2019 Annual Report

Highlights: Growth in Europe

Urantia Association’s European Continental Coordinator, Sebastian Nozzi from Germany makes personal visits and distance connections with the community of readers a priority. He met with leaders at the Spanish national conference in Malaga, and the European continental conference in Tallinn, Estonia, to plan future events—it was decided that Spain would host the next European Continental Conference in 2022.

2nd European Urantia Association Conference – Tallinn, Estonia

Eighty-seven participants celebrated friendship and brotherhood in Tallinn. Attendees hailed from 15 different countries. People from the United States and Canada crossed the Atlantic and gathered with fellow students from European countries such as Estonia, Finland, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Sweden, Lithuania and more.

Young adults representing multiple nations and cultures met at a pre-conference event which inspired them to band together to develop service projects aimed at the next generation of readers. It seems they are preparing themselves for future stewardship of the revelation!

A new “core” group of German-speaking readers bonded with one another at the Tallinn conference and since then the group has been growing and meeting regularly online for virtual study groups.

Antonio Schefer, The Netherlands writes:

It was an unforgettable experience… It always amazes me how conference planning ideas develop into real conferences and how unforgettable and life-changing they become. We were all inspired to see what the European associations have accomplished, and what they did to increase Urantia Book seeding in their countries.

Alex Hehlert, Germany writes about the Young Adults Pre-European Conference Retreat:

This retreat was a joint event organized by Urantia Association’s UYAI (Urantia Young Adult International) and the Fellowship’s YaYas (Youth and Young Adults). I don’t exaggerate when I say that this event—held in a beautiful city and with lots of wonderful lovely people—was one of the most profound experiences in my life so far … we held a brainstorming session about “The Combined Vision of the UYAI and YaYas.” We soon found that we were all of the same mind and realized that we need to work together in the future; maybe we might even be an inspiration for the older generation. We’d like to show that we will allow nothing and no one to come between us or hinder us from cooperating with our work for the revelation.

Searching for Answers: Watch this short video taken from interviews conducted at the Tallinn conference:

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