FAQ’s with the Facts

A New Study Aid for Students of The Urantia Book

What are the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about God, Heaven, Angels, and Religion and how does The Urantia Book answer them? There are 344 specific questions in The Urantia Book. In addition to these questions we searched FAQ pages from websites of many different sources about these topics. We asked people, “If you could ask God one question, what would it be?” Perhaps these questions are the very questions you have in your own heart and mind. Every question and answer is merely a small part of the larger truth contained within The Urantia Book. Teaching by asking and answering questions was one of the most powerful teaching tools that Jesus used.

“FAQ’s With The Facts” series is an introduction to The Urantia Book for those people not yet familiar with it. We hope to reach people who have questions but are not getting answers they can accept or believe from other sources. Students of The Urantia Book will find this to be a great study aid when they quickly want to find answers to specific questions.

People are often too busy or too distracted to study religion, spirituality and philosophy in depth by reading The Urantia Book but they might be able to consume it in small portions of truth.  That is what each question is: a spoonful of truth.  Hopefully, once the person gets a taste of it, they will like it and want more.

Rick Lyon

FAQ’s with the Facts book series:

Volume 1 – “God, Heaven, Angels, & Religion”—Available Now!
Volume 2 – “Jesus, Son of God & Son of Man” (release date Easter 2018)
Volume 3 – “Living the Life of a Mortal” (release date Thanksgiving 2018)
Volume 4 – “Science, Philosophy, & Cosmology” (release date Easter 2019)

Available at:

Cosmic Creations website

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