Book Fairs in Latin American

Between 2016 and 2017 book fairs were supported in Bogota, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Miami, and Sweden. Renting booth space is expensive in every country, yet the local associations and working groups sustain half the booth cost, and the full cost for brochures, posters, or any volunteer logo apparel. Latin American students have been present at … read more of Book Fairs in Latin American.

Andrés’ Book Fair Story

A true story of a life that was changed: I have been a reader of The Urantia Book who read alone since 1995 until April 2001, when I attended the Bogota International Book Fair. It was there for the first time I met other readers of The Urantia Book at a booth some volunteers had rented. … read more of Andrés’ Book Fair Story.

Esther’s Book Fair Story

Global seeding of The Urantia Book and its teachings at book fairs is having a clear impact. Esther’s Story: It was a Saturday afternoon in April of 2015 when my brother invited me to visit the Bogota Book Fair. We toured various booths without much interest and without much eagerness, until we were almost leaving at … read more of Esther’s Book Fair Story.

The Eternal Quest

The Sixth Parliament of World Religions – Claiming the heart of our humanity …through loving kindness A few months ago, a seed was planted in my soul by a friend when he asked me if I was going to the Parliament of World Religions. “You couldn’t miss such an opportunity to have a foretaste of what … read more of The Eternal Quest.