Resurrection Hall

What will it be like when you awaken after life on earth? In Resurrection Hall, author Rick Warren attempts to explore that question in light of revelations found in The Urantia … read more of Resurrection Hall.

FAQ’s with the Facts

A New Study Aid for Students of The Urantia Book What are the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about God, Heaven, Angels, and Religion and how does The Urantia Book … read more of FAQ’s with the Facts.

Hara Davis Study Aids

Following are descriptions of three major works created by Hara Davis to assist students of The Urantia Book in their study. 1. Urantia Study Aids These colourful Study Aids are … read more of Hara Davis Study Aids.

The Fifth Revelation

Key Passages from The Urantia Book From the formation of the galaxies and earth itself, through the birth of Adam and Eve, to the present time of epochal change, The Fifth … read more of The Fifth Revelation.


The Paramony contains about 60,000 cross-references paralleling and harmonizing the Bible and The Urantia Book. It also contains over 10,000 cross-references internal to the Bible and several thousand internal to … read more of Paramony.

Tales of Joshua

A Tale of Jesus for Children Tales of Joshua is the story of Jesus’ life taken from The Urantia Book and is designed for children aged 6-12, but is enjoyable … read more of Tales of Joshua.