Hara Davis Study Aids

Following are descriptions of three major works created by Hara Davis to assist students of The Urantia Book in their study.

1. Urantia Study Aids

These colourful Study Aids are designed to clarify the main concepts from The Urantia Book and may be useful for readers who need a visual aid to comprehension. They are designed for use in study groups or presentations to help convey information in a more visual way. It is an A4 booklet of 44 pages and wonderful for showing to non-readers of The Urantia Book to explain all the main concepts within the book.

This new edition contains new pages on Thought Adjusters and Space Respiration. Also available in French and Spanish translation and on Amazon Kindle.

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2. Urantia Work Book

This unique and colorful 49 page Work Book is a topical guide designed to help readers of The Urantia Book apply the concepts contained within the book to our daily lives. It is the same A4 format as the Study Aids with lots of pictures and diagrams.

This Work Book is especially for those who want to put spiritual values into practice in their lives. I believe we have a responsibility to our Thought Adjusters, our Guardians of Destiny but most of all to ourselves and those we come into contact with to be the best we can be. Together with quotes from The Urantia Book and my own suggestions and exercises, I hope this Work Book will help us to be more aware of our shortcomings and actually do something about it. We are all encouraged to ‘do the Father’s Will’ and the Father’s will is to be more like him. I hope the Work Book will give you the incentive to work on yourself and help to turn flesh into soul.

The Fruits of the Spirit are mentioned many times in The Urantia Book as necessary qualities to attain true self-mastery. I have taken each ‘fruit’ and suggested ways of developing the qualities in our daily lives. Other topics include Marriage, How to Be a Better Parent, Education, Prayer, Worship, Jesus’ Teachings at Tyre, The Golden Rule, War, Peace and even the thorny subject of Genetic Progress and much more.

Also available in French and Spanish translation and on Amazon Kindle.

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3. The Urantia Ascenders’ Handbook

This book gives a visual description of our journey through the heavenly spheres as described in The Urantia Book. It begins with our short but intense test as mortals on the material plane of existence on Urantia and then chronicles our journey upwards through the morontia worlds of our local system and constellation before reaching our local universe headquarters where we attain spirit status. The journey continues through the minor and major sectors of our superuniverse until we reach Uversa, our superuniverse capital. From here we are prepared for our transit through the seven circuits of Havona before the last transit sleep to Paradise and the eventual destiny of ascending mortals—the Finaliter Corps. This awesome journey is presented in as much detail as possible for the benefit of those Urantia students who enjoy a more visual representation of our future career.

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