We welcome all friends of the Urantia Revelation. Support for this joyful endeavor to share the good news and truth in The Urantia Book is critical to its success.

Urantia Association International is a registered non-profit corporation funded by donations from our global network of members, supporters, and friends of The Urantia Book. We have multiple standing committees and service mission projects developed to disseminate the book and its teachings as well as to connect the growing worldwide readership with study groups, conferences and symposiums, education and translation services, and this website for personal and organizational interaction.

We have a Fundraising Committee that is charged with raising money every year to support the service mission projects and operational expenses of Urantia Association. We take our stewardship role seriously as we are charged with converting the generosity of donors into meaningful and effective outcomes as directed by our Charter and the global membership.

Individual donors give over ninety percent of annual gifts. This committee does not determine budgets or project priorities but operates to support the fundraising and donor acknowledgement process by a network of committee volunteers. We welcome suggestions and feedback relating to our fundraising efforts and campaigns.

Your donations are the life blood of our mission. We hope you will join the many who give money, time, talent, and skill in support of Urantia Association International.

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