President’s Message December 2015

Chris-Wood-framedHappy New Year to you all! I hope you’ve had a nice festive season and have found some time to relax and reflect as we begin another year in our exciting and challenging life journeys.

I have spent the last several months rehabilitating my home in preparations for a move. I am correctly designated an amateur in the arena of home building and design so I cannot speak to the finer details of much of this work. I have noticed however how important it is to have the first base layer of any project level and true. While laying tiles on a wall we spent as much time properly setting the first placing of the first layer as we did placing all the layers above it. We knew any deviations on the first level would have to be adjusted for later on, so we made sure to do it right.

Hours of repetitive work gives you plenty of time to think, so I have been thinking about the ascension career we have before us. Let’s face it: we are living a crooked first layer. On a standard world there are programs in place to help us gain level experiences, and those first world lessons are corrected and made true on the mansion worlds. But we have been given a decimal planet rocked by rebellion and default. We have skipped standard mortal epochs and had two emergency revelations given to us. We have never been visited by a Magisterial Sons, our Bestowal Son was the creator of the local universe, and The Urantia Book provides us with a cosmological view of Deity generally imparted by the Trinity Teacher Sons.

Our first layer is as jagged as the Himalayas. Our Mansion World training will not be the standard program designed to gradually lift a mortal up to Jerusem citizenship. Instead our program will be filling in gaps and smoothing over our rough edges. On Jerusem we know we will be housed in the special Adgondontor sector away from the average ascending mortals. And the uneven training we are receiving now will define us until we reach Paradise. I find this very intriguing.

I hope we can all have an opportunity to meet with other readers at a conference this year to discuss this and other ideas that the Fifth Epochal Revelation has given us to ponder.

In service,
Chris Wood
President, Urantia Association International