Ecuador Book Fair 

Readers from the Urantia group, Lectores del Jardín de Edentia in Ecuador organized a Urantia Book booth at the book fair in Puce, Chillos Valley which was held 29 May to 2 June this year. Although attendance at this book fair was a little disappointing as it was held mid-week when most people were at work, many students and teachers attended and we were pleased to be given an opportunity to give an introduction presentation on The Urantia Book.

We handed out around 1,500 flyers with information on the book and sold four books. We collected the names and contact details of 10 people who were already readers of the book, and another 20 from people who were interested. Six of these people live in the Chillos Valley and will possibly come to the study group there.

We are extremely grateful to those individuals and groups who provided assistance to make this event possible. Urantia Association International provided us with our financial needs, 20 books were donated by the Latin American Committee and were brought in by our Colombian sisters Isabel and Italy, and Agustín Arellano arranged with some generous readers in the United States to donate 10 books.

All in all this was a great experience for us, and we expect to do even better next year.   

Efraín Vivanco Maldonado
Coordinador del Grupo “Lectores del Jardín de Edentia”

Ecuador Conference 

Members of the “Edentia Garden” study group organized the Ecuador National Conference 5-6 August in the Chillos Valley, which is one of the two big valleys that surround Quito, the capital of Ecuador. There were several talks and a workshop and Saturday night was dedicated to socializing which provided many opportunities for people to interact with one another and make new friendships. Together the group decided that Guayaquil will be the city for the next national conference in 2018. 

Visitors to the conference included Andres Ramirez from Colombia, Agustin Arellano from Mexico and Nelida Oliver from Argentina. Nelida has lived most of her life in Ecuador and is a prolific worker for the dissemination of the teachings of The Urantia Book 

The Chillos Valley Group has been particularly active in the last couple of years under the leadership of Efrain Vivanco, who travelled with many members to the Latin American Conference in Bogota in 2016. They have organized a Urantia Book booth at the book fair in Ecuador this year and initiated the National Conference as well as the creation of a new Urantia Association for Ecuador.  

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European Blue Club Meeting

The annual meeting of the European Blue Club was held in Vienna from 20—21 May of this year. Around 12 people from different countries came together to talk about a very delicate and controversial topic. We discussed the different events that have been happening all over Europe. The topic was “Islam.” 

At the beginning of the meeting, a presentation was made with the title “How to Deal with Islam.” As Urantia Book readers, we realized that the approach had to be different. It is not about dealing with something that seems to be wrong. It is about how to engage with people who have different beliefs, who have other traditions and ways of thinking that may be very different from what we are used to. It is about respecting the diversity of every person and still engaging in unity. 

Some of the people who attended the meeting raised the question about whether it was necessary to discuss the political situation in Europe as it relates, among other things, to the waves of refugees coming from different parts of the planet. Also, how should our leaders act or react in this matter. We soon realized that in our position we have to focus on what we can do as individuals and to ask ourselves what would be the right approach for engaging our Muslim brothers and sisters. 

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French National Meeting

The annual gathering of the AFLLU (French-Speaking Urantia Association) for 2017 took place recently, which included a program with the theme, The Influence of the Spirit of Truth on Each One’s Spirituality. 

 Along with the program, a business meeting took place, addressing the situation of the association, our help for the African French speakers, and the renewal of the governing board. Sixteen members were present (out of 41) with 8 non-affiliated readers.

The Spirit of Truth:

The sphere of his/its influence is difficult to understand for Urantia Book students because it is hard to differentiate from the ministry of the angels and the Adjuster. The term ‘Comforter’ is helpful but the examples of the apostles, who gained renewed energy to go off courageously with the announcement of the kingdom of God, do not supply much light on what changes this bestowal really brings about.

The fact that evolution has accelerated since then on both social and technological fields seems to show that this influence is mainly to be found in the greater courage to fight for legitimate and reliable values and discoveries. But these values and discoveries are apparently due to other influences which prompt us to exercise better judgment and to better use our intellectual powers (Adjuster, Angels).

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Passing the Torch of Light to Future Generations 

the security of civilization itself still rests on the growing willingness of one generation to invest in the welfare of the next and future generations. [Paper 84.7.27, page 941.8]

…man possesses the power, by controlling the educational training of the younger generation, greatly to modify the evolutionary course of civilization. [Paper 81:6.24, page 909.5]

It is a fact that a lifetime truly flies away. Twenty years ago, those that are now-a-days middle-aged people were young, and in twenty years ahead they will already be part of the so-called third age. But what responsibility lies underneath such a pretty obvious fact? Well, a responsibility of utmost importance: to prepare today´s children, teenagers, and youth generations to be the torchbearers of the spiritual light for humanity. That is something every committed reader of The Urantia Book understands well. And, of course, it does not happen by an act of magic; neither is it a process that takes place naturally. It is rather an endeavor of sowing the right causes in order to reap coherent consequences.

each succeeding generation of youth must receive anew its education. The superior qualities of civilization—scientific, philosophic, and religious—are not transmitted… by direct inheritance… only by the enlightened conservation of social inheritance. [Paper 68:0.2, page 763.2]

In that sense, “The purpose of all education should be to foster and further the supreme purpose of life, the development of a majestic and well-balanced personality… the work of teaching youth how to engage in life planning and character progression (195:10:17, 2086.3), by providing them, in early life, with favorable conditions—“…liberty…restrained by love, motivated by loyalty…, directed by the intelligent discipline of wisdom(177:2.7, 1923.1), that will enable the development and promotion of real individual and social evolution. Only this type of education, “assisting the child to win the battle of life…” (84:7.26, 941.7), has the power of truly breaking-down the vicious cycle of unconsciousness spiritual neglect that repeats itself generation after generation, colored by traumas and low family patterns that, when not overcome and worked on consciously by parents, arise unconsciously in their children, as a never ending cycle.

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Italian-French-Swiss Urantia Conference

6th October to 8th October, 2017

We invite you to our third yearly Italian-Swiss-French conference, taking place this year in the city of Rimini, in northern Italy.

The theme for this conference is: “Doing the Will of the Father.” We will read and study the following Urantia Book selections: 108:2.10 / 11:5.4 / 141:2.2 / 153:3.2, and Papers 110 and 111. This will be a spiritually uplifting meeting of people sharing high ideals, and who love to share these teachings in-person with other readers from all over Europe.

Our conference is open to all persons interested in The Urantia Book and even for English-German or Spanish speaking Urantia Book readers with our on-location translators. We look forward to welcoming again last year’s participants, as well as meeting new friends.


The Hotel Bikini offers us special room rates—all rooms are right on the sea with a superb view! Room prices include a rich breakfast buffet for the participants.

45 Euro per person per night for a double occupancy double room
60 Euro per person per night for single-occupancy double
15 Euro lunch, including beverages and coffee
15 Euro dinner, including beverages and coffee


Please register for the conference as soon as possible by sending me an e-mail before 20 September 2017!

A 20 Euro registration fee will be payable at the conference.


Viale Cristoforo Colombo 4
447921 Rimini RN, Italy
Tel +39 0541 25700
Website Hotel
Email: [email protected]

Please note: You are required to reserve your rooms directly with the hotel!

The special rates will be available to us from Thursday, October 5, to Monday, October 9.


Bologna’s Airport is about 100 km away. A bus service every hour costs 20 Euro. The train from Bologna Station is direct to Rimini and not expensive.

Rimini, where our Hotel Bikini is located, is a city of 146,606 inhabitants in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy and capital city of the Province of Rimini. It is one of the most famous seaside resorts in Europe, thanks to its 15-kilometre-long (9 mi) sandy beach, over 1,000 hotels, and thousands of bars, restaurants and clubs.

European Urantia Leadership Meeting

27th October to 29th October, 2017

To the ​RC ​members ​and ​other ​leaders ​of ​the ​European ​Urantia ​Community,

We ​are ​happy ​to ​announce  ​that ​we ​are ​going ​to ​have ​our ​first ​European ​Urantia ​Leadership ​Meeting ​in ​Sitges-Barcelona ​from ​27th ​- ​29th ​October, ​2017 ​with ​the ​theme:

“Serving the Revelation ​​in ​Europe ​in ​the ​21st ​Century.”

The ​meeting ​starts ​on ​Friday ​the 27th ​at ​6 ​pm ​with ​welcoming ​and ​presentations ​of ​the ​National ​and ​Local ​Associations, ​and ​ends ​on ​Sunday the 29th ​with ​a ​lunch ​at ​2 ​pm.

We ​encourage ​you ​to ​discuss ​these ​plans ​with ​the ​leaders ​of ​your ​Association ​as ​part ​of ​the ​preparation ​process ​for ​the ​meeting.

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Hara Davis Study Aids

Following are descriptions of three major works created by Hara Davis to assist students of The Urantia Book in their study.

1. Urantia Study Aids

These colourful Study Aids are designed to clarify the main concepts from The Urantia Book and may be useful for readers who need a visual aid to comprehension. They are designed for use in study groups or presentations to help convey information in a more visual way. It is an A4 booklet of 44 pages and wonderful for showing to non-readers of The Urantia Book to explain all the main concepts within the book.

This new edition contains new pages on Thought Adjusters and Space Respiration. Also available in French and Spanish translation and on Amazon Kindle.

Click on the link below or on the image to purchase this book.

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President’s Message – June 2017

I taught university courses for a few years and my favorite course to teach was Introduction to Philosophy. Introductory courses translate a subject’s ideas into common language, while in-depth courses teach you a new language to better develop these ideas. I liked the idea of taking what might literally be a lifetime of work and dedication and cutting it down to one hour’s worth of reading and one hour’s worth of lecture. You have to provide enough of a hook to each subject that it might grab the attention of a student, enough depth that it will show the worthiness of dedicating a career to its study, enough hints at future studies to give those students paths forward, but also enough of a structure and closure that the ninety-nine percent of students who listen and are not fascinated can still recall later in life, “Oh, yeah, Utilitarianism. It’s great for group decision making but I think it’s flawed as an individual moral system.”

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Unity Initiative Report

Trinity Flag of MichaelIn October 2016, a small group of leaders from Urantia Association International and the Urantia Book Fellowship met in Chicago to discuss the potential unification of our two organizations. This meeting was approved by the Association’s International Service Board and Representative Council, and the Fellowship’s Executive Committee. It was not the first time our community has met to discuss ways to achieve better harmony and cooperation between the two groups, but at this meeting, those present produced a proposal outlining steps that could be taken toward organizational unity. This “Transition to Unity Proposal” was then presented to the leadership boards and councils of both the Association and the Fellowship to be embraced, rejected or amended.

In February 2017, the General Council of the Fellowship passed two resolutions, one of which embraced the short term cooperative steps recommended in the “Transition to Unity Proposal,” but fell short of including statements about their desire for unity and the proposed initial structure of a united organization. The second resolution reaffirmed the Fellowship’s commitment to its continued operation of Uversa Press in relation to its printing of The Urantia Book.

The Association has no intention of being a competitor of Urantia Foundation. If organizational unity is to be achieved, the publishing of The Urantia Book needs to be separated from any united social organization, and ideally left to the Foundation. However, the Fellowship’s stand is that its continued publishing of The Urantia Book is an important part of its service to the Urantia community.

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2018 Urantia International Conference

12-15 April 2018

Urantia Association of the Netherlands (UAISUN) invites you to attend the 10th International Conference of Urantia Association International in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Our conference theme is ‘Jesus as a Teacher’ and we are inviting students of The Urantia Book from all over the world. The subtitle is ‘Are You Ready to Live His Teachings In the 21st Century?’ This question calls us to explore what we know about Jesus’ teachings, his personal religion, and his message to us today. The program will inspire us to be true followers of Jesus and his teachings, and become the leaders and teachers of the future. 

The Conference

In the beautiful surroundings of the flower fields near Amsterdam, the ‘Conference Centre Leeuwenhorst in Noordwijkerhout’ will be the venue for our gathering. This conference centre offers everything we need to host a successful event. The conference will emphasize studying together, sharing with each other, and most of all, experiencing spiritual brotherhood.

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Annual Report 2016

The Association’s 2016 Annual Report is now ready for you to review and download from our website at:

(You can also find this PDF by going to and scroll down to find the Annual reports.)

Revised Home Page for Website

The Association’s Home Page of the website has been revised to reflect the social nature of our organization. Some colour and style changes on the secondary pages have also been revised. Check it out at:

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Bogotá Book Fair

The International Book Fair in Bogotá, Colombia was held April 25 to May 8, 2017 with a booth hosted by Urantia Association of Bogotá and with financial support from Urantia Association International. More than 40 volunteers participated in the booth. Guest volunteers from some Latin American countries were invited to come and volunteer to learn from this highly experienced group on how to host a successful book fair booth. Volunteers from Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Colombia answered the invitation and gained valuable hands-on experience.

Over 500,000 visitors attended the book fair, 23,000 flyers introducing The Urantia Book were handed out to visitors coming through the booth, 85 email addresses were collected, and 60 soft-cover books provided by Urantia Foundation were sold. The Bogotá team also made contact with 33 schools where they will be donating books to their libraries and holding conferences for students and teachers.

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Spanish Urantia Book Readers Meet

The 16th meeting for Spanish Urantia Book readers was held from April 28th to May 1st in the Hotel Tryp in Guadalajara (near the capital, Madrid.) In attendance were almost 50 people hailing from the north, east, and south of Spain. Antonio Schefer’s presence was appreciated as he again came The Netherlands to represent Urantia Association International.

The theme of this meeting was “God in Man,” which is the title of section 6 in Paper 108 (Mission and Ministry of Thought Adjuster). The main subject of discussion were the Thought Adjusters: what they are, what they do for us, and what we will become together. On this occasion, our goal was to coordinate the presentations so they could approach different aspects of the Thought Adjusters and our relationship to them.

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Our Trilogy Mission – London, Birmingham & Ghana

We were already excited about the prospect of working in partnership with Urantia Association International during our 2017 Urantia Conference in Accra Ghana, when Antonio Schefer alerted us to Antonio Roque’s desire for us to host a Study Group “meetup” in London in the UK during our visit to Birmingham (UK) en route to Africa. Even more thrilling was the knowledge that some of our Urantia family in Europe had expressed their desire to fly over and join us too!

Part 1—Hallmark Hotel, East London, UK 

Initially, the London gathering was intended to be a full day of studying The Urantia Book with some live music (performed by us) intertwined, but because many of us were meeting for the first time, we decided to change the format into a group discussion which would allow us to get to know each other better, to learn about our individual journeys since finding The Urantia Book and to see how we could improve on applying the teachings in our daily lives. Of course the music was still interwoven throughout the program, but now, everyone was involved in contributing to the celebration!

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Study Groups and Us—Survey Results

Two months ago a survey was sent to English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French readers on the email list of Urantia Association International. This survey was created with the goal to find better ways to serve the growing community of study groups, and with the objective to find the different characteristics inherent in the many kinds of study groups existing throughout the world.

On behalf of the Study Group Committee I’d like to thank everyone who devoted a few minutes of their time to respond to this survey.

I’d like to share a summary of this survey with you so you can—in your own ways—find some answers or solutions that may make your study groups more responsive to the needs of different kinds of readers and cultures.

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Youth & Study Groups

I worry that we are swimming upstream when we try to insert younger adults into study groups made up entirely of older people. Many times I have been one of the token young adults at Urantia events, and while I am glad that I attended them, being the odd man out always held an undertone of discomfort; and I did, at one point, stop attending a study group when I felt like I simply could not fit in. I think that I was more tolerant of the age difference than the average person, and to ask that of every younger attendee is asking a lot.

I have been enjoying studying the book independently for the past several years. I do, however, long for the community aspect of simply spending an evening with other students of The Urantia Book. A younger friend of mine says that she does not attend a study group because she just doesn’t like to sit with a group to study; she prefers to learn about the book through normal, informal conversation. If we have no alternative group to attend, we would, to a large extent, be left out of the Urantia community.

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Young Readers & Study Groups

I read with great interest your article in the last Tidings and both responses from young readers that were printed with it. From what the young (and extremely erudite) Venezuelan reader had to say, it would appear that young readers might be more interested in group study if the group itself consisted of only young readers. She did not mention this, but my thought is that perhaps one, more experienced student as a guide or clarification source would be helpful, if not downright indispensable! to such a group. One problem I foresee with this model is, of course, finding young readers with the time, venue, resources and dedication to host and/or facilitate such groups. Obviously, the easiest way for the first three issues to be addressed is to establish these study groups online. As for the dedication required, that depends wholly on the spiritual investment of the founding young reader.

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Southeast Urantia Gathering, USA

On the weekend of May 5 a group of 20 Urantia Book readers from different states including Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida and Georgia met at a beautiful nature center in Alabama for the whole weekend. Mark Kurtz, who was the main organizer for this event had created a program that covered interesting topics for all those present. During this gathering a few readers had been chosen to make presentations on different topics. The beautiful camaraderie that was present at this gathering was the confirmation of its spiritual maturity and encouraged everyone to share their longing for the welfare of the revelation.
This was spiritual brotherhood in the making!

Dutch Speaking Urantia Conference—21st August

As in previous years Urantia Association of the Netherlands (UAISUN) is organizing this year’s 2017 annual Urantia Conference for Dutch speaking students of The Urantia Book on August 21st. We will also be celebrating the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, the incarnation of Michael of Nebadon.

Last year we enjoyed an upward trend in the number of attendees compared to previous years; we hope this development continues.

This year’s conference will focus on: Jesus as a Human Being, as the Living Way, as the Leading Example. We will be exploring how Jesus developed as a human being prior to his public work.

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