Focus on the Mother

Two thousand years ago on a mountain in the Middle East an event happened that never occurred before and will never again happen in this universe. It was a momentous occasion known to us as the Mount of Transfiguration, but this term is only semi-accurate. The activities did take place on Mount Hermon, and three humans witnessed their Master, Jesus of Nazareth, in a form never seen; they awoke to see their human friend “transfigured” into a shining being of heavenly light. But Jesus did not really transfigure. In the cosmic sense he allowed his Apostles to see him in superhuman form—though not in his full glory as a Creator Son, as that divine energy would likely consume his friends and probably the rocks of the mountain as well. “No man can see God and live.”

The most unique aspect of the gathering, one that cannot be repeated, was the participation of three humans, along with one divine human, one divine Creative Daughter, and two of their highest-ranking spiritual children. The conference was necessary for several reasons: for Jesus / Michael to receive a briefing on universe affairs from Gabriel and Father Melchizedek, including his bestowal success, and to plan the final human chapter of Jesus’ mission; to dramatically reveal his divinity (via the physical controllers at “Jesus’ request”) to his closest human associates; and also to allow Michael and his mate to exchange words of love and support (not revealed but that’s what I’m saying).   

Meaning of the Transfiguration

That which Peter, James, and John witnessed on the mount of transfiguration was a fleeting glimpse of a celestial pageant which transpired that eventful day on Mount Hermon. The transfiguration was the occasion of:

                  1. The acceptance of the fullness of the bestowal of the incarnated life of Michael on Urantia by the Eternal Mother-Son of Paradise. As far as concerned the requirements of the Eternal Son, Jesus had now received assurance of their fulfillment. And Gabriel brought Jesus that assurance.

            2. The testimony of the satisfaction of the Infinite Spirit as to the fullness of the Urantia bestowal in the likeness of mortal flesh. The universe representative of the Infinite Spirit, the immediate associate of Michael on Salvington and his ever-present coworker, on this occasion spoke through the Father Melchizedek. 158:3.3 (1755.3)

The inclusion of the Divine Minister in this family reunion goes unnoticed, usually. A careful reading, however, leaves no doubt that Michael’s consort was made present. Why the midwayers phrased the passage this way, alluding to the Mother Spirit of Nedadon, is an interesting question. It may also be related to the non-reported content of their celestial chat (hint: it was a very personal conversation). Of course, we note the fact that our Divine Mother is always stationed on Salvington, upholding the life currents and mind circuits of our universe, and spoke through an intermediary. We seldom discuss the love of our two universe Creator Parents for each other. Maybe because it’s such a blazingly high and holy affection, it strains the mortal mind to conceive. It is, however, the pattern that is installed in us, shared when we summon the courage to love others at the limit of our capacity, whatever that is. It’s what we are called to do: explore that limit of loving without regard for the perceived value of who we love. Like our Creator Father and Mother do.  

Everyone on the mountain that night knew that Jesus was destined to be martyred, even if his human friends were in denial. It was too much for them to consider. It may have been a lot for our Divine Minister to consider. Her mate had been away on a perilous mission, had already suffered serious human sorrows, and what was coming would test Jesus in the most unfair and barbaric “passion drama” in history. If I were writing the story of their final incarnation separation, in obedience to the Father’s plan of creator education, this is what the most beautiful person in Nebadon would say to her most beautiful companion, “Oh, honey, you have done so well. Now be strong; we will be together again soon. I love you with the heart of our universe.”