An Artistic 24-Hour Urantiathon

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Inspirations of the Urantia Revelation—Beauty, Art, Music, and Expressions of the Soul

Invitation to the 5th 24-hour Urantiathon

August 7, 2021 UTC time

Only a little less than 2 weeks before Urantia Association’s next 24-hour Urantiathon! The Program is shaping up to be an amazing line-up of talented artists whose works have been inspired by The Urantia Book teachings. (See the link to the draft Program at the end of this message.)

This event will start on Saturday August 7, 2021 UTC time. To make it easier to know when it will start and finish in your time zone, here is a guide for 4 major cities around the world:

Bogota, Colombia: Friday 7:00 pm to Saturday 7:00 pm
New York, USA: Friday 8:00 pm to Saturday 8:00 pm
Paris, France: Saturday 2:00 am to Sunday 2:00 am
Sydney, Australia: Saturday 10:00 am to Sunday 10:00 am

(When working out your own time zone, remember that New York and Paris are on daylight savings, Bogota and Sydney are not.)

As usual, this conference will be interactive via Zoom. To participate in the live Zoom presentations, you must register beforehand via this link. The event will also be livestreamed to Facebook so if you prefer you may view it there. It will also be recorded, and the presentations will be available on Urantia Association’s YouTube channel for those who want to catch up outside of the scheduled times.

Once you register you will be able to view photos and read information on each of the artists.



A special thank you to our sponsors: Urantia Foundation and TruthBook