The Ultimacy of the Master Universe

The four outer space levels that complete the boundaries of the master universe around the nuclear core of the grand universe are destined to eventuate—evolve the Deity level of Ultimacy. This absonite level of the Ultimacy of Deity transcends the time-space constraints that characterize the finite grand universe. That is to say, the absonite transcends the time-space constraints of the finite. This superfinite level is both antecedent to and consequent of the finite progressions of the time-space Deity level of Supremacy. It pre-dates and influences the current universe age of finite Supremacy, and it is post-Supreme responsive to those significant events occurring within the seven superuniverses of the grand universe.

Just as God the Supreme is both spiritually and personally present in Havona, God the Ultimate is also present in Havona in an absonite (superfinite) and superpersonal sense. Whereas God the Supreme is exerting a spiritual influence on the time-space creation of the grand universe, God the Ultimate effects his influence in transcendence of time and space to the outer borders the four outer space levels of the master universe. In the same sense that the emergence of the Supreme Being is the culmination of all evolutionary-experiential reality, the Ultimate is the fulfillment of all transcendental-eventuating reality. God the Ultimate is power-superpersonalizing throughout the master universe.

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The Absoluteness of the Cosmos Infinite

God expresses his creative will on three different “experiential” levels of reality—the finite level of the Supreme, the absonite level of the Ultimate, and the superultimate level of the Absolute. These three levels of universe expression take on different forms and phases of creative Deity expression. The term experiential here designates reality that is subject to evolutional growth, where potential realities must evolve and emerge to become fully actualized, and where perfection is a goal to be achieved. Experiential is used to distinguish these three sub-infinite and non-absolute levels of progressive reality expression from the existential (changeless) and infinite level of eternity—the absolute level of Paradise. Paradise is the eternal center of the universe of universes and the abiding place of the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit. The three experiential levels of creation are expressive of different modes of Paradise Deity manifestation, and each sub-Paradise level of creation is personalizing a Deity being of expressed divinity. All three of these derivative Deity personalities are not yet fully existent; they are in process of actualization. They have origins, though they are eternal in destiny.

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The Circle of Eternity

God inhabits and rules the circle of eternity. His eternal nature is a never-beginning and never-ending circle. The Father exercises ever-expanding consciousness and ceaseless self-realization within this never-ending circle of eternity,

… He upholds the worlds in space and swings the universes around the endless circle of the eternal circuit. [Paper 3:2.2, page 46:6]

Reality is without limitation within the cosmic circle of eternity—it is universal, eternal, absolute, and infinite. Within the eternity cycle, divinity transcends and masters time-space. The universe of universes eternally circles around the Paradise source and center of all things and beings.

God’s purposes and plans for his creation may seem to vary from one universe location to another and they may depend on whether we are looking at their impact on the microcosmic or the macrocosmic aspects of his creation, but looking out from the circle of eternity there is perfect unity of intent and implementation.

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First National Meeting Urantia Association of Peru

December 8th – 10th, 2017

Dear Friends and Readers of The Urantia Book,

It is with great pleasure that we announce first National Conference of the Urantia Association of Peru. It will be held in Pachacamac, a countryside region of Lima, 30 minutes away from the city.

The Urantia Association of Peru has recently been incorporated and its Governing Board members are working very hard to promote the study of The Urantia Book and dissemination of its teachings, by forming study groups. The aim of this National Conference is to get to know, relate, interpret, be inspired and act upon the legacy of Jesus teachings, as well as to promote brotherhood. The conference will be in Spanish and we will be utilizing plenary presentations as well as experiential workshops throughout the weekend.

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African Urantia Conference – Ghana

April 20th – 22nd, 2018

Minister Pato Banton is joining forces with The Urantia Book Readership in Accra, Ghana and across Africa for a beautiful international spiritual gathering—a visionary conference of fraternal fellowship with live musical performances, refreshments and dinner for everyone in attendance.

This event will be sponsored by Urantia Association International and is open to anyone who can make it to this event.

The conference will be held at:
Africa Regent Hotel
237-238 Airport West Rd Cantonments
Accra, Ghana

If you would like to travel to Accra Ghana and join us on this amazing adventure to Africa, please contact Antoinette Hall at [email protected] for information on flight costs, hotel fees and visa requirements.

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Resurrection Hall

What will it be like when you awaken after life on earth? In Resurrection Hall, author Rick Warren attempts to explore that question in light of revelations found in The Urantia Book. The book reveals a great deal about our future life, from our first breath on Mansion World Number One to our arrival on Paradise as perfected beings.

Resurrection Hall is a spiritual odyssey based on these revelations, about the Maylon Family, who resurrect on the first mansion world to begin the long, long journey to God’s abode at the center of all things and beings.

About the Author:
Rick Warren is a father, grandfather, retired repairman, veteran, and thirty-year student of The Urantia Book. He is a newly published fiction writer living in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. The Resurrection Hall story was inspired by revelations in The Urantia Book and created wholly by combining divine revelation with human imagination. It is the author’s wish to provide a new vision of our next life and to make life on Earth richer in knowledge and security of persistence of eternal meanings and spiritual values, alongside the survival of our loving personal relationships with God and the myriad children of time and space.

I just received this book and what a treasure it is. I was crying by the second page and could feel the love that abounds when Kala saw her guardian angels. The emotions and feelings that your words have released is a true blessing, and I thank you for your contribution on my journey. Sincerely, with love and blessings, Linda

Available at:

(Cover design by Susan Lyon)

FAQ’s with the Facts

A New Study Aid for Students of The Urantia Book

What are the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about God, Heaven, Angels, and Religion and how does The Urantia Book answer them? There are 344 specific questions in The Urantia Book. In addition to these questions we searched FAQ pages from websites of many different sources about these topics. We asked people, “If you could ask God one question, what would it be?” Perhaps these questions are the very questions you have in your own heart and mind. Every question and answer is merely a small part of the larger truth contained within The Urantia Book. Teaching by asking and answering questions was one of the most powerful teaching tools that Jesus used.

“FAQ’s With The Facts” series is an introduction to The Urantia Book for those people not yet familiar with it. We hope to reach people who have questions but are not getting answers they can accept or believe from other sources. Students of The Urantia Book will find this to be a great study aid when they quickly want to find answers to specific questions.

People are often too busy or too distracted to study religion, spirituality and philosophy in depth by reading The Urantia Book but they might be able to consume it in small portions of truth.  That is what each question is: a spoonful of truth.  Hopefully, once the person gets a taste of it, they will like it and want more.

Rick Lyon

FAQ’s with the Facts book series:

Volume 1 – “God, Heaven, Angels, & Religion”—Available Now!
Volume 2 – “Jesus, Son of God & Son of Man” (release date Easter 2018)
Volume 3 – “Living the Life of a Mortal” (release date Thanksgiving 2018)
Volume 4 – “Science, Philosophy, & Cosmology” (release date Easter 2019)

Available at:

Cosmic Creations website

Book cover created by Susan Lyon


Personalities of The Urantia Book

This is the brain-child of Pete DeCamp from the USA for students of The Urantia Book and study groups. It is a well thought out study aid and comprehensive work providing 139 pages of descriptions, functions and characteristics of the revealed personalities and beings in The Urantia Book. It has recently been made available in book form thanks to the work of members of the Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association.

Information in this book is sorted alphabetically and by page. Each description consists of direct quotes from The Urantia Book along with the paper and page number of the information making it convenient for researching it further in context.

This book has received great praise from many students of The Urantia Book as a magnificent study aid and resource material.

Comments from Cathy Jones:

I just received the copies of The Entities, Beings, and Personalities of The Urantia Book. Since I started reading The Urantia Book in 1978, I often thought how good it would be to have all the characters in the book identified in one place for easy reference in studying. When the Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association first compiled the book, according to each one’s origin and purpose, it proved to be very accurate and a time-saver both in my personal study and especially in Study Group.  A great companion to The Urantia Book. Thank you.

Available at:

Cosmic Creations website at:

An old PDF version is also available on Urantia Association’s website at:

Book cover created by Susan Lyon.

IC17 Conference Video Presentations

The presentations and other activities held at the Urantia Book Fellowship’s recent conference in Denver, Colorado (IC17) were video recorded and are now available for viewing at

These recordings are of a professional standard and are very easy to watch; it’s just like being in the audience so if you were unable to attend the conference, we recommend you take some time to have a look at them.

Thank you to Gaetan Charland and his team for providing such a wonderful service to the Urantia Book reader community.

President’s Message – September 2017

There has never been a busier, more productive time to be in service to the Urantia Revelation!

The Urantia Book tells us that:

Service—more service, increased service, difficult service, adventurous service, and at last divine and perfect service—is the goal of time and the destination of space. [Paper 28:6.17, page 316.4]  

That’s all fine and dandy, but I’ve got a hive of hornets that have embedded themselves in the walls of my home and are swarming the office.  

I have been devoting a great amount of time to the contemplation of “motivations” lately. My wife and I will be giving a short speech on the concept of service to an upcoming conference so we are reading about it, discussing it with others, and jotting down ideas to piece together into a speech. One of the definitions that The Urantia Book provides is that “service” is a “living love” which I generally re-phrase as “service is love put into action.” And although I’m sure I’ll make a metaphor out of this at some point, I’m distracted because there are literally dozens of hornets buzzing the window trying to figure out how to escape through glass panes.

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International Conference 2018 – Amsterdam

12—15 April 2018

If you’re planning to go to Urantia Association’s International Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands next year, we urge you to book your accommodation in the hotel now! A lot of activities take place in the region surrounding the conference venue at that time of the year, so it is very important to book your accommodation early to insure you secure a room.

While you’re at it, if you haven’t registered for the conference yet why not also register now! The date for the €75 Early Bird discount has been extended to 1st October 2017 so start planning and make your bookings.

Book Your Accommodation Now!

Register for the Conference Now!

For more on the conference visit our website at: and the conference website at

Jesus as a Teacher: 2018 Urantia International Conference in the Netherlands

An Experiment for Study Groups

During the last period of our study group sessions, from September 2016 to June 2017, we introduced a technological addition to our group to offer an alternative to students who could not attend the group in person for various reasons. This addition was the use of an Internet conference application called Zoom which is easy to use and has unparalleled accessibility from multiple platforms such as computers, tablets or smart phones. 

This was an almost instant success for our group as many participants during the winter months are faced with challenges such as braving snowstorms and slippery roads, being afflicted by the seasonal flu, and other situations that might limit their participation. At the beginning of our experiment, some members needed time to adapt to this new way of participating, but soon, they could enjoy the session as much as the other participants who attended the group in person. 

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A Call for Children’s Works

The family is the channel through which the river of culture and knowledge flows from one generation to another. [Paper 84:0.2, page 931.2] 

The Education Committee of Urantia Association International is in the planning stages of developing Urantia Book related programs for children and families as part of the Association’s outreach in the spreading of the revelation to the next generation.  

We know that many students of the book have devoted a lot of their service-time and energy in creating secondary works and study aids to assist families and their children as well as creating children’s programs for conferences or study groups. We ask those of you who have authored or created such works to please consider sharing your work with us.  

We are also developing a resource center of material so we can easily share these valuable creative endeavors and we would like to include your work in our children’s catalogue. This way we may build upon what already exists and share your work with others. If you are interested in contributing to this this program, please contact Jeannie Vázquez (Education Chair) at education[at]urantia-association[dot]org.

Bolivia Book Fair, Santa Cruz

Two students of The Urantia Book in Santa Cruz decided to present the book at the 18th International Book Fair of Santa Cruz (FIL) that was held over 12 days from 31 May to 11 June, 2017.  

Long before the book fair, we applied for a booth, only to discover our first obstacle: that all exhibition spaces were fully booked out. We were told we may get a booth if someone cancelled and were added on a waiting list with 15 other people. This was daunting at first, but we felt confident we would get a place—after all we were working for the Father! And so we did; after a while we received a call from the organizers telling us that there was a space. We gave confirmation even before we had the money to pay for it, which was due in 5 days. But the money also appeared! We paid and started preparing banners, flyers and spiritual vitamins.  

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Book Fair in Lima, Perú 

Attending a book fair is always interesting. Books—many books of every kind including comics, recipes, sports, stories, novels, history, science, as well as those about the customs of each invited country including our own country of Perú can be found.   

This year in 2017, the International Book Fair (FIL) exceeded the attendance of last year’s book fair by 23%. Even though more adults as well as some young people used to attend, this year there were teenagers and children in the company of their parents. That does not mean that reading has increased, however the interesting thing is that families walked “together,” visiting each stand filled with books representing different companies, publishers, and countries. 

I must say that participating in this type of book fair was extraordinary, not only because of the comradery we volunteers shared as brothers and sisters, but also because of the things that happened. There is one particular aspect that I must tell and that is how good it was for us Peruvian Urantia Book readers to be working at the booth for several days alongside our friends from Urantia-Bogotá.  

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Ecuador Book Fair 

Readers from the Urantia group, Lectores del Jardín de Edentia in Ecuador organized a Urantia Book booth at the book fair in Puce, Chillos Valley which was held 29 May to 2 June this year. Although attendance at this book fair was a little disappointing as it was held mid-week when most people were at work, many students and teachers attended and we were pleased to be given an opportunity to give an introduction presentation on The Urantia Book.

We handed out around 1,500 flyers with information on the book and sold four books. We collected the names and contact details of 10 people who were already readers of the book, and another 20 from people who were interested. Six of these people live in the Chillos Valley and will possibly come to the study group there.

We are extremely grateful to those individuals and groups who provided assistance to make this event possible. Urantia Association International provided us with our financial needs, 20 books were donated by the Latin American Committee and were brought in by our Colombian sisters Isabel and Italy, and Agustín Arellano arranged with some generous readers in the United States to donate 10 books.

All in all this was a great experience for us, and we expect to do even better next year.   

Efraín Vivanco Maldonado
Coordinador del Grupo “Lectores del Jardín de Edentia”

Ecuador Conference 

Members of the “Edentia Garden” study group organized the Ecuador National Conference 5-6 August in the Chillos Valley, which is one of the two big valleys that surround Quito, the capital of Ecuador. There were several talks and a workshop and Saturday night was dedicated to socializing which provided many opportunities for people to interact with one another and make new friendships. Together the group decided that Guayaquil will be the city for the next national conference in 2018. 

Visitors to the conference included Andres Ramirez from Colombia, Agustin Arellano from Mexico and Nelida Oliver from Argentina. Nelida has lived most of her life in Ecuador and is a prolific worker for the dissemination of the teachings of The Urantia Book 

The Chillos Valley Group has been particularly active in the last couple of years under the leadership of Efrain Vivanco, who travelled with many members to the Latin American Conference in Bogota in 2016. They have organized a Urantia Book booth at the book fair in Ecuador this year and initiated the National Conference as well as the creation of a new Urantia Association for Ecuador.  

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European Blue Club Meeting

The annual meeting of the European Blue Club was held in Vienna from 20—21 May of this year. Around 12 people from different countries came together to talk about a very delicate and controversial topic. We discussed the different events that have been happening all over Europe. The topic was “Islam.” 

At the beginning of the meeting, a presentation was made with the title “How to Deal with Islam.” As Urantia Book readers, we realized that the approach had to be different. It is not about dealing with something that seems to be wrong. It is about how to engage with people who have different beliefs, who have other traditions and ways of thinking that may be very different from what we are used to. It is about respecting the diversity of every person and still engaging in unity. 

Some of the people who attended the meeting raised the question about whether it was necessary to discuss the political situation in Europe as it relates, among other things, to the waves of refugees coming from different parts of the planet. Also, how should our leaders act or react in this matter. We soon realized that in our position we have to focus on what we can do as individuals and to ask ourselves what would be the right approach for engaging our Muslim brothers and sisters. 

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French National Meeting

The annual gathering of the AFLLU (French-Speaking Urantia Association) for 2017 took place recently, which included a program with the theme, The Influence of the Spirit of Truth on Each One’s Spirituality. 

 Along with the program, a business meeting took place, addressing the situation of the association, our help for the African French speakers, and the renewal of the governing board. Sixteen members were present (out of 41) with 8 non-affiliated readers.

The Spirit of Truth:

The sphere of his/its influence is difficult to understand for Urantia Book students because it is hard to differentiate from the ministry of the angels and the Adjuster. The term ‘Comforter’ is helpful but the examples of the apostles, who gained renewed energy to go off courageously with the announcement of the kingdom of God, do not supply much light on what changes this bestowal really brings about.

The fact that evolution has accelerated since then on both social and technological fields seems to show that this influence is mainly to be found in the greater courage to fight for legitimate and reliable values and discoveries. But these values and discoveries are apparently due to other influences which prompt us to exercise better judgment and to better use our intellectual powers (Adjuster, Angels).

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Passing the Torch of Light to Future Generations 

the security of civilization itself still rests on the growing willingness of one generation to invest in the welfare of the next and future generations. [Paper 84.7.27, page 941.8]

…man possesses the power, by controlling the educational training of the younger generation, greatly to modify the evolutionary course of civilization. [Paper 81:6.24, page 909.5]

It is a fact that a lifetime truly flies away. Twenty years ago, those that are now-a-days middle-aged people were young, and in twenty years ahead they will already be part of the so-called third age. But what responsibility lies underneath such a pretty obvious fact? Well, a responsibility of utmost importance: to prepare today´s children, teenagers, and youth generations to be the torchbearers of the spiritual light for humanity. That is something every committed reader of The Urantia Book understands well. And, of course, it does not happen by an act of magic; neither is it a process that takes place naturally. It is rather an endeavor of sowing the right causes in order to reap coherent consequences.

each succeeding generation of youth must receive anew its education. The superior qualities of civilization—scientific, philosophic, and religious—are not transmitted… by direct inheritance… only by the enlightened conservation of social inheritance. [Paper 68:0.2, page 763.2]

In that sense, “The purpose of all education should be to foster and further the supreme purpose of life, the development of a majestic and well-balanced personality… the work of teaching youth how to engage in life planning and character progression (195:10:17, 2086.3), by providing them, in early life, with favorable conditions—“…liberty…restrained by love, motivated by loyalty…, directed by the intelligent discipline of wisdom(177:2.7, 1923.1), that will enable the development and promotion of real individual and social evolution. Only this type of education, “assisting the child to win the battle of life…” (84:7.26, 941.7), has the power of truly breaking-down the vicious cycle of unconsciousness spiritual neglect that repeats itself generation after generation, colored by traumas and low family patterns that, when not overcome and worked on consciously by parents, arise unconsciously in their children, as a never ending cycle.

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