President’s Message – June 2023

Enrique Traver

Urantia Association International exists because we believe that the teachings of the 5th revelation have the potential to rejuvenate spirituality worldwide, increasing the comfort, well-being, and happiness of every person.

We want to reach each person, every individual, for whom we hope to create opportunities to help them connect to God by sharing the teachings of The Urantia Book.

What is meant by create?  Opportunities often come out of the blue, or are prompted by the spirit, or just occur suddenly – and often we don’t even notice them, we just let them pass by. The act of seeking to create keeps us connected, aware, so we won’t let any opportunity pass by, even those we do not create but have been given to us.

Creating or having, allows the same opportunity to reach the individual. “Having grants us the opportunity to perceive the Spirit call to serve the individual; to quench their thirst and hunger for God. “Creating gives us the opportunity to ask the Spirit to help serve that individual and to satisfy his or her thirst and hunger for God.

Creating and/or having ensures that we can reach everyone regardless of luck or chance because we are seeking the individual and not necessarily being sought by the individual. When we meet the individual, we can immediately perceive their request for help, hidden or explicit. Often the individual does not realize they need help. In fact, most of the time he doesn’t think he needs any help at all.

So, what matters is to be connected to the Spirit, and with that partnership, to be ready to lovingly serve our brothers and sisters.

God is an experience, personal and non-transferable, but this experience is revealing, and it is contagious because it is a Light, it is a mirror that reveals our soul, our being. Those who have found God do not project shadows, on the contrary, they reflect Light. If we cast shadows, we probably haven’t truly connected to God yet. The experience of finding and being with God is contagious, just as goodness, love and joy are contagious. It is impossible to go unnoticed when we allow God’s Love and Light to flow through us, when we inspire reassurance and comfort, when we convey hope, when we comfort in the embrace, when we simply love and care for a person, when we bear the fruits of the spirit. The result is almost never immediate. It often takes time, dedication, and love. But when it happens, we experience immense joy.

Carlos Rubinsky

Often, we don’t have to look very far; the people who need help can be right next to us. Our mission is to bring this revelation to every corner of the world. We need to pay attention, to push boundaries, and to expand horizons.

If we have difficulty helping our neighbor to connect to God, how do we reach those who are far away? Sometimes they are in other countries or speaking other languages. This is why we must work together in the Association. I invite everyone to reflect on this challenge. We will be working hard on this in the coming months as we discuss our Long-Term Plan and strategize on how to achieve our goals. Spreading the revelation in areas where we do not have an affiliate is just one of them.

We can also value and participate in the many spaces and ways that have already been created from working together; conferences, study groups, webinars, online study courses, discussion forums, and communications like Tidings, all which allow us to have and share experiences that would otherwise not be possible.