Derivative Works – Novels by Rick Warren

The Urantia Book encourages us to be creative in the way we share our understanding of truth. And the number of study aids and derivative works produced by creative and imaginative students of the book is staggering.  

Rick (or Richard) Warren, long time student and scholar of The Urantia Book and loyal supporter of Urantia Association International, is a prolific writer of novels that classify as “derivative works” of the Urantia revelation. Rick served on the Association’s ISB as Dissemination Chair and was later a member of the Communications Committee until a few years ago when he resigned and told us he needed to focus his time and energy on writing a book. That book turned out to be Resurrection Hall—A Mansion World Odyssey, the first in a series of novels he has been producing ever since.   

Following are brief descriptions of each of his novels: 

Resurrection Hall – A Mansion World Odyssey 

Richard Warren

What will it be like when you awaken after life on Earth? 

Resurrection Hall attempts to explore that question in light of new revelations found in The Urantia Book. Published in 1955, it reveals a great deal about our future life, from our first breath on Mansion World One to our arrival on Paradise as perfected beings. Resurrection Hall is a spiritual odyssey based on these revelations, about the Maylon Family, who resurrect on the first mansion world to begin the long, long journey to God’s abode at the center of all things and beings. 

Battlefield Guardians – Angels in Vietnam 

Richard Warren

In 1968 Ernie Baker was a nurse, a draftee, a conscientious objector, and a medic assigned to a combat unit. His tour of duty in the army is similar to many young men who were drafted, trained, and sent to Vietnam—with one extraordinary exception: Ernie is visited by his Guardian Angels. In vivid and unprecedented detail, the angels describe an array of heavenly worlds, the “many mansions.” They even grant him a view of the next life while they enlighten him on the deepest meanings and highest values of this life. And Ernie’s angels recruit him for a unique spiritual mission: To record, and someday publish, their revelations to him. He wrote it all down—the war, the angelic visits, everything that happened during one terrible and wondrous year. 

The Gardens of Eden – Life and Times of Adam and Eve 

Richard Warren

Stories of the original humans are universal. Ancient myths were widely believed to hold profound lessons, if not actual truth. But what if Adam and Eve really lived? What if the Biblical tale of the parents of humanity is based in fact? What if they were assigned to this world by the Most High rulers of our universe, and did indeed establish a garden of unsurpassed earthly beauty? And what if our traditional accounts are missing even greater revelatory details that shed light on all human history, and offer valuable insights about guiding modern civilization? “The Gardens of Eden” reveals a new record of Adam and Eve that offers startling and unexpected information on the myth about the Fall of Man. Their lives, their love story, and what unfolded almost 40,000 years ago, profoundly affected the evolution of mankind. But these heavenly beings did make one disastrous error. And that is why there were two Gardens of Eden. 

The Melchizedek Mission – Salvaging Truth 

Who is Melchizedek? In this revealing new book, the fourth in a unique spiritual genre by author Richard E. Warren, the layers of an intriguing religious mystery are pulled back. Melchizedek, the priest who “brought wine and bread” to Abraham has been the subject of speculation by Biblical scholars for centuries; some even say he didn’t exist. What was his real mission—and did he succeed? Now we know the full story of he who “had no mother and no father.” Could Melchizedek have been both human and divine, a wisdom teacher sent to prepare the way for Jesus? Discover the answers to these questions and much more. Reviews of Warren’s four previous novels: “…I lent your first book to friends of mine, and they are mesmerized.” “…Congratulations! It is wonderful. Thank you for another beauty!” “A beautiful read!! Highly recommend!!” “…I’ve read it three times so far and am planning to read it to two others who were fascinated with my passionate reaction.” “…It was hard for me to put down… It is a gift.” “…I loved it. A sequel would be wonderful.” 

The First Humans – Andon and Fonta (available as an e-book) 

Richard Warren

What if you could know who the first two humans were? Would you be interested? Imagine this, about a million years ago an adorable set of twins were born, they grew up, ran away from their animal ancestors, then parented the human family. Now, imagine what they were like, where and how they lived. How many were their offspring? How many words were in their vocabulary? Who or what did they worship? 
So little is known about Andon and Fonta, but they could have been real people who appeared on Earth and went on to found the human race. Somebody did, why not them? 
The details presented in this short story are plausible and fascinating. And they have the ring of truth. If indeed the story is true, a new version of history will have to be written. Take a trip back, far back in time, and get a sense of who we might have as our primordial parents. Discover how their family grew to half a billion, who and where their modern descendants are. It’s a remarkable story, and it will make you wonder where such a story came from. 

Novels in Progress:  

The Planetary Prince – Revelation and Rebellion. Should be out by May or June. 

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