Personalities of The Urantia Book

This is the brain-child of Pete DeCamp from the USA for students of The Urantia Book and study groups. It is a well thought out study aid and comprehensive work providing 139 pages of descriptions, functions and characteristics of the revealed personalities and beings in The Urantia Book. It has recently been made available in book form thanks to the work of members of the Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association.

Information in this book is sorted alphabetically and by page. Each description consists of direct quotes from The Urantia Book along with the paper and page number of the information making it convenient for researching it further in context.

This book has received great praise from many students of The Urantia Book as a magnificent study aid and resource material.

Comments from Cathy Jones:

I just received the copies of The Entities, Beings, and Personalities of The Urantia Book. Since I started reading The Urantia Book in 1978, I often thought how good it would be to have all the characters in the book identified in one place for easy reference in studying. When the Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association first compiled the book, according to each one’s origin and purpose, it proved to be very accurate and a time-saver both in my personal study and especially in Study Group.  A great companion to The Urantia Book. Thank you.

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Book cover created by Susan Lyon.