Ukraine Advertising Campaign

Ukraine Promotion 1In March of 2016, with the financial help of donors to Urantia Association International, and after some market research, the Urantia Association of Ukraine was able to begin the first Urantia Book advertising campaign in Ukraine. As a result we have placed books in the Bookstores Network named “BUKVA”. So far we have:

  • Placed an advertisement in the form of small banners in a total of 510 train carriages in the busy Kyiv subway system. These ran for 2 months starting 15th of February. The dimensions of these banners were 142 х 70
  • Ukraine Promotion 4Placed advertisements in the BUKVA bookstores network. Posters with the main information about The Urantia Book have been printed and placed on the showcases of the network’s seven shops in five Ukrainian cities. Six posters were A2 size and one was A3. We also had
    one book compilation at the showcase of the main store in Kyiv. The posters were showcased all through March. Personnel from some of the stores liked our posters so much that they left them on display in a less prominent place after the end of the placement period.

Our total expense, including the delivery of books to the shops, was approximately USD$800.

You can view photos of our campaign at this link:

Number of Urantia Books sold through the BUKVA stores network for the last six months:

Table-Ukraine article

The entire amount of Urantia Books sold in Ukraine from 2014 till now directly to readers and through the BUKVA stores network is 273 books.

On behalf of members of Urantia Association of Ukraine I want to thank all donors of Urantia Association who made this project possible. We plan to repeat such advertisement campaign in the future.

Anton Miroshnichenko
Urantia Association of the Ukraine