A Study of the Master Universe

A Development of Concepts of The Urantia Book 

After many years of dedicated study and contemplation of the Urantia Papers, William S. Sadler, Jr. wrote A Study of the Master Universe in which he develops concepts of The Urantia Book. His untimely death November 22, 1963, prevented him from seeing the fruits of his labor in print, whereby he could share his deep insight with all who might be interested. No major change was made in his original work, only minor editing.

Illustrations & Summaries

  1. Stages in the Transition of Reality from Static, to Potential, to Associative
  2. Summary: A Three-Way Classification of the Seven Absolutes of Infinity
  3. A Simplified Chart of the Central Universe
  4. A Simplified Chart of the Master Universe
  5. Seven Superuniverses in Relation to Havona
  6. Summary: A Functional Presentation of God the Sevenfold
  7. A Symbolic Portraiture of the Seven Master Spirits
  8. Relationships of Adjacent Space Levels
  9. Summary: The Seven Levels of Total Deity Function

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