Esther’s Book Fair Story

Global seeding of The Urantia Book and its teachings at book fairs is changing lives.

It was a Saturday afternoon in April of 2015 when my brother invited me to visit the Bogotá Book Fair. We toured various booths without much interest and without much eagerness, until we were almost leaving at the end of the afternoon when an image of Jesus caught my attention. So much so that I would dare to say that he invited me to approach the booth where a couple of people shared a smile with me.  When I asked what the image of the universe was about, there ensued a 40-minute conversation that captured me, and a certainty arose within me that I had arrived at a place where my questions would be finally resolved. From that day and each day, The Urantia Book is my main reading.

I believe nothing that happens in our lives is a coincidence, and that everything corresponds to a perfect plan and things arrive when we are ready to receive them with gratitude and joy. Having come to know the revelation of The Urantia Book confirmed this belief.

From this initial introduction at the Bogotá Book Fair, I joined a study group; I have integrated with other readers. I have read the book twice. Its teachings really have given me tools to understand my purpose of life, to understand and feel the unconditional love of our Father, and to approach the adversities of my existence in this world with faith, hope and courage.

I am happy each day and I want to share with many people these teachings, that I interpret them as true, in my own way. It is for this reason that recently I shared a talk with readers of Bogotá about the beliefs that impede the task of our Thought Adjuster in our mind.

The benefits of having a consistent presence at book fairs is enormous. However, renting book fair space is expensive. The National and Local Urantia Associations sustain half the booth cost, and the full cost for brochures, posters, or any volunteer logo apparel. Your donation to the International Association’s Global Seeding Fund provides for the rest of the costs and helps support other dissemination projects.

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