President’s June 2015 Message

Beginning this summer and continuing for the next three years, Urantia Association will encourage an in-depth discussion on the role of teachers in the Urantia community, how we can better identify natural teachers, and how we can train all students of the book to become teachers in their lives. Central to this discussion is the … read more of President’s June 2015 Message.

President’s February 2015 Message

Fellow students of The Urantia Book, I want to give you exciting updates on four of the many ongoing projects the Urantia Association International is juggling. In December we called for donations to help send a shipment of books to Zambia and Malawi, two countries with growing reader communities in southern Africa. Thanks to many … read more of President’s February 2015 Message.

President’s Update

All around us is growth! Three years ago I moved to Wisconsin in the northern United States and the first thing I noticed was that every plant in the garden seemed to grow from seed to flower in the space of a few days. We persevere through a long winter only to have the seasons … read more of President’s Update.

Welcome to the Website

Dear Friends and Readers of The Urantia Book, Welcome to the Website of Urantia Association International. In our present day and age, we are blessed with incredible communication technologies; technologies that were unavailable and unthinkable only a few decades ago and much less in the days that The Urantia Book was given to this world. The early readers such … read more of Welcome to the Website.