President’s Message June 2016

The next six months will see three tests of the unity of our Urantia Community. The first test shall come in June in San Antonio where, for the first time, the Urantia Association of the United States (UAUS) and The Urantia Book Fellowship will co-host a conference. Registration has already exceeded expectations and the community … read more of President’s Message June 2016.

Scientific Symposium 2016

2nd to 5th June, 2016 An education initiative presented by Urantia Foundation 533 W. Diversey Parkway Chicago Under the direction of Associate Trustee Emeritus Dr. Ralph Zehr and Trustee and Education Chairman Dr. Gard Jameson, a slate of scientifically minded readers of The Urantia Book were invited to accept the challenge of presenting a scientific … read more of Scientific Symposium 2016.

Call for Membership Coordinators

The Membership Committee of Urantia Association International is looking for Membership Coordinators in regions where no National or Local Associations already exist. Our aim is to form an international network of Membership Coordinators to better serve readers and Association members. To do this we need to know more about the needs of local readers and … read more of Call for Membership Coordinators.

Latin American Urantia Conference – Bogota

14-17 October 2016 The Teacher and the Student Hosted by the Bogotá Urantia Association and sponsored by Urantia Association International, Urantia Foundation and The Urantia Book Fellowship      The Bogotá Urantia Association invites you to the First Latin American Urantia Conference to be held October 14 to 17, 2016 at Lancaster House in Bogotá, Colombia. … read more of Latin American Urantia Conference – Bogota.

Ukraine Advertising Campaign

In March of 2016, with the financial help of donors to Urantia Association International, and after some market research, the Urantia Association of Ukraine was able to begin the first Urantia Book advertising campaign in Ukraine. As a result we have placed books in the Bookstores Network named “BUKVA”. So far we have: Placed an … read more of Ukraine Advertising Campaign.

Dancing With God – Embodying the Love of God

A Retreat for Women at Urantia Foundation 533 W. Diversey Parkway Chicago, IL 60614 Thursday, September 22 ­- Sunday, September 25, 2016   The Urantia Book tells us that it is the indwelling spirit that individualizes the love of God in the soul. As a follow-up to our last two retreats, “Daughters of God” and “Dancing … read more of Dancing With God – Embodying the Love of God.

Rejuvenating Your Study Group

Have you ever had the feeling that the study group you are hosting or going to is getting a bit boring, or is not satisfying your need for progress in understanding the teachings you are studying together, nor helping your desire to progress spiritually? Many study groups have come and gone since the time of … read more of Rejuvenating Your Study Group.

International Service Board at Work – 1st Quarter 2016

Study Group Committee – Gaetan Charland, Chair The Study Group Committee’s strategic plan is almost complete. The focus will be on the ability of study groups to help students become better sowers of truth. A goal has been set to have at least one thousand study groups listed in the Study Group Directory within the … read more of International Service Board at Work – 1st Quarter 2016.