The Mission of the Prisoner Inquiry Response Team 

“After reading some of your book, The Urantia Book, I have become highly intrigued. I am writing to you to request a copy of this outstanding literary work so I can know more about God the Father of ALL, and every aspect of Him and his heavenly host.”  

These enthusiastic words dictated by a prison inmate are an excerpt from a letter written to me as a member of the Prison Inquiry Response Team (PIRT), a ministry sponsored by the Urantia International Association. Another inmate wrote, “I am an avid truth seeker, and recently a friend shared The Urantia Book with me. I have been amazed, edified, and overjoyed. It ties together so many loose ends and confirms certain ideals of mine while also expanding upon them.”  

These excerpts are just a sample from the many letters sent by inmates who are genuinely seeking to learn more about God and grow their souls by studying the The Urantia Book. Serving as a member on the PIRT team I receive letters every month from inmates seeking to know God in deeper ways. Prisoners invariably request that we send them their own copy of The Urantia Book as they have usually borrowed the book from fellow inmates. Some have eagerly expressed a desire to start their own study group within the prison. They may request study materials that will aid them in grasping the expansive truths they are reading about. Prisoners also make requests for correspondence courses that will help enlighten their grasp of revelatory truth.  A few have asked that we contribute copies of The Urantia Book to their respective prison libraries to make the book more accessible to their fellow inmates who are truth seekers.  

While some inmates are simply writing to request their own personal copy of The Urantia Book, others have sincere spiritual questions and are interested in connecting with a PIRT volunteer as someone whom they may correspond and study The Urantia Book with.  One inmate wrote the following appreciative words, “I received your letter and as always it lifted my spirit knowing that I would learn something new. I never thought I had two angels assigned to me, standing by my side guiding us through the lowly path of our earthly existence. I am just sorry that I have disappointed them for the majority of my life. I just pray one day I will see the blessings from these disappointments.” Another inmate wrote, “After reading the pages that you pointed out I realized we should not judge anyone. I used to be very judgmental, pointing out the wrong in everybody else. We need to be humble. This can contribute to your spiritual growth, and the marks of religious living will shine so everyone can see. Love thy neighbor as God loves you is the very context of doing God’s will.”  

Clearly the transformative truths revealed within The Urantia Book are infiltrating and reaching those hungry souls living behind the walls of correctional facilities. 

Please consider joining us as we seek to minister to the least of our brethren on Urantia. The PIRT team is in need of additional volunteers and would be glad to hear from you and answer any questions that you may have. You may contact PIRT by emailing: 

And remember that, inasmuch as you minister to one of the least of my brethren, you have done this service to me. 176:3.5                                                

And this kingdom shall include the worshiping souls of Jew and gentile, rich and poor, free and bond, for my Father is no respecter of persons; his love and his mercy are over all. 137:8.6. 

Because of this highestimate which Jesus placed upon men, he was willing to spend himself in the unremitting service of humankind. 196:2:10