The Fifth Revelation

Key Passages from The Urantia Book

From the formation of the galaxies and earth itself, through the birth of Adam and Eve, to the present time of epochal change, The Fifth Revelation: Key Passages from The Urantia Book encapsulates millennia in three hundred fascinating pages.

In 1971, when author Kelly Elstrott discovered The Urantia Book his life was changed forever. Almost thirty years later he compiled The Fifth Revelation in gratitude for the way The Urantia Book has guided and enriched his life.

The Fifth Revelation offers readers an illuminating sneak preview of the uplifting life teachings recorded in the original text of The Urantia Book, as well as a stand-alone volume of spiritual strength and beauty.

From the beginning, the reader is drawn into a universe startlingly reminiscent of George Lucas’ “Star Wars” with countless inhabited planets. The good guys of earth, also known as Urantia forge their way to perfection through the path of love and beauty and integrity, while the bad guys, who have rejected God’s plan of brotherhood, perennially try to sabotage the way back to God, unwittingly serving as testers of faith. Spiritual Oscar winners Melchizedek, Ikhnaton, Isaiah, and Jesus himself, known as the Creator Son, cheer every member of the human race as we step slowly and steadily toward freedom under the watchful eye of a benevolent God.

The Fifth Revelation is a perfect introduction to The Urantia Book, and will fill a long-overdue place on bookshelves of all spiritually committed inhabitants of this sector of the galaxy.

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