Code of Ethics


The Code of Ethics for Urantia Association International (Association or Urantia Association) outlines our guiding principles of integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior. It is based on the premise that, as members of the Association at whatever level, we represent this organization in all that we say and do. Therefore, the Association’s International Service Board and all officials, members, and employees of the Association and its Constituent Associations worldwide, by their participation with Urantia Association, are bound by this Code of Ethics. 

To maintain trust and goodwill within the Association, and in our public relationships as a non-profit service organization formed to foster the study of The Urantia Book and dissemination of its teachings, we set forth these ideals of enlightened behavior. No Code of Ethics, however, is a substitute for the individual’s conviction of righteousness and devotion to spiritual progress. These commitments of our personal conduct will always reflect the “…choice between good and evil as they are determined by the true values of the spiritual standards established by the divine spirit which the Father in heaven has sent to dwell within the heart of man.” [Paper 132:2.2, page 1457.5]

“To thus love your neighbor as yourself is the highest ethics.”
[Paper 170:3.6, page 1862.3]

It is the policy of Urantia Association International to uphold the highest standards of ethical, moral, and spiritualized behavior. The following principles are the cornerstones for ideal ethics regarding all membership conduct. To that end, members will:

  1. Hold paramount the mission of the Association, which is “to foster study of The Urantia Book and to disseminate its teachings” based on the principle of positive and dynamic service.
  2. Act according to The Urantia Book’s teachings to promote personal spiritual growth, integrity, and the dignity of the Association. This requires a commitment of members to incorporate the teachings of The Urantia Book into their own lives on progressively higher levels of spiritual attainment.
  3. Collaborate with and support each other in carrying out Urantia Association International’s mission, remembering that the watchwords of the Association are “teamwork and service.”
  4. Promote and protect the good name and reputation of our colleagues and our organization in a respectful, loving, faithful, and fraternal manner.
  5. Serve our fellows with respect, concern, courtesy, responsiveness, love, altruism, and fairness as modeled by Jesus and according to the teachings of The Urantia Book.
  6. Treat with respect and consideration people of all faiths, religions, races, cultures, nationalities, and political and philosophical persuasions.
  7. Conduct organizational and operational duties with honesty and transparency, whether with members or third parties, such as government, potential members, colleagues, suppliers, or any other stakeholders or potential partners.
  8. Avoid any activity in the conduct of official duties that creates a conflict of interest.
  9. Respect and protect privileged information to which they have access in the course of their official duties.
  10. Immediately inform the appropriate Association officer of any misconduct or questionable activities incurred by members in actual or potential violation of the above standards.

Social Media Ethics

Members will bear in mind that all content on social media is public and permanent. Content shared must be respectful of individuals from all faiths, religions, races, cultures, nationalities, and political and philosophical persuasions, and avoid derogatory or libelous statements. Members shall be mindful of global cultural differences that might lead to misunderstanding or offense. They will keep all information truthful and respect laws governing copyright, trademarks, and other third-party rights in all forms of media. Members shall exercise transparency with respect to their identities, the identity of their organization, and their relation to it.

Because social media is highly relational and public, all Association governing members’ conduct will adhere to the highest standards of professional communication. Members will conduct themselves in a manner that encourages a positive image of the Associations that they represent and promote the achievement of their goals. Members must be mindful that information posted in one context may be publicized in another. Members should always conduct themselves with the awareness that they are accountable for their behavior, online or otherwise.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Urantia Association Governing Board Members must respect the privacy of donors and conduct all financial transactions with the highest level of honesty and discretion. They will adhere to the Charter, Bylaws, and policies of the local or national association and of Urantia Association International. They shall conduct themselves in the utmost professional manner in accordance with the standards of the Association. They will maintain appropriate boundaries when gathering and sharing information, taking care to distinguish between professional and personal addresses, communications, uses, and behavior. Information gathered from any source will remain confidential and be shared only with the appropriate officer or authorized staff in the conduct of standard business operations. Urantia Association International’s Privacy Policy specifically prohibits the posting, sharing, or disclosing to the public or another person any personal information of an individual without their specific written authorization.

Urantia Association officers and members in charge of gathering contact information will take the necessary care to ensure that their work is as accurate as possible. They will only record data that is appropriate to the function of the Association and protect the confidentiality of all personal information. When gathering, communicating, storing, and protecting the information, members will take all necessary precautions, and comply with national, federal, state, and/or institutional regulations. Officers and Members will record and disclose only information appropriate to the Association’s activities and ensure that it is maintained in a secure database of record. Members will comply with all Association guidelines for computer and technological resources use. Members are required to read and understand the privacy policies of the Association and of the social media channels they use. In the absence of internal policies, members will adhere to this statement of ethics.

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Conflicts of Interest

Definition: A conflict of interest is a situation in which an individual has competing interests or loyalties which prevent them from making a fair decision because they will be affected by the result, or is in a position to derive personal benefit, either materially or financially, from actions or decisions made in their official capacity.

Board members must avoid competing professional or personal interests and disclose such interests to the Association in any instance. A conflict of interest can create an appearance of impropriety that can undermine confidence in any member or the organization as a whole.