President’s December 2014 Message

There is excitement in the air! There is no definitive way to measure excitement, to say that there is more excitement than last week or last month or last year – excitement is an experiential reality. But this buzz in the air about the Association and the projects we are accomplishing together has manifested in two ways: first, people are talking! In their recent letter to their entire mailing list, the Urantia Foundation chose to highlight two of the Association’s national projects. In Colombia the Association has been importing books and selling them to individuals and bookstores hoping to reduce the cost of El Libro de Urantia in their country. In Ukraine, the National Association has taken a similar step, and together with the International Association we have embarked on a plan to pierce the tough wall of the Ukrainian bookstore market. The success of the National Associations in Colombia and Ukraine will serve as models for other nations to follow paths to make the teaching of The Urantia Book more available and more affordable than ever before. The story of these Associations is so inspiring that the entire Urantia Community wants to spread the word and sing their praises!

The second measure of excitement is felt in the increased number of people stepping forward to volunteer to serve these projects. Individual students from across the world are offering their support.

The International Service Board has just completed an election cycle. The eleven members of the next Board now represent eight countries, four continents, and seven languages. The Revelation knows neither national nor cultural boundaries.

We must not pause for too long to take stock of the current conditions. Momentum is carrying us forward as our projects continue to branch out into the world. In 2015, the International Association will turn our attention to Africa and the specific challenges that are present. There is a growing need for books, study groups, and resources to bring together students in each country. Each country is unique and requires their own approach how to organize themselves as a Urantia community. We will lean heavily on the wisdom and guidance of the Associations in Senegal, Malawi, and Zambia to share their experiences.

If you would like to experience the excitement first hand, I highly recommend you attend the upcoming International Conference in beautiful Quebec, Canada. Returning to North America for the first time since 2004, this conference will be conducted in English, French, and Spanish. On Thursday July 29, 2015, before the official conference begins, there will be a special meeting of the International Representative Council, with leaders from each country in the Association meeting to share knowledge and experience and discuss the priorities for the coming years.

It’s a wonderful experience not to be missed. If you are able I recommend you arrive early to attend this event. And if you can, stay after the conference to experience the culture of Quebec with your fellow Urantians. Extra nights can be arranged at the conference campus or throughout the region. If you are interested then you should contact the conference leaders for more information.

There is excitement in the air! Can you feel it?

In service,
Chris Wood
[email protected]