Jesus lived a religion of service. (5:4:7)

We searched The Urantia Book for the word ‘service’. As we know, The Urantia Book consists of 2097 pages, and in these pages the word service appears 644 times, an average of once every 3.25 pages. And in almost every context, it is a loving service.

Teamwork, the joy of working with our God-conscious friends, in tandem with our spirit friends, is the reason we serve. The motive for serving is uniform but calls us in diverse ways and to different tasks.

Does your soul crave service? Opportunities to serve the revelation are abundant. They are all around us; in that chance encounter, by being bold in individualistic social settings (like posting up a table at the farmers market), by signing up on the Study Group search site to make yourself available to host a study group, by volunteering to help the hosts of a conference or special event, by committing your talents or position to a local, regional or international association, by participating in online discussions like the Forum or Facebook, and by offering insights on how to connect with young readers.

The Association benefits from active participation by “older” and “younger” readers. Our web presences are intended to connect students from across the Urantia movement. And while many of us are getting older, those who currently serve in leadership roles are very interested in mentoring those who are being nudged by their angels, called to share the most inspiring Good News ever shared: “God is our loving Father, we are all one family.” We have faith that this mission, serving a unique epochal revelation to a unique world, will always attract true religionists, young and old. We have made much progress in expanding our Association worldwide; as a global team of leaders, we are laying the foundation to continue spreading the Good News to future generations. Don’t bury your talents!

What we’ve learned about service is that we are led by the spirit, but it is up to us to act, and in this act we experience love, truth, beauty and goodness, as well as a better understanding of the teachings of Jesus. We experience that divine privilege, the gift of serving God.

In what ways are you led to serve? Please, reach out, act, and receive abundant blessings.