Iberoamerican Urantiathon

Along the same lines as the previous 24-hour Urantiathons, Urantia Association International hosted Iberoamerican Urantiathon on 28 – 29 November, 2020. This time the webinars were presented in Spanish and Portuguese with simultaneous translations into English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The program featured 19 hour-long presentations offered by students from Brazil, Spain, Venezuela, Ecuador, USA, Australia, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, and Guatemala. 

The Latin-American community gathered together to listen to presentations from members of the new Iberoamerican generation of Urantia Book students as well as experienced students who offered valuable lessons about themes so diverse as “Kingdom of Heaven,” “From Tribe to Cosmic Citizenship,” “The Spheres of Light and Life,” “Beauty, Art, and Spirituality,” and “The Goodness and Beauty of Truth.” We also listened to motivating experiences about the path of spiritual growth. 

One of these presentations was a global membership update from Urantia Association. The outgoing International President, Chris Wood, led a discussion with the two nominees standing for election to his position: Merindi Swadling (Australia) and Enrique Traver (Brasil). They discussed the accomplishments of the Association in 2020 and what to expect in 2021 and beyond.  

Hundreds of readers around the world enjoyed the presentations thanks to the service of simultaneous translations offered. There was also time to ask questions and offer comments and personal visions about the teachings shared.  

The event’s closing had a jam session with the Mexican musician Ramiro Jarkyn, a long-term student of The Urantia Book, who played guitar and sang Latin-American songs. It was an amusing and fraternal occasion! 

The event took place via Zoom and was live-streamed to Facebook. You can see the video recordings here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYsuKvvHWuuYVTw5GbKvP4sS_bbyIrCBn