President’s Message – September 2023

The First Source and Center. First Person of Deity and primal nondeity pattern, God, the Universal Father, creator, controller, and upholder; universal love, eternal spirit, and infinite energy; potential of all potentials and source of all actuals; stability of all statics and dynamism of all change; source of pattern and Father of persons. 105:3.2 (1155.6)

When we delve into The Urantia Book, it is not difficult to perceive the colossal and magnificent creation of our Heavenly Father. The numbers are impressive, from the countless quantity of planets, galaxies, and inhabited worlds to the vastness of descendant children created. The most impactful aspect is realizing that all of this was created for us, with the purpose of elevating our cosmic consciousness and spiritual progression, an evolutionary career from imperfection to perfection. Everything and everyone is at our service, including our celestial Father, the creator, controller, and sustainer of all things and beings. He serves us in countless ways, some by sharing in all of our experiences, such as with the Thought Adjusters, always seeking to guide us towards perfection. At other times, for example, he simply provides all forms of energy that sustain the Universe of Universes, endlessly and inexhaustibly. Sometimes, we fail to realize simple things like seeing and having the sun, rain, air, and all the natural resources that serve us. Everything comes from the same source.

Later, we learn about the countless orders of created beings, with infinite resources and abilities, always serving us in various ways. To serve and serve, to the Father and to all of us.

They support us, enlighten us, provide for us, grandly serving with love, patience, tolerance, with astonishing determination and persistence, and above all, always respecting our free will. We may not realize it, but they are there.

Even we mortals, after reaching our destiny and purpose, serve tirelessly:

During the present universe age the finaliters return to serve in the universes of time. They are assigned to labor successively in the different superuniverses and never in their native superuniverses until after they have served in all the other six supercreations. 31:0.10 (345.4)

Loving and selfless service to the Father and the kingdom is the path to the elevation of all living beings of any order. It could not be different for us mortals. Those who have found God and long for the establishment of the Kingdom of God among men play a fundamental role in the construction of this kingdom, which is precisely to serve as a link, complementary, helping their peers to connect, to find God.

This is a complementary work because naturally we do not have the power to make a connection that can only be made by the Spirit and the individual. However, we can be the living, perceptible, real tool capable of revealing to the individual the wonder of living in the kingdom of God.

The great question that challenges our minds is how to serve? What to do? We are alarmed by the number of problems to be solved in the world and, of course, individually we would not be able to solve all these problems, but the fact is that we are an important part of the solution. The feeling of powerlessness takes hold of our being and frustration brings with it inaction.

The mistake is precisely to bring this challenge to our minds, there lies the error. We must allow the Spirit to guide us, to flow with its love, light, and guidance through us, to coordinate our mind. Our task is not to take the burden of material disappointments off the shoulders of the afflicted, although that may be desirable in many situations. Nor do we have immediate solutions to all the diseases and misfortunes that surround us.

Our task is to bring to all these afflicted ones the faith, hope, and comfort of a strong, loving, and consoling Father. The material challenges, our misfortunes, will not disappear. They will continue to exist. What will change is the way we deal with them, without losing our hopes of a better eternal future, with the understanding that afflictions are temporary experiences.

I admonish you ever to remember that your mission among men is to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom—the reality of the fatherhood of God and the truth of the sonship of man. Proclaim the whole truth of the good news, not just a part of the saving gospel.” 193:0.4 (2052.4)

We should not blame ourselves for all the problems we cannot solve. But it is a pity when we omit ourselves in those challenges that are within our jurisdiction, among our family, friends, in our work, in all the opportunities of our daily lives.

We have the opportunity to engage in this task in countless ways, but the central point is always love and service. We need to form study groups, be a leader or participant in one of them. We need translators, be one of them. Our list for volunteer work is almost endless. Certainly, some of these tasks can count on your loving dedication.

Let our Father guide and illuminate us always.