YouTube Presentations

More and more conference presentations—both online and in-person—are recorded and made available on YouTube. Urantia Association International has a YouTube channel where many of these recordings can be found. Our Education and Conference Committees produce programs to encourage the study of The Urantia Book and present webinars, workshops, and online conferences via Zoom. To see our full collection click on the Association’s YouTube Channel button:

Apart from the Associations YouTube channel there is a plethora of videos on YouTube relating to The Urantia Book. Here’s a selection that capture the varied facets of individual encounters with the book.

What is The Urantia Book?

Chris Wood – Preparing for Spontaneity

Searching for Answers

What I Love About The Urantia Book

Barry Culligan – Becoming Godlike

Jesus: An Introduction

An introduction to Jesus in The Urantia Book. First shown at the 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions.

President’s Hour – Presented by Gard Jameson

Mo Siegal Urantia Foundation, Chris Wood Urantia Association International, Geoff Theisss Urantia Book Fellowship

Nigel Nunn Video Series

A series of short videos that give a skillful and engaging overview of The Urantia Book that can be shared with Urantia Book readers and non-Urantia Book reader truth-seekers alike.

1. Universe Frames

While prophets may help shape civilizations, our true education, and purpose, is personal. The Urantia Book introduces a new frame in which to explore this very personal adventure.

2. The Personal Universe

The Urantia Book absolutely redefines “personality”, and reveals how a universe of Persons is illuminated by Love.

3. A Family Affair

What’s the best news a Person could ever receive? What was the difference between the “good news” spread by Paul and the apostles, and the good news revealed by Jesus?

4. Urantia Book Cosmology

Part 4 of this series consists of 5 more videos. To view the rest of this series go to Nigel’s YouTube channel by clicking on this button: