Urantia Book
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Macad the seventy’s labors in, 1817

Maccabean palace, Herod Antipas’ home in Jerusalem, 1992
    revolt, essenes’ origin during the, 1534

Maccabees Fourth Book of, and influence of stoicism, 1338
    identification of Mary’s ancestors with the, 1349
    the Samaritans and the, 1612

Macedonia Andrew’s ministry in, 1550

Machaerus Herod’s residence at, 1508
    John the Baptist’s incarceration in the fortress of, 1508

Machine age mastery of, a level of statehood, 807

Machine(s) effect of, on advancing civilization, 909, 2077
    inability of, to know, 1301, 2077-2079
    technique of evaluation of a, 1097, 2079

Machinelike God not, 23

Machinery invention of, good and bad results of, 782, 902

Machiventa designation of, as vicegerent Prince, significance, 632, 1250, 1253
    Melchizedek, 853, 1014-1026, 1085
       the conjectured future formal arrival of, 1025-1026, 1251-1252
       decision of, to personalize as a man on Urantia, 1014
       function of, on Urantia, 853
       identity of, 1009, 1014-1015
       Jesus’ Adjuster’s previous incarnation in, 1200, 1357, 1511
       monotheistic doctrines of the missionaries of, 1442
       Urantia ministry of, 491
       a vicegerent for Michael, 611, 1251
    successful achievement of his bestowal by, 1022, 1024, 1085
    unknown future status of, 1025

Macrocosmos relation of the forces of intra-atomic cohesion to, 482

Mad charge that Jesus was, 1720, 1790

Madagascar Andite migration short of, 873

Madon apostolic sojourn at , results, 1639, 1644
    Jesus’ stop at, on his solitary tour, 1492

Magadan assembly of the apostles and evangelists at, 1762, 1783, 1800, 1806
    Park, conference of believers in, 1744, 1759, 1771, 1798, 1799

Magdala apostolic third-mission visit to, 1678
    home of Jude, 1532
    Jesus’ visit to Jude at, 1527
    women’s first demonstration of their usefulness at, 1680

Magellanic cloud, 170

Magic about, 967-973, 990, 995-996
    ancient, contribution of, to science, 973
    black, 774
    Christianity and, 2069
    a definition, 970, 971
    formulas, evolution of, into modern prayers, 965, 1003
    instruments of, 972
    Jesus accused of teaching, 1983
    vs. medicine, 901
    vs. miracles, 987
    vs. morals in the evolution of religion, 1128, 1132
    numbers, and mathematics, 972
    a part of the life of the ancients, 924, 971
    vs. prayer, 996, 1001
    primitive man’s enslavement to, 773, 994
    a result of man’s adjusting to environment, 995
    spells, Jews’ early belief in, 962
    superstition, 1141, 1680, 1681
    the twofold object of, 970
    white, 774

Magical charms, 971-972
    passes, priests’ use of, in religious ritual, 992

Magicians smiths as, 774

Magisterial mission(s) of Avonals, and incarnations, 225-226
    mission(s), of Avonal Son, time of, 225, 567, 587-588
       distribution among Avonals of assignments on, 225, 228
       incarnation of Avonals when on, 594
       Melchizedek support of Avonal Sons on, 386
       occurrence of, prior to bestowals, 225, 226
       Urantia never favored by a, 567
       activities of, in first circle of the sons, 524
       assistants of, on world missions, 225, 410
       attitude of, toward bestowal, 87, 228
       the Avonals, 223
       bestowals, number of local universe worlds subject to, 228
       certain future appearance of, on Urantia, 1025
       descent of, 229
       dispensations of, length of, 595
       the first on a normal world, accomplishments of, 588
       function of the, 88, 634
       government of, 225
       of judgment, accompaniment of Teacher Sons on successive missions by a, 599
       motivation of, 227
       in Nebadon, number of, 225, 384
       origin of, 88, 224, 594
       preparation of a planet for advent of a, 593-594
       universal planetary acceptance of, result, 588
    visitation, initial, incarnation of the Avonal as adult male, 226

Magnetic poles, and regulation of flow of terrestrial energy, 662

Magnets sunspots as, 666

Mahayana Buddhism a definition, 1038

Majeston creation of, 199, 200, 1172, 1272
    and factualizing mind of Supreme, 5
    function of, 199, 200
    headquarters of, 162, 200
    identification, 200, 206
    of Paradise, 334
    personalization of reflectivity phenomenon in, 162, 200
    Supreme Being the Father of, 11

Majesty calm, of Jesus at his arrest, 1974, 1982, 1999
    of Heaven, necessity for man’s awe of the, 1453

Major Sector(s) administrators of, 181
    composition of, 181
    constitution and government of, 166
    government, personnel of, 181, 210
    headquarters of, Celestial Guardians’ assignment to, 252
    Mighty Messengers as assistants in, 245
    mortals as spirits of the second order on the, 348
    relation of, to settledness in light and life, 635
    rulers, jurisdiction of, over minor sectors, 181
    service of High Son assistants on, 254
    of superuniverses, function of Perfections of Days in, 179, 210
    training worlds, number of, 211
    unification, probable concern of, 635

Maker God our, 1442, 1448

Making a living, religion as related to, 1778

Malach identification of, 1737

Malachi evolution of the concept of the personality of God from Moses to, 1062
    influence of, 1075

Maladjustment the possible future exhaustion of, in the superuniverses, 1292

Malarial fever, Amatha’s illness, 1631

Malavatia Melchizedek sponsor of Paper 43, 496

Malayan peoples, members of the Mongoloid class, 905

Malchus preparation of, to bind Jesus’ hands, result, 1974

Male(s) and female activities, early differentiation of, 765
    and female, creation of, by the Father’s direction, 1839
    -female partnerships, effect of, on survival possibilities, 932
    Paradise Sons as, on mortal-bestowal missions, 229
    rule of the female, 591

Malefactor appeal of, to Jesus on the cross, 2009

Malice and hatred, of the chief priests, Pilate’s recognition of, 1993

Malta the home of Claudius, 1440
    Jesus’ visit to, 1440
    Thomas’ death at, 1563

Maltese cross, resemblance of cross section of total space to, 124

Malvorian first and present function of, 270

Mammal(s) age of advanced, 694-696
    age of early, 693-694
    ancestors of the, 732
    descendants of frog family, 732
    era of, 693
    failure of two attempts to produce, 691
    golden age of, 696
    placental, ancestry of, 693, 733
       man’s ancestors from lemur type of the, 703
       sudden appearance of, 693-694
       world domination, beginning of, 695

Mammalian era, period covered by, 672-673
    expansion, on land, age of, 694-695
    instincts, manifestation of, in primitive mammalian types, 693
    life, evolution of, 694, 697
       spread of, over Europe following the fourth glacier, 721
    migration, the last great, 698

Mammon man’s inability to serve God and, 1577, 1803, 1854
    service of, vs. worship of God, 1577, 1854

Mammoth Siberian wool-covered, 702

Mamre significance of, 1021

Man(men) ability of, to attain the art of living, 1773
    ability of, to transcend nature, consequences, 1221
       to work with God, 1279
    ability of God to communicate with, 1784
    the Adjuster’s personality possibility, 1182
    among men, Jesus a, 1408, 1425, 1517, 1573, 1594
    ancestors of, and the frog, 695
       time of appearance of, 703, 706
    and angels, co-operation of, in eternity as in time, 1249
    vs. animal, 1223, 1297
    and apes, relation of, 706
    the architect of his own eternal destiny, 1135
    are the children of God,” Jesus’ declaration, 1091, 2052
    attitude of, toward woman’s work, 774
    as a beast of burden, 902
    central universe the established destiny of, 163
    a child of God, 33
    choice of, to find God and be like him, a superfinite choice, 1300
    choicest gift of, to God, 22
    civilized, the great test of, 1521
    vs. the cosmos, 964
    a definition, 2079
    dependence of, on Adjusters for intellectual and spiritual communion, 1198
    the descendant of fighting animals, 714
    description of the evolutionary growth of, 22, 1282
    dwelling of God within, 1664
    -eating, inconsistencies in practice of, 979, 980
    vs. an energy system, 1232
    equality of woman with, attitude of Jesus toward, 1839
    evolution of, comparison of the, with that of the Supreme, 1282
    experiences of, meanings and values of, eternal character of the, 1287
    finding of God by, 62, 646
    frog the ancestor of, 732
    full-grown, of the spirit kingdom, Jesus’ desire to instruct the apostles as, 1605
    God becomes, 34, 1331
    God lives within, 39
    and God, equalizing tension between, 15, 1331
       religion’s purpose to blend, 1116
    to God, Jesus the new and living way from, 1426, 1985
       Jesus’ mission of leading, 1406
       mortal’s evolution from, 1196
    the great mortal dilemma of, 1222
    had arrived on planet 606 of Satania, 710
    at his best in life of Jesus, 196
    ignorant, believers to be patient with, 1931
    increasing control of physical forces by, effect of, on his viewpoint, 1306
    the indwelling spirit of, 8, 297
    Jesus’ revelation of God to, 196, 2003
       understanding and love of, and ability to manage, 1594
    the last indispensable link connecting God with, 587
    lives, moves and has his being in God, 22
    the lowest type of universe personality containing a fragment of the highest reality, 1282
    made in the image of God, the truth of the statement, 1281
    -made traditions, disregard of, by Jesus, 1671
    mammalian ancestry of, 733
    -managed affair, Jesus’ death a, 2002
    mark of a noble, 1464
    material nature of, 78
    mind of, as compared with that of the animal, 1435
    mortal, levels of mind perception of, 78
    music the universal language of, 500
    a natural dreamer, 1093
    natural, normal attitude toward self-preservation of, 1518
    of Nazareth, the ideal of mortal creatures of Nebadon, 2000
    nearest approach of, to God, 50
    ought always to pray…”, 1619
    in partnership with God, 1467, 2000
    personality of, 9, 138
    a potential son of the universe, 1480
    power, necessity for the release of, 901, 907
       vs. woman power, influence of science on, 937
    primitive, the Father’s recognition of emotions of, 1733
       influence of the discovery of fire on, 901
       a mythmaker, 60
    privilege of, regarding the destiny of personality, 1232
    proposes but God disposes,” according to Amenemope, 1046
    real, Jesus a, 1421, 1582
    reality of, reason for, 196
    relation of angels to, 445
    responsibility of, for his eternal self, 71
    righteous, the Lord’s pleasure in the multiplication of, 1451
    seeking God and finding him, 1329, 1729, 2065
    self-inflicted afflictions of, 1661
    shall not live by bread alone…”, 1518
    the son of God, 1632, 1660
    of sorrows and acquainted with grief”, 1103, 1425, 1766, 1954
    the Spirit in, 142, 380-382
    a spiritual child of God, 1116, 2096
    the temporal, transmuting of, into man the eternal, 1138
    of this world, concern of, over temporal matters, 1605
    time-and-space handicap of, 260
    true destiny of, 141
    and union with God, 31
    view of the Trinity by, 115
    and women, confusion of, over life and its problems, 1472

Mana practices, of the Melanesians, 994

Management universe, Universal Father’s relation to the, 55

Manasseh Judah’s fate under the rule of, 1074

Mandates of dissolution, source of, 37
    of the Father, character of, 35

Mandrakes Jesus’ denunciation of a belief in, 1681

Manger infant Jesus laid in a, 1351-1352

Mangus a Roman centurion, experience of, with Jesus, 1647

Manhood dignity of Jesus’, 1590

Manitou superstitions of the North American Indians, 994

Mankind government, American Federal Union an illustration of, 1489
    government, function of, in attainment of the brotherhood of men, 1490
    innocence of moral guilt of, before God, 2003
    is on the march toward higher evolutionary destinies, 807, 1086
    modern, division of, into three classes, 905

Manlike God not, 23

Manna and the bread of life, 1518, 1702, 1710-1711

Manotia courageous conduct of, during the war in heaven, 606-608
    identity of, 426
    the story of the Lucifer rebellion experience of, 606

Manovandet Melchizedek the sponsor of Paper 53, 612

Mansant mission and time of, 513, 726

Mansion world(s) Adjuster fusion on, 449
    arrivals, social companions of, 546
    arts of Havona on the, 498
    ascenders’ contact of Imports of Time on the, 315
    ascenders, technique of transfer from world to world of, 543
    ascending mortals’ achievement on the, 319, 494
    by-passing of the, by certain of the secondary modified orders of ascension, 570
    circumstance resulting in a soul’s direct translation to the, 1208
    and death, 419
    definition, 541
    educational pursuits on the, 435
    educational system, efficient conduct of, by advanced cherubim, 550
    field of the mind planners, 430
    the fifth, 537
    finaliters’ eventual taking over of, 530
    the first, 532-533, 534, 1247, 2021
       ascenders’ status on, 539
       correction of biological deficiencies on the, 535
       Morontia Companions’ headquarters on the, 545
       morontia-mota teaching on the, technique of, 556
       residents, visits of, to first of the transition worlds, 535
       of Satania, “Michael Memorial” in the court of the resurrection halls of, 2015
       translation of probation children to, occasion for, 532
    the fourth, 536
    graduates, Jerusem celebration at arrival of new class of, 539
       spirit companions of, 436
    location of, in local universe, 388
    see also Mansonia
    modified function of, as settlement in light and life of systems and universes progresses, 547
    Morontia Companions’ contribution to ascenders’ enjoyment of the, 547
    of morontia detention, 174
    Morontia Power Supervisors’ headquarters on, 543
    Nebadon education on, 412
    number of, in local systems, 341
    opportunities of ascending mortals for compensating experiential deprivations, 516
    passing of, by ascenders from advanced evolutionary worlds, 537
    possible achievement of fusion on any one of the, 1237
    reassociation of earthly working groups on, 432
    relation of mortals to seraphim on the, 419
    repersonalization of sleeping survivors on the, 569
    resurrection following material death, 826
    the second, 534
    the seven, 530-540, 553
    the seventh, 538-539
    the sixth, 537-538
    skipping of, by translated souls from settled spheres, 624
    structures, construction and embellishment of, 547
    students, as associate parents to their own children, 517
       definition, 341
       no advantage taken by mind planners of limitations of, 553-554
    Teacher(s), apostasy of, during Lucifer rebellion, 608
       a status of embraced cherubim and sanobim, 413, 423, 531, 535, 550-551
    and teaching counselors, 428
    the third, 535
    as training spheres, 533
    traversal of, by Andon and Fonta, 717

Mansonia career, ascending mortals’ farewell to the, 539
    conduct, identity of guides to, 1236
    the fifth, visits of residents of, to transition world number five, 537
    number one, Michael memorial’s presence on, significance, 2022
       reassembly of complete personality in resurrection halls of, 533
       a very material sphere, 535
    number two, visits of residents of, to transition world number two, 535
    the seventh, visits of residents of, to transition world number seven, 538
    the sixth, visits of residents of, to transition world number six, 537
    the third, visits of residents of, to transition world number three, 536

Mansurotia length of Satania service of, 512

Mantutia Melchizedek the identity of, 648, 1319

Manual training, place of, in Dalamatian education, 751

Manufacture augmentation of man’s pleasure by, 593, 905

Manufacturing Adam’s fostering of the arts of, 833
    sector of Jerusem, extent of, 521

Marble change of limestone to, 674, 676

March of the universes through space, a purpose in the, 364

Marcus identity of, 1461
    Jesus’ conversation with, results, 1461
    successor to Peter in Rome, 1461

Marduk identity of, 1009, 1042

Mardus identity of, 1457

Marine animals, of climatic transition stage, 683
    animals, development of, at beginning of trilobite age, 673
       reduction in saltiness of their body fluids by, 669
    fauna, extent of development of, during late invertebrate-animal age, 675
    fossils, in arctic regions, time of laying down of, 677
    gardens, early civilization’s beginnings in, 562
    life, beginning of world decline of, 680
       deposition, a means of limestone formation, 661
       development of, at close of Oligocene period, 696
       of early reptilian age, 686
       effect on, of closing of Bering Strait, 689
       era, conditions at the beginning of the, 672-673
          number of species of living things toward close of the, 682
       establishment of, during life-dawn era, 671
       evolution, apex of, 680
       implantations, reason for three, 668
       of land-life period, diversity of, 678
       suitable habitats for, 663
    origin of life, ideal planetary conditions for, 665
    species, destruction of, during age of biologic tribulation, 682

Marital guilt test, Old Testament record of a, 795
    responsibilities, preparation of Adam’s children for, 835

Maritime commerce, and racial contacts, 889

Mark the apostolic chore boy, 1700
    book of, and the personal religious life of Jesus, 2091-2092
    hesitancy of, in writing about Jesus, reason for, 1341
    home, apostles’ arrival at, 2051
    midnight walk of, around the lake of Galilee with Jesus, 1703

Market squares as “cities of refuge”, 775

Marriage(s) age of eligibility for, among Adam’s children, 835
    antagonistic co-operation, 938
    broker, importance of, in early marriages, 923
    by capture, vs. marriage by contract, 923
    codes, origin of, time, 915
    by contract, after marriage by capture, 775
    of Dalamatia adopted children, 750
    a definition, 913, 915, 922, 930, 939
    and the development of character, 1776
    and divorce, Jesus’ discussion of, 1581, 1838-1839
    early, a factor in property interests, 924
    evolution of, 913-921, 922
    the family institution, 794, 931-943
    feast, parable of the, 1894
    the gradual evolution of, 928
    hardly made in heaven”, 922
    high and ideal concepts of, Jesus’ upholding of, 1839
    ideal, foundation of, 1777
    idealization of, 929-930
    influence of, on personal standards of life, 915, 1113
    institution, 914, 922-930, 941
    Jesus’ answer to the Sadducees on, 1900
       expressed reasons for refraining from, 1403
       teachings about, 1838
    laws, uniformity of, in the continental nation, 812
    a legal ceremony, reason, 924
    man’s most exalted institution, 929
    a matter of self-maintenance, 928, 931
    mores, racial, inconsistencies in, 919
    motives, vs. marriage morals, 928
    not a sacrament, 922-923, 927, 929
    a onetime community affair, 924
    the original function of, 917, 922
    prerequisites to, in the continental nation, 812
    primitive, vs. modern, 922, 923
    purpose of, 915, 928, 939, 962
    relation of property and religion to, 917
    Rodan’s discussion of, 1177
    of Ruth and David, 2031
    a sociologic experience, 915, 928, 938
    successful, a definition, 928
    two regulating functions of, 922
    under the property mores, 917-918
    within the clan, prohibition of, 919

Mars atmosphere of, suitability of, for subbreathers, 561

Mars, the god of war the Latins’ reverence for, 1080

Martha, of Bethany about, 1375, 1404
    appearance of, to greet Jesus, after Lazarus’ death, 1841
    assumption of home responsibilities by, 1797
    complaint to Jesus about Mary by, 1798
    discussion with Jesus and Lazarus by, 1399
    and Mary, Davis’s assistance of, 1869
       departure of, for Perea, 1849
       Jesus’ family’s assembly crucifixion morning in the home of, 1997
    Mary, and Lazarus, fondness of Jesus for, 1837

Martha, sister of Jesus assumption of home responsibilities by, 1418
    birth of, 1367
    characteristics of, 1402
    home improvements after birth of, 1350
    preparations of, for position as eldest daughter, 1414
    relation of the youthful Jesus with his sister, 1372
    teaching of Ruth by, 1396
    wedding of, 1420

Martha, sister of Jesus’ mother tarrying of, by Jesus’ tomb, 2013

Martha, wife of Justus about, 1473
    hospitality of, to two courtesans, 1473

Martyr Stephen the first Christian, 1411, 2068

Martyrdom James the first apostle to experience, 1553

Mary Magdalene addressing of the strange “garden caretaker” by, 2026, 2029
    effectiveness of, as a gospel teacher, 1680
    Jesus’ morontia appearances witnessed by, 2033
    the Master’s second appearance to, 2027
    a member of the women’s corps, 1679
    Peter’s and John’s reaction to Jesus’ resurrection story by, 2027
    presence of, at Jesus’ crucifixion, 2008
    at the tomb, Jesus’ second morontia appearance made to, 2031
    winning of, for the kingdom, 1680

Mary, mother of Jesus ability as a homemaker, 1349
    appearance of Gabriel to, 1344
    appreciation of Jesus’ home responsibility by, 1396
    arrival of, at Golgotha, 2007
    conflicting love and fear of, for Jesus, 1721
    death of, 2010
    departure of, from Bethany, to see Jesus, 1997
       from Golgotha, with John and Jude, 2009
    efforts of, to induce Jesus to join the Zealots, 1397
    appearance of Gabriel to, 1346
    hope of, as to Lazarus’ resurrection, 1845
    inability of, to understand Jesus, 1417
    Jesus’ attention to, 1483
    John’s taking of, to his Bethsaida home, 2031
    John and Jude’s support of, at Jesus’ cross, 2009
    at Mark home, 2058
    plan of, to prevent the marriage of Jesus and Rebecca, 1402
    presence of, at Jesus’ crucifixion, 2008
    racial characteristics of, 1345
    reaction of, to Jesus’, “I have no mother…,”, 1722
       to Jesus’ rebuke at the Cana wedding, 1529
       to Jesus’ silence after his Mediterranean trip, 1484
    recognition by, of Jesus as the real head of the family, 1400
    and Ruth, removal of, to the Capernaum home, 1484
    temperament of, 1348
    visit of, to Elizabeth, 1346
       with Elizabeth, and their discussion about their sons’ futures, 1400

Mary, of Bethany about, 1375, 1404
    anointing of Jesus by, at Simon’s banquet, 1879
    attention of, to Jesus’ teaching, 1798
    talk with James by, 1399

Mary, wife of Clopas presence of, at Jesus’ crucifixion, 2008

Mass of central universe, 129
    formation, differential, time of Andronover’s, 652
    of a giant Orvonton sun, 460
    linear gravity’s grasp of, 482
    materialization, of Nebadon, 358
    in matter, effect of, on energy velocity, 175
    motion as related to, 1477
    in space, relation of density to, 459
    weight influenced by, 175

Massacre of Bethlehem infants, date of, 1354

Massage early use of, 991

Master circuits of the grand universe, source of, 377
    creation, the Trinity Ultimate’s destined co-ordination of the, 1166
    Creator Sons, and associated Creative Spirits, the local universe experience of the, significance, 368, 634, 1273
    chronoldeks, broadcast of system time by the, 519
    energy circuits of the grand universe, regulators of the, 321
    Force Organizers, distinction of, from power directors, 319, 352
    Force Organizers, temperatures and physical conditions of functioning of, 329, 645
    Michaels, definition, 234, 241
    minds, of Architects of the Universe, 351
    of philosophy, function of, 302, 303, 311
    of the self, children born of the spirit as, 1610
    seraphim, of planetary supervision, influence of, on the human mind, 1256
    vs. servant, 774, 1570

Master, The weeping, apostles’ first sight of, 1587
    apostle’s loyalty to, 1546
    ascension of, as a man as well as God, 2090
    attitudes toward, 1672
    Capernaum revulsion against, 1715
    a character sketch of, 1562, 1594
    effort of, to dissociate destruction of Jerusalem from his second coming, 1914
    the Father incarnate, 1965
    final departure of, from the temple, 1908
       instructions of, to his apostles before entering Jerusalem, 1880
    influence of refusal of, to write out his teachings, 1341
    Jesus, 1543, 1672
    of men, Jesus a, 1589
    ordination prayer of, 1569
    origin of Jesus’ title, 1421
    reply of, to David, regarding the plot to kill him, 1933
    respect and sympathy of, for all humans, 1545
    termination on Mount Hermon of the human career of, 1492
    wisdom and fairness of, with his apostles and disciples, 1589

Master’s, The ascension, 2057
    family, John Zebedee’s responsibility for, 1553
    name, apostles’ offense at others’ teaching in the, 1765
    personal gospel, Christianity’s neglect of the, 1085
    promise to come again, 409, 1914-1915
    teachings, Pharisees’ four objections to the, 1850
       at Urmia, difficulty of adaptation of, to problems of twentieth century, reason, 1486
    yoke is easy, 1590

Master Architects of Havona level, number of, 351
    senior, function of, 351-352
    seven levels of, 351
    total number of, 352
    wards of the, 352

Master Physical Controllers activity of, in the materialization of Machiventa, 1015
    assistants to constellation power centers, 494
    assistants of Life Carriers on Urantia, 710
    classification and functions of, 324-328
    collaboration of adjutant mind-spirits with, 403
    collective energy control of, 326
    examination of all seven orders of, by ascending mortals, 212
    frandalanks the most numerous, 328
    function of, in Nebadon organization, 456, 509
       with seraphim, 1244
    grand rendezvous of, 181, 212
    local space velocity of, 324
    morontia material created by the, 541
    and nonteachable mind, 403
    Satania Power Center’s relation to, 321, 456
    seven orders of, 337

Master Son(s) definition, 238
    Gabriel vicegerent of, 429
    identity of, with Creator Sons, 240
    of the local universe, the Adjuster’s willingness to present the morontia soul to the, 1199
    of Nebadon, acquirement of “all power in heaven and earth” by the, 240, 367
       Michael the, 406
       special concerns of, 372
    possession of highest qualifications of solitary sovereignty by, 367
    reason for the classification of, as a special order, 240, 367
    sevenfold, definition, 240
       Michael both a Creator Son and a, 1318
    Universe Mother Spirit as co-ordinate of the, 418

Master Spirit(s) and Ancients of Days, concurrence of, in superuniverse decisions, 180
    attributes and functions of, 189
    blending of Divine Minister’s ministry with that of the, 634
    collective creations of the, of the quasi-material order, 1272
    collectively, near-equivalation of, to divinity level of Trinity of Paradise Deity, 205
    commission of Paradise Companions by a, 283
    contact of Ancients of Days with, 309
    contribution of, to last level of God the Sevenfold, 206
    creation of secondary supernaphim by, 205
    dominance of each in his superuniverse, 275
    each superuniverse reflective of one, 1290
    executive worlds of, a point in transit between superuniverses, 259
    force-focal headquarters of, indication of whereabouts of, 320
    functions of, 180, 206
    God the Supreme actualizing in the, 12, 1269, 1272
    headquarters’ location of, 198
    influence of, on finite energy and spirit, 1270
    and life bestowal on a new planet, 404
    mind level of, and reflectivity, 201
    Mother Spirit’s resemblance to her superuniverse, 375
    nature of Reflective Spirits as related to, 200
    Number Five, functions of, 187
    Number Four, nature and functions of, 187
    Number One, functions of, 186
    Number Seven, avenue of function of Father, Son, and Spirit acting together, 185, 188-189
       a representative of the Supreme, 1272
       trinitization authorization by, 249
    Number Six, functions of, 187
    Number Three, functions of, 187
    Number Two, nature and functions of, 187
    of Orvonton, rank and characteristics of, 376, 1236
       relation of, to natives of Nebadon, 197
       technique of possible contact of, with mortal minds, 191, 291
    Paradise area of, 273
    prayer of identification of, 204
    reflection of, in superuniverses, 275
    relation of each, to a superuniverse, 150
    relation of Supreme Power Directors to, 320
    secondary supernaphim created by, 286
    seven, a definition, 1160
    sevenfold channel of river of life, 404
    source of the cosmic mind, 191, 1272
    supervision of the Reflective Spirits by the, 1272
    the Supreme Power Directors’ dependence on the, 1275

Master Universe(s) absonite architects’ attitude toward the, 1169
    absonite upholders of, 2
    activities, the Absolutes’ relation to, 136
    appearance of infinity of the, to finite creatures of the grand universe, 1169
    Architects of the, 16
    beings concerned with force control in the, 319
    a concept periphery to the, 1156
    the concept of the, a reality of the transcendental level, 1160
    definition, 2
    dimensions of pervaded space as related to the, 125
    enormousness of, 10, 119, 128
    and eventuation of God the Ultimate, 12
    existentially the overcare of the Paradise Trinity, 136
    extension of pervaded space beyond periphery of, 124
    Father’s presence patrols the, 45
    field of activity of Master force Organizers, 329
    four absolute-gravity circuits of the, 131
    function of Stationary Sons of the Trinity as regards the, 219
    a function of the Ultimate in the, 137, 251
    law rules God’s action in the, 56
    major philosophic proposition of, 644
    nucleus of, 129
    number of suns in the, 173
    only a partial revelation of the Infinite, 1153
    outer space levels included in, 130
    Paradise the only stationary unit in, 133
    participation of, in space respiration, 134
    and post-Havona Trinities, 15
    present potential of the, not absolute, 1167
    space levels of the, 128-130
    Transcendentalers’ concern with, 350
    the Trinity a necessity to the, 108
    unfinished state of the, 128
    unification of, 116

Mastery of evil, by goodness, 1430
    intellectual, transcendence of, over physical appetites, 1519
    of self, faith in the indwelling spirit and, 1610

Mastodon(s) continental migration of, in Pliocene period, 698
    red man’s extermination of the, 702

Matadormus identification of, 1801-1802, 1810

Matchmakers original, purpose of, 916, 923

Material abodes of intelligent creation, 118
    achievement, the danger of outrunning the evolution of worship-wisdom by, 1302
    affairs, Jesus’ nonattention to, 1605, 1821
    beings, Material Sons’ descent to status of, results, 581
       nonexistence of, in outer space, 131
       secondary midwayers’ attachment to the ministry of, 865
       transformation of, to morontialike state, 526
    body(ies), fate of the, after death, 1230
       of Jesus, 2022-2024
       similar function of morontia forms and, 1236
    comfort, man’s striving for ever higher standards of, 905
       era, of world development, characteristics of, 577
    creation(s), decimal system’s relation to, 479
       evolutionary, origins of, 7, 652
       God the foundation of coherence of the, 45
       Jesus’ body a, 2023
    creatures, and Infinite Spirit’s ministry, 93
       Mother Spirit’s relation to, 94
       Paradise wonders beyond comprehension of, 118
       seraphic association with, 421
    Daughters, as descending Sons, 400, 444, 581
       and Material Sons, equality of, 581
    development, acme of, 629-630
    differentiation, electrical stage of, 472
    dominance, in personality relationships, of the spiritual over the, 274
    energy, 47, 404
       physical energy, 265
    experience, as scaffolding, 1235
    feelings, selfish acts the result of, 1121
    fetters, technique of salvation from, 1449
    food, Machiventa’s first partaking of, 1015
    gravity, absolute, center and focal point of, 9, 125
       circuits, Adjusters’ unexplainable use of the, 1182
       cosmic mind’s response to, 104, 140
       nether Paradise the source of, 119
    handicaps to Adjuster indwelling, 1199
    Havona, composition of, 154
    levels, vs. spirit levels, of man’s experience, 541, 1222
    life, necessity of living through the, 381
    manifestations, prevention of, by absence of Jesus, 1700
       source of, 47
    mass, linear gravity pull inherent in, 461
    mechanism, initiation of mortal mind as a, 84
    methods, use of, in the Bethsaida hospital, 1658
    mind, the Adjuster’s possible influence on the, 1191, 1475
       Conjoint Actor the substance of, 140
       a “cosmic loom” carrying the spirit patterns of a universe character, 1217-1218
       gravity responsiveness of, 482
       human, the soul’s survival of the death of the, 26, 1234
       inability of, to reveal eternal realities, 1960
       spirit dominance of the, two prerequisites to the, 1216
       systems, 480-481
    minded sons, prerequisite to a knowledge of truth by, 1930
    mortals, attitude of Universal Father toward, 28
    nature, man’s, the greatest handicap to contact with his Adjuster, 413, 1213
    organizations, completion of, a preliminary to life existence, 731
    personalities, morontia progressors’ contact with, 545
    possessions, vs. consecrated wills, 996, 1821
       and man’s happiness, 1581
    problems, man’s prerequisite to solution of, 1662
       vs. spiritual realities, 1605
    progress, time of usual world occurrence of, 593
       Western, and the revolt of secularism, 2081
    prosperity, and cultural civilization, 907, 1220
    reality, gravity response of, to gravity of nether Paradise, 638
       motivation of the overcontrol of, by the Deity Absolute, 637
    realms, God overshadows, 23
    science, the field of, 141
       inability of, to demonstrate the existence of the soul, 1478
    self, a possession of the, 71, 1229
       unqualified personality of the, 71
    the shadow of the more real spirit substance, 141
    Son(s), 514-515, 580-588
       Adjuster-endowed mortal children’s membership in families of, 532
       air mechanisms of, speed of, 521
       ascending, 444
       assumption of responsibility for world affairs by the, 576, 883
       body radiance of, 580
       chief temple of, location, 514
       of citizenship status in Nebadon, number of, 515
       Creator Son’s creation of, 418
          acceptance of, as common ancestors of man, 587-588
          arrival of, on Urantia, 702, 821
          authority of, to purge the evolving race, 627
          dispatch of, to normal planets, 567
          family living estates of, 515
          function of, in selection of Jerusem elective bodies, 518
          imported assisting, potential immortality of, 629
          influence of, on Jerusem, 524
          the last link connecting God with man, 587
          long-time mobilization of offspring of, for racial-amalgamation ministry, 593
          mortal survivors study of, 515
          nonflesh eaters, 593
          origin of, 580
          permanent citizens of Jerusem, 415, 828
          planetary missions of, 415
          responsibility of, for mortal survivors, 516
          System Sovereign’s convening of, occasion for, 582
          as teachers in Melchizedek training schools, 517
          time of arrival of, on an evolutionary planet, 437, 592
          union of, the ideal of marriage, 930
          visibility of spirit beings to, 587
       defaulting, effect of, on Urantia, 578
       defaults of, results, 349
       definition, 349, 444
       domicile of, 415
       dual nature and constitution of, 581
       function of, on system headquarters, 581
       glorified, in a company of the primary Corps of the Finality, number of, 347
       of God, character of the estates of, 523
       height variations of, 580
       Jerusem, nutrition of, 851
       on Jerusem, Van’s story of the, 822
       length of sojourn of, on planets of assignment, 580
       local universe origin of, 444, 580-581, 594
       location of dematerializing sector in area of the, 526
       and Material Daughters, equality of, 581
       mission of the, 573, 580, 633
       passing upon fitness of reproducing human strains by the, 585
       perfected, classification of, as ascending Sons, 444
       planetary angelic helpers’ assignment to, 608
       Planetary Princes’ facilitation of missions of the, 573, 593
       point of departure of, for Paradise, 349
       reception of Adjusters by, 349
       of Satania, failure of Adam and Eve as, 852
          losses of, in Lucifer rebellion, 608
       spiritual and material beings, 277
       System Sovereign’s direction of, 393
       Thought Adjusters not possessed by, 581
       transport seraphim’s preparation of, for seraphic transport, 582
       union of educational and administrative work of, with that of Planetary Prince, time of, 588
       vs. univitatia, 415
    sphere, Paradise a, 118
    vs. spiritual, 1859, 2095
    vs. spiritual status of system ascenders, 495
    structures, increasing perfection and grandeur of, from mansion world to mansion world, 546
       nonexistent in Most Holy Sphere, 120
       spirit beings’ technique of discerning, 498
    things, mind’s need to be aware of, to understand reality, 1120
       not the province of prayer, 995
       relation of shadow to the substance of, 1433, 1446
    universe(s), the arena of spiritual activities, 139, 637
       energy activities of, relation of Eternal Son to, 112
       expansion of, and unfathomability of cosmic relationships of Universal Absolute, 116
       man’s consciousness of his being a part of the, 1116
       Paradise the source of, 637
       the reality of the, 64
    wealth, ten methods of amassing, 1462-1463
    wonders, Jesus’ attempt to show the futility of, in soul saving, 1704
       Jesus’ refusal to perform, 1837
    world, birthmark of spiritual origin of, 479
       morontia progressors’ contact with, 545
       philosophy’s endeavor to interpret the, 1139
       unreality of, to spirit beings, 498

Materialism about, 2076-2080
    a definition, 646
    false science of, 42
    influence of, 1125
    limitations of, 141, 1125
    and secularism, dire harvest of, 2081-2082
    vs. the teachings of Jesus, 2076, 2082
    ultimate futility of building a universal philosophy on, 1135, 1228, 2078-2081

Materialistic age, present status of the, 2076
    praying, possible benefits from, 998
    tendencies, present challenge of, to religion, 2075-2076

Materialists only two kinds of peace possible for, 1954

Materialization(s) force-charge of space ancestor of, 169
    eternal, on Paradise and in central universe, 157, 472

Materialmindedness the world’s long “winter” of, 1915

Maternal affection, influence of, on woman’s place in industry, 938

Mathematical equation, God not a, 138, 1126
    logic of the senses, recognition of matter-energy by, 192
    pride, a possible weakness of the physical scientist, 1476-1477
    prodigies, seraphim as, 419

Mathematics domain of, function of, to the finite mind, 1294
    the field of, 141
    insight, and mind logic, need of, 1138
    Jesus’ youthful interest in, 1364
    and magic numbers, 972
    reliability of, in application to things physical, 1476
    science the thought domain of, 1139
    ultimate universe reality not grasped by, 31, 1476

Mating basis of operation, social architects not concerned with, 433
    impulse, racial, and perpetuation of the human species, 914, 932
    an innate propensity, 913-915, 938
    self-perpetuation and self-gratification in, 931

Matter atomic organization of, and operation of linear gravity, 476
    a characteristic of, 140, 477
    classification of, 471
    collapsed, definition, 472
    in cosmic evolution, 140
    decimal system’s relation to, 479
    definition, 9, 140, 467, 469-470
    effect of, on gravity, and heat and cold, 176
       of internal solar states on, 473
    energy contained in each unit of, 172
    and energy, prerequisite for maintaining equilibrium between, 175
       transmutation, 472-474
    -energy, reality of, 141
    Father overcontroller of, 25
    First Source and Center transcends, 31
    formation of, type of, 471, 477
    habitual behavior of, 129, 461
    higher spirit forms’ passage through, 498
    identicalness of, 471
    independence of time of levels of gravity response for, 482
    influence of the Conjoint Actor over, 99, 112
    inherent energy of, apparent, 467
    limitations of, 2077
    man’s intellectual approach to the universe of, 647, 1136
    mass in, effect of, on energy velocity, 175
    mind, and Spirit, 139-141, 403-404
    mind’s dominance over, 484, 740
    molecular, component units of, 472
    organized, disintegration of, and conversion of energy into matter, 175, 476
    origin of, in open space, 170, 473
    one level of the true unity of the universe, 1477
    -permeation, of Orvonton space, by calcium, 461
    personality not of origin in, 104
       viewpoint of, 82
    powerlessness of scientists to create, 468
    radioactive, disorganizing tendency of, 472
    relation of, to energy, 472, 476
    relation of temperature and gravity in evolution of, 473
    resting, rule for computing work capacity of, 474
    science’s assumption of the reality of, 1139
    space-traversal by, linear-gravity response affected by, 482
    space the womb of some, 123
    and spirit, in harmony, on Havona, 1275
    swinging true of, to the circle of eternity, 472
    transmutation of energy into, 468, 473
    unification of human experience with, 647
    universe, gravity energy the ancestor of, 470
    visible, component units of, 472

Matthew age of, when chosen as an apostle, 1559
    banquet given by, 1540
    characteristics of, 1559
    death of, 1560
    declaration of his love for Jesus by, 1544
    the fiscal agent of the apostolic corps, 1547
    gratitude of, for his apostleship, 1559
    the human Jesus portrayed by, 2092
    identification of, 1539, 1559
    individualistic tendency of, 2056
    Isador’s use of the notes of, on the sayings and doings of Jesus, 1560
    Jesus’ personal salutation to, 1897
       talk on morality with, 1585
    Levi, 1539, 1559-1561
       Jesus’ final personal admonition to, 1957
    a man of moderate wealth, 1559
    participation of, in the Pentecost preaching, 2060
    reactions of, to Jesus’ triumphal entry, 1885
    record of, of Jesus’ life, destruction of, 1342
    sale of his last piece of Capernaum property by, 1748
    Selta’s story copied into the Gospel of, 1915
    technique of, for supplying apostolic funds, 1748
    wife of, a member of the women’s corps, 1808

Matthias apostles’ announcement of, as the new apostle, 2045, 2058
    identity of, 2058

Mature man, vs. immature man, 1778

Maturing self, greater reaches of the, into the past and into the future, 1295

Maturity age, of dawn mammals, 704
    age, of first humans, 708
       of Primates, 707
    ascendant mortals’ attainment of, 159
    the characteristics of, 1295
    of the developing self, the past and future used to illuminate the present, in the, 1295
    a factor in justice, 613
    lures of, 1777-1778
    of the race, attainment of, a problem of society, 1773
    work and energy requisites to, 1777

May Day the sex festivities of, 915, 972

Maypole relation of, to tree worship, 946

Maza connection of, with feast of tabernacles ceremony, 1794

Mealtime thanksgiving, commands of “The Father’s Way” as, 751

Meaning(s) comprehension of, man’s capacity for, 1773
    of the death on the cross, 2016-2017
    a definition, 1097
    eternal, relation of art and philosophy to contemplation of, 67
    the Father the source of, 73
    higher, maturity’s substitution of, for personal pleasure, 1094
    intellectual, the Supreme as the truth of, 1278
    Jesus’ suggestion of his, 1942
    manifestation of Paradise-absolute, 2
    man’s experience in and with, objective validation of, 192, 1775
    of meanings, man’s consciousness of the, 1773
    and mind, 102
    mind, 2, 102, 1120
    new, emergence of, amid conflict, 1097
       on transcendental levels of ultimate universe significance, 242
    possibility of modification of, 1261
    reality of, the mind’s discovery of, 1098
    as relating to personality, 1226
    relation of, to God, 67, 98
    seven variations of, reason for, 110
    stereoscopic effect of mota on, 554
    of the transfiguration, 1755
    of universal reality, 1
    and values, cosmic growth’s dependence on, 1095, 1236
    -value, irreplaceable, in the finite, the personality of each human an, 1284
    -of-the-whole, interassociation of purposes of six superuniverses into a, 182

Means and ends, the wise man’s distinguishing between, 1779

Measure for measure, not a kingdom rule, 1577

Measurement comparative, a definition, 193

Measuring rod, applied by Jesus to society and religion, 1388

Meat absence of, in the diet of Adam and Eve, 850
    and drink, kingdom of heaven not a matter of, 1536, 1727
    -eating habits of evolutionary races, 744
    first humans to cook, 716

Mecca black stone fetish at, 1051

Mechanical age, disastrous possibilities of a, 909
    contrivances, spornagias’ use of, in soil culture, 527
    controllers, functions of, 325-326, 456
       relation of, to power centers in Norlatiadek, 326, 456
       and transport departure, 439
    creation, the inexorable progress of, 1285
    development, co-ordination of, with intellectual attainment on worlds in light and life, 630
       of post-Adamic age, 593
    dominance, insurance of stability without progress by, 1301
    instruments, of star students, 339
    mind, definition, 266, 480
    -nonteachable levels of organismal response, physical controllers’ domains, 480, 730
    technique, of architectural worlds, perfection of, 521

Mechanism(s) absolute, of Paradise, 2077
    creation of material, mind’s reaching out toward, 483
    of creature existence, factors of, 483
    a definition, 1303
    inability of, to progress, 2079
    vs. organisms, 1227
    qualified, in the cosmos, 1303, 2078
    twentieth-century, triumph of the teachings of Jesus over, 2082

Mechanist(s) homage of, to law-Creator, 53
    vs. idealists, 2080
    modern, the inconsistency of, 2078-2079
    mortal, erroneous ideas of, regarding creation and evolution, 665, 2077

Mechanistic philosophy of life, scientific impossibility of a, 2079

Mechanization influence of, on religion, 1090

Mechanizer of universes upon universes, Unqualified Absolute the, 14

Mediator between the material and the spiritual, man’s mind the, 1779
    Father’s forgiveness not dependent on a, 41

Medicine Christianity and, 2069
    vs. magic, 901
    man(men), a check on kings, 790
       as chiefs, 789
       epileptics as, 968
       magic of, 972
       ritual’s domination by, 986
       sometime epileptics, 986
    under the shamans, 990-992

Mediocrity challenge of, by difficulties, 556
    danger of dominance of, with coming of freedom, 798
    dominance of, 818
    evolutionary, realization of aspirations of, 508
    vs. Genius, in man, 1224
    glorification of, a danger of democracy, 801
    Jesus’ warning against the dangers of the dullness of, 1673

Meditation function of, 1777
    on God, results of, 1449
    time-saving function of the habit of, 1777
    worshipful, the value of, 1000, 1774

Mediterranean basis, origin of, 668
    connection of Arctic Ocean with, during Eocene period, 694
    fringe, mixed-race occupants of, 871
    an inland salt sea, time of, 697
    islands, eastern, onetime superior civilization on, 874, 895
    journey, world’s ignorance of Jesus, 1423, 1483
    race, some physical characteristics of the, 898-899
    regions, and life of the early reptilian age, 686
    Sea, an obstacle to primitive man’s migrations, 718
       retreat of, reason for, 726
    separation of, from the Indian Ocean, 728
    tour, diversity of opinion as to Jesus’ whereabouts during his, 1423-1424
    world, characteristics of, at times of Jesus, 1332
       Jesus’ tour of the, 1423

Meek happy are the, 1570
    man, ideal, Jesus the, 1574

Meekness commendability of, 1574, 1676
    a definition, 1574
    a fruit of the spirit, 381
    nonrelation of, to fear, 1574

Meeting of Jesus and John, 1503-1504

Meganta school of, Rodan’s teaching of philosophy in the, 1787

Megiddo apostolic visit to, on second preaching tour, 1668
    international battlefield of Palestine, 1404
    Jesus’ view of, from the hill of Simeon, 1387

Melanin Andonic skin pigment, 713

Melchizedek(s) of Abraham’s time, reason for incarnation of, 389
    advice of, to Adam regarding racial blending, 827
    as assistants to Magisterial Sons on world missions, 225
    association of, with mortal chief executive, 629
    attitude of, toward Manotia, 606
    certain scribes’ belief regarding God and, 1023
    chairman of the revelatory commission, editing of the restatement of Jesus’ Urmia teachings by, 1486
    Chief of the Supervising Revelatory Corps, 405
    church, creed of the members of the, 1017
    colleges on Edentia, 486
    College of Spiritual Endowment, teachers in the, 388
    commission of Mansion World teachers by, 413, 550
    concept of Deity, vs. the evolutionary ones, 1052
    council, a constellation tribunal, 487
       function of, 487
    covenant, of, with Abraham, 1020-1021, 1027
    decision of, to depart, 1022
    description of, 1015
    destruction of records about, 1024
    as educators, 389, 517
    as emergency Sons, 389, 1014
    emergency, time of arrival of, on Urantia, 757
    Father, 384-385
       sojourn of, limited, on midsonite world, 400
    formal covenant of, with Abraham, 1020
    forming of a group of believers by, 1015
    future field of activity of, 635
    gospel, absorption of the, in other cults, 1022
    headquarters world, relation of, to Salvington, 387-388
    incarnation of, 389
    insignia of three circles of, 1042
    king of Salem, was the priest of the Most High”, 491
    Life Carriers, 400-401
    Life Carrier classification by the, 396
    loyalty of, to Michael during Lucifer rebellion, 607
    Machiventa, present status of, 1024-1026
    Michael’s first bestowal experience as a, 1310, 1319
    missionaries, 1009, 1021-1022, 1447
    and modification of life designs, 398
    Morontia Companions’ training by, 545
    and the Most High God, 1598
    of Nebadon, creators of, 385
       many papers presented by, example, 425
       Paradise substance named by, 120
    nonmilitaristic attitude of, 1019
    number of, in Nebadon, 387
    observers, function of, on Urantia, 735-736
    origin of, 223, 384
    permit for transfer to finaliter world as associate parents, 517
    as planetary custodians, 389
    preparation by, for Michael’s bestowal, 1052
    program for Adamic world organization, 827
    rating of Lucifer, 601
    as receivers of planetary government, 389
    receivers, adherence of loyal secondary midwayers to, 863
       departure of, and loneliness of Adam and Eve, 839
       and light of life on Urantia, 389
       Machiventa’s contact with the, 1016
       midwayers’ service with, 862
       planetary, administrative assistants’ assignment to, 434
       service of, by loyal midwayers, 856
       and temporary Urantia government, 831
       of Urantia, warnings of, to Adam and Eve, 583
       work of the, 760
    of record, narrative of life of Jesus sponsored by, 1332, 1343
    refusal of, to advise Adam, reason for, 844
    of Salem, the two cardinal precepts of the teaching of, 1007
    Salvington spheres, under oversight of the, 397
    schools, 231, 412, 517-518
       foreign students in the, number of, 388
    a self-governing order, 385
    seven commandments of, 1017-1018
    Sons, 223, 385-387, 517
       modified, function of, on midsonite worlds, 400
    special work of the, 388-389
    as teachers, 386
       secretaries, 428
    teaching corps, administration of Nebadon educational system by, 412
    teaching of, regarding the function of solitary messengers, 1190
    teachings, 619, 1016-1017
       the basis for all the Occidental and Oriental religions, 1084
       deep root of, in Egypt, 1043
       entrance of, into Europe, 1077
       in the Levant, 1042-1051
       in the Occident, 1077-1085
       in the Orient, 1027-1041
       in Rome, 1080-1081
    and training of local universe angels, 421
    universe headquarters school, ascenders’ final universe school, 559
    University, first students in, 392
       Material Sons’ ineligibility for admission to, reason for, 515
       number of worlds composing the, 387, 401
    visibility of, to mortals, 389, 574
    vs. Vorondadeks, in qualifications, 390
    wisdom of, 386
    work of, 386
    worlds, 387-388, 392

Melkarth temple, in Tyre, opening of, to Jesus, 1737

Melody(ies) celestial, production of, by harmony of associated spirits, 499
    has power a whole world to transform, 500
    measurements of Infinity, and religion, 2080
    morontia, five forms of, unrecognized by human senses, 500
    of the spheres, character of, 499

Melting pot, social, of the second garden, birthplace of the Andite race, 871

Memory(ies) of Adjuster-fusion candidates, limitations of, 451
    differences of Adjuster-fused and spirit-fused mortals’, 450
    an endowment of mind, 738
    of former existences, ascenders’ possession of, 550
    formulas, mortal, the seraphic guardian’s custody of, during death sleep, 1244
    of human experience, technique of survival of, in mansion world arrivals, 450
    human, retention of, Spirit-fused mortals unprovided with mechanism for, 451
    of Mercy, function of, 314-315
    of the past, a means of lightening the loads of the present, 547
    mortal nonspiritual, perishing of, with the material realm, 1235
    patterns, persistence of, 1236-1237
       from sensory impressions to, 1219
    relation of, to personality response of onetime associates, 451
    retention of ascending mortals, Thought Adjusters’ function in, 498
    spiritized factors of, a part of the detached Adjusters, 451, 533

Memphis Jesus’ identity revealed to friends in, 1355

Menstrual period, superstitions regarding the, 936

Mental Capacity, sufficient, a prerequisite for a member of a reserve corps of destiny, 1257
    defectives, involuntary labor by, 585
    derangement, popular belief as to possible cause of, 1659
    efficiency, a result of the unification of mind systems, 1097
    evolutions, sudden, conditions favoring, 740
    healing, vs. physical healing, 1645
    motivation, a factor in Adjuster communion, 65
    poisons, effect of, on the Adjuster’s functions, 1204

Merchandise marts, temple, final overthrow of, 1889

Merchant class, commission men, 774
    Damascus, Jesus as a translator for the, 1412
    from Mongolia, effect of visits with Jesus on the, 1429

Merciful happy are the, 1570
    ministrations of Sons of God, a revelation of the Father, 75
    ministry, a fruit of the spirit, 2054

Mercury and cessation of axial revolution, 657
    and relative distance between atomic nucleus and inner electronic circuit, 477

Mercy adjudication of destinies of rebellion-distressed personalities in, 618
    anger conquered by, 1449
    of associated Creators, demonstration of, 94
    an attribute of the Infinite Spirit, 100
    attributes of descending Sons, 87
    children of, hammer of suffering wielded by, 100
    completed revelation of Jesus’, 2018
    correlation of divinity as, 3
    credits, individual-drawing, inexhaustibility of, 315
    definitions, 38, 75, 115, 1575
    divine, effect of, on supreme justice, 37, 38, 428, 616
    of the divine parents, demonstration of, 94
    endless, exhaustion of, results, 241
    eternal, the Son’s, portrayal of, by the Spirit, 95
    the Father’s delight in the practice of, 1608
    of the Father in heaven, Jesus’ revelation of, 75, 1597, 1664
    the Father’s, personalization of, by the Son, 75
    forgiveness of, vs. the forgiveness of love, 2018
    and free-willness, divine, 42
    God the, 1454
    of God, and man’s salvation, 1675, 1764
    God’s, everlasting nature of, 1444
       loving, a revelation of, 137, 1827-1828
       man’s capacity for, 1453
    of the heavenly Father, Jesus’ message, 1460, 2016
    Jesus’ explanation of the difference between justice and, 1469
       justice always tempered with, 1580
       last words of, 2010
       promise of, at time of judgment, 1649
    and justice, 38, 41, 1327, 1468-1470
    keynote of seraphic service, 430
    of the Lord, duration of, 1444, 1638
    to Lucifer-rebellion leaders, extension of, by Michael, 603, 616, 618
    memory of, 314
    minister(s), the Eternal Son, 75
       Infinite Spirit the, 92, 161
       local universe, 430
    ministry, extent of, 616, 1469
       Infinite Spirit’s relation to plan of, 85
       of superuniverses, inherence of time delay in, 616
    motivation of Paradise Creator Sons, 618
    not to be trampled under foot, 315
    Orvonton a universe demonstration of, 182
    and perfection, of man and God, 1571
    possible lavishness of, 1469
    practical, a benefit gained by a Creator Son through his actual creature experience, 1309
    pre-existent, revelation of, by Sons of God, 314
    probationary, age of, Avonals’ execution of mandates of, 226
    a quality of righteousness necessary for entry into the kingdom, 1576
    quotations, 38
    reflectors, functions of, 315
    rejected, soul of Jesus tortured by, 1969
    as related to fatherliness, 1575
    relation of receiving, to showing, 1639
    seeking of, by the publican, 1838
    the Son is, 75
    of the Son, and chief mission of the Spirit of Truth, 2062
       ministered by the Spirit, 98
       personification of, 94
       the seraphim’s ministry of combining the love of the Father and the, 1244
    source of, 38, 1453
    steps preceding manifestation of, 315
    time lag, 615-616
    tones of, mandates of Eternal Son keyed in, 75
    understanding, embodiment of, in divine justice, 1898
    universe justice and, 1638
    voice of, 430
    work of an individual, 1469
    of Yahweh, Moses’ fear to proclaim the, 1058

Mermaids man’s onetime worship of, 946

Mesopotamia Abnerian concept of the kingdom in, 1869
    Aden’s work in, 1765
    Andite exodus from, final, 873
    Andite, the original monotheism of, 1027
    Andite origin in regions adjacent to, 871
    anti-Jesus sect’s present-day existence in, 1526
    beliefs in, as to honoring the seventh day, 1042
    brother and sister marriage in early, 918
    culture of, spread of, 873
    deterioration of, by inferior peoples, 896
    Edenites enter, 847
    Egypt the successor of, as the world’s cultural center, 894
    exodus from, to Egypt, cause, 894
    headquarters of the Prince in, 743
    homeland of the Adamic peoples, 868
    India’s contact with, 881
    life in, 849
    location of Caligastia’s headquarters in, 741
    one of the selections for the first Garden, 847
    religions of, sources, 1042

Mesopotamian(s) cousin marriages among the, 918
    culture, final dispersion, 876
    exodus of, into Turkestan instead of India, cause and consequences, 880
    floods, results, 894
    human sacrifice practiced by the, 980
    invasion of Europe by the, result, 892
    peninsula, home of Primates and less intelligent mid-mammals, 703-704, 707
    races, blending of, 875
    religious teachers, varying concepts of Deity, in the Book of Job, 1043, 1060

Mesotron function of the, 479

Mesozoic era, length of, 672, 692

Message the apostles’, 1593
    the apostles’, effect of, on the afflicted, 1595
       to the world, 1543, 1569
    from Bethany, 1836-1838
    effect on John the Baptist of Jesus’ last, 1507
    of Jesus, 1460, 1576, 1635, 2060
    Jesus’, vs. John’s, 1509
       Spirit of Truth’s restatement of, for each generation, 2060
    of John the Baptist, 1498, 1502
       Jesus’ approval of, 1503
       timeliness of, 1500, 1502
    transmission, between Solitary Messengers, distance of, 261

Messenger(s) apostles the Father’s, 1571
    corps, apostolic, David’s disbanding his, 2030
       varied services of the, 1771
    Corps, Lanonandek, number of, 392
    of David, appointment for assembly of, just before the crucifixion, 2001
       collection of funds for the apostles by, 1748
       faithfulness of, in carrying the news of the resurrected Jesus, 2031
       news of Jesus’ impending arrest brought by a, 1720
       news of the kingdom brought by, 1833
       reports of Jesus’ crucifixion brought to Jesus’ family by, 1997
    David’s announcement of the last mission of his, 2030
    David’s twenty-six, gathering of, at the home of Nicodemus, 2030
    of the Havona circuits, 258
    headquarters, David’s maintenance of, at Gethsemane, 1976
    hosts of the Infinite Spirit, ministry of, 568
    hosts of space, 107, 264, 273-284, 336, 411, 418, 548
    Jesus’ presentation to his Father of his twelve, 1569
    of the kingdom, Jesus’ ordination of the seventy as, 1800
       parable of the sower a forecast of future experiences of, 1693
    of the local universes, 259
    of Paradise, 21, 258
    service, relay, between Jerusalem and Bethsaida, 1771
    of the superuniverses, 259
    tertiary Lanonandeks as, 392
    of tertiary supernaphim, 288
    unseen, Jesus’ promise to Jacob of the protection of an, 1967

Messiah ancestry of, according to the Jews, 1946
    Annas’ questioning Jesus as to his being the, 1979
    anticipated reappearing of, expected results, 1913
    apostles’ adherence to belief in the material mission of the, 1756
    the apostles’ attitude toward Jesus as the, 1746, 1872, 1881, 2066
    arrival of, and the kingdom of God, 1858
    Cana wedding guests consider Jesus to be the, 1531
    confused concepts about, at time of John the Baptist, 1505
    delayed coming of, and Jewish sins of ignorance, 1510-1511
    function of, Jewish theory of, 1501
    inability of the Son of Man to meet Jewish expectations of the, 1518, 1750
    Jesus’ attempts to prevent his followers calling him the, 1523, 1749, 1880
       decision not to deny being the, reason, 1532, 1748, 1880
       endeavor to modify his followers’ concept of the, 1748
    Jewish concept of the, 1339, 1499, 1500, 1509-1510
    Jewish, Mary’s concept of Jesus as the, 1351
    Jewish titles of the expected, 1501, 1509
    Jewry’s expectancy of a, 1334, 1339, 1500, 1702
    John questioned as to his being the, 1505
    Joseph’s concept of a spiritual, 1349
    Mary’s concept of a temporal, 1349, 1365
    Mary’s relinquishing of the idea of Jesus’ being the, 1417
    no intimation by Gabriel of Jesus’ being the, 1347
    occupancy of David’s throne by the expected, 1588
    Peter’s attempt to convince the Jews that Jesus was the, 1552
    possible destiny of the, as the Prince of Peace, 1075
    Simeon’s and Anna’s belief in Jesus as the, 1353
    threefold office of the, 1509
    Zacharias’ concept of Jesus as the, 1352

Messiahship Jesus’ questions concerning his, 1391

Messianic concept, evolution of the, 1509-1510
    Psalm, Jews’ change of interpretation of, reason, 1902
    teaching, scriptural proof for different schools of, 1509

Metabolism of nonbreathers, 563

Metal(s) found today on earth’s surface, source of, 668
    primitive man’s work with, 748
    red-hot, primitive man’s fear of, 748
    work, fire’s relation to, 778
    working, Jesus’ acquaintance with, 1368
       in the second Garden, 850
       skill, of the Egyptians, Andite artisans’ contribution to, 894

Metaphysics a definition, 1136
    failure of, to bridge the morontia gulf, 1137
    man’s futile effort to compensate for the absence of mota, 1136, 1139
    pantheistic concepts of, Unqualified Absolute not comparable to, 14
    vs. revelation, 1106, 1140
    true, ascenders’ insight into, 536

Meteor(s) about, 172, 563
    capture, in origin of solar system worlds, 657
    capture of, a source of solar energy, 463
    continued capture of, by solar system planets and satellites, 658
    early belief regarding, 945, 967
    energy and material of, 173, 659
    incoming, and destruction of early Urantia oxygen, 660
    material composition of, 458
    ocean bottom as affected by, 662
    solar system, origin of, 656

Meteoric accretion, planet growth by, 171, 656
    bombardment of atmosphereless worlds, 563
    era, 658-660
    showers, effect of, on planetary atmosphere during the volcanic age, 659
    space bodies, volume of, and nonbreather worlds in Satania, 563
    stones, influence of, on primitive man, 944

Meteorites solar, early formation of, 656

Mexico to Alaska, outcroppings of ancient fossil-bearing rocks from, 670
    and Central America, destination of three groups of North American migrants of mixed ancestry, 727
    emergence of, result, 675
    racial founders of the enduring civilizations in, 884
    submergence of, 689

Micah identity and influence of, 1067
    message of, regarding sacrifice, 1067

Micaiah identity of, 1064

Mice reproduction of, vs. that of elephants, 560

Michael(s) Creators, relation of, to the Eternal Son, 1145
    mortal-bestowal careers of, vs. those of Avonals, 229
    order of, the Creator Sons, 59, 224
    original, first-born Creator Son, Havona bestowal of, 87
    Paradise Sons, Infinite Spirit’s probable contact with, 308
    probable function of, in outer universes, 643
    Son(s), administration of creatorship charge to, events concurrent with, 204
       life proclamation of, 374
       local universes ruled by, 166
       personality perfection of, 28
       position of, in local universe, 66
  &nbsp    relative independence of time of, 377
       sympathy of, for their many orders of created beings, 1308

Michael, of the local universe absence of, on his fourth bestowal mission, for over forty standard universe years, 1313
    accomplishments of, as the Son of Man, 1327, 1329
    Adam’s elevation to Urantia advisory council by, 514
    announcement by, of his imminent departure from Nebadon on an unexplained mission, 1309
    announcement of policy toward the Lucifer rebellion by, 605
    appeal of Urantia’s need to, 853
    appearance of, on Salvington, after his second bestowal, 1312
       on Salvington, after his third bestowal, 1312
       on Urantia, a miracle, 1331
    archangel of, 409
    assumption of unlimited sovereignty in Nebadon by, a result of, 490, 1511
    attributes and qualifications of, 1318
    authority of, unquestioned, 1324
    as an average man, 1345
    avoidance by, of leaving anything potentially idolatrous on Urantia, 1330, 1332
    banner of, description, 606
    beginning of Lucifer’s rebellion against, 602
    bestowal of, Father’s love for man unaffected by the, 2003
       on Urantia, effect of, on our planet’s prestige, 466
       on Urantia, and supervision of seraphic activities, 421
    bestowal life of, revelation of God’s love, 40, 1323-1331
       limitations of, 1327, 1423-1424
       plans formulated by, 1327
       of the Spirit of Truth on Urantia by, 1328
    -bestowal worlds, personal wards of the Master sons, 227
    board of planetary directors’ contact with, 1251
    career of, on Urantia, 1327
    certainty of sometime personal return of, 1919
    choice of Urantia, as planet of his final bestowal by, reason for, 1344
    combination of the creature and Creator in, 1324, 1329
    a comparison of the Supreme and, 1288
    contribution to the Sovereignty of the Supreme by, 1328
    counsel of, with Immanuel regarding Lucifer rebellion, 605
    creator of Nebadon, 24, 358, 366-367, 1318-1319
       authenticity of promise of, to return to Urantia, 227
       the 611,121st bestowal of the Eternal Son upon local universes, 1309
       completion of his universe experience by, 2041
       confusion of, with the Eternal Son, 74
       embodiment of personality presence of the Universal Father by, 33, 366
       headquarters of, 359
       identity of, 654, 1084
       incarnation of, on Urantia, Eternal Son’s relation to, 86
       Jesus’ progress from the humanity of Joshua ben Joseph to the divinity of, 1281, 1317
       a mercy-dominated Son, 1580
       not a member of the Paradise Trinity, 366
       Personalized Adjuster of, direction of Adjuster activity in this local universe by the, 1200
       Planetary Prince of Urantia, 1250
       six pre-Urantia bestowals of, 1323
       timeless activities of, 377
       Urantia the mortal home planet of, 567
       winning of his sovereignty by, time, 1494
    departure of, from Salvington, on his fourth bestowal mission, 1313
       from Salvington, on his second bestowal mission, 1311
          on his sixth bestowal, 1315
          for Urantia, and Gabriel contacts, 1513
    disappearance of, from Salvington, 1330
    dual purposes of, in seven bestowals, 1324
       Urantia mission of, 1328
    experiencing the enlightenment of the incarnation by, 1325
    farewell words of, at his departure for his first bestowal, 1309
    final and successful bestowal of, on Urantia, 1317
    Gabriel as administrator during possible Nebadon absence of, 635
    Gabriel the chief executive of, 573
    Gabriel’s accompaniment of, on Urantia bestowal, 407
       responsibilities during absence of, 371
    God became man in, 34, 1331
    the head of personality in Nebadon, 406
    Immanuel’s counsel to, regarding Lucifer rebellion, 617, 1327
       pre-bestowal counsel to, 1327-1330
    incarnation guide of, 1324
       of, as a Melchizedek, on his first bestowal, 1310
    intrusting the command of celestial forces to Gabriel by, 1312
    as Jesus of Nazareth on Urantia, 1325
    limitations of personal power, 367
    living of family life according to current customs by, 1329
       the ideal religious life on Urantia by, 1329
    Lucifer’s open challenge to, results, 605
    master of the experience of Supremacy, after his ascension, 1112
    as a Material Son, the great accomplishments of, 1312
    memorial, activities centered in the, 525, 2015-2016, 2022
    mortal demonstration of the ideal of perfected technique by, 1329
    nature of the seventh bestowal of, 1324
    Nebadon functions of, 406
    not a double personality, 1331
    oneness of God and, 1331
    passing of a message between Immanuel and, during Jesus’ tomb experience, 2016
    his personal life the sole concern of, on Urantia, 1326
    personal message of, to Adam and Eve, 852
       sovereignty possibilities of, as a Creator Son, 1323
    the personification of the Paradise Father-Son in Nebadon, 367
    plan for saving Lucifer rebels, rejection of, 603
    planet of the mortal bestowal of, 661
    possible reappearance of, effect, 1252
    possible space-activity limitation of, 1517
    postbestowal reappearance of, in Salvington, 1331
    power of, regarding his resurrection, 2020
       unlimited, 1324, 1329
    preparation for the first bestowal of, time of, 1309
    presence of, at dedication of his Jerusem memorial, 525
    proclaimed by the Union of Days Planetary Prince of Urantia, 1251
    purpose of, in his seven bestowals, 1324
    purpose of Urantia mission of, 611
    requirement of, to earn his sovereignty by experience, 1318
    revelation of the Father’s divine love by, 1279
    right of, to reassume his universe authority, 1326
    rule of, as vicegerent during the three Nebadon rebellions, 605
    safety of Nebadon during the mortal incarnation of, 1326
    of Salvington, Adam’s and Eve’s oath of allegiance to, 828
       God-man of Nebadon, 357
    the second Adam, 1025
    self-conscious realization by, of being both God and man, 1331
    a sevenfold Master Son, 1318
    seventh-bestowal subjection to the Father’s will by, 1325
    several possible titles for, 1319
    single thought of the incarnation of, 1326
    the Son of Man and the Son of God, 1317
    sovereignty of, and the human Jesus, 2090
    spiritual condition of Urantia at the incarnation of, 1332
    supreme ruler of Nebadon, 228, 584
    the supreme spiritual purpose of bestowal of, 1331
    time of arrival on Salvington of staff of, 654
    true evidence of the resurrection of, 2024
    twofold purpose of Urantia bestowal of, 1407
    universe Father of Nebadon, 384, 510
    Urantia bestowal of, effect of, on Jerusem, 519
    Urantia one of seven nativity spheres of, 1918
    vicegerent Son of the Universal Father, 602
    voluntary nature of the bestowal of, 1326

Michael’s announcement of Urantia’s selection of his final bestowal, 486
    bestowal, and transfer of certain universe activities to Urantia, 512
    bestowals, mystery of the technique of, even to Gabriel, 1315
    fifth bestowal, 1314-1315
    first bestowal, 1309-1310
    fourth bestowal, 1313-1314
    postbestowal status, 1317-1319
    second bestowal, 1310-1312
    seventh and final bestowal, 1316-1317
    sixth bestowal, 1315-1316
    third bestowal, 1312-1313

Microscopic foes, mortals’ struggles with, 564

Mid-breathers the average breathing order of mortals, 561

Middle Ages, European feudalism of, 801
    class, absence of, in Greco-Roman world, 1333
       of the first century Mediterranean world, 1335

Midianites Hebrew raid on, typical of ancient mores, 784
    historic reference to the conquering, 1374

Mid-mammals about, 700, 704-706, 707

Mid-phase cherubim, definition, 423
    Sons, limitation of Life Carriers in stage of, 730

Midsonite creatures, sojourn of, on midsonite worlds, length of, 400
    Orders of the Local Universes, 334
    world(s), direction of, eventual, 400
       function of, 400
       Melchizedeks as Life Carriers to, 385
       number of, 400
       reception of Adjusters by Material Sons and Daughters on the, 629
       of Satania, 517

Midsoniters not Adjuster indwelt, 401
    fields of activity of, 401
    and finaliters, teaching enterprises of, during system stage of light and life, 632
    new status of, in the event of Michael’s departure from Nebadon, 635
    parentage of, 400
    possible endowment of, with the spirit of absonity, 401
    present status of, 400-401

Midspace zones, a function of, 124, 135, 152

Midway creature(s) about, 424-425, 855-867
    ascendant, direction of spornagia by, 528
    ascending, parenthood experience of, 516
    vs. cherubim, 423
    citizens of Urantia, 415
    classification of, 424
    differences in, 349
    disloyal, Caligastia’s organization of, for rebel activities, 602, 756
    energy intake employed by, 563
    as evil spirits and demons, 863
    function of, with seraphim, 1244
    glorified, ascendant course of, 347, 349
    guardianship of Jesus by the, 1357
    humanization of, in the morontia, 627
    kinship of, to human races, 545
    leader of the loyal, during Caligastia’s betrayal, 514
    liberation of, by Trinity Teacher Sons, 627
    limit of velocity of, 260
    loyal, number of, 823
    vs. Material Sons and evolutionary creatures, 415
    of nativity on inhabited worlds, 286
    origin of, 415
    planetary status of, after fourth stage of light and life, 627
    primary, origin of, 574, 855
    reason for trinitization of, 248
    relation of, to mortals, 627
    release of, from planetary duty, occasion for, 444
    safeguarding of men and women of destiny by, 1361
    translated, as Trinitized Sons of Selection, 244, 248
    unknown basic energies used by, 325
    Van the commander in chief of the, 760
    visibility of, to mortals in first stage of light and life, 627

Midway messengers function of, 864
    ministers, custodians of Urantia, 415

Midwayer(s) activities of, on normal, vs. isolated worlds, 425
    Adamic, 444
    amalgamation of the two groups of, 864
    attitude of, toward the resident governor general, 1252
    the continuing planetary regime of, 866
    destiny of, ultimate, 425
    intellect, in last two adjutants, 481
    loyal, function of, as contact guardians of human minds, 863
    motto, 866
    permanent citizens of Urantia, 415, 865
    pledge of, not to leave to planet, 866
    presence of, at Cana wedding, 1530
    primary, destiny of, 444
       function of, 627, 856
       and secondary, difference in service ability of, 865
       total number produced, 855
    rebel, 863-864
    secondary, destiny of, 444
    secondary, time of appearance of, on Urantia, 855
    translated, 444
    Trinity-embraced, function of, 211
    union of loyal primary and secondary, since Pentecost, 584, 864-865
    Urantia, assistance of, in disposal of Jesus’ body, 2023
       character of, 866
    visibility of, to Adam and Eve, 851

Mid-week holiday, Jesus’ establishment of the, 1542

Midwifery origin of the practice of, 935
    the shamanesses’ adeptness at, 991

Mid-zone of nether Paradise force center, functions of, unknown, 122

Might and events of history, 908

Mightiest work of Jesus’ bestowal, performance of, in Bethany, 1880

Mighty Messenger(s) ascendant experience of, 245
    attachment of, to governments of Perfections of Days, 210
    author of paper 22, 28, 30, 32, 34, 40, 42, 52, 54, 55, 56, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119
    experiences necessary to assignment as, 245
    function of, in trinitized evolutionary trios, 217
       in Uversa courts, 180
    identification of a, 498
    material and spirit realities visualized by, 498
    number in each class of, 245
    origin, 178, 245, 246, 618, 619
    senior, identity of, 245
    service of High Son Assistants to, 253
    time of Havona experience of, 178
    as Trinitized Sons, 454
    Trinitized Sons of Attainment, 244
    Trinity embrace of, 243, 1280

Migration of the human twins, direction of, 708

Milcha a member of the women’s corps, 1679

Mile first and second, in winning souls, 2084
    standard, of Jerusem, equivalent of, in Urantia miles, 519

Militarism characteristic of, 786
    influence of, on status of woman, 937
    Mithraism’s encouragement of, 1083

Military alliances, outmarriage and, 919
    captives, fate of, 779
    class, professional, avoidance of, in the continental nation, 819
    conquests, influence of, on the spread of culture, 904
    defense, a right of society, 793
    force, association of, with the promulgation of Islam, 1051
    headquarters, of northern Andites, Denmark the, 893
    leader, Moses a, 1057
    organization, purposes of, 776, 962
    preparedness in the continental nation, 818-819
    projects, Abraham’s interest in, 1019
    service, woman’s exemption from, among industrialized races, 937

Milky Way constitution of, 167, 170, 475
    relation of, to Orvonton, 167, 359

Millennium of cosmic enlightenment, the spiritual age, 231
    length of, 497

Millstone Jesus’ symbolic reference to a, 1761

Mimicry alleged magical power of, 972

Mind(s) actuals, vs. spirit potentials, 1124
    awareness of sequentiality of, relation of, to time, 134
    Caligastia’s, effect of his deliberate sin on, 754
    central controls of, Creator Sons not concerned with, 88
    creature, domination of basic reactions of, by the
aster Spirits, 191
    dependence of, on facts, 1222
    of evolutionary creatures, not invaded by Seven Master Spirits, 191
    First Source and Center transcends, 31
    focalizers, master seraphim as, 1256
    in impersonal being, results of, 104
    importance of, in the interrelation of energy and spirit, 1275
    inability of, to wholly grasp the concept of an absolute, 1261
    limitations of, in connection with presenting concepts of reality, 1163
    logic, mathematics, and insight, need of, 1138
    ministry, testing technique of, in Havona, 161
    planners, function of, 430, 553
    readers, Sanctities of Service as, 316
    and spirit, influence of, on the finite universe, 2078
       united, potentials of, 29, 757
    -spirit relationships, transmissibility of, 127
    subpersonal, man’s observation of, 78
    unaided, lack of influence of, on anything material, 1222
    Unqualified Absolute’s overcontrol of, conditioned by, 14
    ununified, limitations of, 1480
    the vital link connecting matter and spirit, 1271

Mind(s), 1. Definitions of mind
    consciousness, definition, 69
    definition, 8, 9, 102, 140, 638, 670, 1217
    description, 142, 403
    equivalent of, 78
    functional unity, 1217
    implications of, 481
    is unity”, 1120
    of man, definition, 103, 1216
    of moral status, a definition, 647
    morontia, evolving, definition, 481
    nonspiritual, definition, 403
    the reality of, 1477
    realms of, a definition, 140
    religion of the, definition, 1095-1096, 1105, 1728
    self-conscious animal-origin, spiritual activation of, 1479

Mind(s), 2. Infinite mind – Deity
    the absolute, 102
    cause of, in the Universal Father, 1477
    Father overcontroller of, 25
    God of, 99
    God’s function as, 24
    infinite, character of, 481, 482
       infallible will of the, 48
    origin of, 399, 1116
    presence of Deity, determination of, 64
       of God, manifestation of, in finite creations, 45
    seeming transcendence of, by the Absolutes, 55
    universal and divine, and the all-pervading spirit, 95
    of Universal Father, and determination of justice, 38
    universe co-ordinated by, 482

Mind(s), 3. Mind and the Conjoint Actor
    in all creation, Third Source and Center’s consciousness of, 103
    bestowal of, by Infinite Spirit, 140
    Conjoint Actor’s relation to, 71, 99
    the endowment of the Third Source and Center, 236, 738
    expression, relation of Conjoint Actor to, 29
    forces, convergent in Infinite Spirit, 5
    importance of, to the Supreme, 1276
    individual, Infinite Spirit’s mission to, 94
    infinity of Third Source and Center’s, 50, 102
    ministry to, and Infinite Spirit’s character, 94
    ministry of Infinite Spirit, relation of adjutant mind-spirits to, 401
       of Third Source and Center, extent, 103, 236
    not the Conjoint Creator, 103
    potential of Conjoint Actor in a limitless universe, 92
    potential, Third Source and Center’s, 102
    reactions with, domination of by Conjoint Actor, 99
    reality, the Conjoint Actor the absolute of, 1151
    source of, 103, 105, 403, 564
    spirit the source of, 404, 638
    of Supremacy, possible potential destiny of the, in the master universe, 1269
    of Supreme, and Majeston, 5
    Third Source and Center the bestower of, 93, 103, 1156
    of Third Source and Center, infinity of the, 102
    unification of God the Supreme with the experiential power of the Almighty by, 1271
    in universe mechanisms, requisites for discernment of, 482
    widespread bestowal of, 103

Mind(s), 4. Cosmic mind
    in cosmic evolution, 140, 192
    dominance, 483-484, 740
    energy, and spirit, relationship of, and Seven Master Spirits, 189
    knows quantity, reality, meanings,” 1219
    laboratory, of cosmic mind creators, Havona the, 161
    matter dominated by, 139-141, 484
    nonmaterial origin of, 481, 2079
    oneness between matter, spirit, and, 25
    response of cosmic force to, 102
    of spirit existence and functions of intelligence, 78
    unit of estimation, method of arriving at, 132
    universal, 8
       see also Universal Mind

Mind(s), 5. Mind levels
    of the Adjuster and the mortal, status of, at the finaliter levels, 1182
    and all related influences, an antecedent to the morontia soul, 1218, 1738
    character of, in Havona, 481
       in Orvonton, 481
       on Paradise, 481
    creative ability of, 483
    determination of types and patterns of, 236
    effect on, of passage from morontia to spirit, 342
    experience in eternity progression, 412
    experiential, lower levels of, ministers of, 402
    levels of highest unification of, 102, 639
    levels, descending, relation of, to space, 102
       evolutionary, 738-739
       preadjutant, definition, 403
    living, nonteachable, the domain of Master Physical Controllers, 403
    meanings, deity activities on level of, 2
    mechanical levels of, 399, 402, 403
    mortal, submission to spirit direction the hope of survival of, 484, 541
    nonteachable levels of, 399, 403
    Paradise level of, nonspatial time in, 135
    perception, levels of mortal man’s, 78
    phenomena, all not divine, 103
       in Havona, unpredictability of, 155
    reaction of unidentified level of, unpredictability of, 136
    seven goals of, 483
    spirit, 78, 79
    -spirit level, truth a phase of the, 1435
    variation of, on each Havona world, 161

Mind(s), 6. Mind gravity
    energy-associated in purely material beings, 104
    energy, Master Spirits’ direct action in regulation of, 197
    gravity, absolute, of Third Source and Center, and operation of cosmic mind, 103-104, 105
       personal gravity not dependent on, 104
       relation of, to material and spiritual gravity, 104
       Universe Spirit’s control of, 375
    independence of time of levels of gravity response for, 482
    linear gravity effected by, 482
    material, gravity responsiveness of, 482
    -material being, spirit gravity not responded to by a, 104
    meanings, higher, unresponsiveness of, to linear gravity, 136
    possible ability of, to control energy, 1222
    pure, gravity subjection of, 104
    relation of, to energy, 102, 140
    rest, in recuperation of depleted energies, 501, 548
    -spirit being, responsiveness of to material gravity, 104
    spirit-conceiving, co-ordination of function of, with impersonal energy, result, 1479
    spiritual development of, and responsiveness to material gravity, 140

Mind(s), 7. Mind circuits
    ability of, to form a universe frame in which to think, 1260
    activities, absolute mind-gravity circuit’s grasp of, 103
    circuit(s), of Conjoint Actor, 9, 78, 104-105, 710, 1232
       of the Infinite Spirit, mind-energy manipulators’ study of, 505
       on inhabited worlds, adjutant mind-spirits’ function in, 403
       lead to the Father, 119
       spirit associated, certain oversight of, by circuit supervisors, 266
       of Urantia, reception of first message from Salvington over the, 710
    circuiters, primary midwayers’ liaison co-operation with, 424
    gravity of the Conjoint Actor Circuit, characteristics, 131-132
    -gravity circuit, characteristics of, 104
       dependence of Adam and Eve and progeny on the, 581, 845
       registry of a human’s first moral choice over the, 1186

Mind(s), 8. Adjutant mind
    adjutants, influence of, regarding evolutionary religion, 403, 1110
    animal, source of, 404
    creature, and adjutant spirits, 403
    a dog’s possession of a, 1431
    endowment of man, direct origin of, not a Paradise Deity, 1116
    of evolutionary creatures, place of origin of, 25
    ministers, seven adjutants as, 709, 738
    ministry of, 102, 103
       of the adjutant spirits, a level of life evolution, 638, 730
    teachable level of, Mother Spirit’s ministry to, 481
    reactions of, to material environment, adjutant spirits’ relation to, 739
    seven adjutant spirit’s effect on, 737
    -spirits of the local universe, the seven adjutant, identity, 2062

Mind(s), 9. Human mind
    of Andon and Fonta, 711
    attainment, in connection with the psychic circles, 1209
    -capacity production, a level of life evolution, 730
    a characteristic of, 140, 325, 638
    elevation of, an essential to culture enhancement, 578
    endless progression by, 1269
    endowment, equality of, in male and female, 564
       human, moral intuition a component of, 192
    evolution, handicaps of, 739
    evolving animal, God-seeking but not God-knowing, 482
    finite, Father’s goodness incomprehensible to the, 58
       revelation of infinite values to the, 647
    of God, the mind of man becoming the, 1514
    human, agreement of, explanation, 191
       built up of consciousness of physical sensations, 1480
       evolution of the, 709
       source of, 399, 404
       time and space relations of, 135
    inferior, attitude of, toward culture, 578
    of man(men), Jesus’ purpose to comfort the, 1576
       limitations of, 30
       Michael to emancipate from age-old fears the, 1328
       mortality of, 565
       persuading, vs. compelling, 1931
       possible attainments of, reason, 2094
    ministry of the Spirit, mortals’ first experience with, 379
    mortal, origin of, 639
    racial, differences in, 1732
    Urantia, character of, 103

Mind(s), 10. Personality and mind
    co-operative, a factor in stability, 135
    co-ordination of the personal and nonpersonal by, 15
    endowment, not personality, 70
    entity, and personality, 334
    function of, in personality, 9
    liberty of, inviolate personal possession of, 1447
    personalities, spirit associated, 334
    personality not of origin in, 104
    of a personality, capacity of, for spirit receptivity, 738
    systems, unification of, a prerequisite to mental efficiency, 1097-1098

Mind(s), 11. Adjusters and mind
    of the Adjuster, relation of, to the mind of the creature at fusion, 1182
    Adjusters’ effort to transform men’s, 1205, 1475
       joy at making contact with the, 1213
    divine destiny of, 103
    endowment of local universe beings, source of, 378, 399
    human, the Adjuster’s use of, 17, 1216
    of man, spirit of Universal Father lives within the, 64, 1301
    material, difficulty of, in recognizing spirit activities of Adjusters, 65
    mortal, Adjusters the indwellers of the, 1203
       identification of, with Adjuster, 41
       result of fusion of, with the Thought Adjusters, 639
    partnership, of the Adjusters and the, 1196
    patterns, mortal, the seraphic guardian’s custody of, during death sleep, 1224
    personal, survival qualities of, and spirit identification, 403
    reality, the Adjuster-indwelt creature’s recognition-realization of, 195
    of sleeping survivor, Adjuster’s relation to, 341
    soul a product of Adjuster and, 65
    of the spirit,” man’s endowment of, result of, 79
    spirit insight an essential to immortality of, 403

Mind(s), 12. Religion and mind
    adjustment of, to the spiritual level, 1199
    discernment of God in, 646
    evolving material, spirit ministry to, 399, 639
    the gateway to the spiritual nature, 1733
    a level of worship realization, 66
    material, significance of worship to the, 66
    meditation the means of contact of, with spirit, 1777
    of man(men), becoming the mind of God, 26, 1514
       dwelling place of the spirit of God, 1742
    -reason, recognition of moral duty by, 192
    relation of, to God, 98

Mind(s), 13. Mind and will
    ability of, to function independent of space, 1439
    arena of choice, 1216-1217, 1705
    the builder of the spirit-born soul, 484
    a cosmic instrument played on by the human will, 1217
    a function of, 136, 140, 402
       in physical life, 481, 1098
    importance of, to mortals, 1276
    of man, demonstration of superior, creative, and purposive qualities of, 483
    a prerequisite to creature volition, 1236
    response of, to logic and reason, 1722
    unification of human experience with, 647
    universe reality subject to mortal will, 1216
    of will dignity, Universe reaction to existence on Urantia of, 710
    and will, the personal human’s possession of, 1205

Mind(s), 14. Jesus’ mind
    Jesus’, alertness of, 1589
    human, normal functioning of Jesus, 1521
    human, and divine, Jesus’ optional use of his, 1787

Mindal energy, 47, 404
    energy, one of the three original phases of divine energy, 505
    -energy and physical-energy personalities, 334
    unity with Deity, 3

Minded spirit always, 102

Mindedness apparent presence of, in Adjusters, 1182
    of the Infinite, creative spirit-mind, 482
    of the Thought Adjuster, nature of the, 313, 1181

Mindless causation, limitations of, 1434

Mindlessness a definition, 78

Miner Jesus’ experience at Iron as a, 1643

Mineral deposits, source of, 677

Ming dynasty, and progressive transfer of self-determination in the east, 1488

Minister(s) divine, Paradise Sons, 224
    merciful, Eternal Son a, 79
    midwayers as, 866
    universal and divine, Infinite Spirit a, 98-99

Ministering personalities of the Infinite Spirit, 75
    spirit(s), of the central universe, 285-297
       eligibility of, as Technical Advisers, 280
       field of operations of, 285
       functional grouping of, 285
       grand universe, classification of, 285
       of the local universe, 286, 418-425
       one of the highest honors of, 283
       on Planetary Prince’s staff, 572
       quartette, function of, 628
       seven orders of, 336
       source of, 205
       of the superuniverses, 286, 306-318
       System Sovereigns’ direction of, 393
       of time, angels the, 418, 422
          a classification of personalities of the Infinite Spirit, 107, 421
          midway creatures’ classification as, 424
          as reversion directors, 548

Ministry of angels, ushering in of the advent of Trinity Teacher Sons by the, 600
    apostles’, Jesus’ review of the, 1880
    apostles’ technique of, 1571
    of creatures of Infinite Spirit, importance of, to material beings, 80
    divine, manifestation of reality values of divinity, 648
    of divine revelation, Michael’s bestowal a, 1326
    of the Eternal Son, purpose of, 75
    extent of Jesus’ post-Urantia, 1405
    of the Father’s love, 75, 76
    to individuals, Jesus’, importance of, 1875
    of the Infinite Spirit, extent of, 95, 96
    intelligent, for the sick, nondisplacement of, by prayer, 1639
    Jesus’, character of, 1875, 2002
       public, three recurring situations in, 1523
       willingness to give his, 1671
    in the kingdom of heaven, 1868
    to the least of Jesus’ brethren, a ministry to him, 1917
    local universe administration’s concern with, 372
    of mercy, apostles to be positive in their, 2064
    methods of Eternal Son, 86
    of mind, 102-103
    of mortal uplift, Melchizedek’s function in, 385
    personal, of Father, Son, and Spirit, 96
    of the primary supernaphim, 298-305
    the service of a God-knowing person, 1175
    to the sick and afflicted, Son of Man’s, 2035
       Peter’s charge to the seventy to engage in, 1805
    of the Spirit, 94, 379-380
       technique of mortal comprehension of, 95
    a supreme concern of Master Son of Nebadon, 372
    world, advantages of Jesus’ way of, 1515
       definition of the Father’s way of, 1515

Minnesota and outcropping of ancient fossil-bearing rocks, 670

Minor sector(s) composition of, 181
    constitution and government of, 166
    directors of, 211
    educational worlds, ascending mortals’ work on, 211
    Ensa, number of local universes in, 182
    function of conciliators in, 278
    governments, rulers of, 181
    headquarters, Trinitized Ambassadors’ service on, 249
       Trinitized Custodians in service on, 248
       Uriantia’s registry on, 661
    number of associate power directors assigned to the, 325
    relation of nebulae to, 169
    service of High Son Assistants on, 254
    spheres of, headquarters of Master Physical Controllers, 212
    Uminor, relation of Sagittarius to, 168

Minor space bodies, 172-173

Miocene period, the age of Elephant and horse, 698

Miracle(s) absence of, on Decapolis preaching tour, 1833
    alleged source of Jesus’ power in performing, 1714
    approach of the, through Jesus, 1671
    at Bethsaida hospital, explanation of so-called, 1658
    a definition,1331
    effect of, on material mind, 1520
    huge draught of fish not a, 1629
    Jesus’ choice of a program without, 1518
       instruction to the seventy as to, 1804
    Jesus’, limitations of, as to natural laws, 1517
    vs. magic, 987
    -minded, a characteristic of Jesus’ followers, 1699
       people, expectations of, 1631
    not the only method of curing diseases, 1813
    outward allegiance only, the result of, 1520
    a philosophic, 27
    seeking, Jesus’ attempt to divert the apostles’ minds from, 1545, 1704
    spiritual ineffectiveness of, 1704
    universal belief in, in Jesus’ times, 1341
    working, absence of, on Perean mission, reason, 1817
       Jesus’ attitude toward, 1518

Miracles of Jesus The blind man at Jericho, 1873
    Casting out the unclean spirit, 1713-1714
    The centurion’s servant, 1647-1648
    Cure of Jairus’ daughter, 1699
    Draught of fishes, so-called, 1628-1629
    The dropsical man, 1834
    The epileptic boy, 1755-1756
    Feeding five thousand, 1700-1702
    Healing the blind beggar, 1811-1813
       one of the strangest of the, 1812
    Healing the Epileptic, 1631
       the paralytic, 1666-1667
    The Kheresa lunatic, 1695-1697
    The leper at Iron, 1643-1644
       Jesus’ first deliberate, 1644
    Man with a withered hand, 1665
       Jesus’ purpose in performing this miracle on the Sabbath, 1665
    The nobleman’s son, 1644-1645
    Peter’s mother-in-law, 1631
    At the pool of Bethesda, 1649-1650
    The resurrection of Lazarus, 1845-1847
    Spontaneous miracles, 1669-1670
    Stilling the tempest, 1695
    The sundown healing, 1361-1364
    The Syrian woman’s daughter, 1734-1735
    The ten lepers, 1827-1828
    The Water and the Wine, 1530-1531
    The widow’s son, 1645-1646
    The woman with the issue of blood, 1698-1699
       with the spirit of infirmity, 1835-1836

Miraculous absence of the, in Jesus’ early life, his parents’ reaction to, 1387
    concepts, building of the early church around, 1825

Miriam, sister of Jesus birth of, 1357
    characteristics of, 1402
    effect of Jesus’ rejection of marriage on, 1404
    and Jacob, marriage of, 1414, 1418
    teaching of Ruth by, 1396

Mirror(s) defeat a, for viewing the real self, 1740
    superstitious awe of, 955

Mirth joyful, universality of, 547
    morontia, basis of, 547-548, 550
    spirit, carefree review of the past provocative of, 548

Misadaptations recognition of, only apparent, 47

Misconceptions of God, origin of, 47

Misconduct of creatures of nature, results of, 57

Misery(ies) primitive man’s spirit explanation for his, 951
    a technique of ending, 1446

Misfortune early alleged source of, 959

Mispeh the seventy’s labors in, 1817

Mission the apostles’, foundations of, 2043
    believers’, on earth, 2052
    on earth, Jesus’ bold announcement of his, 1466, 1608, 1635, 1675, 1793, 1904
       Jesus’ decision against use of compromise and diplomacy in his, 1520
    of government, prime, a definition, 906
    Jesus’, vs. his family obligations, 1371
       Joseph’s growing understanding of, 1372
       Mary’s effort to protect him for his, 1355
       a religious one, 2093
       universality of, 1347, 1902-1903
    Jesus’ decision to eliminate superhuman practices for calling attention to his, 1520
       devotion to the accomplishment of his, 1954
       divine, Ruth’s belief in, 1628, 1721
       readiness to answer questions concerning his, 1999
       teacher’s assurance of his pupil’s being destined for some distinguished, 1375
    John the Baptist’s temptation to doubt his, 1507
    John’s, Jesus’ question as to the method of taking over, 1521
    of Joshua the teacher, 1482
    Michael’s, most revolutionary feature of, 1671
    and ministry of Thought Adjusters, 1185-1194
    Son of Man’s, 1576, 1750
    to the world, Jesus’ knowledge of having completed his, 1938

Missionary(ies) Andrew’s influence in the choice of the first, 1549
    campaign, Jesus’ plan for a quiet, 1543
    to their peoples, children trained in Prince’s schools return as, 575-576
    tour, the success of the six apostles’ first, 1539
    the world’s first, 716
    zeal, of Christians, Sethites, Salemites, and Buddhists, 1084
       of followers of Jesus, 1084

Mississippi valley, emptying of the Great Lakes into the, 701

Mistakes eternal fate of man’s, 1739
    Universal Father never makes, 58

Misthinking of creatures of nature, results of, 57

Misunderstanding(s) between disciples of John and Jesus, refusal of Jesus to advise about, 1589
    a cause of, 278
    of God, cause of, 47
    Jesus’ infrequent efforts to correct, 1594
    of suffering-discourse on Job, 1662-1664
    trifling, believers’ need for discretion in adjusting, 1930

Misunderstood Jesus a sympathizing friend to the, 1722

Mithraic churches and ritual, onetime similarities of Christian and, 1083, 2074
    cult, rise of, in Persia, 947, 1050
       rituals of the adherents of the, 1082
       some teachings of the, 1082
    doctrines, in Paul’s Christianity, 1340
    priest, talk of, with Jesus, 1439
    temple, Roman, subsequent conversion of, into a Christian church, 1456

Mithraism absorption of many of Zoroaster’s teachings by, 1082
    vs. Christianity, 1050, 1083, 1337, 2070
    contribution of, to the final “Christian faith” of the Occident, 1083
    mystery of, 1337
    and origin of Paul’s theory of sin and redemption, 1339
    originally open only to men, 1082
    spread of, in the Levant and Mediterranean regions, 1050, 1082
    tolerance of, for other religions, 1083
    vs. Zoroastrianism in Iran, 1082

Mithras December twenty-fifth the annual festival of, 1082
    vs. Jesus, 1083
    worship of, the greatest of all mystery cults, 1082

Mixed races, 904-905
    races, pain in childbirth of the, 850

Mo Ti identity of, 1034

Moab as seen by Jesus from the Nazareth hill, 1363

Moabites David’s heavy taxing of the, 1073

Mob Pilate’s terror of the 1994
    spirit, arousal of, in Nazareth synagogue, 1687

Mode of living, religion a, 1100

Moderation eventuation of, in charm, 556
    a precept taught by the early Egyptians, 1045

Modern man, attitude of, toward matter and its control, 989
    man, attitude of, toward prayer, 1001
    problem, the, 2075-2076
    science, and true religion, 2076

Modesty civilized, origin of, 963
    of women, so-called, cause, 936

Mogul dynasty, and progressive transfer of self-determination in the East, 1489

Mohammed expected return of, 1008
    followers of, attitude of, toward the trinity, 1011
    influence of, 1010

Mohammedanism indirect influence of Zoroaster’s teachings on, 1050
    vs. Judaism and Christianity, 67
    woman’s status in, 937

Mohammedans great monotheists, 1144

Moisture constant circulation of, on architectural spheres, 486, 520
    precipitation, a factor in cooling the earth’s crusts, 660

Molds transition slime, difficulty of classification of, 669

Molecular stage of matter, definition, 472

Mollusks monarchs of the seas, time of, 677, 732

Monarch(s) of light, Andronover’s two generations of, 655
    offended, God an, vs. God a loving Father, 2017

Monarchial government, 789-790

Monasteries and cathedrals, in Tibet, 1038
    and cathedrals, Essenes living in, 1535

Money Jesus’ questions to his apostles concerning their available, 1544
    Jesus’ sending of, to his Nazareth family, 1421
    Judas not betraying Jesus for, 1566, 1925
    salt as, 1572

Money-changers presence of, in the temple courts, 1378, 1889
    temple pilgrims’ overturning of the tables of the, 1890

Mongolia present-day river cult in, 946-947

Mongoloid class of mankind, an analysis of the, 905

Mongols conquest of Asiatic continent by, 879

Monitor(s) care and disposal of anything of permanent value by the, 1201
    conjectured volunteering by, and selection of, 1186
    deserted, future of, 444
    divine headquarters of, 450
       the Thought Adjusters, 445
    influence of, on advancing civilization, 1198
    Jesus’ organization of his intellect with the aid of his, 1398
       unawareness of the arrival of his, 1357
    spirit luminosity of, 1180
    spirit, number of, unlimited, 50

Monkey ancestry of, 706
    and gorilla, common ancestor of, 697
    primitive, evolution of, in Asia, 697

Monmatia identity of, 655, 658

Monogamy among the red men, 723
    a corollary of concubinage, 926
    cultural value of, 927
    a definition, 781, 927
    the idealistic goal of human sex evolution, 927
    necessity of, to a developing social civilization, 927, 928
    status of, at time of Michael’s advent, 927
    of the violet race, 586

Monologues man’s first prayer petitions, 994

Monospiritism vs. dual spiritism, 961

Monota definition, 471, 1149
    and spirit, as one in Paradise, 1275

Monotheism acknowledgement of, by Confucianism, 1452
    advancement of, resulting from Yahweh’s triumph over Baal, 1065
    of Andite Mesopotamia, 1027
    doctrine of, in Chinese religions, 1451
    evolution of, 1145
    Greeks’ near achievement of, 1078
    Ikhnaton’s attempt to swing Egypt from polytheism to, 1047
    Israel’s shock into, after Babylonian captivity, 1075
    Jewish, secret of survival of, 1333
    Moses’ teaching of, 1009
    not a continuous conceptual development among the Hebrews, 1052
    origin of, 1145, 1442
    persistence of the concept of, 1048
    vs. polytheism in Egypt, 1044
    relation of polytheism to, 67
    transition between polytheism and, 67
    vs. trinitarianism and polytheism, 1144
    triumph of, over polytheism at time of Elijah, 1065
    in Zoroastrianism, 1449

Monotheistic belief, vs. the trinitarian concept among the Hebrews, 1144
    God, threefold manifestation of a, a real trinitarian postulate, 1144
    ideal, persistence of, among some in Egypt, after Ikhnaton, 1048
    unity of cosmic reality, reason’s demand of a, 1146

Monotony Havona career free from, 159
    mortals’ dread of, reason for, 159, 555
    significance of, 159

Month and day, possible future length of, being analogous, 657

Moods Thomas’ handicap of, 1561

Moon(s) absence of air on the, 561
    equalization of tidal frictions of earth and, result, 657-658
    of Jupiter and Saturn, continued growth of, 658
    robbery of atmosphere of, by the earth, 659
    worship, appearance of, before sun worship, 947

Moraines ground, extent of, in northern hemisphere, 701

Moral acts, definition, 193
    affairs, supremacy of man’s free will in, 753
    affinity, an essential to friendship, 30
    being(s), fragment of God indwells, 26
       function of insight of, 193, 1431
       personality of, and Universal Father, 5
    choice, the highest, definition, 435
       importance of the creature’s ability to make, 1131, 1187, 1478, 2095
    choosing(s), human’s, effect of, on Adjuster function, 1209
       nonnecessity of the actuality of evil to, 1458
    conduct, basis of, 1860, 1862
       relation of, to religion, 68
    consciousness, a definition, 1115
       the persistence of the, 1107
       spiritual faith, 1108
    convictions, reality and certainty of, 2077
    culture, early development of, in Egypt, 1045
       of Rome, Christianity the, 2072
    decision, Adjuster’s inability to invade a mortal mind prior to its making a, 1187
       Jesus’ first, significance of, 1357
       power of, a characteristic of will, 400
    decline of Rome, Christianity’s arrival too late to prevent the, 2074
    depravity, of the Greeks, under the mystery cults, 1080
    dignity, man’s final acquirement of, 983
    discipline, vs. self-gratification, and education, 2086
    duty, man’s consciousness of, a value level, 3, 192
    evolution, nondependence of, on revelation, 1045
    growth, and a cult’s survival, 966
    guilt, personal nature of sin as to, 761
    ideals, man’s highest, comparison of, with the will of God, 1133
    immaturity, evidences of, 1773
    impulses, emergence of, the arrival of the Thought adjuster and the, 1131
    insight, a part of the ancestry of true religion, 598, 1105
    law, of Eden, vs. seven commandments of Dalamatia, 836
       God the source of, 41
       Hap’s, 751
    level, of the “Golden Rule”, 1651
    nature, character of the, 193, 2096
       evidence of possession of, 193
       keenness of, a factor in choosing between good and evil, 193
       man’s, importance of, 1131, 1609
       possibility of modification of the, 1131, 1572
       unfolding, means of, 1862
    progress and prayer, 995, 999
    reformer, Jesus not a, 1582
    satisfaction, a fruit of divinity, 648
    situations, choices necessitated by, 68
    stability, religion’s necessary influence for, in the changing world, 1086
    stamina, intellectual root of, 402
    standard-bearer, woman the, 938
    status, a factor in Adjuster communion, 65
    steadfastness, Van’s basis of, 756
    thinking, social service based on, 68
       the soul’s dependence on, 1478
    trends, influence of, on man’s philosophy of religion, 1113
    values, a definition, 196
       God as a vindicator of, 67
       impossibility of measuring, 2095
       influence of religion on, 1127, 2096
       the Jewish religion’s conservation of, 1076
       the kingdom of heaven as a new standard of, 1859
       and philosophical satisfaction secured from religious experience, 69, 1132
    will, definition, 590, 1458

Morality advancement of, technique, 193
    comparison of, with religion, 2096
    crash of civilization survived by, 196
    definition, 192, 1012, 2096
    dependence of social consciousness on, 196
    evolutionary character of, 68
    gentile, relation of, to philosophy and religion, 1338
    human, man’s sense of, and religion, 68, 2075
    of Jesus’ philosophy, origin of, 1585
    origin of, 68
    personality characterized by, 1111, 1225
    predicated on spiritual realities, a necessity to a lasting social system, 2075
    relation of, to God-consciousness, 2096
    relation of religion to, 1092, 1124
    a sense of, a factor in goodness, 647
    some characteristics of, 68, 2096
    traditional, character of, 135
    true, family life and, 942

Moralizer of marriage, religion the, 917

Morals attitude of Paul’s Christianity toward, 1338, 2069
    human, Christianity’s higher influence on, 2070
    vs. magic, in the evolution of religion, 1132
    relation of religion and human experience to, 2096
    virtue, and personality, 192-193
    Zoroastrianism a religion of, 67

Mores ancient, man a victim of, 767, 965
    the basis of written laws, 797
    changing, effect of, on evolutionary religion, 1004-1006
    codification of, by Urantia nations, 798
    crystallization of, cause, 767
    a definition, 796, 798
    evolution of the, 767-768
       of long established, 796
    influence of, on marriage, 922
    and laws, relationship of, 796
    origins of, 767, 770
    primitive, purpose of, 776
    reforming the, the Salem missionaries’ attempt in, consequences, 1043
    regulation of marriage by the, 913, 939
    in social evolution, 802
    violation of the, vs. sin, 984

Morontia(s) ascension of Nebadon, and man’s spiritual understanding, 78
    beings, univitatia not, 415
    color tones, color symphonies, 499
    gulf, revelation man’s only technique in bridging the, 1137
    investiture of Adjuster-fused mortals of primary modified order of ascension, 570
    level, art a gesture toward the, 2096
    melody, five forms of, unrecognized by human senses, 500
    progress, illustration, 435
    recorders, identity of, 504
    stage, final, vs. lowest spirit status, 342

Morontia(s), 1. Definition
    career, a definition, 540
    definition, 9
    intellect, a definition, 1205
    material, a definition, 541
    progressors, definition, 342, 557-558
    a reality manifestation of the local universe, 1136
    spheres, definition, 541
    stage of evolution, identity of, 1212
    transit, definition, 623-624, 2020-2022

Morontia(s), 2. Worlds
    mortals, order of passage of, through major Edentia spheres, 493
    spheres, ascending scale of, necessity for, 543
    -training worlds, activities of Trinity Teacher Sons on, 231
       continuing functions of, 282, 624
    transactions, reality of, 499
    world(s), custodians of, 544
       existence of, between material existence and spiritual liberty, 2080
       and materials, Paul’s knowledge of, 542
       midway creatures’ passage through, on Paradise ascent, 349
       reality of activities of the, 498
       transactions, reality of, 499

Morontia(s), 3. Forms – bodies
    body(ies), development of personality factors within the, 342, 534
       early, liability of, to mechanical accidents, 574
       free from residual waste, 535
       of a Nebadon ascender, number of, 542
       reality of, 342, 494
       suitably adjusted, acquirement of, at each mansion world advance, 534
       of survivor, seraphim’s sponsoring of, 341
       transportable by angels, 431
    form(s), of ascenders, 431, 544
       dissimilarity of, vs. that of human bodies, 483
       function of, on the local universe worlds, 1236
       increasing likeness of, to the inner person, 1236
       individual, diversity in, 483
       of life and matter, basic, identicalness of, 544
       of mansion world graduates, modification of, 539
       reality of, 2029

Morontia(s), 4. Material – energy
    domiciles, reality of, 502
    embellishment, of celestial artisans, 497
    energy, function of liaison stabilizers in transformation of, into morontia material, 544
       pattern, fabrication of, for the human survivor, 1234
       regulators of, 544
    food, living energy, 535
    material, Morontia Power Supervisors’ sponsoring of, 483, 622
       origin of, 541-542
       translation temples composed of, significance, 622
    substance and mind, production of, by Master Spirits, 189
    synthesizers, function of, 507
    temple(s), beauty of, 622
       functions of, 622
    vegetation, an energy growth, 492

Morontia(s), 5. Minds – souls
    beings, mind planners’ work with, 553
    insight, revelation the substitute for, 1106
    mind(s), Conjoint Actor the essence of, 140, 481
       a definition, 1205
       evolving, definition, 481
       source of, 481, 1237
       technique of evolution of the, 1236
    realities, of the immortal soul, 26, 498, 757
    soul, dependence of, on the Adjuster , for self-consciousness, 1219, 1230, 1236
       immortal, prerequisite to the evolving of the, 1199, 1218
       survival of, result of, 8, 1218

Morontia(s), 6. Beings – personality
    beings, diversity of function of, 502
       early, utilization of mechanical means of transport by, 521
      transportation facilities employed by, on Edentia, 486
    creatures, higher, transition servants of, 523
       the morontia Jesus’ instruction of, 2040
       personalization of mortals as, after death, 70
    level, personality on the, 1227
    patterns of personality, not material energy patterns, 1236
    personality(ies), forms, human difficulty of comprehension of, 1235-1236
       a function of, on first mansion world, 717
       maintenance of the Satania probation nursery by, 516
       moral personality the forerunner of, 1111
       and the visible morontia Jesus, 2027
    records, availability of, to all orders of personalities, 545
    self, 1219, 1234, 1235-1237
       prerequisites to the creating of the, 1216
    senses, number of, 154
    state, the self’s becoming a more enduring universe reality in the, 1111, 1238
    will, conditions preceding the emergence of the, 1236

Morontia(s), 7. Mota – education
    achievements, 507
    educational system, efficient conduct of, by advanced cherubim, 501, 550
    level, science’s and religion’s partial proof by mota logic on the, 1139
    mota, 556-557, 1121
       and human philosophy, co-ordination of, 536, 556
       and revelation, 57, 1122
       revelation the substitute for, 1122
    -training regime, mid-point of, 485
    wisdom, mota, 518

Morontia(s), 8. Companions
    cherubim, kinship of, to human races, 423, 545
    Companions, 534, 545-547
       as play sponsors, 547
       classification of activities of, 282, 545-547
       creation of, as such, 273, 938
       equal status of the two types of, 545
       field of activity of, 482, 545
       function of, 282, 447, 546
       kinship of, to human races, 545
       number and location of headquarters of, 545
       number in Nebadon, 414
       number in Satania, 534
       origin of, 282, 534, 545
       supervision of Mansion World Teachers by, 550
       temple of, location, 534
       training of, 545
    counselors, function of, 554
    helpers, transition servants of, 523
    teachers, glorified cherubim as, 535
    world seraphim, 551-556

Morontia(s), 9. Life – careers
    careers, certain ascenders’ ability to immediately begin their, prerequisites, 1231
       condition initiating the, 518, 1237
       identity of the, 508, 1235
       Master Spirit’s influence over, 191
       a purpose of the, 551
    life, 536, 541-558
       exemption of many natives of older worlds from, 569
       in local systems, vs. that of material worlds, 542
       Michael’s traversing of the phases of, from his resurrection to his ascension, 1112
       modern religion’s distorted concept of, 541
       nature of the mortal’s first assignment of, 1248
       number of levels of, 481
       span of the, 541
       supervisors, headquarters of, 510
       three-gas-mixture air requirements of, 520
       an unforgettable experience, 557

Morontia(s), 10. Society – activities
    co-ordinated, a factor in stability, 135
    creations, supervision and custody of records of, 545
    creatures, ascending mortals’ introduction to true social life of, 536
    custodians of probation nursery, mansion world parents’ collaboration with, 531
    family, fraternization of all ascenders as one, 340
    group activities, dispensational classes of world pilgrims utilized for, 341
    mortals, and student-visitor colonies, 340
       teaching secretaries to, 428
    progression, the most stabilized epoch of, 495
    progressors, contact of with material personalities and spirit beings, 545
    social activities, character of, 536

Morontia(s), 11. Power supervisors
    power, channels of, function of, 542-543
    Power Supervisors, 319, 509, 539, 542-545
       classification of creative groups of, 542
       and construction of morontia temples, 622
       creation of, time, 542
       functions of, 319, 456, 468, 481, 541-543
       origin of, 542
       self-government of, 543
       seven orders of, 337
       and unrevealed activities of Master Spirits, 189

Morontia(s), 12. Jesus’ morontia experiences
    appearances of Jesus, 2029-2055
    delegates, reaction of, to the Creator’s appearance as a morontia being, 2042
    form, Jesus’, friends’ slowness in recognizing, 2032, 2055
    Jesus, greeting of, to John Mark, 2046
       message of, to the Greek believers, 2033-2034
          to Philadelphia believers, 2041
          to Samaritan believers at Sychar, 2053
    Jesus’ mortal transit from flesh to, 2020
    Master, instruction of the Jerusalem believers by the, 2052
    mortal, Michael’s revelation of his plan to incarnate as a, 1315-1316
    resurrection, Jesus’, Gabriel’s presence necessary at, 2021, 2024

Morontial Havona-life group, 156
    level of worship, 66
    personality, technique of acquiring a, 1111
    realities, man’s need to believe in, 1115
    the soul is, 8, 1191
    values, man’s recognition and awareness of, 1115

Morontians full-fledged, ascenders’ status at completion of Jerusem career, 539
    possible potentially final absolute destiny of, 1169

Morrison beds, location of, 687

Mortal(s) augmenting revelation of the Supreme to their fellows by, 644
    chief executive, function and term of office of, 628-629
    correct attitude of, toward the Trinity, 113
    detention on seven training worlds, Orvonton plan of, 341
    differences between, vs. equal possibilities for spiritual progress, 63
    evolutionary, and universe acts of the Paradise Trinity, 116
    experience, deficiencies of, cure of, on mansion world number one, 533
    Gabriel’s contacts with, 370
    life, desires of, Nirvana a freedom from the, 1037
    planetary recognition for achievements of, in morontia temples, 622
    progression, ascendant scheme of, relation of Ministering Spirits of Time to, 264
    reaction of, to morontia melody and celestial harmony, 500
    of the realm, degradation of the Edenic pair to status of, 845
    the seven fathers of, 587
    status of, on Father’s worlds, 148
    of time, archangels’ records of, 409
       recognition of Ancients of Days by, 209

Mortal(s), 1. Mortal races
    -inhabited worlds, identity of the evolutionary goal of all, 232
    man, God the father of, 64, 640
    race(s), Adam and Eve the gift of physical grace to the, 583
       on an average world, seven developmental epochs of, 576
       bestowal of the Paradise Sons upon the, 647
       initial life of, a struggle, 578
       Life Carrier’s advice on purification of the, 627
       profit to, from the contribution of Adamic blood, 845
    of time and space, 445-447
    Urantia, creators of, 93

Mortal(s), 2. Mortal man
    creature(s), lowest order of life endowed with potential of immortality, 443
       necessity of, to experience death, reason, 1969
       nonsurviving, destiny of spirit elements of, 533
    dual nature of, 381
    man, apparent importance of, to the function of God the Sevenfold, 1273
       changing concepts of, 1146
       creation of, 359
       finite limitations of, 112
       First Source and Center’s function in, 111
       a living mechanism, 1301
       made in image of God, 50
       origin of decrees of survival and extinction of, 180
    nature, upstepping of, by Material Sons, results of, 382
    present status of, 447

Mortal(s), 3. Mortal life
    career, present knowledge about the, 348
    creatures, court advisers’ relation to, 428
    development, Urantian, possibilities of, 734
    drama, death the last act in the, 2016
    experience, a training school, 559
    life, body change at the end of, 1449
    man, not an evolutionary accident, 560
    material, possibilities of development of, 631
    sociability of, 283
    struggles with microscopic foes by all, 564
    struggling, not in vain, 364

Mortal(s), 4. Mortal mind
    ascent, to Paradise, mind spiritualization on the, 32
    body-creative ability of mind of the, 483
    kinship of the mind, 564
    man, inability of, to grasp the perfection of divinity and the magnitude of eternity, 36
    mind(s), ascending career of, 84
       a definition and description, 8
       Infinite Sprit the absolute source of, 80
       influence of choosing of, on eternal survival, 26, 69
       man’s use of his, 8, 1216
       mystery of divine indwelling of, 26
       power directors difficult of conception by the, 319
       a prerequisite to survival of, 565
       source of, 80
    shortcomings, man’s natural consciousness of, 1100
    will, alignment of a, with the Father’s will, 1946
       Thought Adjusters’ subservience to the, 1183

Mortal(s), 5. Personality – the soul
    aspirations, 507
    attainment of spirit identity by, 342
    coherence of, 43
    creatures, degree of Universal Father’s manifestation to, 27
    first experience of, with Spirit mind ministry, 379
    man(men), free will endowed to, 1300
       sons of the Father, 2097
    personality, evolutionary ascent of, 8, 494
    sleeping, unconsciousness of, of passing of time, 341
    soul, potential capacity of, 551
    spirit world attainment of, via morontia life, 541
    spiritual equality of, 1468
    Urantia, God adjusts with, 47
    will creatures, competent and trustworthy, utilization of, in the ascension plan, 1257

Mortal(s), 6. Mortal types
    classification of, 565
    of modified orders of ascension, resurrection halls for, 486
    physical types of, the seven outstanding, 561
    of the primary modified order of ascension, identity of, 570
    primitive, impossibility of Adjuster fusion of, 569
    of the secondary modified orders of ascension, identity of, 486, 570
    of series one, identification, 445-446
       three, brain types of, 447
    series-two, Adjusters’ ministry to, 446
    of time and space, primary classification of, 445
    types, modified, on mansion worlds, Urantia mortals’ communication with, 446

Mortal(s), 7. Religion
    capacity of, to know the Supreme, 1165
    creatures, quest of, for God, 297
    endeavor, highest goals of, 804
    erring, believers to be gentle with, 1931
    existence, routine, man’s need to spiritualize his, 1000
    love for, inspires love by, 39
    man, evolution of the recognition of a God of love by, technique of, 641
       knowledge of, of the presence of the Infinite Spirit, 100
       the supreme study of, 449
       and Universal-Father concept, 21
       when God is seen by, 28
    Paradise Father’s inner contact with, 139
    Pentecost’s influence on, 2064
    power and achievement of, according to his mercy, 380
    progression, furtherance of, a chief business of organized universe, 558
    quest objectified, God more than the, 23
    revelation of God to, 363
    sons, the Father’s distance from and nearness to his, 1176
    spirit of Eternal Son’s relation to, 76
    technique of a, becoming superhuman, 1097
    of time, goal and ideals of creature existence of, 157
    Urantia, inspiration of, to true worship, 304
    use of faith and dependence on revelation by, 221

Mortal(s), 8. Adjusters – angels
    Adjuster-fused, destination of, 345, 1239
    Adjuster-indwelt, as potential worshipers, 590
    angels invisible to, 419
    and angels, comparative time of Paradise achievement by, 440
    candidate for Adjuster fusion on worlds in light and life, procedure of, 623
    career, Adjusters’ influence on the, 1192
    co-operation of, with Adjusters, 1206
    creatures, result of Adjuster indwelling of, 70
    divinely endowed, future possibilities of, 50
    an essential for Adjuster indwelling of, 35
    flesh, indwelling of the, by the divine spirit, 542
    God dwells within, 64, 139
    -inhabited worlds, a prerequisite to Thought Adjuster bestowal on, 227
    life, Adjuster fusion of certain humans during, 570
       angels’ understanding of, 419
    men, gift of God to, 26
    -mind transcripts the possession of the detached Thought Adjusters, 533
    minds, Thought Adjusters’ mission to elevate, 1185
    morontia-temple fusion of Adjusters and, visible phenomena of, 622
    Mystery Monitor’s relation to, 25, 76
    non-Adjuster-fusion types of, identification of, 446
    seraphim’s craving for assignment to, as destiny guardians, 427
    status, ascenders’ passage from, at Adjuster fusion, 539
    survival, angels concerned with, 420
    surviving, and Thought Adjuster, 8

Mortal(s), 9. Mortal destiny – ascenders
    ascender(s), attainments of, in Havona, 158
       enhanced careers of rebellion-proof, 619
       height of attainment of, 558
       Machiventa Melchizedek as a, 514
       progress required of, on continuing planets, 517
       results of arrival on Havona of, 271
       societal relationships of, on Paradise, 300
    ascending, availability of records of status spheres to, 282
    -ascension adventure, glories awaiting pilgrims on morontia worlds of, 493
    ascension, local universe plan of, and special resurrections, 568
       plans, co-operation of divine spirits in the, 101
       transition spheres of, 342
    ascent, temples of worship on worlds of, 502
       Transcendentalers not connected with, 350
    consciousness, in the death sleep, unawareness of the lapse of time by the, 2015
    creatures, an essential to survival of, 404
       and God’s touch of perfection, 36
    death, see Death
    desire for perfection by every, 1573
    destiny(ies), graduate guardians of, definition, 430
       variations in, significance, 452
    as evolutionary ascenders, 866
    fraternization of, with Paradise Citizens and Transcendentalers, 351
    a future for, 50
    of individual orders of ascension, 569
    inward ascent of, 256
    man, attainment of God by, 11
       and his ascension-candidate status, 52
       hope of survival of, 484
    perfected, rebellion tested, as Mighty Messengers, 245
    preparation of, for unknown universe service, 297
    relation of, to seraphim on Paradise ascent, 419
    superuniverse service of, with Stationary Sons of the Trinity, 247
    survival, chances of, 447
       plan, absence of favoritism in, 452
          the objective of, 558
    survivors, degree of development of, on mansion world number one, 534
       introduction of, to morontia career, 483, 540
       study of Material Sons and Daughters by, 515

Mortal(s), 10. Corps of the Finality
    Corps of the Finality, adequacy of present assignment of, 344
       final step in career of the, 347
       Gravity Messengers regularly attached to a, number of, 347
       Havona natives’ assistance to, 346
       membership of Gravity Messengers in, 347
          in, limited to Father-fused creatures, 343
       oath at mustering into the, 305
       Paradise Companions’ attendance on ascenders up to the, 270
       ratio of central universe inhabitants in a, 346
       secondary midway creatures destined to the, 349, 444
       temporary membership in the, 343
    Finaliter Corps, destiny guardians’ candidacy for, 441
       one of the seven of the Corps of Finality, 352
       a requisite for permanent membership in, 346
    finaliter(s), glorified, trinitized offspring of, a function of, 210
       seven ways of spending duty-free periods by, 249
       seventh-stage-spirit destiny of, 508
       trinitization partners of, 249
    Finality Corps, service of, to Paradise Citizens, 289
    glorified, 178, 347-348
    of Paradise Corps of Finality, training of, in administration, 348

Mortal(s), 11. Jesus’ humanity
    achievement, Jesus’ ascent from the human to the divine a, 2092
    bestowal(s), Jesus’ decision regarding his, 1514, 1755
       of Magisterial Sons, vs. those of Michaels, 228
       careers of Michaels, vs. those of Avonals, 229
    body, Jesus’, chief of archangels’ request for, 2022
    career, Michael’s dependence on Paradise Father during his, 1325
    creature, technical termination of Jesus’ work as a, 1513
    experience, Joshua ben Joseph’s exhaustion of all spiritual values attainable in, 1200
    flesh, descent of Sons of God in likeness of, 95
       Michael’s Urantian bestowal in likeness of, 1324
       a Son dwelt with man in the likeness of, 109, 139
    incarnate, Michael’s lack of celestial endowments as a, 1326
    incarnation, technique of, a universal mystery, 228
    life, Jesus,” vs. that of other humans, 229, 382, 1408, 1425-1426, 2063
    nature, living the life of, by Jesus, 1570
    ordinary, Jesus’ purpose to die as an, 2008
    overburdened, anxious, and dejected, effect of Jesus’ ministry on, 1460
    of the realm, Jesus a, 1511, 1594, 1918, 2002, 2021
    remains, of Jesus, dissolution of, 2024
    salvation of, before Jesus’ bestowal, 2017
    spirit, Jesus’ handing over to his Paradise Father his, 2011
    transit, of Jesus, from flesh to morontia, 2020-2021, 2022, 2024, 2025

Mortality of people on worlds in light and life, 630

Moses ability of, to induce many to adopt advanced beliefs about God, 1009
    vs. Adam on divorcement, 1577
    to Amos and Hosea, Israel’s progressive revelation of God from, 1732
    ancestry of, significance, 1055
    a believer in Providence, 1058
    change in concept of God’s nature after days of, 1597
    combating of idolatry by, 1600
    comparison of, with Philo, 1338
    comprehension of Egyptian religious philosophy by, 1056
    compromise adoption by, of Yahweh as the one and only god, 1056
    concession of, to his followers’ fetish worship, 969
    decision of, to cast his lot with his father’s people, 1055
    difficulty of, to interpret the El Elyon concept to the Hebrews, 1058
    elaboration of sacrifices by, 716
    an evaluation of, 1055, 1057
    evolution of the concept of the personality of God from, to Malachi, 1062
       of the religious beliefs of, 1056
    an extraordinary combination of military leader, social organizer, and religious teacher, 1057
    father of, identity, 1055
    father-in-law of, a Kenite worshiper of El Elyon, 1056
    feasts established by, 1379
    followers of, composition of, 1055
    identity of, 1009
    influence on, on Kenite traditions, 1058
    vs. Ikhnaton as a leader, 1047
    Jewish version of creation story credited to, 838
    Jews’ attitude toward laws of, 1340
    law of, fasting a part of the, 1655
       regarding redemption of first-born sons, 1352
    leader of the night flight of the Semites from Egypt, 1056
    a man of meekness, 1575
    the matchless, 1055-1056
    mother of, identity, 1055
    and the new Ten Commandments at Sinai, 1599
    parents of, worshipers of El Shaddai, 1056
    on payment of blood money, 796
    relation of, to Katro, 1016
    on the relation of righteousness and prosperity, 1500
    reputed wonders of, 1518
    special resurrection of, 596, 601
    a superb leader, although a man of meekness, 1575
    supreme teacher of the Hebrews, 837
    teachings of, about God, 1597, 2016
    on Urantia advisory council, 514
    wisdom and sagacity of, 1009

Most High(s) Adam’s children wards of the, 844
    Adamson’s wife and children as wards of the, 861
    adviser, in present Norlatiadek government, function of, 491
    Assistants, field of service of, 410
    associate, junior, of Constellation Father, a function of, 390, 391, 393
    central abode of, vs. that of Faithful of Days, 489
    characteristics of the, 488, 1443
    constellations governed by three, 166
    definition of, 487, 1488
    director, in present Norlatiadek government, 491
    of Edentia, certain planetary problems still under the control of the, 1253
       Jesus’ embrace by, 2041
       jurisdiction over Urantia of, 821
       Melchizedeks’ appeal to, 1014
          teachings concerning the, 1016
       resignation of power to Jesus by the, 1522
       seizure of authority on Urantia by a, 491, 757
       suspension of rotation of, at time of Lucifer rebellion, 490
       Van’s appeal to, 755
       verdict of, on Van’s appeal, reason for delay of, 760
    Father(s), definition, 490, 587
       Edentia the headquarters world of the, 583
    Faithfuls of Days’ relation to councils of, 181
    Gabriel’s counsel with, regarding command of Satania loyalists, 605
    gardens of the, 492
    God, El Elyon the, 1016, 1053, 1598
    group interests of, 495
    identity of the, 1016, 1598
    judge advocate, in present Norlatiadek government, function of, 491
    liaison, in the present Norlatiadek government, function of, 491
    mercy of the, 1443
    of Norlatiadek, 485, 488-489
       oath of allegiance of Material Son and Daughter to, 830
       tree of life sent to Urantia by the, 745
       Urantia children of Adam and Eve as wards of the, 632
    observer, “rules in the kingdoms of men”, 491
    observer, thirty-three-time seizure of Urantia planetary government by the, 1253
    reason for appellation, 488
    referee, in present Norlatiadek government, function of, 491
    regents, Vorondadeks as, 390, 433
    release of Jesus from the morontia state by the, 2057
    rule in the kingdoms of men”, 51, 574, 1071, 1250, 1255, 1488, 1906
    rulers of constellation governments, 179
    secret place of the, man’s dwelling in, 1445
    senior, function of, 391, 488
    term of service of, 390
    the Vorondadeks, 223

Most holy mount, beauty of, 489
    Sphere, location, character, and function of, 120
       relation of homes of Trinity-origin beings to, 148
       a sphere of activity on Paradise, 120

Mota achievement, Jerusem citizens’ classification according to, 518
    characteristics of, 518, 554, 1136
    comparison of, with philosophy, 554
    function of, on morontia spheres, 554, 1139
    influence of, on personality on the morontia level, 1227
    insight, and satisfaction of long-cherished mortal desires, 508
    logic, religion’s and science’s partial proof by, on the morontia level, 1139
    man’s inability to perceive, 1136
    metaphysics man’s substitute for, 1139
    morontia, and revelation, 57
    personality, definition, 518
    prerequisite to the attainment of, 1136-1137
    the technique of the morontia, 1136

Mother(s) ancients’ sacrifice of the interests of, for the child, 940
    bringing their children to Jesus for blessing, 1839
    -child association, the nucleus of marriage and home, 932
       bond, constant functioning of the, 928
    cult, absorption of the Melchizedek gospel in the, 1022
       Danubians followers of the, 897
       onetime prevalence of the, in the Mediterranean world, 895, 1078
       persistence of, in the Christian religion, 895
    Eves, of midsonite experience, finaliters’ worlds the destination of, 401
    -family, a description, 932-933
    of the first humans, death of, 708
    of God sect, the greatest of the mystery cults, 984, 1080
    goddess of Anatolian times, 1478
    of James and John, request of for her sons, 1553
    Jesus’ silence about his mission, to his, 1390
       solicitude for his, 1419
    Jewish, young Jesus’ question about the temple segregation of, 1382
    in the local universe, the Universe Spirit a, 368
    love, and the early home, 765, 787
    love of the Eternal Son comparable to that of a, 76
       is instinctive”, 932
    Mary, alarm of, at “strange” behavior of Jesus, 1386, 1391
       Jesus’ visit to, 1527
    nucleus, electrons’ escape from, 478
    nucleus, of a nebula, possible terminations of, 654
    -Son, Infinite Spirit’s recognition of the, 90
    Spirit(s), adjutant-spirit-mind ministry of, 481
       administrative relation of, to a local universe, 366
       assumption of personal qualities by, 236
       and bestowal of morontia mind, 481
       character of personal nature of, 375
       encircuitment of creature minds in spirit cycles of, 403
       function of, during absence of a Michael Son, 237
       of a local universe, 236, 374-383
          circuit of, 177
          unrevealed career of, conjectures regarding, 204, 205
       mind the gift of, 404, 2062
       Morontia Companions created by, 534
       Morontia Power Supervisors the offspring of, 542
       mortal fusion with fragment of spirit of the, 410
       permanent location of, 237
       seven phases of career of, 203
    of spirits, Divine Minister the, 368
    wheels, of direct-origin suns, 169
    worship, practice of by the Nordics, 897

Motherhood ideal, polygamy a hindrance to, 928

Motion(s) about, 133, 134
    absolute, 133
    an attribute of the Conjoint Creator, 101
    God of Action ancestor of, 99
    inherent, and progress, 316
    linear gravity effected by, 482
    mass as related to, 1477
    physical energy denotes, 9
    primary, definition, 133
    in quiescent zones, 124
    relation of, to gravity, 134
       to matter, 140
       to time, 134
    relative, explanation, 133
    secondary, definition, 133
    space function with relation to, 125, 133
    in space, a necessity to time relationships, 135
    Unqualified Absolute’s relation to, 133
    volitional on Paradise, 120

Motivation divinity of, a factor in eternal potency of good, 552
    God’s dealing with his children on the basis of their, 1133
    spiritual, a necessity for the divinity and safety of wisdom, 614

Motive(s) importance of one’s knowing his fellowmen’s, 1098
    Jesus’ emphasis on importance of one’s, 1571, 1576
    of prayer, importance of, 1639
    superb, in human life, source of, 1727

Mount of assembly, dwelling place of Faithful of Days, 489
    Carmel, as seen by Jesus from the Nazareth hill, 1363
    Gerizim, the apostolic camp on, 1615, 1616
       Samaritan temple on, destruction of, 1612
    Gilboa, a historic spot, 1351, 1374
    Hermon, apostolic corps two-day sojourn at the foot of, purpose, 1752
       ascent, purpose, 1492, 1495, 1755, 1758
       Jesus’ desire to return to, 1745
          experience on, 1493, 1755
       Jesus relating to the twelve his experiences on, 1617
       significance of the Master’s isolation on, 1492-1493
       and termination of the Lucifer rebellion, 1513, 1515
    of Olives, Gethsemane’s location on the, 1606
       Jesus’ farewell to his apostles on the, 2055
       Jesus’ first view of the, 1375
    of ordination, identity of the, 2050
    of Paradise assembly, residence of Faithful of Days, 489
    Royal, origin of, 680
    Sartaba, apostolic retirement to, reason, 1610
       historic significance of, 1374-1375
    Seraph, height of, 521
    Sinai, the holy mountain, 1056-1057
       volcanic activity of, 1054
    Tabor, location of, 1349, 1367
    of Transfiguration, the, 1752-1761
       an extraordinary event in the Master’s bestowal experience, 2091

Mountain(s) building, absence of, in brachiopod age, 676
    building, influences in, 689, 691-692
    effect of, on Andite civilization, 900
    holy, origin of, 945
    mid-age, location of, 692
    modern, North American, beginning of, 682
    movements, continental, beginning of, 676
    oldest, location of, 692
    origin of, 662
    peaks, absence of, prior to the Cretaceous period, 689
    range(s), Alaska to Cape Horn, formation of, 689
       chief factor in determining location of, 691
    stage, modern, 696-698
    youngest, location of, 692

Mourners happy are the, 1570
    for Lazarus, Jesus’ compassion for, 1843
    proclamation of comfort to, 2035

Mourning Buddhism’s effective prevention of, 1038
    costumes, origin and purpose of, 959
    a definition, 1575
    and happiness, 1575

Movement compensatory, function of, 133

Moving objects, simultaneous determination of location and velocity of, impossibility of, 737

Multicellular animals, sudden appearance of, 673

Multilinguists multiplication of, a stimulus to social fraternity, 597

Multiple mating, out-Garden man’s attitude toward, 842

Multiplicity of deities, belief in a, in Mesopotamia, 1042

Multitude(s) Alpheus twins’ policing of the, 1547, 1563
    apostles’ perplexity concerning prayers for the, 1620
    Jesus’ warning regarding the support of the, 1927
    reactions to Jesus’ feeding the, 1702

Murder of Abel, immediate cause of, 848
    accidental, primitive man’s nonrecognition of, 794
    of the Son of Man, Pharisee plotting for the, 1826
    Thought Adjuster indwelling a reason against, 836

Murderer notorious, Pilate’s reaction to the clamor for the pardon of a, 1993

Muscle reaction to music, of Urantia mortals, 500

Music Adamite appreciation of, 835
    age of the flowering of, 595
    an expression of the emotions, 2080
    angels’ appreciation of man’s, 419
    appreciation of, on Urantia, 500
    knowledge of, through mathematic deduction, 141
    origin of, in worship chants, 1006
    of space, celestial musicians’ employment of, 499
    sponsoring of, by beauty, 647
    the universal language, 500, 547
    of Urantia, origin of the best, 500
    and Worship,” one of Jesus’ evening discussions, 1683

Musical organizations, on worlds in light and life, character of, 630

Musician possible Urantia appearance of an outstanding, 500

Mustard seed, kingdom of heaven’s comparison to a, 1583, 1693-1694

Mutant geniuses, source of, 771

Mutation(s) among man’s ancestors, 703
    of the six colored races, time of, 701

Mutual understanding, function of, 315, 598

Myrrh and aloes, use of, in embalming Jesus, 2013

Mystery(ies) absolute, prior to creation of central universe, 91
    characteristics of the, 1337
    cultists, friends of Jesus, meeting of, in Rome, after Jesus’ departure, 1468
    cults, 1081-1082
       Christianity’s triumph over the, 2070
       Ganid’s discarding of, 1433
       the Graeco-Roman world’s attraction to the, 1081
       the Greeks’ acceptance of the, 1079
       one of the sources of Christianity, 1084
       the Roman people’s preference for the, 1081
       the three most popular in the Graeco-Roman world, 1081
    discovery of hidden, mind’s reaching out toward, 483
    explainers of, evolution of conciliators to, 278
    fraternity of, 1337
    Jesus’ technique of using his human and divine minds a, 1787
    of the kingdom, Jesus’ use of parables to explain the, 1689
    of life, bestowal of, 399
    modern man’s craving for, 966
    Monitor(s), Adamic planetary offsprings’ candidacy for reception of, 593
       assistance of, in the establishment of Michael’s spiritual dominion in Nebadon, 1190
       attainment possibilities of beings indwelt by, 361
       chief of, Master Spirit Number One’s relation to, 186
       and children in the probationary nursery, 532
       communion with, and discovery of the divine presence, 64
       comparison of, with the Paradise Trinity, 1271
       divine gifts, 379, 445
       evolving soul’s recognition of spirit leadings of the, 65
       a function of the, 34, 360
          in Spirit-fused mortals, 410
       indwelling of mortal personality by, 25, 69-70, 540
       the Paradise Corps of the Finality the destiny of man and the, 1238
       the preservation of anything of survival value by the, 1200
       relation of, to mortals, 76
          to spiritual classification of their subjects, 568
       supreme Divinington council of direction for administration of, 227
       three titles for, 1177
       truly Godlike, 1182
       unexplainable use by the, of the material-gravity circuits, 1182
       uniform spiritual leading of the, for Urantia mortals, 63
       unique possessions of evolutionary will creatures of finaliter destiny, 1184
       Universal Father’s indwelling of children of time as the, 572, 1176
    of mysteries, 26
    and paganism, influence of, on the Christian religion, 2086
    philosophy in solution of, 302
    religions, legends of, 1337

Mystic experiences, not divine communications to the human mind, 1099
    Jesus not a, 1590
    mistake of many a, 1100
    revelation, Jesus’ faith not a, 2087

Mystical enthusiasm, unrestrained, not divine inspiration, 1000
    state, characteristics of the, 1099

Mysticism of the “dark ages”, 2074
    ecstasy, and inspiration, 1000-1001
    possible danger in, 1099
    practical tests for, 1000-1001

Mythmaker primitive man a, 60

Mythology significance of, 1005
    Urantia, origin of much, 743

Myths technique of conversion of, into facts, 1352


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