Call for Help from Seasoned Students

Public Facebook GroupIf you are a long-time student of The Urantia Book and feel that you have a pretty good grasp of the book’s teachings, the Social Media Committee of Urantia Association needs your help!

You may be aware that we have recently launched a Public Facebook discussion group that provides a platform for discussions and online study between Urantia Book students and anyone interested from the public at large.

Our aim is to insure that this discussion platform is stimulating, educational and of spiritual value to the participants. For that to happen we need seasoned readers and teachers of the Urantia Revelation to participate. If you are already a Facebook user (or thinking about becoming one) we ask you to join this group and help stimulate discussion by introducing new topics, answering questions, asking thought provoking questions, and basically doing whatever it takes to help students and new readers in their study of the book.

We have promoted this discussion group far and wide and at last count we had over 240 people who have joined. The numbers are growing every day and many are new to The Urantia Book. This is a wonderful service opportunity for seasoned readers to help other students in their journey with The Urantia Book.

As we’re an international organization it’s fine to engage in different languages. Facebook has an instant translation feature that makes it easy to participate in different languages.

Thank you for your consideration and we appreciate any help you can give to make this discussion forum valuable and worthwhile.

Social Media Committee
Urantia Association International