2024 Urantia Association International Conference Update

Nurture Your Soul with Study, Worship, and Camaraderie! 

The Urantia Book reminds us that we mortals are a gregarious lot. A Melchizedek states in Paper 49, “Human beings are all gregarious.” In Paper 99 another writes, “The fact of man’s gregariousness perforce determines that religious groups will come into existence.” It is wonderful to attend a Urantia conference to attain a deeper understanding of the revelation, but let us also heed the words of our Estonian brother, Kamo Kalda, from a Urantia Foundation conference report: 

“Whenever I speak with someone who has attended a conference, they usually don’t remember the topics of the presentations, but they do remember the people, the emotions, and the joy.” 

It will be six years since the last, in-person international conference, due to Covid canceling the Peru conference of 2021. Time (and Zoom) breeds complacency, so let us not forget the value of gathering in numbers, the force of our Adjusters when we come together in a large group, the strength that we garner from the Spirit of Truth that shines so brightly when we study and pray in-mass. Let us come together to meet and hug our global brothers and sisters, joyfully embrace our geographically distant friends, and to laugh, learn, worship, and live in our mortal, gregarious fashion. 

Delving into a deeper understanding of the revelation will be at the forefront, with this conference themed The Nature and Nurture of the Soul. Here is a beautiful video to inspire, and we hope, move you to come and be nourished by the amazing event that has been planned. It is from studying such an important topic with our brethren that a deeper understanding of the soul and its ensuing interpersonal experiences can take deep hold and endure. 

There will be eight plenaries on the Nature and Nurture of the Soul presented and introduced by kindred spirits. There will be breakout sessions, social gatherings, and kids and teens programs throughout the conference, with everything intended to nourish us all, and culminating with a beautiful Easter Sunday celebration of Jesus. 

Located on the beautiful campus of the Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies, the Maritime Conference Center offers an inspiring maritime setting, where you will pass through hallways adorned with seven-foot models of seafaring vessels and centuries of Merchant Marine history. 

What are the activities planned? 

After check-in and dinner on Thursday, the Hawaii Urantia Local Association (HULA) will host a Hawaiian-themed reception. The festivities will include live music, hula dancers, and lots of Macadamia nuts! You can grab a drink at the bar and join in the aloha spirit with old and new friends. 

On Friday and Saturday nights, you will be entertained by talented musicians and a grand piano in the beautiful auditorium. On Easter Sunday morning we will conclude the conference with a special worship and remembrance of Jesus. 

Important face-to-face meetings of the elected officers of Urantia Association will be held during the event. Such sessions are a great opportunity for all who are curious about how we serve and govern to observe, be inspired, and be mentored. Urantia Association leads the world in revelation service, and new leaders always emerge from our international conferences. Join us in Baltimore and help us serve the world into the future. 

Bring the whole family! Check out the bustling children’s and teen’s programs, organized by Alice Wood. 

Little Kids (9 and under) – Bring your kids for a fun-filled weekend. The children’s program will feature activities from the Hometown Nazareth curriculum (adapted for Urantia kids) in which kids will be introduced to the childhood of Jesus in a way that makes him relatable. 
Big Kids (10 -12) – In the mornings, big kids will move through the Hometown Nazareth activities with the little kids, but they can choose to be helpers or regular participants. In the afternoons they will go on field trips with the teens. 
Easter – Of course, we couldn’t do Easter without an Easter egg hunt. Part of the program will be spent preparing Easter baskets which they will collect eggs in on Easter. 
Under age 3 – We’ll watch over the babies, too. If your child has a hard time with separation, we may ask you or your partner to come join us in the children’s room. 

Teens (13 and up) – In the mornings, teens will have a lesson from The Urantia Book through the SeraphiMail activity pages. They will also engage in two service projects: they will create a “night under the stars” space so the little kids can be cozy during their story time, and they will make preparations for the little kids’ Easter egg hunt.  
In the afternoons there will be two field trips for the Big Kids and Teens. Locations are subject to change, but likely to the arboretum and to Terrapin Adventures for a ropes course. 

Everyone – For all ages, time is set aside for outdoor play and swimming. 

If you are already registered for the conference, be sure to tell us that your kids are coming. Email us at uausconference2024@gmail.com with any questions. 

Mind is your ship, the Adjuster is your pilot, the human will is captain. The master of the mortal vessel should have the wisdom to trust the divine pilot to guide the ascending soul into the morontia harbors of eternal survival. 111:1.9 

Come and set sail with us! 

For those who wish to extend their trip to gaze upon the wonders of our planet, the cherry trees will be in full bloom, the US Capitol is a 45-minute train ride from the Conference Center, and the Maryland Office of Tourism provides information on several other nearby places of interest. 

Use this link to register and learn more: Conference Registration Page. The discount conference rate expires 1/15/2024. Room rates are guaranteed until our reserved block is fully booked, after which rates could increase to the current market rate. 

This conference is promoted and hosted by Urantia Association International and Urantia Association of the United States, and sponsored by Urantia Foundation and Truthbook.