Urantia Book
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Sabbath afternoon walks, of Joseph and Jesus, 1363
    at Bethany, 1878-1880
    breaking, accusation by Pharisees of Jesus’, 1654-1655, 1665, 1813, 1850
       Josiah charged with, 1814
    day, Jesus’ query about healing on the, 1834
       Jewish teachers’, vs. Jesus’ activities on the, 1791
       tradition, origin of, 832
    day’s journey, legal length of, 1654
    Jewish attitude toward play on the, 1361
       a day of rest and worship, 1990
    Nazareth’s liberal-mindedness as to the, 1363
    at the pool of Bethesda, 1649
    preaching of Jesus in the Jewish synagogues on the, 1643
    query of the man with the withered hand as to legality of being healed on the, 1665
    rites, Jesus’ inquiry into the meaning of, 1359
    services, Jesus’ reading of the scriptures at the, 1362
    Son of Man lord of the, 1655
    at Tiberias, 1680-1681
    was made for man and not man for the Sabbath”, 1655

Saber-toothed tigers evolution of, in North America, 697
    extermination of, in Europe following fourth glacier, 721
    vs. primitive family, 1098

Sachems peace chiefs of the red man, 789

Sacrament belief concerning the food of the, 1004
    of bread and wine, observance of the, in both the Mithraic and Christian churches, 1083
    Jesus’ only established, 1942
    marriage not a, 927, 929
    origin of the Christian version of the, 984
    of remembrance, the tradition-standardization of, 1942

Sacred book(s), as a fetish, results, 969
    book(s), the Hellenic Greeks’ lack of a, 1083
       Jewish priests’ lack of intention of writing a, 1068
    bull, mythical, Mithras’ slaying of the, 1082
    classes, true religion’s delivery from, 2063
    fires, vestal virgins duty as to, 947
    history, Jewish priests’ conversion of Hebrew secular history into, 1071
       vs. profane history in regard to the story of David’s being made king, 1072
       vs. secular history, 1070-1071
    meal,” origin of the, 978
    oaths, ancient man’s practice of making, 965
    service, definition, 2019
    spheres of Paradise, 143-151
    stones,” significance of, to man, 967
    worlds of the Eternal Son, 149
       of the Father, 144-147
    writings, a definition of the, 1767
       Jesus’ teaching of only a portion of the, 1767

Sacredness of all things in lives of the “spirit-led”, 1732
    false fear of, effect of, on religion, 1092, 1727, 1768
    of the individual, vs. that of the community, 1862

Sacrifice(s) animal, discouragement of, in the first Eden, 848
    animal, significance of, to primitive man, 978
       young Jesus’ questions as to the reason for, 1382
    and atonement, Jesus’ abandonment of all ceremonials of, 1133
    and cannibalism, 978-980
    children’s need for learning, 1575
    a definition, 978
    to deity, Brahmans’ teaching regarding the, 1028
    first, examples of, 977
    forgiveness of sin without, 1545
    Gautama’s denouncement of, 1035
    vs. gifts and bribes, 978
    human, modifications of, 981-982
    human, Moses’ attitude toward, 60
    humans’ long wasted efforts on, 956
    idea, effect of, on true prayer, 996
    Michah’s message regarding, 1067
    not a means of winning divine favor, 60
    and offerings, the onetime belief in the efficacy of, 1020
    relation of worship to, 977
    and sacraments, 983-984
    Samaritans’ offering of, on Mount Gerizim, 1612
    for sin, Jesus’ death not a, 2003, 2016-2017
    as worship, origin of, 716

Sacrificial feasting, origin of, 978
    system, Micah’s and Obadiah’s attack on the, 1067

Sadducees a definition, 1534
    discomfiture of the, 1900
    Jesus’ warning against the leaven of the, 1745
    Judas’ parents were, 1566
    nonbelief of, in angels, 1840
    a religio-political sect, 1900
    and the resurrection, 1900

Sadib length of Satania service of, 512

Safeguarding the tomb, 2014

Safety valve, automatic, humor an, 549
    valve, social, divorce as a, 929

Sagacity financial, of Jesus, 1389
    of Jesus, in dealing with his enemies, 1883, 1899
       Nathaniel’s confidence in, 1885
    Moses’ possession of, 1009

Sagittarius Nebadon’s relation to, 455
    relation of our local universe and minor sector to, 168
    rotation of, around Uversa, 168

Sahara change of the, to a desert, cause, 890
    civilization of the indigo race, 869
    peoples, migration of, to Nile area, results, 889

Saharan(s) admixture of, with the Basques and Berbers, 898
    civilization, disruption of, by drought, 871
    a factor in the southern white race, 898
    least progressive, dispersion of, to Arabia and Ceylon, 890
    a mixed race inhabiting Egypt, 889
    peoples, contact of European blue race with, 891
    racial admixture of, in the Mediterranean basin, 869
    superior tribes of, dispersion of, to Europe, 890

Sails to a ship, like faith to religion, 1766

Saint Croix valley of Wisconsin, graphic picture of life-dawn-era, 670
    Lawrence, emptying of the Great Lakes into the, 701
    Lawrence region, volcanic activity in, 680
    Peter’s church in Rome, the site of the former Mother of God sect headquarters, 1080

Saints of the Most High, final redemption of, 1865

Sakyamuni Buddha, Gautama’s later designation by his disciples, 1036

Salamander ancestors of the, 732

Salary derivation of the word, 1572

Salem doctrine(s), in Iran, 1049-1050
    doctrine(s), spread of, in Europe, by Jewish soldiers, 1077
       vs. teachings of the Brahman priests, 1028
    gospel, spread of the, 1022
    Machiventa Melchizedek the sage of, 584
    Machiventa Melchizedek’s sojourn at, 514
    Melchizedek missionary headquarters at, 1442
    missionaries, arrival of, in China, 1032-1033
       the authors of many of the Old Testament Psalms, 1043
       eventual widespread dispersion of the, 1021, 1027, 1042
       experience of the, in Italy, 1080
       failure of, in Arabia, 1050
          in attempts to abolish temple harlotry, 1043
       fate of, in Europe, 1077
       lack of success of, among the Greeks, causes, 1077
    religion, 1017-1018
       Kenites’ reverence of the, 1052
       in Mesopotamia, 1042-1043
       seven commandments of the, 1017
       teachers of, penetrate Africa and Eurasia, 1027
    spread of the Most High concept from, 1598
    teachers, vs. the Brahman priests, 1028
    teachings, Abraham’s progeny’s interest in the, 1024
       in Vedic India, 1027-1028
    treasury, Abraham’s gift of a tenth of his spoils of war to the, 1020
    worship, simple ceremonies of the, 1017

Salemites great missionary zeal of the, 1084

Saliva exchange, ancient seal of friendship, 748, 787
    as a fetish, 968

Salome Zebedee home of, Mary’s return to, after Pentecost, 2058
    identification of, 1420
    John’s mother, presence of, at Jesus’ crucifixion, 2008
    love of, for Jesus, 1420
    request of, concerning her two sons, 1867
    sons of, 1420

Salome, sister of Jesus’ mother about, 1347

Salonia conference of, with Adam and Eve, 838, 843, 845

Salsatia function of, 413
    headquarters of, 413

Salt of the earth, the apostles the, 1570
    solution, circulation of, in human bodies, 664
       habitat of all ancestral Urantia life, 664
    without savor, fate of, 1570

Saltiness ocean, relation of, to evolution of animal life, 669

Salvage plan, relationship of, to the bestowal plan, 2003

Salvation an accepted fact to children of God, 2017
    to all who hunger and thirst for righteousness, promise of, 2035
    Alpheus twins’ assurance of telling celestial hosts of their, 1960
    Amenemope’s teaching regarding, 1046
    the answer to the thief’s request for, 2009
    assurance of, 1447
    belief a prerequisite to, according to Jesus, 1102
    dangers of refusing proffered, 1829
    a definition, 1478
    dependence of, on Amida, 1041
       on righteousness, 1447
    eternal, God’s gift of, 1443, 1474, 2035
       Jesus’ attempts to prepare his people for the reception of, 1903
       kingdom believers’ need for faith in, 1739
    faith and, 1021, 1035, 1593, 1610
    God-conscious mortal’s certainty of, 1740
    of God, eligibility of all men for the, 2035
    God’s gift to his believing sons, 1442, 1682-1683, 1838, 2053, 2054
    human, definition, 1860
       taught by all religions, 67
    Ikhnaton’s democracy of, final belief in, 1049
    inability of man to earn, 1838
    individual, mystery religions’ promise of, 1337
    Jesus’ quotation of scriptures on, 1682, 1838
    for the Jew and the gentile, 1909
    light of, definition, 1592
    from material fetters, technique of, 1112, 1449
    a matter of personal choosing, 1828
    the means of, 1610
    of men, angels’ concern with, 1841
    mortals’, before Michael’s bestowal, 2017
    new way of, definition, 1467, 1580
    prerequisite to obtaining, 1829, 1838
    reaction to Jesus’ discourse on, 1683
    rejection of, result, 1903
    relation of, to forgiveness, 2018
    from self, Jesus’ faith’s provision for, 1113
    sinful man’s, and the death of Jesus, 2016
    source of man’s, 1614
    technique of achieving, according to Gautama, 1037
    from time, Jesus’ faith’s provision for, 1113
    true, a definition, 1137
    Yahweh the God of, 1445

Salvington an architectural sphere, 172, 456, 654
    ascending creature’s last pause on, 428
    assigned messenger to Jesus from, 1376
    Associate Inspector’s residence on, 413
    broadcasts of Amadon’s conduct, 762
       range of, 371
    chronology directed on, 372
    circuit, number of worlds composing the, 387
    College of Wisdom on, 231
    conclaves, Gabriel ex officio chairman of, 407
    connection of, with broadcast reception on Jerusem, 522
    constitution of first-stage spirits on, 542
    councils of supreme sanction on, 373
    courts of, finality and supremacy of, 373
    Creative Mother Spirit’s residence, 197
    definition, 74
    the destiny of most Spirit-fused mortals, 410
    finaliters’ worlds, midsoniters’ destination, 401
    government, judicial function of, 487
    headquarters of Michael on, 366-367
    high courts of, function of, 372
    identification of, 174, 182, 373
    Jesus’ Personalized Adjuster’s departure for, 2025
    John’s vision of, 378
    judicial decrees of, execution of, 373, 487
    laws of Nebadon the divine mandates of, 560
    location of, as regards energy mass, 359
    Michael of Nebadon’s headquarters, 359
    Michael’s departure from, for Urantia, 1330, 1513
    midsonite sphere, midsoniters’ domicile, 401, 517
    Nebadon time broadcast from, 372
    permanent location of Divine Minister’s presence on, reason for, 378
    power directors, identity of, 358
    relation of Melchizedek world to, 387
    relay of Uversa broadcasts to Jerusem through, 522
    reserve corps on, 339
    schools of, and next universe age, 428
    seraphic worlds, period of seraphim training on, 421
    spheres, ascenders’ evolution during sojourn on, 495
       comparison of, with those of Edentia and Jerusem, 493
       organization of, 387
    study worlds of, 624
    susatia and Spirit-fused mortals permanent citizens of, 416
    time, 372
    Union of Days’ headquarters, 602
    we “know as we are known” on, 503

Samaria apostles’ preaching in, and Philip’s later work, 1616
    apostolic group’s departure to, 1607, 1611
    cities of, members of the seventy sent to, 1801
    Jesus’ and the apostles’ retirement to, 1606
       visit to, 1492
    Jews’ avoidance of, 1374
    Philip’s preaching experience in, 1557

Samaritan(s) apostles’ prejudice toward, 1607, 1827
    believers, at Sychar, morontia Jesus’ appearance to, 2053
    a definition, 1535
    eagerness of, to hear Jesus, 1607
    enmity of, toward the Jews of Judea and Galilee, cause, 1612
    James’ and John’s desire for punishment of disrespectful, 1553, 1788
    Jesus’ healing of the true leprosy of the, 1828
    leper, Simon Zelotes’ reaction to the, 1827-1828
    Philip’s success with the, 1557
    revival, 1615-1616
    willingness of, to believe the gospel, 1827

Samson vs. Moses, 1575
    a Nazarite, 1496

Samuel the alleged story of Saul’s being crowned king by, 1072
    belief of, as to the Hebrews being the chosen people, 1063
       in one God, the creator of heaven and earth, 1062-1063
    a description of, 1062
    first of the Hebrew prophets, 1062-1064
    identity and influence of, 1062
    proclamation by, of a new concept of God, 1063

Sanctimonious Jesus’ lack of being, 1102

Sanctimoniousness vs. piety, 1673

Sanctities of service, a function of, 316-317

Sanctuary purpose of, 796

Sand whirls, Bedouins’ belief regarding the origin of, 947

Sandmatia a Satania neighbor, 457

Sandstone conversion of, into quartz, 674
    in the deposits of the early Carboniferous age, 681
    in erosion deposits of early reptilian age, 685
    footprints of land reptiles in sedimentations of early reptilian age, 685
    older, origin of, 671, 673

Sandstorm as cause of Jesus’ accident at seven, 1361
    intensity of the, at Jesus’ crucifixion, 2010

Sangik(s) absorption of, by European Neanderthalers, results of, 727
    ancestry, difficulty of identifying in modern races, 728
    and Andites, influence of blending, on early man’s sex gratification, 942
    cannibalism common among the, 979
    children, color distribution among, 722
       number of, 722
    civilizations of Mexico, Central America, and mountains of South America based on the, 884
    color, dominance of, 722
    differentiation of, from Andonic stock, place of, 878
    family origin of, 722
    inferior, gravitation of, toward Africa, 728
    inheritance factors in Urantia’s superior stocks, 846
    limited play instinct and humor among the, 942
    migrations, distribution of the races at conclusion of the, 728
    mixture of eastern Nodites with the, 859
    mutants, uniqueness of their manner of appearance on Urantia, 735
    and Neanderthalers, comparative intelligence of, 727
    and Nodites, results of mating of the, 822
    peoples, secondary, 726, 871
    primary, in eastern Asia, 883
       effect of, on early civilization of India, 880
    races, amalgamation of primary and secondary, possible results, 920
       attitude of, toward sex, 914
       belligerence of, 783
       primary, identification, 919
       secondary, identification, 919
       time of appearance of, 741
       traces of, in modern white peoples, 889
       of Urantia, the six, 722-726
    secondary, biological rating of, 920
    superior, selection of temperate climes by the, 728
    tribes, as amalgamated with the Andites, 868
    type, innate stability of the, 886

Sanhedrin agents, and burial of Jesus, 2012
    agents, purpose of, to arrest Jesus, 1797
    Alexandrian, 1433
    attitude of, toward Jesus, reason, 1602
    decree of death of Lazarus by the, 1849
    demand of, for surrender of Jesus, 1878
    disbanding of, in confusion, 1792
    division of sentiment over Jesus in the, consequence, 1789
    Hebrews’ attitude toward the, 1987
    an irregular meeting of, for the trial of Jesus, 1982
    Jesus’ challenge to the, 1813
    Joseph and Nicodemus, former members of the, 2013
    Judas’ offer of his services to the, 1925
    meeting of the, 1847, 1889
    officers, approach of, to arrest Jesus, 1722
    Pharisees’ desire to bring Jesus before the, 1827, 1978
    proposed trial of Jesus by the, 1654
    protest of Nicodemus to the, 1603
    questioning of Josiah by the, 1813
    resignation of five members of the, cause, 1718
    Sadducees’ control of, 1892, 1911
    secret believers in Jesus among members of the, 1789
    Simon, a member of the, 1606
    unanimous decision of, to destroy Jesus, 1891
    violation of the Sabbath rule by the, 1813

Sanhedrist(s) confession of, as to their ignorance concerning Jesus, 1814
    court, evil influence of, on temple guards and servants, 1984
    defense of Jesus by a young, 1813
    Jesus before the court of, 1982
    lack of respect of the, for Pilate, 1989
    reaction of, to rumors about the risen Jesus, 2033

Sanitary advance of Dalamatian epoch, 748
    arrangements of the Garden, character of, 824
    inspectors, Sethite priests as, 850

Sanitation introduction of, by Lut’s group, 747

Sanity man’s understanding of, 1098
    model of, the onlooking universe’s appraisal of Jesus as a, 1102
    relation of, to truth, beauty, and goodness, 43

Sanobim and angelic corps, 418
    embrace of, by Universe Mother Spirit, results, 550
    functional limitations of, 422
    as Mansion World Teachers, 550
    Melchizedeks’ training of, 421
    technique of transformation of, to seraphim, 551
    see also Cherubim and sanobim

Sansa birth of, time, 847
    career of, 847

Sanselon Nebadon a neighbor of, 360

Sarah Abraham’s fear in connection with, 1022
    identity of, 1019

Sarcasm Jesus’ nonemployment of, with Nicodemus, 1602

Sargan identity of, 847
    Sansa the wife of, 847

Sargon conquest of the city-states by, 876
    relation of, to enmity between Jews and Samaritans, 1612

Sarid proximity of Mary’s brother’s farm to, 1357

Sasta identity of, 1036

Satan attendance of, on Edentia councils, 490
    barring of, from Edentia councils, reason for, 490
    a “brilliant creature of light”, 754
    confinement of, on prison world, time of, 611, 616
    corruption of infant-training schools by, 608
    delay of Ancients of Days in handing down decisions as to disposition of, 609
    falling as lightning from heaven,” Jesus’ observation of, 490, 1807
    identity of, 490, 602, 754
    Jesus charged with partnership with, 1714
    on Mount Hermon, 1493
    position of, in Lucifer’s government, 602
    termination of freedom of, in Satania, 609, 611

Satania Adam the original Material Son of, 580
    administrative center of, spheres composing the, 509
    arrival of man on 606 of, 710
    art gallery of, location, 526
    astronomical groups composing, 359, 457
    conditions during early years of Lucifer rebellion, 605
    day, in terms of Urantia time, 372
    definition, 359
    distance of, from Uversa, 359
    emergency administration of, makeup of, 512
    filling quota of Morontia Companions in, 545
    finaliter corps’ headquarters in, 530
    headquarters of, 359
    inhabited worlds in, number of, 359, 554, 559
    isolated worlds of, director of planetary observers on, 491
    Jerusem the capital of, 519, 756
    life currents, investment of Andonite germ-plasm contributors by, 857
    life-modification planets in, number of, 664
    local system of, 174, 466
    Lucifer rebellion in, 434, 490, 601
    minimum height of races in, 562
    in Norlatiadek, Jesus as a morontia being in the system of, 2021
    Norlatiadek quarantine of, effect of, 529
    number of frandalanks functioning in, 328
       of Mansion World Teachers in, 550
       of Morontia Companions on morontia worlds of, 534
       of nonbreather worlds in, 563
       of suns in, 458
    oldest inhabited world of, 559
    percentages of elemental mortal types in, 562
       of non-, sub-, super-, and mid-breathers in, 561
    physical controllers, 456-458
    possible restoration of, to constellation circuits, 1252
    Power Center, function of, 456, 509
    probation nursery of, maintenance of, by morontia personalities, 516
    quarantine of, from sister systems, 756
    rebellion in, 389, 491
       not favored by special conditions in, 602
    rebellion, emergency school for study of, 486
       excess of good over evil resulting from the, 619
    rebels, delay in adjudication of, a reason for, 619
    relative position of, in Nebadon, 359, 456-457
    resurrection halls of the first mansion world of, “Michael Memorial” in the, 2015
       roll call for, 513
    Satan’s inability to visit the fallen worlds in, 616
    seven Lanonandeks on present administrative staff of, 512
    sovereign, new, time of arrival of, on Jerusem, 511, 608
    supreme advisory body of, 512
    Supreme Power Centers’ location in, 456
    system, Lucifer the sovereign of, 710
       Urantia’s location in, 485
    time, 372
    transporters’ function in, 436
    a typical system, 359
    Urantia life unique in, 667
       planet 606 of, 664, 829
    Urantia’s location in, 466

Satellite(s) Andronover’s suns’ acquirement of, 654
    of Edentia, number and functions of, 174, 485
    of Jerusem, 174
    of Nebadon architectural worlds, time of organization of, 358, 458
    number one of the Father’s spheres, the prison of Lucifer, 611
    of Paradise, 129
    solar system, continuing meteoric captures of, 658
    of Umajor the fifth, activities on, 174
    of Uminor the third, activities on, 174

Satisfaction(s) of living, skill a source of, 1779
    selfish, inability of, to confer happiness, 1519
    of Service, assignment of, to Divine Counselors, 310
       function of, 312

Sato identification of, 895

Saturn brilliance and high temperature of, 656
    formation of, 466, 656
    rings of, origin of, 658

Saul attack of, on the Ammonites, 1072
    daughter of, David’s first marriage to, 1072
    defeat of, by the Philistines, 1072
    the Jewish priests’ account of the crowning of, 1072
       priests’ account of the defeat of the Ammonites by, 1072
    suicide of, on Mt. Gilboa, 1374
    troops of, making him king, 1072

Saul (later Paul) identity of, 1411
    reaction of, to Stephen’s death, 1411

Savage(s) ancient, child discipline among, 941
    food supply, the impelling motivation of the, 914
    of will dignity, children of the Universal Father, 138

Saving gift to all nations, Jesus’, 1711
    message, of Jesus, a definition, 1670, 2018
    person, God a, 24

Savings a definition, 775

Savior God a, 1449
    Jesus may be referred to as a, 2017

Sayings and doings of Jesus, Matthew’s notes on the, 1560

Sayings of Jesus about being wise and harmless, 1584
    about calling fire down, 1788
       dealing with civil rulers, 1542
    admonition to the fruit vendor, 1440
    advice to the soldier, 1461
    the after meeting, 1712-1713
    alone in Gethsemane, 1968
    answer to Peter’s question, 1824
    the appearance at Sychar, 2053-2054
    appearances to the apostles and leaders, 2039-2040, 2041-2044
       in Galilee, 2046-2047
    approaching Jerusalem, 1882
    arranges the family budget with James, 1418
    becoming as little children, 1585
    blessing the little children, 1839-1840
    calling Thomas and Judas, 1542
    challenging Jesus’ authority, 1892
    choosing Philip and Nathaniel, 1527
    comforts the falsely accused, 1462
    coming down the mountain, 1754
    on counting the cost, 1869-1870
    the crucifixion, 2004-2005
    dealing with the courtesan, 1473
       with a disgruntled soul, 1430
       with the irate husband, 1470-1471
       with Jude and James, 1417
    delegation from John the Baptist, 1626-1627
    discussion of Buddha, 1466-1467
       of divine assurance, 1641-1642
       of the soul, 1478
    diversion and relaxation, 1610-1611
    the draught of fishes, 1628
    early home life, 1921-1922
    Eber refuses to arrest Jesus, 1791-1792
    establishing the mid-week rest day, 1542
    examination by Annas and the court, 1983
    the family goes to see him, 1723
    fasting and ceremonials, 1655-1656
    the feast of spiritual goodness, 1656
    final appearances, 2052-2053
    Flavius and Greek culture, 1600
    futility of spending time on the disinherited, 1440
    Ganid and the lighthouse, 1432
    God is our Father, 1590
    God’s law and the Father’s will, 1588
       wrath, 1597
    grief over lack of his family’s interest, 1587
    he always waited for his hour to come, 1409
    he declines to go to Alexandria, 1414
    the heavenly Father’s love, 1378
    his arrest, 1974-1975
    his attitude toward marriage, 1404
    his comments on the Passover rites, 1379
    his optimistic attitude, 1400
    his positive method of teaching, 1401
    his reaction to Rebecca’s love, 1403
    the Hindu caste system, 1468
    at the home of Joseph, 2033-2034
    the lakeside gathering, 2050
    last appearance in Jerusalem, 2055
    the last social hour, 1927
    lesson regarding contentment, 1674
    magic and superstition, 1680-1681
    marriage and divorce, 1838-1839
    The Master’s ascension, 2057
    mental and emotional reactions, 1672-1673
    mercy, justice, and nonresistance, 1469-1470
    the message from Bethany, 1836-1837
    message to John the Baptist, 1507
    midnight remarks, 1715
    morning after the water and wine, 1532
    morontia appearances of Jesus, 2032
    mother seeking honor for James and John, 1867-1868
    Mount of Transfiguration, 1753
    the nationalistic crisis, 1379, 1398
    the new liberty of light and life, 1404
    one day alone with God, 1920
    the ordination prayer, 1569
    ordination of the seventy, 1800-1801
    organizing the apostolate, 1544-1545
    personal work in Corinth, 1474-1475
    the Pharisees at Ragaba, 1825-1826
    the positive nature of Jesus’ religion, 1769-1770
    the Phoenician appearance, 2054
    preliminary instruction to the twelve, 1568-1569
    preparation for leaving home, 1417
    the private examination by Pilate, 1991, 1995-1996
    rehabilitation of the backslider, 1440
    the religion of Jesus, 1543-1544
    religion as personal experience, 1629-1630
    remarks about spiritualism, 1646
       about the sundown healing, 1635
          the thoughtless pagan, 1466
       at the Cana wedding, 1529
       at his baptism, 1504
       at Matthew’s dinner, 1540-1541
       at Peter’s house, 1761
       at turning water into wine, 1529-1530
       concerning evil spirits, 1590-1591
          his death, 1871-1872
       to his parents, 1384
       to the Stoic on true values, 1457
    the resurrection, 2022, 2024, 2026-2028
    the rule of living, 1650-1651
    Sabbath at Bethany, 1878-1879
    sending the apostles out two and two, 1681-1682
    sonship and the kingdom of heaven, 1585
    the spies and plucking the grain, 1654-1655
    spiritual progression, 1736
       unity, 1591-1592
    the strange preacher, 1764
    talk with Ganid about will and animals, 1431
    talks with the forum orator, 1461
    the temple discussions, 1382
      -tax collector, 1743-1744
    terms of salvation, 1838-1839
    the thief on the cross, 2008-2010
    Thomas and the Sanhedrin, 1811
    three days with Peter, James, and John, 1593-1594
    the visit with Martha and Mary, 1797-1798
    visit with Nicodemus, 1602
    the visit to Zaccheus, 1873-1874
    visiting about the temple, 1883
       with the apostles two and two, 2047-2050
    the walk with two brothers, 2034-2036
    Why do the heathen rage?, 1725-1726
    on winning souls, 1592
    the woman anointing Jesus’ feet, 1652-1653
       taken in adultery, 1792-1793
    the women’s evangelistic corps, 1678
    words to James and John about apostleship, 1525

Scaffolding events of time and struggles of existence as, 364

Scalping a method of capturing an enemy’s soul, 955

Scandinavia long-time practice of cremation throughout, 897

Scandinavians early triad gods of the, 1143

Scapegoat origin of the idea of a, 974

Schecham Jesus’ visit to, 1492

School(s) of Adam and Eve, fields of study in, 587
    arrangements for the Adamic children, 835
    circles of mansonia number three, 535
    citizenship, on Jerusem, Adam and Eve as teachers in, 828
    constellation, types of, 551
    of cosmic philosophy, graduation exercises of, in morontia temples, 622
    days of Jesus, in Nazareth, 1362-1364
    early Dalamatian, function of, 743
    of evangelists, at Bethsaida, supervision of, by Peter, 1657
    the first, 791
    farms, in the continental nation, 812
    function of, on worlds of light and life, 630
    home, Nazareth family’s, 1396
    of Jerusem citizenship, purposes of, 517
    mansion world, types of, 551
    Melchizedek, location, 388
    military and naval, in the continental nation, 817
    Nebadon a, 412
    of philosophy, association with religion of, in the continental nation, 817
       and experiential religion on worlds of light and life, 630
    of Planetary Princes and Adams, proximity of, 586
    of the Prince, classification of activities of, 575, 587, 743
    professional-training, in the continental nation, 817
    at Salem, Melchizedek’s organization of, 1016
    of seraphic training, location, 420
    for spirit beings, beyond mortal imagination, 342
    of statesmanship in the continental nation, types and functions of, 816
    of Teacher sons, on universe headquarters, 412
    of Tyrannus, in Ephesus, Paul’s connection with, 1478
    of Union of Days, on universe headquarters, 412
    universe headquarters, types of, 412, 551
    Univitatia, location of, 493
    of wisdom, on third Havona circle, 294

Schooling apostles not made alike by, 1548

Science the agelong contest of, 141
    alone, inadequacy of, as a basis for understanding universal truths, 1135
    ancient magic a forerunner of, 973
    appeal of, to the mind, 1119
    and art, promotion of, a factor in an expanding civilization, 804
    assumption by, of the reality of matter, motion, and life, 1139
    attitude of, toward the unseen, 480
    the basis of, 647
    benefits resulting from, 907
    comparison of, with religion, 2078
    concern of, with facts, 1110, 2079
    contribution of, to present life, 972
    crash of civilizations survived by, 196
    dependence of, on the mind, 2080
    a definition, 1136, 1139, 1228, 2096
    Deity as a fact to, 1122
    the domain of knowledge, 1110
    emancipation of women by, 937
    and existence of God, 24
    false, or materialism, 42, 1114
    First Cause of, 29
    function of, as compared with that of religion, 1476
    God a cause to, 30, 59
    God a possibility to, 1125
    inability of, to comprehend the evolving soul, cause, 1215
    influence of, on man, 1093
    vs. Magic, 970, 1306
    man’s possible material benefit from, 2078
    modern, effect of, on religions of fear, 1090
    need by, of a more searching self-criticism, 1138
    origin of, 1775
    personality of God not validated by, 31
    a possible social liberator, 909
    precedence of philosophy over, 1228
    purifies religion”, 907, 2078
    a quantitative experience of man’s life, 2077
    reason of, basis for the, 1106, 1119
    relation of evolutionary religion to, 68
    and religion, 1137-1139, 2077
    religion, philosophy, and revelation, some contrasts in, 1106, 1119, 1122, 1138
    rightful respect of, for religious experience, reason, 1125
    salvation of will creatures from a priori assumptions of, 191
    sorts men”, 1222
    the source of facts, 1222
    stabilizes philosophy,” 907
    status of, on advanced worlds in light and life, 629
    without religion, the Greeks’, 1726
    yields knowledge”, 1106
    the youthful Jesus’ perplexing questions about, 1365

Scientific achievement, unprecedented, and spiritual stagnation, 1090
    attitude, of modern man, consequences, 966
    curiosity, superstition and, 970
    development(s), modern man’s religion influenced by his, 1013
       the priesthoods’ influence on, 993
    discoveries of a thousand years, revelators not permitted to anticipate the, 1109
    fact(s), religion not a, 1012
       man’s need to pray in the light of, 999
    knowledge, effect of, on the development of civilization, 907
       necessity for wisdom in the utilization of, 908
    mental attitude, religion’s need of a, 1089
    method, a definition, 2078
       and spiritual realities, 2078
    minds, present challenge of, to religion, 2075
    progress, conditions favoring, 770
       effect of, on war conditions, 1490
    spirit, the spirit of knowledge the, 402

Scientist(s) assembling of facts by, 1110
    God as conceived by the, 68
    inability of, to explain gravitation, light, or electricity, 1476
    limitations of the discoveries of the, 1457
    powerlessness of, as related to creation of matter, energy, or life, 468
    the progressive, attitude of, toward fact and truth, 1125
    religion’s concern with the, 2076
    responsibility of, for mankind’s materialistic panic, 2076
    supermaterial insight of the, 2078
    Thomas the apostolic, 1561, 1563
    truth-discerning, supermaterial mind of the, 2077
    the universe and the, 2080

Scorpions appearance on land of, 678, 680

Scotland relinquishment of sovereignty by, result, 1490

Scourge(s) of evolution, religion as a, 1006
    world-wide, relation of, to functioning of the Supreme Being, 115

Scribe(s) of Damascus, identity of the, 1424, 1428, 1456, 1468, 1492
    of Damascus,” Paul’s association of the “tentmaker of Antioch” with the, 1456
    definition, 1340
    honest, Jesus’ respect for, 1386
    misinterpretation of the sacred writings by the, 1768
    and Pharisees, attitude of, toward unlearned men, 1907
       moral status of the, 1792
       woes upon, 1907
    the youthful Jesus’ questions to the, 1377

Scriptures the boy Jesus’ familiarity with the, 1383
    confusion arising from reading of the, 1071, 1662
    Hebrew, Jesus’ description of the, 1767
    Jesus’ analysis of the “sacredness” of the, 1768
       decision regarding himself and certain, 1522
       quotation from the, on affliction, 1662
       from the, concerning “living waters”, 1795
       from, on contentment and happiness, 1674
    Jewish, revelation of an evolving concept of God in the, 1599
    a positive portion of, Jesus’ appropriation of, 1770
    purpose of the, 1768
    quotation of, in Jesus’ talk on anger, 1673
    reflection of spiritual status of their creators, 1768
    Sabbath, Jesus’ reading of, at the synagogue, 1399
    teaching of, concerning the doctrine of God, 1598

Sculptors master, Andon-blue men as, 748

Sculpture origin of, in idol making, 1006

Scythopolis apostolic corps’ appearance at, 1668, 1788
    description of, 1370

Sea beds, ancient, land elevation of, story told by deposits of, 671
    beds, pressure on, and weight of the oceans, 668
    bottoms, density of, vs. that of land masses, 668
    cucumbers, evolution of early, 732
    of Galilee, Jesus’ plan for work around the, 1538, 1543
       Jesus’ visit to the cities around the, 1419
    of glass, appearance of, on second mansonia, 534
       connection of, with broadcast reception on Jerusem, 522
       Edentia, description and function of, 486-487
       gathering field of system capital, 511
       of John’s vision, 539
       seraphic transport landing field, 521
    serpents, ancestors of, 686, 688
    squirt, vanadium’s function in the, 737
    urchin, a mutation of later reptilian age, 688, 692, 732

Seal of Gabriel, on the “Michael Memorial”, 2015
    of Pilate, setting of, on Jesus’ tomb, 2014, 2021

Seals ancestry of, 562, 733

Search for wisdom, place of, in education, 806

Searching God not found by, 39

Seasons absence of, on architectural worlds, 486

Seat of honor, difficulty over, at breakfast in Philadelphia, 1833
    of honor, at the last supper, Judas’ seizure of, 1937
    of the soul, early belief as to the blood’s being the, 932

Seating arrangement, of the U-shaped table for the last supper, 1936, 1937

Seaweeds generation of oxygen on Urantia by, 660
    man’s ascent from, 731

Secession Urantia, Michael’s termination of, 1327

Seconaphim about, 307-318
    assistants to Trinitized Custodians, 248
    on Avonal bestowals, and bestowal attendants, 427
    creators of, 201, 205, 286
    field of operations, 179, 201, 205, 286, 306, 317, 418
    headquarters of, 317
    helpers of Image Aids, 202
    ministry of the, 317-318
    as Most High Assistants, 409
    as Paradise Companions, 283
    primary, 307-310
    recording, technique of, 201
    reflective, field of function of, 314, 414
    secondary, 310-314
    tertiary, 313

Second Adam, Paul’s doctrine of, 1582
    advent, Jesus’, possible long deferment of, 1919
    coming of Christ and end of the world, origin of doctrine of, 1865, 1918
       of Jesus, apostles’ association of destruction of Jerusalem with, 1914
          hope of believing generations, 1864
          immediate, apostles hope for, 1863, 2067
          uncertainty as to time of, 598, 1919
    commandment, Moses’, purpose, 969
    Eternal Source and Center, the Salvington designation of the Eternal Son, 74
    garden, 847-854, 869
       Adamson’s contribution to the, 861
       and birthplace of the Andite race, 871
       extent of racial blending in the, 872
       farming and gardening the chief pursuits in the, 901
       first child of Adam and Eve born in the, 848
       and the hope of civilization, 869
       location of, 868
       natural defenses of the, 847
    Great Source and Center, the Eternal Son the, 73
    Isaiah, the, 1068-1070
    mansion world, 534-535
    mile,” in winning souls, a definition, 1770, 2084
    outer space level, activities presaging material creations in, 130
    Person of Deity, the Eternal Son the, 4, 46, 73, 94, 95, 1155
    preaching tour, 1668-1677
    Source and Center, active spirit gravity of, summation of, 132
       as counterpoise of Isle of Paradise, 81
       definition, 427
       the Eternal Son, 74, 160
       one of the Seven Absolutes of Infinity, 1155
       the Personality absolute, 74
       relation of spirit gravity to the, 75, 76, 81, 88
    Triunity, the power-pattern triunity, 1148

Secondary Circuit Supervisors, for local universes, location of, 265
    dissociators, function of, 328
    evolutionary races, colors of, 564
    force organizers, part of, in creation of frandalanks, 328
    Lanonandek Son of the Reserve Corps, Paper 50 and 51 presented by, 579, 588
    midway creatures, function of, 583
       parentage of, 424, 583, 861
    midwayer(s), adaptation of Jesus’ Urmia teachings by a commission of three, 1486
       adjutant mind-spirits’ ministry to, 424
       disloyal, careers of, 863
       as the editor of the Life and Teachings of Jesus, 1343
       functions of, on normal worlds, 425, 862
       vs. human beings, 424
       intellectual endowment of, 424
       loyal, adherence to Melchizedek receivers by, 863
       mortal corps of finality the destiny of, 349
       number of, 861, 862
          of defaulting, 863
          of loyal, 865
       physical energizing of, 424
          types, number of, 424
       progenitors, number of, 862
       relation of, to men and angels, 864
       relation of, to the Urantia revelation, 865
       spirits of worship and wisdom functional with, 424
    technique of production of, 424, 862
    races, absence of, on certain worlds, 584
    Sangik, an original skeletal type of a Urantia race, 904
    seconaphim, 310-314
       number in each created group, 307
       seven types of, creation of, serially, 310
       as teachers, 317
    supernaphim, 289-290
       functions of, 287, 289
       Master Spirits the creators of, 286
       origin of, 287

Secoraphic hosts, origin of, 307-308
    voices, accuracy of, 309

Secrecy not a solution for sex problems, 914
    regarding the transfiguration, Jesus’ instructions as to, 1754
       the Paradise worlds of the Father, reason for, 144

Secret colleges, of the corps of the Creator Sons, 250
    place, of the Most High, man’s dwelling in the, 1445
    societies, evolution of early, 790

Secrets of Greatness and Souls of Goodness, mutual dependence of, 317
    of Supremacy, function and characteristics of, 144, 208

Secretly believing Jews, thirty prominent, decision as to Jesus of, 1910

Sectarian superiority, absence of, in the spiritual fellowship of the believer-son with the Father, 1255, 1965

Sectarianism a definition, 1092

Sector governments, 181
    standard time, 87

Sects tendency to form, a danger in formalized religion, 1092, 1866

Secular activities, the church’s need to stand aloof from, 1089, 1092
    governments, sons of the kingdom as better citizens of, 1930
    Hebrew history, the fate of, 1070-1071
    history, vs. sacred history, 1071
    institutions, entanglement with, a danger of formalized religion, 1086, 1092
    vs. the sacred, among primitive peoples, 1132
    totalitarianism, 2081-2082

Secularism contemporary dominance of, 2077, 2081-2082
    origin of, 2081
    twentieth-century, devastating influence of, 2081
       triumph of the teachings of Jesus over, 2082
    Secularistic revolt, blessings of the, 2081-2082

Secularization Christianity’s experience of, 2075
    increase of, a danger from formalized religion, 1092

Security amid cataclysms of starry realms, 55
    a factor in the development of culture, 577
    false feelings of, average person’s clinging to, 1773
    and pleasure, one foundation fact of a true family, 1604
    sense of, of certain religionists, 1101, 1731
    with uncertainty, in the Paradise adventure, 1223

Sedimentations of Cretaceous stage, thickness of, 689-690

Seduction of Eve, 842

See Fuch the one-hundred-year headquarters of the Salem missionaries in China, 1032

Seed of Abraham, a Jewish title of the Messiah, 1509
    -plant period, 682-684
    sowing, good, and provision by the time lag for character upbuilding, 616

Seedtime and harvest, saving interval between, 616

Seeing the Father in Jesus, 1786
    Him who is invisible,” Jesus’ living as if he were, 1401

Segregata a definition, 126, 469

Selective assorters, function of, 544
    breeding, progress of the art of, 778

Seleucid Syria and Palestinian independence, 1334

Self the, 1227-1229
    -abasement, entailment of, unnecessary in co-operation with the Adjuster, 1206
    -abnegation, a ritual of religious sacrifice, 977
    -admiration, vs. self-respect, 614, 1740
    -aggrandizement, refusal to use power for, a mark of high civilization, 556
    -analysis, and conceited egotism, 1583
    -assertion, the battle cry of the Lucifer rebellion, 602, 604, 609
       false liberty the assumption of, 614
    belligerent, conquest of, by man, vs. unselfishness of Havona creatures, 52
    -bondage, fear of, vs. liberty of self-mastery, 1609
    -centered, God not, 36
       personality, Judas a, 1927, 2057
    certain rights of the, 1134
    -confidence, reasonable, a worthwhile trait, 1223, 1921
    -consciousness, a definition, 194, 196
       of his divine mission, Michael’s progressive, 1327
       human, universe-reality realizations inherent in, 196
       of insight, mans, 1773
       Jesus’ attainment of, 1407, 1513
       of man, vs. that of the higher animals, 1479
       moral, definition, 1478
       of the Original Son, 76
       a part of the fact of experience, 1123
       reality of, 1479
       and Universe personality, 31
    -contained, God not, 36
    -contemplation, danger of, 549, 601
    -control, the acme of all human virtues, 914, 927
       altruistic service a result of, 614
       emotional maturity essential to, 598
       vs. extreme self-denial, 977
       human, the Master a perfected specimen of, 1609
       the manifestation of greatness, 317
       prayer’s promotion of, 999
       vs. selfish gratification, 976, 1302
       true liberty the fruit of, 614
    -criticism, necessity of, to growth, 1095
       searching, science’s and religion’s need of a, 1138
    -culture, devotion of seventh day in Eden to, 832
    -deception, Lucifer’s, as to benefits of contemplated rebellion, 603
    -defense, conditions under which Jesus would resort to, 1469
       Jesus’ attitude toward, 1368, 1470, 1518
       the state’s right of, 1475
    -denial, early practice of, purpose, 959
       life of, vs. kingdom of the spirit, 1610
       a requirement in successful monogamy, 922, 927
       slavery of, vs. liberty of self-mastery, 1609
       sowing seeds of, and augmented happiness, 1573
    -destruction, of sin-identified individuals, 37
    -determination, abandonment of, by states of the American Federal Union, results, 1490
       absolute, God a being of, 58
       forty-eight states’ abandonment of the delusion of, 1489
       of Melchizedeks, 389
    -distribution of the First source and Center, 108, 109
    -duplication, Infinite Spirit’s seven-fold creative act of, 184
    -effacement, importance of, in marriage, 928
    -exaltation, result of, 1834, 1926
       vs. self-humiliation, 1838
    -examination, provision for, in all religions except that of Jesus, 1583
    -existence, of God, 58, 1442, 1448
    -expression, and Adjuster-expression, 2078
       and marriage, 928
       unlimited, technique of achievement of, 507
    -forgetfulness, Jesus’ constant display of, 2088
       a requisite for, 51
       and self-control, Jesus’ religion one of, 1609, 1951
       of worship, 1616
    glorification, a cure for, 549, 1907
    -government, a definition, 595
       of finaliters, 345
       of Jerusem Adamites, 515
       of the Melchizedeks, 385, 515
       Melchizedeks the teachers of, 385
       of Morontia Power Supervisors, 543
       of a system settled in light and life, 632
       true, height of, attained in Havona, 155
          in local universe, 385
       of Vorondadeks, 389
    -gratification, dangers of, 942-943
       institutions of, origin of, 772
       legitimate, man’s freedom to explore all forms of, 943
       and sex association, 765
       society’s concern with, 764
       an urge to capital accumulation, 776
    -importance, a cure for, 549
       Lucifer and Calagastia warned of their feeling of, 752
       vs. one’s ability to do important work, 555
    inescapable, clamorings of an, advantages of the, 51
    -judgment, moral choice, 2094
    the, known as it knows, 195
    -liberation, from infinity limitations, First Source and Center’s technique of, 120
    -liberty, vs. self-control, 1302
    -life, vs. divine life, 51
    -limitation, volitional, the Father’s, 59
    -maintenance, the family’s relation to, 939
       institutions of, origin of, 772
       original foundation for marriage, 942
       relation of self-preservation to, 577
       vs. self-perpetuation, 915
       society’s concern of, 764
       translation of, into self-gratification, 766
    man’s invincible foe, 1451
    -mastery, a definition, 1609
       lessons on, 1609-1610
       and prayer, 998
       true, and fruits of the spirit, 1610
       true measure of, 315
    -perpetuation, an essential function in human existence, 931
       institutions of, origin of, 772
       and marriage, 765, 928, 942
       participation in, a factor in human happiness, 794
       vs. self-maintenance, 915
       society’s concern with, 764
    -pity, a detriment to a strong character, 1766
       modern women’s tendency toward, 936
    -preservation, the human Jesus’ attitude toward, 1518
       relation of, to self-maintenance, 577
    -realization, attainment of highest levels of, 1572
       of its citizens, the aim of a moral society, 803
       creative, second level of, 12
       definition, 1478
       of divinity, Jesus’, evolutionary nature of, 1408
       the evolving personality’s ever-ascending levels of, 1175
       God’s, 29
       human, needed spiritual goal of, 1096
       of Jesus’ divine nature, completion of, 1408
       potential evil of antisocial, 647
       prayer and, 1621
       as relating to personality, 1226
    -respect, genuine, true liberty the associate of, 614
       idleness as destructive of, 1765
       loss of, result, 1765
       sanctity of, in kingdom building, 1765
       vs. self-admiration, 1740
       superb, Jesus’ aim a, 1582
    -restraint, voluntary, attainment of, and personality freedom, 1460
    -revelation, depletion of capacity for, by Deity, 4
       and universe personality, 31
    -righteousness, basis of Jewish, 1339
       “filthy rags of”, 1682
       Pharisees’ guilt of, 1826
    -sacrifice, old religion’s teaching of, 1951
    salvation from, Jesus’ religion as, 67
    -seeking, influence of, on ambition, 1926
    -serving, origin of man’s urge to be, 1131
    technique of man’s manifestations of, 1451
    -torture, early practice of, purpose, 959, 965
    -understanding, mutual, a factor in the art of living, 1774, 1775
       progressive attainment of higher levels of, and personality freedom, 1460
    unimportance of the, 555
    -will, and universe personality, 31

Selfhood a cosmic reality, 1232
    a definition, 1227
    human, source of fundamental attributes of, 70
    material nature of, on the evolutionary worlds, 1238
    vs. personality, 1227
    of personality dignity, source of, 104
    technique of the evolution of surviving, 1229
    things to remember in the study of, 1227

Selfish ease, life in the Father’s eternal creation not one of, 1953
    praying, incompatibility of, with divine love, 997

Selfishness avoidance of, religious growth and, 1095
    Ezekiel regarding, 1822
    influence of, on government, 803
    a means of eventually wrecking the mortal career, 1217
    possible effect of, on the maternal instinct, 932
    and prayer, 1639, 2089
    a result of, 1447
    unmitigated, 597, 613

Selflessness in parental love, 41
    vs. selfishness, 2065

Selta identification of, 1915

Seraphic assemblies, planetary, presiding officers of, 429
    associates, Spirit-fused mortals’ dependence on their, for memory reconstruction, 1236
       in time, and finaliter associates in eternity, 1249
    bestowal, Michael’s manifestation of the will of the Son and the Spirit on his, 1318
    commander, Manotia a loyal, 606
    consorts of ascending mortals functioning on system headquarters, rendezvous of, 525
    co-operation with Adjusters on nonfusion planets, 446
    Corps of Completion, angels of, functions of, 428, 441
       graduate guardians’ membership in, 430
       Seraphington graduates members of, 427, 428, 441
       on Urantia, 442
    council of twelve, identity of the, 1255
    custodian, function of, in the reassembly of personality, 1235
    destiny, 440-441
       guardian, the soul in the keeping of the, during the “sleep of death”, 533, 1234, 1244
    domains of action, 1245
    estates, character of, 420
    evangels, function of, 552
    fellow, Christ Michael a, 1319
    guardian(s), correlation by the, of the agencies of the Infinite Spirit, 1244
       of destiny, 282, 1241-1249
       numbering of the hairs of each mortal’s head by the, 1820
       personal, destiny of individuals having, 1233, 2024
       relation between Adjusters and, 1187
       response of, to voice of the archangel, 409
       see also Guardian(s)
    hosts, 298, 418, 426-442
       a function of the, 34
       in system service, headquarters of, 510
    ministers, lower orders of, loss of, in Lucifer rebellion, 434
    ministry to mortals, 1245-1246
    orders, definition, 385
    organization, 421
    planetary government, 1250-1259
    rebels of Jerusem, present status of, 510, 602
    records, use of, at time of adjudication of the deceased human, 1231
    rest, conscious unconsciousness of, 431
    reunions, frequency of, 420
    social spheres, identification of, 510
    supervision of Urantia, agents of, 437
    training, schools of, location, 420
    transport(s), Adam’s and Eve’s, 828
       ascenders’ dependence on, 430, 534
       departures of, function of energy transmitters in, 326
    the mystery of, 147
    unit, number in, 421
    universities, on universe headquarters, 412, 420

Seraphim ability of, to work in pairs or singly, 1243
    adopted, possible future of, 348
    administrators, 434-436
       losses of, during Lucifer rebellion, 608
    and angelic corps, 418
    apostate, as evil angels, 863
    and the ascendant career, 1248-1249
    ascendant, reason for selection of, for Trinity embrace, 248
    ascending, parenthood experience of, 516
       separation of, from mortal associates, 290
    assembling of, for the dispensational resurrection, 2024
    assignments craved by, 426, 427
    assignment, field of, 421, 426
    of assignment, sponsoring of morontia body by the, 341, 569
    of the churches, disagreement of, with seraphim of progress, 1486
    concern of, with the final evaluation of the ascending mortal, 1236, 1245
    constellation assignment of, 421
    date of, initial creation of, 418
    emotional reactions of, 420
    energy range of, 430
    evolutionary, as ascending Sons of God, 285
       as Trinitized Sons of Selection, 244
    function of, 306, 418, 419, 421
       of angelic “fourth creatures” to, 422
    of the future, activities of, 440
    glorified, attachment of, to nonmortal finaliter corps, 349
       in a company of the primary Corps of the Finality, number of, 347
    guardian, morontia-soul trust of the, 533
    homes of the, 420
    importance of, to mortal creature’s survival of death, 299
    involvement of, in rebellion on Urantia, 755
    length of mortal attendance by, 1243
    life of, in pairs, 420
    limit of velocity of, 260
    a lone, a companion of Michael on his sixth bestowal, 1315
    loss of, in rebellion, 756
    man guarded and guided by, 139, 1245
    Melchizedeks’ training of, 421
    mind stimulators, 1245
    ministering spirits, 1841
    mortal ascender’s accompaniment to the mansion world by his, 550
    mortals’ relation to, on Paradise ascent, 419
    Nebadon first-born, function of, 421
    negative and positive, 420
    origin of, 286, 418
    a pair of, necessary for communication and service on higher universe circuits, 1243
    as Paradise Companions, 283
    periodic creation of, 418
    planetary helper, 436-439
    point of origin of, 440
    preparation of, for transport service, 438
    as recording angels, 302
    Seraphington the destiny sphere of, 147
    service of, 286, 426
    seven groups of, 426
    special ministry of, to Urantia, 1254
    standardization of, 418
    superior, 429-432
       apostasy among, during Lucifer rebellion, 608
    supervisor, loyalty of, during Lucifer rebellion, 608
    supreme, loyalty of, during Lucifer rebellion, 608
    training periods of, 420
    unit creation of, 418
    Urantia, present chief of, 414
    volunteering of, to be destiny guardians, 1243

Seraphington activities on, and functions of, 146-147
    the angelic destination, 440, 441
    circles of, guardians’ achievement of the, 430, 1248-1249
    graduates, a function of, 428
    the secrets of, 147
    traversal of, by all evolutionary seraphim, 441

Serfdom origin of, 779

Series -one mortals, of experiential Adjuster sojourn, 445
    -three mortals, of Adjuster-fusion potential, 447
    -two mortals, comparison of, with Urantians, 447

Sermons of Jesus the answer to prayer, 1848-1849
    the Capernaum sermon, 1532-1533
    the concept of God, 1598-1599
    counseling the rich man, 1462-1465
    in defense of the gospel, 1607-1609
    the destruction of Jerusalem, 1912-1916
    discourse on assurance, 1601
       on Job, 1662-1664
       on mind, 1479-1480
       on prayer, 1616-1627
       on reality, 1433-1436
       on science, 1476-1477
       on sonship and citizenship, 1929-1932
       on the soul, 1477-1479
       on spiritual freedom, 1796-1797
       in the synagogue, 1391-1392
       on time and space, 1439-1440
       on true religion, 1728-1730
       on the water of life, 1795-1796
    discussion of temptation, 1738-1740
    dividing the inheritance, 1821-1823
    the epochal sermon, 1709-1711
    the evening of the ordination, 1576-1578
    evil, sin, and iniquity, 1660-1662
    farewell personal admonitions, 1955-1962
    farewell to the seventy, 1804-1808
    the “Fear of the Lord”, 1675-1677
    the first sermon in the synagogue, 1391-1392
      temple talk, 1790-1791
    good and evil, 1457-1458
    the great commandment, 1901-1902
    the inquiring Greeks, 1902-1904
    instruction for teachers and believers, 1765-1767
    Jesus’ concept of the kingdom, 1859-1861
    the last group prayer, 1963-1965
    last hour before the betrayal, 1966-1967
    the last supper, 1933-1934, 1938-1943
       temple discourse, 1905-1908
    law, liberty, and sovereignty, 1490-1491
    lesson on the family, 1603-1605
       on self-mastery, 1609-1610
    the Nazareth sermon, 1685-1686
    the new commandment, 1944-1947
    the ordination sermon – the sermon on the Mount, 1570-1571
    Peter’s confession, 1744-1747
    political sovereignty, 1487-1490
    prayer, thanksgiving, and worship, 1638-1641
    the promised helper, 1948-1954
    the return of the seventy, 1807
    the rich young man and others, 1801-1804
    scriptural authority, 1767-1769
    second discourse on religion, 1730-1733
    sermon on forgiveness, 1762-1764
       on the good shepherd, 1818-1819
       on the kingdom, 1535-1537
       on the light of the world, 1794-1795
    sovereignty – divine and human, 1486-1487
    story of the good Samaritan, 1809-1810
    the straight and narrow way, 1828-1829
    the talk about angels, 1840-1841
    talks with the apostles, 1750, 1758-1760
       to the apostles on wealth, 1823-1824
    teaching about accidents, 1830-1831
       out on the lake, 1579-1582
       in Solomon’s Porch, 1815-1816
    trust and spiritual preparedness, 1819-1820
    truth and faith, 1459-1460
    Tuesday morning in the temple, 1898-1900
       Peter’s question on forgiveness, 1898
       the temple talk, 1898-1900
    What must I do to be saved?, 1682-1683
    the woman of Sychar, 1612-1615
    the young man who was afraid, 1437-1438

Serpent(s) believers to be wise as, 1930
    early Hebrew’s worship of, 946
    an emblem of modern physicians, 946
    reverence of, in Palestine, 968

Servant(s) of the centurion, Jesus’ healing of, reason, 1648
    change from, into sons of God, 1569
    girl, influence of, on Peter, 1551
    of the Lord, a Jewish concept of the Messiah as the, 1509
    vs. master, 1570
    is not greater than his master”, 1939

Service altruistic, a result of self-control, 614
    and attainment of self-realization, 1572
    attributes of descending Sons, source of, 87
    of the church, vs. service of God, in formalized religion, 1092
    cycles of progress, alternation of, with play cycles of time, 316
    David’s voluntary, Jesus’ praise of, 1967
    definition, 1616
    eternal, of the sons of God, 1610
    of eternity, reminiscing play of time during, 316
    of the God-knowing brotherhood, an obligation of the sons of the kingdom, 1930
    to God, possible conflict of, with service to Caesar, 1474
    highest satisfaction the product of, 316
    Jesus lived a religion of, 67
    Jesus’ talk with Thomas about, 2048
    of the kingdom, apostles’ dedication to the, 1577, 1608, 1683
    love of, a level of mortal wisdom, 806, 1862
    loving, of the children of God, results, 1454
       to one’s fellows, a frequent result of man’s contact with the Adjuster, 1000
    of man, effect of, on one’s world citizenship, 1930
    and ministration, growth of religion of the spirit in, 1732
    the motivation of the enduring state, 806
    motivation, profit motivation’s relation to, 805
    to one’s fellows, the highest concept of brotherhood, 2017
    of one’s fellows, requisites for, 51
    relation of, to trustworthiness, 316
    religious, man’s and woman’s equality in, since Pentecost, 2065
    satisfaction of, 312, 316
    unselfish, the cross a token of, 2019
       human interest fostered by, 1956
       Jesus’ kingdom established by, 1725
       man’s development of character by, 1862
       the Master’s pronouncement concerning, 1727
       nurturing of love by, 1727, 1898

Servital(s) member of the transit trio, 293
    relation of, to Graduate Guides, 274
    senior, disappearance of, reason for, 271

Servitude relation of, to sonship, 1124

Set the god of darkness and evil, 1044, 1048

Seth identity of, 849
    religious activities of, 850

Sethard one of the seven outstanding world religious teachers, 1339

Sethite(s) great missionary zeal of the, 1084
    priesthood, influence of, on India’s civilization, 881
       threefold nature of, 850
    priests, in the eastern Andite migration, 873
       some Eden teachings carried on by the, 1007
    Trinity concept of the, long persistence of the, in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and India, 1143

Seven adjutant mind-spirits, 401-403, 1187
    adjutant mind-spirits, characteristics and origin of, 378
       circuits, not entities, 402
       evolutionary function of, 379
       a function of the, 399, 401, 404, 738
       names of the, 378, 401
       primary midwayers not contacted by, 424
    associations of Father, Son, and Spirit, 110, 184
    bestowals, of original Michael on Havona, 94
    circles, the Adjuster an equal partner with human in attainment of the, 1209
       the extent of mortal experience embraced by the, 1211
       of seraphic light, guardian angels’ achievement of the, 441
    commandments, Melchizedek church members’ acceptance of the, 1017
    Corps of the Finality, significance of, 353
    cosmic circles, definition, 569
       measurement of individual human progress by mastery of the, 569
    -day week, origin of, 751
    -dimensional universe, mortal’s achievement of identity in a, 1439
    life domain characterized by number, 397
    mansion worlds, exemption of secondary modified orders of ascension from passing through the, 570
       identity of the, 530-540
       relation of, to finaliter world, 509
    Master Spirits, 184-196
       and administration of the seven superuniverses by God the Supreme, 643
       association of the, and activities of God the Sevenfold, 205
       children of the Paradise Trinity, 197
       collective creation of Seven Spirits of the Circuits by, 202, 287
       collective, vs. individual creations of, 287
       conditioning of Third Source and Center’s spirit presence by the, 186
       conditions under which Trinity is represented by, 185
       correlation of, with the mind of the Infinite Spirit, 638
       cosmic mind convergent in, 5, 105, 481
       and creation of Havona Servitals, 273
       in creation of Reflective Spirits, 199
       creations of, collective, 320
          individual, 320
       definition, 102
       disclosure of functional unity by, 206
       diversity of, 186, 209
       Divine Ministers’ functions as related to, 375
       executive abodes of, function of, 143, 150, 198
       Father’s and Son’s part in creation of, 184
       functions of the, 106, 143, 150, 178, 186, 197, 209, 275
       and God the Sevenfold, 11
       identification, 184, 186-189
       inescapability of personalization of, 185
       Infinite Spirit’s revelation by the, 185
       limitation of administrative action of, 197
       location of seats of power of the, 121
       meetings of Supreme Executives with, 198
       mind-distribution function of, 102
       origin, and source of characteristics of, 184, 189
       Paradise clearinghouse of, 179
       permanent function of, 12
       personal presence of, location, 197
       personality of, 106, 186
       personalization of Seven Supreme Power Directors by the, 319
       personification of sevenfold will of Paradise Deity in, 238
       power focuses of, location, 150, 322
       presence of, vs. that of Creator Sons, 377
       present domain of, 184
       and realization of God, 12
       Reflective Image Aids’ relation to, 179, 308
       relation of, to the grand universe, 164
       repositories of mind potential of Supreme Being, 271
       representation of Paradise Deities in finite domain of action by, 185, 190
       scope of functions of, 185, 189
       secondary supernaphim created by, 287
       Seven Supreme Power Directors created by, 320, 322
       Solitary Messengers subject to apprehension only by, 257
       as Supreme Creators, 640
       as supreme supervisors, 184
       teachings about the, in Zoroastrianism, 1050
       trinitization authority of, 250
       unification of the cosmic mind in the supervision of the, 638
       voice of the, 308
    Reflective Spirits, cocreators of abandonters, 416
       location of, 106
       means of contact of Master Spirits with superuniverse headquarters, 106, 308
    sacred spheres, of Paradise, and communion with the Father, 64
       worlds of the Eternal Son, function of, 143
          of the Father, 144-147
          of the Son, closed to personalities, 144
    secret spheres of the Father, functions of, 143
       spheres of the Universal Father, location, 143
    spheres encircling Paradise, man’s inability to understand, 78
       of the Spirit, location and function of, 121, 143
    Spirits of the Circuits, creation of tertiary supernaphim by, 205, 287
       a function of, 198, 287
       origin of, 197, 287
       time of initial functioning of, 287
    spirits of God sent forth to all the universe”, 189, 378
       of the Havona circuits, creation of tertiary supernaphim by, 203
          function of, 202
          Havona experience of ascendant pilgrims as related to, 203
          natives of Havona as related to, 203
          origin of, 202
    superuniverse significance of, 751
       administration of, by God the Supreme, 643
       administrative individuality of, 202
       Ancients of Days rulers of, 115, 164
       characteristics of, 360
       counter-clockwise revolution of, about central universe, 134
       current growth of, 131
       definition, 129, 164-183
       duality of, 637
       first outer space level’s separation from, 125
       function of Census Directors in the, 267
       future creations beyond borders of, 121
       general classification of mortals of, 565
       inseparability of time and space in the, 135
       jurisdiction of, 164
       mind endowment of, source of, 102
       mortals’ possible knowledge of, 128
       number of phases of energy in energy system of the, 470
       participation of, in space respiration, 134
       perfected, God the Supreme probable ruler of, 182
       probable number of Mighty Messengers serving in each of the, 245
       purposes of the, 181-183
       reflectivity in perfection on headquarters of, 105
       relation of Assigned Sentinels to supreme board of supercontrol for the, 269
       revolution of, about Paradise-Havona system, 129
       service of Trinitized Sons of Perfection in, 251
       seven major purposes of, 181
       Seven Master Spirits’ central supervision of, 143, 184
       time standards of, 153
    Supreme Executives, 198-199
       children of the Paradise Trinity, 197
       contact of the Master Architects of the superuniverses with the, 351
       function of, 178, 268
       and Infinite Spirit, creation of omniaphim by, 307
       Master Spirits’ action in executive matters through the, 197
       omniaphim created by Infinite Spirit and the, 286
       relation of Assigned Sentinels to, 268
          of Associate Inspectors to, 268
       service of omniaphim to, 307
       Seven Spirits of the Havona Circuits as related to, 203
       training of trinitized sons under tutelage of the, 251
    worlds of, headquarters of supreme center supervisors, 321
    supreme gods, Zoroaster’s creation of a galaxy of, 1049
    Supreme Power Directors, 336
       associates of, number of, 319
       call of, for exploration volunteers, 259
       and creation of energy transformers, 326
       and creation of Havona Servitals, 273
       direction of Master Physical Controllers by the, 324
       location and function of, 121, 320
       Supreme Power Centers’ relation to, 322
    Supreme Spirit groups, 197-206
       functional domain of, 197
    triunities, the, 1147-1151
    wonders of the world, lighthouse of Pharos one of the, 1432
    worlds of the Eternal Son, location, 143
       of the Infinite Spirit, 143

Sevenfold approach to Deity, purpose of, 11
    bestowal Sons, Sovereign Michaels, 234, 240
    constitution of ancestral energy, proof of, 480
    Creator Son, blending of Creator and creature in, 224
    Deity personalization, results of, 11
       Seven Master Spirits’ portrayal of, 185
       union of Seven Master Spirits, results, 188
    electronic organization of prematter, reality of, 479
    God, 11, 12
    persistence of creative constitution in chemical domains, 480
    realm of the activities of the, 470
    self-relationship, the I AM’s establishment of a, 1154
    spirit,” functional relation of, to Paradise Trinity, 188
    the source of the relative unity of the functional reality of the present grand universe, 1164
    will of Deity, culmination of in the Supreme, 1325

Seventh adjutant spirit, the spirit of wisdom, 948
    bestowal commission, 1325-1326
    bestowal, co-operation of Divine Minister with Creator Son before and after his, 379
       of Creator Son, Creative Spirit’s changed career subsequent to, 204
       Jesus’ completion of, at time of his baptism, 2002
    cosmic circle, mortals’ starting point, 569
    day, beliefs concerning honoring the, in Mesopotamia, 1042
       choice of, for worship, reason for, 837
    mansion world, 538-539
       last awakening chamber on the, 540
    mansonia personnel, assembly of, for final departure of ascenders for Jerusem, 539
    Master Spirit, compensation for Havona pilgrims’ inability to find God the Supreme, 188
    -stage finaliters, revelations of the God of evolutionary creatures by, 644
    stage of light and life, 628-629, 636, 646, 648
    -stage-spirit status, finaliters’ attainment of, 148, 641
       spirits, and Trinity-embraced finaliters, comparison, 454
    superuniverse, astronomic center of, 359
       distance from outermost system of inhabited worlds to center of, 359
       Supreme Being’s possible residence on headquarters of, 636
       Uversa headquarters of the, 32

Seventy Abner chief of the, 1626, 1817
    dedication of their worldly possessions by the, 1803
    departure of, on first mission, 1801, 1804
    gospel teachers, source of the, 1658
    Jesus’ ordination of the, 1800
    makeup of the, 1800
    Matadormus, potential leader of the, 1802
    message of the, 1801
    rejoicing of the, reason for, 1807

Sex appeal, so-called, absence of, in primitive races, 914
    appetite, vs. war urge, 788
    association, self-gratification an incentive to, 765
    attitudes, human, extent of Jesus’ discussion of, 1574
    attraction of blue and violet races, 890
       and ideal marriage, 1777
       the mating impulse, 914
    of the Caligastia one hundred, 744
    charms, woman’s use of her, 934, 935
    the civilizer of the savage, 922
    code, red man’s possession of the highest, 913
    control, primitive people’s early teaching of, to adolescent youths, 791
       society’s right of, 794
    craving, dawn mammals’ development of, 704
    crimes, Moses’ punishment of, 796
    customs, early, 915
    differentiation, absence of, in repersonalized children in probation nursery, 516
    distinctive sphere of each, 938
    emotion, seraphim not subject to, 419, 420
    equality, Adam’s teaching of, 836
       lack of, in nature, 936
       prevalence of, on all advanced worlds, 564
       realization of, time of, 591-592, 807
    evolution, human, monogamy the idealistic goal of, 927
    expression, scope of, 914
    hunger, embellishment of marriage by, 931
    impulse, effect of, on man’s thinking and loving, 922
    inferiority, primitive woman’s feelings of, 923
    jealousy, nonexistence of, between old and new wives in ancient times, 926
       a product of the evolving mores, 917
    labor specialization based on, 774
    liberties, early taboos relating to, 915, 919
    partnerships, ideal, biologic satisfaction of, 927
    primitive man’s attitude toward, 913, 968
    problem, agelong, reason for the, 915
    promiscuity, Jesus’ disapproval of, 1461
    propensity, need for regulation of the, 906
    regulation, Christianity and, 2069
       individual’s rebellion against, 915
    relations, personal, marriage as a regulator of, 922
    rewards of the chase, Neanderthaler, effect of, on hunting skill, 722
    selection, dawn mammals’ manifestation of, 704
    slavery, a reason for, 776, 779
    Son and Daughters, origin of, 580
    standards, rise of, among women, reason, 936
    urge, man’s ultimate benefit from the, 913, 922
       unbridled, harm and sorrow resulting from, 914
    worship, prevalence of, among the Mesopotamians, 1042

Sexes difficulties of mutual understanding by the, 935

Sexual fidelity, progress in, 930
    reproduction of corporeal staffers and Andonite associates, 758

Shabattum significance of the, 1042

Shade term applied to nonmaterial part of man, 953

Shadow(s) cast by mind, measurement of, 141
    of eternity, man’s final realization of time as a, 1117
    former practice of walling in, 981
    of a great rock in a weary land, 2035
    interpretation of, 29
    relative reality of a, 1446, 1458
    of the substance of spirit realities, material world a, 498
    of truth, vs. eternal and spiritual realities, 1641

Shale(s) alternation of coal layers with, 681
    change of limestone to, 676
    conversion of, into slate, cause of, 674
    definition, 673
    in transition rock deposits, significance of, 671

Shalmaneser III attempt of, to control the Mediterranean coast, 1074

Sham battles, ancient, purpose of, 784

Shaman(s) accumulation of material wealth by the, 988
    an evaluation of, 1006
    the original aristocracy, 989
    power of, 989
       vs. that of the war chiefs, 986
    priests, and the extermination of inferiors, 893
    primitive man’s attitude toward the, 987, 989
    religious rituals’ control by, 986
    status of the, 986

Shamancraft a definition, 987

Shamanic theory of disease and death, 989-990

Shamanistic practices, 987-989

Shamash a Mesopotamian deity, 1042

Shame religious, unworthiness of, 1572

Sharing the pattern of, in creation, 614

Sharks relation of, to Devonian-era fishes, 679-680

Shasta beginning of the mountain career of, 698

Shawnee Teuskwatowa identity of, 988

Sheep of his pasture, 1444
    Jesus’ comparison of mortals to, 1584, 1851
    relation of Jesus and his, 1815
    without a shepherd, the Pella multitude, 1818

Sheepfold door to the Father’s, 1819

Shekinah doctrine of the, Jews’ belief in, 1510

Shell animals, of the late invertebrate-animal age, 676

Sheltered bays, and implantation of marine life, 663, 665

Sheol Hebrews’ belief regarding, 953

Shepherd(s) boy’s prayer, 552-553
    Jesus the true, 1819
    nonappearance of, at the birth of Jesus, 1352
    opportunity for thought afforded by John’s life as a, 1498
    true, vs. false, 1818, 1819

Shields of the emperor, Pilate’s placing of, on Herod’s Jerusalem palace, 1988

Shiloh discrediting of Yahweh’s temple at, 1073

Shin sect, of Japan, the progressive nature of the, 1041

Shinran identity of, 1040

Shinto definition and identity of, 1012, 1451
    influence of, on Buddhism in Japan, 1038
    proto-Taoism in Japan, 1033
    remnants of the Melchizedek teachings in, 1451
    on Urantia today, 1011

Shittim the seventy’s labors in, 1817

Shooting star(s) early man’s attitude toward the, 944
    swarms of, reason for, 658

Short space rays, definition, 475, 667

Shrimps of early marine life, 674

Shrines and temples, onetime fetish places, reason, 969

Shunem Jesus’ discourse on salvation at, 1682

Siberia modern, erection of “blue men” huts in, 891
    stock of the red race in, 723

Siberian Andonites, assimilation of, by northern Andites, 892

Sibmah the seventy’s labors in, 1817

Sicilian land bridge, connecting link between Europe and Africa, 718, 826, 889, 891

Sicily Thomas’ journeys to, 1563

Sick and afflicted, at Iron, Jesus’ ministry to the, 1643
    and afflicted, preparation of, for presentation to Jesus for healing, 1631
       training of women in ministry to the, 1808
    apostles’ attention to ministry to the, 1570, 1591, 1595
    in Bethsaida Hospital, material and spiritual care of the, 1657-1659
    instruction to the seventy as to ministry to the, 1805
    ministry of the, by Jesus after Capernaum healing, 1633
    primitive man’s fear of the, 991
    women’s corps’ ministration to, on the Perean mission, 1817

Sickness and health, material causes of, 1831
    human, three types of, 1591
    primitive fear of, cause, 958

Siddhartha teaching of an ideal humanism by, 1037

Siddim Abraham’s battle of, 1020

Sidon apostolic two-and-one-half-week sojourn in, 1734-1742, 2054
    news of Jesus’ morontia appearance at Tyre carried to, 2054
    the resurrection message carried to, 2031
    truth seekers from, 1578

Sierras elevation of, during Pliocene period, 698

Sign(s) Jesus’ refusal to give to hypocrites a, 1714, 1745
    and omens, importance of, to the medicine men, 988
    of the times, necessity for alertness regarding, 1915
    and wonders, Jesus’ refusal to gratify seekers for, 1635

Signals a technique of animal communication, 1775

Significance of Origins, function of, 314

Sikhism origin of, in Asia, 1010
    origins of, from other cults, 1012

Silas association of, with Paul, at Corinth, 1472

Silence Jesus’, effect of, at his trial, 1979, 1982, 1984, 2001

Siloam pool of, semisacredness of, 1813

Silurian period of marine life, 678
    seas, engulfment of Europe and North America by the, 676

Simeon identity of, 1353, 1387

Simian ancestry, origin of, 700, 703
    tribes, nonflesh eaters, 704
       mating of Andon’s and Fonta’s descendants with the, 711

Simians and man, relation of, 706

Simon, the aged Jesus’ farewell to, 1897

Simon, of Bethany death of, 1399
    feast of, Judas’ resentment of Jesus’ rebuke at, 1886
    identity of, 1375
    Jesus’ sojourn in the home of, 1878, 1895
    Mary’s anointing Jesus’ head at banquet in home of, consequences, 1878-1879
    the Nazareth family’s celebration of Passover with, 1379

Simon, of Bethpage Thomas’ flight to, after Jesus’ death, 2025

Simon, brother of Jesus appreciation of Jesus as his father-brother by, 1412
    birth of, 1365
    characteristics of, 1401
    journey to the Passover by Jesus and, 1411
    work of, with Jason the stone mason, 1410

Simon, of Cyrene identity of, 1438, 2006

Simon, the fisherman friend of David reaction of, to large draught of fish, 1629

Simon Peter the apostle, 1550-1552
    brother of Andrew, 1524, 1548
    effect of time of waiting on, 1534
    following of Jesus by, to the home of Annas, 1976, 1980
    the Gospel according to, 1341
    identification of, 1550
    Jesus’ final personal message to, 1962
       nickname for, reason, 1550
    Marcus’ relation to, 1461
    momentary surmise by, that Jesus and the “scribe of Damascus” were identical, 1456
    the morontia Jesus’ appearance to, 2039
    night vision of, 1703
    one of the greatest preachers of the kingdom, 1549
    pledge of loyalty to Jesus by, 1715-1716
    protest of, against Jesus’ death, 1760
    request of, for Jesus’ new commandment, 1576
    the spokesman for the twelve, 1747
    wearing of a sword by, 1871

Simon Peter’s brother, 1549

Simon, the Pharisee of Jerusalem, criticism of Jesus by, for permitting the woman to anoint his feet, 1651-1653

Simon, the Sanhedrist espousal of Jesus’ teachings by, 1606

Simon, a tanner of Joppa, Jesus’ influence on, 1428

Simon, uncle of Jesus reason for estrangement between Jesus and, 1397

Simon, the Zealot and apostle, 1564-1565
    ability of, to settle doubts of the spiritually undecided, 1564
    attempt of, to persuade Norana to leave, 1735
    death of, 1565
    desire of, to make a speech at Matthew’s banquet, 1541
    director of apostolic play and recreation, 1547
    distribution of swords at Livias by, 1871
    favorable attitude of, toward proclaiming Jesus king, 1701
    identification of, 1540, 1564
    Jesus’ call of, 1540
       final personal admonition to, 1956
    and Judas Iscariot, preaching partners, 1681
    love of, for Jesus, 1565
    obedience of, to Jesus’ instructions about Teherma, 1592
    plea of, for the rescue of Jesus, 1975
    pledge of loyalty to Jesus by, 1956-1957
    preliminary prejudice of, toward Matthew, 1559
    query of, regarding contentment and happiness, 1674
    question of, “Are all men sons of God?”, 1585
    reaction(s) of, to Jesus’ triumphal entry, 1886
       to Kirmeth, 1666
       to news of Jesus’ resurrection, 2038
    selection of, by Peter, 1540
    temporary retirement of, after Pentecost, reason, 2058

Simplicity to complexity, God’s passage from, 58
    James Alpheus’ love of Jesus for his, 1563

Sin(s) adventure of the committing of, vs. facing the harvest of, 1998
    Apostle Paul’s belief in the shedding of blood as atonement for, 716
    the appearance of a new conception of, 975
    attitude of universe rulers toward, 618
    a believed cause for disease and death, 990
    bondage of man’s deliverance from the, 1450, 1451
    bondservant of, a definition, 1796
    a cause of man’s sufferings, 975, 1664
    Christianity’s promise of deliverance from, 1337
    concept of, 915, 975-976
    confession and forgiveness of, 1736
    consequences of, extent of, 761
    -darkened sphere, Urantia a, 1984
    definition, 613, 615, 754, 761, 797, 842, 975, 1301, 1429, 1660, 1664, 2016
    despicability of, 1446
    effects of, 761
    vs. evil, 1660
    an experience of creature consciousness, 1898
    faith an armor against, 610
    far-flung repercussions of, domains of, 761
    of the father, Jewish concept of effect of, on children, 1511
    forgiveness of, 984-985, 1545, 1638, 1667, 1785
       Jesus’ claim of authority for, 1785
    God’s attitude toward, 41, 49
    -identified individuals, self-destruction of, 37
    impossibility of, in Havona, 155
    inevitability of, 615, 1661
    Jesus’ attitude toward, 1564
       death not a sacrifice for, 2003, 2019
       intolerance of, 1102, 1103, 1766, 1786
    local universe circuits effected by, 82
    Lucifer’s deliberate and willful evolution of evil into, 601, 603
    nontransmission of, from parent to child, 2016
    not a part of God’s consciousness, 1898
    of omission, man’s later concern over, 974
    origin of, on Urantia, 1660
    Peter’s query about forgiveness of, 1898
    potential, and ability to choose between good and evil, 613
    prayer a means of withstanding, 2089
    presence of, results, 1445
    primitive man’s concept of, 975
    promise of forgiveness of, 1714
    a proof of the temporal liberty of the finite will, 1301
    racial, Jews’ confusion regarding, 1510
    rebellion, 361, 2003
    relation of affliction to, 1661
    remission of, Jesus’ baptism not for the, 1511
    a result of, 37, 1447
    vs. righteousness, 625, 755, 1951, 1965
    sacrifice, and atonement, 974-985
    security of finaliters against, 346
    soul’s turning from, 1443
    suffering not always a punishment for, 1663
    supposed, agricultural toil not a penalty for, 751
    surest safeguard against, 609
    the transgression of the taboos, 975
    triumph of faith over, 2063
    the unpardonable, 1714
    when fatal to personality survival, 761
    willful, suicidal, 37

Sin, the Mesopotamian deity about, 1042

Sinai vs. Ararat, 860
    clans, Yahweh, god of the, 1598
    Moses and the new Ten Commandments at, 1599
    volcano, Mount Horeb the, 1053

Sincere fairness, a fruit of the spirit, 2054
    motivation, and Van’s loyalty, 756

Sincerity Andrew’s attraction to Jesus’, 1550
    a definition, 1582
    Jesus’ true, 1101, 1582
    a key to the kingdom of heaven, 435
    Nathaniel’s characteristic of, 1558, 1960
    a prerequisite to solution of life problems, 1773, 1961

Singlangton identity and influence of, 513, 724, 885, 887, 1032

Single-eyed individuals, handicaps of, 1434
    -origin beings, 262, 330, 332

Singleness of purpose, a quality of fatherly love, 1574

Sinkiang gateway for Mesopotamian penetration of China, 874, 878

Sinless Jesus consistently, 68, 1785

Sinner(s) God’s attitude toward, 39, 41, 618, 1851
    God’s love saves the, 41
    guilty, the cross and, 2019
    habitual, and iniquitous, 755
    Jesus’ attitude toward, 1537, 1541, 1750, 1785, 2018
       lack of anger at the, 1103
    joy in heaven over one repentant, 1762, 1851
    Son of Man a friend of, 1851

Sisera Jesus’ recall of the defeat of, 1387

Sister Jesus’ designation of his, 1722

Situation(s) exploration of remote, mind’s reaching out towards, 483
    new, Philip’s inability to adapt himself to a, examples, 1557

Siva identity of, 1031

Siwalik Hills, fossils of near-transition types between human and prehuman in the, 720

Sixth mansion world, ascending mortals’ preparation for constellation sojourn on the, 537
    and seventh mind-adjutants, influence of, on the evolution of religion, 950
    -stage spirits, finaliters as, 454, 641

Skeletal types of Urantia races, 904

Skeptic philosophy, doctrine of, 1336
    Pilate a, 1988
    trifling, Thomas not a, 1561

Skeptical philosophy, a definition, 1137

Skill acquirement of, a purpose of education, 806
    an acquisition, 1779

Skin color, of Caligastia one hundred, 744
    disease, six “lepers” cured of a, 1828

Slang development of, into language, 908

Slate conversion of shale into, cause of, 674

Slaughter of animals, and the love of God, young Jesus’ question about the, 1375-1376, 1382

Slave(s) danger in sudden mass liberation of, 779
    dispatch of, on the death of their master, 960
    emancipated, high positions won by, 1335
    indigo man as, 725
    Jesus’ description of the Jews as, 1384
    to religious authority, becoming a, 1458
    Roman, proportion of superior and inferior, 1335
    shall believers own?, 1603
    wives, in polygyny, 926

Slavery abolishment of, time of, 585
    abolition of, in the continental nation, 813
    absolute, vs. absolute freedom, 1490
    advantages and disadvantages of, to society, 779
    Christianity and, 2069
    a corollary to agriculture, 902
    early planetary origin of, 585, 774
    effect of, on class distinction, 792
    as a factor in civilization, 778-780
    industrial, a peril of industry, 786
    influence of, on culture, 902
    an outcome of man’s social evolution, 779, 957
    to public opinion, a danger of democracy, 801
    and the Roman state, 801
    of self-denial, vs. liberty of self-mastery, 1609
    to tradition, effects of, 749

Slavish service, Universal Father does not demand, 22

Sleep the Adjuster’s sometime ability to function in human, 1199, 1208
    of ascending mortals during mansion world transfers, 534
    of death, unconsciousness of the existence of time in the, 1846
    deep, of metamorphosis, definition, 299
    early belief regarding the absence of the soul during, 954
    vs. enseraphiming, 430
    of eternity transit to Paradise goal, 270
    the inevitable inter-epochal, 296
    the last metamorphic, function of, 296, 299
    midwayers’ inability to, 864
    the rest of, 299
    there shall be no more”, 299
    transit, induction of, 299, 431
    unconscious, of survivors without personal guardians, period of, 341

Sleeping chambers, stone, of Andonites, description, 715
    of eight apostles on the betrayal night, 1971, 1975
    mortals, seraphim of assignment and returned adjusters at repersonalization of, 569
    survivor(s), adjudication of, at Adam’s arrival, 853
       definition, 341, 1233
       resurrection of, factors in, 533
       special resurrection of, 568
    of the three apostles while Jesus prayed, 1968

Sleight-of-hand feats, shamans’ use of, 987

Slime and ooze of the ocean bed, man’s ancestors the, 731

Small nations, power of, in future world state, 1489

Smile of the adolescent Jesus, characteristics of, 1395
    of fortune,” may really be the greatest of human afflictions, 1305
    of heaven, health not the, 1831
    of Jesus on the cross, 2007
    Jesus’, effect of, 1875

Smith(s) Jesus’ work as a, 1410
    special privileges of, 774

Snail evolutionary position of, 676, 732

Snake(s) bites, and a sorcerer’s magic, 971
    charming, origin of, 946
    dance, of Moqui tribe of red men, significance, 968
    as fetishes, 967
    house, Hindus’ attitude toward their, 946
    love cult, certain practices in the, 946
    modern, appearance of, time of, 691

Sneezing the soul’s abortive attempt to leave the body, 954

Snow metamorphosis of northern highland mantle of, into creeping ice, 699

Snowstorm Galilee’s onetime, severity of, 1361

Sociability an acquirement, 765
    the Master’s, apostles’ reaction to, on his last Wednesday evening, 1928

Social activities, relation of animal husbandry to, 778
    activities in schools of the Prince, 575
    adjustment, schools of, in the constellations, 551
    advancement, after Planetary Prince’s arrival, 591
    amenities, Jesus’ effort at adjustment of his and his parents’ views of, 1372
    antagonisms, freedom of Jesus from, 1671
    architects, function of, 432
    aspects of religion, 1006, 1090-1092
    association, a form of survival insurance, 906
    attitude, Jesus’ teachings as to man’s, 1580-1581
    behavior, Jesus not to teach rules of, 1576
    brotherhood, Urantian, prerequisites to attainment of, 597, 1865
    changes, and scientific developments, 911
       sudden, undesirability of, 911
    classes, 792-793
    cleverness, and a high civilization, 911
    coherence, religion’s maintenance of, 1006
    competition of men and women on equal terms, 938
    conduct, diversity of, and spiritual unity, 1591
       the golden rule as the standard of, 1950
    consciousness, objective, a religious consciousness, 196
       the origin of, 1131
    contacts, interracial, means of making, 597, 763
       Jesus’ technique of, 1460
    co-operation, dependence of, on leadership, 911
    creature, man innately a, 1227
    culture, early, relation of cooking to, 778
       slavery’s influence on, 902
       a specialty of the Adamic schools, 587
    delinquents, involuntary labor by, 585
    difficulties, Jesus’ refusal to become involved in the apostles, 1610
    distinction, basis for the first, 777, 792
    duty, association of, with every human right, 906, 2088
       marriage at one time a, 915
    efficiency, pair marriage and, 928
    environment, influence of, on early religion, 944, 1095
    evolution, basic energy in, 802-803
       initiation of, by the Dalamatia teachers, 763
       and marriage adjustment, 913, 928
       and prayer, 995
    fellowship of the church, vs. Father-and-son idea of Jesus, 1865
    fraternity, an essential to attainment of social brotherhood on Urantia, 597
    group(s), activities of, results, 772
       of believers, maintenance of order by, 1929
       effectiveness of, vs. that of the family, 1775
       of human beings, potential force of a, 113, 1477
       the minimum, 110
       not the source of religious experience, 1132
       origin of, 790, 1775
    harmony, prayer’s promotion of, 999
       vs. spiritual liberty, 1591
    inequality, advantages of, 51
    influence, the paramount mission of religion as a, 1086
    institution(s), modern, origin of, 767
       religion as a, 1004
       religious groups devolving into, 1087
    intercourse, encouragement of, by fire, 777
    justice, Jesus’ recognition of the need for, 1581
       Jewish gospel of, 1075
    laboratories of Edentia, 433
    leadership, and spiritual insight, 1089
    liberator, science as a, 909
    liberty, society as a scheme for securing, 906
    life, Jesus’ participation in, 1400
    maturity, the true badge of, 1773
    meanings, religion’s paramount interest in, 1132
    mechanism, the modern purpose of, 906, 1088
    ministry, of Jesus, 1465-1466
       the normal child’s natural tendency toward, 1131
    mixer, Matthew a good, 1559
    -moral clash of the ages, cause of the, 2069
    morality, and evolutionary religion, 1005
    natures, of ministering spirits, 285
    occasion, vs. a religious gathering, 1133
    order, altruistic, requisites for, 196
       civil government’s names for maintenance of, 1579
       an ideal, identity of, 1087
       Michael’s relation to the, 1329
       present, need of, to constantly change for the better, 782
    organization, capital’s effect on, 777
       the Christian church a, reason, 1865
       institutionalized, vs. the living brotherhood, 2085
    organizer, Moses a, 1057
    parasites, apostles’ attitude toward, 1580
    partnership, evolving, marriage an, 930
    position, nonimportance of, during times of Ikhnaton, 1048
       relation of wealth to, among the Jews, 1392
    problem(s), definition, 433
       of religion, 1086-1093
    progress, competition essential to, 805
       a fruit of divinity, 648
       ritual crystallization a handicap to, 966
       sin’s retardation of, 761
       technique of achieving, 907
    progression, factors in, 764-766
    readjustment, Urantia’s imminent status of, 2082, 2090
    reasons for class distinctions, 792
    reconstruction, past and present, religion’s adjustments to, 965, 1086, 1088
    regulation(s), a necessity for a dominating sex urge, 914
       Garden laws of, 836
    repercussions of prayer, 998-999
    results of spread of the gospel, Jesus’ anticipation of, 1865
    sciences, influence of, in the reconstruction of economics and industry, 1092
    service, the basis of, 68, 2081
       the basis of the brotherhood of man, 1131
       manifestation of brotherly affection in, 1089, 1090, 1120, 1121, 1131, 1603, 1770, 1862, 1930, 1931, 1951
       unselfish, Buddhism’s lack of, 1037
       urge of, source of the, 1133
    standing, marriage in primitive times the price of, 915
    status, of advanced worlds in light and life, 629
       influence of, on man’s philosophy of religion, 1113
    suffering, the religionist’s sympathy for, 1088
    surroundings, and ethical adjustments, 68
    survival, an essential to, 803
    system, nonidentification of Jesus’ teachings with any, 1580
       of Western civilization, Christianity’s identification with the, consequences, 2086
    urge, spirit of counsel the, 402
    usage(s), changes in, and effect on character development, 1772
       relation of, to one’s standard of good, 1457
       tendency of, to cling to old forms, 1004
    yardstick, peace the, 783

Socialization of the brotherhood of man, David’s messengers’ first attempt at, 2031
    Edentia schools of, 174, 493-494
    of personal religious practices, first attempt of Jesus’ followers at, 1625
    protective, 763-764
    of religion, 1092, 1624
    of students in Dalamatia schools, 751

Socialized religion, symbols of, channels of growth, 1098

Society birth of, technique of, 763
    breakdown of, without superhuman help, 766
    the builder of, 766
    changing, religion’s adjustment to, 1004, 1087
    characteristics of, on advanced worlds in light and life, 629
    the concern of, 764
    a definition, and function of, 764, 906, 911, 931
    dependence of a, on evolution of its mores, 767
    earliest divisions of, 792
    evolution of, necessity for, 763, 804
    factors preventing the maturity of, 1772
    forward plunge of, under the accumulated momentum of all past ages, 912
    foundations of, 766
    function of, in administration of human rights, 794
    ghost fear’s function as regards, 766
    growing peacefulness of, on worlds in light and life, 630
    home the foundation of, 977
    human, evolutionary stages of, 769
       influence of the ghost dream on, 766
    ideal, hindrances of the, 804
    indebtedness of, to war, 785
    of Material Sons, high type of, 515
    measure of the advance of, 802
    modern, a dangerous phase of, 765
    new order of, during post-Teacher Son era, 599
    obligations of, religion not grounded in the, 68
    present-day rights of, 793
    primitive, foundation of, 763, 780
       lack of privacy in, 795
    responsibility of, for solving sex problems, 914
    in reverse, the course of, 780
    secularization of, complete, result, 2082
    self-maintenance the originator of, 764
    the stage and actors of, 768
    topheaviness of modern, 765
    vanity’s contribution to the birth of, 766
    war’s selective stratification of, 785

Sociologic rip tides, of the twentieth century, effect, 1090

Sociologist Jesus not a, 1580

Sociology possible dogmatism of, God-knowing men’s proper reply to the, 1127
    revelation’s co-ordination of, 1123

Socrates some teachings of, 1079

Sodium atom, light and energy locomotion of, 462
    chloride life pattern, Satania Life Carriers’ projection of, for Urantia, 664
    pervasion of space by, 461

Sodom and Gomorrah, fact and fiction relating to, 1021
    king of, Abraham’s military relations with the, 1020
    Lot’s removal to, 1019

Soil cultivation, an activity of the Prince’s schools, 575
    cultivation, inherence of in establishment of civilization, 752
    culture, spornagias’ technique of, 527
    toil, the greatest of all blessings, 752, 900

Sol Invictus identity of, in the Mithraic cult, 1082

Solar calcium, present location of, 462
    contractions, a source of energy, 463
    cyclones, directional whirl of, 666
    deity, importance of, to Amenemope, 1046
    dynamos, function of the, 172
    elemental battles, atomic casualties of, 461
    energy, liberation of, by nuclear-reaction chains, 464
       manipulation, Universe Power Directors’ function in, 458
       mortals’ dependence upon, 1276
    furnaces, definition, 458, 464
    ionization, definition, 462
    photosphere, calcium’s escape from the, 462
    radiation, 460-461
    supergases, explosive and repellant stage of, 472
    system, ancient, fate of fifth planet of, 658
       Angona’s influence in producing the, 656
       definition, 466
       matter formation on type of the, 477, 657
       stage, 657-658
       sun, the number of, 655
          origin of, 651
          Urantia, inhabitable planets in, 173
             formation of, 466
             movement of, 165
             relation of, to Jerusem, 466
          worlds, double origin of, 656
       temperatures, speeding up of ultimatons and electrons by, 463

Soldier(s) forty armed, Judas’ request for, reason, 1973
    the four, dividing of Jesus’ clothes among, 2007
    preparation of, for the deathwatch at Golgotha, 2008
    piercing of Jesus’ side by, 2011
    Roman, Jesus’ talk with the, 1461

Solemnity of Trust, 315, 317

Solarington activities on, and functions of, 146
    trinitization a secret of, 249

Solitary Messenger(s) about, 256-263
    ability of, to function in outer space, 329
    among the Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit, 525
    antigravity endowment of, 264
    assignments of, 257-260
    attributes of, 257
    awareness by, of the presence of Adjusters, 1189
       of the presence of Inspired Trinity Spirits, 220, 1189
    classifications of, based on work, 256
    co-operation of, with gravity researchers, 132
    craving of, for remote assignments, 256
    degree of independence of time and space of, 261
    depletion of ranks of, 219
    divisions of service of, 258
    exemption of, from detention by tribunals of time and space, 257
    an experience of a, 259
    the Father’s connection with, 146
    field of activity of, 264
    formlessness of, 483
    function of, in local universes, 259
    Inspired Trinity Spirits’ possible future function in place of the, 219
    lack of understanding by, of the relationship between an Adjuster and the human mind, 1190, 1192
    local universe activities of, 413
    as local universe ambassadors, reason for, 260
    love of, for working alone, 256
    Melchizedek teaching regarding a function of, 1190
    as Most High Assistants, 409
    nature and origin of, 256-257
    not isolated, 257
    organization unknown among, 258
    perfection of, at their creation, 256
    personal corps of the Conjoint Creator, 256
    personalities of, type, 261
    possibility of exhaustion of supply of, 262
    and reflectivity, 309
    relation of, to time and space, 376
    resemblance of Inspired Trinity Spirits to, 219
    sensitivity of, to gravity, 259
    Solitarington the home of, 146
    space speed of, 260, 261, 324
    star students assisted by, 339
    technical reason for solitary work of, 257
    technique of, of detecting the presence of Adjusters, 1180
       of detection of Inspired Trinity Spirits by, 219, 220
    time and space services of, 260-262
    true persons, 261
    unrestricted utilization of avenues of service by, 261, 264
    versatility of, 257

Solitary seasons Jesus’ purpose in, 1774

Solomon continued tyranny and taxation under, 1073
    bankrupting of the nation by, causes, 1073
    a contender for the throne of David, 1073

Solomon’s Porch Jesus’ discourse on spiritual freedom in, 1796
    Jesus’ teaching in, 1790, 1815

Solonia function of, in default of Adam and Eve, 583

Solvents effect of, on atoms, 472

Soma a god of the Aryans, 1031

Somme ancient and modern course of the, 715
    Andonite sojourn on, length of, 715
    valley, decisive struggles of the white and blue man in the, 893

Son of Man abuse of, by guards and servants, 1984
    acquaintance of, with human emotion, 1425
    Amenemope by many called the, 1046
    Antioch sojourn of the, purpose, 1492
    apostles’ erroneous ideas of, 1576
    appearance of, in John’s presence for baptism, 1504
    assault of Lucifer and Satan on the, 609
    authority of, to forgive sins, 1667
    betrayal time of the, 1968
    came not to be ministered to but to minister”, 1868
    communication of, with the spirit of the Paradise Father, 1425
    confidence of, in settlement of the Nebadon rebellions, 609
    death of, and the Jewish sacrificial system, 2002
    decision of, to go through his full life as a human, 1518, 1753
    difference between Daniel’s depiction of, and Jesus as the, 1390, 1526
    disposal of all Messianic contradictions by the human mind of the, 1522
    equanimity of, in the presence of his enemies, 1970
    fate of the, 1791
    final decision of the, on Mt. Hermon, 1523
    a friend of publicans and sinners, 1851
    harmony effected between human mind and indwelling Adjuster of the, 1484
    about his Father’s business, useless search for, 1525
    inability of, to meet Jewish expectations of the Messiah, 1750
    inevitable death and resurrection of the, 1952
    Jesus’ adoption of title of, for his bestowal mission, 1390, 1407, 1855
       and the Father’s working together as one person in the, 1948
       progress from the, to the Son of God, 1281, 1753, 1983
       proposal to finish his work as the, 1522
       query to Nicodemus concerning his courage to believe in the, 1602
    Jesus the Son of God and the, 1407, 1785, 2092
    as Joshua the teacher, 1482
    in the likeness of mortal flesh, Christ Michael a, 1319
    lord even of the Sabbath, 1655
    many “miracle” episodes in the life of the, 1531
    and marriage, 1839
    on the Mediterranean trip Jesus still the, 1424
    Michael called, 34, 1327, 1700
    mission of the, 1675, 1725, 1750
    multitude’s desire to make a king of the, purpose, 1704
    neither a Nazarite nor an Essene, 1535
    not left alone, 1795
    occasion of Jesus’ beginning his career as the, 1751
    prediction of the death of the, 1954
    preparation for permanent detachment from his home by the, 1419
    presentation of, to John, for baptism, 1400
    the Prince of Peace, 1536
    purpose of the life in the flesh of the, 1663
    readiness of, to ascend to the right hand of the Father, 1604
    reason for Nazareth’s division of sentiment regarding the, 1398
    Rebecca’s presence at the crucifixion of the, 1403
    recalling the admonition of his Personalized Thought adjuster by the, 1530
    rejection of the, final, 1754
    revelation of the everlasting Father the, 1536
    and Son of God, 8, 89, 1317, 1330, 1748, 1787, 1985
    struggle of, on Mount Hermon, 1493
    the thief’s recognition of the, as the Son of God, 2009
    three-fold mission of the, 1710
    time for the glorification of the, 1944
    a unified human personality, 2088
    unique insight of the, 1603
    Urantia’s Creator son, 61, 609-610
    vision of, at his baptism, 1511-1512
    a well-poised personality, 1102

Son of Man’s postbaptismal freedom from doubts regarding his mission, 1523

Son(s) activities of the, on the subabsolute levels of reality, 640
    of Attainment, loyalty of, to Orvonton government, 244
    belief in, and eternal life, 1507
    coexistent self, 1294
    collaboration with Supreme Being by the, 115
       with the Ultimate by the, 115
    of the commandment,” Jesus as a, 1362, 1375
       Jesus’ place among the new, 1380
    and Daughters of God, attempted duplication of central universe by, 614
       Jesus’ discourse on, in Nazareth synagogue, 1686
    of David, the Messiah the, a Jewish theory, 1341, 1501, 1509, 1510, 1901
    defaulting, provision for salvaging, 394
    desire, relation of, to the Father’s will, at Cana, 1530
    of destiny, Elizabeth’s expectancy of a, 1346
       Jesus’ parents temptation to favor the, 1370
       legends about the, 947-948
    divine, see also Divine Sons
       millennial conclaves of, 87
       the “Word of God”, 111
    expression inherent in the, 405
    and Father, effect on, of eternalization of Infinite Spirit, 250
       purposes of, Conjoint Actor’s execution of, 467
    finders, identification of, 294
    -fused, and Adjuster-fused mortals, comparison, 450
       ascendant mortals, as Trinitized Ambassadors, 211, 248-249
       Celestial Guardians not, 252
       mortal(s), definition and identity, 248, 333, 449-450, 453-454
          as Trinitized Sons of Selection, 244
          Uversa Corps of, present function of, 416
    fusers, transformations necessary for ascension of, to Havona and Paradise, 453
    God’s eternal purpose in his, 35
    of grace and mercy, faith sons, 448
    humans the Father’s, 1588, 1649
    incarnated, normal development of the, 1395
    of the law, Jesus as a, 1377, 1384
    of the living God, attempt to procure apostolic unanimity concerning Jesus as the, 1746, 1747
       Peter’s second declaration as to Jesus’ being the, 1747
    of the local universe, creation of, 359
    man’s privilege of believing himself God’s, 1590
    Material, creation of, 415
    omniscience of the, 1597, 1855
    oneness of, with the Father, 361
    of Paradise, Spirit Daughters trained for co-operation with the, 162
    of Peace, Jerusalem multitude’s last opportunity to receive the, 1883
    primal, a function of, 89
    reborn spirit, obligation of, as earthly citizens, 1930
    of revenge,” Judas the, 1964
    -seized mortals, identity of, 570, 624
    of Selection, loyalty of, to Orvonton government, 244
    of Sons, a Melchizedek designation of the Eternal Son, 74
    source of the, 73
    -Spirit, active spirit values of the, 1149
       function of, as active creative spirit, 1149
    and Spirit, joint function of, in creation of certain personalities, 369, 384
       Seven Master Spirits’ relation to, 184
    spirit-born, God lives in his, 64, 1609
    spirit circuit of the, 9
    Spirit, and Father, equality of, 111
    the, is mercy, 75, 94, 1580
    The, see also Eternal Son
    of thunder,” James and John Zebedee the, 1552-1556, 1955
    in time and space, 376
    of the Trinity, justice carried out by certain, 114

Son(s) of God as the accused Son of Man, 1996
    activities of, on their transitional-culture world, 524
    Adam a, 1732
       and Eve as, 853
    all believers the, 1958
       men the, 1585, 2003, 2035, 2043, 2053
    ascending, 335, 443-454
    apostles the, 1945
    bestowal, inspiration of Eternal Son for, 85, 87
    Book-of-Enoch’s concept of the Messiah as the, 1510
    change from servants into, 1569
    and creature survival, 1566
    definition, 859, 1474, 1568, 1585, 1601
    descending, seven orders of, 335
    difficulty of recognizing the human Jesus as a, 1413
    establishment of spiritual credit by, 314
    extraordinary day in the mortal life of the, 1376
    faith-realization that one is a, 1916
    a fitting designation of Paradise Sons, 74
    freedom from fear of the, 1655
    good news of man’s identity as a, 1820
    and goodness of God, 40
    identity of, 856
    incarnate, mortals’ inability to understand the thoughts and feelings of the, 1969
    incarnation of, in the mind of a first-century human being, 1521
    Jesus the, 1747, 1749, 1784, 1816, 1983
       the Son of Man and the, 1785, 2029
    Jesus’ growing awareness of being a, 1409, 1424, 1749, 1751
    Jews’ unwillingness to accept Jesus as the, 1340
    John the Baptist’s declaration that Jesus was the, 1786
    joy of knowing that we are, 1635, 1928
    last link in chain of, 445
    local universe, 384-395
    loyal, characteristics of the, 985
    Michael called, 34
    man a, 1438, 1681, 2057
    Paradise, 223-233, 384
    perfected, origin of, 295
    a postbestowal title of Michael, 1327
    a prerequisite to becoming, 1601
    proof of knowing oneself to be a, 1592, 1598, 1600
    reasons for Urantia mortals’ believing they are, 448, 1642
    revelation of the Father by the, 51, 75
    and Son of Man, apostles’ belief in Jesus as the, 1748, 1787
    spirit-born, and the kingdom, 1929
    the task of, 94
    teaching of Jesus that mortals are, 1671
    those led by the Sprit of God, 381, 1829
    three groups of, 243
    trinitized, 243-255, 336
    Urantia mortals, 448
    Urantia’s Creator Son, 61

Sonarington activities on, and function of, 145
    Corps of the Finality members’ access to, 148
    incarnation a secret of, 86, 145, 1313, 1317
    and Michael’s seventh bestowal, 1327, 1330
    mysteries of incarnation and bestowal fully known only on, 1310, 1313

Sonship acceptance of, a definition, 290, 448
    ascending, nonmortal orders of, 443
    and citizenship, discourse of Jesus on, 1929-1932
    divine, need for attainment of, 1725, 1736
       security in, 1475, 1574, 1601
    enlightened, liquid liberties of, vs. frozen forms of religion, 1728
    essential to fatherhood, 111, 445
    experienced by the Eternal Son, 110
    in the Father’s kingdom, vs. citizenship on earth, 1957
    the gift of God, 1610, 1621, 1683
    with God, belief in, result, 1586, 1649, 1931
       faith-fact of, mortals’ realization of, 380, 1781
       Jesus’ gospel of personal religion, 1338, 2002
       liberty of, 1588-1589, 1903
       reality of, 448
       the saving truth of the gospel, 2052, 2089
    importance of, to God the Father, 1260
    liberty of, religious growth from the bondage of fear to the, 1099
    the only experience making fatherhood certain, 1126
    prayer the communion of, 1618
    reaction of the poor to, 1608
    relation of, to servitude, 1124
    vs. righteousness, 1621
    and sin, 1683
    sureties of the divine, fruits of, 1674

Sonta -an, meaning of, 711
    -en, meaning of, 711

Sontad fusion with his Adjuster by, 717
    identity of, 713
    time of birth of, 713
    and wife, clan leadership of, 713

Soothsaying interpretation of spirit messages by, 963

Sop Jesus’ identification of his betrayer by giving him the, 1941

Sophistication religion’s subjection to the deceptions of, 1119

Sorcerer(s) dangers of the label, 1006
    man’s onetime dependence on, 972, 995
    practices of, source, 1681

Sorcery superstition, 970, 1681

Sorrow(s) Christianity’s offer of salvation from, 1337
    and disappointment, coming of the kingdom through, 1687
       technique of lessening one’s suffering because of, 555
    divine, of Creator possibilities, causes of, 58
    forsaking of, 1446
    of Jesus, in the garden, cause, 1969
    Jesus’ personal acquaintance with, 1102, 1688
       preparation of his apostles for, 1935, 1941
    vs. joy, and Jesus’ mission, 1675
    painfulness of, when borne alone, 1776
    a result of evil, 1446
    of the Spirit, reality of, 96
    spiritual, of Eve, during Adam’s wanderings, 843
    there shall be no more,” 299
    Universal Father never experiences, 58

Sorrowful attitude of Jesus, just before the betrayal, 1966

Sortoria a Satania neighbor, 457

Soul(s) and the body, the spirit’s victory over both the, 1749
    communication of the indwelling spirit with the, 1641
    conservation, vs. conservation of matter, 2077
    of creation, spirit the, 82
    extinction, death, according to the materialist, 1118
    of fairness, divine judgment the, 115
    God the joy of man’s, 1445
    of goodness, 317
    individual, the heavenly Father’s love for each, 1597
    of man, the revelation of the, 1108, 1233
    man’s, spirit gravity’s influence on, 84
    of peace, function of, 437
    of Philosophy, assignment of, to Perfectors of Wisdom, 310
    prayer of the, personal nature of, 1618, 1640
    precincts of the, and wealth, 1804
    rest, worship a true and ideal, 1616
    revealers, Sanctities of Service as, 316
    that sins shall die, 1630
    of time and space, ascendant, Ascendington the home of, 147
    welfare of, subordination of the material and temporal to the, 1822, 1823
    women’s possession of, 1614

Soul(s), 1. Soul defined
    advanced idea of the meaning of the, 954
    consciousness, definition and identity, 65, 69
    a definition, 450, 1234, 1286, 1288, 1478
    human, a definition, 66
    (identity), 451
    jointly created, a definition, 1738

Soul(s), 2. Concepts of the soul
    almost universal belief in the existence of the, 954
    the Amida Buddhists’ belief concerning the, 1041
    belief in the need of, for ransom, 974
    the concept of a, not new on Urantia, 1215
    every Urantia race’s possession of a word equivalent to, 1216
    the Hindu teachers’ failure to distinguish the presence of the, 1215
    hunger, the Greeks’ attempt to satisfy, through philosophy, 1078
    Jews’ belief concerning tarrying after death of the, 1837, 1845
    man’s dream double, 953
    various ideas as to the location in the human body of the, 955

Soul(s), 3. Origin of the soul
    Adjuster building of the, 450
    the evolving, origin and destiny of, 1738
    factors in creation of, 65
    how acquired, 8
    of human and divine parentage, 1234
    immortal, dualization of, 195
    origin of the, 1218
    spirit-born, mind the builder of the, 484
    time of the birth of the, 1478

Soul(s), 4. Nature of the soul
    characteristics of the, 1478
    the embryo of the morontia vehicle of personality identity, 1219
    human, Father fragment’s mysterious communion with the, 139
       God’s dwelling in, 1450
       Spirit of Truth’s sojourn with the, 17
    immortal, the morontia self the, 1234
       spirit endowment and the, 1478
    inner, association of bestowal spirit of the Father with the, 63, 1478
    intelligence, an endowment of the Holy Spirit, 1108
    of man, demonstration of its potential divinity by the, 1108, 1459
    man’s liaison with the Adjuster to create a, 1282
    matured mortal, fusion of, with the Adjuster, 1511
    morontia human, the three antecedents of the, 1218
    need for philosophy to assume the reality of the, 1110
    reality of, 195

Soul(s), 5. Evolution of the soul
    attainment of perfection by the, 1451
    capacity of, for spirit receptivity, technique of enlarging the, 1619
    evolution, dependence of, on circle mastery, 1210, 1218-1219
    dependence of, on continuing evolution, 1226
    evolution of the, from a morontia to a spirit level, 1219
       the resolution of tension in the cosmos by, 1276
    the evolving, the continuing character of, source, 1219, 1236
       difficulty of material or spiritual proving of the existence of the, 1478
       function of, in worship, 66
    expansion, genuine faith and, 1619, 1621
    growth of the, 744, 1209, 1282
    partnership of the Adjuster and the human mind in fostering the evolution of the, 1196
    quantitative growth of the, the mastery of the cosmic circles and, 1211
    spiritual growth, vs. intellectual self-consciousness of the, 66

Soul(s), 6. Soul relation to personality
    conflict, cause of, 1478
    contentment of the, 1446
    elevation of the, vs. pursuit of pleasure, 942
    emancipation of, a prerequisite to, 1773
    experience of, with spiritual realities, 2077
    God looks into men’s, 1838
    human, personality, 1459
    the human mind’s relation to the, 1216
    immortal, function of, in worship, 66
       and the reality of worship, 66
    influence of, on the human being, 1478
    a level of worship realization, 66
    limitations of the, to make final decisions, 1219
    man’s importance of the purpose of, 1453, 1460
    peace, passing all understanding, basis of, 1663
    personality and the, 9, 1459
    presence of a “dear friend” within the, 1443
    relation of, to the body as perfume to the flower, 954
    struggle,” of the true believer, 1782
    worship the yardstick of the, 1616

Soul(s), 7. Survival of the soul
    assurance of survival of the, 1452
    during the “sleep of death,” the seraphic destiny guardian’s custody of the, 1234
    the Father’s ability to save the, 1634
    fostering the survival character of the, 1480
    God the last destiny of the, 1448
    human, awakening of, on the mansion world, signal of, 569
    of men, personal choices of, necessary for eternal survival, 1458
    of mortal man, destiny of, 1676
    possible ascent of man’s, 1450
    realities, mortal, the seraphic guardian’s custody of, during death sleep, 1244
    release of the, technique of, 1449
    reunion of the Adjuster and the, after death, significance, 1230
    survival of eternal values in the, significance, 1219, 1234
       of morontia identity of the, 341, 1204
    surviving, evolution of the, man’s supreme undertaking, 195
       personality’s identity in the, 1226

Soul(s), 8. Jesus’ teaching
    of gladness, Jesus a, 1103
    -healer, Jesus a, 1345
    hungry, Jesus’ offer of bread of life for, 1766
    Jesus’ definition of the, 1478
       picture of a floundering, 1430
    kingdom doors open to the most humble, 1652
    of men, Jesus’ direct appeal to, 1594
       Jesus’ purpose to save the, 1328, 1576

Soul’s attitude God’s response to the, 1002

Sound(s) designers, function of, 506
    equivalents, conveyance of, 325
    a material range of, unrecognized by human hearing, 499, 500
    mind, religion’s need for the fulcrum of, 793
    a technique of animal communication, 1775

Sour grapes, Ezekiel’s reference to, 1630
    grapes, Jeremiah’s reference to, 1630

Source of all life, the Father the, 1820
    of all things, the Father is the, 47
    of Destiny of personality, 270
    of Pattern, an appellation of the First Source and Center, 1155

South America Andite, penetration of, from Japan, 873
    a blending of Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid in, 905
    civilization of, by whom established, 727
    inundation of seashores of, in early trilobite age, 673
    llamas’ migration to, 696
    mountains of, racial founders of the enduring civilizations in the, 884
    Pacific voyage of Andites to, 873
    polar-sea inundation of, in later reptilian age, 687
    rise of, out of Pacific Ocean, 662
    southern, submergence of, during early reptilian age, 685
    western drift of, preparation for, 663

South American Andes, origin of, 689

Southern Hemisphere, appearance of glaciers, over, time of, 683
    Hemisphere, white race, European, components of the, 898

Sovereign of a better world, apostles to live as ambassadors of the, 1570
    choice, true personalities provided with, 71
    Creator Sons, competence of, in local universes, 109
       relation of, to their creatures, 26
    of his universe, Jesus’ earning the right to become, 1395
    Jesus, our experienced, 1405
    Michaels, definition, 234
    nations, of Urantia, necessity of surrender of sovereign powers by, 1489
    of Nebadon, Michael the, 384, 406, 1238, 1918-1919
    ruler, Jesus as a merciful and understanding, 1408
    Son(s), or Creator Sons, 66, 180
       as God, 367
       Immanuel an adviser to the, 371
       Michael of Nebadon, Urantia the mortal home planet of, 567
       personification of Paradise Deities by the, 367
       Universal Father revealed in his, 28, 108-109
    of supremacy, Michael’s attainment of the status of, 1112
    testing of Jesus as a, 1408

Sovereignty absolute, of mortal free will, 71
    acquirement, of Urantia’s Creator Son, 85, 237
    augmenting supreme, of Creator Son, 238
       vicegerent, of a Creator Son, definition, 238
    of the brotherhood of men, global government the, 1489
    celestial dramatists of, 501
    conjoint vicegerent, of Creator Son, definition, 237
    of Creator Sons, before and after completion of bestowal careers, 238
    disclosure of divinity as, 3
    divine and human, 1486-1487
    earned, the Michaels’ choice of, 237, 1323
    experiential, and divinity of God the Sevenfold, 240
    full, possibility of Creator Son’s assertion of, prior to having bestowal-earned it, 237
       results of Creator Son’s assertion of, prior to having bestowal-earned it, 237
    global, the sole means of the prevention of global wars, 1490
    of God, man’s need to meditate in the presence of the, 52, 1093
       truth of the Master’s teaching concerning the, 1487
    of God the Supreme, Michael’s contribution to the, 1318
    initial, vicegerent, of Creator Son, definition, 237
    Jesus’ promise of the Spirit of Truth after his acquirement of final, 1948
    limited, of the states of the American Federal Union, purpose of creation of, 1490
    local universe, 237-239
    of local universes, earning of, by Creator Sons, 210
    Michael required to earn his, by experience, 1318, 1324
    national, a definition, 1491
    Nebadon, Jesus’ purpose of completing his, 1323, 1407, 1417
    personal, of sevenfold son, vs. future sovereignty of Supreme Being, 240
    power designates, 9, 1488
    relative, on an inhabited world, two levels of, 1487
    self-earned, of Michael Son, means of attainment of, 237, 240
    supreme, acquirement of, by a Master Son, implications of, 238, 241, 1323
       of Nebadon, Michael’s assurance of eventual, 238, 1327, 1330
    of the Supreme Being, the attained, a definition, 210, 1306
       human achievements leading toward the, 1306
    trinitarian, of Creator Son, definition, 238
    universal, of God, uncontradicted, 51
    universe, Creator Son’s Urantia bestowal’s relation to, 60, 1493-1494, 1513
    unlimited, in Nebadon, a result of Michael’s assumption of, 490, 2002
    unrevealed, of Creator Son, definition, 238
    of Urantia, 1250-1251

Sower parable of the, interpretation of, 1689-1691

Sowing and reaping, 37
    wild oats, ancient origin of, 791

Space about, 128-135
    Adjuster’s ability to control activities related to, 1516
    cushion, effect of, 125
    dead vaults of, 91
    in material bodies, and material bodies in, 1297
    material, star students’ study of, 339
    measurement of time by, 1439
    music of, 499
    negative characteristics of, 135
    and pattern, 10
    perception, a prerequisite to a creature’s understanding of the relations of simultaneity, 1173
    pilgrims, the hunt for God by, on superfinite levels, 39, 163
    reality and function of, 133
    reality of, scientists’ failure to recognize the, 1439
    service the destination of, 316
    seven concepts of time-conditioned, 1439
    stage of, setting the, 90-91
    worship of children of the womb of, 304

Space, 1. Space defined
    a definition, 1170, 2021
    empty, content of, 473
    neither absolute not infinite, 31, 1297
    not empty, 461, 473, 476, 1439
    open, master universe bounded by, 130
    organized, contents of, 323-324, 473
    physical phenomena of, cause of, 47
    a property of all material bodies, 1297
    a system of associated points, 1297
    and time, 134, 135
    what it is not, 123

Space, 2. Paradise and space
    a bestowal of Paradise, 124
    conditions from Paradise to seven superuniverses, 152
    functions of Paradise, 124, 125
    Isle of Paradise no position in, 7
    and its relation to time outside Paradise, 1439
    and Paradise, equalizing tension between, 15
    Paradise untouched by, 124
       without location in, 120
    Paradise’s existence at the focus of, 1156
    place of origin of, 120
    relativity of, to Paradise, 1156

Space, 3. Space respiration
    alternate contraction and expansion of, 123
    -expansion-contraction cycles of universe of universes, and space reservoirs, 123
    motions, classification of, 133
    movement of the universal mechanism through, 364
    presence outgoing from nether Paradise, vs. the incoming, 469
    respiration, definition, and explanation, 123-124, 133-134

Space, 4. Space levels
    encompassed by midspace zones, 124
    horizontal, limitations of, 123, 124
    human view of, 133
    independence of, of true spirit levels of reality, 482
    level(s), of the master universe, 128-130
       shape and function of, 125
       superuniverse, 164-165
    path, position and direction of superuniverses in, 139, 165
    a reality of the transcendental level, 1160
    reservoirs, above and below Paradise, 123-124
    total, vertical cross section of, and maltese cross, 124
    vertical (reservoir), 123
    zone, quiet, between superuniverses and outer space levels, 130
       semiquiet, function of, 152

Space, 5. Space potency and energy
    charge of universal force, character of, 476
    currents, utilization of, for intelligence communication, 504
    electrons’ journey through, 461
    energy(ies), insulation of Urantia from certain, 662
       source of, 123
       transformation of, from puissant to gravity stage, agency responsible for, 470
       unknown on Urantia, 667
    force(s), encircling seven superuniverses, status of, 130
       intake of, by solar furnaces, 464
       manifestations of nether-Paradise outer zone, extent of, 123
       preuniverse manipulation of, by Paradise Force Organizers, 357
       reaction of Unqualified Absolute, 479
    gases, conversion of, into organized matter by gravity, 653
    matter, capture of, a source of solar energy, 463
    penetration of sun-generated energy, 460
    potency, absoluteness of, 124, 480
       area of nether Paradise concerned with, 122
       definition, 126, 469
       modification of, by presence of primary Master Force Organizers, 469
       a prereality, 469
       transmutation of, into primordial force, 169, 469
       Uversa’s name for, 469
    rays, mesotrons’ presence in, 479
    shattered atoms throughout, 472
    universal, unknown form of energy in, 467
    the womb of matter and prematter, 123

Space, 6. Space bodies and gravity
    bodies, capture of, by Urantia, 659
       collisions of, conditions favoring, 658
       disruption of the smaller of two, and size of its orbit, 658
       evolutionary origin of, 170-172
       grand division of matter in, 471
    dark domains of, 252
    diminution, spirit gravity free from, 82
    dust, solar system, origin of, 656
    intrusion dividing dark gravity bodies, 153
    linear gravitation’s conquest by, 482
    not gravity responsive, 10
    relation of spiritual gravity control to, 82
    spheres of, 172-173
    worlds upheld in, 46

Space, 7. Space and living beings
    basic circuits of, operable by tertiary supernaphim broadcasters, 288
    contemplators, function of, 259
    degree of independence of, of Solitary Messengers, 261
    messenger hosts of, 273-284
    regions, remote, function of Solitary Messengers as emergency lines of communication throughout, 261
    the relative finiteness of, to creatures, 1439
    reports, careful supervision of, to insure proper reception, 504
       of glory, 270, 295
       planetary, received at noon, 439
       universe, ascendant mortals’ preoccupation with, on Jerusem, 522
    Solitary Messengers’ virtual independence of, 376
    and time, Solitary Messengers in overcoming handicaps of, 413
    traversal of Gravity Messenger, incomprehensibility of, 347
       of physical controllers, velocity of, 324
       of Solitary Messengers and Personal Aids, 268

Space, 8. Deity relations to space
    conditioning of a Creator Son, 377
    Creative Spirit’s independence of, 376
    Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit unconditioned by, 376
    initiation by Conjoint Actor of motion in, 133
    limitations, of Creator Sons, 377
    no barrier to Deity, 45
    pervaded by the Infinite Spirit, 98, 376
    presence, functional, Unqualified Absolute’s, focalization of, 120
       of Unqualified Absolute, 237
    sites, universe, Creator Sons granted the choice of, 235
    transcended, Deity functioning on spheres of, 4, 12
    Unqualified Absolute pervades, 137, 637
    Unqualified Absolute’s functional limitation to, 133

Spain Andite migration from north Africa to, 896
    connection of, with Africa, 697

Sparrow(s) the Father’s knowledge of the, 1820
    man’s value, vs. that of the, 1682

Speaker fluent, Peter a, 1550
    powerful, John the Baptist a, 1499

Spear blue man’s invention of, 725

Special senses, of Adam and Eve, acuity of, 851

Specialists co-ordination of, civilization’s present need of, 910

Species production, in the unfolding of the planetary life plan, 560

Spectators curious, assembly of, at Bethsaida to see Jesus, 1578

Spectra indications of unknown matter, explanation, 461

Spectral analyses, of sun-surface compositions, 462
    lines, displacement of, by receding and approaching stars, 134
    phenomena, deciphering, a suggestion for, 461

Spectrum colors in the, 480
    colors, primitive man’s appearance in the order of the, 589

Spheres of central universe, function of, 156
    of the Eternal Son, relation of, to satellites of the Infinite Spirit, 198
    of light and life, 621-636
    material, the foundation for local universes, 357
    melodies of the, broadcast reception of, 499
    of perfection, ascendant mortals’ contact with, 343
    settled in light and life, celestial artisans’ activities on, 497
    of space, 172-173

Spiders evolution of, early, 680, 732

Spies attaching of themselves to Jesus’ followers, 1654
    Jerusalem, divided attitude of, toward Jesus, 1665, 1667, 1672
    reaction of, to being called quibblers, 1654
    sending of, to observe Jesus by Herod Antipas, 1534
    six secret, appointment of, to follow Jesus, purpose, 1654
    women as, 774

Spirit(s) adultery, supposed cause of death in childbirth, 936
    artisans, conditions of work of, with mortals, 508
       character of work of, with talented mortals, 508
    attainment, mortal’s path to Paradise a, 1182, 1781
    belief regarding responsibility of, for delayed healing, 989
    co-ordinators, field of activity of, 430
       function of, 430
    of the dead, man’s early fears of, 766
       noncommunication with humans by the, 953, 1646, 1680
       supposed, midwayers’ onetime impersonation of, 1646
    Discerners of, 313
    early man’s attempts to deceive the, 963
    evolving, diversity of function of, 502
    expressions, the three, unification of, in the finaliters, 639
    -ghost cult, man’s worship in the, 962
    gives life,” 380
    of God, in Urantia sacred writings, 95
    of God the Sevenfold, a factor in “spirit of God”, 96
    halls of Salvington, display of masterpieces of spirit artists in the, 498
    identification, significance of, 403, 445
    indwelling, of finaliter seraphim, 629
    influences, oneness of, in God the Sevenfold, 380
    of just one man being made perfect, of Paul’s vision, 539
    kindred, attraction of, 191
    medium, the cataleptic as a, 987
    of Mount Horeb, the god of the Hebrew Semites, 1054
    music the universal language of, 500
    number and whereabouts of, known to Father and Son, 77
    origin of, 403, 639
    perfected, see also Perfected Spirits
    play, throughout Paradise journey, 282
    polarity,” limitation of supernaphim in, 286
    possible potentially final absolute destiny of, 1169
    presence of Census Directors, 267
    progression, finaliters’ attainment of present limit of, 348
    propitiation, ceremonies of, a heavy burden on primitive man, 963
    records, on system headquarters, 436, 525
    reflection, color tones of, number, 506
    religion’s assumption of the validity of, 1139
    significance of alcohol’s being called, 945
    struggles of time and space, identity of the, 1274, 1729
    superb, of Architects of the Master Universe, 351
    tasks, routine, of Nebadon, and spironga, 416
    types of, 334
    ultimate threefold expression of, 639
    world, and mystery, 27
       respect for ascenders’ freewill choice by, 552
    worship of, ghost cult’s evolution to the, 961

Spirit(s), 1. Definitions
    characteristics of, 78, 102
    consciousness, definition, 69, 2097
    definition, 8, 9, 102
    essence of life, 467
    -faith, definition, 192
    Father, definition and identity, 23, 587, 1454
    of the Father, Sons, and Spirits, a definition, 2062
    luminosity, definition, 10
    mind, a definition, 78, 102, 140
    nascent, reaction and characteristics of, 136
    personality, definition of, 82
    substance, a definition, 82
    world, definition and identity, 81, 952, 1111

Spirit(s), 2. Deity spirits
    bestowal of Eternal Son, 78, 86-87, 139
    career, characteristic stamp of supervising Master Spirit borne throughout the, 191
    collaboration with the Supreme Being by the, 115
       with the Ultimate by the, 115
    conjoint-existent self, 1294
    divine, co-operation of the, 100
       Eternal Son a, 79
       mission of, to mortals, 380
    Divine Minister the mother of, 368
    of Eternal Son, relation of, to mortals, 76, 78, 84
       and Infinite Spirit, Universal Father’s utilization of the, 95
    Eternal Son’s relation to, 71
    everywhere-present, of Universal Father, 46
    evolving, relation of, to Supreme and Ultimate, 83
    Father’s nonlimited gift of, to his Son, 1507
    First Source and Center the final Father of all, 481
    function of First Source and Center as, 111
    God is, 28, 74, 75, 334, 1431, 1486, 1614, 1782
    God a universal, 25, 26
    God’s characteristics of, 24, 25
    impulses, relation of Eternal Son to, 29
    of the living God, dwelling place of, 1742
    of the Lord God, a function of the, 1428
    messengers, indwelling, and God’s functioning as a spirit personality, 50
    -mind personality, Conjoint Actor the, 8
    nature, of Creator Sons, 88
       of God the Supreme, early, Havona a revelation of the, 161
    new, relation of, to Second Source and Center, 82
    omnipresent, 100, 101
    of Paradise, God the, 1450
    of the Paradise Sons, oneness of, 224
    person, Divine Minister a, 375
    personality, God is, 30
       unqualified, the Son the, 109
    potential of Deity Absolute, unlimited, 83
    premind, of Third Source and Center, fragmentation of, 333
    prepersonal, 334
    presence of Conjoint Actor in a limitless universe, 92
       of Eternal Son, 46, 78, 83
       of Infinite Spirit, “the spirit of God”, 96
    pure, the Paradise Father of, 481, 638
    reality(ies), Eternal Son the upholder of, 81
       of God, realization of, and spirit consciousness, 69
    relation of, to the Father and the Son, 93
       to God, 98
    Ruler, universal, the Father in heaven the, 1600, 1702
    seeming supervention of, by the Absolutes, 55
    Seven Master, 184-196
    seven spheres of the, location and function of, 121
    of a Son, drawing influence of, 448
       poured upon all flesh, 139, 2062
    of the Son, character of response of the, 82, 448
       difference of function between spirit of the Spirit and, 100
    Son, and Father, equality of, 111
    and Son, joint function of, in creation of certain personalities, 369
    sovereign, God the only, 1486, 1487
    Supreme, seven orders of, 335
    The, see also Infinite, Spirit
    ultimate Trinity unification of, 639
    of Universal Father, Eternal Son’s revelation of, 88
       residence of the, 64
    universal, God a, 75
    unlimited, the Eternal Son an, 74
    Unqualified Absolute’s overcontrol conditioned by, 14
    unqualified, God as, in his Son, 73, 100
    world, God primal reality in, 23

Spirit(s), 3. Spirit realities
    activities of the, on the subabsolute levels of reality, 640
    content, quality of, reality as measured by, 140
    creative reality, 484
    current interruptions, spiritual sound, 499
    mind, and matter, 139-141
    mind, production of physical counterpart of, 484
    oneness between matter, mind, and, 25
    overcontrol, a factor in stability, 135
    patterns, relation of, to space, 1297
    phenomena, experiential, 100
    a reality manifestation of the local universe, 1136
    reality(ies), degree of response of, to spiritual-gravity center, 82
       divine, production of material counterpart of, 484
       Havona a worthy revelation of, 160
       levels, recognition of, 482
       love the greatest of, 1608
       man’s differing recognition of, influence of, on religion, 1127
       matter and morontia the reflected shadow of, 2021
       the purest, the Father’s endowment of, to man, 1216
       Rodan’s belief in the attainability of the Master’s, 1781
    Son’s absolute grasp of, 81
    and Unqualified Absolute, 14
    things, reality of, 118
    union, and matter association, 26
    world(s), arts and cultures of, 497
       man’s imagined, influence of, on primitive society, 955
       reality of the, 498, 501, 505
       reality of transactions of the, 313
       transactions, reality of, 499

Spirit(s), 4. Spirit gravity and circuits
    circuits, of Second Source and Center, 75
    of the Circuits, relation of Universe Mother Spirits to, 162
       Seven, in Havona, a function of, 153
       tertiary supernaphim created by, 286
    gravity, ascending mortal’s growing responsiveness to, 84
       center and source of, 82
       circuit(s), 81-83, 377
          of Eternal Son, Adjusters’ utilization of the, 65
          of Eternal Son, Independence of time and space of the, 377
          influence of, on soul of man, 84
          vs. intersonship circuit, 88
          and prayer transmission, 84
          predictability of grand universe reactions of the, 82
          of the Son and actualized potentials of the Deity Absolute, 77
          unaffected by the Lucifer rebellion, 82
          where centered, 88
          definition, and function, 76, 82, 155, 366
       a function of, 82, 139
       personality gravity not dependent on, 104
       reality and absoluteness of, 139
       responsiveness of spirit substance to, 82
       some characteristics of, 82
       of universe of universes, 2062
       and an unlimited universe, 76
    waves, sound designers’ depiction of, 506

Spirit(s), 5. Spirit of Truth
    of activation of truth, function of, 1949
    -endowed beings, experience of truth by, 1949
    friend, the Spirit of Truth, 1948
    of idealistic beauty, Spirit of Truth the, 1732
    Jesus’ promise concerning the pouring out of his, 1591, 1914, 1932
    nucleus, presence of, in mind of man, effect, 142, 2094
    pouring out of, from on high, results, 1601, 1904
    teacher, prerequisite to Jesus’ sending the, 1951
    of the triumphant Son is poured out upon all flesh,” occasion of, 596
    of Truth, Adjusters’ relation to the, 1190
       arrival of the first governor general and his staff on Urantia at time of coming of the, 1254
       believers’ mistaken idea as to the purpose of, 2063
       bestowal of, 1941, 2059-2068
          a prerequisite to universal Adjuster bestowal, 227
       chief mission of the, 2062
       coming of, and casting out of devils, 864
       contribution of, in making truth accessible to man, 68, 1112
       of Creator and Avonal Sons, sending of, to bestowal worlds, 230
       a definition, 377, 596, 610, 1949, 1951, 2043, 2061
       and discovery of beauty of Truth, 42
       dispatch of, to bestowal world, 596, 2061
       effect of the pouring out of the, 1328, 2064
       emotionalism and the, 2062
       first mission of, 383, 2060
       function of the, 379, 820, 1187, 1454, 1642, 1951, 2044, 2053, 2055, 2060-2061
       the gift of the bestowal Sons, 1107, 1108
       the guardian seraphim’s unification and co-ordination of the Adjuster and the, 1244
       guidance and comfort of the, to mortals, 1286, 1948, 2062
       Holy Spirit, Adjuster-spirit, significance of presence of, in an evolutionary mortal, 380
       influence of, on evolutionary religion, 1003
          on a kingdom believer, 1129, 1931, 2044, 2062, 2065
          upon the mortal mind, 1105
       Jesus’ promise to send the, time, 1536, 1594, 1918, 1930, 1948, 2053, 2055, 2057
       the last of the spirit endowment in man’s search for God, 2062
       local universe source of, 639
       man’s transformation by the, effect, 1609
       ministry of, to the ascending mortal beyond the local universe, 1286
       missions of the, 1917, 1948, 1951, 2060-2061, 2063
       the new teacher, 1948
       pouring out of, relation of human evolution to, 68
       a power-multiplying fulcrum, 1930
       preparation for co-operation of, with the Adjuster, 382
       promise of the comfort and guidance of the, 1642, 1795, 1914, 2043
       purpose of, to lead all believers into all truth, 2061, 2063
       relation of liberation of, to automatic reception of Thought Adjusters, 379
       revelation of, to man, 647, 1106, 1782
       shall be…a well of water, springing up into everlasting life”, 1954, 2035
       spirit of bestowal Son on, 177, 190, 379, 2062
       universal influence of the, 2065
       Universe Mother Spirit the focus of, 378
    will teach you in that very hour…”, 1912

Spirit(s), 6. Adjutant spirits
    of counsel, function of, 402, 709
    of courage, an adjutant mind-spirit, 378, 402, 709
    endowment, high urge of, vs. animal tendencies, 381
    entities, a designation for Thought Adjusters, 639, 1183
    and the flesh, 382-383, 1715
    of intuition, function of, 378, 402, 709
    of knowledge, an adjutant mind-spirit, 378, 402
    a level of worship realization, 66
    of quick understanding, 378, 402, 709
    of wisdom, definition and identity, 378, 739, 948-949
       function of, 402-403
       functional with secondary midwayers, 424
       influence of, on philosophy, 1141
       initial functioning of, on Urantia, occasion of, 709
       the seventh adjutant spirit, 948
    of worship, an adjutant mind-spirit, 378, 709
       function of, 402, 424, 739, 948

Spirit(s), 7. Spirit and the Adjusters
    Adjuster, gift of the Father in Paradise, 1511
    adjutants, organic evolution as conditioned by, 730
    adventure, in Orvonton, 428
    the architect of spirit-born soul, 484
    control, the soul’s persistent evolution toward augmentation of, 1219
    of the Father, living of, in man, 1642, 1711, 1730, 1796, 1841, 1950, 2061, 2097
    Father’s sending of his, to indwell minds of men, 1536
    fragment of the Father, man indwelt by the, 78, 1460
    fragmentations, pure, definition, 639
    indwelling, Father’s rule in mortals’ hearts by the, 1588
       the only uniform thing about men, 1672
    -indwelt man, prevision powers of, 135
    luminosity, of the Adjusters, various names for the, 1181
    of man is the lamp of the Lord”, 1216
    the, in man, 380-382
    Monitor, mission of the, 24
    pure, the Adjuster as, 1182
    survival of, in physical death, 141
    -testing, inability of, to demonstrate the existence of the soul, 1478

Spirit(s), 8. Spirit and mind
    allied with mind, God as, in the Conjoint Actor, 100
    existence, the mind of, 78
    experiencer, right of, to challenge “unproved” facts of science and beliefs of philosophy, 1127
    identification, degree of, and gravity responsiveness of human mind, 482
    man’s intellectual approach to the universe of, 647
    mind, 78, 79, 484
    and mind, united, potentials of, 757
    minded, 102
    organized consciousness’ modification by, 140
    potentials, vs. mind actuals, 1124
    receptivity, capacity of the mind of a personality for, 738-739, 1619
    recognition and response, establishment of, 1435
    response of cosmic mind to, 102
    status, advancement in, and decisions, 435

Spirit(s), 9. Morontia spirit
    final destiny of, 83
    manifestations, time-space, point of final unification of, 639
    -morontia energy system, relation of the electro-chemical mechanism to, 1216
       relation of the human consciousness to, 1216
    -Mother, of Nebadon creatures, 406
    -motivated beings, never thirst, 381
    the noble man’s, destiny of, 1453
    stages, of ascendant mortals, 158, 348
    status, lowest, vs. final morontia stage, 342
    world, mortals’ attainment of, via morontia life, 541

Spirit(s), 10. Spirit and personality
    co-operation, man’s efforts to compel, 964
    differential of personal experiential attainment, time of equalization of, 508
    divinity of man’s, 1454
    endowment, threefold, of the evolutionary realms, mortal mind’s partaking of the, 639
    experiences of, importance of transformation of the emotions into, 1730
    experiential, cycle of, 83
    a function of, in personality, 140
    the goal of existence of all personalities, 140
    of God, whither shall I go from the, 1444
    hope, identical character of each individual’s, 1591
    inability of eyes of the flesh to discern the, 1602
    liberation of the function of will by the, 1301
    life of the, relation of, to life in the flesh, 1450
    life, evolutionary portal to, 557
    never drives, 381
    not personality, 70
    personality not of origin in, 104
    response, capacity of material creatures to effect, limitations of, 399
    of the Spirit, part of man’s spiritual endowment, 2062
    superpersonal, 334
    systems, eventual directive relation of, to personality, 1275
       unification of, a prerequisite to happiness, 1098
    unification of human experience with, 647
    ways of the, vs. ways of the flesh, 1577
    within you, need of release from the fetters of fear, of the, 1438

Spirit(s), 11. Spirit energy
    and energy, mutual kinship of, in eternity, 102
       oneness of, on Paradise, 104
    energy, characteristics of, 82
       circuits of, supervision of, 265
       comparison of the control of, with that of cosmic    1156
       dominance of, conditions favoring, 484
       necessity for replenishment of, 505
    force(s), dependable deductions yielded by, 505
       reality of, 82
    pure, and pure energy, unification of, 638
    senses, number of, 154
    spark of God, activation of, and origin of life, 399, 1434
    unity, religious, man’s attempt to identify scientific energy unity with, 1120

Spirit(s), 12. Spirit beings
    beings, from evolutionary universes, Paradise home of, 120
       fraternity of, mind a necessity to, 78
       invisibility of, 25
       material abodes of, 154
       morontia progressors’ increasing fraternization with, 545
          temples and visualization ceremonies of, 622
       personality manifestation of, 10
       reality of, 25, 483
       source of, 639
       unrevealed orders of, 420
    creatures, evolution and expansion of, within the Deity Absolute, 1166
       nonexistence of, in outer space, 131
    domiciles, reality of, 502
    entities, 334
    existences, 334
    form(s), discernibility of, 342, 483
       reality of, 342
       transportable by angels, 431
    personal, 334
    personality(ies), 334, 368
       Daynals, the teachers of all, 231
       of the Infinite Spirit, revelation of the Paradise spirit in the, 639
       local universe creators of, 358
       means of transportation of, 521
       of Nebadon, training of, 517
       potential, man is, 30
       responsibility of the Son for conduct of, 81

Spirit(s), 13. Spirit birth
    baptism of, a definition, 1593, 1660
    being born of the, need for, 1593
    birth of the, delivery from doubt by, 383, 1705
    -born believers, and prayer, 1946
       mortals, and fruits of the spirit, 2054
       petitions, assurance of ultimate answers to, 1849
       sons of God, friendliness a characteristic of the, 1951
    -filled life, prerequisite to living the, 1738, 1795
    of God, significance of being born of the, 1601
    infusion, result of, 450
    -led children of God, spirit fruits in lives of, 138, 381, 1950
       lives, a definition, 1732
       sons of God in the invisible brotherhood of the kingdom, 2085
    level, progression to, and answer to prayer, 1848
    new, will I put within you, 1630
    sons, reborn, as good earthly citizens, 1930
    supremacy, finite creatures’ technique of attainment of, 1175

Spirit(s), 14. Spirit dominance
    ability of, to dominate mind, 1222
    achievement, possibility of, in this life, 1221
    dominance, 1275-1276
       of the material mind, two prerequisites to the, 1216
    domination of a human life, results of, 381
    instant transit through space by, 260
    leading(s), vs. human conscience, 1099, 1104
       of Mystery Monitors, evolving soul’s recognition of the, 65

Spirit(s), 15. Fruits of the spirit
    fruits of the, 381, 2057
       God’s will discernible in, 138, 1591
       see also Fruit(s)
    of holiness, pouring out of the, 1796
    prayer for gifts of the, 1639
    unity, implications of, 1592

Spirit(s), 16. Spirit insight
    bears witness with your spirit, 381
    comforts, spirit beings’ possession of, 501
    communication, the one universal code of, 500
    communion of the, and divine sonship, 381, 1736
       and man’s art, 1840
    experience, basis of true religion, 1780
    full realization of, in finding God, 639
    guidance, man’s response to, results, 381, 1276, 1602
       primitive man’s belief in animals’ having, 946
    insight, an essential to immortality of mind, 403
       functioning of, when one is mustered into the actual spirit world, 1111

Spirit(s), 17. Spirit values
    of brotherhood, function of, 437
    certain values of, a reality of the transcendental level, 1160
    growth, source of, 1135
    harmony, scope of, 499
    influences, oneness of, in function, 380, 1190
    levels, final, and loss of ability to experience evil, 1458
    life, prayer the breath of the, 1621
    living, the Father’s identification with, result, 1642
    of man, prayer and the, 1848
    melodies, character of, 499
    -mind, functioning of, levels of, 482
       levels, nonspatial character of, 482
    motivation of prayer by the indwelling, 1640
    perfection, the great urge of the morontia phase of religion, 1111
    progress, illustration, 435
    that “quickens”, 380
    source of, 105, 1164
    in time and space, 376
    of trust, function of, 437-438
    values, deity activities on level of, 2, 2097
       experiential, on cosmic dissolution, 37
       influence of consciousness on, 1136
       inward drawing of, 155
       and spiritual gravity, 84
       true, Havona’s relation to human attainment of, 162
          identification of, 1950
          unresponsiveness of, to linear gravity, 136
       worship the recognition of, 192

Spirit(s), 18. Good and bad spirits
    -Advocate, function of, 275, 276
    disloyal, pouring out of Spirit of Truth as affecting, 864
    of divine ministry, 94-95
    of the Divine Presence, possible function of, 17
    evil, identity of, 863
       Jews’ belief as to the existence of, 1359
    good and bad, vs. white and black magic, 774, 955
    ministering, of local universe, 418-425
    ministers, unbroken chain of, 286
    ministration to man, purpose of, 380-381
    ministry of the, 94, 95, 197, 379-380, 639
    possession, an ancient belief, 967-968, 986-987, 1341, 1807
    presences, 334
    of Truth, pouring out of, effect of, on disloyal spirits, 864

Spirit(s), 19. Spirit fusion
    ascenders, abiding places and working arenas of, 139
    flight of man’s, on its great home journey, 1452
    -fused, vs. Adjuster-fused mortals, as to memory of material-world experience, 450
       vs. Adjuster-fused mortals, as to mind and spirit, 450
       Ambassadors, function of, 248-249
       ascendant mortals, as High Commissioners, 410, 428
          as Trinitized Ambassadors, 211
       ascenders, many who fail of Adjuster fusion become, 1197
          as permanent citizens of the local universe, 410, 411, 414, 451, 452
       mortals, vs. Adjuster-fused mortals, 333
          definition, 333, 450
          extrauniverse attainments of, 410
          finaliter corps not open to, 411
          inclusion of, in the Father’s personality circuit, 450
          mechanism for human memory not provided for, 451
          on morontia spheres of Nebadon, 450
          as Paradise ascenders, 248, 453
          possible future activities of, 453
          as Trinitized Sons of Selection, 244
          worlds of, 411
    -fused veterans of Nebadon Corps of Completion, opportunities of, vs. those of finaliters, 458
    fusers, variations in careers of, 453
    -fusion candidates, memory recall by technique of, 451
    -fusion, mortals, the Infinite Spirit’s gift to, 1178
       nonbreathers candidates for, 564
       of primitive men, experiential Adjusters’ contribution to, 446
       survival of mortals by, 553, 1197
       time of, 450
    identity, time of mortal attainment of, 342
    perfected, Paradise appearance of ascending mortals as, 343
    personality, survival of death in the flesh by the, 1108

Spirit(s), 20. Jesus’ experiences and teaching
    ascension, of Jesus, 2091
    of infirmity, Jesus’ promise to the woman with the, 1836
    Jesus’ outpoured, influence of, 1700, 2063
    Jesus’, triumph of over the flesh, 1970
    kingdom, the Father’s, man’s technique of achieving the, 1935
    -liberator, Jesus a, 1345
    and life, words of Jesus are, 1715
    of love, triumph of, in the life of Jesus, 2084
    man’s, Jesus a teacher of, 1594
    of men, Jesus’ purpose to liberate the, 1576
    a new, the master’s purpose regarding, 1583
    promise of Jesus to the apostles of his, 1605
    transit of Jesus, time of completion of the, 2020
    troubled, Jesus’ sympathy with man’s, 1786
    unity, apostles’ experience of, 1591

Spiritington activities on, and function of, 145
    fragmentations of premind spirit of Third Source and Center not dwellers on, 333
    secrets of, 145

Spiritism unreliability of, as a basis for universe philosophy, 1135

Spiritists teachings of the Jewish, 1051

Spiritland ancient belief in babies’ being made in, 931
    ancients’ technique of facilitating the ghost’s progress through, 940
    ghosts’ progression from ghostland to, 961
    unmarried persons’ inability to enter, 916
    widows admitted to, with their spouses, 916

Spiritual ambassadors, apostles as, 1605
    beautification, of celestial artisans, 497
    center, of the universe of universes, 74
    charms, of Jesus, 1589
    choice, attainment of age of, and reception of Adjusters, 596
    death, a definition, 1120
    decadence, present religious turmoil and, 1092
    Father, Buddha’s failure to recognize the, 1466
    fires, function of, in Adjuster fusion, 623
    flavor of truth, 42
    Havona-life group, 156
    hiding, Father not in, 64
    leaders, relation of, to patriotic issues, 1397
    life, consumption of, 380
    loyalty, local universe factors in, 177
    and natural, analogy between, in teaching truth, 1692, 1864
    poverty, abject, sin suggestive of, 755
       of the Greeks, under the mystery cults, 1080
    pride, woman “sinner” not hampered by, 1653
    purpose of Michael’s bestowal, 1331
    quarantine, partial, of Urantia, 318
    renaissance, cause of possible delay of the, 2082
    revelation’s bridging the gap between the material and the, 1107
    stagnation, of the twentieth century, 1090
    sureties, the impregnability of, 1096
    teaching(s), apostles’ attachment of the new onto the old, 1579
       Jesus’ need to do, 1635
    truth, dispensational enlargement of, 591
       a prerequisite to perception of, 557
    universe, decimal system not inherent in the, 397
    wisdom, Melchizedek schools of, location, 388

Spiritual, 1. Spiritual worlds
    administration, God’s absoluteness in, 135
    Administrator, God the Son the, 4
    appointments of Jerusem, grandeur and perfection of, 523
    instruction, in Havona, 343
    physical, and intellectual domains, divine correlation of, 637
    polarity, point of, vs. reflective focus of superuniverse capitals, 200
       on their headquarters sphere, each trio of Ancients of Days’ location on, 209
    world(s), power of Conjoint Actor in the, 99
       presence of the standard of true values in the, 1457
       religion the avenue of man’s escape from the material to the, 1116
       superb technique of, 84
       type of reality of, 189

Spiritual, 2. Spiritual beings
    being(s), eclipsing emotion of, 274
       Eternal Son the upholder of, 81
       and events in the material world, 1830
       our Father a, 1605
       prayers addressed to, 1848
       reality of, 118
    drawing power, of Creator Sons, 224, 366
    influence, the Master’s presence as a, 1700
    invincibility, Jesus’ consciousness of his, 2088
    luminosity, of Father’s personal presence, 25
       Paradise, effect of Eternal Son’s bestowal on, 86
    nature of angels, 419
       equality of Father and Son in, 88
    personality(ies), absoluteness of, only on Paradise, 645
       inward drawing of, 155
       spiritual ascent of, 361
    phenomena, source of, 639
    potentials, Deity Absolute action in realms of, 83
    realm, omnipotence of the Eternal Son in the, 76
    son of God, a definition, 195
    sovereignty, of Eternal Son, 81
       religions’ need to surrender all concept of, 1487
       universal, a definition, 81
    stronghold, Jesus a, 1589
    universe, function of Eternal Son in the, 112

Spiritual, 3. Spiritual gravity and circuits
    circuits, man’s utilization of the, 1286
       universe, circuit supervisors’ control over, 266
       use of, by the Sevenfold in relation to the Supreme, 1286
    -gravity action, a function of, 82, 140
       cosmic mind’s response to, 104
       of Eternal Son, central-universe activity of, 82-83, 91, 155, 177
       a function of, 82, 84
       and operation of mind gravity, 104
    -gravity pull, Eternal son’s, and ascension of human souls, 84, 100-101, 139
    -gravity total, vs. presence of, in grand universe, 132
       universal, control of, a definition, 81

Spiritual, 4. Spiritual energy – power
    energy, 8, 404, 505, 1430
       indistinguishability of, on absolute level, 47
       intake, association of divine rest with, 505
       one of the three original phases of divine energy, 505
       possible use of, in dealing with social and economic problems, 1739
    force(s), importance of man’s knowing that his altruistic impulses emanate from, 1134
       lines of linking Urantia people with Paradise Deities, 100
       necessity for using, against earthly obstacles, 1777, 1829
    power, apostles’ promise of, after coming of Spirit of Truth, 2055
       the gospel imperative to constantly exhibit greater depth of, 1932
       the gospel’s ability to give man new, 1859
       sources of, 1776
       and spiritual victories, 1765
       unlimited, of Michael, 1700

Spiritual, 5. Spiritual realities
    greatness, definition, 1758
    vs. material, 1136, 1859
    philosophy, the wisdom of spirit realities, 1108
    reality(ies), apparent nonexistence of, to a material being, 120, 2078
       ascenders’ contact with, on transition worlds, 554
       attraction of, to the Eternal Son, 82, 103
       of Deity, correlation of, with the material repercussions of Deity, 638
       extinction of, prior to personality annihilation, 615
       the gospel’s glorification of, 1859
       Jesus’ comparison of material things and, 1433
          life a manifestation of, 2088
       in Jesus’ teachings, man’s need to be responsive to, 1413
       man’s experience of, in his soul, 1136
       vs. material, economic, and political problems, 1605, 1758
       no substitute for, 2095
       personal appreciation of, and material science, 141, 2094
       possible cause of a soul’s blindness to, 1821
       sin not a, 41
       of the Supreme Being, proof of, 161
    sound, definition, 499
    status, a definition, 1096
       male and female equal in, on all advanced worlds, 564
       qualitative, influence of, on spirit gravity, 82
    universe, paralleled by physical universe, 94

Spiritual, 6. Spiritual mind
    consciousness, mind a necessity to, 78
       true religion’s loyalty to, 1115
    downfall, intellectual pride and, 1940
    living, possibility of the mortal mind’s rise to, 984
    mind, Conjoint Actor the partner of, 140
    nature of man, soul the residence of, 1705
       mind the gateway to the, 1733
    reason, an endowment of the Holy Spirit, 1108
    self-consciousness, the measure of man’s, 1471

Spiritual, 7. Spiritual dominance
    dominance of, over material, in personality relationships, 274, 1480
    dynamics, divinity of, the transit of man’s mortal mind from the stability of mechanical statics to, 1303
    forward urge, a definition, 2063
    freedom, discourse on, 1792
       Jesus’ inheritance from his mother of a more liberal concept of, 1348
    influence, and freedom, 2078
    liberty, Jesus’ mission to proclaim, 1591, 1710, 1859, 1942
       proclamation of, by evangels of destiny, 388
       a spiritual phase of the new gospel, 1704, 1859
    strength, Jesus’ promise of, 1590
    urges, man’s, consequences of, 1105
    transformation(s), power of, 1119, 2083
       sudden, conditions favoring, 740

Spiritual, 8. Spiritual insight
    blindness, materialism as, 786
       a possible weakness of the physical scientist, 1476
       of the Scribes and Pharisees, 1792
    guidance, provision of, 1092
    help, Cain’s appeal to Eve for, 849
    insight, completed, the ascending personality’s attainment of, 1306-1307
       concept of the divine personality grasped only by, 30
       a definition, 1001, 1105, 2095
       an essential to attainment of social brotherhood on Urantia, 597-598
       a gift, 1109
       vs. human wisdom, 1109
       man’s, true religion’s revelation in the growth of, 1105
       mortal, the soul and energy of philosophic dynamics, 1120
       origin of the growth of, 1105, 2076
       the result of a true religious experience, 1000-1001
       a technique of finding God, 2076
       Van’s, basis of, 756
       ways of developing, 2076
    intuition, a definition, 1108
    light, definition, 499
    operations, discernment of, 140
    perception, difficulty of enhancing, 1
       of the human candidate, the Adjuster’s interest in the, 1186
    receptivity of evolutionary races, enhancement of, 586
    vision, clarification of, effort involved in the, 1097, 1822
       destruction of, and man’s love of riches, 1822
       man’s, mortality of false gods and, 1124

Spiritual, 9. Spiritual attainment
    achievement, eventual, hereditary handicap’s lack of preventing, 1199
       rating of Nebadon, 388
       relation of, to mechanical development and intellectual attainment of worlds in light and life, 630
       sin of another not preventive of, 761
    attainment, effect of, on personality, 383, 1096, 1860
       faith prayer’s promotion of, 999
       need for present augmentation of, 1457
       plans, 58
       sin’s retardation of, 761
       and the soul, 1478
    capacity, of the evolving soul, the measure of the, 1740
       lack of, an inhibition to Adjuster function, 1186, 1209
       specialized skill not indicative of, 556
    character, formulation of, 1474, 1777
    development, the indicator of man’s, 1609
       influence of, on Adjuster’s ability to function, 1209
      source of, 1095
    growth, 1002, 1095-1096, 1120, 1135
       results of, 1094, 1098
    life, sharing of, with one’s fellows, and religious growth, 1095, 1581
    poverty, a recognition of, a prerequisite to spiritual progress, 1095
    progress, and a cult’s survival, 966
       destiny of man’s, 22, 63
       genuine faith and, 1619
       handicaps of, 739
       and happiness, 1098
       political panaceas no substitutes for, 2077
       prayer and, 1618
       prerequisites to, 381, 1095
       the reward of those who enter the kingdom, 1537
    progression, religion’s necessary influence for, in the changing world, 1086

Spiritual, 10. Spiritual experience
    activities, arena of, 139, 739
       domination of, by Eternal Son, 99
    age, connection of Trinity Teacher Sons with, 231, 408
    assurance, a definition, 1641-1642
    attitude, domination of Jesus’ life by his, 2088
    bravery, intellectual root of, 402
    certainty, consistence of, in the truth of genuine religious experience, 2094
    communion, 31, 315, 529, 1133, 1777, 1840
    difficulties, angels’ cognizance of man’s, 419
    ecstasy, genuine, emotional control characteristic of, 1000
    effort, vs. spiritual exhaustion, 380
    experience, demands of, 68
       a dog’s inability to enjoy a, 1431
       a factor in Adjuster communion, 65
       faith’s ability to transform probability into, 1125
       genuine, philosophy’s surrender to, 1228
       knowing God a, 1857
       religion of the reality of, 192
    faith, eternal realities perceived by, 1960
       vs. intellectual doubt, 1729
       man’s need to pray in the light of, 999
    joy, a fruit of divinity, 648, 1593, 2095
    leadership, Christ the supreme ideal of, 1091
    living, and self-respect, 1740
    meditation, a healthful attitude of, 1100
       modern man’s sometime neglect of, 2077
    nature, technique of the growth of the, 1749
    pilot, religion of living experience’s functioning as a, 1088
    receptivity, capacity for, and human experience of Father’s love, 50, 1621
    satisfactions, realization of, religion the, 1104
    strength, man’s need to ask God for, with which to solve life’s problems, 999
    worship, release of memory treasures by, 1779

Spiritual, 11. Spiritual kingdom
    assault, believers’ ability to take the kingdom by, 1726
    brotherhood, on earth, the Heavenly Father the Ruler of, 1702
       Jesus’ revelation of the way to, 597, 1717, 1865
       the kingdom of heaven a, 1702, 1929
    careers, men’s and women’s need of each other in their, 939
    fellowship, universality of, between men and Jesus, 1593
       with God the Father, 1863
    kingdom, God’s kingdom a, 1605, 1749, 1859
       Jesus’ concern over his, 1515, 1634
       John the Baptist’s doubt as to Jesus’ part in a, 1503
       technique of admission to the, 1865
    needs, Jesus’ exclusive concern with man’s, 1583
    planes, of faith sons, 383
    vs. temporal nature of Jesus’ kingdom, 1354

Spiritual, 12. Spiritual values
    characteristics, enhancement of, in the Son, 75
    culture, conditions favoring, 770
       Jesus’ receiving of, in his own home, 1363
       in schools of the Prince, features of, 575
    fruit, bearing of, a definition, 1095
    gifts, humans’ unequal capacity for reception of, 1831
    idealism, the energy which uplifts human culture, 910
    loneliness, religion’s effect on man’s sense of, 1117
    momentum, and cultural velocity, 909
    motivations, the source of unselfish acts, 1121
    nature, man’s, Jesus’ comparison of, with a lily, 1738
    origin of material world, birthmark of, 479
    reflex, conditioned, possibility of developing a, 1095
    stimulus(i), vs. physical stimulus, 1193
       possibility of developing favorable reaction to, 1095
    value(s), attainment of, a purpose of education, 806
       a definition, 196
       functioning of Conjoint Actor in higher spheres of, 99
       influence of, on the human mind’s concept of divine reality, 1115
       levels, of the cosmic circles, 569
       man’s need to reckon with, 1093, 1120, 1146
       manifestation of, with the coming of the kingdom of heaven, 1862
       of the personality concept, 30, 31
       potential, realm of Deity Absolute, 83
       reality of, 82
    work, prerequisite to, 1758

Spiritual, 13. Spiritual presence
    endowment, Urantia mortals’, uniformity of, 63
    function, of Infinite Spirit, and work of Father fragments, 103
    influence, Eternal son’s ministry as a, 86
    ministry, Jesus’ life of, 1485
       oneness of, in human experience, 380
       special function of the Third Person in his, 100
    presence of Conjoint Creator, on Urantia, 100
       determiner of the differential of, 150
       experiential, controlling conditions of, 150
       God a universal, 25
       of triune Deity, 189
    receptivity, influence of, on experiential spiritual presence, 150
    rest, Jesus’ promise to his followers of, 1808
    urge to find God, and Adjuster presence, 24, 2096

Spiritual, 14. Spiritual levels
    differential between God and man, 39
    equality of men, 599, 1487
       of men and women, 1679
    evolution, definition, 1460
    fixation, danger of, 1094
    idealism, man’s, a value level, 3
    laziness, nonfostering of, by real religion, 1134
    level(s), of human personality, religion’s possibility of functioning on the, 1096, 1236
       necessity for attainment of, 64
       of worship, 66
    vs. material status of system ascenders, 495
    wisdom, vs. man’s natural approach to cosmic philosophy, 215

Spiritual, 15. Spiritual unity
    harmony, an essential to friendship, 30
    influences, oneness of, 95
    unification, 639
    unity, means of acquirement of, 1135, 1591-1592, 2065
       vs. philosophic uniformity, 1129
       of universe of universes, 76
      with Deity, 3

Spiritual, 16. Spiritual destiny
    ascension, determination of the destiny of, 445
    ascent, man’s, the Father the great cause of, 428, 1291
    choices, necessity of, for eternal survival, 1431
    destiny, conditioners of man’s, 1739
    goal, of personality achievement, revelation of, 1477
    graduates,” definition, 292

Spiritualism noninvolvement of midway creatures in, 865

Spirituality a definition, 1096
    and Havona pilgrim advancement, 294
    man’s long striving for attainment of, 766, 1096
    pure, schools of, on universe headquarters, 551
    seraphim assigned in accordance with, 1241

Spiritualization of men’s minds, and Thought adjusters, 1357
    and rule of Creator Sons, 37
    of the soul, and solving universe problems, 1719

Spiritualized individuals, and spiritual gravity, 84
    values, Eternal Son’s hold on, 81

Spironga and administration of constellation headquarters worlds, 485
    functions of, 416, 523
       on six mansion worlds, 530
    origin, 416
    as permanent citizens of the local universe, 414

Spittle of a holy man, belief concerning the, 1044, 1812, 1813

Splandon the major sector of, 174, 182
    Perfections of Days contacted by ascending mortals on headquarters of, 211

Spokesman for the twelve, Simon Peter the, 1747

Sponges evolution of, during late invertebrate-animal age, 676-677
    survivors of an early midway type, 674, 687, 731

Spontaneity of expression, of believers, 1120

Spore evolution of, into the seed, importance of, in planet evolution, 737

Spornagia and administration of constellation headquarters worlds, 485
    agricultural achievements of the, 527
    an animal order, 416
    appreciation of attention by, 528
    celestial artisans’ direction of, 492, 526
    characteristics of, by comparison with the dog, horse, and chimpanzee, 528
    circular headquarters of the, location, 527
    function of, 416, 509, 530, 532
    life span of, 528
    nonevolutionary beings, 528

Spring(s) primitive races’ veneration of, 946
    the, social center of Nazareth, 1364

Squid cephalopods the early predecessors of, 676

Stability of all statics, an appellation of the First Source and Center, 1155
    Andrew’s superb, 1550
    development of, by pressure, 555
    and divinity, 135
    factors in, 135
    of Isle of Paradise, 139
    of the universes, 55

Stabilization an attribute of the Conjoint Creator, 101
    eternal, of reality and personality, 8

Stabilizer of marriage, property the, 917
    of society, religion a, 1091, 1120

Stagnation certain death, 435
    monotony of, vs. the striving of civilization, 764

Stamina moral, statehood the reflection of a people’s, 806

Standard(s) day, of Nebadon, 372
    of living, influence of, on size of the family, 770
       and population varieties, 769
       the present human goal, 910
       suicidal, cause of, 770
    time, as universe time, 372
    year, and Urantia year, 488

Standardization perpetuation of mediocrity in, 557

Standing armies, ancient, reason for, 785

Star(s) of Bethlehem, origin of the legend of, 1352
    burning out of, cause, 464
    Chaldeans’ belief regarding human suffering and, 990
    cloud(s), emergence of, from Sagittarius, 168
       of Nebadon, constitution of the, 455
       Orvonton, character of, 170
    deification of the, 947
    density of, extreme, cause of, 458-459
    double, see Double star(s)
    dust, a factor in energy control, 130, 457
    the Egyptians’ superstitions regarding, 1044
    Jesus’ childhood study of the, 1360
    the Lord’s knowledge of the names and number of the, 1444
    lucky and unlucky, present belief in, 988
    number of, known only by Universal Father, 49
    size limitation of, 171
    of space, young suns the, 172, 653
    students, definition, 338-339
       knowledge of, regarding the present incompletion of the superuniverses, 129
       Urantia, limited observation of, 172
       Uversa, astronomical observations of, 131, 317
    variable, origin of subsidiary systems in, 465
    very hot, and organized matter disintegration, 175

Starfish evolution of early, 732

Starry hosts, procession of the, 47

State advanced, attitude toward political service in an, 803
    authority of, origin, 970
    a characteristic of the best, 803
    church, institutionalized, a Roman weakness, 2074
    development of the, 800-807
    the embryonic, 800-801
    enduring, foundation of the, 800, 806
    the ideal, the three co-ordinated drives of, 803
    prerequisite to ideal levels of functioning by a, 803
    present jurisdiction of, in marriage, 925, 931
    right of self-defense of the, 1475
    totalitarian, betrayal of men into political slavery by, 2081
    true, character of the sovereignty of the, 801

Statecraft a definition, 800

Statehood attainment of the ideals of, 803, 806-807
    a great problem in, 805
    levels of evolution of, 806-807

Static Deity, definition, 2, 15

Stationary orders of dual-origin beings, five classes of, 331
    Sons of the Trinity, final personal presence of, in local universe advisory roles, 371
       of the Trinity, a function of, 108, 114, 115, 144, 218, 219
          superuniverse service of mortals with, 247
          ten classes of, 330-331

Statistical egotism, a possible weakness of the physical scientist, 1476

Statisticians limitations of, 478

Stature decrease of, from red to indigo races, 584 mortal, range of, in Nebadon, 562

Status wife, vs. love wife, 926

Steadfastness of Amadon, even with his handicaps, 757
    of conduct, God’s, characteristics of, 138

Stealing primitive practice of, 781, 916
    women, origin of custom of, 919

Steam power, fire’s relation to discovery of, 778
    power, primitive man’s fear of, 748
    Urantia’s blanketing by, 659

Stellar distances, measurement of, 459
    variables, origin of, 459

Stephen a convert of Rodan’s pupils, 1411, 2068
    effect on, of his discussion with Jesus, 1411
    fatal stoning of, cause, 2068
    identification of, 1411
    unawareness of, of having once talked with Jesus, 1456

Steward(s) of the apostolic group, Philip the, 1547, 1556
    faithful and just, method of becoming a, 1463
    of inherited wealth, moral obligations of a, 1463
    Jesus’ praise of Philip as a, 1960
    of the parable, accounting of, 1876
    shrewd, parable of the, 1853-1854
    unjust, parable of, 1763

Stewardship Jesus’ evaluation of, 1822

Stigma spiritual, riches as a, 1464

Stimulus for mind, the outpoured spirit as a, 2065
    spiritual, emotional excitement not an ideal, 1777

Stoic(s) calloused, Jesus not a, 1954
    a definition, 1954
    doctrines, Jesus’ approval of certain, 1433
    influence of, on Rome’s acceptance of Christianity, 2073
       on Paul’s ethics, 1340
    philosophy, doctrines of, 1336

Stoicism not a high order of self-realization, 135

Stone(s) Age, new, 898
    Age, simultaneous existence of, with Bronze and Iron Ages, 903
    altar, Israelites’ belief in a, 969
    atom, persistence of, 462
    book of world record, story told in the, 671-672
    as building matter for planets, 462
    displacement of, ice action a cause of, 700
    implements, persistent use of, 1004
    lilies, increase of, time, 677, 732
    man’s first object of worship, 944
    pages, of Urantia life records, 663
    pulverized, in Orvonton, 462
    rolling away of, from tomb of Jesus, 2023
       away of, from tomb of Lazarus, 1845
    of Scone, identification of, 967
    surface, gaseous, on the sun, thickness of, 462
    at the tomb entrance, secondary midwayers rolling away of the, 2023
    worship, prevalence of, in modern times, 944, 945

Stonehenge identification of, 898

Stop-moments in reel of infinity picturization, 57

Stopping-places on the way to Paradise, provision of, 1475

Storage battery, superchemical, and fruit of the tree of life, 826
    of energy, by primary associators, 328

Storms and bad luck, 951
    on early Urantia, 466

Story(ies) true, apostles to use in teaching only, 1691
    about Jesus, vs. the gospel of the kingdom, 1866

Storyteller Jesus a good, 1438-1439
    Nathaniel’s ability as a, 1448

Straight and narrow way, to eternal life, 1828

Strain of existence, lessening of, by true religion, 1616, 1727

Straining at gnats and swallowing camels, 1736, 1908

Strait of Gibraltar, closing of, 697

Strange preacher, 1764-1765

Strangers early tribes’ treatment of, 787
    Jesus’ interest in, reason for, 1431

Stratosphere location, 666

Strategy public, Jesus’ first resort to, reason for, 1397

Streams on Edentia, 486

Strength the eternal God man’s, 1445
    relation of, to greatness, 557
    spiritual, technique of renewing one’s, 1444

Strife with men, believers to avoid, 1932

Striking Jesus in the face, 1979, 1995

String of beads, onetime significance of, 967

Strong action by the, 556

Struggle(s) for life, a painful process, 951
    of material existence, as scaffolding, 364

Student helpers, student visitors as, 339
    Jesus’ brilliance as a, 1363
    -visitor(s), colonies, being composing, 340
       activities of, 339, 521
       inhabited planets open to, 546
       length of visits of, to headquarters worlds, 340
       Melchizedek schools open to, 388
       to Urantia, 408, 436

Study course of, in Nazareth school, 1362
    Jesus’ intensive, in Capernaum synagogue, 1420
       plan for the apostles’, 1533
    true, advancing pilgrims’ discovery of meaning of, 292
    voluntary, on fifth mansonia, 537
    worlds, surrounding Uversa, number of, 317

Stumbling block, of Jesus’ early disciples, 1510
    stone, of John’s disciples, 1588

Sturgeon appearance of, time of, 688

Subabsolute inevitability, a definition, 185
    realities, two levels of, 7

Subatmospheric planets, modification of man for life on, 561

Subatomic matter, definition, 472

Subbreathers type of planets inhabited by, 561

Subcapitals planetary, eventual number of, 588

Subconscious emanations, in the human mind, vs. revelations of the superconscious, 1207

Subdeified beings, and interassociated reality, 7

Subelectronic matter, definition, 472

Subhumans mind endowment of, 378

Sublime hypothesis, God more than a, 1124

Submergence of North America, the second greatest, 689

Subnormal minded man, guardian angels assigned to minister to the, 1241

Subordinates Heaven’s appointment of, purpose, 1452

Subpersonal mind, man’s observation of, 78

Substance of Havona worlds, 154
    literal, of Paradise, character of, 120
    relation of, to essence, 1124
    the shadow’s following of the, 1823

Substitution a ritual of religious sacrifice, 977

Success eternal, vs. temporal failure, 1780
    and maintenance of well-balanced poise, 555
    prerequisites to, 1739, 1774, 1779

Successful living, a definition, 1773

Succoth the seventy’s labors in, 1817

Sudden appearance of angiosperms, fig, magnolia, and tulip trees, 689
    appearance of cephalopods, 677
       of the dawn mammals, 700
       of the fern family, 679
       of the fish family, 678-679
       of frogs, importance of, 682
       of hoofed mammals, 695
       of land animals, 680
       of Mesopotamian dawn mammals, 704
       of multicellular animals, 673
       of placental mammals, 693, 733
       of Primates, 700
       of protozoan type of animal life, 732
       of reptiles, time of, 686
       of true birds, 691
       of true scorpions, 678
    birth of first humans, 707-708
    mental evolutions, conditions favoring, 740
    mutation of six colored races, time of, 701, 722
    spiritual transformations, conditions favoring, 740

Sudna record of disappearance of, 271

Suduanism (Jainism) about, 1450-1451

Suez region, elevation of, time, 697

Suffering(s) an advantage of, 51, 1663
    of the Creator Sons, 53
    of the Eternal Son, 53
    of the Infinite Spirit, 53
    Jesus’ reaction to, 1786, 1972
    man’s, sources of, 1664
    mission of, as shown in story of Job, 1662-1663
    of the Paradise Father, 53
    unspoiled child’s natural urge to relieve, 1575

Suffrage age of conferring of, in the continental nation, 812
    on Jerusem, 518
    universal, a danger of democracy, 801
       modification of, 802

Suicide among men, significance of, 1773
    an ancient mode of retaliation, 795
       social vogue of, origin, 790
    animals’ noncommitment of, 1773
    Eve’s fear of Adam’s possible, 844
    of Judas, 1567, 1998
    Pilate’s, 1989

Sum of two or more things, unpredictability of, 141

Sumer onetime chief of the city-states, 876

Sumeria Dravidian import of an alphabet and writing from, 881
    one of the purest strains of Adam’s descendants in, time, 896

Sumerian(s) Egyptian civil administrators from among the, 1044
    civilization, location of remnants of, 875
    clay tablets, Dilmun described by, 860
    cultural development of, 860
    influence of the Sethite priests on, 1009
    language, character of, 860
    last of the Andites, 875-877
    medicinal use of castor oil and opium by the, 992
    time of origin of the, 860
    traces of the second garden glory confined to the, 875

Sun(s) age of giant and dwarf, 459
    an ancestor of kings, 947
    Andronover, birth of the first, 653
       development of, 654-655
    blazing, transformation of matter into energy by, 473
    calcium layer on surface of the, 462
       losses of the, 462
    capture of space material by the, 657
    comparative room in space for, 458
    cooling, shattered atoms in, 472
    dead, collisions involving, results of, 171, 464
    deification of the, 947
    density of majority of, 460
    diameter of, average, 458
    dispersion, last cycle of, or quartan nebular stage, 654-655
       of the tertiary nebular stage, 654
       time of completion of Andronover’s first period of, 654
    disrupted, rarest form of energy, 464
    disturbances, architectural worlds not subject to, 520
    early convulsions of, three-and-one-half-day cycles of, 655
    as energy way stations, 458
    eternal, shining of, condition necessary to, 464
    -family stage, time of Andronover’s attainment of the height of its, 654
    formation, a function of nebulae, 652
    gaseous state of, 458
    gigantic, possible function of, in planet formation, 170
    -god, Egyptian monotheism and the, 1047
       the “mystic father” of the sons of destiny, 947
    grand divisions of matter in the, 471-472
    highly heated, influence of, on power control, 457
    influence of size on, 458
    internal temperature of, during active life, 460, 463
    large, collapse of, causes, 464
    light, total, proportion of, reaching earth’s surface, 665
    in master universe, number of, 173
    material composition of, 458
       foundation for local universes, 357
    maximum temperature of, 465
    and moon, tradition of sudden appearance of, explanation, 837
    nonshining of, on earth, during steam-blanketing period, 659
    nonsolid, explanation of density of, 460
    number of, in Satania, 458
    origin of, 455
    on Orvonton, surface temperature, diameter, and mass of, 460
    partial disruption of, result, 656
    rays of, number of wave-energy octaves in, 474
    recapture of meteoric material by the, 657
    secondary, Jupiter and Saturn as early, 656
    shines on both the evil and good, 1571, 1830
    solar system, heat given off by, measure of, 463
       significance of the sunspot cycles of, 655
       see also Solar
    stability, 465
    stars of space, 172
    surface temperature of, present, 462, 668
    systems, number of, originating during Andronover’s third cycle, 654
    transmutation of energy to light by the, 172
    of Urantia, annual radiation of matter by, 465
       brilliance rating of, 458
    visible rays of, Orvonton octave number of, 474
    worship, and agriculture, in southern Europe, 898
       Andon’s escape from, 716
       in southern France and Spain, 898
    worshipers, Neanderthalers not, 722

Sunbeam(s) calcium’s riding of the, results, 462
    energy of a, 461

Sunday morning, after healing of the 683, 1634-1636
    morning with the apostles, 1880

Sundown scene at Capernaum, setting the stage for the, 1632

Sunlight depth of penetration of ocean water by, 665
    dollar and cent value of, 460
    and ionization of upper atmosphere, 666
    money value of Chicago’s daily supply of, 665
    and sanitary advance of Dalamatian epoch, 748

Sunset beginning of the Jewish day at, 1936

Sunspot(s) and auroral phenomena, 666
    cycles, of the solar system sun, significance of, 459, 655
    as magnets, proof of, 666
    power centers not concerned with, 456

Superangel(s) Evening Stars the, 407, 536, 628
    world, activities of, 510

Superangelic beings, the Father’s connection with, 146
    orders, Solitarington the home of, 146

Superaphic associates, visibility of, 288
    chief recorders, broadcasters’ use of ideographic techniques of, 431
    philosophers, explanation of universe-adjustment problems by the, 620

Superbreathers as air navigators, 561
    percentage of, in Satania, 561
    type of planets inhabited by, 561

Supercitizens of Paradise, number of groups of, 350

Superconscious danger of directing consciousness toward the subconscious rather than toward the, 1100
    experience, the influence of the Adjuster usually a, 1208
    levels, man’s sometime contact with, 996
    mind, higher concepts of the, relation of the, to a progressive civilization, 1220
       origin of many factors to a mystic status in the, 1100
       possible presence of both a subconscious mind and a, 1099
    proof of the functional existence of the, 1095

Superconsciousness the Adjuster’s contact with his human subject in the, 1203
    definition, 1435
    man’s, the Adjuster’s sometime ability to function in connection with, 1199

Superenergy presence, of the Unqualified Absolute, 324

Super-Fathers definition, 587

Superfinite levels, attempts to find God on, 116, 163
    possibilities for universe manifestations, the Supreme Being’s three, 1292

Supergases solar, and stellar density, 459

Supergovernment(s) basic unit of, 166
    jurisdiction of, 180
    no personalization of Infinite Spirit at seat of the, 308
    origin of the executive branch of the, 178
    Paradise-origin administrators in the, three groups of, 307-308
    seconaphim as assistants to deliberative assemblies of, 317

Supergravity presence, the force-charge of pervaded space, 139

Superhuman beings, groups of, in personality classification, 158
    early religion’s lack of reverence for the, 958
    help, society’s need for, 766, 987
    ideals, the gospel’s exaltation of, 1859
    insight, a product only of religious experience, 2075
    Jesus’ parents’ realization of their son’s possession of the, 1372
    kingdom of God, identification of, 1863
    power, the sincere religionist’s awareness of making contact with sources of, 1100
    values, man’s technique of reaching for, 1002
       relation of mind and spirit to, 757

Superhumanity Jesus’ assertion of his, 1786

Superior seraphim, 429-432

Supermaterial forces, function of, in life production, 731
    insight, a scientist’s, 2078
    mind, man’s inability to grasp, 78
    phase of the human being, need for philosophy to assume the reality of the, 1110

Supermen Prince’s corporeal staff as, 744

Supermind thinking and knowing ability of, 102

Supermindedness requisite for, 403

Supermortal function, mortal soul’s potential capacity for, 551

Supernaphim on Avonal bestowals, and bestowal attendants, 427
    the chief, original pattern angel, 300
    definition, 285, 418
    function of, 286, 306
    government of, 300
    as most High Assistants, 409
    as Paradise Companions, 283
    Paradise, a function of, 305
    primary, creator of, 205
    secondary, creators of, 205
    Seraphington the destiny sphere of, 147
    service of, 286
    tertiary, origin of, 203, 205
    three orders of, 286
    universe service of, 414

Supernatural agencies, good and bad, man’s concept of both, 961
    event, the only, associated with the birth of Jesus, 1317
    influences, and the pool of Bethesda, 1649
    ministration, feeding the five thousand a genuine, 1702
    occurrence, Jesus’ first, 1408
       Jesus’ second, 1408
    the one such event in Jesus’ first seventeen years, 1398

Supernormal minded man, a definition, 1241

Superself-attainment prayer’s aid toward, 997

Superpersonal function of Universal Father, 3
    linking of personal and prepersonal with the, 8
    spirits, 334
       Inspired Trinity Spirits may be, 219

Superpersonality(ies) of Eternal Son, characteristics of, 83
    God more than a, 27

Superphysical forces, in organization of Urantia life patterns, 667

Superplant tree of life a, 826

Superspirit beings, Gravity Messengers, 347

Superstition(s) ancient, present day world status as to, 973
    bondage of, religion’s emergence from, 141
    effect of, on the Scriptures, 1768
    influence of, on prayer, 995
    Jesus’ freedom from, 1671
    and magic, Jesus’ talk on, at Magdala, 1680
    Micah’s prophecy regarding a onetime freedom from, 1067
    place of, among primitive peoples, 955
    prevalence of, in Egypt, 1044
    primitive, fear plus curiosity in, 971
    vs. science, 907, 970, 2078
    tribal, in primitive religion, 590

Superstitious bondage, to religious fear, primitive man’s, 882, 2083

Supersustenance absonite function of Deity, 2

Supertime eventuating God of, 4, 12

Superultimate destinies, and absolute values, 13

Superultimates function of, the Absolutes’ connection with the, 56

Superuniverse(s) acquirement of sovereignty of, by Supreme Being, 210
    activities, efficiency of Master Spirits in, 189
       of Mighty Messengers, 245
       of Trinity-embraced sons, 245
    adaptation of Paradise broadcasts to the, 504
    administration of, and Ancients of Days, 209
       importance of Solitary Messengers to, 261
       postgraduate training of perfected evolutionary creatures in, 348
    affairs, participation of finaliters in administration of, 347
    the Almighty to the, 12
    Ancients of Days’ administration of, 209
    Ancients of Days, the rulers of, 587, 601
    Architects of, relation of, to Havona Architects, 352
    ascenders, Havoners’ ministry to, 157
    assignment of Trinitized Sons of God to service of, 244, 254
    broadcast on Michael’s birth, 422
    capitals, meeting places for intelligent beings, 338
    census date indigenous to the, 267
    Centers, headquarters of, 321
    chart of units contained in a, 167
    circuits, 176-178, 634
    citizens, future, unknown relationship of, to the Supreme, 1293
    constitution of, 166-167
    courts, function of Mighty Messengers in, 245
       jurisdiction of, over defaults of local universe Sons of God, 372
    determination of nature of, 209
    domains, power directors’ control of energy in, 357
    dual physical systems of, 126
    elliptical path of, 165
    energies composing power charge of a, 321, 326
    energy, difference between Havona energy and, 321
    evolution, seven purposes of, operation of, throughout all seven sectors, 182
    factors in the administration of, 55
    a field of Trinity Teacher sons, 214
    finaliters’ service in the, 345
    the first, presiding Master spirit of, 186
    frandalanks’ function in, 328
    functioning of regime of, in spirit career, 342
       of Supreme Spirits in, 205
    the future intermediate school for outer spacers, 163
    government(s), executive personnel, seven groups of, 178
       Master Spirits’ contact with, 198
       outer regions not administered by, 131
       and perfected evolutionary mortals, 178
    Havona Servitals’ assignment of service in, 274
    headquarters, functioning of, as power-energy regulators, 175
       cultural spheres of, factors in superuniverse system of training, 342
       function of reflections of Seven Master Spirits on, 275
       judges on, decrees of cessation of existence executed by the, 37
       number of Reflective Spirits needed on each, 200
       potential presence of God on, 309
       sphere, abodes of Ancients of Days on, 209
       tree of life native to, 825
       Uversa the, 74
    higher courts of the, mandates of dissolution originate in the, 37
    individual languages of the, 503
    inherence of time delay in mercy ministry of the, 616
    intercommunication, technique of, 429
    isolation of, 179
    level of Master Architects, function of members of the, 351
    limitation of a Master spirit’s influence to a single, 324
    linear gravity operative in, 125
    major sectors of, number, 210
    mass in suns and planets of, origin of, 170
    midway creatures’ passage through, in Paradise ascent, 349
    Milky Way the densest plane of, 475
    ministering spirits of the, 259, 286, 306-318
    mobilization of physical systems of, 126
    natives, uniformity of, 237
    number of the, 1
       of Censors assigned to the, 218
       of Perfectors of Wisdom assigned to, 215
       of Stationary Sons of the Trinity stationed in the, 219
       of Supreme Power Centers and related beings in the, 322
    organization of, 165-167
    of Orvonton, 1, 182
    pattern of mind, as bestowed on local universe personalities, 378
    perfected, relation of functional unity to experiential sovereignty of the Supreme in the, 206
    a perfecting revelation of the master pattern of the Paradise Isle, 1263
    permanent populations of, in administrative organization, 415
    personalities, Nebadon rendezvous of, 401
    position and direction of, in great space path, 165
    possible gateways for spirit-questing torrents from outer space, 453
    power centers, energy circuits established by, 374
       centers in the, 321
       charge, change of twenty-seven physical energies of, by energy transformers, 327
    present goal of the, 1292
    presiding officers of, 178-179
    reason for supervision of, by three Ancients of Days, 309
    Reflective Spirits’ assignment to headquarters of, 307
    reflectivity operation throughout sectors of the, 105
       services of the, 598
    rulers, 178-179
       function of, 136
       participation of, in creation of Life Carriers, 396
    and seconaphim, 418
    seconaphim the ministering spirits of, 306
    segregation of, reason for, 429
    service, Trinity-embraced sons organized for, 243
    services of the seconaphim, 205
    settledness in light and life of a, time of, 635-636
    seven, 164-183
    significance of number seven in the, 751
    Son-fused mortals’ confinement to their nativity, 450
    space-level, 164-165, 177
    special function of each, 182
    Spirit fusers’ ascension to, transformations required for, 453
    supervision of each, by a Master Spirit, 150
    supreme tribunal of, participation of all three Ancients of Days in final decrees of, 210
    technique of control of, 164
    tongue, teaching of, by Abandonters, 631
    transport corps of, 310
    twofold energy charge of, 154
    university worlds, number of, 211
    wards, definition, 342

Supervising power centers, control of basic energies of space by the, 457

Supervisor seraphim, assignment of, to constellation service, 421, 432, 485

Supper Jesus’ directions concerning the last, 1933
    of remembrance, the believer’s symbolic rendezvous with Michael, 1942

Supplications where directed, 65, 84

Supremacy actualization of Deity on level of, 6
    ascender’s attainment of, result, 127, 159
    an attribute of God, 40
    of Deity, definition, 2, 280
    Deity level of, 2
    of divinity, repletion of perfection in the, 295
    evolution of, experiences of all creation a part of the, 1287
    experiential-Deity expansion on level of, 14
    of God, realization of, by members of Corps of the Finality, 69
    guides, territorial restriction of service of, 292
    justice of, and mercy, 38
    overcontrol of, 115
    of the Paradise Trinity, 644
    powers of, seven Master Spirits’ limitation in exercise of, 186
    relation of Paradise Deity to, 11
    of religion, 2093-2097
    of service, an expected achievement of ascending seraphim, 290
    the three avenues of creature approach to, 1289
    Trinity of, 113
       ascending mortals’ contact with, 113
    unpredictability of overcontrol of, 115
    Unqualified Supervisors as, 636

Supreme an actualizing Deity, 1271, 1285
    almighty power of the, dependence of, on God the Sevenfold, 1272
       the full appearance of, significance, 1274
    the apparent evolutionary inevitability, 1266
    the avenue from God to man, and man to God, 1288
    the, both actual and potential, 1279
    the capstone of evolutionary-experiential reality, 1167
    Center Supervisors, functions of the, 321
    Chief,” the true God of Orlandof, 513, 725
    Circuit Supervisors, creation of, completed, 265
    commander of armies of heaven, Gabriel the, 421
    a comparison of Michael and the, 1288
       of, with Thought Adjusters, 1288
       of, and the Ultimate, 1160
    connecting of the finite with the absonite by the, 1267
    council of Lanonandeks, makeup of, 393
       of local universe, makeup of, 373
       of Magisterial Sons, personnel of, 225
       of Planetary Princes, 573
       of senior Life Carriers, a function of, 397
       of unlimited authority, chief concern of, 634
    courts, establishment of, 798
    Creator(s), and associates, functional purpose of the, 60, 1269-1270
       the first three levels of God the Sevenfold, 1270
       function of, in carrying light of life to evolutionary worlds, 1269-1270
       identity of, 640
       of Paradise, possible functions of the, 1287
       Personalities, the factualization of the Almighty Supreme through the, 16, 1270
          prerequisites to the factualization of the evolving universes by, 1264
          revelation of the, regarding the Supreme, 1265
       the plan of evolution brought into existence by the, 1165
       relation of, to the Supreme Being, 1270
       of time and space, 11, 405
    decision, a self-acting Adjuster’s possession of a mortal subject’s having made the, 1196, 1242
    Deity, definition, 2, 1171
    dependence of the, on the Almighty, 1269
    dependency of the, on God the Sevenfold, 1159
    a divine channel through which flows the creative infinity of the triodities, 1281
    eventual function of, in outer universes, 641
    evolutionary-experiential self, 1294
    the evolving, assistance by, to man’s contact with total experience, 1287
       Seventh Master Spirit’s relation to, 188
    evolving spirit’s relation to, 83
    Executive(s), function of, 198, 199, 269
       origin of, 198
       of Orvonton, headquarters of, 307
          local system representatives of, 413
          local universe representatives of, 413
       perfection of, 198
       personality diversity of, 198
       subordinates of, 199
       training of Trinitized Sons of Perfection by the, 253
    existence, an analysis of, 1111
    experiential Deity, 7
    factualizing mind of the, and Majeston, 5
    finality, Havona the ideal of, 152
    functions of the, in God the Sevenfold, 1270
    future, comparison of the, with the Conjoint Actor, 1291
       comparison of the, with the Eternal Son, 1291
          of the, with the Isle of Paradise, 1291
    God, uniqueness of the, 1450
    growth of the, comparison of man’s evolution with the, 1282
       dependence of, on the existential triodities, 1264
       involvement of, in the Absolutes, 1266
    incompleteness of, value of, to the evolutionary growth of creature-creation, 115, 1281
    indispensability of, to the Ultimate, 1294
    the living way from finite consciousness to the insight of absonity, 1281
    man’s discovery of the, in the hearts of others, 1290
       divine Mother, 1288
       experiential obligation to the, 1284
       great challenge regarding his contribution to the, 1284
       slow and patient finding of the, 1291
       universe home, 1288
    mandate, of Universal Father, 21, 22
    Michael’s revelation of the, in this universe age, 1318
    mind, the, 251, 481, 641, 647, 1167, 1268-1269
       co-ordination of the Seven Master Spirits with the, 638
       the progressive scientist’s recognition of the dominance of the, 1125
       relation of activity of, to reflectivity, 105
       synthesis of power and personality in the, 1269
    mortals’ capacity to know the, 641, 1165
    mutual dependence of man and the, 1284
    not infinite, 1290
    partial representation of the Trinity by the, 113, 116
    Person of Deity, powerizing of, as almighty sovereign of the supercreations, 354
    Person, a name for God, 1448
    personal reality, 25
    personality, and grand universe evolution, 1164
       religion’s only satisfaction with, 1122
    possibility of sovereignty of the, and the Urantia bestowal, 1327
    Power Centers, 320-322, 325, 456
       a completed creation, 319
       distribution of, to local systems, 322-323
       function of Master Physical Controllers in co-operation with, 326
          of, in Nebadon organization, 456
       Master Physical Controllers created by, 324
       mobile subordinates of, 324
       seven groups of, 320, 336
    Power Directors, characteristics of, 320
       function of, identical, 320
       origin of, 319
       relation of, to Master Spirits, 320
    prerequisite to the universe actuality of the, 1266, 1290
    probable eternal progression of the, into outer space, 1266
    probably all of infinity that a finite creature can comprehend, 1290
    reaction of complement, definition, 203
    the reciprocal evolution of the grand universe and the, 1278
    relation of Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy to the, 149
    response of, to both creature effort and creator purpose, 1279
    Rulers of Paradise, jurisdiction of, 739
    seraphim, classification of, 427-429
    sevenfold will of Deity culminating in the, 1325
    significance of the concept of the, 1164
    the simultaneous finding of the, by all ascenders, 1290
    some characteristics of the, 1278
    spirit of the, mortal soul’s blending with the, 1443
    a spirit person, of origin in the Trinity, 1264
    Spirit(s), creative functions of, 205
       groups, seven, 197-206
       relation of, to Infinite Spirit and Conjoint Actor, 205
       seven classes of, 332, 335
       three orders of, 107, 330
    spiritual decision, relation between the Adjuster’s arrival and a mortal’s making a, 1187
    spiritual and personal presence of the, in Havona, 1166
    technique of the actualizing of the potential of the, 1278
       of man’s becoming in potential a living part of the, 1112
    tribunals, of superuniverse governments, 180
    Trinity Personalities, 207-213
       Eternals of Days, 166
       functions of, 207
       Immanuel of Salvington of sixth order of, 370
       origin of, 207
       Perfections of Days, 166, 181
       Recents of Days, 166
       seven orders of, Stationary Sons of the Trinity, 207, 218
    Ultimate and Absolute, the experiential Deities, 1151
    -Ultimate, encompassment of functional domain of, by Seven Master Spirits, 185
       evolutional activities in Havona, 160
       relation of Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy to the, 149
       sometime appearance of, 16
    and the Ultimate, complemental interdependence of the, in the attainment of destiny, 1294
       the foundation for the second experiential Trinity, 1167
       time and space, 1294-1307
    unification of God the Sevenfold in the, 643
    unifer, 636, 643
    the union of power and personality expressed on Deity levels as the, 1275
    union with the, man’s supreme desire, 1449
    unity of fact and value in the, 1477
    Unity, of the universe, man’s ability to attain the, 1480
    universality potential of the, Havona a perfect pattern of, 161

Supreme Being about, 4, 10, 11, 1260-1267
    achievement of new and higher relationship with the, and supreme local universe sovereignty, 210, 239
    acquirement of sovereign authority by the, and administrative responsibilities of the Unqualified Supervisors, 636
    actualized, the attuned human and divine minds’ final union with the, 1286
    ascenders’ comprehension of, time of, 292, 642
    attitude of Trinity of Supremacy reflected by the, 115
    characteristics of future rule of the, 1324
    close relationship between the Conjoint Actor, the Seven Master Spirits, and the, 1272
    concept of growing experiential sovereignty of, a factor in Havona comprehension of Trinity reality, 188
    conditions under which personality becomes a part of the, 1232
    conjectures regarding the future factualizing of the, 1268, 1292
    consummation of the fullness of the evolutionary plan by the, 1164, 1165
    cosmic mind’s relation to mind of, 191
    the culminating consequence of all finite growth, 240, 1280
    dependence of, on mortal decision-actions, 1233
       on the Paradise Trinity, 1264, 1282
    effect on, of creation of forty-ninth Reflective Spirit, 199
    eventual member of Ultimate Trinity, 16
    evolution of the, 11, 12, 1277
    the evolutionary unification of experiential Deity, 3, 161, 641, 1270, 1280
    the evolving personality synthesis of finite matter, mind, and spirit, 1304
    experiential divinity of the, Michael’s portrayal of, 367
    the expression of minds of creatures to their Creator, 104
    factualization of personality-sovereignty of, and isolation of superuniverses, 179
    and finite comprehension of Deity reality, 5, 641
    finite unification of spiritual values and energy facts in the, 1138
    first supreme creative act of, 200
    functions of the, 11
       as God the Almighty, in the grand universe, 1268
    future disclosure by the, of his unrevealed tertiary function in outer space, 1239
    and God the Sevenfold, 11, 345
    see also God(s), 5. God the Supreme
    grand universe the domain of, 12
    growth of Unity in the, 1269
    incompleteness of, and unpredictability of finite mind, 104
    Indian philosopher’s closeness to the truth of the, 1030
    involvement of the, in the deitization of Majeston, 1172
    and isolated personalities, 37
    latent function of the, in the master universe, 1268
    man’s intellectual comprehension limited to the, 1262
    manifestation of, 56, 648
    Master Spirit Number Seven’s ability to function personally for, 185
    the maximum revelation of Deity to the seven superuniverses in the present universe age, 1270
    a member of the Trinity Ultimate, 352
    Michael’s possible collaboration with the, in the next universe age, 1318
    mind level of, and reflectivity, 201
    mortals’ attainment of, in Havona, 162
    origin of the appearance of the, 1281
    the partial portraiture of the Paradise Trinity, 113, 1304
    the personal epitome of all creature evolution, 1281
    philosophic question regarding the evolution of, and that of the grand universe, 636, 1281
    the power-personalization of the sevenfold Deity, 11, 362, 1167
    prerequisites to the full appreciation of the, 1267
    presence-consciousness of, and reflectivity, 105, 190
    and the providence of God, 99
    the realm of the, 56
    reflectivity intelligence of, 77
    relation of catastrophic events to probable functioning of the, 115
       of Deity Absolute and the, in creation of Majeston, 200
       of, to God the Sevenfold, 4, 11, 362
    Seven Spirits of the Havona Circuits as related to the, 203, 287
    source of experiential mind of the, 105
    spirit, mind, power and experience, 1172
    a spirit personality in the central universe, 1268
    and supremacy of administration, 11, 1324
    survival of personality values of nonsurviving mortal in personality of, 195
    the synthesis of the emerging phases of all finite realities, 1281
    a synthesis of the perfect-Creator cause and the perfecting-creature response, 1279
    totality attitude of the, 115
    the triunities, triodities, and the, 1151
    the unification of cosmic and spirit evolution on finite deity levels, 1164, 1166, 1328
       of mind on the level of the Master Spirits, 639
       of three phases of Deity reality, 251
    the uniting of Creator and creature in the, 1279

Surety of survival, religion not a passive feeling of, 66

Surgery medicine men’s practice of, 991

Surprise Father and Son not subject to, 34, 49, 76

Survival ability to crave, an essential to immortality of mind, 403
    of Adam and Eve, 853-854
    an Adjuster’s recent plea to his subject on Urantia to achieve, 1214
    Adjusters’ responsibility for failure of their subjects to achieve, 444
    after death, the basic belief of primitive religion, 953, 1010
       and reincarnation, 953
    of Andon and Fonta, 717
    assurance of, essentials for, 63, 69, 1105
    belief in, the Greeks’ futile attempt to substitute thinking for a, 1078
    capacity, of Adamic children, 851
    character, technique of development of, 317
    completion of, in perfection, 295
    conscious resistance to the Adjuster’s leading, the only prevention to, 1206
    decisions, continued confirmation of, in the morontia state, 1238
    dependence of, on the desire of the mind to comprehend, 1217
       of, on a human’s decisions, determinations, and faith, 69, 1205, 1238
       on one’s being “born of the spirit”, 2054
    essentials to, 740
    eternal, of his children, God pledged to effect the, 59
       of immortal souls, and Thought Adjusters, 1357
       the implication of, in the Master’s love, 2018
       Jewish teachings, vs. Jesus’ teachings on, 1642
    evolutionary, the price of, 290
    existence, a glimpse of the reality and grandeur of the, 417
    experiencing the fact of, the only gain between death and resurrection, 533
    faith, a living faith”, 1916
    of the fittest, the law of primitive man, 589
    and the fragment of God, 26
    a gift of the gods, 1204
    God fosters, 68
    hope, 31
    of the human self, 1232-1235
    human will’s power to reject, 1218
    a human’s choice of, effect of, on the Supreme, 1283
    judges of, Magisterial Sons as, 88
    man’s quest for, indication of, 1337
    of mortal creatures, an essential to, 404
    nature’s demand, 765
    of a parent of a nonstatus child, results, 531
    of personality, belief in the, an earmark of religions of revelation, 1007
       faith the only discovered solution regarding the, 1117
       not jeopardized by the sin of another, 761
       the technique of, 1107
    plans, motivation of, 86
    purpose of, 63
    relation of knowledge and wisdom to, 740
    the secret of, identification of, 1206
    status, means of attaining, 1478
    technique of, 26, 1107, 1916
    value, saving of anything of, 1197
    the way of salvation, 2017

Surviving mortals identity achievement of, in a seven-dimensional universe, 1439
    reassembly of certain children of, in the probation nursery, 516
    on Satania mansion worlds, transition ministers’ service to, 439
    time of flight of, to Havona, 343

Surviving personality the prerequisite to the reassembling of the, 1230

Survivor groups, Morontia Companions’ accompaniment of, to Jerusem, 534

Survivors sleeping, adjudication of, by bestowal Sons, 229
    of time, slumbering, Michael’s removal of, from Urantia, 864

Susa Jesus’ interest in, 1481
    onetime chief of the city-states, 876

Susanna chief of the women’s corps, 1679

Susatia function of, 414
    new status of, in the event of Michael’s departure from Nebadon, 635
    origin of, 414
    permanent citizens on Salvington, 414, 416
    vs. univitatia, 415

Suspense in Nebadon during Jesus’ bestowal, 1409

Suspicion a characteristic of Judas, Thomas, and Nathaniel, 2056
    destructive influence of, 1575
    effect of, on the evolving soul, 1204
    incompatibility of, with sympathy and love, 597
    primitive man’s inherent reaction to, 437
    Thomas’ streak of, 1561

Swallowing the camel, 1908

Sweating beliefs regarding medicinal value of, 991

Sweep net, parable of the, 1694

Swine ancestor of, 696
    dogs’ attack on, at Kheresa, consequences, 1696
    onetime fetishes, 967

Swing of the great ellipse, 125

Switzerland African Andites mingling with Aegean brethren in, 896

Sword(s) apostles’ wearing of, 1871, 1878
    fate of those who fight with the, 1957
    Jesus’ knowledge of his apostles’ possession of, 1880
    Zoroastrianism spread by the, 1050

Sycamore tree, climbing of, by Zaccheus, reason, 1873

Sychar dwellers of, acceptance of the gospel by, 1615
    Jesus’ visit at, 1492
    Nalda’s proclamation to people of, 1614
    a stop on David’s relay messenger service, 1771
    woman of, 1612-1615

Symbol(s) man’s use of, in communication, 1775
    writing of the yellow races, 746

Symbolic beliefs, of early man, 1004
    ceremonial, importance of, to social and religious movements, 965

Symbolism adequate, modern man’s regrettable lack of an, 965
    vs. idolatry, 946
    influence of, on religious loyalties, 956-966
    need of, to appeal to individual and group, 966
    perpetuating, ideals’ need of some, 965-966
    some people’s need of, in worship, 999

Sympathy of the adolescent Jesus, 1395
    and compassion, of a mercy-dominated Creator Son, 1669
    false, believers’ need to avoid, 1766
    incompatibility of suspicion with attitude of, 597
    Jesus’ characteristic of, 1102
    a modification of fear, 1004
    nature of Jesus’, 1874
    and pity, Jesus’ need to guard against indulgence in, 1531
    promotion of, by the parable, 1692
    vs. sentimentality, 1673
    understanding, human interest fostered by, 1956
    a worthy attribute of male and female, 1575

Synagogue Capernaum, Jesus’ conductance of services in the, 1420
    Capernaum, Jesus’ request to speak in the, time, 1535, 1629-1631, 1706
       Roman centurion the builder of the, 1647
    casting of Josiah out of the, 1815
    of Galilee and Judea, closing of, to Jesus’ teachings, 1718, 1719, 1814
    of Philadelphia, nonclosing of, to teachings of Jesus, 1831
    reader, regular, age at which Jesus could become a, 1387
    schools, Capernaum, seven apostles graduates of the, 1548
       Jewish children’s age at entering, 1362
       method of teaching in the, 1362
    sermon, Jesus’ first, reaction of listeners to, 1392

Syncopation tuneful, scope of, 500

Synthesis Conjoint Actor’s prerogatives of, 98

Synthesizer Deity, of time-space divinity, 11

Syracuse Jesus’ visit to, 1440

Syria contact of, with Palestine, 1333
    Jesus’ trip to, 1492
    Matthew’s journeys through, 1560
    visitors from, in apostles’ camp near Pella, 1588

Syrian(s) David’s heavy taxing of the, 1073
    woman, the, 1734-1735

System(s) affairs, relation of Assigned Sentinels to deliberations regarding, 269
    vs. aggregations, 1227
    architectural worlds, training of seraphim on, 421
    capital(s), administrator seraphim indigenous to, 434
       architectural worlds as, 358
       ascending pilgrims’ achievements on the, 494
       Assigned Sentinels stationed on, 264
       beautification of, 492
       Brilliant Evening Stars function on, 407
       exhibition of all three phases of universe existence on, 523
       highest ranking personalities on, 269
       Jerusem our, 415
       opening up of new sectors of, to advancing mortals, 536
       permanent citizens of a, 415
       relation of mansion worlds to, 341
       relay of planetary broadcasts from, 522
       reversion directors’ operation on the, 416
       transition ministers’ service on, 439
       tree of life not found on, 825
    circuits, severing of, at start of rebellion, 755
    conclave, authority of, 632
    co-ordinators, function of, 543
    council of world rulers, System Sovereign presiding officer of, 511
    epoch of era of light and life, prerequisite to beginning of the, 632
    executive activities of, 373
    the Father no respecter of, 46
    God’s presence in a, degree of, 46, 56
    government(s), 393, 512
       biologic problems the particular concern of, 371
    groups, representation of, by Jerusem council of one thousand, 517
    headquarters, Assigned Sentinels’ station, 628
       experiences, ascending mortals initial reaction toward, 435, 495
       history, panoramic depiction of, 528
       Material Sons’ concentration on, 581
       orders of beings on, 277
       rebellion on, and replacement of System Sovereign, 394
       System Sovereigns located on, 393
       worlds, planetary exhibits on, 425
          vacant temples of the, 527
    individual chronology maintained by, 372
    isolated, and local universe supreme council, 373
    local, and morontia phases of ascension, 158
    Melchizedeks’ emergency service in the, 389
    Nebadon time, the standard of, 372
    new relationship of, in a universe settled in light and life, 634
    nursery, location of, 516
    power centers, functions of, 322, 456-457
    quarantine of, reason for, 46
    representation of, on local universe supreme council, 373
       in lower house of ascenders, 487
    revolving, 133
    rulers of, function, 136
    of Satania, 182
    of Satania, extent of rebellion in, 82, 756
    savior, Christ Michael a, 1319
    settled in light and life, and a new order of government, 632, 642
    source of the power of the, 456
    sovereign(s), attendance of, on Edentia conclaves, 490
       authority of, over Planetary Princes, 573
          to release midway creatures for Paradise ascension, 627
       delegation of jurisdictional authority to, 366
       each system ruled by a, 166, 512
       functions of, 392, 393
       Lanaforge the, 1016
          number of, 512
       Lanonandeks, 223, 392, 524
       law enforcement activities of, 373
       midway creatures as wards of the, 425
       Most Highs’ contact with, 391
       number of, in Norlatiadek, 490
       perpetual tenure of office of, in system stage of light and life, 632
       a primary Lanonandek Son, 511
       rebels, number of, in Nebadon, 393
       of Satania, authority of, in planetary affairs, 1254
       temple of, in fifth circle of the Sons, 524
       triumph of rule of the, 363
       visits of, to sectional capitals, frequency of, 519
    stage of light and life, 632-633
    supreme court, Assigned Sentinel volunteer adviser to the, 632
    time, 372
    transition abodes, as morontia worlds, 541
    unification, handicaps to, 635
    universe broadcasts to, 378
    variation in, in chemical formulas of life, 560
    worlds, ascenders’ evolution during sojourn on the, 495


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