of, to planetary administration, 591
    host(s), activities of the, 54
       assembled, Jesus’ Thought Adjuster’s command of, during the tomb experience, 2015
       broadcast of Jesus’ trial to the universe by the, 1999
       directors of the, Jesus’ conferences with the, 1787
       Gabriel commander in chief of the, 370
       of Nebadon, sent to Urantia to serve Jesus, 1516
          Jesus’ decision regarding the use of, 1516
       observers of Jesus awaiting his betrayer, 1971
       the twelve-second resurrection of Lazarus by the, 1846
       on Urantia, departure of the, after Jesus’ resurrection, 2025
          Jesus’ Adjuster’s command of the, 2020
             relinquishing of his authority over the, 2024
       withdrawal of, on inauguration of planetary ministry of Corps of the Finality, 626
    intelligences, on constellation headquarters, 485
       inability of, to influence decisions of the twins, 708
       indignation of, at persecution of their Sovereign, 1984
       interest of, in Lucifer rebellion news, 608
       Jesus’ meditation concerning his use of the, and his first decision, 1516, 1519
          new revelation of man to the, 2003
       love of, for man, since Michael’s bestowal, 2003
       ministry of, to material beings, 34
       reaction to Jesus’ Mediterranean trip by, 1424
       on Urantia, presence of, at noontide tryst of nine-year-old twins, 708
    joy, man’s possible life on the plane of, 1773
    life, on Avonal-ruled planet, archangel direction of, 409
       fraternity among the orders of, 534
       headquarters of great divisions of, on Jerusem, 514
       provision for seventy divisions of, on Edentia, 487
       sector of Jerusem, central abode of, 514
       Urantian, effect of isolation on, 755
       utilization of less personal orders of physical controllers by, 326
    light, saturation of Material Sons’ bodies with, 581
    mansions, Jesus’ frequent reference to the, 1840
    messenger(s), appearance to Joseph of a, 1347
       message of, to the lad Jesus, 1376
       the three apostles’ reaction to the departure of the, 1753
    ministers, time of planetary possession of full quota of, 593
    musicians, 499-500
       a major division of celestial artisans, 497
       techniques of, and human employment of musical instruments, 500
    observers, Uversa courtesy-colony residents, 317
    pageant, apostles’ fleeting glimpse of a, on Mount Hermon, 1755
    personalities, activity of, in sundown healing, 1633
       assistance of, in disposal of Jesus’ body, 2023
       intervention of, in material accidents, 1361
       Jesus’ communion with, 1786
          nonutilization of, 1408
       Machiventa’s limitation of communication with, 1016
       numerous, participation of, in the unconscious training of reservists, 1257
       as a protective shield at Adjuster-fusion ceremonies, 623
       service to, by tertiary supernaphim messengers, 289
    personality corps, assignment of ascending mortals to, 416
    powers, equality of standing of earthly races before the, 725
    star observers, a function of, 176
    surgery on staff of Planetary Prince, and story of Eve’s creation, 837
    travelers, midwayers’ converse with, 866
    unit, supersuperior units comprising a, 121
    upheavals, and Morontia Companions’ derelictions, 545
    visitation, on Mount Hermon, Jesus’ reaction to the, 1755
    visitors, appearance of, to apostles during the transfiguration, 1753
       Hosts to, Morontia Companions as, 546
       primary midwayers as guides for, 865
    workers, difficulties of, on Urantia, 318

Celestial Guardians about, 252-253
    functions of, 210, 244, 248, 252
       in relation to Spirit-fused mortals, 453
    a group of Trinitized Sons of Perfection, 244
    not Adjuster indwelt, 252
    the one point of great strength of, 253
    origin, 210, 244, 252
    the personification of single and supreme concepts, 253
    service rating of, 252
    Spirit-fused mortals’ relation to, 252, 453
    vs. Trinitized Custodians, 248
    Trinity-embraced sons, 243
    twice-trinitized personalities, 244, 252

Celestial Overseers of Nebadon, 412-413
    of Nebadon, function of, 412
       headquarters of, on Salvington, 412
       an order of Universe Aids, 406
       Urantia mortals as future members of corps of, 413

Celestial Recorders about, 281-282
    an attainment level of the angelic orders, 273
    angels as, 285
    ascendant seraphim as, 281, 414
    availability of records of, to all classes of beings, 281
    Custodians of Records as directors of, in superuniverses, 281
    dependability of, 282
    function of, 281
    loyalty of, during Lucifer rebellion, 608
    an order of Messenger Hosts of Space, 273
    Paradise attainment by seraphim as, 440
    permanent Uversa headquarters of, 282
    probable length of assignment of, 282
    superuniverse organization of recording seraphim sponsored by, 302
    supervising, number of, in Nebadon, 414

Celestials on transition worlds, entertainment of, 546

Celibate orders, origin of, 916
    priesthood(s), the alleged reason for a, 935
       origin of, 977

Cell(s) living, injured, action of, 735
    living, normal, action of, in healing processes, 735
    reproduction, local universe differences in, 560

Celsus apostolic corps’ sojourn in the home of, 1746
    garden of, Jesus teaching the apostles in, 1758-1759

Celta a member of the women’s corps, 1679

Cemetery Jewish, crucified persons not buried in, 2013

Cenozoic age landscape of the world during the, 693
    era, period covered by, 672, 702

Censors universal, see Universal, Censor(s).

Census Caesar Augustus’ decree as to a, 1350
    data, indigenous to the superuniverse, 267

Census Director(s) about, 266-267
    antigravity endowment of, 264
    a class of the Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit, 264
    creation of, completed, but numbers unknown, 266
    function of, in relation to will, 267
    headquarters of, on superuniverse capitals, 264
    infallibility of, 267
    number of, in Orvonton, 267
    personal characteristics of, 267
    reserves of, on worlds of the Spirit, 267
    responsiveness of, to intelligent will, 267
    Salsatia the Nebadon, 413
    Usatia the Orvonton chief of, 267

Centaurs man’s onetime worship of, 946

Center of all things, the home of the eternal Deities, 360
    of all things, Eternal Mother Son’s location, 241
       Father’s presence at the, 63
       Paradise the, 119
       personal God resident at the, 119, 467
       possible view toward the, 167
       seraphim attainment of, as Paradise companions, 440
    of centers, approachability of Infinite Spirit at the, 185
       the eternal Isle, 165
    of gravity, Isle of Paradise the, 133
    of infinity, geographic, Isle of Paradise the, 1

Centipedes evolution of early, 732

Central abode, communion with the Universal Father at the, 64
    abode, Father’s, and Mystery Monitors, 25
       God’s presence always found at his, 119
    America, civilization of, by whom established, 727
       and Mexico, destination of three groups of North American migrants, 727
       racial founders of the enduring civilizations in, 884
    Asian tribes, modern languages as related to early speech of, 872
    core of creation, materialization of, 109
    creation, the basis for absolute confidence in the Universal Father, 160
       eternal existence of the, 93
       Eternal Son’s bestowal on the, 86
       function of Census Directors in the, 267
       functioning of power directors in power-energy regulation of, 320
       a part of the grand universe, 129
       a pattern of perfection, 360
       power centers in, function of, 321
       primary, Eternal Son’s knowledge of spiritual values in all creatures of the, 88
       time delay not a genetic part of the, 1164
    and divine universe, 152-163
    European races, Andonites’ influence on, 898
    Isle, commission of Paradise Companions on the, 283
       comparative size of, 118
       dimensions of, 119
       First Source and Center revealed in patterns of the, 81
       geographical divisions of, 119
       headquarters of instigators of rest, 299
       of Light and Life, attainment of, by Spirit-fused and Son-fused mortals, 244
          birthplace of Paradise Sons of God, 223
          the home of Paradise Citizens, 416
          Personal Aids of the Infinite Spirit stationed on, 264
       material absoluteness of, relation of Conjoint Actors to the, 99
       radiation of Seven Master Spirits’ influence from, 164
       relation of, to quiescent midspace zones, 124
       relation of seven Paradise satellites to, 198
    life implantation on Urantia, 667
    lodgments of adjutant spirits, function of, 401-402
    lodgments, location of, 401
    shining, of the eternal Deities, 143
    shining, requisites for finding the, 119
    universe, activities of primary supernaphim in the, 298
       appearance of the, 6
       the arena for demonstrating bestowal ministry, 160-161
       ascendant finaliters’ training ground, 643
       attempted duplication of, in time, 614
       beings, gratification of Paradise Trinity ideals by, 157
          as teachers on third Havona circuit, 294
       billion worlds of the, 143
       circuits of the, seraphim passage through, 441
       clearinghouse for co-ordination and dissemination of essential knowledge, 254
       conciliating commissions unnecessary in, 277
       control and stability of, 155
       co-ordination of the one billion perfect worlds of the, 351
       creation of eternity, an eternal existence, 129-130
       creatures of, 156-158
       custodians of knowledge the teachers of the, 302
       Deity unity a fact of existence in the, 641
       dependence of, on superuniverses for development of its descending citizens, 362
       discernment of activity of Original Son in the, 83
       eternal capacity of, as experiential training universe, 163
       Eternal Son a cocreator of the, 74
       Eternal Son’s perfection, competence, and authority in the, 109
       eternalization of the, 91
       extension of revelation of truth to the, 598
       fairness, perfection of, in the, 115
       Father-Absolute the creator of the, 58
       the field of operations of Chief Recorders, 288
       a field of Trinity Teacher Sons, 214
       frandalanks’ function in the, 328
       function(s) of Havona natives in, 157
          the supernaphim in, 306
          Universal Censors in, 217
       functioning of Supreme Spirits in, 205
       God discernibly present in the, 45
       God the personal creator of the, 24
       and God the Sevenfold, 4
       God’s overcontrol in the, 24
       government of the, 155
       grand gatherings in, 330
       harmony, the keynote of the, 301
       of Havona, 1, 152, 360
       Havona energy characteristic of the, 470
       Havona, the first space level, 129
       Havona native teachers in pilgrim-training schools of the, 346
       Havona, see also Havona
       inhabitants, ratio of, in a finaliter company, 346
       intelligent beings of, in local universes, 361
       language little needed in the, 503
       life on worlds of, 158
       limitation of God outside, 48
       linear gravity operative in, 125
       local universe seraphic ministers fashioned after patterns in, 205
       mass content of, 129
       midway creatures of the, 273
       ministering spirits of the, 285-297
       mortals’ possible knowledge of, 128
       natives, dual recognition of Father and Son by, 79
          and finality corps, 221
          peculiar progression of, 157
          uniformity of, 237
       no evolutionary change in, in the Havona age, 1163
       number seven basic to, 479
       origin of, 127
       Paradise Sons’ revelation of the Universal Father in the, 89
       pattern-being inhabitants of, 157
       of perfection, an example of the superevolutional, 1159-1160
          not absolute, 1160
       personal presence of Universal Father in, 360
       personalities in local universes, 370
          morontia mortals’ opportunities for acquaintance with, 489
          Nebadon rendezvous of, 401
       physical balance and stabilization of, 153
          beings, invisibility of, to Urantians, 154
          phenomena and spiritual reactions of, 154
          stimuli, insensibility of Urantians to, 154
       possible population of, in future universe ages, 222
          unrevealed purposes of, 160
       progressive changes in, in the present universe age, 1163
       purpose of the, 54, 160-163
       reflectivity contact of superuniverses with, 308
       regulations, character of, 158
       relation of, to Isle of Paradise, 153
       seeds of potential existence diffused throughout the, 91
       service of Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit in the, 107
       social and economic activities of, 158
       Son-fused survivors in, 453
       spiritual supervision of, through Seven Spirits of the Circuits, 202
       star students from, on Uversa, 338
       stationary Sons of the Trinity in, 219
       the Supreme Being a spirit personality in the, 1268
       teachers as celestial artisans, 497
          function of, on Life Carrier world, 399
       threefold physical organizations of the, 126, 154
       training not required by Daynals, 230
    white race, Andonite predominance in the, 897
       physical characteristics of, 897
       a wedge between the Nordic and Mediterranean races, 897

Centrifugal consequences of sin, character and range of, 761
    planetary daughters, origin of, 171
    stage of nebular whirling, 653

Centripetal consequences of willful rejection of light, 760

Centrum of Paradise cycle of cosmic reality, 469

Centurion the commander of the crucifixion squad, 2004
    releasing of Jesus’ body to Joseph by the, 2013
    servant of the, healing of, 1647-1648

Cephalopods ammonites’ development from, 686
    development of, in late invertebrate-animal age, 676
    dominance of the seas by, 677
    size of, 677
    sudden appearance of, 677

Cereals modern, cultivation of, in Eden, 825

Cerebral endowment man’s, effect of, on Adjuster activity, 1199

Ceremonial(s) association of prayer with, 999
    early beginnings of, 766
    Jesus’ desire to free the Jews from bondage to, 1383
    meaningless, Jesus’ denouncement of, 1671
    orgies, of the mystery cults, 1082
    performances, Jesus’ abhorrence of, 1825
    practices, Jesus’ resentment toward, 1404
    sacrifice, origin of the practice of eating a portion of the, 1133
    stereotyped, dangers of, 966
    system of formal worship, vs. compassion for one’s fellows, 1951

Ceremonialism the individual’s emergence from the bondage of, 1942

Ceremonially unclean results of a Jew’s being, 1987

Ceremony(ies) of Jesus’ healing of the blind beggar, 1813
    Jesus’ only established, 1942
    Jewish people’s oppression by, 1906
    marking the entrance of ascending mortal on Paradise service, 538
    meaningless, vs. appreciative worship, 1675
    of the ordination, 1569
    a part of the life of the ancients, 924
    superstitious, of primitive peoples, persistence of, 1729
    temple, Jesus’ interest in the spiritual significance of, 1378

Certainty(ies) development of, by pressure, 555
    of faith, vs. theological arrogance, 1012
    of the future, vs. anxieties of the present, 548
    the intellectual earmark of religion, 1126
    of religious faith, 1124-1126

Certitude of the Divine about, 1126-1127

Cessation of creature existence, 569
    of existence, see also Existance, cessation of

Ceylon certain Saharans’ migration to, 890

Chairman of the twelve, Andrew the, 1547

Chaldea Salem religion preached in, 1019

Chaldean(s) attitude of, toward the stars, 990
    belief of, regarding the sun, 947
    early abandonment of human sacrifice by the, 980
    herder, reaction of, to Machiventa’s sudden appearance, 1015
    Melchizedek’s ability to speak, 1015
    near Ur, an advanced group of eastern Semites, 1054
    priests, seraphim’s announcement to, of Michael’s coming appearance, 1317
    star cultists, belief of, as to their origin, 947
    stories, the Jews’ use and adaptation of the, 1068
    tribes, recognition by, of logic of monogamy, 927

Chalk deposits of the Eocene period, location of, 694
    period, end of the, 691-692
    in sedimentations of Cretaceous stage, 689

Challenge(s) acceptance of, without complaint, 555
    to the Sanhedrin, Jesus’, 1813

Challenging the Master’s authority, 1891-1892

Chance a definition, 950
    good luck and bad luck, 950-951
    and luck, influence of, in ancient philosophy, 951
    man’s fear of, 975
    one source of the origin of religion, 950
    personification of, 951-952
    reasons for social classes, 792
    role of, in lives of primitive Urantians, 950
    shamans’ belief in, 987
    significance of the word, 951

Chang Jesus’ many visits with, 1475

Change(s) and adjustments, the human race’s need to become reconciled to, 1086
    an attribute of the Conjoint Creator, 101
    God of Action ancestor of, 99
    of mind by faith, vs. repentance of so-called good works, 1545

Changeableness fluctuations of God’s presence not due to, 46

Changeless Samuel’s proclamation of Yahweh as, 1063

Changelessness of the Father in Paradise, 1597
    the Father’s escape from limitations inherent in, 108
    of God, 36, 58
       results of, and reason for, 137-138
    of the Most High (Cynicism), 1443

Chaos to glory, living ladder from, 107

Character(s) acquired by enlightened experience, keynote of Nebadon education, 412
    acquirement, basis of, 402
    appraisal, trustworthiness weighed in scales of, 316
    balanced, Jesus’ life an exemplification of a, 1674
       Thomas’s reverence of the Master for his, 1562
    building, Jesus’ teaching of character growth rather than, 1583
    compassionate, the acquirement of, the heart of Jesus’ religion, 1582
    cosmically moral and divinely spiritual, identity of, 1287
    development of, vs. enlargement of vocabulary, 1094
       and changes in social usage, 1772
       means of, 1776, 1862
       progressive, the earning of, 1621
       value of environment and education in, 848
    effect on, of passage from morontia to spirit, 342
    essential characteristics of the foundations of, 1738
    Father’s, Jesus’ revelation of the, 1582, 1857
       loving, Jesus’ purpose to reveal, 1494, 1608
       results of man’s ignorance of, 47
    of God, amplification of, 89
       and defects of natural world, 57
       depth and wisdom of the divine riches of, 1453
       man’s understanding of, 1675
       infinitely superhuman, 58
       unchanging, 57
    growth, Jesus’ teaching of, 1583
    heredity at the bottom of, 848
    human, development of, 596
       inability of dead theory of religious doctrines to transform, 380
       measurement of strength of, 1740
    Jesus’ noble, development of, 1394
       present ennobling of, 1103
       strength of, 1101
    John Mark’s well-knit, reason, 1922
    the Master’s forgiving, Peter’s meditation on, after his denial, 1551
    means for augmentation of, 412
    moral, the beatitudes and, 1573
       change and growth of, 1572
    a noble, need for good foundations for, 1738
       proof of, 1981
    of nonbreathers, similarity of, to those of other mortals, 564
    possibility of improvement of, 1572
    progression, importance of youth’s education in, 2086
    self-mastery, 315
    of the Son, appreciation of the, 79
    of statehood, 806-807
    strength of, Jesus’ ideal of, 1582
       requisites for, 51
    strong, derivation of, 1572
       factors in a, 192, 1772
    of torchbearers, a factor in modern civilization, 909
    transformation, the Adjuster’s striving to achieve, 1217
       technique of achieving, 1705
    trend of each generation, determination of, 909
    true, cleverness not a substitute for, 556
    upbuilding and testing, time lag’s provision for, 616
    well-balanced, the Master’s talk on the desirability of, 1673

Characteristics of Jesus, 1101-1103, 1589, 1594, 1874-1875

Charax Jesus’ farewell to Gonod and Ganid at, 1427, 1481

Charcoal fire Peter’s warming himself in Annas’ courtyard, by the, 1980

Charge(s) against Jesus, definite, accusers’ plan to present Jesus before Pilate without, 1989
    against Jesus, definite, Pilate’s reference to the Jews’ lack of, 1989
       Pharisees’ formulation of, 1850
       Pilate’s demand that they be read in the Master’s hearing, 1990
       Sanhedrin’s formal, the human Jesus’ ignorance of, 1986
       three, Annas’ statement of, 1983
         Sanhedrin’s, 1985
    of eternal fidelity and unending loyalty administered to Creative Spirit, 204
    to the new evangelists, reason for James Zebedee’s giving the, 1668
    ordination, Jesus’, to the twelve apostles, 1572

Chariots early use of, 904
    of fire,” significance of mortals’ disappearing in, 1212

Charitable organizations the first, 792

Charity a factor in Paul’s religion, 2095
    vs. mercy, 315
    method of bestowing, 1583
    private, possible dangers from, 910

Charm moderation’s eventuation in, 556
    of personality, importance of, in success, 1774

Charms about, 967-973
    association of, with marriage, 924
    magical, 971-972
    origin of, 969
    vs. personal ambition and initiative, 972
    primitive man’s belief in, 773, 781, 967-973, 991
    and relics, impotence of, 1681
    texts, on Egyptian coffins, significance of, 1044

Chastening of children by wise fathers, 2017

Chastisement and release of Jesus proposed by Pilate, 1993

Chastity attitude toward, in olden days, 917
    female, evolving popularity of, 918
    taboo, first application of, to married women only, 917

Chazan Jesus asked to become an Alexandrian assistant to the, 1413
    Nazareth, belief of, concerning Jesus as a future teacher, 1392
       counsel of, to Jesus, concerning the nationalist movement, 1397
       identification of, 1362
       inauguration of a young men’s club by the, 1400
       influence of, on the youthful Jesus, 1370
       Jesus’ drawing of a picture of the, 1366
       reaction to Jesus, as a student, by the, 1363
       and rehearsal of James’ speech, 1398
    teaching, Jesus’ disposal of Messianic contradictions in, 1522-1523

Chedorlaomer identification of, 1018

Cheerful Jesus described as being consistently, 1102

Cheerfulness ascenders’ learning, from ministering reserves, 555
    of Jesus, after his baptism, 1527
    and prayer, 998
    sources of, 1447

Chemical behavior, dependence of, on electron activity, 477
    effects, and supposedly supernatural forces, 945
    elements, basic Havona, number of, 154
    endowments, of Adam and Eves, 581
    formula(s), God not a, 138
       of life, system variations in, 560
       one unable to pray to a, 1126
    ingredients, superhuman space assembly of, in the Cana wine making, 1530
    precipitation, a means of limestone formation, 661
    reactions between hormones of ductless glands, possible number of, 737
       and the Unqualified Absolute, 738

Chemism relation of, to light, heat, electricity, magnetism, energy, and matter, 472

Chemistry vs. alchemy, 901
    Dalamatians taught rudiments of, 748
    human evolution not explained by, 738
    noninherence of truth, beauty, and goodness in, 2077
    reactions of, character of, 738
    revelation’s co-ordination of, 1123
    sevenfold persistence of creative constitution in domains of, 480

Chemosh identity and importance of, 1054

Cherubim and sanobim advancement of, to seraphic status, 285
    ambitious, recognition of effort and attainment of, 231
    and angelic corps, 418
    assembling of, for the dispensational resurrection, 2024
    characteristics of, 422
    as custodian of nonstatus child’s potential identity, 531
    deserted, training of probationary wards of the finaliters by, 531
       Universe Mother Spirit’s embrace of, 423
    designation of dual phases of, 938
    embrace of, by Universe Mother Spirit, 423, 550
    emergency assignments of, 422
    energy manipulators’ counsel to, 506
    equal in number to seraphim on Urantia, 1250
    evolution of, 423
    fields of greatest efficiency of, 422
    fourth creatures of, 422
    functions and functional limitations of, 422
    glorified, field of activity of, 535
    involvement of, in rebellion on Urantia, 755-756
    Jerusem, losses of, during Lucifer rebellion, 608
    maintenance of balance of forces between active and passive, 506
    as Mansion World Teachers, 413, 531, 535, 550
    Melchizedeks’ training of, 421
    vs. midway creatures, 423
    as ministering spirits, 285-286
    morontia, a factor in bridging gap between material and spiritual worlds, 425
    and morontia level, 422
    morontia service of, 423
    most humble, reaction of, to the words of Jesus’ personalized Adjuster, 2020
    nonpersonal assignments of, 422
    origin of, 286, 422
    a pair of, constant association of, with the seraphic guardians, 1243
       records of the mortal kept by, 1243
    planetary training of, 422
    rebels, confinement of, on Jerusem prison worlds, 510
    relation of, to guardians of destiny, 423
    self-improvement efforts of, 422
    as seraphim assistants, 550
    similarity of, to seraphim, 422
    of Spirit-fused mortals, and their memory recall, 451
    technique of transformation of, to seraphim, 551

Chicago money value of daily supply of sunshine for, 665

Chick shell’s importance to the, 554

Chief(s) apostles’ regard of Andrew as their, 1549
    of archangels, granting of the request of, for Jesus’ body, 2023
       head of archangel commission of Life Carrier transmutation, 731
       summoning of his resurrection council by the, 2020
    of Assignment, and assignment of primary supernaphim, 298
       dispersal of worship assemblies by, 304
       function of, 294, 300
       primary supernaphim, 298
       remanding of unsuccessful pilgrims to service of time by, 295
    choice of tribal, reason for, 789
    of communication and intelligence, self-appointed, David the, 2030
    of the council of receivership, delivery of charge of planetary custody by, 830
    executive(s), advisory, on Urantia, the resident governor-general the, 1254
       of Creator Son and Creative Spirit, 359, 427
       federal, of the continental nation, 809
       federal, supercabinet of, 809
       of a local system, a primary Lanonandek Son, 511
       of local universe, 237
       of Nebadon, Gabriel the, 369-370, 406-407, 421
       Urantian, character of desirable, 798
       war, the onetime cause for submission to, 786
    of Nebadon Voices, function of, 308-309
    power and authority of, 968
    priests, cognizance of, of Jesus’ presence in Bethany, 1878
       concern of, about Jesus and the apostles, 1596
       and elders, reaction of, to the deal with Judas, 1927
       and Pharisees, perplexity of, at Jesus’ presence in Bethany, 1878
       possible attitude of, toward one who warns of their spiritual doom, 1710
       predicted rejection of the Son of Man by the, 1870
       reaction of, to Bethany banquet, 1880
          to Pilate’s offer to release Jesus, 1993
       and rulers, woes upon, 1907
       secret meetings of, reason, 1654
    publican of Jericho, public confession of, 1874
    recorders, field of operations of, 288
    ruler, of the Philadelphia synagogue, deposition of, 1836
       rebuke of Jesus by, 1836
    of the Sanhedrin, anger of, against Eber, 1792
    of Satania finaliters, member of Jerusem executive council, 512
    of Satania Melchizedeks, member of Jerusem executive council, 512
    of Satania physical controllers, member of Jerusem executive council, 512
    seats, Jesus’ discussion of the appropriation of the, 1834, 1907
    of seraphim on Urantia, daily reflective draft upon, for Uversa, 309
       since Christ Michael’s bestowal, 298
    steward of the palace, striking of Jesus by the, 1979
    of transport, inspection of the carriage of life by the, 438
    of the women’s corps, Susanna the, 1679

Child(children) of Abraham, Jesus’ imminent rejection by the, 1902
    of Abraham, Jewish belief in salvation for only the, 1828
       Heavenly Father’s love for, 1597
       longing for the “consolation of Israel” by, 1501-1502
       refusal of some, to enter the new brotherhood, 1568
       rejection of “Him who sent me” by the, 1902
    of Adam, attempts of, to comfort Eve, 843
       attitude of, toward the first Eden, 849
       Daligastia’s failure to influence the, 840
       on Jerusem, 829
       and native unions, marital careers of, 586
       number of, removed to Edentia, 844
       reaction of, to tragedy of the default, 843
       wards of Most Highs, 844
    of Adamson and Ratta, number of, 861
       unique order of, 861
    Adjusterless, attachment of, to parents in survival reckonings, 570
    Adjuster’s growth in experience along with that of the, 1195
    average number per family in the continental nation, 811
    Christ’s love for, influence of, 2073
    civilization’s attitude as to the rights of a, 941
    of Creator Sons and Mother Spirits, relation of, to local universes, 366
    culture, of the Cro-Magnons, 891
       largely the task of mothers, error of, 531
       modern problems of, causes of the difficulties of, 941
       unselfish dedication to, importance of, in marriage, 928
       vs. vanity and fashion, 942
    of darkness, refusal of, to walk in the light, 1797
    of destiny, Joseph’s questioning about the, 1347
       Mary’s dedication to the call to mother the, 1346
       Mary’s home chosen for the, 1346
    destruction of, by early man, 770
    of the devil, gospel’s redemption of man from the superstition of being a, 2060
       Jesus accused of being a, 1797
    of the divine spirit, need that man become the re-created, 1775
    early practices connected with the death of a, 960
    early reason for adopting, 960
    earth, comparison of, with the child of God, 1621
       destiny of the, 1454
       Jesus’ purpose as to his, 1519
       prequisites to salvation of, 1454
    effect of monogamy on, 927
    erring, the Father’s love for, 1795
       God not making bookkeeping entries against, 1590
    of eternity, essential qualification of, 297
    every, rightful chance of, to grow his own religious experience, 1094
    of evil, course of, 1797
    of faith, the bearing of much spirit fruit by, 2054
    and the Father, living connection between, 1653
    -father relationship, child’s lack of understanding of, 1898
       Jesus’ reference to, in “become as little children,”, 1585, 1761
    of God, advancing, spiritual growth of, 1840
       vs. children of Israel, 1629
       and the circumstances of life, 1579
       comparison of, with the earth child, 1621
       glorification of each, 138
       Jesus substitute for “kingdom,”, 1861
       Jesus’ view of all men as, 2093
       mortals as the, 1589
       need of, to commit their souls to the Creator, 1453
       power resulting from the consciousness of being a, 1438
       powerlessness of fallen spirits as regards the, 610
       receivers of Jesus, 1347
       significance of Jesus’ declaration of man’s being a, 1133
    of the gods, coming to be one with the races of men, 585
    God’s, the prayer for all, 1640
    a great unifier of family life, 1089
    happiness, vs. adult happiness, 1573
    of a heavenly Father, tolerance of persons conscious of being, 1131
    high value placed by Universal Father on each of his, 138
    homes as related to, 1839
    ideals of, wise attitude toward, 555
    inheritance of certain parental traits by, 1604
    of Israel, vs. child of God, 1629
       a name for certain tribes of Semites, 1055
       original ten commandments of the, 1599
    Jesus’ accumulation of knowledge as a, 1405
       earth, method of extending the heavenly kingdom by, 1521
       comparison, as to faith, with a, 2089
       illustrative use of the trust of the, purpose, 1676-1677
       interruption of a serious conference to fraternize with a, 1546
       lonesomeness for the Nazareth, 1421
       physical, mental, and emotional progress as a, 1358
       welcome of, to the repair shop, 1416
       willingness to minister to a, 1875
    Jewish, cruelty of compelling, to suffer for misdeeds of ancestors, 1909
    of joy, Son of Man a, 1425
    of the kingdom, fellowship of three believing spies as, 1667
       revelation of spiritual glories to, 1807
    lack of exact similarity of, 1220
    life, of Galilean Jew, seven stages of the, 1358
    of light, certain destiny of, 1919
       definition, 1900
       Jesus’ designation of believers as, 2042
       and life,” identity of, 2052
       oneness of, under the Spirit of Truth, 1949
       prayer natural for the, 1655
       progression of, toward perfection, 1953
       revelation awaiting the, 1934-1935
       Spirit of Truth’s leading of the, 1917
    little, Jesus’ blessing of, 1839-1840
       Jesus’ fraternization with, 1103
    living of the father in his, 1898
    love, vs. father love, 1676
    love of, for Jesus, 1416
    many, desire for, in former days, 926
    marriage(s), incentive to, 916
       origin of, 916
    material, of corporeal staff, mating with mortal races by, 574
    in the manger, the wise men’s visit to the newborn, 1317
    of men, divine Spirit’s relation to, 380
       operation of mercy toward the, 38
    of mercy, disclosure of moral debt of, 314
    of the Most High(s), Jesus becomes a, 1373
       true, stimulation of, by difficulties, 556
    mothers seeking the blessing of Jesus for their, 1839
    natural affection between a father and his, 1585
    natural, comparison of, with faith son of the kingdom, 1661
    natural trust of, 1574
    of nature,” John the Baptist a, 1498
       man a, 769
    Nazareth-family, consultation of, with Jesus, 1401
    need of, for both fathers and mothers, 531
    newborn, first stage of Galilean Jewish child life, 1358
    nonstatus, result of survival of a parent of, 531
    of one’s people, “Jewish definition of one’s neighbor, 1809
    ownership of the, in case of wife purchase, 924
    of Paradise, final qualification of man as a, 297
    -parent relationship, creature-Creator relationship a, 1133
       the father’s priority in, 1898
       importance of, 516
       situation, children’s mastery of relationships of the, 92
    as peacemakers, 1575
    postfive-year-old, fifth stage of Galilean Jewish child life, 1358
    prayer the sincere look to its spirit Father of the, 1621
    prefive-year-old, fourth stage of Galilean Jewish child life, 1358
    pre-Urantia, of Adam and Eve, presence of, at their parents’ departure, 829
       responsibilities of, 829
    of promise, Jesus the, 1345
       Jesus’ parents’ temptation to favor the, 1369
       John the Baptist a, 1497
       Joseph’s and Mary’s expectancy of the, 1349
       Mary’s fears allayed by Jesus’ being a, 1391
          infrequent thought of Jesus as the, 1412
          questioning of the effect of marriage on the career of the, 1402
       the one supernatural occurrence in carrying and bearing the, 1347
       parental differences as to the rearing of the, 1355
       secrecy about Jesus’ being a, 1355-1356
    of the realm, Michael a, 1327, 1407
    rearing, ascending mortals’ experience with, imperative, 531
    reborn, of indwelling spirit, destiny of, 1676
    response of, to challenge of courage, 1575
    sacrifice, substitute for, 982
    salvaged, residents of transitional world number one, 530
    sincere, spiritual attitude of, 1733
    and sins of the fathers, Jewish theory of, 1511
    in the spirit, “Jesus’ method of teaching his, 1952
    subjection of, to parents in the continental nation, 811
    suckling, second stage of Galilean Jewish child life, 1358
    supposed source of, in both mother- and father-families, 933
    of surviving mortals, reassembly of certain, on finaliter world, 516
    of time, definition, 36
       divine destiny of, 162
       goal of, 21
       mortal, the Father’s intimate contact with, 139
       relation of Eternal Son’s spirit to the, 84
       and space, participation of Michaels in experiences of, 234
       training of, in infant receiving schools, 531
    training, competitive systems of achievement on worlds in light and life, 625
       contrast between Jesus’ and Jews’ methods of, 1401
       Galilean Jewish, period of mother’s responsibility for, 1358
       Jesus’ method of, 1401
    of ultimate destiny, achievement of absolute level of concepts by the, 1440
    undesired, ancient and modern technique of disposition of, 940
    of Universal Father, wide range of, 138
    of the universe, inspiration of, 53
    unspoiled, natural urge of, to relieve suffering, 1575
    of the violet peoples, training of, 850
    weaned, third stage of Galilean Jewish child life, 1358
    welfare, pair marriage and, 928
    woman’s work as influenced by, 774
    of the world are wiser…than are the children of the kingdom”, 1853
    of this world, fighting of, for kingdoms of this world, 1536
    young earthly, reaction of, to father’s chastisement, 1597

Childbearing age, attitude toward women after the, 936
    early misconceptions concerning, 935
    encouragement of, by early weaning, 934
    period, woman’s monthly quarantine during the, 936
       on a world in light and life, 625

Childbirth death in, ancient beliefs relating to, 935-936
    ease of, among mixed and unmixed tribes, 935
    nonpainfulness of, to early women, 714
    pain in, Eve’s and early evolutionary races’ freedom from, 850

Childhood of Jesus, first stage of his human life, 1749
    of Jesus, early, 1355-1365
       later, 1366-1376
    life, Jesus’ living of a, 1405, 1425
    seraphim’s unacquaintance with, 426
    stroll, Jesus’ favorite, 1350
    training, and loyalty, 1922
    and youth groups in Prince’s schools, 575

Childless wives primitive attitude toward, 924, 928

Childlike vs. childish as regards Jesus’ faith, 2089

Chimpanzee ancestry of, 706

Ch’in Shih Huang Ti identity of, 1034

China Andite migration to northern, 873
    coal formation during Carboniferous period in, 682
    contributions of, to the Aryan-Dravidian culture in India, 882
    Devonian red sandstone in, 679
    effect on, of ancestor worship, 1033
    entry of, by Andite-yellow Mesopotamians, 874
       by the Andites, 886
    glacial deposits of early trilobite era in, 674
    India’s contact with, 881
    Melchizedek messengers’ penetration of, 1451
    onetime at the head of human society, 1035
    polar-sea inundation of, in later reptilian age, 687
    present religions practiced in, 1011
    Salem missionaries’ arrival in, 1032
    southern, effect on, of Andite invasion of India, 880
    stock of the red man in, 723
    struggle for truth in, 1032-1033
    time of entry of yellow race into, 883
    tragedy of a Peter’s nonpresence in, 1430

Chinese ancient custom of, when casting a bell, 981
    belief of, regarding after life, 953
    certain factors of superiority of, over the white races, 888
    civilization, dawn of, 884-886
       later, 887-888
    concubines of the, the handmaidens of the wife, 926
    confusion of time periods in early records of the, 857
    early knowledge of, of planting seeds, 901
    early, treatment of women by the, 937
    former use of magic by the, 988
    freedom of, from slavery to priestcraft, 1033
    human sacrifice practiced by the, 980
    Lao-tse’s and Confucius’ influence on the, 1034
    location of most advanced early settlements of, 869
    longtime belief of the, as to the cause of disease, 990
    members of the Mongoloid class, 905
    merchant, Jesus’ visits in Corinth with a, 1475
    northern, amalgamation of the Andites with the, 886
       assimilation of the red stock by the, 884
       and southern, difference between, 885-886
    the onetime monotheism of the, 1032
    people, achievements of, 888
       cultural stability of the, 939
    recognition by the, of the two aspects of a human, 1215
    stocks, racial, Andite effect on, 873, 886
    teachers, the Salemites’ training of, 1032
    worship of the dragon by the, 946

Chivalry effect of, on marriage, 922
    man’s, possibility of woman’s losing, 938
    a stabilizer of marriage, 939

Chlorophyll-making ability loss of, by fungi, 732
    in plant evolution, 737

Choice(s) an approximation of divine freedom, 1301
    the consecration of, 1221
    creature, a perfecting of will, 1221
    deliberate, of all Norlatiadek creatures in Lucifer rebellion, 617
    and eternal life, 37
    -experience, necessity of, in the finite realms of the Supreme, 1211
    final, for the eternal career, a prerequisite to fusion, 1237
    First and Third Source personalities’ endowment of, 106
    freedom of, divinely bestowed, 150
    for goodness, finality of, 1460
    liberty of, of intelligent personal beings, 150
    -liberty, of non Adjuster-indwelt personalities, 71
    man’s freedom of, as to eternal destiny, 71
    the mind arena of, 1216-1217
    of the mortal mind, three basic, 2094
    one final, every human being’s privilege of making, 1233
    power of, and forsaking the divine will, 64
       lack of, by Image Aids, 202
       not necessary to mind, 325
    relation of moral situations to, 68, 2095
    stimulus, and Havona inhabitants, 52
    of universe space sites, Creator Sons granted the, 235

Choosers of evil inability to bring forth good fruit, 1714

Choosing the first four apostles, 1524-1526
    between good and evil, man’s, factors influencing, 193
    between good and evil, results of repeated, 1708
    Philip and Nathaniel, 1526-1527
    the second group of apostles, 1539-1540

Chorazin apostles’ depression over results of work at, 1644
    apostles’ visit to, 1637, 1706, 1726
    light-rejecting inhabitants of, 1807

Chosen Son John the Baptist’s belief in God’s direction of his, 1505

Christ an alleged incarnation of Vishnu, 1032
    becoming a religion overnight, 2092
    the coming creed of the first church, 2067
    glorified, vs. concept of anthropomorphism, 67
       vs. Jesus of Nazareth, 2090
       and soon-returning, Christianity’s exaltation of, 2092
    of the gospel, man’s willing loyalty to the, 2085
    the “head of the church”, 1865
    influence of, on Paul’s ethics, 1340
    Jesus, spirit of the life of, has made us free..,”, 382
    the last human sacrifice, according to Paul, 984
    Michael, acquirement of all power by, 368
       the Adjuster’s instructions to, 1516
       bestowal(s) of, 1308-1319
          and candidacy of Urantia mortals for Adjuster fusion, 410
       and consequences of early maladministration of Urantia, 578
       “chief of seraphim” on Urantia since bestowal of, 298
       coexistence of God and man in, 8
       and deposal of Caligastia, 840
       earth life of, God’s revelation of himself to man in the, 1122
       elevation of, to sovereignty of Nebadon, 513
       final decision of disloyal midwayers during life of, 863
       the fourth of the divine Sons to visit Urantia, 584
       and Gavalia’s present function, 407
       God incarnate in man, 1331
       identity of, 1325
       influence of, evolutionary religion on, 1112
       “led a great multitude of captives,”, 341
       Nebadon the domain of, 601
       now the Planetary Prince of Urantia, 1025
       present power of, in disloyalty outbreaks, 605
       possible attitude of, toward future upheavals, 605
       in regular sequence Magisterial Son should have preceded, 227
       and release of Urantians for direct passage to the morontia spheres, 596
       significance of the name, 366
       Son of God and Son of Man, 449
       sovereign of Nebadon, 234
       statement of, “I am the way, the truth, and the life,”, 242
       subordination of Creative Mother Spirit to, 367
       Urantia’s bestowal Son, 597
    modern Christianity’s glorification of Jesus as the, 1085
    mortals as brothers of, sons of their common Father, 448
    persistence of the mother cult to the time of, 895
    risen and glorified, Peter’s new religion, 2091
       the post-Pentecostal gospel, 2066
    Romans’ adoption of, 2072
    second coming of, an early Christian doctrine, 1914, 1918
    the supreme ideal of spiritual leadership, 1091
    triumph of, results of, 490
    Urantia’s Jesus, 1084
    the victorious Michael, 448

Christendom division of, and the Oriental peoples, 2086
    sect-divided, non-Christians’ reaction to a, 2085

Christening of John Christening of John, 1346

Christian(s) acceptance of the Roman empire by the, 2073
    age, belief in culmination of, and second coming of Christ, 1865
    Alexandrian, disciples of Philo, 1339
    belief, and the “empty tomb,”, 2023
    believers, necessary adjustments by, to “follow after” the Master, 2090
       subdivision of, 1866
    church(es), age-long embarrassment of, 1866
       attitude of, toward spiritual equality of men and women, 1679
       beginnings of the, 2066-2068
       best exponent of Jesus’ life on earth, 2085
       building of a, on site of Melkarth temple in Tyre, 1737
       at Caesarea, Philip the founder of, 1430
       cocoon of the spiritual kingdom, 1866
       components of the early, 1077
       composition of, early, 1335
       at Corinth, organized by Paul, 1472
       early, and Greek proselytes, 2074
       eastern, Philadelphia the headquarters of, 1430
          vs. western, 1430
       first in Rome, establishment of, by Jesus-taught individuals, 1456
       the gentiles’ concept of the kingdom as the, 1865
       inevitable effects of the sometime espousal of the Master’s program by, 2085
       at Jerusalem, Stephen’s martyrdom and the organization of the, 2068
       Jesus’ fostering of, 2085
       later, the kingdom idea as related to the, 1858, 1864-1866
       middle class the moral backbone of the, 1335
       modern, not a brotherhood of dynamic believers, 2083
       modern, obstacles to the immediate advance of the gospel, 2085
       Nathaniel’s nonparticipation in the organization of the, 1559
       nonfounding of, by Jesus, 2085
       nonsupport of, by loyal followers of Christ, 2085
       onetime similarities of Mithraic and, 1083
       organization of, at Corinth, 1472
       Peter, the real founder of, 2069
       Peter’s visiting the, 1551
       the Philadelphia synagogue a subsequent, 1831
       reason for creation of, 1865
       rehabilitation of the, following the dark ages, 2075
       secularism a protest against domination of civilization by the, 2081
       the shadow of Jesus’ “kingdom of heaven”, 1865
       sometime proclamation of the Master’s kingdom of heaven to the, 1864
       in Syracuse, Ezra builder of the first, 1440
       tolerance of slavery by, 1335
       totalitarian medieval, the mother of secularism, 2081
    cult, the early, effectiveness of, 965
       loss of fundamental ideas of the, 965
       Paul’s, influence of Greek translations of Hebrew scriptures on, 1338
    early, ceremony of bestowing the Holy Spirit by, 955
       prejudice of, against the Trinity concept, 1144
    -era concepts of the kingdom of heaven, 1859
    era, perversion of Jesus’ teachings throughout the, 1582
    error in proclaiming marriage a sacrament, 927
    ethics, Melchizedek teachings, influence on the basic doctrines of, 1077
    Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, worship of, in Arabia, 1050
    Fortune a leader of Cretan, 1438
    gentile, belief of, that Jesus was the Redeemer of the church, 1864
    ideals, incompatibility of self-serving profit motivation with, 805
    Jewish, and Gospel according to Matthew, 1341
    martyr, Stephen the first, 1411
    message, impact of, on the Western peoples, 2069
    missionaries, acceptance by Roman religious teachers of, 1456
       in Arabia, vs. those in the Mediterranean countries, 1051
       preparation of the populace by Cynic teachers for, 1336
       a suggestion for, 750
    movement, James’ association with the, 1722
    Paul’s disciples in Antioch first called, 1333
    preachers, meeting of Roman believers prior to arrival of the first, 1468
    present-day, possible fears of, 2090
    professed, no justification for hatred of individual Jews by, 1909
    propaganda, influence of Greek idealism on, 1864
    religion, 67, 1083-1085
       built around the person of Jesus, 1084
       a definition, 1011
       fact of Christ’s death the foundation of, 1614
       Paul a philosopher and founder of, 1412
       the seven sources of the, 1084
       thousand-year comatose state of the, 2086
       truth of Christ’s life not made the basis of, 1614
    the second coming of Christ a doctrine of, 1914
    sects, continued persistence of, 2075
    teachers, belief in the fiat creation of the human race as perpetuated by the, 838
       death survival of both rich and poor, as taught by, 780
       early, set forth, writings of, as teachings of Jesus, 1670
       language used in writings of early, 1338
       mistaken concentration on western civilization by, 1432
       two great mistakes of early, 1670
    teachings, mystery religions’ preparation for, 1337
       scope of, 1337
    theology, difficulty of, in attaining consistency, 68
    Trinity, identity of the, 1144
    various groupings of, possible value of, 2086
    of Western civilization, proportion of secularists among, 2081
    worship, plan of, origin, 2074

Christianity absorption of erroneous human philosophy by, 1040
    after Pentecost, 2069-2086
    anthropomorphism, concept of, elevated by, 67
    appeal to the Greeks of the immortality doctrine of, 2073
    attitude of many non-European peoples toward, 1011
    attitude of, toward women, 1671
    capture of the best minds of the Roman Empire by, 2070
    the center of, the cross, 1615
    comparison of twentieth-century religions with, 2083
    compromise of, with older religions, 2069
    confused concepts of the kingdom by founders of, 1859
    contains enough of Jesus’ teachings to immortalize it,”, 2086
    contribution of, to western civilization, 2073
    a cultural necessity for Rome, 2074
    definition, 2059
    difficulties in assimilation of, 2069
    distorted and compromised in the present day, 2083
    doctrine of, the promise of salvation from sin, 67
    early, basis of doctrines of, 68
       vs. later institutionalized, 1088
    effect of Babylonian and Persian ideas on, 1637
    emergence of numerous sects in, 2075
    encumbrance of, with teachings about blood and sacrifice, 984
    in Ephesus, Paul’s influence on, 1478
    in Europe, three paramount factors in the rapid spread of, 1456
    an extemporized religion, 2086
    factors in Paul’s, 2091
    favored by Roman administrative techniques, 2072
    foundation of, 2091
    the God concept of, three components of, 67-68
    vs. the gospel of the kingdom, 2059
    great service of, for this world, 2084
    Hebrew theology’s influence on, 1075-1076
    hidden meanings in the latent truths of, 2073
    influence of Jesus’ sojourn in Rome on later, 1456
       on Buddhism, 1038, 1041
       the continence cult on, 977
       on the Hindu religion, 1031
       Mithraic and Zoroastrian cults on, 1082
       on the red men, 1007
       on reflective men, 2085
       on the status of the sexes, 937
    languishing of, for lack of new vision of Master’s life, 2082
    lowering of its ideals by, 2083
    man’s halfhearted attempts to follow, 1720
    man’s secondhand experience with, 2083
    a mighty religion, 2086
    vs. Mithraism, 1083, 1337
    modern, vs. the advancement of civilization, 2084
       the hope of, 2086
       sources of, 2083
    the moral culture of Rome, 2072
    a new order of human society, 2069
    a noneconomic movement, in the Roman Empire, 1335
    one-God concept of, Romanized Greeks and the, 2073
    one of the greatest powers for good on earth, 2085
    opportunity of, to help modern man, 2086
    in the Orient, effect of, on civilization, 2084
    paganized, the Pauline version of the life and teachings of the Son of Man, 2070
    paganized and socialized, need of, for new contact with Jesus’ teachings, 2082
    Palestine the birthplace of, 1333
    Paul’s, the adoration of the divine Jesus a requirement of, 2092
       Antioch the headquarters of, 1869
       attitude of, toward morals and ethics, 1338
       carrying of, to the West, 2072
       connection with, 2091
       converts to, from gentile proselytes, 1333
       foundation of, Greek philosophy and Hebrew theology the, 1338
       influence of, on Gospel writers, 1342
       Jewish morality exhibited in, 1340
       Romans’ preparedness for, 2072
       tenets of, as compared with mystery religions, 1337-1338
       and Philo’s influence on, 1010
    pedigree of, 2075
    vs. philosophic religions and mystery cults, 2070
    portion of, not the Master’s gospel, 1670
    present, the neglect of the Master’s personal gospel by, 1085
       not the religion of Jesus, 1036, 1084
       ominous struggle for existence by, 2075
       a religion about Jesus, 1084, 2086
       a religion of the white races, 1084
    primitive, impossibility of a revival of, 2084
    propitious arrival of, in Rome, 2073
    provision of, for self-examination, 1583
    a religion organized about Jesus’ person, 1859
    Roman’s preparation for, 2072
    in Rome, thirty religious teachers pivotal in establishing, 1456
    seed of, gentile soil favorable to, 1335
    significance of the Lord’s Supper in, 1133
    so-called, a social and cultural movement as well as a religious belief, 2083
    socialized, reinterpretation of ideals of Jesus by, 2069
    spiritual hibernation of, during the “dark ages,”, 2074-2075
    spiritual mission of, penalty for neglecting, 2082
    spread of, in first and second centuries A.D., 2074
       by Jesus’ followers, 1084
    status of, today, 1011, 2085
    strength of, due to Hebrew and Greek influence, 1079
    subdivision and secularization of, 2084
    superiority of, to the mysteries, 1337
    threat of slow death to, 2083
    tradition-bound Hebrews’ refusal to accept, 2069
    transfer of, from Jewish to gentile soil, 1859
    triumph of, over other religions, reasons, 2070-2071
    type of early converts to, 2069
    unfortunate seeming sponsorship of society’s shortcomings by, 2086
    willingness of, to go the “first mile” to win souls, 2084
    world’s association of, with Western civilization, 2086

Christianity’s “house divided against itself” about, 2085
    problem, 2082-2083

Christmas gifts, modern lavish distribution of, 777
    tree, relation of, to tree worship, 946

Chromosomes Urantia pattern, reorganization of, in Nodite progeny, 857

Chronoldeks dependability of, 315
    frandalanks that register time and energy presence, 328
    an order of Master Physical Controllers, 325

Chronology direction of, on Salvington, 372

Church(es) authority of, origin, 970
    danger of shifting parental responsibility to the, 941
    domination, of the state, beginning of the, 986
    the early, evil of, 1864
       Abner’s disagreement with leaders of, 1831
       eastern, Philadelphia the headquarters of, 1831
       factors in building the, 1825
       teaching of, as to the kingdom, 1865
    forerunners of, secret societies the, 792
    vs. the individual, in the “dark ages”, 2074
    institutional, vs. spirit-led brotherhood of the kingdom, 1864
    institutionalized, secularism’s freeing of man from, 2081
    long ministry of the, to the underprivileged, 1088
    man’s reaction to his illusory ghost environment, 955
    nonexcusability of involvement in commerce and politics by the, 2085
    outward, vs. Jesus’ kingdom, 1866
    present jurisdiction of, in marriages, 922, 925
    Roman’s early opposition to, reason, 2072
    rulers, power and authority of, 968
    a spiritual brotherhood rather than the kingdom of heaven, 1555
    and state, separation of, a great peace move, 784
       union of, prevention of, a prerequisite of freedom, 798
    the true, a definition, 2085
    a useful social result of Jesus’ life and teachings, 1864
    the visible, vs. the invisible spiritual brotherhood, 2085
    weddings, modern, origin of, 925
    without religion, vs. a religion without a church, 1092

Chusa report of, to Herod, concerning Jesus, 1717
    wife of, a member of the women’s corps, 1717

Cicero significance of talents of, 2073

Cincinnati Island elevation of land southeast of, during Devonian period, 679

Circle(s) endless, of eternal circuit, 46
    of the eternal ages, and God’s love, 40
    the eternal purpose an endless, 364
    eternal, reappearance of sectors of time in the endless swing around the, 365
       of eternity, absoluteness and infinity inherent in the, 44
    of eternity, and the divine reach, 55
       God inhabits the, 34
       indwelt by the Infinite Spirit, 98, 376
       inspiration from man’s glimpse of the, 1776
       nature’s thread of perfection from the, 56
       presence of the Paradise Deities throughout the, 324
       time of ascenders’ functioning in the, 293
       Universal Father rules the, 44
       welfare of part and whole in the, 48
    of Havona, mortal ascenders’ beginning of, and seraphic associates’ activities, 441
    of infinity, the seven Absolutes’ encompassment of the, 1147
    of intellectuality and spirituality, the mortal’s progress from the seventh to the first, 1242
    Jerusem, 523-527
       of the angels, activities of, 525
          physical arrangement of, 525
          physical relation of exhibit panorama to the, 525
       of ascending mortals, activities on, 526
          planetary memorials and model of Edentia on, 526
       of the courtesy colonies, activities of, 526
       of the finaliters, vacant temple of, 527
       of the Master Physical Controllers, the temple of power on, 526
       of the Sons of God, activities of, 524
          Michael Memorial at the center of, 525
          number and arrangement of the, 524
          working quarters of the Sons, 524
       of the Universe Aids, headquarters of the Evening Stars, 525
    of mind understanding and personality-control, Jesus’ achievement of, on Mount Hermon, 1493
    of progress in human mind, origin of designation of, 158
    of Seraphington, bestowal attendants’ traversal of, 427
       traversal of, by graduate guardians, 430
    the seven physic, 1209-1212
    of stones, red man’s onetime worship of a, 945

Circuit(s) of the archangels, first operation of, from Urantia, 2024
    direct, of Infinite Spirit, Solitary Messengers the constant partakers of, 257
    of divine love, 71
    of energy, God ordained, 47
    established, of superuniverses, stabilized, physical systems’ admission to the, 176
    to the fallen worlds, severance of, during Lucifer insurrection, 607
    God’s majestic, 47
    God’s personal, capacity of, 49
    of Havona, see Havona, circuits
    local universe, 177, 377-379
    mind, of the Conjoint Actor, 9
    Personality, see Personality, 3. Personality circuit
    primary universe, and sustenance of ministering spirits, 286
    regulators, function of, 543
       number of, associated with each combined controller, 544
       one group of Morontia Power Supervisors, 542
    seven adjutant mind-spirits like, 402
    of seven superuniverses, mortal ascension a part of the, 63
    of the Sons, “fourth Havona circuit, 293
    spirit-gravity, of the Eternal Son, 81-83
    superuniverse, 176-178
    Supervisors, Universe, see Universe(s), 5. Universe energy and gravity, Circuit Supervisors
    of the system, establishment of normal planets in the, time of, 591
    three seven-world, of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit, 143
    universal, of Paradise, relation of, to superuniverses, 176
    utilization of all, by Gravity Messengers, 347

Circular-gravity presence of Isle of Paradise influence of, on matter in space, 461

Circular simultaneity man’s progressive concept of, 1439

Circumcision Abraham’s acceptance of the rite of, 1021
    first practice of, 791
    of Jesus, 1351
    of John the Baptist, 1346, 1496
    origin of, 982
    original and later significance of, 1003
    practice of, among the Salem believers, 1021

Circumnavigation of the globe Andite, 872

Circumscribed viewpoint danger of succumbing to error of, 215

Citadel at Corinth, 1472
    of the spirit, the unassailability of the, 1096

Citizen(s) birth of, not for benefit of government, 1490
    former slaves as, in the continental nation, 813
    of great powers, present regulation and control of, 1491
    of heavenly kingdom, vs. citizens of earthly rule, 1570
    in the heavenly kingdom, a definition, 1569
    ideal earthly, and sonship in the kingdom, 1930
    ideal type, a prerequisite to the attainment of a high civilization, 1088
    individual, religion’s influence on social reconstruction through the, 1088
    of Israel, position of, in the Jerusalem temple, 1380
       the youthful Jesus a, 1377, 1384
    loyal, believers to be, 1932
    myth of the obligation to the state of the, 800
    of a new universe, religion’s influence on man’s consciousness of being a, 1117
    Paradise, see Paradise 10. Paradise Citizens
    Permanent, see Permanent citizens
    of system headquarters, Material Sons the, 581
    of Urantia, midwayers as, 866

Citizenship of Adam and Eve, before and after Urantia mission, 853
    cosmic, see Cosmic, 1. Cosmic citizenship
    on earth, vs. sonship in the Father’s kingdom, 1929, 1957
    on Edentia, 495-496
    heavenly and earthly, 1740
    heavenly, a prerequisite to surety of one’s status in, 1601
    on high, the God-knowing believer’s realization of his, 1985
    on higher levels, midwayers’ preparation for, 866
    honest, influence of, on spirit sonship, 1930
    oaths, Roman, 1080
    permanent and distinct, on each world of Father and Spirit, 143
    registrars, computation of mota status and assignment of suffrage qualifications by, 518
    in secular governments, compatibility of, with sonship in the spiritual kingdom, 1929
    and sonship, discourse of Jesus on, 1929
    stationary, possible future destiny of, 453
    on system capital, when attained, 435
    universe, consciousness of, in psychic circle attainment, 1211

Citron the “forbidden fruit”, use of, in the feast of tabernacles’ ceremony, 1794

City(ies) builders, early Dravidian, 881
    of David, Bethlehem the, 1352
       Joseph’s registration in the, 1347
    of disappointed hopes and thwarted ambitions,”, 1437
    an essential to modern national life, 800
    independent, dawning of era of, 903
    influence of, for good or evil, on their inhabitants, 770
    of Judah, childhood home of John the Baptist, 1496
       home of Elizabeth, 1346
    kings, failure of formation of confederations by, 876
    manufacture, and commerce, 903-904
    olden, physical condition of many, 903
    of refuge,” early market squares as, 775
    revenue sources of, in the continental nation, 815
    -state(s), Nahor’s building of a, 1019
       the Greek’s life in, vs. that in an empire, 2071
       rulers of the, later Sumerian, 876
    time of China’s building of, 886
    walls, ancient, purpose of, 746

Civil authority(ies), Jesus’ admonition against fear of being delivered up to, 1912
    authority(ies), Jesus’ cautioning, his apostles against clashing with the, 1542
       allocation of, in evolution of human government, 797-799
       confirmation of Jesus’ death sentence, Sanhedrin’s meeting to plan for, 1924
    freedom, society as a scheme for securing, 906
    government, character of the service of the kingdom believer to, 1931
       the divine concept of effective, 806
       extent of, in intermediate state of advancing civilization, 630
       foundation of, 1462
       functional integrity of, and marriage standards, 915
       Jesus’ approval of the sometime use of force by, 1579
       an outcome of man’s social evolution, 957
       and revenge, 1580
       a specialty of the Adamic Schools, 587
    injustice, the religionist’s consciousness of, 1088
    laws, Jesus’ observance of all, 1580
    liberty, a blessing of the modern secular revolt, 2081-2082
    progress, essentials of, 803
    recognition, noblest citizens’ attitude toward, 803-804
    ruler(s), of the Salem territory, Abraham the, 1019
       Adamite, heredity of, 849
       eventual recognition of the rule of Most Highs by, 1488

Civilization(s) abandonment of its mores, results, 767
    accompanying religion a criterion for, 1127
    Adamite, deterioration of, 870
    of the Adamites, vs. that of Van and Adamson, 870
    Adam’s and Eve’s contribution to Urantian, 854
    Adjuster’s influence on advancing, 1198
    advancement of, materialistic culture’s effect on, 1457
       the recognition of the reality of God an, 2084
       by secondary midway creatures, 583
    advancing, modification of group segregations by, 564
    aggressive, production of an, by the Andites and blue men, 889
    ancient, passage of, from generation to generation, 913
    arrival of, sign of, 577
    arts of, function of, 765
    the backbone of, the normal man the, 771
    a better, the secret of, 2064
    center of Adamsonite, 862
    centers of ancient Andite, 873
    Chinese, 884-888
    comparative progress of, during Adamic dispensation, 586
    complexity of, and the art of living, 1772
    constituents of, 196
    cradle of, 900-901
    cultural, influences favoring, 769
       institutions necessary to, 913
       and man’s adjustment to life demands, 768
       suicide of, relating to inferior racial stocks, 719, 880
    danger of a transitional breakdown in, 911
    dawn of, 763-771
    the destroyer of, unbridled self-gratification the, 766
    determination of the status of a, 797
    direct dependence of, on the family, 888
    dissimilarity of progress of, on different planets, 576
    does not make a people, 854
    early dawn, threat of extinction of, 719
    early, and the profit motive, 805
       progressive competition essential to, 805
    Edenic culture’s action on, 587
    effect of Adamic offspring on, 868
       mourning inactivity on progress of, 959
       religion of Jesus on, 2063
    an enduring, exploitation of laborers a hindrance to, 1464
       relation of activities of the superconscious mind to, 1220
    European, Adamsonites’ influence on, 862
       threefold influence affecting, 1332
    evolution of, and changes of the mores, 911, 937
    evolving, need for shifting social classes in an, 793
    expanding, factors in a progressive program of, 804
    family the roots of, 765
    fear-religion, the forerunner of, 590
    fire in relation to, 777-778
    four great steps in march of, 768
    high, the marks of, 556
       prerequisites to the existence of, 911
       reason for India’s failure to produce a, 882
    human, first four great advances in, 901
       inauguration of, by Planetary Prince, 567
    Indian, cradle of, 868
    influence of custom on, 767
       the struggle for existence on, 783
       trade and travel on, 904
    instability of, reason for, 196
    as insurance against violent death, 763
    jeopardy of, as related to youths materialistic pursuits, 1220
    later, factors in promotion of, 805
    level of, at apex of biologic evolution, 592
    liberation of mankind from fear and superstition by, 767
    maintenance of, 906-912
    man’s ability to build, 1775
       love for his grandchild a sign of, 750
    material aspects of a cultural, 909
    material, of two- and three-brained types, 566
       highest type of, 769
    of Mesopotamia, adoption of, by northern invaders, 876
    modern, development of, 900-912
       and developments of the blue man, 725
       need for maintenance of, 906
       popular opinion about building, on Jesus’ teachings, 1720
       source of the potentials of, 878
       specialized, the threat to, 766
       Urantia, mixture of higher and lower racial strains a menace to, 586
    of mortal maturity, possible achievement of a, 1777
    Nodite centers of, 859-860
    normal progress of, from Caligastia’s arrival, 752
    of the Occident and Levant, Jesus’ acquaintance with the higher, 1427
    Occidental, cradle of, 868
    of older three-brain type planets, 566
    past, influence of the home on, 913
    planetary, fostering of, by Planetary Princes, 576
    portrayal of the status of a, 803
    present-day, techniques of maintenance of, 906-912
       European, 894
    the preservation of, family loyalty and, 888
    preservation of remnants of, by Melchizedek receivers, 760
    primitive, amazing early beginnings of, 562
    of Prince’s headquarters, vs. that of remote tribes, 749
    progress of, leisure a necessity to the, 902, 907
       sex regulation and, 913
    progressing, endurance of, 768
    progressive, 576-577, 804-805
    purpose of, to express the innate endowments of the human mind, 192
    a racial acquirement, 763
    racial, yellow man’s superiority in, 724
    real jeopardy of, 911
    red man’s early development of, 723
       fate of, in North America, 723
    relation of language to, 908
    relation of the progress of marriage to, 935
    relatively ethical, primitive religion’s stabilization of, 1110
    religion of, definition, 1728
    religion’s agelong criticism of, 1128
    retardation of the progress of, through false sentiment, 1088
    safe acceleration of, 802
    of the second Eden, 870
    security of, foundation for, 941
    self-gratification the destroyer of, 764
    slavery as a factor in, 778-780
    social, land-man ratio’s relation to, 769
    society’s advancement as affecting, 783
    sometime, to be built on Jesus’ teachings, 1720
    spiritual, character of Onagar’s, 716
    the state’s relation to, 800
    struggles of, significance, 764
    substitutes for war as promoters of, 786
    Sumerian, location of remnants of, 875
    superior, love the wellspring of, 1124
       qualities of, 763
       religion the indispensable source of a, 883
    survival of, factors in, 764, 943, 1727
    tools of, 901-903
    transformation of, by basic truths of the gospel, 2061
    true, prerequisite to the progress of, 1220
    of Turkestan, result of Mesopotamian immigration on, 872
    twentieth-century Occidental, the overload of luxury in, 765
    Urantian, Adamic contribution to, 846, 877
       forgathering in Eden of the cream of, 823
       retrogressions in, 768
    Urantia’s present, factors underlying, 906-912
    Van’s outposts of, 760
    of the violet race, reason for fall of, 877
    war’s stimulation of, 786
    well-advanced, in India, on arrival of the Aryans, 881-882
    western, advantages accruing from the secular revolt in, 2081
    westward movement of, to the Nile and Mediterranean islands, 874
    world, reason for China’s failure to dominate, 886

Civilized man vs. animals as to love for children, 940
    man, attitude of, toward certain stone formations, 944
    morality, religion’s maintenance of, 1006
    society, dependence of, on past taboos, 975

Civilizer(s) great, commerce the, 775
    master, the family as, 913
    transcendent, fraternal love and mutual understanding as, 598
    unsuspected, sex the, 922

Clams bivalve gastropods of invertebrate-animal age, 676

Clan(s) the Andonic, 713-715
    definition, 788
    early human, solidification of, by fear and hatred, 577
    groups, consanguineous, territorial states’ struggles with, 801
    headmen, subordination of, to tribal chiefs, 788
    vs. the horde, as the social unit, 787
    makeup of, 787
    organization, the foundation of government, 788
    origin of later, 801
    present primitive Australians and the, 1132
    tribes and, 788

Class(es) assemblies of mansion world students on finaliter world, 530
    differences, regulation of, the mission of government, 906
    freedom of kingdom of heaven from, 1487
    John the Baptist’s holding of, for his disciples, 1502
    social, in evolution of civilization, 793
    in state organizations, origin of, 801
    struggles, selectivity of, 800

Classification of Adjusters about, 1178-1179
    of living beings, 330-334
    of matter, 471-472

Claudia information about Jesus given Pilate by, 1990, 1994
    Pilate’s reaction to the note from, 1995
    Procula, Pilate’s wife, connection of, with the gospel, 1989

Claudius effect of conversation with Jesus on the slaveholder, 1461

Claudus Jesus’ talk with the would-be suicide, 1440

Clay Jesus’ use of, in healing the blind beggar, 1812
    sculptures in Dalamatian gardens, 748
    -tablet records of Sumerian kings, 857
    widespread belief in tradition of man’s creation from, 837

Clean hands, vs. clean hearts, 1671
    hands, salvation not a matter of, 1713
    heart(s), salvation a matter of, 1713
       standing before God with a, 1443
    and unclean, Peter’s fears concerning the, 1713

Cleanliness of ancient cities, neglect of, 903

Cleansing the temple about, 1888-1891
    the apostles’ reaction to the, 1890
    and delay of Jesus’ arrest, 1891
    effect of, on the Sadducees, 1892
    significance of, 1891

Cleansing with water a weekly purification ceremony, 748

Clear thinking and Van’s loyalty, 756

Clearinghouse central universe, for co-ordination of knowledge, 254
    for Jesus’ work, Zebedee home the, 1668
    Paradise, a function of the, 429

Clement of Alexandria, an early Christian teacher, 2074

Cleopas and Jacob, and the morontia Jesus, 2035
    and Jacob, tell of having seen the risen Savior, 2036

Cleverness co-ordinating, of univitatia, 493
    not a substitute for true character, 556
    social, statehood the reflection of, 806

Cliff residents primitive men as, 590

Climate of the age of frogs, 681
    of America and Europe in early reptilian age, 685
    between ice invasions, 700
    changes in, and the ruin of Mesopotamia, 877
    coastwise, between inactive glaciers, 700
    during Carboniferous period, 681
    effect on, of land elevation, 682
    European, during fourth glacial period, 721
    factors influencing in marine-life era, 685
    fluctuations, factors in, 662
    of the Garden, 823
    influence of, on civilization of southwestern Asia, 900
    of late brachiopod age, 677
    of late invertebrate-animal age, 675
    of Mediterranean peninsula, 823
    of Mesopotamia, a factor in the Prince’s undertakings, 743
    of mid-Devonian era, 679
    of northern regions, of pre-ice-age times, 699
    oceanic, of early brachiopod age, 677
    of Palestine, 1367

Climatic changes, a factor in setting stage for the Andite era, 871
    differences, time of appearance of, 662
    evolution, influence of, on the Eurasian man, 900
    and geologic changes, 890-891
       in northern Africa and western Asia, effect of, on civilization, 900
    modifications, effect of, on races of Europe, 892
    necessity, a cause for tribes’ direct change from hunters to farmers, 900-901
    transition stage, 682-684
       number of species of living things at close of, 682

Cloa ancestor of Jesus’ mother, 1345

Clock universe not wound up like a, 55

Clockwise processional of Paradise and Havona circuits, 152

Clothes of Jesus, division of, among the soldiers, 2007

Clothing of Adam and Eve, 834

Clouds Neanderthaler fear of, 722
    primitive tribes’ fear and veneration of, 947

Clown Judas’ view of Jesus as a, 1886

Clubs evolution of early, 790
    nonsecret, the first schools, 791
    primitive, 790-792

Coabsolute(s) or fifth-phase association, 1167
    Havona-life group, 156
    identity of the, 1163

Coal age, life features of the, 682
    -bearing strata, thickness of, in North America and Europe, 681-682
    beds of central and eastern United States, 681
    or Carboniferous, age, 671
    definition, 681
    -deposition epoch, length of, 681
    deposits of early Oligocene period, 695
       factors contributing to, 681
    -formation activities of Carboniferous period, 681
    layers, alternates of, 681
    proof of formation of, where found, 681
    scarcity of, in older strata of Carboniferous age, 681
    in sedimentations of Cretaceous stage, 689-690

Coastal settlements early and late, of the yellow man, 885

Coat John Mark’s loss of, in his flight from the garden, 1975

Cock crowing of the, at time of Peter’s denial, 1981

Cockroaches size and number of species of, 680
    world-wide distribution of, 680

Cocoa raw, an early medicine, 991

Cocoon of modern science, ancient magic the, 973
    of the spiritual kingdom, Christian church the, 1866

Cocreator of the Central universe, the Eternal Son the, 74
    a central universe name for the Eternal Son, 74
    Eternal Son a, 74
    of personalities, Eternal Son a, 77

Coeducation in Dalamatia schools, 751
    early experimentation with, 791

Coercion vs. attraction, in primitive marriage, 923
    and exorcism, 963-965
    Spirit domination not tainted with, 381

Coexistent self the Universal Father’s, 25

Cohesion atomic, 478-479
    spiritual, of creation, basis of the, 76

Cohesive correlation of the material universe, 637

Cold a definition, 473
    and gravity, function of, 176
    and heat, relation of, to gravity, 473
    influence of, on human progress, 718
       on ultimatons, 473
    seasons of, absence of, on Jerusem, 519

Collaboration non-Trinity, of Father, Son, and Spirit, 112

Collapse of Jesus on the way to Golgotha, 2006

Collapsed matter definition, 472

Collection stage of civilization, 768
    of civilization, vanity, early appeal of, 776

Collective attitude of Deity, relation of Stationary Sons to, 114
    security, limitations of, 1491
    sovereignty of mankind, a level of relative sovereignty, 1487-1488

College(s) of associate Sons, counseling of, by Creator Son, 228
    of the ethics of law and the technique of Supremacy,”, 280
    executive, of Salvington, 394
    five types of, in the continental nation, 816-817
    of High Ethics, on Melchizedek worlds, 388
    of life planning, teachers in the, 397
    of Personalized Adjusters on Divinington, 186
    of revealed religion, of the Planetary Prince, 747
    of self-evaluation, of Jerusem, 517
    special, Melchizedeks’ maintenance of, on Edentia, 486
    of Spiritual Endowment on Melchizedek worlds, 388
    of technique, on third Havona circle, 294
    of Universe Sons, on universe headquarters, 412
    of Wisdom, on Salvington, function of Teacher Sons in, 231

Collision(s) of dead giants of space, 176
    of dead suns, results of, 171
    minor, planet growth by, 171
    of planetary bodies, frequency and results of, 171
    of space bodies, conditions favoring, 658

Collisional impact rejuvenation of dying suns by, 464
    spheres, origin of, 171

Colonization influence of, on the spread of culture, 904
    origin of, 982

Color of an amalgamated race, 593
    the basis for social castes, 793
       of tribal and national groupings, 591
    manipulation, number of modes of, 500
    problems, absence of, in post-Magisterial Son ages, 594
    symphonies, celestial musicians’ employment of, 499
       definition, 499
    workers, function of, 501
       a group of celestial artisans, 501

Colored peoples, time of appearance of, 584
    races, advantages of evolution of, 584
       dispersion of the, 726
       language change on appearance of the, 714
       number of, on Urantia, 722
       origin of, 722
       reasons for evolving three or six, 726
       Urantia’s, unusual technique of appearance of, 722, 735

Coma of Jairus’ daughter, 1699
    soul’s supposed ability to leave the body during, 954

Combined beings, illustration, 523
    controllers, function of, 544
       number in Morontia Power Supervisor groups, 543
       stations of, 544
    nature, Jesus’, 1748

Combustion bodies nontransportable by angels, 431

Comets about, 172
    Andronover’s suns’ acquirement of, 654
    a fetish, 967
    makeup of, 563
    origins of, 173
    tail of, direction of, significance, 173

Comfort for troubled minds seekers for, 1648

Comforter of the bestowal worlds, a local universe circuit, 177
    function and source of the, 377
    spirit of bestowal Son on Urantia, 190
    the Spirit of Truth, 190, 377

Coming kingdom Jesus’ talk with his apostles about the, 1533
    Jews’ differing opinions of, 1500

Comings of Christ teachings about the first and second, 2067

Commander of seraphim about, 421

Commandment(s) of Dalamatians and Hebrews, advantages of the, 975
    of the elders, Jews’ devotion to, 1713
    the five, of Gautama’s gospel, 1036
    God’s, man’s duty the keeping of, 1445
    of God, vs. traditions of men, Jewish attitude toward, 1712
    the greatest, Jesus’ identification of, 1901
    to “love one another,” and Jesus’ new commandment, 1944-1945
    Moses’ second, influence of, 969
    old, and Jesus’ new, 1676

Commerce appearance of, among the Andites, 879
    between China and Mesopotamia, 886
    cohesive effects of, on early tribes, 787
    and confusion, in the temple court, Jesus’ reaction to, 1890
    the great civilizer, 775
    and group barter, 774
    influence of, in the spread of cultural civilization, 904
    a means of combating intolerance, 803
       interracial social contacts, 597
    sweeping of, from the Jerusalem temple, 1890
    use of the wheel in, 904

Commercial credit first practice of, 747
    exchange, in Jerusalem temple, reason for, 1889
    intercourse, stimulation of, by garden industries, 586
    penetration in later conquest of the blue man, 893

Commercializing the practices of religion Jesus’ attitude toward, 1891

Commissary department Philip’s efficient management of the apostolic, 1556

Commission of the apostles to preach the gospel, 1931
    on Garden location, report of the, 823
    on industry and trade, of the Planetary Prince, 747
    on location for the Garden, early activity of, 822
    of the morontia Jesus to his apostles, 2043
    revelatory, of Urantia revelation, 354
    of Secondary Midwayer for restating the teachings of Jesus, 1343
    of seventy, of sixth Havona circle, function of, 292
    for transmutation of Life Carriers to semispiritual level, 731
    to the twelve, the Master’s personal, 1572

Commissioners tertiary Lanonandeks as, 392

Common labor, the God-knowing individual’s attitude toward, 1960
    people, favorable reception of Jesus by the, 1672
       good influence of Alpheus Twins on the, 1563
       heard him gladly,”, 1902, 2090
       hunger of, for religious comfort and spiritual good cheer, 1539
       Jesus’ mingling with the, 1541
       Jesus’ plan to be understood by the, 1345
       John’s proclaiming mercy for the, 1506
       probable response of, to the presentation of Jesus’ human life, 2090
       reaction of, to ministry of Jesus and the twelve, 1545
    sense, Jesus’ plans characterized by, 1101

Commonplace toil Jesus’ plea to the Alpheus twins to enhance, 1960

Commonwealth of Israel, James’ reception into the, 1399
    of Israel, Jesus as a citizen of the, 1362
       Simon’s reception into the, 1411
    technique of government of a real, 803

Communal control of property failure of, 782
    life, Jesus’ noncommittal attitude toward, 1581
    marriage, evolution of, into the group marriage, 925

Communication ability of Deity, 78
    basic energies unknown on Urantia essential to, 325
    between Paradise Sons and Eternal Mother Son, 88
    between worlds, angels’ function in, 1841
    channels, availability of, to constellation Most Highs, 391
    devices of Primates twins, 707
    emergency lines of, provisions for, 327
    extraplanetary, indirect of Adam and Eve, 839-840
    extrauniverse, constellation center of, 489
    free, between the Adjuster and his mortal subject, obstacles to the, 1213
    functioning of Solitary Messengers as emergency lines of, 261
    of God with man, proof of his personality, 1784
    improvement in, and trade relations, 787
    with the indwelling spirit, Jesus’ perfection of, 1425
    intelligence, utilization of currents of space for, 504
    man’s, vs. animals’, 1775
    present influence of, on civilization, 909
    schools of, on Melchizedek home world, 388
    through space, 834
    of Universal Father with his creatures, 34
    verbal, of the first humans, 708

Communion with the bestowal spirit of the Father, 63
    with God, achievement of, 62
       the only way of satisfying man’s curiosity, 1119
       unbroken, Jesus’ possession of, 2089
    of God’s spirit, creatures separate themselves from the, 64
    with his creatures, Father’s desire for, 63
    importance of, in the conflict between the self-seeking ego and the altruistic urge, 1133
    of Jesus with the Father, after the healing episode, 1634
    with Jesus, prerequisite to, 1945
    Jesus’ formal, with his Father in heaven, 1425
    with Mystery Monitor, and discovery of the divine presence, 64
    personal, between earth child and heavenly Father, 1638
       facilitated by Thought Adjusters, 31
    service, ancient forerunner of, 978
    with the Son, 66
    for the spirit, on the mountaintops of thought, 1778
    spiritual communion, and religious experience, 1133
    with spiritual forces, Judas’s neglect of engaging in, 1751
    spiritual, and man’s union with God, 31
    unbroken, between Michael and his Paradise Father, 1326
       prayer and worship a means of, between man and his Maker, 2066
    worshipful, function of, 1739

Communism ancient, means of final destruction of, 780
    indispensable scaffolding in primitive society, 780
    vs. modernized co-ordination, 910
    primitive, evils of, 780
    suicidal weakness of, 780
    surrender of, to a higher social order, 780

Community(ies) affair, marriage originally a, 924
    devotions, benefit from, 1001
    organization of, on second mansion world, 534
    sacredness of, vs. that of the individual, 1862
    standing, relation of, to marriage mores, 928

Companion(s) Jesus a cheerful, 1544
    Jesus’ personal, Peter, James, and John, 1547
    Morontia, see Morontia(s), 8. Companions
    Paradise, see Paradise, 10. Paradise Citizens, Companions

Companionship(s) celestial, value of, 301
    divine, and spiritual satisfaction derived from religious experience, 69
    Jesus’ plea in the garden for the apostles, 1968
    and loyalty, a foundation fact of a true family, 1604

Company of seraphim number in a, 421

Compass diurnal wanderings of, 666
    four points of, universality of, in Nebadon, 378
    needle, responsiveness of, to solar influence, 666
    variation during sunspot cycles, 666

Compassion of Jesus for his mother at Cana, consequence, 1530
    Jesus’ plea to James Zebedee to learn, 1958
    Jesus’ teaching of, 1580
    of the Lord, 1444
    Michael’s very nature, 1580
    for one’s fellows, vs. tradition and formal worship, 1951
    source of, 1958

Compensation for hardships accompanying the sin of rebellion, 619

Competition between man and woman, danger in, 938
    evolution of, 805
    function of, in current society, 805
    ruthless, effects of, 805
    stimulation of, by racial diversification, 726
    type of, in the continental nation, 813-814

Competitive games, a possible form of self-gratification, 942
    games, at Scythopolis, the lad Jesus’ reaction to, 1370-1371
    spirit, fraternal, stimulation of, among the worlds, 313

Complement(s) of being, of cherubim, 422
    of being, of seraphim, 420, 1243
    of the Father, Son an infinite, 161
    and instigators of rest, importance of, 299
    of life, modified Andonites’ possession of, 826
    of rest, collaboration of instigators of rest with, 299
       custodians of ascendant pilgrims on final Havona circle, 296
       function of, 297
    work of, for creature-trinitized sons, 296-297

Complemental relationships of seraphim, 286

Completion seraphim avenues of ministry open to, 442
    bestowal attendants as, 427
    highest local universe service of, 427
    in Nebadon, 442
    preferred assignments of, 442
    return of, to native universes, 441
    service of, with supreme orders of seraphim, 442
    voices of mercy directors, 430

Complexions of the violet race, 850

Complexity from simplicity, God’s passage to, 58

Composite personality groups, classification of, 337-338
    religions, of the present, on Urantia, 1000-1012

Compossibility innateness of, in divine power, 1299
    omnipotence and, 1299

Composure a fruit of divine sonship, 1674
    Jesus’, in the face of insult, 1999
    Jesus’ sublime, 1103

Compound manipulators celestial artisans as, 505

Comprehension technique of, and Paradise perfection of personality, 290

Compromise of Christianity, with older religions, 2069
    importance of, in marriage, 928
    Jesus’ nonemployment of, with Nicodemus, 1602
    Jesus’ understanding of political and commercial, 1520

Compromisers sagacious, Paul and his successors as, 2071

Compulsion duty, and convention, the first mile in winning souls, 2084
    Spirit domination not compromised by, 381

Conceit John Zebedee’s unlovely trait, 1554
    man’s, vs. his reason and logic, 2079
    possible end product of overmuch self-respect, 1765
    prevention of, by intimate contact with other minds, 1776
    reduction of, in acknowledgement of difficulties, 1773

Concentration Jesus’ ability at, 1400

Concept(s) creature-trinitized in supremacy and Deity-trinitized in finality, 254
    depth of, influence of, in human experience, 1123
    erroneous, of Adjuster guidance, 1207-1209
    of First and Second Persons of Deity, embodiment of, in Conjoint Actor, 99
    frames, relativity of, 1260
    God, after Moses’ death, 1059
       assimilation of, based on individual capacity, 1856
       evolution of, among the Hebrews, 1062-1076
       growth of, 1598-1600
       primitive, effect of, on Urantians, 60
    God not merely a, 23
    of the I AM, philosophic, 1152-1153
    -identity, adventure of, 249
    inherent in the Father, 405
    Jesus’, of the kingdom, 1859-1861
    of the kingdom of heaven, 1858-1859
    language symbolic of, on worlds in light and life, 630
    mistaken and self-contradictory, 2078
    moral, evolution of, 1045-1046
    new, danger of believing every, to be the dictation of the Adjuster, 1208
       of Jesus’ combined nature, 1748
    original, finaliters’ choice of, for trinitization, 249
    patterns, vs. written language, 503
    personality, spiritual value of, 31-32
    pictures, preservation of, by concept recorders, 503
    picturization, efficiency of, 503
    primordials of, influence of the Absolutes on, 56
    recorders, as celestial artisans, function of, 503
    of sin, 975-976
    static, deficiency of, 1436
       potentially evil nature of, 1436
    of supreme value, 1096-1097
    symbols of Uversa, number of, 503
    truth wedded to fact, 1297
    Urantian Trinity, 1143-1145
    wrong, about the Father in heaven, Jesus’ correction of, 1543

Conception of the soul definition, 551
    the initiation of morontia life, 551

Conceptual frames only relatively true, 1260

Conciliating commisions availability of, 277
    definition, 434
    eternal association of members of, 279
    finality of rulings of, 276
    fourth creatures of, 422
    functions of, on Urantia, 1254
    makeup of, 275-276
    number of, in Nebadon, 414
    records prepared by, 276
    relation of physical controllers to, 325
    space velocity of, 276

Conciliation evolvement of the rite of, 978

Conciliators about, 311
    characteristics of, 276
    far-reaching service of, 276-279
    fourth creatures of, 498
    headquarters of, 276
    levels of universe service of, 276
    to local universes, 277-278
    loyalty of, during Lucifer rebellion, 608
    to the major sectors, functions of, 278
    to minor sectors, function of, 278
    an order of adjudicators, 428
    of pre-Paradise status, restrictions, 275
    rulings, execution of, subject to consent of Constellation Father, 574
    service of, progressive, 276
    stations of reserve corps of, 276
    to the superuniverses, changing function of, 278
    supplementation of planetary tribunals by, 574
    to the system headquarters, 277
    to the worlds, function of, 276-277

Conclaves Jerusem, character of, 511
    millennial, of divine Sons, 87
       of Seven Supreme Executives, 199
    morontia, heavenly reproducers’ dramatic spectacles before, 501
    on Paradise satellites of the Spirit, 199
    Salvington, number of, in simultaneous session, 407
    weekly, of system sovereign with headquarters world personalities, 511

Concubinage a steppingstone to monogamy, 926

Concubine(s) mores, origin of, 926
    in polygyny, 926

Condemnation forgiveness of Jesus a salvation from, 2018
    freedom from, of unenlightened persecutors, 1947
    Jesus’ attitude toward sinners not one of, 2018
    of Jesus by an unjust judge, 1996

Condemned criminal Jesus’ dying the death of a, 2008
    Jesus’ words to the, in Corinth, 1475-1476

Condensation bodies in solar system during early eras, 658
    tension, effect of, on Andronover’s mother nucleus, 655

Condescension vs. mercy, 315

Conditions of effective prayer about, 1002

Condonation Jesus’ attitude toward sinners not one of, 2018

Conduct apostles’, love and, 1577
    directors of, 293, 298, 301
    the Father’s merciful, Jesus’ desire to declare the truth concerning, 1494
    of God, modification of the, 56
    intellectual pattern of, and truth, 1949
    Jesus’ human struggle over two opposing courses of, 1515
    man’s consciousness that he needs to regulate his, 956
    mortal, human and divine viewpoints of, 1577
    a natural result from religion, 1121
    Paradise, characteristics of, 301
    personal, apostles’ perversion of spiritual principles into rules of, 1584
    proper, importance of, 301
    social, time required for changes in, 1705
    virtuous, a definition, 193

Conductor(s) of a caravan, Jesus’ substitution for a, 1484
    of worship, an order of primary supernaphim, 298, 303-305
       function of, 304
       teachers of Paradise arrivals, 343
       time of farewell of, to ascendant pilgrims, 305

Confederation of divine powers in man, purpose of, 381

Conference(s) apostles’, with visitors to Bethsaida, 1578
    joint, of Jesus’ and John’s apostles, 1678
    momentous, of the nine-year-old human twins, 708
    one of Jesus’ most important, 1531
    teaching, Jesus’ four-hour, with Peter, James, and John, 1579
    temple-teaching, the lad Jesus’ attendance at, 1380

Confessing to Jesus vs. conferring with him, 1875

Confession a definition, 984
    effects of, 998, 1450
    and forgiveness, in primitive religion, 976
    to the Noble One, need for (Buddhism), 1446
    Peter’s, 1745-1746
    Peter’s, apostles’ response to, 1746
    Peter’s second, emphasis on Jesus’ combined nature in, 1748
    practice of, in Tibet, 1038
    of sin, Jesus’ abstention from, 1512
    of the truth, shrinking from, by believers, 1903

Confide in his brethren Judas’s refusal to, 2056

Confidence disciples’ sudden consciousness of a new sense of, 2059
    vs. dread, and Jesus’ mission, 1675
    the gospel’s message of, 1859
    Jesus’ comfort of, in divine Father’s overcare, 1954
    Jesus commanded, 1672
    in Jesus, compassion and tolerance born of, 1958
    of Jesus’ followers, in him, 1875
    Jesus the inspiration of, 1672
    Jesus speaking with, 1102
    of Jesus, in Thomas, 1961
    prayer, to Jesus, an assertion of, 2089

Confidential messengers Solitary Messengers as, 260

Confiding trust a fruit of the spirit, 2054
    in unspiritual relatives, a tendency of Judas, 2056

Configuration(s) of continents, effect of, on peace or war, 907
    of living matter, reproducing fundamental arrangements of, 397

Conflict(s) between animal and spiritual natures, 1738
    between the spirit and the flesh, on Urantia and normal worlds, 382
    cause of, 1097
    the evil nature of, 1221
    a hazard of emotional casualties, 1773
    inherence of, in evolutionary growth, 1159
    of living, technique of gathering strength for, 1774
    in passing from life in the flesh to life in the spirit, 1766
    prayer, to Jesus, a prevention of, 2089
       not an escape from, 1002
    prevention of, ruinous, by Jesus’ peace, 1575
    spiritual communion’s removal of, 1774
    unresolved, possible effects of, 1480
    the youthful Jesus’ supreme, 1373

Confliction the divided loyalty to Deity, 984

Conformity of Jesus, to the usages of his family, 1384

Confucian teachings on Urantia today, 1011

Confucianism about, 1452-1453
    lack of God-recognition in, 1452
    a religion of ethics, 67

Confucius contemporary rejection of, 1034
    deification of, by his followers, 1034
    identity of, 1009, 1033-1034
    influence of, on the shamans, 1034
    influence of traditions of the Salem missionaries on, 1034
    source of teachings of, 1034
    a younger contemporary of Lao-tse, 1034

Confusion effect of, on survival, 1206
    of evolutionary creation, provision for harmonizing, 277
    of John the Baptist, after separation from Jesus, 1506
    of Judas, at Jesus’ greeting him as a betrayer, 1974
    Paradise free from, 301
    perplexing, ascenders’ reaction to, 383
    of Peter, in courtyard of Annas, 1980
    prevention of, by co-ordinators and liaison directors, 546
    reason for possibility of, among Sons of God and ministers of the Infinite Spirit, 361
    Universe, early, compensation for, 394

Conglomerate(s) alternation of coal layers with, 681
    definition, 673
    in erosion deposits of early reptilian age, 685
    older, origin of, 671
    overlying Niagara deposit, 677

Congratulations over Capernaum healing, Jesus’ refusal of, 1634

Congregation distinguished, at Jesus’ epochal sermon, 1707
    of Israel, excommunication of Jesus and his followers from, 1814
    number of units comprising a, on Paradise, 121
    at Philadelphia, 1831-1832

Conifers of later reptilian egg, 687

Conjoint administrator, Infinite Spirit the, 93
    corps of Trinitized Sons, the destiny of many sons, 252
    Creator, absoluteness of, limitations of, 102
       ancestor of cosmic mind, 103
       attributes of, 101
       circuits of, and function of Personal Aids, 268
       creative activities of the, 96
       disclosure of Father’s infinity by the, 92
       eternal existence of the, 92
       Eternal Son’s delegation of authority to the, 93
       a function of the, 95
          in Eternal Son’s personality creation, 77
          First Source and Center through the, 111
       the Infinite Spirit, 185
       inheritance of the, 93
       minds of the, relation of minds of Father and Son to, 78
       origin of the, 91
       primary supernaphim created by, 287
       and the providence of God, 99
       relation of, to energy, 101
          to triune personalization of undivided Deity, 185
       Solitary Messengers the personal corps of, 256
       source of mind, 103
       a title of the Third Source and Center, 92
       Uversa classification of personalities of the, 264
       to universe intelligences, 96
    Executive, act of, 13
       Infinite Spirit the, 85
    personality, the appearance of, 1154
       co-ordinate, Infinite Spirit the, 25, 110
    Trinitized Finaliters, corps of, 353

Conjoint Actor the absolute of mind reality, 1151
    administrative control of, and Seven Master Spirits, 189
    agencies of the, function of, 98
    all mind circuited in the, 71
    close relationship between the Supreme Being, the Seven Master Spirits, and the, 1272
    and control of the master universe, 461
    co-ordination of levels of universe actuality by the, 105
    correlation of mind presence of God with absolute mind of the, 45
       of spiritual values and energy facts in the, 1138
    cosmic mind’s co-ordination with direct circuits of the, 481
    a definition, 8, 93, 1263
    disclosing of the Infinite in the acts of the, 1147
    disclosure of functional unity of, 206
    divine spirit shared with the, by Father and Son, 75
    divinity and personality of, compared with those of Seven Master Spirits, 186
    the evolution of the presence of, in the local universe, 1272
    execution of the united purposes of Son and Father by, 467
    existential energy the domain of the, 471
    Father-Son association represented by the, 112
    Father and Son function in mind domain in the, 135
    and the Father’s liberation from limitations of absoluteness, 108
    force-transcendence and energy-neutralization power of, 101
    functions of the, 29, 48, 93, 99
    and function of Eternal Son in mind ministry, 77
    function of, in the finite universes, 1271
       Master Spirits as diversified representatives of, 206
       in the seventh triunity, 1150
       through subordinates, 467
       Universe Circuit Supervisors as agents of, 265
    functioning of, as Father, Son, and Father-Son, 96
       Father and Son in and through the, 96
    the future Supreme compared with the, 1291
    God of mind, 42
    God the Spirit, 4
    grand universe functioning of the, 99
    infinite representative of the Father-Son, 161
    the Infinite Spirit, 1148
    Infinite Spirit’s doings the function of the, 112
    influence of the, on finite energy and spirit, 1270
    integration by the, of the spirituality of the Son with the energies of the Paradise pattern, 1267
    the integration of the Sevenfold divinity in the Seven Master Spirits and the, 1164
    and man’s practical affairs, 66
    Michael’s portrayal of the will of the, on his Uversa mortal bestowal, 1318
    mind circuits of the, 9, 78
       Solitary Messengers’ ability to traverse the, 1183
    mind functions of, 140
    mind gravity of, 177
    mind levels of, and reflectivity, 201
    minds of the, the Thought Adjuster’s mindedness ancestral to the, 1181
    origin of the, 127, 1270
    origin of eighty-five percent of mind-gravity response to, 132
    Personal Aids regarded as personalities by the, 268
    personality existence of the, 109
    personalization of the, 98, 111
    prerogatives of synthesis of the, 98
    primary personalities of, 206
    probable connection of, with reflectivity mechanism, 190
    proof of Infinite Spirit’s being the, 161
    pure mind’s response to universal gravity grasp of the, 104
    reaction of, to both material and spiritual realities, 140
    realm of, Providence the, 56
    a reason for belief in inevitability of the, 110
    Reflective Spirits as reflective of, 308
    and reflectivity intelligence, 77
    relation of activities of, to Paradise, 101
    relation of, to all levels of mind, 481
       bestowal of Supreme-Ultimate Mind by, to creation of Solitary Messengers, 262
       to mind, 140
       to motion in and of space, 133
       Supreme Spirits to functional family of the, 205
       to unpredictability of finite mind, 104
    response of the, in the seventh triunity, 1150
    the source of mind, 1156
    the Third Source and Center, 1156
    Universal Father’s sharing of reality of being and equality of self with the, 109
    universal presence of the infinite mind of the, 307
    universe center of mind circuit, 105
    voice of the, 308
    volitional acts of the, 101

Connecting links between divisions of animal kingdom, absence of, 669
    between prehuman animals and dawn men, absence of, 669
    between spiritual and physical worlds, Material Sons the, 581

Conqueror(s) more than, Jesus’ disciples’ need to be, 2084
    the never-conquered, a title for God, 1448
    reason for man’s worship of the, 1448

Conquest(s) Andite, of India, 879-880
    Andite, of northern Europe, 893-894
    decisive, an essential to modern national life, 800
    of his mind, reason for Jesus’ extraordinary progress in, 2093
    influence of, on the embryonic state, 801
    later, of the white over the blue man, 893
    movements of the Mesopotamians as, 872
    post-military, of the blue man, 893
    by sacrifice, Jesus’ portrayal of, 1590

Consanguineous marriage of isolated superior groups, 918

Conscience vs. the Adjuster, 1207-1208
    an arousal of, in the Hebrew nations at time of Isaiah, 1066
    confirmation of, evolutionary religion’s provision of the, 1111
    a definition, 1005, 1095
    a human and psychic reaction, 1207-1208
    importance of, to primitive religions, 1110
    a misguided, possible effect of, on human happiness, 1132
    the Nile valley teachers’ proclamation regarding, 1046
    not a divine voice, 1005, 1208
    not an unerring guide to human conduct, 1005
    reaction of Judas’s, during Jesus’ trial, 1997
    response of, to emotional appeal, 1722
    vs. spirit leading, 1104
    status of, primitive man’s need to be judged according to his, 1115
    void of offense, need for maintenance of a, 1736

Consciousness accidental associations of, 1480
    of achievement, and material rewards, 435
    of the cosmos, 105
    creature, vs. God’s, 1898
    difficulty of explanation of, by materialistic phenomena, 1228
    effect of, on energy-things and spirit values, 1136
    existence of, on the mind level, 1120
    freedom to act only within realm of one’s, 377
    of God, 68-70
       an eventual result of the experience of religion, 1105
       experiences of his children are within the, 49
       all worlds within the, 49
    God’s, sin not a part of, 1898
       universal, 49
    human, Jesus’ desire to retain until the end his, 2007
       Jesus’ failing, 2010
    intellectual, of contact with Adjuster, lack of, 65
    lapse of, unnecessary to form-change after seventh mansion world, 540
    level of, of Divine Minister, seven adjutant mind-spirits a, 402
    of man as creature brother, vs. consciousness of God as Creator Father, 196
    and the material level, 102
    of mind, spirit insight as related to, 102
    mortal, cause of termination of, 1234
    not inherent in purely material level, 102
    organized, relation of, to mind, 140
    of Paradise, 127
    of personality, suspension of, by Eternal Son, impossibility of, 86
    prerequisite to any reappearing of, 1234
    progress of mortal, from fact, to meaning, to value, 1299
    of the reality of eternal sonship with God, 2061
    of sin, persistence of, in the mortal mind, 984
    sorter and associator, importance of the function of a, 1480
    soul, evolution of, 65
    surrender of, unnecessary for later morontia life translation, 544

Conscription and world-wide peace, 1490

Consecrated wills vs. material possessions, 996

Consecration ceremonies, Mary’s inability to accompany Jesus to his, 1377
    charge, the apostles, 1583-1584
    of choice, 1221
    experiential, to the sevenfold will of the Paradise Deity, 238
    intensity, religion’s quality indicated by one’s, 1013
    Jesus’, as a citizen of Israel, 1377
    Jesus’ baptism, one of, 1512
       wholehearted, to doing the Father’s will, 2090
    personal, apostles’ anticipation of ceremony of, 1568
    prayer, to Jesus, a validation of, 2089
    of the twelve, 1583-1584
    unreserved, the apostles’ at Pentecost, 2065
    to will of Paradise Deity in relation to local universe sovereignty, 239
       vs. surrender of will, 1221

Conservation of matter, vs. the conservation of souls, 2077
    of property, reforms in, by the Iroquois Indians, 960

Conservatism Thomas’s trait of, 1562

Conservator(s) God the Father the, 640
    of morals, religion a, 1091
    of planetary information, reservists as, 1258

Consistency in Jesus’ admonition, “Let not your heart be troubled,”, 1955
    Jews’ lack of, 1736
    man’s mental mechanism’s lack of, 2079
    the philosophical characteristic of religion, 1126
    teaching of, by Jesus, 1673

Consolation and comfort, selfish, Adjuster’s failure to confer, 1192
    the gospel’s offer of, to all, 1859
    of Israel,” devout children of Abraham’s longing for the, 1501-1502
    Jesus a comforting, 1509
    of sound religion, man’s present need of the, 1090

Consort of Michael Son development of, during Michael’s training, 203

Conspiracy of circumstances a hindrance to Adjuster fusion, 517
    cruel, refusal of Jesus to extricate himself from the, 1972
    Judas’s, apostles’ ignorance of, 1935
    of spiritual forces in man, purpose of, 381

Constancy Eternal Son’s, revelation of, by Infinite Spirit’s ministry, 93
    of Isle of Paradise, evidence of, 139

Constantine winning of, to Christianity, 2070

Constellation(s) about, 485-496
    administration of, revelation of, 594
    affairs, governing centers for, 486
       number of divisions of, 486
       the seventy triangular sections of, 486
       supervising seraphim as recorders of, 433
    assignment of Salvington-trained seraphim to, 421
    autonomy of the, 487
    broadcasts, by chief of Constellation Fathers, 372
    capital(s), Brilliant Evening Stars’ function on, 407
       Edentia the, 583
       of, relation of Supreme Trinity Personalities to, 207
    celestial artisans’ ministry on the, 416, 497
    centers, a group of the Supreme Power Centers, 320, 322
    circuits, automatic debarment of Satania from the, 606
       isolation of Satania in the, 607
       Satania’s possible restoration to the, 1252
    conciliators, function of, 277
    constitution and government of a, 166
    council of seventy, membership of, 573
    Counselors and universe co-ordinators, 392
    differences of, difficult of explanation, 278
    difficulties due to rebellion, adjustment of, 491
    dispatch of physical controllers by associate power directors to headquarters of the, 325
    educational spheres of, number, 429
    findings of universe advisory councils referred to legislative assemblies of, 373
    God’s conduct modified by plans of a, 56
       presence in a, degree of, 46
    government(s), 487-488
       the chief concern of a, 371
       legislative function of, 390
       mortal ascender’s concern with, 489
       Most High liaison’s advisory function to the, 490
       Paradise counselors to rulers of, 179
    headquarters, architectural worlds as, 358, 485-487
       awakening of certain survivors on the, 570
       broadcasts from, Jerusem receiving stations for, 522
       Edentia, 174, 415-416, 485
       the Faithfuls of Days’ field of activity, 371
       Lanonandek supreme council located on, 393
       Lucifer’s denunciation of location of legislative activities on the, 604
       Michael’s former completion of his sojourn on the, 2041
          visits to, 367
       no personal presence of Universe Spirit on, 376
       our, God’s name on, 23
       readjustments on, during constellation stage of light and life, 633
       Salvington broadcasts directed to, 371
       secondary Lanonandeks stationed on, 572
       spheres, celestial artisans’ chief realm of activity, 497
       tree of life native to, 825
       worlds, number of, 358
          permanent citizens of, 414
          time of construction of, 358, 654
          univitatias’ field of function, 414-415, 493
    higher spheres of, as morontia worlds, 541
    intelligence corps not directly affiliated with the, 429
    lawmaking functions of, 487
    legislative assemblies on headquarters of the, 373
       place of origin of law, 432
       universe advisory councils’ findings referred to, 373
       body, organization of, 487
       enactments of the, execution of, 487
    legislature, system representation in, 517
    living embellishment of, 492
    major policies of, three Most Highs’ unanimous concurrence in, 391
    Mansion World Teachers’ function on educational spheres of the, 551
    Melchizedeks’ emergency service in the, 389
    modification of superuniverse power circuits for service in the, 321-322
    morontia body changes in the, number of, 542
    and morontia phases of ascension, 158
    Most High councils on headquarters of, 181
    Most High rulers of, 390
    Nebadon time the standard time of, 372
    new relationships of, in a universe settled in light and life, 634
    of Norlatiadek, 174, 182, 485
    number of, in local universes, 166-167, 357, 390, 485
       power centers in each, 322
       systems composing, 166-167, 277
       Vorondadek Sons commissioned as Most Highs of Nebadon on, 488
    overcontrol of different brain-type worlds, 566
    Paradise advisers to, 213
    participation in government of, by Divine Counselors, Perfectors of Wisdom, and Universal Censors, 217
    power centers, function of, 322, 456, 494
    probation nurseries of, 570
    relation of, to superuniverse administration, 371
    representation of, on local universe supreme council, 373
    residences of Faithfuls of Days on capitals of, 213
    rulers, conciliators’ service to, 277-278
       enforcement of legislative mandates of, 373
       function of, 136, 485
       part of, in depriving Caligastia of authority, 752
       social and governmental conditions the chief concern of, 371
       supervisor seraphim reserves as messengers for, 433
       Technical Advisors assigned to, 280
       Urantia’s relation to, reason for, 489
    service, of Daynals, 231
       of Most High Assistants, 410
       Personalities of the Infinite Spirit in the, 107
    settlement of, in light and life, 633, 642
    sojourn of ascenders, and their prespirit socialization, 495
       of ascending mortals’ advanced preparation for, 537
    source of the power of the, 456
    stage of light and life, 633
    study worlds, ascending mortals’ early knowledge of, 537
    supervisor seraphim’s assignment to, 432, 485
       seraphim’s reserves on headquarters of, 433
    supreme councils of, primary Lanonandeks assistants to, 392
    Supreme Power Centers assigned to, 456
    teaching counselors on educational-sphere faculties of, 429
    termination of Trinity-origin regime in the, 213
    training worlds, ascending pilgrims’ achievement on the, 494
       awakening of intermediate secondary modified orders on the, 570
       morontia progressors’ enjoyment of, 495
    unification, and readjustments of universe administration, 633
    univitatia present permanent citizens of, 222
    Vorondadeks as consular representatives of, 390
       the rulers of the, 390-391, 488

Constellation Father(s) about, 390-391
    absence of, from constellation, provision for, 391
    action of, in the Lucifer rebellion, 605
    advice of Faithful of Days to the, regarding attitude toward Lucifer rebels, 617
    Ancient of Days’ approval of seizure of Satania government by the, 609
    associate(s) of, 390
       administrative advancement of, 390
    broadcasts by chief of the, 372
    Caligastia’s early obedience to the, 752
    controlling hand of, in affairs of nations, 491
    Dalamatia supreme court members’ approval by the, 749
    delegation of jurisdictional authority to, 366
    disapproval of Caligastia by the, 741
    of Edentia, appearance of, to Jesus and Gabriel in Perean hills, 1513
       message of, to Jesus and Gabriel, 1513
    execution of conciliators’ rulings subject to consent of the, 574
    expanding functions of, during constellation stage, 633
    and experiment, 34
    as factors in the beneficent harvest of wrongdoing following Lucifer rebellion, 619
    factors in universe government of, 359
    Gabriel’s conference with, regarding anticipated rebellion, 602
    identity of the, 488
    information of, as to Lucifer’s state of mind, 602
    jurisdiction of Master Sons over Solitary Messengers working in liaison with, 259
    the Most High Father, 587
    the Most Highs of Norlatiadek, 485
    of Norlatiadek, Melchizedek’s teaching as to the, 1016
       first message of Lanaforge to, 608
       presence of, on Urantia, during Jesus’ tomb experience, 2016
       rebellion-isolated worlds under the overcontrol of the, 1252
    present, series number and previous experience of, 490
    reign of, 488
    reigning, the Most High, 487
    request of, for presentation of Michael’s plan for saving Lucifer rebels, 603
    Satania affairs under supervision of, 511
    selection of chiefs of System Sovereigns by the, 393
    supervising assistants’ assignment to, 432
    Trinity Teacher Sons as advisers to the, time of, 634
    triumph of rule of the, 363
    veto power of, over system conclave, 632
    the Vorondadeks, 223, 389-390
    why so called, 389

Constitutional tribunals purposes of, on an evolutionary world, 798

Constitutive factors of man civilization’s need for nurture by, 196

Construction propensity mid-mammals’ exhibition of, 705

Consuls appointment, function, and field of activities of, 371
    Vorondadeks as, 390

Consummator(s) Trinity of Trinities’ containing of, 1171
    of Universe Destiny, 333
       a member of the Absolute Trinity, 16, 1171
       probable function of, 1169
       unrevealed, a component of the Trinity Absolute, 1167

Contact guardians, of reserve corps of destiny, 863
    with men, value of direct and personal, 1539
    mortals, potential, influence of, on the advancement of civilization, 1258
    personalities, functions of, 865
       less than a score of, cognizant of possible function in planetary crises, 1257

Contactability of God, outside Paradise, 25

Contagion of Jesus’ devotion of love, 2018
    man’s gradual understanding of old age and, 990

Contagious disease primitive man’s technique of preventing, 989

Contempt Sanhedrists’, for Judas, 1997
    for truth, Adam and Eve not guilty of, 845
    of the universe government, absolution of Adam and Eve from charges of, 845
       by Vorondadeks, unknown in Nebadon, 390

Contentment a fruit of divine sonship, 1674
    is the greatest wealth,”, 1447
    Jesus’ lesson regarding, 1674-1675

Contests early beginnings of, 766
    educational, in the continental nation, 812

Continence cult effect of, on Paul’s regard for women, 977
    origin of, 977

Continent(s) extrusion of, above sea level, cause of, 668
    the first, 660
    number of, on the neighboring planet, 819
    sliding of, toward ocean beds, reason for, 669
    termination of the sea invasion of, time of, 691
    waterways of the, during climatic transition stage, 683
    weight of, vs. that of ocean beds plus overlying water, 668

Continental courts of nations, functions of, 807
    creep, a factor in land sinking, 673
    drift, 668-669
       backthrust of, effect, 690
       effect of, on land submergence, 671
       end of, in the chalk period, 691
       slowing down of western advance of, 690
       termination of, time, 689-690
    -elevation stage, recent, 698
    emergence during climatic transition stage, 683
    flood stage, the first, 674-676
    land mass, as affected by Pacific Ocean’s downthrust, 662
       mass, emergence of Urantia’s first, reason for, 660
          first breaks in the, 663
          upthrust of, during prelife ages, 669
       situation of, at close of the Jurassic period, 689
       stage, new, 693-694
    nation on a “neighboring planet,”, 808-820
       relations of, to planetary neighbors, 819
    pressure at ocean bottoms, 669
    seashores, inundation of, in trilobite age, 673

Continuity contented, uncertainty the secret of, 438
    unbroken, between a prayer and the full spiritual answer, impossibility of, 1848

Contracts with the gods and man’s evolutionary progress, 976

Contractural stars origin of, 171

Control co-operation of the Deities in, 86
    and equalization, living system of, function of, 456
    infinite, of First Source and Center, 5
    and overcontrol, 1301-1303
    relation of Father, Son, and Spirit in, 97
    superuniverse, intelligences employed in, 179
    ultimate, of force-energy, 467

Controller(s) an appellation of the First Source and Center, 24, 111, 1155
    God a, 4, 21, 34, 74, 1148
    Paradise a, 7
    of physical energy in the grand universe, 470
    planetary, and visibility of angels to mortals, 574
    Satania physical, 456-458
    the sevenfold, of the grand universe, 1273-1275

Controversy(ies) avoidance of, by believers, 1932
    with his apostles, Jesus’ effort to avoid, 1543
    regarding the healing of the epileptic boy, 1755

Conventionality narrow, Jesus unhandicapped by, 1102

Conventions modern, basis of, 767
    traditions and source of, 772

Conversion(s) condition under which there is a need for, 1726
    experiences, so-called, vs. “birth of religion”, 1131
    and mysticism, 1098-1100
    need for man’s, 1775
    Paul’s and Gautama’s sudden, 1099
    prerequisites of, to spiritual reality, 1099
    sudden, vs. progressive spiritual experience, 1099-1100
    true, faith as well as feeling necessary to a, 1099

Converter Nalda’s reference to the coming of the, 1614

Converts Capernaum, Peter’s estimate of possible number of, 1636
    Chorazin’s few, 1726
    to Christianity, types of early, 2069
    number of, at Caesarea-Philippi, 1727
    spiritual, work of the kingdom to be winning, 1708

Conviction(s) deep-seated, Jerusalem crowd’s lack of, 1883
    -faith, vs. logic of despair, 1104
    Jesus’ loyalty to his, 1102
    profound, Jesus’ faith to him a, 2087
    strong religious, modern man’s dread of domination by, 2083
    true religion a loyalty to one’s highest, 1727
    of truth, a definition, 1949
       new teacher (the Spirit of Truth) the, 1949
    the unassailable, of a religious experience, 1142

Cooking advantages of, 778
    in Eden, 834
    fire’s influence on, 778
    food, advantages of, as taught by Lut, 747
    meat, Onagar’s teachers’ methods of, 716
    nonemployment of, in Adam’s household, 834

Co-operation vs. competition in advanced civilization, 805
    conditional, of Melchizedeks, with Adam, 844
    in early progressive evolution, 805
    endowment of species, spirit of counsel the, 402
    intelligent, in promotion of civilization, 805
    of men and women, influence of Adam and Eve on, 940
    mortal, with the Adjuster, 1205-1206
    necessity for, in spiritual progress, 381
    pilgrims’ mansion-world experience in, 435
    purposeful, relative free will involved in, 194
    of the sexes, capability of, 939
    talk on, at Gilboa camp by Jesus, 1624
    war’s enforcement of, 785

Co-ordinate action, a Trinity function, 113
    council of the superuniverse, composition of, 178-179
    Creator, God the Son the, 4
       Sons, function of Havona regarding the, 162
    Infinite Spirit the Eternal Son’s, 86
    Ministering Daughters, function of Havona regarding, 162
    mortal attainment, the third cosmic circle of, 626
    Persons of Paradise, and direct action of Universal Father, 24
    Sons, bestowal attitude of Eternal Son toward, 81
       creatorship prerogatives not transmissible by, 77
    Source, a central universe name for the Eternal Son, 74
    Spirit Center, a Uversa designation of the Eternal Son, 74
    Spirits, divinity attenuations of, 95
    Trinity-origin Beings, 214-222
    Trinity Personalities, origin of, 178

Co-ordinated undertakings ascending pilgrims’ willingness to submit to, 494

Co-ordinates of God about, 41
    six absolute, of God, 62

Co-ordinating corps for universe of universes about, 279

Co-ordination an attribute of the Conjoint Creator, 101
    Deity, of reality and of personality, 8
    effective, vs. ultraspecialization, 911
    of function between impersonal energy and spirit-conceiving mind, 1479
    of local universe administration, relation of minor sector administration to, 181
    modernized, vs. communism or dictatorship, 910
    physical, 637-638
    physiological, of sensation-recognition and memory, an animal possession, 1479
    of specialists, a factor in modern civilization, 910
    of universe activities, results of control of, 56

Co-ordinator(s) of broadcast material, broadcast directors as, 504
    intelligence, a class of tertiary supernaphim, 289
    and liaison directors, a class of Morontia Companions, 546
    Supreme Being a, 11
    universal, Third Source and Center a, 99
    of will and force, the Third Source and Center the, 1156
    of work of first six spirit adjutants, spirit of wisdom the, 402

Coparental possibilities of Caligastia one hundred about, 744

Copartnership of man and God Jesus’ exhibition of, 2002

Copies vs. pattern, 10

Copper function of, in the cuttlefish, 737
    in transition rock layers, 671
    use of, by early man, 904

Coral(s) decrease of, during late Cretaceous age, 692
    early ancestors of the, number of species of, 676
    formations of first Devonian flood, 678
    period, 676-678
    reef formation, increase of, in late brachiopod age, 677
    reefs of the first Devonian flood, 678
    reef-making, increase of, during early brachiopod age, 677
    scarcity of, in the age of frogs, 681

Coral-like plants fossils of, in Proterozoic rocks, 670

Core earth’s, square inch pressure on the, 668
    of perfection, Havona the, 152

Corinth capital of Achaia, 1471
    cosmopolitan nature of, 1472
    importance of, in Greece in time of Jesus, 1476
    Jesus at, 1471-1474
    Peter’s visiting the church in, 1551

Cornelius identification of, 1430

Cornerstone(s) of the gospel, brotherhood and service the, 1930
    of Jesus’ religion, 1769, 1776
    origin of present custom of laying, 981
    rejected stone made into the, 1894

Corporate entity Paradise Trinity compared with a, 112

Corporeal staff of Planetary Prince Corporeal staff of Planetary Prince, 574-575
    assignment of duties of, upon removal from planet, 574
    bodies of, physical, provided by Life Carriers, 574
       freedom of, from ordinary diseases, 574
       liability of, to mechanical accidents, 574
    functions of, 574-575
    mating practices of, 574
    non-adjuster fusion status of, 574
    offspring of, two orders of, 574, 583
    preliminary work on Adamic garden by the, 582
    primary midwayer creatures offspring of, 424, 574
    procreation of their successors by, 744
    removal of, from planet, time of, 574
    return of, to system capital, 575
    volunteer ascendant citizens of system capital, 574
    of Urantia, Andonite associates of, 745, 756, 758
        Andonic germ plasm carried by, 742-743, 857
        the Caligastia one hundred, 574, 742, 855
        celestial surgery on, and tradition of Eve’s creation, 837
        constitution of, as sex creatures, 856
        detachment of, from Adjusters, 744, 758
        disloyal, migration of, from Dalamatia, 758-759
        loyal members of, number of, 756-757
           return of, to Jerusem, 757-759
        organization and functions of, 743, 745-752, 764
        and the planetary rebellion, 756-758
        primary midwayer production by, 744-745, 855-856
        rebel members of, ancestors of the Nodites, 758, 856
           fate of, unknown, 758
           natural death of, 758
           number of, 756-757
        repersonalization of, time involved in, 743
        ten councils of, 743, 745-749
        threefold nature of, 744-745
        volunteer ascendant citizens of Jerusem, 742, 744

Corporeality and personality of Deity, 29

Corps of the Creator Sons secret colleges of the, 250

Corps of the Finality about, 337, 345-354
    Corps of Conjoint Trinitized Finaliters, one of the seven, 352-353
       on Vicegerington, Havona natives in, 346
    Corps of Havona Finaliters, one of the seven, 346, 352-353
    Corps of Mortal Finality (Corps of Mortal Finaliters), one of the seven, 352
       access of, to Sonarington, 148
       Adjuster-fused mortals’ destination, 345
       admission of ascending pilgrims to, 159
       advancement of reborn cherubim and sanobim to, 424
       ascendant mortals in, as parents of Trinitized Sons of Perfection, 244
       ascenders’ entrance into, marked by the seventh jubilee, 305
       ascenders as sixth-stage spirits when mustered into the, 348
       attainment of, by mortals, 54
          by seraphim and midway creatures, 248
       children without essential experience on nativity world not mustered into, 532
       contact of angels of assignment with mortal ascenders before admission to, 300
       destiny, of ascending mortal mind, 84
          of man and Adjuster, 1238
       destiny guardians’ unique privilege of being mustered into the, 1249
       Evangels of Light in the, 349-350
       Evening Stars’ identification with local universe work of the, 408
       fused Adjusters in the, 1179
       future quest of members of the, 116
       Graduate Guides’ training of ascenders for admission to, 269
       Gravity Messengers as members of, 346-347
       guardian seraphim’s possible attainment of, 348-349, 440, 443
       Havona area dedicated to activities of, 156
       Havona natives as members of, 221, 346
       individuality of parents of creature-trinitized sons in roll calls of, 250
       Machiventa’s conjectured presence with mortals in the, 1025
       Material Sons’ attainment of, 349, 444
       midwayers, secondary, mustered into, 349, 444
       Mighty Messengers onetime members of, 178, 244-245
       parental relationship necessary for attainment of the, 516
       persistence of agondonter grouping in, 579
          of male and female personality trends in the, 939
       personal residences of, on Paradise, 156, 159, 347
       planetary ministry of, 626
       portrayal of complete Trinity relationship to evolutionary creation by, 191
       possible future function of the, 116, 290, 345, 631, 1166
       present function of, 156, 344-345, 626
       realization of supremacy of God by members of the, 69
       six classes of permanent members of, 345, 350
       sojourn and ministry of, on Havona worlds, 156
       the soul’s being mustered into the, consequences, 1286
       Those High in Authority onetime members of, 178, 244
       Those Without Name and Number onetime members of, 178, 244
       unrevealed destiny of, 760, 1286
       vacant place in, speculations concerning, 350
       wisdom of mobilization of, 762
    Corps of Paradise Finaliters, one of the seven, 352
    Corps of Transcendental Finaliters, one of the seven, 352-353
       on Paradise, Havona natives in the, 346
    Corps of Trinitized Finaliters, one of the seven, 252, 352-353
       destiny of creature-trinitized sons, 252
    Corps of Unrevealed Sons of Destiny, one of the seven, 352-353
    future sphere of activity of, 131, 354
    Grandfanda the acting head of the, 354, 1239
    midway creatures’ destiny, 349, 444
    primary, composition of, 345
    the senior Master Architect’s oversight of the seven, 352
    the seven, 352-353

Corps of Light and Life, ascendant mortals’ current service in, 347
    of Perfection, local universe, destiny of Spirit-fused mortals, 411
    of permanent citizenship, twelve orders of, 337
    reserve, of destiny, see Reserve corps, of destiny
    of Seraphic Completion, see Seraphic, Corps of Completion
    women’s evangelistic, 1678-1679

Corpse savages’ superstitions about a, 958

Correction fathers’ provision for their children’s, 1604
    in suffering, 1662

Correctional rest of erring Melchizedeks, 386

Correlator of the absolute and the relative, the Universal Absolute the, 1156
    Deity, of time-space divinity, 11
    of reality, Conjoint Actor a, 99

Coruler with Michael, Creative Mother Spirit the, 369

Cosmic accident, God not a, 34
    addresses, Father-worlds serve as, 148
    communication, utilization of, by Solitary Messengers, 261
    difficulties, “males’ ” and “females’ ” mutual dependence in overcoming, 939
    disharmony, cause of, 1434
    existence, Paradise Source and Center of, 215
    leasehold, of a Creator Son, 237
    orphan, Urantia not a, 1259
    path, of the universes, 165
    reactions, certain, not fully understood by Divine Counselor, 55
    reserve corps, on Urantia, over one thousand mortals in present, 1258
    salt,” religion’s necessary action as, in modern civilization, 1087
    sociology, the Creator-creature relationship, 50
    source, Paradise as the, 637
    total, the Supreme’s treatment of his experiential children as, 1290

Cosmic, 1. Cosmic citizenship
    citizens, procreation of, 939
    citizenship, conferred through bestowal of personality, 195
       failure to perceive the duties of, significance, 1301
       interpreters of, 434-435
       joyful acceptance of, 1206
       man’s recognition of the eternal realities of, 1093
       portrayal of morality of, by seraphim, 435
    desertion, Urantia mortals not to have a feeling of, 1258
    individual, the Father’s treatment of each of his ascending sons as a, 1290

Cosmic, 2. Cosmic evolution
    adaptation, importance of, in experience, 1097
    -circle attainment, comparison of, with spiritual development, 1211
    circle(s), of personality growth, attainment of the, 1233
       revelation’s affirmations regarding the, 1122
       seven, achievement of, not equal to Adjuster fusion, 1212
    cloud(s), composition of, 462
       a factor in climate fluctuations, 662
    cocoon, human life experience a, 1289
    compass, man’s infallible, the Adjuster as, 1177
    complement, experiential nature the, of perfect nature, 362
    dissolution of sin-identified being, 37
    dust clouds, Andronover’s suns’ acquirement of, 654
    eruption, major, Orvonton’s latest, 458
    events, organic unity underlying, 56
    evolution, and destiny, in relation to all universe ages, 1163
       matter a philosophic shadow in, 140
       nature a manifestation of a universe experiment in, 57
       nonaccidental character of, 560
       the purpose of, 1229
       seven levels of, evidence of the conquest of the, 1210
    experience, availability of, to creature and Creator, 1276
    fog, star dust, 130
    growth, prerequisites to, 1095
       of things, meanings, and values, 1163
    levels, psychic circles of mortal progression, 1211
    overcontrol, of material organization, 237
       of the Supreme Being, relation of power centers to, 323
       a Trinity function, 113
    tension, the evolution of the Supreme Being as a resolution of, 1277
    unity, persistence of living organisms attaining, 670

Cosmic, 3. Cosmic energy – force
    chemical formulas, in life manifestations, number of, 398
    -energy work of Master Spirits, 189
    energy(ies), behavior of, as related to space levels, 128
       comparison of the control of, with that of spirit energy, 1156
       the fourth triunity’s control of the units of, 1149
       Material Sons’ immortal existence maintained by, 581
       primary revolution of units of, 133
    -force circuits, origin of, on nether Paradise, 122
    force, classification of, 469-471
       definition, 9
       insurging cycles of, 119
       Isle of Paradise the bestower of, 139
       metamorphosis of, in outer space levels, 131
       mutual resistance to, an ultimatonic motion, 476
       potency of, revelation-realization of, 13
       response of, to mind, 102
       space path of, 125
       stages of response of, to Paradise gravity, 125-126
    forces, of space, Universal Manipulator the activator of, 99
       survival of animal and plant life as part of the, 404
    gravity, domain of, 139
       of the Isle of Paradise, circuit of, 131
    power, Infinite Spirit a, 96
    projections of Paradise, physical-energy manipulators as students of, 504
    reality, response of, to Paradise Gravity, 125

Cosmic, 4. Cosmic mind
    instrument, human mind a, 1217
    intelligence, Adjusters’ ability to receive, 1207
       Adjusters’ difficulty in transmitting, to human subjects, 1207
    intellectuality, the two extremes of, 1217
    loom, the material mind as a, 1217-1218
    -mind circuits, equalization and stabilization of, 150
       circuits of the Seven Master Spirits, 177
    -mind endowment, of the ascending mortal in the morontia estate, 1236
       human personality potential in the, 71
    mind, 191-192
       associative capacity of morontia mind with, 481
       attainment of spirit unification by the ministry of, 639
       bestowal of, in local universe, 103
       cognizance of, of all thinking creatures, 266
       Conjoint Actor ancestor of the, 103, 105
       convergent in Seven Master Spirits, 5
       definition, 191, 481
       distribution of, to grand universe, 102
       divinity co-ordination in the, 93
       and evolution of physical tabernacles for human beings, 483
       finite, evolution of relationship between divine absolute mind and the, 105
       function of, 104, 481, 638
       gravity responsiveness of, 104
       Havona the mind laboratory of creators of, 161
       influence of, on intelligence, 1949
          on the material worlds, 2078
       insights of, function of, in local universe mind bestowals, 192
       intervention of, between spirit and matter, 140
       kinship of types of human and superhuman minds and, 191
       Master Spirits creators of, 189, 191
       operation of, as related to absolute mind gravity, 105
       origin of, 1274
       and reality response, 191-192
       reality sensitivity of, 192
       responses of, to spirit, 102
       self-conscious awareness of, 196
       Seven Master Spirits’ ministry of, 189, 481, 1269
       source of the streams of, 53
       spiritual intuition an endowment of the, 1108
       in subordination to Absolute mind, unification of mind as, 639
       Third Source and Center’s absolute grasp of, 136
       time-conditioned, 102
       unification of, in the supervision of the Seven Master Spirits, 638
       the universe’s co-ordination under the guidance of the, 1436
    thinking, Urantians’ indifference to cultivation of, 192

Cosmic, 5. Cosmic insight
    consciousness, difficulties encountered in endeavoring to expand, 1
       from confusion of, to unification of personality, in religious growth, 1098-1099
       man’s, the expansion of, results, 1146
       real birth of, on mansonia number five, 537
       recognition of a First Cause implied by, 3
       translation of, from grand to outer universe levels, 547
    destiny, glories of, wisdom’s enhancement of insight into the, 806
    -insight value level of the cosmic circles, 569
    insight, a drive of the ideal state, 803
       and effective philosophy of living, 1572
       enhancement of, effort involved in the, 1097
       a factor in progressive civilization, 804, 911
       the grasp of universe meanings, 194
       a level of mortal wisdom, 806
       man’s, influence of an understanding of universe realities on, 1162
       man’s moral choosing futile without, 193
          possibility of developing, 1045
       a prerequisite to knowing the morontia soul, 1215
       relative free will involved in, 194
       revelatory religion’s addition of, to human wisdom, 1101
    intuitions, the three basic, function of, 192
    response, reflective conclusions based on, 192
    understandings, search for, in progressive civilization, 577

Cosmic, 6. Cosmic reality
    configuration, derivation of, from function of the Second Triunity, 1148
    experientials, new, possible realization of, 1261
    mechanisms, creative indwelling mind concealed by, 482
    reality(ies), concentration in Paradise of all absolute potentials for, 120
       Deity activities on diverse levels of, 2
       destruction of that which cannot be co-ordinated with, 241
       liberty’s relation to, 613
       the mortal’s need to know the relations of Deity to, 1162
       need for identification with the finite cosmos, and, 1039
       objective, the ideals of, 1141
       Paradise the most gigantic organized body of, 118
       a possible personal unification of the several kinds of, 1275
       relation of Eternal Son to spirit level of, 76
       relative, endless sweep of, 480
          seven levels of, 140
       self-consciousness an indication of capacity for individualized experience with, 194
       source of, 469
       and spiritual forces, relation of, in Paradise-Havona system, 154-155
       three realms of, 739

Cosmic, 7. Cosmic meanings and values
    co-ordinates, past and present concept of good and evil as, 962
    creation, factors of, embraced in universal beauty, 647
    discrimination, judicial form of, 192
       mathematical form of, 192
       worship the reverential and worshipful form of, 192
    meaning(s), attainment of increasing levels of, 63
       conditions favoring discernibility of, 740
       introduction to comprehension of, 536
       the new cult’s need to enhance, 966
       reflective meditation on, and religious growth, 1095
       true, of the golden rule, revelation of, 1950
    morality, ascendant mortals’ training in, on system headquarters, 435
       definition, 435, 1284
       man’s relation to the Supreme the foundation for, 1284
    relationships, harmonious, relation of, to curiosity, 646
       Lucifer’s blindness to, 601
       of Universal Absolute, unfathomability of, 117
    responsibility, supreme, man’s power of choice his, 1233
    self-destruction, possibility of, in the free exercise of finite will, 1301
    socialization, the highest form of personality unification, 647
    stamina, a requisite for effective praying, 1002
    values, appreciation of, religion’s need of the, 1089

Cosmic, 8. Cosmic philosophy
    contemplation, silent, in morontia temples, 622
    data, revelations’ clarifying knowledge by presenting, 1109-1110
    fairness, true liberty’s attitude toward, 613
    insanity, a definition, 754
    perspective, mansion world students’ achieving of, 554
       man’s need of, in a changing environment, 1092
    philosophy, of expanding factualization of Supreme Being, 399
       graduation exercises of schools of, in morontia temples, 622
       man’s need for an accelerated evolution of his, 1146
       of these papers, man’s natural approach to, 215
    poise, an earmark of religious living, 1101
    providence, function of, impersonal law equivalent to the, 137
    reliability, planetary isolation an opportunity for development of confidence in, 578
    situations, cosmic wisdom an essential to understanding, 620
    truth, the progressive scientist’s abandonment of materialistic fact for, 1125
    unity concept, vs. dual spiritism concept, 961
    universe, unity in the, 1477
    wisdom, ascension of religion to level of, 577
       a fruit of divinity, 648

Cosmically lonely mortals escape of, from isolation, 1985

Cosmology(ies) a definition, 646
    efforts to excel in, on worlds in light and life, 630
    erroneous, religion’s persistence in spite of contamination with, 1107
    man’s need of instruction in, 1109
    material, religion not the product of a, 1105
    mechanistic, possible prevention of development of, 141
    the mortal’s absorption in experiential study of, 646
    and the pursuit of divine reality values, 646
    revealed, limitations of, by present-day knowledge, 1109
    of revelation, danger associated with the finding of inevitable errors in, 1109
    of these revelations, not inspired, 1109
    value of revelations of, 1109-1110

Cosmos appearance of the, when viewed through man’s physical senses, 1135
    coexistence of finite and Infinite in the, 15
    conformity with the, and virtue, 193
    consciousness of the, 105
    emergence of the derivations of, through the Unqualified Absolute, 637
    expanding, and mind expression, 29
    freedom of, from unforeseen accidents, 556
    -infinite, assumption of the existence of a, 1168
    infinity of God not encompassed by the, 44-45
    limitlessness of the, 1261
    man, vs. the, 963-964, 1261
    man’s reach outward for an understanding of the, 1138
    material, midwayer’s proof of presence of mind in the planning, creation, and maintenance of the, 665
    mind of the, response of supermaterial realities to, 192
    personal and impersonal phases of the unification of the, 1167
    presence of materialism, mechanism, and determinism in the, 2077-2078
    reality of the, present day partial approaches to the, 1090
    religion’s attitude toward the, 1122
    science’s attitude toward the, 1122
    of spirit values, religion man’s experience with the, 1136
    spiritual administration of, 135
    three basic mind realities of the, 195
    Trinity functioning on all levels of the, 112
    unity of the, man’s perception of the diversity of existence and the, 1146

Cosovereignty with Creator Son, elevation of Mother Spirit to, 204

Couches thirteen, arrangement of, in the upper chamber at Passover supper, 1936

Council(s) administrative, Edenic, banquet in honor of, 831
    administrative, Edenic, makeup of, 831
    apostolic, Nathaniel’s frequent absence from, 1559
    of the Areopagus, Paul’s speech before the, 2071
    of believers, at Magadan Park, 1771
    of the Caligastia one hundred, 745-749
    of elders, in the evolution of human government, 788-789, 798
    emergency, David Zebedee’s call for an, 1720
    of Equilibrium, direction of Master Physical Controllers by, 324
       identity and function of, 324
    of Father and Son, “make mortal man in our own image,”, 78
    of forty, Van’s, length of service of, 759
    of legislators, constellation, function of, 488
    mansions, ten, of Dalamatia, works of art of, 750
    of the Melchizidek(s), see Melchizidek(s), council
    of men,” Jesus’ attitude toward, 1412
    of one thousand electors, from Jerusem, educational requirements for membership in, 517-518
       selection by, of representatives and delegates to constellation legislature, 517-518
    of Paradise, and times of Son of Man’s reappearing on earth, 1915
    of perfection, on Havona, examination of disappointed pilgrims by, 295
    of perfection, on Paradise, translation of conciliators to, 278
    of the resurrection of sleeping will creatures, 2020
    of Sanhedrin scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees, 1899
    of seven, Onamonalonton’s, 789
    of seventy, of constellation, vs. system’s four and twenty counselors, 573
    of supreme sanction, number and location of, 373
    of the Trinity, source of the executive branch of the supergovernments, 178
    Urantia’s ten, session of, prior to planetary rebellion, 755

Counsel an adjutant mind-spirit, 401
    of all beings, Hearts of Counsel reflective of the, 312
    condition under which Jesus was willing to give the rich man, 1462
    of God, status of men who reject the, 1908
    Jesus’ admonishing of the “certain rich man” concerning his, 1463
    of perfection, Divine Counselors the, 217
    spirit of, an adjutant mind-spirit, 401-402
    of Universal Father, immutability of the, 36
    when given by ministering-spirit quartette, 628

Counselor(s) Andrew’s duties as an apostolic, 1959
    an experienced, religion’s need to function as, in this changing world, 1087
    four and twenty, 513-514
    of Most Highs, variations in, 391
    of the new kingdom, Peter and Andrew the first, 1525
    and advisers, of the second Havona circle, function of, 295-296
    understanding, Jesus an, 1722
       mind planners as, 553

Countenance God, the health of man’s (Judaism), 1445
    Jesus’, change of, at his baptism, 1504
    sadness of Jesus’, as he stood by Judas’s vacant place, 1956

Counterirritants use of, an early remedial measure, 991

Counterpoise of Isle of Paradise, 81

Country bestowal of the Spirit of Truth in city and, 2064
    folk, vs. city, at time of Elijah, 1065

Courage an adjutant mind-spirit, 401
    of armies, vs. that of Jesus’ followers, 1608
    a cardinal virtue, according to Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, 1079
    challenge of, children’s response to the, 1575
    a component of true wisdom, 1958
    and confidence, spiritual faith’s generation of, 1108
    and cowardice, Peter a combination of, 1551
    a definition, 51, 1641
    deliberate and sustained, of Thomas, 1838
    vs. egotism, 1223
    to face problems, and solitary communion, 1774
    for fear, worship the interchange of, 1777
    genuine religion’s generation of new types of, 1100-1101
    the gospel’s ability to give man new, 1859
    the heart of Jesus’ teachings, 1582
    human, vs. bravery of Havona creatures, 52
    the indomitable, of religious living, 1142
    influence of, on Nazareth family, 1400
    intelligent, Jesus’ possession of a mature, 2089
    Jesus’ great, 1102-1103, 1786
    Jesus’ inspiration of, to all his associates, 1875
    of Jesus, in using women as gospel teachers, 1671
    John Zebedee’s daring, examples, 1555
    and Loyalty,” one of Jesus’ evening discussions, 1683
    man’s possible perversion of his, 1222
    to meet his enemies, Jesus not lacking in, 1736
    need of, to explore unknown realms of intellectual living, 1114
       to invade new levels of experience, 1114
    outward, of Jesus’ immediate followers, 1871
    physical, degree of Thomas’s, 1562
       vs. spiritual, 1608
    and prayer, 998
    prayer, to Jesus, a revelation of, 2089
    a prerequisite to solution of life problems, 1773
    release of, by true religion, 1727
    requisites for, 51
    spirit of, an adjutant mind-spirit, 402
    Thomas’s, Jesus’ praise of, 1961
    true, the seventy’s need to maintain, 1805
    unflinching, a factor in Thomas’s strength, 1561
    war’s premium on, 785

Courageous loyalty a fruit of the spirit, 2054

Court(s) advisers, a group of supreme seraphim, 428
    of Ancients of Days, 180, 407
    Annas’ loss of control of the Sanhedrin, 1983
    combats, early conduct of, 797
    the council of elders as a, 789
    of Creator Sons, and decrees of cessation of existence, 37
    equity of, a gauge of a civilization, 797
    establishment of, on system capitals, 632
    the first, character of, 797
    of the gentiles, in Jerusalem temple, 1333
       Jesus’ reaction to the confusion in, 1378
    in Havona, 155
    heavenly, reaction in, at Havona arrival of first pilgrim of time, 270
    on Jerusem, minor only, 512
    and laws, on Urantia, 796-797
    local universe, limitation of jurisdiction of, 372
    magic, character of early, 790
    of the Most High, ascendant mortals on the, 487
       a constellation tribunal, 487
    of Nebadon, 372-373
       laws governing adjudication of internal matters by, 487
       organization of, 372
       and universe advisory councils’ findings, 373
    of Orvonton, reference of questions of eternal life and death to, 372
    of Perfections of Days, constitution of, 181
    review, Melchizedeks’ function as, 386
    of review, Vorondadek high, function of, 390
    Salvington, clerks of, 431
    socioeconomic, and law, of the continental nation, 810
    of supergovernment, constitution of, 180
    superuniverse, and cessation of existence decrees, 37
       function of Mighty Messengers in, 245
       jurisdiction of, over defaults of local universe Sons of God, 372
    of time and space, possible handicaps of, 452
    traveling, of the universes, 414
    tribal, makeup of, 788
    universe, Urantia courts compared with, 373
    Uversa, and testimony of Memories of Mercy, 314
       presentation of evidence in, 180

Courtesan(s) Corinthian, the elder, early death of, 1473
    Corinthian, Jesus’ chance meeting with, 1472
       the younger, later membership of, in first Christian church in Corinth, 1473
    Jesus’ indignation at the presence of, in the temple court, 1378

Courtesy civilized, origin of, 963
    colony(ies), 338-340
       celestial artisans’ membership in the, 497
       circles of the, on Jerusem, 526
       domiciles of, 416
       on Edentia worlds, 493
       members, ascending pilgrims as, 340
       number of, 338
       of omniaphim on Uversa, 307
       personnel of, utilization of, in minor sector administration, 211
       of Uversa, relation of seconaphim to, 317

Courtship and betrothal, 923
    of dawn mammals, 704
    fostering of, by Tut’s group, 748
    man’s leadership in, 923
    and marriage, of Joseph and Mary, 1349
    woman and, 923

Courtyard of Annas John’s admission to, 1980
    Peter’s denial of the Master in the, 1980-1981

Cousin(s) John’s desire to counsel with Jesus his, 1503
    marriages, among the Mesopotamians, 918
       certain, meaningless prohibitions concerning, 933
       origin of, 918
    midwayers’ human, 444
    presentation of Judas to the Sanhedrin by his, 1925

Covenant(s) Abraham’s formal acceptance of the, 1021
    abrogation of the Abrahamic, 1910
    between the gods and man, an advancement in religion, 983
    God’s new, Jeremiah’s reference to, 1630
    -keeping reliability, God’s, Samuel’s emphasis on, 1063
    Melchizedek’s, with Abraham, 1020
    ransom, and redemption, evolution of modern sacramental services, 983-984
    replacement of luck, fear, and superstition by the, 983
    of their trusteeship, violation of, by Adam and Eve, 583

Covetous the Lord’s attitude toward the, 1822

Covetousness Jesus’ warnings against, 1581, 1821
    Pharisees’ guilt of, 1826
    the trouble of the rich young man, 1821

Cow an early source of food, 746
    a onetime fetish, 968

Coward(s) Judas a, 1927, 1973
    moral, lack of achievement of high philosophic thinking by, 1114
       Pilate a, 1987, 1996
       religious teachers as sometime, 1769
    spiritual, Jesus’ appeal to Anaxand against being a, 1430

Cowardice and courage, Peter a combination of, 1551
    and failure, possible causes of, 1673
    Judas’s readiness to assign, to Jesus, 1927

Cowardly Jesus’ lack of ever being, 1102

Crab(s) of early marine life, 674
    maturity of, time of, 688
    nebula, origin of, 464

Cradle of civilization, 900-901
    of civilization, second Eden the, 868
       in southwestern Asia after Adam, 900
    of the early gospel movement, Jerusalem to become the, 1913
    of evolution, 663
    evolutionary, of mortal races, 559

Craft secrets influence of, on marriage mores, 918

Craftworkers of color function of, 506

Crash of empires influence of, on the gospel believer, 1916

Cream on the milk and universe rising of the God-knowing soul, 1449

Created beings, representatives of, on superuniverse headquarters, 179
    beings, worship eventually the most exquisite pleasure of, 303
    intelligences, first duty of, 303
       God a personality to, 23
    mind, Third Person the supreme ruler in domain of, 102
    personalities, experiences of, Paradise Sons’ technique of sharing, 86

Creation(s) bathed by unlimited spirit of Eternal Son, 78
    center of all, 152
    central core of, 109
    of central universe, threefold, 154
    conjoint act of, 109
    control and technique of, 169
    co-operation of the Deities in, 86
    date of Old Testament account of, 837
    diverse, Third Source and Center the unifier of, 98
    eternal circling of, around the Paradise Personality center, 47
    eternal pattern of sharing in, 614
    and evolution of universe actuals, an analysis of, 1298
    existence of, in the power of the Most High (Cynicism), 1442
    far-flung, finaliters’ service in the, 343-344
       ruler of, 1857
    future, 121
    God the cause of, 1448
    of God, goodness of, 1444
    of Havona, reason for, story of, 157
    Hebrews’ different stories of, 837-838
    immensity of the, 51
    infinite, Paradise adequate for an, 121
    Infinite Spirit the conjoint executive in, 85
    invisible Maker discerned through his, 27-28
    legend of, 836-838
    limitless, Conjoint Actor’s ability to meet demands of a, 92
    local universe administration’s concern with, 372
    of local universe, conservation of, by Creator Sons and Creative Spirits, 376
       twofold, 154
       creatures, Creative Spirit’s relation to, 374
    material, actual limitation of, 128
       eternal potential of, 128
       the mechanist’s view of, 665
       organization of, in second outer space level, 130
       of the Sons of God, by whom planned, 357
       and spiritual, of headquarters worlds, 174
    mortals the lowest order of intelligent and personal, 447
    near-infinity of, 363
    perfected, of time and space, Supreme Being the future sovereign of, 636
    physical, outward expansion of, 134
    new, re-keying tantamount to a, 544
    of new universes, effect on gravity of the, 49
    news-gathering and decree-disseminating mechanism of, 201
    organized, first outer space level’s relation to, 130
    outstretched, Universal Father’s authority over, 52
    Paradise the center of all, 127
    pervasion of, by divine energy, 468
    of physical bodies for Adam and Eve, 837
    physical, function of Creator Son in, 374
       function of Universe Spirit in, 374
    potential infinity of, 130
    preliminary work of, 374
    the reason for Sabbath keeping, 1599
    relation of Father, Son, and Spirit in, 96-97
       Universal Father to, 21
    and rule of Creator Sons, 37
    in six days, idea of, 836-838
    stupendous drama of, 90
    subinfinite and time-space, how made possible, 120
    subordinate, effect on Father’s personality of his bestowals on the, 49
    a supreme concern of Master Son of Nebadon, 372
    threefold, basic organization of, vs. that of twofold creation, 154
    of time and space, changes in, on settlement of a superuniverse in light, 636
       relation of mercy to the, 38
       sevenfold diversity of, 480
    total, and domination of mechanisms, 481
       master universe embraces, 128
    Trinity concept of, 108
    unification of diverse levels of, 637
    universe, discovery of God in, 1733
    welfare of, and personality of perfection, 48

Creational phenomena reflection of, of antecedent creator-spirit activities, 644

Creative action, relation of creator thought to, 42
    activity of Infinite Spirit, vs. coexistence with Havona, 161
    acts, approval of both Creator Son and Mother Spirit in all local universe, 369
       God’s, limitations of, 59
    associate of the Infinite Spirit, Creator Son as the, 367
    attributes, of local universe Mother Spirit, 406
    companion, of the Creator Son, 369
    cycle, the initiation of the, 1154
    Daughter(s), identity, 94
       of the Infinite Spirit, appearance on universe scene by a, time of, 358
          each Creator Son accompanied by a, 236
          function of, in life bestowal, 399
          spiritual circuit of the, the Holy Spirit, 95
       of Third Source and Center, bestower of cosmic mind in local universe, 103
    diversity, underlying of, by basic unity, 637
    energy, and cosmic reaction, the Brahman’s concept of, 1030
    events, God’s participation in, 362
    expansion, of Father and Son, 91
    force, activating living spark supplied by a, 404
    healing powers, of the Creator Son, 1669
    imagination, First and Third Source personalities’ endowment of, 106
    a level of total Deity function, 2
    mother, adjutant mind-spirits’ subordination to, 402
    Mother Spirit, augmentation of personality qualities of, 375
       coruler with Michael, 369
       human minds not indwelt by spirit of, 379
       identification, 367
       and mind endowment of local universe children, 378
       of Nebadon, a function of, 197
       resemblance of, to Master Spirit of Orvonton, 191
       subordination of, to Michael, 367
    personalities, residing on local universe headquarters, 360
    possibilities of the human imagination, 1467
    potential, increase of, the result of certain race mixtures, 920
    power(s), the basis of Melchizedek’s concept of Deity, 1052
       of Conjoint Creator, and Father’s liberation from bonds of personality absolutism, 98
       co-ordinate, of Creator Sons, 88
       Jesus’ decision as to use of, 1517
       Jesus’, human faith and, 1698
       resident in the Master’s person, 1698
    prerogatives, limitation of, by Bright and Morning Stars, 369
    principle, governing segmentation of superuniverse energy charge, 455
    Spirit(s), appearance of differentiated entity of, 204
       assumption of personal qualities by the, 204, 236
       Bright and Morning Star chief executive of the, 369, 427
       career of, in ages of light and life, 204
       change in, following primary eruption, 374-375
       cocreator of Archangels, 408
          Bright and Morning Stars, 273, 369
          Brilliant Evening Stars, 407
          Lanonandeks, 223, 384, 392
          Life Carriers, 223, 396
          Melchizedeks, 223, 384-385
          Susatia, 414
          univitatia, 414-415, 493-494
          Vorondadeks, 223, 384, 389
       consort, charge of eternal fidelity and unending loyalty administered to, 204
       creation of local universe angelic orders by, 205
       and Creator Son, creation of local universes by, 93, 154
          joint local universe administration by, 161
          liaison, the Bright and Morning Star the result of a, 273
          union of, part taken in, by Universal Father, 204
       Daughter of the Infinite Spirit, 384
       differentiation between the Infinite Spirit and, 106
       the Holy Spirit a gift from the, 1108
       individualization of, by Infinite Spirit, 374
       influence of, on the pattern of a local universe, 1274
       length of sojourn of, with Master Spirit, 204
       local universe, bestowal of adjutant mind-spirits by, 190
          creation of, 106, 203, 374
          influence of, on finite energy and spirit, 1270
          joint rulers with Creator Sons, 164
          an order of Supreme Spirits, 107, 197
          the universe mother, 370
       mind bestowal of, 378
       of Nebadon, influence of, on human races, 191
          modification of God’s laws by plans of, 56
       new relationship between the Creator Son, Evening Stars, Teacher Sons, finaliter corps, and the, 634-635
       personality classification of the, 106
       personalization of, 374-375
       the possible contact of Master Spirit of Orvonton with mortal minds, 191
       postbestowal elevation of, by Creator Son, 204
       prepersonal state of, and initial vicegerent sovereignty of the Creator Son, 237
       relation of, to Spirit of Truth, 230
          to time and space, 376-377
       responsibility of, in creation of living creatures, 376
       seraphim and mind both from the, 1245
       space presence of, 455
       uniformity of creatures of sole origin in, 237
       universe effect of presence of the, 455
       Universe, man’s relation to the, 1129
       see also Creative, Daughters; Creative, Mother Spirit; Divine, 2. Personalities,
          Minister(s); Local, universes, Creative Spirits; Local, universes, Mother Spirit; Mother, Spirit(s);
          Universe(s), 4. Universe Mother Spirits, Mother Spirit(s); Universe(s), 4. Universe Mother Spirits, Spirit(s)
    trio, sense in which the Universal Father is silent member of the, 362
    Whole, relation of created parts to the, 647

Creativity diminished, the result of mating of inferior human stocks, 920
    freewill, and freewill destructivity, 1220
    an individual’s choice as to the nature of his inner life’s, 1220
    in time, evolution, 1159
    unifying, of creature personality, 640

Creator Son(s) adjustment of Urantia’s affairs not dependent on a, 853
    contact of Ancients of Days with, 309
    creatorship prerogatives not transmissible by, 77
    on fourth Havona circuit, comprehension of nature and mission of, 293
    God the Supreme actualizing in the, 12, 1269
    historic and prophetic exhibits on Paradise assigned to the, 121
    local application of laws of First Source and Center modified by, 42
    local universe, Paul’s confusion of the Eternal Son with the, 1144
    Master, and Supreme Creators in the Trinity Ultimate, 1166
    Master, see also Master, Creator Sons, see also Master Son(s)
    as members of the Supreme Creators, 640
    Paradise, 234-242
    Paradise, see also Paradise, 8. Paradise Sons, Creator Son(s)
    reflection of the minds of the, 308
    as related to God the Sevenfold, 12, 367, 640, 646, 1164
    Universe Sovereignty, see Sovereign, Creator Sons
    Vicegerington not the home of, in this universe age, 148
    Voices of the, 308, 452

Creator Son(s), 1. Origin and nature
    differences in attributes of, 235-236
    divine person of Mother Spirit recognized by the, 375
    dual Deity origin of, 213, 234
    the first Paradise order of sonship, 384
    Michael the first born, Havona bestowal of, 87
    the Michaels, 53, 223, 406, 489, 643
    nature of, 88, 234-235
    of Nebadon, origin of, 366
    number of, 235
    origin of, 88, 224, 234-235, 572
    of the Paradise Father, Jesus an actual, 1408
    of Paradise, Michael of Nebadon a, 654
    personalization of, by Universal Father and Eternal Son, 203, 374
    spiritual endowment of, 224
    training of, 235
    uniqueness of each, 234

Creator Son(s), 2. Early creative activities
    accompaniment of, on universe adventure, by tertiaphim, 306
    activities of, in universe organization, 357-365
    arrival of, on local universe scene, 329, 358
    creation of universe of Nebadon by a Creative Spirit and a, 93
    creation and work of, as related to Creative Spirits, 106, 203-204, 374
    dependence of, in universe making, on Third Source and Center, 235-236
       on power centers and physical controllers, 322-323, 1275
    energy-matter transformations by, 367
    and establishment of gross equilibrium of the local universe, 358-359, 1274
    Havona a pattern for all, 162
    local universes created by, 155, 235-237
    Master Architects’ approval of space-site assignments of, 352
    Master Spirits’ assistance to, 189
    provision of original life designs by, 397
    really transformative creators in the cosmic sense, 1298
    relation of, to power charge of a local universe, 358
    space limitations of, 377
    universes of time and space created by, 24

Creator Son(s), 3. Local universe functions
    certain functions of, 12, 234, 645
    counseling of college of associate Sons by, 228
    evolution of the, in the local universe, 1272
    limitations of, 88, 236
    of Nebadon, modification of God’s laws by plans of, 56
    task of, in winning universe sovereignty, 1494
    time not a handicap to, 377
    versatility of, 366

Creator Son(s), 4. Universe sovereignty
    achievement of their Paradise-divinity potentials by, 242
    additional accomplishments of, in settling his sovereignty, 239
    administrative freedom of, in fourth stage of development, 634
    aspiration of, as to supremacy of administration, 1324
    authority of, to rule universe at any time, 237, 1324
    earning of sovereignty of local universe by, 210, 237-239, 1272
    midwayers’ service in maintaining sovereignty of, 425
    might, efficiency, and beneficence of, 367
    oath of, to the Trinity regarding full sovereignty, 1308
    power and versatility of a, 366
    price of supreme sovereignty of a, 1323
    Sovereign, see Sovereign, Creator Sons
    sovereignty of, noninterference of Supreme Executives with, 198
       seven stages of, 237-238
    supremacy of rule of, 363
    time of receipt of supreme universe authority by a, 240
    will of a, the law of his universe, 363

Creator Son(s), 5. Bestowals
    attitude of, toward bestowal, 87
    bestowal experience value to the, 1308
    bestowal Son’s return to the, 596
    bestowal Son, Jesus of Nazareth the Urantia, 228-229
    bestowal(s), and appearance on seven creature levels, 239-240
       relations between man and God not dependent on, 2002
       and revelation of will and nature of Deity, 239
       seven groups of, 239
    changes in, effected by bestowal experiences, 240
    creature understanding demanded of, 1324
    of God, becoming one with man, 448
    Michael’s incarnation status as a, 1329
    of Nebadon, the morontia experiences of and the termination of his final bestowal, 2041
       as a teaching counselor on fourth bestowal, 429
       terminal bestowal of, on Urantia, 227
    one mortal bestowal of, in each local universe, 228
    purpose of bestowal of, on Urantia, 1323
    suffering of the, 53
    support of Avonals on planetary missions by, 225
    unaccompanied, on evolutionary world bestowal, 386
    as Urantia’s bestowal Son, 60, 85, 595

Creator Son(s), 6. Personalities created
    children of time created by, 36
    cocreator of archangels, 408
       of Bright and Morning Star, 369
       of Brilliant Evening Stars, 407
       of Lanonandeks, 223, 384, 392, 572
       of Life Carriers, 223, 396
       of Melchizedeks, 223, 384-385
       of Susatia, 414
       of Univitatia, 493
       of Vorondadeks, 223, 384, 389
    coresponsibility of, in creation of living creatures, 369, 376, 418
    creation of mortal man by the, 359
    and creation of new types of beings, 236
    and Divine Ministers, relation of, in creating will creatures, 162
    endorsement of new life plans by the, 397
    initiation of new creature designs by the, 367
    life bestowed through the, 44
    life-creation plan of the, 359
    Material Sons and Daughters created by, 415, 580
    and origin of local universe Sons, 384

Creator Son(s), 7. Local universe government
    absence of, from his headquarters, direction and guidance during, 213, 237
    administrative relation of, to a local universe, 366-373
    assistance to, by Most High Assistants, 410
    basis of local universe authority of a, 237-238
    Bright and Morning Star the chief executive of the, 237, 369-370, 427
    character of rule of the, 37-38
    and correction of Melchizedek errors in judgment, 386
    courts of, and decrees of cessation of existence, 37
    Divine Minister’s personal co-operation with, 368, 375
    function of, as planetary judges, 226
    joint local universe administration of Creative Spirit and, 161
    limitation of personal administration of Urantia by the, 1251
    local universe activities of Magisterial and Teacher Sons under direction of, 224
    Melchizedeks’ function in threatened failure of some plan of a, 389
       intelligence reports to, 386
    rule of a, no direct co-ordination of Thought Adjusters with, 363
    selection of Most High rulers by the, 390
    supreme advisory cabinet of, 390
    tertiaphim liaison ministers between Ancients of Days and, 286, 307
    universe aides under direction of the, 338
    universe organization of, a requisite for, 357

Creator Son(s), 8. Revelation of Deity
    blending of love of Universal Father and mercy of Eternal Son in, 232
    Eternal Son personally represented by the, 84
    Father worshiped through the, 65
    function of First Source and Center through the, 111
       of infinite Son in the, 83
    gift of Deities to ascension creatures, 232
    of Nebadon, resemblance of, to Eternal Mother Son, 235
    personal expression of Universal Father, 44
       representation of Universal Father by the, 361
    personalization of inseparability of Father and Son in a, 80
    portrayal of Universal Father’s character by, 233
    relation of Universal Father to the, in local universe administration, 362-363
    resemblance of some, to God the Father, and others to God the Son, 235
    revelation of God to men by the, 2062
    rule of, in God’s stead, 364
    the Son of Man and the Son of God, 61, 89
    subordination of, to the will of the Paradise Deities, 1325
    Universal Father seen in the, 28, 1176
    Universal Father’s rule over local universes through the, 366
    the universe Father, 343, 370, 587
    universe-Father function of, 224
    Urantia mortal’s comprehension of personality of, vs. that of the Eternal Son, 80
    on Urantia, revelation of Eternal Son by the, 89

Creator Son(s), 9. Ministry of the ascension plan
    association of, with the souls of men, 1376
    and bestowal of morontia mind, 481
    contempt of, for Caligastia, 754
    vs. Eternal Son, in prayer, 84
    fusing of morontia mortal with portion of spirit of, 333, 449-450, 452, 1178
    Havona pilgrims’ message of thanksgiving to the, 343
    information of, as to Lucifer’s state of mind, 602
    love domination of, in dealing with intelligent beings, 618
    love of the, for the Jews, 1909
    Lucifer’s rejection of mercy of the, 603
       relations with the, 602
    mercy-dominated, sympathy and compassion of the, 1669
    and mortals’ realization of God, 11-12
    our, a living channel from humanity to divinity, 1281
    plan of, for man, 57
    pledge of, to retrieve his creation, 85, 238
    prayers belong to realm of the, 65-66
    promise of, to return to Urantia, 1025

Creator Son(s), 10. Spirit of Truth
    bestowal spirit of, the Spirit of Truth, 377
    capitals of the, headquarters of Holy Spirit and Spirit of Truth, 639
    conjoint Spirit of Truth of Avonal and, 230
    mortal mind pervaded by Truth Spirit of the, 33
    the Spirit of Truth’s revelation of the, to men, 2062
    Truth Spirit of, focalization of, in Divine Minister, 452

Creator Son(s), 11. Future destiny
    accompaniment of, by Divine Ministers on possible outer universe missions, 634-635
    and Creative Spirits, conjectures regarding their future in outer space, 1304
    destiny of, the study of the second age of light and life, 626
    and Divine Ministers, possible future relations of, 643
    of God, aspiration of, as to duplicating the pattern universe, 152
    preparation of, and their mortal children, for unknown universe service, 297
    of settled universes, activities of, 634
    the supreme goal of, the sevenfold bestowal, 227

Creator(s) absolute, Havona’s evident creation by an, 1268
    and controller of the universe of universes, a title for God, 1448
    death of the, silence of the universe hosts while watching, 2008
    divine, names for the, 34
    divinities of the grand universe, 641
    of Heaven and Earth,” a Semite appellation of Deity, 1053
    Hebrews’ concept of the, at times of Elijah, 1064
    higher spirit, and spirit forms of intelligent life, 468
    infinite, control of creation and universe organization by, 169
    Lao-tse’s teaching regarding the return of the creature to the, 1033
    mercy delays of time by the free will of the, 616
    Paradise not a, 7, 127
    subabsolute, Urantia’s evident creation by, 1268
    Supreme, see Supreme Creators
    technique of, for producing perfect beings, 541
    universe, and administrators, evolutionary processes controlled by, 46
    universe, see Universe(s), 1. Universe creation
    and Upholder, universe, disposal of the human form of the, 2022
    a vast domain of ubiquitous becoming between the material creation and the, 1296
    the wise, technique of man’s doing the will of, 1450

Creator(s), 1. The Universal Father
    of all existences, man’s worship of the Eternal as the, 1857
    all-powerful, Isaiah’s portrayal of the, as the all-loving Father, 1070
    an appellation of the First Source and Center, 1155
    Deity, doctrine of the, 1598
    eternal, the cause of causes, 34
    faithful, God a, 34
    Father of all, 58
    Father, contact of, with his creations, 24
       God a, 196
       merciful, Isaiah’s’ proclamation of the, 1057
       satisfaction to the infinite love of the, 305
    -Father’s grandchildren of space, 160
    function of the Paradise Father through his, 139
    God, dignity and justice of a, Moses’ teachings about the, 2016
       the divine Creator, 34
    God the, 4, 21, 24, 1450, 1454
    how creatures name the, 22-23
    identity of the Universal Father, the Eternal Son the revelation of the, 73
    infinite, Paradise Father the, 1600
    infinity of, unlimited, 130
    original, the Father an, 99
    personal functioning of the Universal Father as a, 74
    significance of God as the, 1453
    thought, relation of, to creative action, 42
    Universal Father’s bestowal of himself on other, 108

Creator(s), 2. Creator partnerships
    associate, Eternal Son the, 73
    Father-Son, human minds not indwelt by spirit of, 379
       and mind endowment of local universe children, 378
    partnership, Father-Son a, 91
    time-space, evolving creatures’ partnership with the, 614

Creator(s), 3. Personality(ies)
    bestowal of personality on, 62
    personality(ies), activating living spark supplied by a, 404
       cause of sorrow of the, 58
       God and infinite, 28
       the original monothetic, 638
       of Paradise, children of the Universal Father, 138
       relation of, to human personality, 29
       residing on local universe headquarters, 360
       of time and space, and spirit gravity, 82

Creator(s), 4. Local universe creators
    activities, choice of realms of, by Sons of God, 357
    consciousness, of Michael, freedom of, during tomb experience, 2015
    evolution of, in the local universes, 1272
    -Father, celestial beings’ recognition of Jesus as their, 1409
       decision of, to pass through entire mortal experience, 2020
       Lucifer’s acknowledgement of Michael as, 603
       Michael, effect of affection of, for his erring Sons of the rebellion, 616
       Michael’s unworthy children’s accusation against their, 1331
    First Source and Center’s function as, through Creator Sons, 111
    incarnation of, in the form of a creature, 1510
    Indian lad’s proposal to the, that they make a new religion, 1467
    Jesus as a babe, lad, youth, and man, and as the, 1408
    of local universes, 235-237
    man’s, Jesus, 1573
    Michael born a, 1318
    Michael, oath of, in accepting vicegerent sovereignty, 238
    Michaels, definition, 234
    of Nebadon, Midwayers’ noncomprehension of the lad Jesus as the, 1376
    parents, identity of mortals’, 367
    powers, undisclosed, probable state of Master Sons’ during present universe age, 242
    prerogatives, association of, with Michael’s mortal personality, 1329
       of independence of time, 1530
       Jesus’ abstention from exhibiting his, 1517, 1632
       of local universe Father, limitations to, 236
       of a Michael Son, liberation of, 236
    presence of the, on earth, and miraculous occurrences, 1671
    of a universe, Jesus the, 1816

Creator(s), 5. Creator characteristics
    consciousness, procedure of, from thought-value, through word-meaning, to the fact of action, 1299
    -Creative future manifestations of God the Sevenfold, 642-643
    -creature experience, personification of, the Supreme, 1278
    divine, characteristics of the, 34
    experience, effect of, on infinity of divinity, 16
    possession of infallibility by, 1768
    prerogatives, Eternal Sons’ limitation in transmittal of, 77
    purposive, consistency’s demand of the recognition of a, 1125
    relation of, to justice and mercy, 38

Creator(s), 6. Creator-creature relationships
    appeal of Moses to Israelites to worship the, 837
    and creature, commingling of, 297
       love the central truth in the universe relations of, 2018
       unification of the cosmic extremes of, 646
    -creature experience of obtaining supreme local universe sovereignty, 239
       partnership, experiential growth implies, 1269
       relationship, cosmic sociology, 50
    and creature judgment, 372
    the creature’s entering into partnership with the, 1164
       inability to facilitate the resurrection of the, 2020
          to sit in judgment on the, 1795
       misconception of the acts of the, 47
    divinity sharing of, with universe children, 109
    eternal, bridging the gulf between the lowest finite personalities and the, 587
       man’s eventual worship of the, 948-949
    Father, true worship satisfies the, 22
    first attempts to save man made by the, 39
    inability of the creature to escape the presence of the, 1448
    the infinite, man’s privilege to worship, 1600
    insight, and creature experience, interpretation by Universal Censors of, 218
    knowledge of, of man’s temporal afflictions, 2019
    man’s failure to understand relations between creatures and, 1898
    man’s reverence of God as the, 1676
    nature of the relation between the creature and the, 1124
    purpose, the Supreme’s response to creature effort and, 1279
    purpose of, in the universe training school, 557-558
    revelation’s bridging the gap between the creature and the, 1106-1107
    sonship the supreme relationship of creature to, 454
    technique of creature’s becoming as one with, 1434
    truth of the, plus the factual experience of the finite creature eventuates a new value of the Supreme, 1297
    will of, creature cannot understand the, 49
    willingness of, to fellowship the creature, 1921
    worship, man’s emergence from animal level to, 589

Creatorship charge, to Michael Son, administration of, by Eternal Son, 204
    the aggregate of God’s acting nature, 44
    function of, manifestation of, 44
    implication of fullness of sovereignty in, 237
    Nebadon, not faulty, 393
    prerogatives of, of Universe Divine Ministers, 162

Creature(s) achievement of, dependence of, upon perseverance, 1266
    actual experience as his, and unquestioned power of a Master Michael, 240
    affection, a possible reflection of the love of the Supreme, 1279
    of animal nature, transformation of, to perfected sons of God, 295
    approach to Universal Father, 89
    ascension(s), bestowal ministry’s unification of, 1271
       and man’s glimpse of the Father’s purposes, 35
       plan of, Eternal Son’s relation to, 86
          Havona technique of, 156
    beings, limitation on creation of, by Master Sons, 240-242
       purpose of Paradise to, 118
       Technical Advisers’ interpretation of all laws concerning, 280
    -bestowal experiences of the Michaels, and the Supreme Being, 367
    bestowals, Michael’s incarnation on, 370
    brother of all, the Supreme the, 1285
    of the Central Universe, 156-158
    character, defects of, correction of, on mansion worlds, 533
    children, function of the Paradise Father through his, 139
    choice, differential, attitude of the Deities toward the, 150
       plus God’s choice, result, 1295
    -comprehended, Divinity, truth, beauty, and goodness, 3
    consecration to will of Paradise Father by the, 224
    co-ordination, schools, of, location, 399
    craving of, for association with other creatures, 109
       for infallibility, 1768
    creation, the first duty and highest ambition of the, 22
       the Spirit is love applied to the, 94
    and Creator, commingling of, 297
    -Creator identity, God the Supreme achieving, 4, 1285
       partnership, experiential growth indicative of, 1268
       relationship, a child-parent relationship, 1133
    Creator’s acts misunderstood by the, 47
    degree of God’s manifestation of his, 27
    designs, new, initiation of, by Creator Sons, 367
       and types, control of, by Eternal Son, 236
    on earth, the sons of the living God, 1446
    effect on Father’s personality of his bestowal on his, 49
    effort, the Supreme’s response to Creator purpose and, 1279
    every, stamp of a Master Spirit forever borne by, 190
    evolutionary, origin of minds of, 25
       seven approaches of, to the Universal Father, 1290
       the Supreme Being the God of, 4, 272
    evolutionary will, 564-565
    existence, cessation of, 569
       comparative schools of, 388
       mechanism of, factors in, 483
    experience, achievement of, by bestowal sons, 228
       acquirement of, Jesus’ prime mission on Urantia, 1417
       actual, a prerequisite to a Creator Son’s being granted sovereignty, 1309
       addition of, to nature of Creator Sons, 240
       effect of, on infinity of divinity, 16
       finaliters’ encompassment of sevenfold diversity of, 643
       perfected, interpretation by Universal Censors, 218
       the Sons’ possible achievement of supremacy of, 1279
       in the Trinity Ultimate, indication of, 1166
    faith-trust required of, by local Creator, 1325-1326
    of the flesh, Michael’s mission to the, 1328
    form, morontia, authorization of necessary changes in, 544
    forms of advancing mortals, system co-ordinators’ changes in, 543
    God lives in the, 45
    God’s resources for sustaining his, 55
    immortality, potential of, carried by Adjusters, 448
    impossibility of, to escape the destiny of his deeds (Buddhism), 1447
    inability of, to effect the resurrection of the Creator, 2020
       to escape the Creator’s presence (Hinduism), 1448
    intellect, spiritual response of, and encircuitment in spirit cycles, 403
    Jesus’ revelation of God’s manifestation in the, 2000
    -kinship serials, 567
    -level experiences, of Creator Son in obtaining supreme sovereignty, 238-239
    levels of time-space evolution, divinity on, 3
    life, ascension from material to spiritual estate of, 542
       evolution of, a study on Life Carrier world, 398
       and finite level of reality, 2
       inevitabilities of, 51
       intelligent, comparative relation of mind adjutants to, 403
    intelligent, need of, for function and experience, 362
    life, portrayal of acme of, and supreme local universe sovereignty, 239
    of a local universe, preliminaries necessary to creation of, 236
    -memory patterns, active, the possession of the detached Thought Adjusters, 533
    midway, 424-425, 855-867
    mind(s), origin of, 102-103
       personality endowed and Father-fragment indwelt, 70
       required status of the, before the arrival of the Adjuster, 1187
       response of, to spirit and material gravity, 104
       Supreme Being evolving expression of, to their Creator, 104
    ministry, relation of, to purposes and personalities of Creator Sons, 94
    mystery of the influence of the Supreme on the (Taoism), 1452
    nature of the relation between the Creator and the, 1124
    needs of, Father’s tender mercies answer, 38
    new designs of, consent of Eternal Son necessary to creation of, 236
    perfection, the apex of cosmic art, 646
       factors in, 361
       finaliters’ achievement of present limit of, 348
       a limitation of, in knowing experiential personality secrets, 149
    personality, appearance of, 91
       factors in, reassembly of, at resurrection, 533
       spiritized factors of, a part of the detached Adjusters, 533
    progression, new interest in, subsequent to Michael’s incarnation, 1315
    purpose, fixed, as to succession of moments, 1295
    of the realms, approach of Infinite Spirit to, 445
    repercussion to finite reality promulgation, 1159
    revelation’s bridging the gap between the, and the Creator, 1106-1107
    Seven Master Spirits’ relation to, 190-191
    of the soil, man a, 769
    sojourn, worlds of Master Sons’, control of plans for, 241
    of the sons and daughters of the Creator Son and Universe Spirit, 369
    sonship the supreme relationship of, to Creator, 454
    of space, revelation of Deities of Paradise to, 233
    spirit-indwelt, diversity and handicaps of, 47
    spiritual problems of imperfect, 361
    status, the ultimate of, 508
    survival, archangels’ dedication to work of, 408
    of time, acts of the Trinity as they appear to, 116
       ascension by, of evolutionary spheres of space, 295
       perfection of, an attainment, 361
    -trinitized assistants in Nebadon, number of, 384
       beings, as assistants of Trinity Teacher Sons, 231
          endowment of, with personality, 251
          unrevealed orders of, 251
       sons, apprentices of Teacher Sons, 251
          assignments of, 251-252, 296
          some characteristics of, 1280
          concern of complements of rest for, 297
          (couples), value of, to planetary rulers, 628
          dwelling places of, 262, 296, 524
          education of, on Havona, 301
          equality of Deity embrace of, 252
          of finaliter-corps trinitizations, 249
          fraternization of, with ascending and descending pilgrims, 296, 301
          functions of, 252
          glorified mortals’ Havona contact with, 301
          individuality of parents of, in Corps of the Finality, 250
          Jerusem a residence of, 523-524
          oneness of parents of, on assignments, 250
          of Paradise-Havona and finaliter unions, Trinitized Sons of Destiny, 249-251
          as planetary assistants of Teacher Sons, 628
          possible reservation of, for next universe age, 1280
          preparation of, for future work, 296
          present non-growth of, possible significance, 1280
          probable assembly of, on capitals of settled superuniverses, 636
          probable future association of two groups of, 296
          retrinitization of, as Celestial Guardians, 244, 252
             as High Son Assistants, 244, 252
             by Paradise Trinity, 244
          Satania headquarters of, 510
          size of embraced classes of, 252
          Solitary Messengers the guardian-companions of one order of, 262
          supervising supernaphim’s command to, 297
          supreme destiny of, 252
          temporary classification of, among Teacher Sons, 251
          three orders of, 251
          training of, prior to retrinitization, 244, 251
          Trinity embrace of, 252, 296
          value of interassociation of, 296
    Universal Father’s bestowal of himself on his, 108
    universe, relation of Adjusters to, 1195-1202
       significance of the Supreme to, 1281-1283
    of the universe of universes, bestowal of personality on, 62
    volition, deviation from divine paths only in realms of, 139
    will-attitudes, Deity presence as influenced by, 150
    will, sovereignty of, within the boundaries established by the Master Architects, 1300
       the technique of the raising of the, from the temporal level, 1221
       two basic types of finite, intelligent, 361
    willingness of the Creator to fellowship the, 1921

Credentials of the fused individual, to proceed in quest of the Universal Father, 1238
    of Jesus’ mission, 1533

Credit mercy, adequacy of, 314

Creditors fathers not like, 1604

Credulity Jesus’ admonition against dependence on, 1572

Creed(s) cults’ formation for the promulgation of, 1005
    a definition, 1727
    of the first church, 2067
    goals, vs. in religion, 1091, 1130
    impossibility of imprisonment of truth in, 1949
    intermingling of, influence of, on religion, 1090
    Jesus’ faith not to him a, 2087
       religion and, 1583
       warning against formation of, 1592
    vs. knowledge of God’s presence, 2083
    lifeless, origin of, 1732
    modern man’s many, 1091
    superstitious, dangers involved in discarding, 2082

Creedal loyalty vs. sincere friendliness of spirit-born sons of God, 1951

Cremation long-time practice of, throughout Scandinavia, 897
    a means of preventing ghost trouble, 964
    a Nodite method of combating cannibalism, 980
    a practice of mother cultists, 897

Cretaceous source of the name, 688-689
    stage, of the early land-life era, 688-692

Cretans Jesus’ love for the, 1436
    Paul’s criticism of the, 1436
    receptivity of for the teachings of Jerusalem preachers, 1436
    reputation of, 1436

Crete Jesus’ visit to, 1436-1438
    migration of a brilliant Andite tribe to, 895
    one-time inferior migration from Egypt to, 896
       popularity of the mother cult in, 895
       superior migration from Egypt to, 896
    Philistines’ relation to, 838
    Thomas’ journeys to, 1563

Crickets world-wide distribution of, 680

Crime concepts of, based on early sex taboos, 915
    dealing with, in the continental nation, 818
    detection, primitive, techniques of, 795, 987
    detectors, the earliest, 795
    the first capital, 796
    the most valuable deterrent to, 796
    under primitive law, 976, 85, 595
    primitive man’s disregard of motives for, 794-795

Criminal(s) condemned, at Corinth, Jesus’ words of comfort to, 1475-1476
    condemned, Jesus’ death that of a, 2008
    desperate, soldiers’ treatment of Jesus like a, 1975
    Jesus’ approval of social punishment of, 1579

Crinoid(s) decrease of, during late Cretaceous age, 692
    limestone deposits, during the Silurian period, 677
    and limestone formation in the age of frogs, 681

Crippled children as a fetish, 968

Crisis in apostles’ lives, period covered by the, 1708
    at Capernaum, 1707-1716
    decisions of a, man’s preparation for the, 1708
    effect of, on a human being, 2007
    events leading up to the Capernaum, 1698-1706
    impending, Jesus’ preparation of the apostles for the, 1705
    in Jesus’ life, beginning and end of, 1708
    Jesus’ preparation for a great, 1704
       warning of an impending, 1824

Crispus chief ruler of the Corinth synagogue, 1471
    embrace of Christianity by, 1472
    Jesus teaching religious living to, 1472

Critic carping, Thomas not a, 1562

Criticism destructive, Jesus’ abstinence from, 1671
    implied, Caligastia’s sympathy for, 752
    of the plan of universe administration, Lucifer’s growing, 602
    technique of conquering the habit of, 998-999

Crocodiles first appearance of, 686
    modern, appearance of, 691
    survivors of early reptiles, 695

Crocodilians marine, egg-laying habits of, 688
    origin of, 688

Cro-Magnoid(s) Adamites’ difficulty in impressing their religion on the, 891
    blue man, 891-892
       influence of, on modern European races, 893

Cro-Magnon(s) absorption of, by the mixed white race, 893-894
    culture, preservation of, in sealed caves and grottoes, 897
    deterioration of, cause, 892
    men and women, early accomplishments of, 891
    southern, housing customs of, 891
    a superior group of blue men, 890
    type, Mesopotamians’ absorption of, in Europe, 892

Crop titles for real estate, 782

Cross(es) appeal of the, to man, 2018
    of Calvary, misinterpretation of significance of, 60
    Christianity’s need to bow before the, 2086
    fact of the, center of Christianity, 1615
    Jesus’ death on the, unnecessary, 2002
    of Jesus, and the true shepherd’s love for his flock, 2017
    last hour on the, 2010-2011
    lessons from the, 2017-2019
    meaning of the death on the, 2016-2017
    modern man and his view of God as revealed by the, 2019
    the nailing of the two brigands and Jesus to their, 2006
    nonrequirement of the, by the Father, 2019
    not the central truth of teachings of Jesus, 1615
    the real significance of the, 2018-2019
    a symbol of sacred service, 2019
    the thief on the, 2008-2010
    world of the, Urantia the, 229, 2016

Crossbeam Jesus’ fall under weight of his, 2006
    placing of, on Jesus’ shoulders, 2004

Crossbreeding of human stocks exaggeration of dangers of, 920

Cross-fertilization intellectual, and attainment of social brotherhood, 597
    of racial cultures, and outmarriage, 919

Crossroad(s) in the forward struggle, and the Spirit of Truth, 383
    of the three continents, Palestine the, onetime, 1333
    of time, function of tertiary seconaphim at the, 318

Crowd(s) dispersing of the, at Jesus’ crucifixion, 2008, 2010
    Jerusalem, apostles’ reaction to contact with, 1601
    Jerusalem-bound, enthusiasm of the, 1882
    from Jerusalem, unplanned for by Jesus, 1882

Crown of thorns placing of, on Jesus’ head, 1995

Crucial years the two (of Jesus), 1386-1394

Crucified person burial of a, not permitted in a Jewish cemetery, 2013

Crucifixion the, 2004-2011
    apostles’ eventual realization of Jesus’ plain speaking about his, 1872
    father of sin’s turning away from the horror of, 1972
    Jerusalem attitude toward, 2007
    Alexandrian Greeks’ and Jews’ receipt of the news of, 2044
    a demoralizing experience for the apostles, 2066
    effect of, on Pilate, 1989
    the greatest proof of his mortal nature, 1968
    individual Jew not guilty of, 1909
    Lazarus’ sojourn in Bethany until, 1849
    Rebecca’s presence at, 1403
    urging of the crowd to demand the, 1994
    Jesus’ sufferings not confined to the, 2018
    John’s close proximity to Jesus until the end of the, 1976
    just before the, 1997-2003
    number of persons viewing the, 2008
    origin of, 2005
    of Peter, 1552
    Placards, carried by the centurion, 2004-2005
    preparation for the, 2001-2002
    presence of the women’s corps at the, 1680
    reason for the employment of, 2007
    reports of impending, brought to Jesus’ family, 1997
    vs. resurrection, 2063
    ridicule and sympathy in relation to, 2005-2006
    Salome’s presence at Jesus’, 1868
    site of Jerusalem, Golgotha the, 2005
    Thomas’ temporary reaction to Jesus’, 1563
    those who saw the, 2008
    time of starting for the place of, 2001

Cruelty associated with Jesus’ death, the work of wicked mortals, 1972
    Jesus’ denunciation of, 1582
    of a perverse fate, may in reality be a tempering fire, 1305

Crusader(s) spirit of the, danger of the, 1100-1101
    triumphant, vs. disillusioned preachers, 1687

Crust the earth’s, factors involved in cooling, 660
    the earth’s, folding of, during land elevation, 683
       temporary stabilization of, in early trilobite age, 673
    formation during volcanic age, 659

Crustaceans ancestors of first vertebrates, 679
    evolution of early, 732
    modern, trilobites the predecessors of, 676
    modern types of, 688

Crustal adjustment, a factor in land sinking, 673
    contraction, and internal-heat pressure, equalization of, 660
    deformations, and the continental drift, 689
    movements, rhythmical, future continuance of, 691
    stabilization, 660-663
    uneasiness of Carboniferous period, 680-682

Cry of the righteous effectiveness of the, 1639

Crystal(s) on architectural worlds, 526
    field(s), functions of the, 487
       seraphic transport landing field, the so-called sea of glass, 521
    gems, in construction of courtesy colony buildings, 526
       promenade walls of the Sons constructed of, 524
    monolithic cast, Galantia headquarters a, 526
    morontia and material beings’ appreciation of, 526

Cult(s) about him, Jesus’ admonition against building up a, 1543
    ceremonies of primitive man, 989
    division of Jesus’ teachings into, 1866
    of eternal life, changing of the “kingdom concept” into the, 1861
    ghost, 958-966
    a meaningless, vs. a genuine, 966
    of Mithras, 1082-1083
    of mutual support, modern man’s need of a, 965
    mystery, 1081-1082
    the new, necessary functions of, 966
       relation of a new revelation of truth to, 966
    nonfunctioning of an overly complex, 966
    organized, advice to Michael as to, 1330
    Paul’s Christian, 984
    personal, outgrowth of mystery religions, 1337
    and personal religious experience, 966
    purpose of formation of, 1005
    religious, growth necessary to a, 965
    resistance of the, to revision, 1006
    of the sacrament, vs. cult of the sacrifice, 984
    surviving characteristics necessary to a, 966
    and true religion, 966

Cultism nature of, 965-966

Cultural achievement(s), early Dravidians’ capacity for, 881
    achievements, means of preservation of, 763
    advancement, means of the acceleration of, 907
    bankruptcy of modern war, 786
    centers, Gardens of Eden as, 586
    civilization, dependence of, on a background of racial progression, 905
       and material prosperity, 907
       non-necessity of correlation between biologic evolution and, 905
       religionists’ indirect influence on, 1088
       the sum of man’s adustment to life demands, 768 disaster, prerequisites to the avoidance of, 1086
    ethics, religion’s maintenance of, 1006
    expansion, determination of, 749
    familiarity with life, vs. livelihood vocation, 1674
    immaturity, a peril of industry, 786
    progress, contribution of the level of intelligence to, 764
       on Urantia, Andites’ influence on, 868
    society, 905-906
    solidarity, necessity of, to a nation, 911
    stability, of Jews and Chinese, 888, 939
    status, of Andonic clans, retrogression of, 715
       of Dalamatia sojourners following rebellion, 758
    torch, passing of, from one generation to another, 909
    union, of the Yangtze and Yellow River centers, 887
    velocity and spiritual momentum, 909

Culture(s) Adamic families’ contribution to racial, 586
    Andite, reason for long predominance of, 902
    attainment of evolutionary mortals, influence of planetary mission of divine Sons on, 578
    child, modern problems of, 941
    Chinese, stability of, 888, 939
    cross-fertilization of, through commerce, 775, 903
    of Dalamatia, influence of, 749
    dependence of, on the tools of civilization, 901
    early Indian cosmopolitan, 881
    Edenic, in second garden, 850
    elevation of mind essential to enhancement of, 578
    enduring state founded on, 806
    an essential of temporal life, 1778
    evolution of, 769-771
    factors in the evolution of, 906
    Flavius, and Greek, 1600
    foundation for the development of, 577
    genuine, Jesus’ attitude toward, 1583
    human, birthplace of the earliest, 768
       constitution of, 1775
    improvement of, by experience, and civilization, 577
    India’s superior, Sethite priests’ influence on, 881
    influence of trade on, 903
    intellectual and spiritual, decline of, among American red men, 723
    Jewish, source of, 896
    John the Baptist’s lack of, 1499
    and learning, unity of Greek, 2073
    materialistic, danger in unlimited advancement of, 1457
    midwayer, an evolutionary attainment, 866
    mixing of, influence of, on religion, 1090
    no new sources of, 906
    and optimum stabilization of population, 908
    and the pastoral stage of civilization, 768
    present-day, the result of evolution, 912
    priesthood’s influence on, 993
    relation of religion to, 883, 885
    religion not a child of, 1119
    social, flowering of successive ages of, in era of light and life, 577
    spirit value of, 1780
    the sum of man’s adjustment to life demands, 768
    true religion’s carrying of, from one generation to another, 1088
    wisdom as related to, 908, 1780
    a world’s, measurement of, 749

Cupbearer at the Last Supper, Thaddeus the, 1938

Cupping practice of, in primitive medicine, 991

Cures Jesus’ apparently miraculous, an example of, 1698
    physical, appeal of, to the common people, 1671

Curfew reason for primitive, 962

Curiosity about people, Jesus’ lack of, 1875
    devotees, in the Bethsaida camp, 1657
    eventual satisfaction of, 160
    exercise of, necessity of the, for religious growth, 1094
    of first two humans, 708
    man’s far-reaching, the only way of satisfying, 1119
    mortals’, reason for, 159
    -mother, spirit of knowledge the, 402
    Philip’s nickname signifying, 1556
    of post-Andite races, danger in, 942
    relation of, to attainment of cosmologic levels of thought, 646
    scientific, an inalienable of human nature, 192
    seekers, gathering of, at Zebedee’s home, 1635
    stimulus of, persistence of, through Havona, 159

Curious idlers presence of, at Golgotha, 2004

Currents of space modification of, crystal fields a factor in, 487

Curriculum educational, apostles not trained in the same rigid, 1548

Curse on the human race, Adam not the cause of a, 846
    moral, riches as a sometime, 1464
    wealth in itself, not a, 1821

Cursing primitive, purpose of, 964
    and swearing, Peter’s denial of Jesus with, 1980-1981

Custodial duties rehabilitated defaulting sons assigned to, 394

Custodian(s) of knowledge, living books of Paradise, 301-302
    of knowledge, of primary supernaphim, 288
       of primary supernaphim, functions of, 301-302
       seraphic recorders’ communication with, 431
    of law enforcement, System Sovereigns as, 393
    of providence,” olden shamans as, 988
    of Records, function of, 281-282
       on Paradise, an attainment level of the angelic orders, 273
       permanence of service of, 282
       tertiary supernaphim as, 281
    of the system, name and number of, 512
    tertiary Lanonandeks as, 392
    Trinitized, 247-248

Custom(s) ancient man’s slavery to, 767
    collector, Matthew a, 1559
    danger of revolutionary modification of, 767
    and evolution of the mores, 767-768
    influence of, in spreading the ideals of Eden, 587
    the thread of continuity of civilization, 767

Cuthites historic significance of the descendants of the, 1612

Cutites onetime occupants of Garden of Eden, 826

Cuttlefish cephalopods, the early predecessors of, 676
    copper’s function in the, 737
    evolution of, in later reptilian age, 687

Cybele and Attis Phrygian cult of, 1081, 1083

Cycle of eternity establishment of, 90-91
    synchronization of, with cycles of time, 364

Cyclone of space Andronover nebula a, 652

Cymboyton consequences of death of, 1491
    identification of, 1485
    unchallengeable social authority of, 1487

Cynic(s) belief of, in one God, 1442
    friends of Jesus, meetings of, in Rome, after Jesus’ departure, 1468
    the “Golden Rule” of the, 1443
    identity of, 1077
    the irate husband’s conclusion that Jesus was a priest of the, 1470
    philosophy, doctrines of, 1336
    preservation of Melchizedek teachings in the doctrines of the, 1442
    Roman leaders of, Jesus’, 1455
    the Romans’ rejection of the, 1081

Cynical Jesus’ admonition to avoid being, 1765

Cynicism about, 1442-1443

Cyprus destruction of civilization of, by northern barbarians, 896
    Mesopotamians’ settlement on, 896
    purpose of Jesus’ and Ganid’s visit to, 1479
    Thomas’ journeys to, 1563

Cyrene Jesus’ visit to, 1438


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