2019 Annual Report

Mission & Objectives

Urantia Association International’s mission is to foster the study of The Urantia Book and to disseminate its teachings.

Revelatory teachings transform lives, and transformed individuals change the world. The teachings contained in The Urantia Book change our lives by enhancing spiritual perception, expanding cosmic consciousness, and helping us find friendship with God. This, in turn, provides us with the spiritual stimulus to seek service opportunities in all walks of life… The supreme satisfactions of the loving service of man [170:4.12, 1863.10]

One of the Association’s main objectives is to help people who have discovered The Urantia Book find greater comprehension and appreciation of the teachings by fostering comprehensive study of the book, and connecting students with others who also have a desire to find real meaning and value in their lives.

When truth seekers come together, great things can and do happen through the vital exchange of ideas concerning a wide array of topics, such as our inner relationship with God—learning how the soul grows—discovering the value of dynamic service—and realizing the purpose of our life in a friendly and loving universe.

The new loyalties of enlarged spiritual vision create new levels of love and devotion, of service and fellowship; and all this enhanced social outlook produces an enlarged consciousness of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.

[Paper 100:6.8, page 1101.3]

President’s Message

Can you not advance in your concept of God’s dealing with man to that level where you recognize that the watchword of the universe is progress? Through long ages the human race has struggled to reach its present position. 

[Paper 4:1.2, page 54.5]

Faith in Action

It could be said that we live our lives like a person climbing a mountain path backwards—clearly seeing where we have been but only making calculated guesses as to where we are going. These days, however, as a global Urantia community, more and more people are coming together to begin the forward climb up this hill, turning our faith into action as we advance an epochal revelation! 

Urantia Association International has a simple philosophy for growth: use our resources to enable local communities to come together to develop their own unique perspectives on the teachings in The Urantia Book that assist them in reaching their goals. As these communities develop, a global Urantia perspective blooms. Hand-in-hand across the world, we are growing together. 


Each year we see more progress by a growing group of dedicated students of The Urantia Book in Africa. In 2019, there was a conference in Lagos, Nigeria, continuing the yearly series of conferences and events across the continent. Both Nigeria and Ghana are on the verge of making formal applications to join Urantia Association International. Both the French and English language leadership teams continue to plan for the future of the revelation in Africa. The next continental conference is already being planned. And recently, a call for an African Continental Coordinator went out, to be filled in 2020. 

Latin America

Latin America continues to thrive with over a dozen book fairs in 2019, ongoing webinars in Spanish and Portuguese, and record numbers of study groups in major cities. Wilson León continues as the Continental Coordinator and more than half the members of the Association’s International Service Board now have roots in Latin America. Peru will host the next International Conference in April 2021 at the Sacred Valley of the Incas near Cusco. It should not be missed! 

Unites States & Canada

As the oldest and best-established Urantia communities, the United States and Canada continue to provide guidance to the growing global community. In 2019, there were regional conferences and events, and work continued on (what was to be the now cancelled) Vancouver conference in 2020. Over 250 study groups for this region are listed in the Urantia Study Group Directory and almost sixty percent of Urantia Association’s members and friends hail from these two countries.


Following the 2018 International Conference in Amsterdam, a committed team in Estonia hosted the 2019 European Continental Conference in Tallinn. Sebastian Nozzi, the European Continental Coordinator, along with a group of leaders from across the continent, continue to meet to discuss service opportunities and develop projects. Spain has been selected to host the next European Continental Conference in 2022. 

Australia & New Zealand

The Australia and New Zealand Urantia Book reader communities have been hosting an annual conference as well as an annual Study Day for over thirty years. The 2019 conference was held in Canberra. For the annual Study Day event, a paper is chosen and reader groups from all over the two nations get together in their local communities for the whole day to read the same paper. Virtual study groups have started to spring up, allowing readers in remote areas to attend study meetings.  

International Leadership 

A strong organization has a large pool of experienced leaders and a routine rotation of volunteers willing to step forward to serve. Joycee Paterson served as Secretary of the International Service Board during the year 2019 and will hand that role over to another volunteer in the new year. Luis Garcia Bory stepped back as the International Membership team leader and Fernando Maldonado of Mexico has been elected in his place. The Association is stronger not just for the work of Luis and Joycee, but also in the knowledge that other volunteers will step forward as the need arises.  

Across the globe, our members and volunteers are working to fulfill the trust placed upon us to seed this revelation throughout the world. Working together, Urantia Association International is preparing the soil for the thousand-year mission of the Urantia revelation.  

Chris Wood

On Behalf of the International Service Board


In civilization much, very much, depends on an enthusiastic and effective load-pulling spirit. Ten men are of little more value than one in lifting a great load unless they lift together—all at the same moment.

[Paper 81:6.37, page 911.2]

The year 2019 saw the continuation of growing interest in the revelation. Country by country and continent by continent, students of The Urantia Book are mobilizing to bring readers together in study groups, conferences, and local gatherings. Enthusiastic and dynamic new leaders stimulate and foster the spread of the teachings in their local regions. Teleconferencing via mediums such as Zoom and WhatsApp are revolutionizing our ability to congregate and engage without the need for expensive travel. The world is becoming smaller, thus enabling us to enhance the socialization of our personal religion with our fellows.

Growth in Africa

Things are astir in Africa! Motivated leaders are inspiring readers to band together with fellow Africans to bring the Urantia revelation to their populous and diverse continent. People’s lives are being transformed as they discover the soul-saving teachings of the book.

Growth in Europe

Activity in Europe continues to increase. Leaders across the continent built upon the success of previous events, serving to strengthen bonds among European students of The Urantia Book and to plan future progress in service to the European Urantia community.

Growth in Latin America

The level of activity in Latin America is stunning! Readers throughout the Urantia community there are dynamic and motivated to serve. Study groups, conferences, book fairs, and new associations continue to attract attention and inspire new volunteers to become involved.


Many good people dedicate a significant portion of their lives to disseminate the teachings of the revelation around the world. These include Association members and volunteers who devote their time and efforts to work with us to undertake projects to seed the revelation. Spreading the good news is our major priority!

Study & Education

Urantia Association continues to promote its core values by fostering in-depth study of The Urantia Book‘s teachings, encouraging personal spiritual growth through study, education, and practice. Online virtual study groups, educational webinars, and conferences are providing effective tools in accelerating our abilities to achieve these ends.

Socializing Religion

Urantia Association promotes the religious socialization of individuals for the purpose of spiritual growth. By sharing our spiritual experiences, our daily struggles, and our achievements, we learn from others and we learn to love others. All this, along with laughter and group worship takes us one step further in recognizing we are spiritual brothers and sisters in this eternal adventure.


Bradly Tharp

In 2019, Urantia Association International received $107,628 in revenue from members, affiliates, supporters, sponsored events, and services. We received more donations and income than we spent, resulting in a budget and income surplus for the year. Total expenses and service program disbursements amounted to $96,903, leaving the Association to begin 2020 in a positive financial position with a total budget of $131,135. 

Thank you to our faithful volunteers and donors! It is only by your enthusiastic support that our global service ministry continues to thrive. We are adding new associations and members around the world and witnessing the rapid globalization of the readership of the Urantia papers. The time, skills, passion, effort, and money donated by dedicated servants contribute to the epochal transformation of our world! So many are blessed by your generosity and dedication to the revelation!  

Bradly Tharp

Chief Financial Officer

Income (in United States dollars) $
Ordinary Un-Restricted Contributions 67,606
Restricted Fund Contributions 22,048
Earned Income 26
Other Income 17,948
Total Income 107,628
Expenses $
Program Service Costs 47,964
Admin. Services Expenses 40,785
General Operations Expenses 8,154
Total Expense 96,903
Change in Net Income Adjusted 10,725

Looking Ahead

The world is changing fast and Urantia Association International is in a unique position to foster the Urantia revelation in so many ways. With localized teams in the form of associations springing up across the globe, we are ready to help anyone, anywhere, to study and spread the teachings that we all hold so dear. Even though this is a growing spiritual movement, it’s important to remember that we are not a religious institution. 

The digital world is enhancing our ability to reach out to wider truth-seeking communities all over the world. A new multi-media committee has been established to create a wide variety of videos that can be found on our YouTube channel. The youthful vigor of this committee is now revolutionizing our video library.

The number of subsites (unique websites or “child sites”) attached to the Association’s main website are increasing every year, and have now been established for the Urantia associations of the United States, Canada, Spain, Australia & New Zealand, Great Britain & Ireland, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Bogota, Cali, and Greater Lake Michigan. A special thanks to all the people involved with this tremendous effort.

Also, with the beneficial changes that technology brings, more and more organizations are switching to a subscription model as a way of making donations. Urantia Association is launching the Global Urantia Perspective for those who share a dynamic world vision for The Urantia Book. We are looking for 1,000 supporters to subscribe for a minimum donation of $10 per month to support programs that work to spread the teachings. 

Members of the Global Urantia Perspective will receive invitations to quarterly web meetings with leaders from across the world to receive direct updates on the advancement of the Urantia teachings on their continents. They will also be invited to quarterly meetings with the International Service Board to hear direct updates on the programs offered at the global level. 

So much service so freely given! So many new volunteers joining us every year! Urantia Association has only one paid staff member to manage and coordinate our worldwide activities. All other services are rendered by devoted students who donate their time (and often their treasure) to the projects that help bring all of us closer to our heavenly Father.

Would you please join the Global Urantia Perspective by subscribing to the growth of the Urantia community in the same way? You can easily start today by donating online at: urantia-association.org/donate!


In appreciation of their support for Urantia Association and our activities in 2019, we wish to thank all of the following contributors. Names posted with permission. Not all contributors are listed.

  • Jean-Luc Amblet, Switzerland
  • David and Joyce Anderson, United States
  • Holly Arvanites, United States
  • Jean Ascher, Denmark
  • Australia/New Zealand Urantia Association (ANZURA), Australia
  • Zailyn Prada Blackburn, United States
  • Boutique Videotron Le Carrefour de Nord, Canada
  • Nancy Bove, United States
  • Scott Brooks, United States
  • Flavio Ronald Burin, Brazil
  • Bob Buselli, United States
  • Elizabeth and Michael Challis, United States
  • Gaétan G. Charland, Canada
  • Robert Craig, Canada
  • Kenneth Cramer, United States
  • Robert Cédilot, Canada
  • Willowsong De Tar, United States
  • David Draxton, United States
  • Clermont Fortier, Canada
  • Gestion Charland-Lessard Inc, Canada
  • Georgia Gleaves, United States
  • Alan and Cheryl  Glicker, United States
  • Dave Gonzalez, United States
  • Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association, Inc, United States
  • Janet Guaderrama, United States
  • Doreen Heyne, United States
  • Marian Hughes, United States
  • Gard Jameson, United States
  • Jesusonian Foundation, United States
  • Bruce Johnson, United States
  • Richard Keeler (Graduated), United States
  • Arthur Krohnert, United States
  • Mark and Karen Kurtz, United States
  • Mark Labine, United States
  • Jean Lemay, Canada
  • David Linthicum, United States
  • Linda Lockwood, United States
  • Lone Star Urantia Association, United States
  • Rick and Susan Lyon, United States
  • Éric Martel, Canada
  • Patricia Martin, United States
  • Julian McGarry, Australia
  • Georges Michelson-Dupont, France
  • Olga Molina López, Spain
  • David Neufer, United States
  • Barbara Newsom Kulieke, United States
  • Wilson Leon Naranjo, Colombia
  • Olaf Nieslony, Canada
  • Nigel Nunn, Australia
  • Ohio Students of the Urantia Book, United States
  • Robert Oliver, United States
  • Ed and Susan Owen, United States
  • William Page, United States
  • Marcel Peereboom, The Netherlands
  • Patti Page Perdue, United States
  • Gaétan Perreault, Canada
  • Gary and Wanda Powless, United States
  • Dave Leroy Reiman, United States
  • Richard Rosen, United States
  • Nicholas Scalzo, United States
  • Rita Schaad, Australia
  • Jeanette  Schafer, United States
  • Southwest Urantia Readers Family, United States
  • Line St-Pierre, Canada
  • Brent St. Denis, Canada
  • Lanny and Debby Stone, United States
  • Joanne Strobel, United States
  • Tamara Strumfeld, United States
  • Superclub Videotron St-Javier, Canada
  • Trevor and Kathleen Swadling, Australia
  • Derek Tennant, Canada
  • Geoffrey Theiss, United States
  • Jacob and Margaret Thompson, United States
  • Ralph and Karen Thornton, United States
  • Urantia Association of Finland, Finland
  • Urantia Association of the United States, United States
  • Urantia Foundation, United States
  • Judy Van Cleave, United States
  • Meredith Van Woert, United States
  • Grant Walmoth, United States
  • Rick Warren, United States
  • Erika Webster, United States
  • William Wentworth, Australia
  • Jose Winum, France
  • Chris and Alice Wood, United States
  • Joel and Xue Wood, United States
  • James Woodward, United States