Derivative Works – Novels by Rick Warren

The Urantia Book encourages us to be creative in the way we share our understanding of truth. And the number of study aids and derivative works produced by creative and imaginative students of the book is staggering.   Rick (or Richard) Warren, long time student and scholar of The Urantia Book and loyal supporter of Urantia Association International, is a prolific writer of novels that classify as “derivative works” of the Urantia revelation. Rick served on the Association’s ISB as Dissemination Chair … read more of Derivative Works – Novels by Rick Warren.

Dialogues with Sofia: A Novel to Introduce The Urantia Book Teachings

I always had the idea of writing in my head, and as a child I wrote a few short stories, but I also had the impression that I needed years of reading and experience to even consider writing a novel. Having read great authors gave me great respect for the writing process, and I felt … read more of Dialogues with Sofia: A Novel to Introduce The Urantia Book Teachings.

Salvation Not Purchased

Urantia Book readers may want to know about my new book, Salvation Not Purchased: Overcoming the Ransom Idea to Rediscover the Original Gospel Teaching (Cascade Books, 2020). About thirty years ago, I noticed that The Urantia Book gets very passionate whenever it confronts the Christian atonement doctrine. The narrators of the book point out that … read more of Salvation Not Purchased.

Resurrection Hall

What will it be like when you awaken after life on earth? In Resurrection Hall, author Rick Warren attempts to explore that question in light of revelations found in The Urantia Book. The book reveals a great deal about our future life, from our first breath on Mansion World Number One to our arrival on Paradise as … read more of Resurrection Hall.

FAQ’s with the Facts

A New Study Aid for Students of The Urantia Book What are the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about God, Heaven, Angels, and Religion and how does The Urantia Book answer them? There are 344 specific questions in The Urantia Book. In addition to these questions we searched FAQ pages from websites of many different … read more of FAQ’s with the Facts.

Personalities of The Urantia Book

This is the brain-child of Pete DeCamp from the USA for students of The Urantia Book and study groups. It is a well thought out study aid and comprehensive work providing 139 pages of descriptions, functions and characteristics of the revealed personalities and beings in The Urantia Book. It has recently been made available in … read more of Personalities of The Urantia Book.

Hara Davis Study Aids

Following are descriptions of three major works created by Hara Davis to assist students of The Urantia Book in their study. 1. Urantia Study Aids These colourful Study Aids are designed to clarify the main concepts from The Urantia Book and may be useful for readers who need a visual aid to comprehension. They are … read more of Hara Davis Study Aids.

Heaven Is Not the Last Stop

A Vision for Personal Transformation, Spiritual Unity, and Cultural Progress Fundamental concepts from The Urantia Book Words from the author: “Have you ever asked yourself why our world is burdened with intolerance, prejudice, and hate when the foundations of all major religions are love, peace, and service? Do you wonder why we can’t seem to … read more of Heaven Is Not the Last Stop.

Up Close & Personal With The Urantia Book

This expanded edition of “Up Close & Personal with The Urantia Book” completes the author’s philosophical description of The Urantia Book’s holistic character by adding the new chapter relating science with religion – The COSAR Principle – A Revelatory Proposition. The Coordination of Science and Religion (COSAR) as revealed in The Urantia Book breaks down … read more of Up Close & Personal With The Urantia Book.

The Fifth Revelation

Key Passages from The Urantia Book From the formation of the galaxies and earth itself, through the birth of Adam and Eve, to the present time of epochal change, The Fifth Revelation: Key Passages from The Urantia Book encapsulates millennia in three hundred fascinating pages. In 1971, when author Kelly Elstrott discovered The Urantia Book his life was changed … read more of The Fifth Revelation.

An Introduction to the Urantia Revelation

This is an introduction to the basic concepts of The Urantia Book, including quotations, illustrations, fold-out charts and glossary. Beginning with an overview, we are introduced to the nature of the Creator and creation, planetary history and dispensations, the Lucifer rebellion, Adam and Eve’s default, spiritual ministries to humans, and life after death. The last … read more of An Introduction to the Urantia Revelation.


The Paramony contains about 60,000 cross-references paralleling and harmonizing the Bible and The Urantia Book. It also contains over 10,000 cross-references internal to the Bible and several thousand internal to The Urantia Book. Click here or on the image to view it Read More of Paramony.

Tales of Joshua

A Tale of Jesus for Children Tales of Joshua is the story of Jesus’ life taken from The Urantia Book and is designed for children aged 6-12, but is enjoyable for readers of all ages. These tales begin with the traditional “Christmas Story” and follow Jesus through his childhood years in Alexandria and Nazareth. The … read more of Tales of Joshua.

A Study of the Master Universe

A Development of Concepts of The Urantia Book  After many years of dedicated study and contemplation of the Urantia Papers, William S. Sadler, Jr. wrote A Study of the Master Universe in which he develops concepts of The Urantia Book. His untimely death November 22, 1963, prevented him from seeing the fruits of his labor in print, whereby he could share … read more of A Study of the Master Universe.

Workbooks for The Urantia Book

Originally published in the 1950s and 1960s, these study aids were authored by Dr. William S. Sadler and Alvin Kulieke to serve as texts to train teachers and students of The Urantia Book. These new 6″ x 9″ paperback books, published by Urantia Foundation in 2003 are printed on top-quality paper, feature full-color covers and … read more of Workbooks for The Urantia Book.