2019 Annual Report

Highlights: Study & Education

In addition to online educational programs, the distribution of newsletters, reports, and Journal articles, Urantia Association continues to provide outlets to share our spiritual experiences and group activities. Thanks primarily to the tireless work of both the Education Committee and the Study Group Committee, online forums and social media are proving to be popular venues for group discussion and the exchange of ideas and opinions.

Jeannie Vázquez, the Association’s Education Committee leader says:

Our committee develops educational programs to encourage the study of the book as well as to further the development of effective leaders and teachers. In 2019, we have helped presenters at the European and Nigerian Conferences improve their presentations. Every year, we produce many online workshops and webinars on a variety of topics. As part of our efforts, the Committee worked to increase the participation of women in the webinar cycle.

Thanks to the enthusiastic efforts of Jeannie, the number of webinars presented in 2019 exceeds that of last year. Following are the topics of all the Spanish and English Webinars.

The videos for all of these webinars can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

Webinars & Workshops

Spanish Topics and Presenters

  • The Seraphic Guardians (Isabel Reinoso, Colombia)
  • Mary of Magdala (Javier Martinez, Spain)
  • Introduction to The Urantia Book (Isabel Reinoso, Colombia)
  • Born Again—Born of the Spirit (Jaime Diaz Page, Mexico)
  • Faith and Rebirth of the Spirit (Jaime Diaz Page, Mexico)
  • Presentation of The Urantia Book in Penitentiary Institutions (Luis Miguel Morales, Argentina)
  • The Terrestrial Escape (Efrain Vivanco, Ecuador)
  • Death and Resurrection (Javier Martinez, Spain)
  • The History of Adam and Eve (Marcelino Ramírez, Venezuela)
  • Urantian Reflections about Human Institutions (Olga Lopez, Spain)
  • The Kingdom of Heaven (Gerardo Leche, Guatemala)
  • Judas Iscariot—the 12th Apostle (Javier Martinez, Spain)
  • Your Divine Essence (Isabel Reinoso, Colombia)
  • Education: Purpose, Origin, and Destiny (Victor Garcia Bory, USA)
  • The Nursery of Heaven (Isabel Reinoso, Colombia)
  • The Psychic Phenomena of Spiritism (Jeannie Vázquez, Uruguay)
  • Spiritual Fraternity of the Children of God (Rafael Mondéjar, Colombia)
  • Infancy and Youth of Jesus of Nazareth (Javier Martínez, Spain)

English Topics and Presenters

  • Modern Strategies for Spreading the Urantia Teachings (Chris Wood, USA)
  • The Possibility of Fusion While Still Living in the Flesh (Dr. James Perry, USA)
  • The Importance of Psycho-Spiritual Work (Agnès Lazar and Guy Perron, Belgium)
  • On Wisdom and Worship—Becoming Human (Carolyn Prentice, USA)
  • On Gifts and Giving (Cheryl Glicker, USA)
  • Finding Your Niche—Serving with the Master Seraphim (Susan Lyon, USA)
  • Religious Habits—Eight Steps to Spiritual Growth (Mark Blackham, Canada)
  • Why Christianity is so Important to the Revelation (Gaetan Charland and Donald Clementin, Canada and USA)
  • An Introduction to The Urantia Book Study Group Directory (Rick Lyon, USA)
  • The Triumph of Love (Agnès Lazar and Guy Perron, Belgium)

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